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 Students are required to make a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation

 Three presentations will be made in one class

 The submission will be the soft copy of the power point file (to Indranil Das on or before 27 Nov 2006
 The presentation should include aspects regarding:
■ Classification ■ Properties (& how they arise; including microstructures)
■ Applications with pictures (the talk should bring out the important features of the topic)
 In case of application based presentation- the requirements (in terms of the properties) of the application
should be presented (with key aspects being brought out)
 If there are parts to the presentations (Part I & II); then the students should discuss and divide the
subtopics appropriately
 Evaluation will be based on quality of presentation and that of slides. Session will be open to questions
and the understanding of the candidate will be tested.
 The presenters (all three) are requested to bring their PPT files in ONE CD.
 Get the doubts regarding your presentation clarified well in advance.
 For material (especially figures/graphs…) taken from any source reference should be given in the same
slide as the appearance of the material.
 Copying from any source is strictly forbidden.
1 2006AME3085 Sanjeev Kumar Soni 23 Oct An overview of composites
2 2007AME2262 Anurag Dixit Classes of metallic alloys and classification scheme
3 2007AME2951 Prashant G Nair An overview of Steels
4 2007AME2954 Shyam Sundar Sahu 25 Tool steels
5 2007AME2955 Sankar Kumr Roy Stainless steels
6 2007AME2956 Md. Mazhar Wahab Maraging steels
7 2007AME2960 S M Sundaram 29 Non-ferrous alloys
8 2007AME2962 Sandeep Srisvastav Superalloys
9 2007AME2963 Rabijit Dutta. Metallic foams
10 2007AME2966 Dilesh P.V. 30 Shape memory alloys
11 2007AME2968 Satish Kumar Bonthu Metallic Glasses
12 2007AME2970 Jitendra Kumar Agrahari Metal matrix composites
13 2007AME3034 Sd Imadul Islam 1 Nov Testing of materials
14 2007AME3036 Gangipamula Raja Vamsi Semiconducting materials
15 2007AME3039 Prashant Bagde Ceramics: an overview
16 2007AME3040 Kalyan Chakravarthi T.V.S. 2 Processing of ceramics to form components
17 2007AME3042 Nagvendra Kumar Kanoje Structural ceramics
18 2007AME3043 Nitin Kumar Waghmare Electroceramics
19 2007AME3051 Satish Kumar T. 6 Glasses and glass ceramics
20 2007AME3053 Karumanchi Vijayalakshmi Ceramic matrix composites
21 2007AME3076 Indranil Das Transformation toughened materials
22 2007AME3108 Dharmraj Singh 8 Classification of polymers
23 2006AMX5501 Amit Khajuria Important polymeric materials
24 2006AMX5502 Anirudha Pratap Singh Chauhan Polymer Matrix Composites
25 2007AMX5501 Nishant Bhaskaran 12 Quasicrystals
26 2007AMX5502 Suraj S.R Fabrication of polymers and polymer composites*
27 2007AMX5503 Nirmal P Additives and their effect on polymeric materials
28 2007AMX5504 Rajkumar T 13 Liquid crystals
29 2007AMX5505 Shanas Surface Engineering
30 2007AMX5506 Arun.E Non-destructive testing
31 2007AMX5507 Krishna G. Das 15 Forms of carbon
32 2007AMX5508 Subir Kumar Singh Nanomaterials
33 2007AMX5509 Nitin Gosian Functionally graded materials
34 2007AMX5510 Krishane Chakraborty 16 Smart materials
35 2007AMX5511 Manish Prakash Magnetic materials
36 2007AMX5512 Ashish Ravindran Materials for Tribological applications
37 2007AMX5513 Sandip Roy 20 Materials for nuclear applications
38 2007AMX5514 Maneesh Mathew Materials for armament applications
39 2007AMX5515 N.Kamesh Materials for marine environments
40 2007AMX5516 Rajat Singh 22 Materials for aerospace applications
41 2007AMX5517 Ganesh S Material joining processes
42 2007MEP2596 Sushik Kumar Parid Material forming processes
43 2006MET2151 Sapre Durga Ashok 23 Material casting processes
46 Materials for Tribological applications
47 Powder processing technology
48 Machining
49 Materials for pressure vessels
50 Ni & Ni based alloys
51 Precious Metals
52 Mg2O3
53 Al2O3, SiC, ZrO2
54 Mn steels
55 Ni steels
56 Mg & Mg based alloys
57 Cu & Cu based alloys
58 Al & Al based alloys
59 Ni & Ni based alloys
60 Zn & Zn based alloys
61 Ti & Ti based alloys
62 High strength low alloy steels
* Do NOT talk about synthesis of polymers