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Group Discussion & Placement Interview Feedback 2007-08


Group Discussion & Placement Interview Feedback 2008

IMG brings to you the valuable comments and feedbacks submitted by candidates who appeared for
Placement Session 2007-08.

Nothing special. Just keep it simple and short.
Thoroughly visit the website. Try to know every minute detail about the country. Be aware
of the recent technologies launched by them. Take a product which interests you and is
produced by 3M and know every aspect of it. They will probably ask you a question on that.
Rest is chill ! Don't bother much coz its more of a luck game with 3M as they take only 2 or
3 from every IIT.
1) Bineet in one word ! 2) Two three questions on the intern that i did ! 3) Is bineet trying to
oversell himself ! (Nice Q.) 4) Suppose we take you and offer you three profiles - a) R&D b)
Manuf. c) Customer & Mkt relation Which one will you choose and y ? This was the trick Q
3M India Ltd and I fell for it. I said third one coz it interested me the most. But you are actually supposed
to say that profile for which the company is recruiting you. Say option 1 for 3M. 5) What
would you prefer to be, a team leader of a small project or a team member of a very large
project ?
They won't be looking at your way of speaking or aggressiveness or if you take lead or not.
They will only be looking at the content of your speech. Put strong points in front. Show
them that you are analyzing the topic from different perspectives and take a firm stand. Be
clear in your thoughts.
Prepare some Q on thermodynamics and kinetics ! And show them your interest in research
! Hope it helps ! All the best !
mention important projects and achievements in detail order is not very important. write all
related achievements and skills in single block.
in objective test accuracy and speed both are important. no negative marking. in subjective
questions first think about few possible solutions, the right solution will be short and simple .
do not use things like avl tree or hash table etc. use simple representation of data
in written the will identify your weak points like puzzles , technical knowledge or algorithms.
and they will ask related questions in interview
in interview listen care fully and answer slowly. if you do not know the right answer then tell
how you are trying to solve it. if you know inefficient solution tell it to interviewer the try to
find efficient one.
The first interview was based on your resume. Be thorough with all your projects, especially
those in which you had to show any leadership skills. You must be ready to explain the gist
of your project and not really the technical details, atleast for Deloitte...[:)]
Deloitte As I said, be thorough with all your projects. Whatever you put in your resume must be
backed by a solid answer or reason.

* Don't specify area of interest directly in resume because the people are experienced
enough to judge whether you are interested or not. * Organisational skills should be
highlighted as they are looking for people who can work in team and lead it too.
* Methodical step by step approach towards the technical problems should be developed . *
General case study based interview questions can be searched on the net before hand
* How did you deal with a situation where you coordinated with unwilling team members? *
Deloitte Unusual questions like crack a joke in between some technical question can be expected. *
Why do you want to join our company when you can go in a core company?
* Step by step approach rather than the exactness of answer is being expected * Be ready
for a stress interview as company wants to see how you react when things are not going
smooth. * Never try to defend yourself else you would end up loosing your point value to
the interviewer.
If need any other help mail me @
Freescale Your resume must be precise and keep the skills marked up for your profile , hence for
Semiconductors hardware go for important courses like DSP, Digital Electronics & Microprocessor 8085/86
India Pvt. Ltd. and any relevant courses. Here I would like to mention that they put a lot more weightage
(Hardware to your performance in Written , so showing off in resume wouldn't be beneficial & and can

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Group Discussion & Placement Interview Feedback 2007-08

kick back if you have a bad day.

