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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

News of Logistics & Supply chain Sector

 Wal-Mart India growth faces supply chain hurdle

Retail giant Wal-Mart, still limited by rules barring multi-brand foreign retailers in
India, expects supply chain woes to make fast expansion in the country difficult.

 M&M plans to enter global aerospace supply chain

Mahindra Group, which recently completed the acquisition of two Australian
companies, Gippsland Aeronautics and Aero staff, said it is aiming to penetrate into the global
aerospace supply-chain with leading players in aerospace.

 Agarwal Packers and Movers – a success in the logistics industry

Agarwal Packers & Movers, the leading packers and Movers Company in India is
credited with many inventions of equipments and accessories that have redefined logistic
services in India.

 First Logistic Park in South India near Chennai

The park named „Logicity‟ is being set up by ―Shri Kailash Logistics‖ which has its
headquarters here.

 India part of global defence supply chain

With the Defence Ministry poised to spend $80 billion on defence acquisitions over the
next five years, India is already a major market for global defence companies.

 DHL to set up logistics facility near Chennai, to invest $10 million

Global logistics market leader, DHL is setting up a logistics and warehousing facility
with an initial investment of $10 million at the upcoming free trade warehousing zone (FTWZ)
at Sriperambadur near Chennai.

 India to learn about food grain storage from China

An Indian delegation leaved for China, to study advanced food grain storage
technology, with a huge quantity of grain rotting in India due to lack of such facilities.

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

 Shippers seek relaxation of Cabotage law in India

As Kochi port prepares to commission its Vallarpadam Terminal shortly, the shipping
community has sought the relaxation of the Cabotage Law.

 Hitachi acquires Indian logistics firm for Rs 250 cr

Japanese industrial conglomerate Hitachi acquired Indian logistics and warehousing
firm Flyjac Logistics for Rs 250 crore in an all-cash deal. Mumbai-based Flyjac claims to have
group strength of 1,250 staff and has presence at 16 locations in India. Besides, it operates in
40 countries and is ground handling agent for Airport Authority of India at Delhi and Chennai.

 Gati ties up with Xpress Int

Gati Ltd., India‘s leading express distribution & supply chain solutions provider has
announced its tie-up with Bangladesh-based Xpress International to provide end to end
solutions, especially for surface movement, between the two countries. With this Gati Ltd have
become the first Indian company, and the leader in the region, to provide such solutions
between the both countries.

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

UPES Newsletter e-Logistics Xpress

Volume 2. Issue 3, September,2010.

e-Logistics Xpress is published Bi-annually. Advisory Body:

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Table of Contents

News of Supply Chain Sector Pg: 02

Hiearachy Pg: 04

Welcome to the Juniors Pg: 08

A New Beginning Pg:09

Analysis of Billing Cycle for Suggesting Measures for

Streamlining the Payment System Pg: 10

3pl and 4pl requirements of industries in Uttaranchal and

Dehradun Belt (SIDCUL) in relation to proposed Logistic
Centre by MJ Pg: 12

Go To Market Strategy Analysis: PSR VS READY SALE

Pg: 14

Customer‘s Expectations & Experience of Services

Provided By 3PL Operators – A User‘s Perspective Pg: 16

To prove and calculate monetary loss due to CFT billing

pattern through real time data capturing & To calculate
monetary saving by changing ex-works vendors from OM
Logistics to free delivery through alternate transporter. Pg:

Development of an MIS for consolidating Packaging

Material for 6 Plants Pg: 20

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Improving Direct Store Delivery Service Level Pg: 22

Secondary Logistics in Cement Industry..!Crucial yet

Secondary Pg: 24

Impact of Logistics And Customer Service on

Marketing extra power fuel Cards Pg: 26

Improving Operational Efficiency & throughput of

Logistics Centre - Palwal - Tata Motora Operations
(RACE - Rapid Remedial Action for Customer Claims
Elimination) Pg: 27

Monsoons @ Dehradun Pg: 28

Youth Development Pg: 32

Enabling Sustainable Supply Chain Focusing

Infrastructure Pg: 36

Green Marketing Are the Companies Really Concerned

? Pg: 41

Supply Chian problems in Pharmaceutical industry -

An Indian Prespective Pg: 44

Companies of OUR SIP (Summer Internship

Programme) Pg: 52

Appreciation Received by the students Pg: 53

Campus Buzzz....!!! Pg: 54

Achievers of this Edition Pg:58

Quiz...???? Pg: 59

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Welcome to the juniors….!!!!

Composition of the New Batch 2010-12





34% of the students are from engineering background, 28% of them are from
Management background and 7% are from science and arts background.

New Batch was commenced on 5th August 2010. They had their PEP
(Personality Enhancement Programme) from 5th August 2010 to 14th August 2010.

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖


(Dedicated to juniors)
By Bhawna Awasthi

It's a fresh ground, a brand new start;

just do your best, deep from the heart.
People have and are making their mark,
create your own path, we know you're smart.

Classes, relationships, it's all part of life,

what matters most is how much you strive.
We eat, poop and ultimately die,
how we lived is what defines, how much we're alive.

The stage is set friends,

to create new trends.
To achieve new heights,
to win over new fights.
Your past is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
it‘s your present which defines you
so live up to it, and it's we shouting out loud and not whispery.

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Analysis of Billing predefined payment term of 30 days from

invoice generation. The Packaging Material
Cycle for Suggesting received at different plants at Marico is quite
high as these plant is catering to the demands
Measures for of northern as well as some parts of eastern
region too. The payment of all the vendors
Streamlining the providing material to different subcontractors

Payment System
and main plant Unit1 is released from Unit1
accounts department, but this is not
happening on time i.e. on or before payment
By Swapnil Singh
term, Thus it was required to find the possible
reasons for delay in payments and the actual
points of delay, suggesting measures to
This project, primarily aims at learning the handle this problem and thus developing an
complete process flow of supply chain MIS to track the bills that can assist in
department at MARICO Ltd. The main thrust streamlining the payment system.
area is to sort, analyze and evaluate the
To start with, a sample of 100 invoices was
Supply chain hierarchy and
analyzed, for their movement in the hierarchy.
thereby developing a Management
This movement was traced on the basis of
Information System that provides accurate
number of days it took to transfer invoices
information about billing cycle to decision
from one stage to the other. Information was
gathered using SAP and company‘s database.
The basic problem faced by Marico,
Dehradun is concerning the payment system
i.e. vendors are not paid according to the
Movement of invoices:

Initial security (subcontractor) Main plant security checking of details of bills at main
plant handling of bills to accounts dept final payment.

With the help of the data collected it was easy Basis of occurrence i.e. which are the
to identify the point of delay. Various reason that occur very frequently.
possible reasons were identified and they Possible reasons on the Basis of stage
were classified on the 1. Initial plant entry to Main Plant(B2)
Basis of stages i.e. reasons in each stage
No fixed time pre decided for delivery
causing delay in transfer of invoice to the
of bills from other plants to main
next stage.

