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After Action Report:

Meeting between SBInet, OBP and
Hidalgo County Drainage District No. 1

December 12, 2007

(b) (6)
Loren Flossman (CBP/SBInet), (b) (6)


The purpose for the meeting that took place in the Ronal Reagan Building (7th floor) was to
discuss the International Boundary & Water Commission (IBWC) levee improvement project
that is being proposed by the Hidalgo County Drainage District (HCDD) # 1. The HCDD has
proposed to raise the levee in the southern part of Hidalgo County in response to the de-
certification action that was taken by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
Hidalgo County officials further propose to merge both sets of funds (theirs and SBInet’s) for a
combined project that meets both objectives—border security and flood safety concerns.

Key Points:

 Loren Flossman opened meeting by stating that this is a preliminary meeting to continue
dialog regarding the proposal and that no decisions will be made during the meeting.

 Plans, design and funding already in place for HCDD to begin levee improvement ($100
Million—throughout several years). MOU between IBWC and HCDD in place to design,
construct, and manage levee.

 Four phases currently on schedule (from Penitas, Texas to Hidalgo, Texas). This overlap
projects O-4, O-5, and O-6 for RGV.

 HCDD proposes to take charge of the levee improvement project for the portion within
Hidalgo County and to have SBInet redirect the money earmarked for the fence project to
their project (which will serve CBP/OBP’s mission).

 HCDD estimates $2 Million per mile for regular levee improvement; $5 Million per mile
with 16’ vertical concrete wall and road on top of levee. Current HCDD specs do not
include fence on top. HCDD will provide estimates for 18’ concrete wall.

 Money transfer issues are currently being researched. No federal funds can go directly to
a local entity for federal projects. Researching the possibility of using IBWC as
middleman for the transaction.

 HCDD has flexible schedule which can be manipulated to accommodate DHS/CBP/OBP

for first four phases.

Other items discussed:

 HCDD’s plan provides patrol road along the vertical concrete wall, without the need to
acquire more land. The road will use the space currently occupied by southern part of the
levee, which will be removed and used to increase the height of the levee on the north

 Cultural resource surveys are completed. IBWC has already approved the project.

 Collaborative effort is easier selling point for all parties involved and both objectives are

 Crossover ramps/gates were discussed for area in question. What would the total number
of access points would be needed (BP patrol access)?

 Possibility of buying out landowners south of levee to minimize number of people

needing access (case by case analysis).

 Loren Flossman requested site visit to RGV to view levee system (tentatively Jan. 11,

 Subject to injunction (lawsuit halting project) if project is headed by HCDD (no waiver
option if not DHS initiative).

 Eastern end of Hidalgo County is not currently on track for construction (O-7 and O-8 of
RGV projects).

 Need to verify that currently completed surveys and EIS apply to proposed project. As of
now, only going on HCDD’s claims of completion and approval.