For interviews prepare in detail the delays etc. & please don't mention any courses you are
not comfortable with , like for people in electrical don't mention DSP. again prepare chapter
13&14th from sedra smith book. (very good book)
if you have done good in test which are pure electronics paper , a little different from what
we are taught in electrical. VLSi & delays form the essence , little bit counter designing,and
general electronics will do.
no gd...... selection is purely tech. so no need of hr fatte , but requires very good prep. of
download these files and study them
Nothing special ! I had take IPR as one of my elective, so wrote it in my Area(s) of Interest.
(It really is...)
Prepare some basic questions of HR like : 1) Tell me abt urself 2) Why iRunway ? 3) Why
should we take you ? 4) What are your strengths and weaknesses ?
Interview Round 1 : 1) Please take me through your resume. Ans. Tell everything about
urself. Your extra curricular, projects, area of interest. Include your strength and weakness
too and relate it to the things with which you were associated. 2) Then he went into my
Internship which was actually a research project that I did in France. 3) He asked me to
think of some innovative way other than what I did at my internship. (This was a tricky Q,
luckily I managed well) 4) Then he asked a bunch of Technical Q's . So use your technical
aptitude well. What they will be looking at is how logically you think. Its immaterial if you
know the right answer or not. 5) How does a search engine work ? (I was taken aback by
this, since this Q does not belong to my field but luckily i knew abt it) 6) Have you heard
about semantic search ? (I politely said no...then he asked me to take a wild I
was unable to do so) 7) Tell me about a recent development in the field of Materials that has
inspired you.(Was scintillator materials for me) 8) Did you appear for CAT ? (Be honest and
tell him yes coz they know that 90% of iitians go for cat and its difficult for them to believe
otherwise...but do convince them that it was an unplanned decision and you just thought to
give it a shot but aren't really motivated to do MBA right now) 9) After the CAT one he
asked me to tell about my career goals. (Relate it well with the company...since iRunway is
a start up go on speaking about the growth opps available and the entrepreneurial enviro
that u will be getting there) 10) Then he was looking for something in my resume so I
thought to mention the high point. I said,"I thought something in my resume would have
caught your eye...but it isnt so I guess." He asked me to elaborate and I told him about IPR
being my area of interest and some fattas of IPR. 11) After this he genuinely seemed
impressed and asked me if I had any questions. (Always ask something, whether it be the
iRunway job profile or their work life balance or nething under the sun related to the co. or urself)
Interview Round 2 : This time three people were there. The person who interviewed me in
the first round asked me to introduce myself once again to the other two guys. I did the
same. Try and make the intro interactive. Make them ask questions in between. Try and
make it interesting. 1) You were the Coordinator of Chaos, which is a huge gaming fest as I
have heard from some of the students of IITK who came here to participate. So, you must
have got some big banners to sponsor your event (I said yes and told them the names). You
have precisely three minutes. Convince us to sponsor for Chaos. (It was like I was asked to
speak from A to Z. I convinced them beyond any doubt and took around 2-3 minutes) 2) So
you like gaming ? Do you play Counter Strike ? (I knew it right then, it was going to be my
day :D) 3) Did you take materials by choice or by chance ?(Tired of writing answers..these
are easy one...I knw u ppl will manage) 4)Had you taken civil here instead of materials,
would it have made any difference.(Affirmative). Some cross questioning here. 5)Then a
guy asked my favourite subj in the dept.(Composite materials for me)Asked if I have any
interest in Iron or Steel. I said no. Then he asked abt physical metallurgy. I said, I got an
A+ but it doesn't attract me as a subject. 6) Asked me to draw the Fe-C diagram. Any
metallurgist should be able to do that. Some Q's on that. 7) Why don't we draw it after
6.67% C ? (Consult Lakhtin for the answer) 8) What are the types of composite materials ?
9) Where are composite materials generally used ? (I said aerospace) 10) Why aerospace ?
(Match the properties required from a material in aerospace industry to the properties that
composite material has...I said creep in between) 11) He stopped me and asked to draw the
creep curve and explain it. 12) Then he asked if it would be same for all the materials or
different ? (different) 13) Asked me to draw for a polymer. 14) Solve this : 429 = x^y +
y^x (x=428,y=1) 15) Suppose you have a WCG(world cyber games) finals tomorrow and
you get a call frm ur boss to come back immediately to finish some imp project. What will
you do ? 16) What's your dream job(bla bla bla)...followed by ... how do u think iRunway