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Sometimes information (Purchase 2. Handling of bills to accounts

Order(PO) number, Date, etc) missing Because there is no fixed time of
from the bill so delay in doing Goods sending bills to B2 so sometimes
Received (GR). piling of bills takes place at B2 and
Sometimes material is sent only with their clearance takes time.
duplicate bill /challan, original is sent Sorting out of pending payment takes
afterwards, this too causes delay in time.
clearance of bills. Late in receiving from B2 security.
Sorting out of problem in bills e.g.:
difference in rate, quantity, tax, freight
also takes time.

1. Proposed Plan

Initial security (subcontractor) 7days Main plant security 0-1 day checking of details of
bills at main plant 4-5 days handling of bills to accounts dept final payment.

This proposed model can help in fixing a time which each stage should take to complete the process
at their level. This can definitely help in reducing the total time of transfer of bill to accounts

2. Fixed day can be allotted to all plants for These steps if introduced in the process can
receiving bill at main plant. help in reduction of time taken to complete
3. All information eg.: PO number, PO date the whole process. An MIS to track the
should be present on the bill. number of days also suggested so that delay
4. Original Bills should be sent with the in the process can be tracked.
material and one copy directly to
management for better control on whole

Environmentalism has taken its turn

with other business trends for at least
30 years. Like most fads, enthusiasm

11 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

3pl and 4pl customer support, inbound logistics, and

reverse logistics. Whereas, the domestic
requirements of major companies might increase their 3PL
usage in the basic logistic functions and
industries in occasionally experiment with the value-added
advanced services. On the contrary, the small
Uttaranchal and and medium companies could just begin to

Dehradun Belt
use 3PL services for their basic logistic
(SIDCUL) in relation In perspective to seeking these market needs
to proposed Logistic and demands for logistics operations, the
project given was “3pl and 4pl requirements
Centre by MJ of industries in Uttaranchal and Dehradun
Belt (SIDCUL) in relation to proposed
By Hemant Goyal Logistic Centre by MJ”.

Abstract This project pertains to the study of 3pl and

4pl requirement in 3 regions- Dehradun,
3PL industry‘s origin in India can be traced Roorkee, and SIDCUL (Haridwar) region. It
back to mid 1990s. The industry was aims to know the present in-depth
pioneered by global logistics majors as a part opportunities of a new 3pl and the
of extending these services to the Indian requirements of 3PL companies in these
subsidiaries of multinational companies in regions.
automobile, electronics and FMCG sectors.
The Palwal 'hub' will be linked to two similar
In the initial stages, 3PL providers offered but smaller 'spoke' warehouses in Punjab and
only basic logistics services such as Uttaranchal with a combined total of 294,000
warehousing and transportation. But with square feet to cover India's entire northern
growing logistics needs of organizations to industrial heartland.
remain competitive in globalized economies,
3PL providers have evolved to offer several As MJ Logistics is working on a Hub and
other value added services ranging from Spokes model. They found Roorkee as
packaging to supply chain planning. potential market for providing 3PL
companies. So they have purchased a land in
The opportunities for growth of 3PL usage Roorkee region and this project is going to be
could be varied among different types of taken as a pre- operational research to know
companies. The multinational companies that the actual requirement and opportunities of
are already using 3PL in basic logistic 3PL companies in this region.
functions might graduate to outsourcing
value-added advanced services such as
12 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

The major factors to cover were: Almost every company has different
warehouse for both the raw materials
What type of facilities they want. and finished goods.
What is the current level of logistics Existing 3pl companies do not use
services in this region? cold storage trucks for distribution.
Are companies satisfied with the Sales promotion of existing 3pl is not
current 3PL providers? up to the mark, so the companies are
Are they aware about the current unaware of outsourcing the activities.
technologies available in the market The companies are not aware about
for effective warehousing and the new technologies and equipments
transportation? available in the market to maintain
Are they ready to outsource their warehousing and transportation more
logistics activities or not. effectively. There is a lack of I T
To know the inventory turnover of usage in these markets.
companies. Etc There is also need of some expertise
Some Major Facts and Findings from the from Logistics and Supply Chain.

We come to know through this survey As the feedback we got from the
that companies are unaware of the fact questionnaires, there are lots of opportunities
of outsourcing of warehousing to explore logistics business. If a company
activity. comes with a mind set to provide customized
Supply is badly affected by poor services as per the parties requirement it will
transportation and distribution system. definitely succeed in short span of time. There
Almost 90% of the companies have are lots of 3PL companies available in the
outsourced its transportation activity. market but the companies are fond of
Most of the companies are fed up with services, and this is the point where MJ
the transportation companies, and are Logistics will do well and get success in these
ready to give transportation activity as markets.
outsource activity to a new entrant, if
the company trusts for a good service.
None of the pharmaceutical Green can not only
companies have cold chain facilities;
they maintain the temperature of the be profitable but
raw material in air conditioner.
Pharmaceutical companies believe the right thing to
that the need of warehouse is within
the manufacturing unit. do.

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Go To Market Strategy delivery agent and PSR. The next day in the
morning the DA takes the bills and delivers
Analysis: PSR VS them to the retailers. He provides bills at the
outlet along with the delivery.
In Indira Nagar, a different system was being
By Priyanka Kumar followed for delivery i.e. Ready Sale. In this
system, the role of PSR is eliminated. Here,
Abstract the vehicle assigned to the route is loaded at
the distributors end randomly without any
The project undertaken at PepsiCo Lucknow prior order basis. Here the market demand is
was done to improve the sales and sensed and the vehicle is fully loaded with
distribution of the area assigned, being the several SKU combinations. Once on the
weakest in terms of market presence and route, the vehicle covers each beat fully
contentment with regards to PepsiCo- visiting each outlet. If the retailer needs
Indiranagar. PepsiCo in Lucknow is reaching SKUs, then a bill is prepared on the spot by
with the products to the retailers through a DA which is given at that time with the
Pre Sale Delivery System. Under this delivery. Here immediate needs of the
system, order taking is done by a pre-sale retailers are satisfied. Also the retailer is
representative, one day prior by visiting the under no binding of prior order. As part of the
outlets on the routes assigned to him. While project we were assigned the task of
visiting the outlet the PSR is assigned with conducting a comparative analysis between
the duty to monitor the outlet, to improve the the two systems. For the same a questionnaire
visibility as to requirements of the outlets. He was prepared to be filled by the retailers.
analyses the VISI‘s, whether purity is being Majority of the retailers supported the Ready
maintained or not (only Pepsi‘s product is Sale system due to many shortcomings under
there in it), push sales by convincing the the PSR system. Following were the
retailer, by updating him about the schemes shortcomings:
and offers. He writes individual order in the
route book under separate outlet names. The Retailers found the system
Generally a single route is divided into three a bit complicated as they had
or more beats; each beat has 35-40 outlets to deal twice with two
each. One beat order is taken in one day. different company personnel in
After returning at distributors end, the PSR order to get their orders
provides the order info to DEO (Data Entry delivered.
Operator). DEO then prepares bills for each The cancellation rate is high
outlet which has placed order. In the evening, because of several reasons like
the vehicle assigned to the route is loaded huge delivery gaps; non
according to the orders received for that beat. availability of funds at the time
Vehicles are loaded with the help of loader,