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Group Discussion & Placement Interview Feedback 2007-08

will materialize as ur dream job ? 17) How well did ur CAT go ? (Might take u by surprise if u
were planning to say that u didn't appear for CAT) 18) Any questions ? Finally it was over
and I was glad they took me after the 2nd round itself...some ppl had there third rnd as
Be confident...Know ur projects aware of the latest developments in ur field of
expertise...Know some general things related to other fields especially electronics and
biotechnology...they can ask u on genetic would be an
interdisciplinary interview. Wear formals...they want u to look good... They will be testing
you primarily on these three scales in the given order : 1) Technical aptitude 2)
Communication skills(many 9 and 8 pointers were rejected because of this) 3) Leadership
Mail ur queries, if any at :
Format provided by IMG is good. Areas of interest should match the company profile. In
skills/achievements you should mention something unique, that separates you from others.
In additional courses taken, mention the subjects that you have taken as electives; that are
not included in your branch. Explain your intern in details. At least, 50 words should be
there. Explain your projects in details. you can tell even the type of motors and sensors you
used in your project. Reference does not matter at all.
Keep reading more and more. Some standard case studies are there like crashing of a plane
and survival of crew members; case involving going against decision of management, where
you have your job at stake etc etc...
ITC Prepare the answers for standard questions like 1. Why do you want to join the company? 2.
Why company should take you? 3. Your strengths and weaknesses? 4. Would you like to go
for GRE or CAT? 5. What kind of job profile attracts you?
If you have fluency in speaking, then you have good chances. If not, then do something
different. In GD you may speak less but whatever you speak, speak it effectively. You
should have something in your saying that attracts the examiner's attention. It may be
something awkward!!!
Keep your confidence up in interview. You may talk hi-fi, but take care interviewer does not
know about that :) I talked about automation and micro controllers. Robotics worked well
for me.
Your resume should be straightforward and there should be no sign of faking anything.
Whatever you have done, just be honest and mention that. What I mean is no exaggeration.
Also try to mention that you would like to work for an Indian company.
Interview- EC people please study basic control engineering. Have a look at the BTP project
you are doing currently. For HR interview, convince them why you want to join and why
they should take you. Basically you have to "sell yourselves" to them. GD-Prepare case
ITC studies and how to tackle them. A lot of material is there on internet.
You can be given a case in which you have to rank some characters of a short story (1 page)
according to their character, or you may have to solve a murder mystery and so on.
GD- Just make it a point that whenever you speak, you are talking ona good point and
talking is sensible and that you put up an important point. Quantity of speaking is not as
important as quality.
Be confident even if your tech interview is a stress interview.
Since Lehman is an Investment Bank, it helps immensely if your CV demonstrates an
interest in Finance. This could be through an internship, a project, mentioning it as an area
of interest(in that case, u need to have a decent knowledge of economics/finance). If you
are extremely serious about Lehman, I suggest taking NCFM.
Lehman only has interviews. No GD, & very rarely case studies. Lehman interviews consist
of: 1) Puzzles (mainly probability based). The puzzles these guys ask are very common. So,
it would help to go through a puzzle book. There's a very good chance u get 1 of these
puzzles. 2) HR questions: There are always some HR questions asked, though there isn't too
much focus on these. Be prepared with answers to common HR questions. 3) Economics &
Lehman Brothers Finance: It helps immensely if u have a basic idea of economics & fin concepts. In fact, since
I had a decent knowledge of these, my interviews were almost entirely focussed on these
areas. Wiki n Investopedia are gud sources.
There were some probability based puzzles. Other than these, there were questions on stock
markets, Futures, options, Swaps, GDP, inflation, interest rates, Corporate Bonds, Sub
Prime Crisis, P Notes et al. This might seem greek to a lot of you right now, but you can pick
up all of this with just a few days of preparation. Then there were questions like Why
Lehman, Why Finance, Strengths, Weakness which everybody was asked at some point in
the process.
1. Stay Calm. There might be stress interviews. Have a smile on your face at all times. 2.

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Group Discussion & Placement Interview Feedback 2007-08

Say that you are interested in Finance & have convincing arguments for the same. 3. Always
verbalize your thoughts when solving puzzles or even economics/case questions. Approach is
more important than the correct solution.
Please feel free to reach out to me on for more.
The following points might be considered during Resume preparation: 1. The length of my
Resume was 3 complete pages but try to put it with 2 to 2.5 (max). 2. Try to put more facts
and write less adjectives 3. If possible try to only highlight the chief achievements though
one might have hundreds since school to put on paper 4. Avoid the risk of putting up
controversial areas of interest (if its such a prob, avoid this column all together) 5. Your
internship and projects column should be concise and very effective as most of the questions
are directed towrds these.
Prep tips for GD: 1. Once the group is known try to make friends with all the group which
kind of gives you a morale boost. 2. Try before the GD begins to lighten the spirit of your
group members and motivate them very humorously towards better group performance. 3.
In a GD try to understand the topic quickly and remember that after having got a min each
before the talk begins everybody would be eager to pounce so if you begin then others
would be more than glad to carry on. 4. Try to ask a question directed towards all the group
members which gives you an advantage because nobody can stop you from asking one and
Lehman Brothers
secondly while the question is a doubt you are putting to the group everybody listens and
the reply comes back to you i.e members give you all attention. 5. Everyone wants to
conclude so try and break the GD into modules which can be concluded partially in the
middle of GD others wouldn't have thought of this (Well maybe not after reading this)

Interview : Be thoroughly prepared with regular HR questions like 1. Strengths 2.

Weaknesses 3. Why this company 4. Why should the company pick you 5. Short term goals
6. Long term goals 7. Some weakness in your resume (Like why is your CG going down?) 8.
Your internship experience. Besides these be prepared for a tough stress interview which
might involve bouncer questions like 1. You don't seem eligible for this role. Convince us 2.
What will you do if we don't pick you. etc Be prepared to ask them questions at the end like
1. How will the training process be? 2. What is the career path for a fresh hire etc Attitude
wise one should carry a very composed but an exceedingly high spirited attitude. Shake
hands confidently, wish them for sure and be very cheerful before leaving the room.
two options 1) gather a strong gpa base, i.e. be among the top two in the branch or 2)
endure quality work in finance or eco related projects, number of projects and perhaps the
papers published in finance side will count
again here we have two ways to go about success.... 1) strengthen your mathematics side
... in particular probability all the jee stuff or 2) rely more on the economics and finance
Lehman Brothers side...though the company explicitly states that they are not looking for financial
background in students but still come to think of it logically a strong forte in this field will
ensure sure shot success as far as recruitment is considered.
normal hr based ... like why lehman... why investment banking... questions on

Resume was generated by IIT-R site and it had an influence on my Job prospects as they
like my leadership qualities there.

some puzzles were asked (general ones, not too hard) like how to plant 4 trees on a farmer
land such that all of them are equidistant from each other, another was on graph problem in
which you are given with 5 cities- A, B, C, D, E connected by 7 bridge. U have to start from
a city and come back to it crossing every other city and bridge exactly once. there were 2
more puzzles which cant be expalined completely here. A little of basic Data Structures
questions were asked. Basic Hr questions like tell me abt urself, y do u want to join the
company and so on were asked.
Be confident in the interview and dont afraid to speak out your mind. It doesnt matter if u
have given correct answers to all the questions asked or not. They basiclly want to see your
approach and your perseverance. Just dont say that u dont know something without trying
for it. Good communication skills are needed in GDs to put across your point. Dont try to
dominate the GD and keep your calm. Give everybody a chance to speak and put their
views forward. Dont show aggressiveness and give balanced opininon on any issue (dont go
only for FOR or only for AGAINST.Body language should be positive rather than attacking
and time factor should be considered at every point. Dont be too short or too long. They
basically need to see that you can do well while working in Groups.