14 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

of delivery; owner not found; by the DAs at the time delivery so that
change of mind set. they can cover the entire beat
Under this system it is efficiently. A lot of time was spent in
observed that sometimes the the market along with the DA and
stock left after the cancellation analyzing their work related habits.
on the vehicle, is sold out at Thus many aspects like this were
other outlets without proper taken and explained in the project.
billing and which is not in the
knowledge of the distributor.
Often it is seen that in a
pressure to meet the daily sales  Anyone who says
target the PSR knowingly
takes order for those SKUs sunshine brings
which are not available in the
stock at the distributors end.
happiness has
In the absence of proper check, never danced in
he evades the responsibility of
visiting all the defined shops in the rain.
a route to save on fuel. Instead,
he takes the order on phone.
 Rain! Whose soft
Reasons like above and many more architectural
hands have power
rendered PSR system as unpopular
among the retailers. Another aspect of
the project was WAP-Weak Area to cut stones, and
Planning for Indiranagar region.
Under this part of the project we chisel to shapes of
manually plotted individual shops grandeur the
selling Pepsi in this area. We covered
196 outlets in total. The main task was very mountains.
to highlight the issues and problems
faced by each outlet with regards to –Henry Ward
Pepsi. We also worked on route
restructuring for the new distributors Beecher
assigned to the region for delivery. It
included making beats covering every
single outlet by focusing on
minimizing the road miles covered by
the vehicle. Special attention was
given on how to reduce the time taken
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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

CUSTOMER‘S Experience of company. The report also

includes parameters used to evaluate
EXPECTATION & performance of 3PL service providers. When
asked about the most important performance
EXPERIENCE OF measure criteria for transportation, number of
shipment errors was dominant, while for
SERVICES PROVIDED warehousing, it was providing accurate

information regarding inventory. The key
outsourced activity in industry is still
A USER‘S Transportation with Warehousing in second
place and very few interested in using any
PERSPECTIVE value added services offered by a 3PL service
provider. Apart from above mentioned
By Shivansh Tyagi findings, in the end the report has conclusion
and some recommendation for the new
Abstract entrants to grab business opportunities.
This report is part of our Master of Business
Administration academic program and is
completed in the form of market research on
PROVIDED BY 3PL OPERATORS - A Plans to protect
summarizes the users experience with Third
air and water,
Party Logistics. The report will help 3PL wilderness and
players to better understand their customer
and vice versa. During the research more than wildlife are in
98 senior logistics manager were contacted fact plans to
out of which 21 responded. The research was
done over four industrial verticals i.e. FMCG, protect man.
AUTO-ANCILLARY .The findings presented -Stewart Udall
in the report is a result of in-depth discussion
with the participants contacted in duration of
50 days. The report includes criterions used
by different industries for selection of 3PL
service providers. Cost & Core Competency
of service provider are among the top two
criteria on which companies focus during
selection, other being Assets & Past
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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

To prove and calculate taken by the plant to complete all

documentation, unloading, quality check and
monetary loss due to finally placing the material in the store –
ready for use.
CFT billing pattern
Once the vehicle arrives at the plant gate for
through real time data unloading, the documents that are to be
checked at the material gate are Invoice, Road
capturing. Permit, and LR copy. Failing to submit any of
these documents or mismatch in documents
& results in delay of production process.

Some of the findings that delay the inbound

To calculate monetary operations were:

saving by changing ex- Delay in unloading the vehicle as

documents are missing/ not up to date.
works vendors from Lower Retention rate of
documentation staff
OM Logistics to free Availability of dock space.
delivery through Repetitive movement of vehicle
between docks increasing the
alternate transporter. unloading time
Quality issue (especially packaging)
By PNVSN Kumar & Sandeep Kedarisetty of the consignment.
Lack of hand pallets at unloading dock
Abstract Availability of supervisor during the
time of unloading
Products are the blood of manufacturers.
Non availability of fork lifter for
Production targets can be met, only if the raw
immediate loading of empties
materials are delivered in time. Hence,
inbound logistics represent s one of the major After detailed study and analysis, the
business processes in production planning. solutions that were proposed are as follows:
This process starts with the creation of a
purchase order by the SCM department and Transporters should ensure that the
ends with the store receiving the documents of the material are with the
consignment. Distortion in this process driver at the time of reporting and are
hampers the production process. Lead time up to date.
for the entire inbound process is a sum of Permanent staff should be made
vendor response, transit and internal lead available for documentation, because
times where, internal lead time is the time

17 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

every time a new person come the alternate process that was suggested is as
time increases by 30-60 sec. follows:

Vehicles which are not being 1. A Hub Warehouse/Stores is taken on

unloaded should be removed from lease near Nasik by M&M.
dock immediately to allow the 2. Suppliers from Nasik, Pune, and
unloading of another vehicle Mumbai supply CFT parts to Hub
meanwhile dock should be cleared of Warehouse in Nasik.
all empties. 3. M&M is responsible for unloading
goods from supplier‘s truck,
Loading of materials should be done consolidating them and loading them
in a systematic manner such as, into LSP‘s truck.
Bolero material in front and Alfa 4. All the material handling inside the
material at the back so that material of hub warehouse is taken care by
one dock can be un- loaded at a single M&M.
time. 5. From Nasik Hub Warehouse, LSP
Vendor should send a photograph of takes the responsibility of delivering
loaded truck so that it acts as a proof the goods to Haridwar Plant.
about the condition of the material at 6. Documentation will be done by LSP
dispatch Agent at the Hub warehouse.
Increasing the no. of hand pallets 7. Cross checking of invoice is done in
available at each dock the hub warehouse to eliminate
In order to reduce the turnaround time anomalies.
of the truck, supervisor should be 8. Per truck billing is done by LSP even
made available at the time of for CFT parts.

A track upon the fork lifter should be Advantages for M&M, by following this
kept. The loading of empties should pattern:
be given high priority, the fork lifters
should be immediately called for 1. Instead of CFT billing, per truck
loading of the empties on to the billing is done for CFT parts.
trucks. When such urgency occurs 2. Better control over proceedings like
stackers, if possible, can be used to space optimization, unitization,
complete the work being done by the delivery of priority material on time
fork lifters in the shade. etc.
3. Logistical Cost Savings.
We have calculated the monetary loss for 4. Reduction in discrepancies.
M&M, due to CFT billing pattern and have 5. Max. Logistical Cost saving for
derived an alternative billing pattern to Bolero, as all the CFT parts come
minimize the losses for the consignee. The from Nasik.

18 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Monetary savings can be achieved.