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Group Discussion & Placement Interview Feedback 2007-08

Algo ques with small tricks-linked lists,trees,queues,string arrays,then code and test them.
Implement strcmp,atoi with all cases handled design a queuing system.
go through MS standerd questions..u won't believe i was asked "why are manhole covers
round" ...haha..they keep asking this . Go thru WU forums many algo question as
Most of the companies don't even look at resumes. Though it would be good if you keep in
mind what it states so that it may not be self contradictory.
Coding + Puzzles company. Look for new questions on websites. This company is
predominantly concerned about your thinking process & your approach. Even if you get the
answer wrong, but your thinking process is correct, you are through the written test. This
case happened with me.
Do see/remember some standard solutions like: 1) Is a linked List has a cycle in it. Find that
node from where the cycle starts. 2) Reversing the linked list. 3) Manipulating pointers in
Doubly linked list......
I had 3 Tech. + 1 HR interview. In HR, be prepared to answer some trivial questions like...
Strength + Weaknes, Why shud we hire you .....& all other crap.
MS gives Tech. & Aptitude equal weightage. So, keep on solving Pzzles. Questions on basic
DS are asked like BT, Linked List, BST..... Be ready for Complexity issues, no. of
comparisons etc.... There might be some designing problem like designing a Queue Manager
for a small memory say 1 MB. Several queues have to be allocated in it. Space utilization
should be 90%. I didn't came across this ques., some other frnds did. Think on way of
Simulating pointers or if u hav some new idea. Look for the hints by interviewer if u r fixed
somewhere. Best of Luck... mail id:

Written test was purely DI based. IT was divided into two parts with firs involving very easy
calculations and second had five simple puzzles although they were lengthy and there was
sufficient time to complete only 3-4 out of 5.No negative marking was there. Cut off will
vary from 84% to 90% depending upon GPA.Lower GPAs will have higher cut offs.Out of
those who were finally selected more than half scored more than 90 marks in written test.
Interview will be focused on projects and few standard C based questions.Almost all the ECE
students were asked basic questions based on either of CDMA ,GSM and Wifi technologies.
All the core technical questions were superficial. Some interviewees were asked to write
(Software profile)
simple codes in C.\ HR interview was a formality.Unless some one performs extremely
badly, it would not make any difference. Only three questions were asked from most of the
candidates viz: 1. Tell me something abt yourself? 2. Why do you want to join Samsung? 3.
Why are you not going for higher education?

Don't Highlight your extra curricular activities, downplay all of them. The interview panel
this time wanted students who were focused entirely on academics and in their view
extracurriculars was a waste of time.

Both said that they are looking for your thought process and logical reasoning flow and the
answers donot matter. So theyknew that u dont know much about your branch but still youi
shoud be confident about what you know!
Be ready for unexpected and even if you are giving GRE/CAT lie about it because truth will
not get you the job!
Nothing specific in general.Try to have a balanced resume between tech and extra
curriculars.Mention only those on which you have spent enough time on. 15 days to 1 month
projects are not worth mentioning. Prepare/revise the details of atleast one
project,generally the interviewer has time only for discussing only one project so you got to
explain it well. (Note- If the company is research related it will be helpful if you have some
Schlumberger RDM Interview - mainly your confidence is tested. Well the best to do well in an interview is to
enjoy it rather than thinking about the result.Be natural and confident in whatever you
say.Dont make statements that contradict yourself.If you are not confident with a technical
interview try to keep it in HR.
Well mine was mostly HR related with a very less of technical question.Yes, I was asked to
derive on the blackboard the no. of petrol pumps in hyderbad.well let me tell one thing here

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Group Discussion & Placement Interview Feedback 2007-08

the interviewer was basically testing my approach to the problem rather than the answer,
so derive the answer with strong logical facts and assumptions. The maon point was to see
you logical approach to the problem
In case of group discussions make sure that you are notified. The best way to do that is
whenever you speak make sure you speak at length for around 2 min, this 2 mins is
sufficient to get trough the GD.Don't try to be over aggressive and make sure that your
point is stated properly.
Always try to have smile on your face during the interview as a smile is the only way to
answer the questions you dont know.

1) Carefully elaborate all your projects. For an R&D job, the interview is real easy.
However, you need to be perfectly up to date with all your projects "especially" your
industrial training which should be strongly related to the position you are applying for. 2)
Its not like they prefer sports too much, but its more like they want enough instances of you
having worked both as a team leader and a team worker. They'll always ask you about an
example of each and what you learned from them. 3) Acads matter the most and they
notice a good GPA from the start even if you screw up a little in the initial rounds. 4)You will
have a casual conversation about the place you're from or maybe even the weather to begin
Schlumberger RDM
with. DO NOT get carried away. Carefully thread your strengths into the conversation and
keep it short. 5) Be genuinely happy and relaxed 6) Joke a little, they love it 7) Prepare a
genuine weakness to mention (i asked my friends to tell me pretty good)
8) Be coherent and clear when you speak in English (most important) 9) They'll have had a
group activity in the first round. Remember that questions like "what do you think about the
activity" actually mean "what did you learn from the activity" 10) Relax and take it is a fun really is!

in gd they made group of 12 peoples..... and they had given us a choice for the topic.... the
topic given to us is alternate sources of energies.... time limit....20 mins..... and GD is not
the elmination round....only those who will not speak ..will be eliminated... but the marks of
Tata Motors..for
GD are counted very much...and the interviw number is totally depends upon the marks u
got in GD.... interview is little HR ( about urself) and the projects u had done.....
some more question...... as an electrical engg..wht u will do in our R&D work...? why do u
want to join Tata motors...........? about ur strenghts..and weakness.....?

IITR has automatic resume generation methods which, I think, is the best thing. People
avoid useless fattebaaji and this is a great leveler. Do not include all the certificates like the
ones you got in school. Sometimes excluding a useless project helps. It avoids you being
"Overqualified" by many companies especially financial ones. Believe me, people were
declared "overqualified" even at d CG of 8(not officially though but its what most of the
people felt).
GD techniques are simple. Get the most out of your GD course. Insist teachers to take more
GDs and in proper manner like a round table group of 10 or 12 people at a time. Read
newspapers, anyone, regularly i.e. have some info on current affairs especially economins
related like "Is falling dollar good for India",etc. Interview of every company is a tricky one.
You cant guess what they are gonna ask and on which direction. But remember, you can
direct your interview any-which-way you want. Its true guys. YOU are the one who takes
Interview forward. If you sit dumb on questions like "Whats your area of interest?", you
Verizon Data better be prepared to be sown the exit door. These people have lesser knowledge than you
Services(India) until n unless its a core company. Prepare HR questions well. search on net for HR
questions. HR interview is the toughest part. Its d one which gets your ears hot and red. I
guess you know what I mean. I've felt it many times. When you feel your ears getting hot,
you are in dire straits, its d most tense situation you've felt in years. & hey, do not ever try
to cram the answers to HR questions. Answers to them change according to company
Verizon being a SW company, it didnt took GD but I'll give here the list of topics I faced in
other companies... 1. Is depreciating dollar good for Indian Economy(Tata Steels) 2. Does
Multi party system suits India?(Kotak Mahindra) 3. World without armies(Tata Steels) I had
two rounds of Interview. First one was tech and second HR. I. Technical. String of questions
about C, C++, Data structures, Object oriented Programming. Questions related to B.Tech
project. No question from Electrical Engg.... :) :)...blessing in disguise. Language questions
were like -Initialize two dim array wid all zero elements. -Data types in C. Whats Bool?