For spare parts coming from southern parts of
Consignor being an expert in material
India, EX-Works delivery is being practiced
handling gives an edge in
by Mahindra. But by changing from EX-
consolidating the lot size being
Works to Free Delivery, consignee has the
following advantages:
Learning with M&M, has given us an
Consignor delivers the goods to the
immense knowledge on inbound operations in
consignee at the consignees place.
a manufacturing facility, flow of internal
Risk borne by the consignor till the documentation process, warehouse practices
material reaches consignee. and billing pattern followed by the logistics
Lesser responsibility on the buyer than service providers.
the supplier.

Marketing needs to define what

sustainability means for their company
and then decide how to express those
values in their offerings. Companies
should stop trying to appeal to green
consumers by building green myths into
the products they have and start
creating something real—products that
tell their environmental story for them.

-Steve Bishop

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Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Development of an used in the ‗SAP SCM‘ and the information

was obtained. The benefits of the summary
MIS for consolidating sheet are:
Packaging Material 1. It contains all the common packaging
for 6 Plants material which is brought by the
different subcontractors of Marico and
By Shagun Joshi
Marico itself.
Abstract 2. It is fully fledged with precise excel
functions [VLOOKUP () and IF
The project provides useful insights into the (ISERROR ())] and is user friendly for
standard operating procedure for the the employees who will use it for the
packaging process of cosmetics brands of first time.
Marico Ltd. Concurrently; the project has also 3. It is directly linked by the help of
been a successful attempt to consolidate the different material codes to the Daily
packaging material that is commonly Production Records (DPR) of the
procured by the 6 main plants of Marico Ltd. various plants.
in Dehradun (Uttarakhand). The consolidation 4. It would make decision making easier
has been done in the form of a summary sheet for the supply chain executives and
in Microsoft Office Excel which combines the supervisors by reducing the time
Opening Stock, Received Stock, Consumed required in observing the different
and Rejected Material, Dispatched Material, DPRs of 6 plants, separately.
and Closing Stock for all the 6 plants. The 5. It would make the observation easier
summary sheet was made after collecting for the supply chain employees and
information regarding the common packaging executives.
material that is being procured by all the 6 6. In future, Marico Ltd. can also
plants. The Daily Production Record of all the consolidate the data vendor-wise, in
6 plants was viewed everyday for the purpose order to make a more improved
of collecting information about the packaging summary sheet which would contain
material. For collection of the packaging plant-wise and vendor-wise
material codes, certain SAP commands were information altogether.

20 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

The process followed for the packaging 3. The transfer of heavy material from
material was observed while designing the the ground floor to the first floor was
summary sheet. The process can be described done manually.
as follows:
Suggestions for the storage area:
Marketing Department (Anticipates and
1. It was suggested that for the purpose
Forecasts the Demand) → Head Office
of space management, proper stacking
(Materials) gives a firm filling plan to
methods should be used and a space
Marico (Dehradun) → Requirement
matrix must be created for this
generated by Marico (Dehradun)
according to the plan → Distribution of
2. Use of forklifts should be initiated in
requirement to the vendors → Vendor →
order to load and unload materials
Main Plant Security → Packaging Material
from ground floor to first floor and
checked at the gate for right quantity →
Materials Received Note (MRN) generated
3. The shortage of products can be
for the received quantity → Qualtiy check
avoided by regular mapping of the
of the samples from the packaging material
used quantity with the available
→ Packaging Material stored for use →
Material used in production packaging

Even though
Problems found with the storage of Packaging quality cannot be
defined, you
1. It was observed that the materials know what
were received in excess in spite of low quality is.
space in the stores.
2. Management of storage space was a -Robert M. Pirsig,
major issue because the packaging American
material was mostly found lying at
inappropriate place.

21 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Improving Direct information gathering, or equipment

service. DSD is a key method of selling
Store Delivery Service and distributing products. The DSD

Process at HCCBPL is as follows:

Dispatch Plan Generation Vehicle

By R.Arunan Allocation Loading
Documentation Load Verification
Gate Out Delivery Return truck -
The project report provides the Gate in and Unloading Payment and
information about implementing Tell Sell Settlement
operations in HCCBPL, Bangalore. Tell-
Sell operations setup is to reduce the The Tell-Sell Operation primarily requires
dependency on Pre-Sellers for taking the contact details of a particular outlet
orders. The project also has other along with the volume of units sold
advantages like verifying discounts annually. This was done through a
delivered to retailers, on-time delivery at specified format in excel sheet which
the outlets, tracking delivery vehicle and were later converted into hard copies and
addressing store related issues, thus distributed to the sales executives of each
monitoring the Direct Store Delivery of the four depots in the city. This
service and improving its efficiency. information was then updated in the
system by a team dedicated for this
The next process is to chart out the activity. The high volume outlets were
organizational structure at the warehouse completed first and later the information
level and to map the roles and of ordinary outlets were collected. The
responsibilities to each staff, so that every above activity is advantageous to the
worker will have a specific job to take company in Order Taking, Discount
care of in the warehouse. This reduces the Checking, Delivery and Store Issues,
complexity related to warehouse Vehicle Tracking, GCC Creation and
operations thus improving the overall Updating Outlet Information
efficiency. The report provides the steps
taken to determine the above mentioned The second subdivision in the project was to
activity and suggestions to improve the put in place a structure at the warehouse level
overall operations. where each supervisor, checker and loader is
given a particular activity to do during his
Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a business duty.
process that manufacturers use to both sell
and distribute goods directly to the point As a first step to this process, the generic
of sales or point of consumption including roles and responsibilities of all the staff at the
additional product and market related warehouse level were charted out. This
services such as merchandizing, process was done by observing the daily

22 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

operations in the warehouse and also projected as charts and be updated

interviewing the concerned staff. regularly.

Next, the whole warehouse was divided into 4. The BIBs storage area is shifted from
three departments, namely, Loading, Empties the front portion of the warehouse to
and Warehouse (Stock Keeping Area). By the backside as suggested. It has been
doing this, it became clear how to allocate the found that this change had prevented
activities to each department. This was done the BIBs from damages and pilferage.
from the supervisor level since multiple
manpower starts from this level.

Each department was then mapped to its

related activities. Then each level of hierarchy
was mapped to its respective activity.

This was done to ensure that the current and

future staff, if any selected will have a
specific job to do and can be given training to
Rain is grace;
perform that job. Hence every activity will
have specialist staff working on it. Therefore, rain is the sky
the process becomes efficient. This activity condescending
also helps in assessing the staff and to to the earth;
improve their quality of work. without rain,
Suggestions/Improvements/Findings there would
be no life.
1. At the warehouse, the workers are
involved in many jobs. By segregating
the responsibilities as mentioned
above, the labors will have only a Updike
particular job to do at one point of

2. Signboards informing where a

particular SKU/Brand is will help the
labors searching for stocks overnight
while loading.