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Group Discussion & Placement Interview Feedback 2007-08

whats enum? -Structure and Union. Difference. -Diff b/w C n C++. -3 main properties of
OOPs...what is inheritance? whats polymorphism? whats overloading? -protected and
private identifiers. create friend classes, inherit classes from base class., etc , etc. Technical
Interview is, generally, easier in Verizon. II. HR I waited for 15 mins outside, then was
called for HR interview. This was d greatest disaster when I look back now... Seriously guys,
I made a total mess of it at times. At first I was very happy and cheery looking. I even
pulled a joke or two like when they asked what happened to your CGPA in 2nd yr? I told
them I had PC then. Nighouts, games, movies, masti unlimited and ,yes, no padhai. They
were on rolls of laughter. They asked what will you do with ur first salary. I said I'll buy a
high-end music system...hehehehe...It was so good initially. Few questions were: Tell us
about urself. what are your weaknesses? strengths? why Verizon? whens d first time you
heard bout Verizon? I replied in the afternoon today only. This was bad answer. That the
PPT was very good and I'm impressed by you people and the work out there. Then she
asked what was so impressive in ppt? Then they asked me any location prefs... Will you live
comfortably in Chennai? Do you know whats d diff b/w hyderabad n chennai..(they have
only 2 offices in HYD & Chennai) I said the weather is similar..they laughed and
told nopes. Then i remembered, Chennai ders lot of hummidity. Whats d biggest
challenge you'll face while living in Chennai? I answered that I'll not make frequent visits
back home. This was, i think, the greatest blunder. But I had no worries overcoming this
one. Rest was good.
GD tips---(this is what I feel personally, I'm nt offending anyone) Whatever your teachers
have told you so far, forget them. Be a fish-seller in financial company's GD and you are
through. More softer you get more near you come to elimination. More aggressive you get,
more near you come to selection. Seriously, if you have points you wouldnt get a chance to
speak them until and unless you blare them out loudly. Thankfully, my company didnt took
a GD... :) Interview tips- -Be prompt in your answers and precise too. This is very
important. Brevity is the soul of wit, remember. -When they ask "Tell us bout yourself."
Don't tell them I have been in this school, I won these certis, I was this, I was that. NO. Tell
them bout your strenghts and weaknesses. Tell them what kind of a person you are right
now. Tell them what amuses you, etc etc. And once again be precise and concise . Short. A
minute is enough, i think. -Be confident. It must show in your face, your smile. Dont tell
them everything otherwise you'll be caught. Tell the answers very carefully. Doing a bit
fattebaazi is good. Dont overdo it. -Mind your body language especially before female
interviewee. Dont keep your hands on table and hey sit straight. -Be cheerful throughout.
-Mould your answers according to the company's requirements. -Dont place your
requirements before them unless you dont want to join that company.
Tech interview is, generally, cool. HR tests your problem tackling and tension-coping skills.
Be prepared. I'm not saying well prepared cuz you never get that chance here in Campus
Placements. On my d-day, i had attended 4 ppts and gave 4 written tests from morning 7am
to 6:30pm evening. It was so exhausting. But finally, the results showed up... :). Keep a
vigilant check on notice boards. Do not rely on any other person to see your name on short
lists. You miss one single interview, your campus placement may get jeopardized. Penal
action, i mean. Dont get flustered or frustrated if you are not placed soon. Every company,
be it a dream or non-dream, gives more or less similar IN-HAND package unless its a Class-
One(like shell or bg or schlum). There's so much to tell. It'd be better if you guys get back
via e-mail or phone. Afterall, I have quite an experience. 4 interviews and 10 written
tests... :). I'm Vikas Raidhan e-mail- mob no. -
9997715356(wouldnt be valid after july, though)

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