3. Performance metrics or Operations

metrics are welcome in the warehouse
to communicate to the workers about
their job efficiency. These can be

23 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

SECONDARY dispatched from manufacturing unit to

various different locations by rake or by road

LOGISTICS IN (according to the feasibility). So the major

loading/unloading activities occurring at the
CEMENT plant, comes under the primary logistics
activities. All the logistics decisions like
INDUSTRY..! where to send the products? By which means

to delivers the goods? Which logistics service
provider to be called for this purpose? How to

SECONDARY reduce the optimum cost of transportation?

All come under primary logistics activities.
By Utkarsh Pathak
Primary logistics is the main frame (bulk
Abstract transportation) which constitutes the main or
Cement industry is a very essential sector of immediate decisions after the production of
Indian economy. It has earned a reputation of the product (finished goods) is being
giving good support to Indian financial accomplished.
conditions. With the new entrants in the Secondary logistics activities are said to occur
market, almost on a routine basis, the at depot level where the goods are being
expectations are increasing every time. So in dispatched to. Once the material is being
order to maintain its image and create issued from the manufacturing plant to depot,
profitability, every cement company is paying secondary logistics operations begins. The
good attention to its Primary and Secondary material comes to depot by rake/road. The
logistics activities. These activities pay an Logistics officer keeps a track of the rake and
important role in reducing cost for the is in constant contact with C&F agents. The
manufacturers and provide better service to rake reaches to its destination railway station
the customers. with a lead time of 2days or so. Sometimes
Every company has its own ways of handling the operations occur at the railway yard or
its primary and secondary activities. Primary even it may occur at C.W.C (Central
activities are said to occur when the cement is Warehousing Cooperation). This depends on
been prepared at the manufacturing plant. The to the availability of space at C.W.C and the
finished goods (cement bags) are being climatic conditions. On the arrival of rake, the
24 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

orders furnished by marketing department are to be mentioned here that they have to be
dispatched from siding point in coordination equally in contact with the sales and
with the existing transportation network. How marketing department. Secondary logistics
much material to be sent to the companies‘ activities for a manufacturing firm is major
warehouse? What should be the total issue because final delivery of the goods into
distribution cost? What should be the cost per the hands of the customer (retailers/ stockiest/
bag of cement? All these various decisions customers) comes under secondary logistics
come under secondary logistics. And for all activities. Also to handle the movement of
the decisions for particular district and its rake in accordance with the C&F is an uphill
nearby areas is decided at zonal office by task. Another important issue which is being
logistics officer. covered under secondary logistics activities is
The insurance of material received by rake at covering the insurance of the damaged goods.
a particular region is looked after by Logistics All these issues are covered under secondary
department. All the necessary arrangements logistics activities: to follow the rake
for safeguarding the material are done at movement, coordinate with C&F, make
depot level by the logistics in charge. This is arrangement for proper unloading/ loading
being done in coordination with the C&F activities, ensure availability of labors, and
agent. Particularly during monsoon period many more. Secondary activities are certainly
there is great probability of material damages at par with primary activities, but still
due to rain at destination, considering this manufacturers feel primary activities are more
there is prior arrangement of tarpaulins at important than secondary activities.
every depot level (Rake arrival) to safeguard
the material damages. Primary handling of the
The time has come
material at the rake point is also under the
to move beyond
logistics officer.
eco-elitism to eco-
Secondary logistics activities are equally
important as primary activities. Smooth
functioning of supply chain of a -Van jones
manufacturing firm is only possible if both
primary and secondary logistics activities
work in a proper coordination. Also it needs
25 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Impact of logistics and The concept seems very interesting at the

outset but the analysis of the villages brings
customer service on out various factors that would facilitate such
marketing extra operations and also those which would cause
power easy fuel cards a setback to the task.

Rural marketing seems to be of great

By Shweta Negi
importance of this project but this cannot be
Abstract the concrete solution of the assignment as the

Indian Oil Corporation has been one of the company wants to assist the KSK owners to

pioneer Oil and Gas Company of the country generate extra income apart from the regular

and has a major share in the fuel market. fuel sales.

A government run initiative at Indian Oil Therefore the best thing is to identify the

Corporation is the introduction of Kisan Seva requirement of the villages and assist the

Kendra which is the outlets set up in villages pump owners to sell that.

to assist the farmers for the easy availability The emphasis are on non-fuel sales at KSK,
of Diesel and even Petrol when required. as diesel is a commodity which would be

The purpose of Kisan Seva Kendra is to definitely be sold in the villages, while people

prevent the farmer from going to the town or get their vehicles fueled, they can buy other

city for buying diesel or petrol and make sure commodities in the mean time.

his requirements are met at the outlet; hence

the name comes Kisan Seva Kendra. The best thing one
The next step of Kisan Seva Kendra is to can do when it's
understand the demographics of the villages raining is to let it
in which the Kisan Seva Kendra should be rain.
established and provide the one stop shop for
all the requirements of the villages from -Henry Wadsworth
FMCG to a needle.

26 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Improving from managing 3, 25,000 sq. ft in 2004 to

over 1 million sq. ft of warehousing space at
Operational Efficiency present with a capability to provide integrated
& Throughput of cold chain enabled logistics services across

Logistics Center –
various sectors. MJ manages over 5,000
vehicle transactions a month. The Hub has
Palwal – Tata Motors been leased to Tata Motors Limited for

Operations carrying out operations related to their

Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts. The hub
(RACE – Rapid takes care of around 25000 SKUs.

Remedial Action for This Hub is the Northern region‘s CVBU

Customer Claims (Commercial Vehicle Business Unit) – RWH

(Regional Warehouse), which serves the
Elimination) entire Northern region TASS (Tata
By Akhil Goyal Authorized Service Stations), dealers &
distributors of Tata Motors Limited. This
RWH serves maximum number of customers
With stiff competition in the Indian market as compared to other RWHs located in
the three letter word 3PL has become a cup of Bangalore, Chennai & Pune.
tea for almost each and every company these
With scale come the complexities, as the
days, not for ensuring the survival of the
number of customers is too large this RWH is
company but for ensuring delivery of the
somehow lacks in providing the service level
product to the customer in the best possible
which TML(Tata Motors Limited) expects
manner, taking into consideration, place,
for. This can be judged with the fact that the
quality, time and most importantly cost (For
best rate RWH – Bangalore has on an average
logistics industry).
45 Customer claims per month, while RWH –
Among these logistics industry another name Palwal has on an average 190 Customer
is growing rapidly, that is MJ Logistic claims per month. This leads to huge
Services Ltd. MJ Logistic Services Limited dissatisfaction amongst the customers of
(MJ) traces its origins to 1993, has expanded TML.
27 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Hence an approach has been designed to

Monsoons @ Dehradun
identify the root cause of the problem and for
this purpose Process mapping has been done. By Hemant Goyal
Process mapping is done to identify the Uttaranchal - the land of gods, the home of
activities/processes, which are more prone to Himalayas and a paradise on earth, allures
errors. Once the process mapping is done, everyone from everywhere. The fresh air, the
DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve pure water, the chilling snow, beautiful
& Control) – Fundamental Six Sigma mountains, the scenic beauty, the small
Methodology has been used to make sure that villages, the simpler people and a tougher
the causes identified are eliminated as early as lifestyle is what that distinguishes Uttaranchal
possible. from rest of the world.

Based on the conceptual understanding of

DMAIC, various inferences have been drawn
out of the facts and figures gathered. The
inferences submitted to the top management
qualifies for executing improvement tools and
then for ensuring control over the results
achieved, KAIZEN – Before & After is used.

The project undertaken still leaves a scope to

measure the results, once the improvement
tools are executed (on the basis of inferences
submitted) and henceforth making sure that
control tools are implemented in the manner Uttaranchal is also a paradise for Mother
they were asked to.
Nature lovers and adventure sports
enthusiasts. It has some of the most beautiful
hill stations to offer to nature‘s lovers.

Dehradun, the capital city of the Uttarakhand

state (earlier called Uttaranchal) in India, is
located in the Doon valley, 246 kilometers
28 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

north of the district, surrounded by the the maximum rainfall is recorded in between
Himalayas in the north, Sivalik Hills in the July and August.
south, the river Ganga in the east and the river
Yamuna in the west. The water divide of
Ganga and Yamuna passes through the city.

The climate of Dehradun is moderate due to

its location at foot of the Himalayas. The
climate of Dehradun is same as of a northern
Indian city i.e., cool winters, warm summers,
rainy monsoons and a balmy spring.

The Climate of the district is generally

moderate. It varies greatly from tropical to
severe cold depending upon the altitude of
the area. The district being hilly, temperature The climate of Dehradun also depends upon
variations due to difference in elevation are the altitude, the more high you go, and the
considerable. In the hilly regions, the summer more cold you will feel. Summer
is pleasant, but in the Doon, the heat is often temperatures do not go too high, though in
intense, although not to such degree as in the winter the temperature sometimes falls down
plains of the adjoining districts. below the freezing point. During the
The temperature drops below freezing point summers, the temperature ranges between
not only at high altitude but even at places, 36°C and 16.7°C. In winters, the temperature
like Dehradun during winters, when higher lies in between 23.4°C and 5.2°C.
peaks are also under snow. The other
This year rainfall is 4 times more to the
significant aspect of the climate of Dehradun
is monsoon. Dehradun gets an average average rain fall. In Rainy season, the climate

rainfall of 2073.3mm annually. Dehradun of Dehradun became totally different. The

receives the rainfall in between June and animals got crazy, the people become more
joyful and the entire surrounding look like
September. And in the months of December
and January, it receives winter rainfall. But heaven.

29 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

As Dehradun is one of the oldest cities of helping hand. In order to admire the beauty of
India. Dehradun is a favored tourist Dehradun, all that you really need to do is to
destination. Throughout the year, Dehradun look around.
receives thousands of tourists from different
parts of India as well as abroad.

Dehradun is the gateway to the popular hill

station of Mussoorie and the pilgrimage
centers of Haridwar and Rishikesh. The
town also boasts of the famous Forest
Research Institute and the Indira Gandhi
National Forest Academy.

According to one of the issue of Indian

Express- last year with monsoon officially
still active, till September 15, Dehradun has
emerged as the wettest capital amongst the
state capitals of the country. It has beaten
Mumbai, Kolkata, Shillong and Agartala to
take the top position.

Now if we talk about environment and Last but not the least, the rich cultural
agriculture of Dehradun, Dehradun is popular traditions and the cool and invigorating
for its special Basmati rice, tea, and Mango climate of Uttaranchal sums up for a perfect
and leechi gardens. The best way to get holiday destination to relax and unwind.
around in Dehradun is on foot. Finding your
way around is rather easy with a host of
helpful locals always willing to extend a

30 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Overview & Best Season of Dehradun Dehradun is also concern with Green, clean,
Dehradun is an all year round tourist and eco friendly environment and the slogan
attraction with cool winters, warm summers of the city is, ―Green Doon, Clean Doon and
and crisp mild monsoons. Beautiful Doon‖, which is widely displayed
on city transport and posters and appear to
Summers (March to June) have a
belie its claim in every respect.
maximum temperature of 35 °C and a
minimum of 17 °C. Most of the The vision for Dehradun 2025, is - ―A well
tourists prefer this period for visiting managed clean, green, environment-friendly
Dehradun. city with a character of its own defined by
Monsoons (July to September) offer scenic beauty, intellectual capital, and eco-
mild to medium rainfall during which friendly tourism through sustained economic
period the destination looks more growth for all of its citizens.
Winters (December to February) have
a maximum of 22 °C and a minimum 
of about 3 °C. Snowfalls are common 
feature during this season. n/climate.html

 Appraisal of City Development Plan,
Dehradun, June 2007 by National
Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi

31 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Youth Development are able to attain steady growth and

development with limited natural resources
By Vivek Srivastava through the intelligence of their people and
―A Century of endeavor beckons us. Out of the labor force. Young people are a crucial
that past must arise, a glorious future. Let us segment of a nation‘s development. Their
build an India - A new civilization, with the contribution therefore is highly needed.
strength of our heritage, the creativity of the
spring time of youth and the unconquerable Scholars have always stated, "Time is not
spirit of our people.‖ evaluated by what has been harvested, but
what has been planted". The government and
-Shri Rajiv Gandhi
society at large have equal responsibility to
The youth constitute nearly 40 per cent of provide the youth with suitable grounds and
India‘s population. Being the most vibrant thereby bringing about a matured and
and dynamic segment of our country, the responsible population for the coming
youth is our most valuable human resource. generation to lead a better life. As such the
To optimally tap their constructive and establishment of the a Department of State for
creative energies, it is essential to develop Youth, the development of a comprehensive
their personality and involve them in nation National Youth Policy, the establishment of
building activities. The term ―nation building‖ National Youth Service Scheme, National
is usually used to refer to a constructive Cadet Corps have been fostered.
process of engaging all citizens in building
social cohesion, economic prosperity and
political stability in an inclusive and
democratic way. It is important to note that
the priceless resource of any country is its
human resource. There is no other resource
that matches the human being, because
mankind is the foundation or the corner stone
of any development and civilization. Out of
the human intellect a nation is built. This can
be confirmed by the fact that many countries
32 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

India is a big country. It is great in a lot of

things like its resources, its intelligent
workforce, researchers, scholars etc .In India,
ironically Youth is not useless rather Youth is
used less. For any country for it to be a
developed country, youth's involvement is
compulsory. Youth are the best resources
available. If they are used in the correct way,
then development is achieved very rapidly!

The important role of youth of India in Indian

Role of Youth:
Economy is their fast moment according to
the condition of market. Youth can take risk The role of youth is of most importance in
and can activate the different activities of today‘s time. It has underplayed itself in field
money and capital market. He can start new of politics. It should become aspiring
business with his high bravery skills. A entrepreneur rather than mere workers. It can
survey conducted by UN stated that opening play a vital role in elimination of terrorism.
up of a single new business in India; it can Young participation is important because
create new employment for 10 new youth are the country‘s power. Youth
unemployed Indian youths. So, youth can recognize problems and can solve them.
solve the major economic problem of India Youth are strong forces in social movements.
with their economic and business skills. But They educate children about their rights. They
the problem is that Indian youths are help other young people attain a higher level
capturing in web of ignorance, they are not of Intellectual ability and to become qualified
coming for taking the economic burden of adults.
India. It is very dangerous for Indian
economy. A. The youth can play a vital role in the
implementation of elimination of terrorism. If
the energy, intelligence and resources of
youth are fully and properly utilized the
33 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

country will prosper. Youth are strong forces in social movements.

They educate children about their rights. They
B. The youth will have to compete with help other young people attain a higher level
sporting spirit. Just look at the spirit of of Intellectual ability and to become qualified
Internationalism that today prevails in the adults.
cricketing world. With the start of any cricket
tournament, no matters which team wins, What should be the vision of Young
Cricket wins, Youthfulness wins. The spirit of generation for India 2020? Vision 2020 says
oneness will win. that:
1. Instead of Brain drain, we can be the
C. The youth would need to Aspire for magnets for bright minds world over.
entrepreneurship rather than conventional
employment. 2. Our Judicial system could be a model for
fairness, promptness and incorruptibility.
D. The hopes of young people can be fulfilled
only in conditions of peace, only in a civilized 3. Our Legislatures could be an acme of
and cooperative world order. integrity, farsightedness and purposefulness.

E. Young people are full of vibrant ideas. 4. Our habitats could be clean with abundant
When properly motivated and sufficiently municipal services.
guided they want in their life.
5. Our youth can be the Olympic Champions.
F. Young people have energy to try out things
and the patience to learn from mistakes. 6. We can have 100% Literacy.
Giving them opportunities to plan, to decide
and to work prepares them to face harsher 7. The Per Capita Income can go up in
realities in life. Geometric Proportions.

G. Young participation is important because 8. We can have full employment.

youth are the country‘s power. Youth can
recognize problems and can solve them. 9. We can earn the reputation of being the
34 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

most transparent and honest nation.  Newsletter –Rajiv Gandhi national

institute of youth development.-
10. We could be the most competitive Nation.
India can become a developed nation only if INTER-AGENCY CONSULTATION
everyone contributes to the best of his or her ON THE FORMULATION AND
capacity and ability. Youth is wholly LOPMENT INDEX REPORT
experimental and with the full utilization of
the talents of the Youth, India will become a
complete Nation. Let us hope for the same.  And when it rains
on your parade,
look up rather
‗Youth is like a fire than down.
Without the rain,
It crept forward. there would be no
A Spark at first
-Gilbert K.
Growing into a flame Chesterton
The brightening into a
 It's not an
Blaze‘ impossibility, but
it's certainly not a
References: slam-dunk and
never has been.
 Report by,S. N. D. T. WOMEN‘S The healthcare
FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT & basically sucked all
RESEARCH- YOUTH the oxygen out of
 Youth Development Index (YDI)- -Frank O'Donnell

35 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

ENABLING and one port which are owned by ACIL in

India. Cement is one of the fastest
SUSTAINABLE growing industries among core sector.
SUPPLY CHAIN Cement consumption has grown at CAGR

of 10% since last 5 yrs. A capital
intensive industry always located close to
INFRASTRUCTURE Lime Stone reserves and away from
cement consumption areas. Highest
By Priyanka Kumar
consumption of coal and thus among the
Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd. was set up
highest contributor of Green House Gases
in Gujarat in the late 80s with initial
Entry of new players has increased
capacity of 0.7 MTPA. In due course it
competition giving more choice to
became one of world‘s most efficient
customers. Being located far from the
cement companies producing finest
market and it being a perishable
cement at the lowest cost while adhering
commodity – logistics is a major issue.
to the most stringent international
Movement of raw material and delivery of
pollution-control norms. Presently it has
cement to markets is a major challenge. In
pan India presence with cumulative
fact, cement business – is more of
capacity is 25.0 Mio tons. ACIL was
logistics than manufacturing. Thus, a cost
restructured after the joint venture with
effective and efficient supply chain model
Holcim. It is Holcim group of companies
is of prime importance to remain in the
since May 2006.

Currently there are five cement plants,

seven grinding stations, three terminals
36 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Sustainability Integrated Across

Product Life Cycle

 Taking integrated view of the entire

supply chain, rather than looking at
the highly visible ―Last Mile‖ of the

 Strong emphasis on cost effective

supply chain solutions, investing to
improve service levels

 Drive value by creating high HOW SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY

performance supply chains across 3 CHAIN IS ACHIEVED IN
measures – Cost Efficiency, Service AMBUJA CEMENT
Quality & Sustainability
 Manufacturing product with
 Creating a pool of assured raw
sustainability in Mind
material source
 Actively managing carbon footprints
 `Just in Time` approach for
down the supply chain
 Seeking most pragmatic solutions to
 Creating cost effective
environmental challenges
 Choosing systems and processes that
 Training and Development of
offers best possible returns on
Vendors – with emphasis on
sustainable processes

 Encouraging and Assisting


37 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

 Periodical review of  Automated data system in

procurement procedures and fleet
taking corrective steps
 Promoting efficient driver
Production behavior through feedback and
 Improve thermal efficiency of
Kilns Consumption

 Use of Renewable Energy  Efficient use of cement

 Increase use of Alternate fuel  Expand use of additives and

– to reduce dependency on substitutes to cement clinker
fossil fuels
 Reduce wastage
 Improve the electrical
efficiency of plants

 Develop Carbon Capture and



 Timely delivery at reasonable


 Market Mix Optimization

 Real time transportation OTHER INITIATIVES TAKEN AT

optimization AMBUJA CEMENTS

 Able to re – route fleet while OLBC From lime stone mines to Darla
making deliveries / Rauri

 Eliminating unnecessary miles The limestone extracted from the mines is

transported through a conveyer belt
running through three hills, thus minimal
38 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

damage is caused to the natural

surroundings. Limestone mines are 18
km from Darla plant. The OLBC is just 4
km long, crossing various hills with the
help of 3 tunnels. OLBC used to carry
limestone @ 800 TPH (Now 1200 TPH).
We might have to ply ~ 500 trucks per
day (2 trips a day) to carry 11000 TPD
limestone every day. The transportation
cost would have been Rs. 150 / tone of
limestone, which is negligible now. Not to
speak about problems of road
Domestic dispatch patterns
overcrowding, plant congestion, pollution,
transport unions etc At ACL, 14% of the total dispatch is done
through sea mode. Bulk cement is
transported through sea. Intercostal
movement is done through barges and
container ships carrying cement, mostly
from Gujarat to Mumbai. Thus it reduces
burden on road transportation and much
larger quantity is transported.

Environmental Excellence

Pollution level at the plants is below 50

mg / cubic nm against 150 mg /cubic nm,
as prescribed by pollution board. At plants
– full fledged rose garden are maintained.
Used Mining areas are reclaimed for
water storage. These lakes serve as home
to Migratory birds.

39 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

It is clear that Ambuja Cements is stripes. (2010, April 26). Retrieved

committed to achieving sustainability from
through various initiatives it has taken.
One of the main objectives is adoption of ovo-Sony-HP-launch-green-machines-
innovative and cost affective processes. in-deeper-stripes/1272301809


 Victoria Anisman. What is

 Anne Michelsen. Are Green
Greenwash? (2010, March 9).
Marketers Selling Their Souls? (2010,
Retrieved from
August 05). Retrieved from

their-souls what-is-greenwash-a211048

 Alex Brownsell. Renault 'zero

 Prof. Sanjit Kumar Dash. Green
emissions' ad banned by ASA. (2010,
Marketing: Opportunities &
March 31). Retrieved from
Challenges. (2010, May 27).
Retrieved from
 Emily McClendon. Green Marketing:
 Vijaysinh Parmar. Soon, green fuel for How It Works and When to Use It.
Indian cars? (2010, June 11). (2010, July 28). Retrieved from
Retrieved from

ia/Soon-green-fuel-for-Indian- 2010/07/28/understanding-how-green-

cars/articleshow/6035337.cms marketing-works-and-when-to-use-it/

 Jacqueline Emigh. Lenovo, Sony, HP

launch 'green machines' in deeper
40 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

GREEN MARKETING- other reasons could be the pressure of the

government regulations or the competitors
ARE THE COMPANIES which forces them to change their
environmental marketing activities. Cost
factors associated with waste disposal, or

By: Shruti Jain reductions in material usage might also cause

firms to modify their behavior. Whatever
In the contemporary world, the term “global
may be the reasons the green ideas are in
warming” has become a buzzword which
demand and the result is a positive image to
seeks the attention of the people including the
the product or the service with a big question
consumers, manufacturers and service mark on the fact that whether the companies
providers. “Green Marketing” the words are actually doing what they portray.
explain it all. The integration of the
environmental concerns with the marketing
i.e. satisfying the human needs with minimal
input on the environment is what it simply
refers to!

According to American Marketing

Association green marketing is the marketing
of products that are presumed to be
environmentally safe. Thus it incorporates
product modification, changes to the The results of green marketing are green
production process, packaging changes, as fuel, green power, green machines, green
well as modifying advertising. wash, green pizzas and what not.

What drives this practice of green marketing? There are examples that exist like Certé, a
There are several possibilities. Either it is the popular café in Midtown East opened ‗Pizza
moral obligation of the organizations to be by Certé‘ on Earth Day, April 22nd 2010.
socially responsible or they take Before the pizza even gets through the door it
environmental marketing to be an opportunity is already green. The deliveries come by foot
that can be used to achieve its objectives. The while longer distances are covered by

41 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

recycled bicycle. Next is the innovative (Substantiation) and 7.1 (Truthfulness) and
packaging. The 100% recyclable - and rather that the ad must not appear again in its current
clever - boxes are designed by Greenboxny. form.
The lid is easily detached from the rest of the
With so much green advertising hype, how
box and separated into 4 squares, each serving
can anyone know who to trust? Reading
as an individual plate. The menu, printed on
labels critically is important, and publications
100% recycled paper, explains how the
from well known groups like Terra Choice
ingredients are always fresh and locally
and Greenpeace can be a helpful guide.
sourced, the flour is never bleached and herbs
come straight off their ―green wall‖.
In 1994, Philips launched the ―Earth Light,‖ a
The green machines introduced by Lenovo super energy-efficient compact fluorescent
(L-412 and L-512 think pad) which features light (CFL) bulb designed to be an
palm rests, covers, and cases which are 20% environmentally preferable substitute for the
made of recycled material and old IT incandescent bulb. The CFL‘s shape,
equipment. Similarly Sony Vaio W series however, was incompatible with most
uses reprocessed plastic from DVD and CD conventional lamps, and sales declined. After
waste in palm rest and cover. Not far behind studying consumer response, Philips
in the race is HP who plans to halt the usage reintroduced the product in 2000 under the
of mercury in the LED display of the name ―Marathon,‖ to emphasize the bulb‘s
notebooks and PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) in five year life. New designs offered the look of
the computing products by 2011. conventional incandescent light bulbs and the
promise of more than $20 in energy savings.
While there are others like Renault whose ads Repositioning CFL bulbs‘ features into
were banned over misleading claims. advantages like convenience, ease-of-use, and
According to the UK watchdog, an ad for credible cost savings—ultimately sparked an
electric vehicles claimed ―the well-to-wheel annual sales growth of 12%.This provides a
efficiency of a Renault Fluence Z.E. will help valuable lesson on how to avoid the common
reduce CO2 emissions by at least 90% pitfall of ―green marketing‖. Philips called its
compared to a current Diesel model.‖ASA original entry ―Earth Light‖ to communicate
(Advertising Standards Authority) found that the CFL bulbs‘ environmental advantage. The
the ad breached CAP Code clauses 3.1
42 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

vast majority of consumers, however, will

ask, ―If I use ‗green‘ products, what‘s in it for References-
me?‖ In practice, green will not attract 
consumers unless they also offer a benefit. To 8/05/are-green-marketers-selling-
avoid this, marketers must fulfill consumer their-souls
needs and interests beyond what is good for 
the environment. vironmental/beware-of-
Green marketing must satisfy two objectives:
improved environmental quality and customer
satisfaction. Misjudging either or
overemphasizing the former at the expense of
the latter can be dangerous. The firms using
green marketing must ensure that their
activities are not misleading to consumers or
industry, and do not breach any of the
regulations or laws dealing with
environmental marketing

43 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Supply chain Problems market, presently driven by over a billion

population, an expanding GDP, and rapid
& Challenges in epidemiological transitions, is expected to be
pharmaceutical the major player in the global pharmaceutical
industry - An Indian market both in terms of its large domestic
Perspective market and also as a pharmaceutical export
Mukesh Agrawal, Ankit Agrawal hub. As in the present scenario, only a few
Consultants, Axown Business Solutions
people can afford costly drugs, which have
Abstract increased price sensitivity in the
The Indian pharmaceutical industry is pharmaceutical market. Now the companies
continuing its high growth rate at 13% for the are trying to capture the market by
last six years. From foreign control, to introducing high quality and low price
domestic grass-roots growth, the Indian medicines and drugs
pharmaceutical segment has evolved over the Introduction
last three decades. According to Bio Plan India‘s current Supply chain situation creates
Associate‘s recent report, Advances in greater risks for biotech products, which
Biopharmaceutical Technology in India, the require careful climate control throughout
Indian pharmaceutical industry has the their transit period. The importance of these
potential to reach $25 billion by 2010. This requirements makes bio therapeutics even
rapid growth has yet to create radical changes more valuable to spoilage during distribution
in the Indian distribution system. The main and in this Logistics is regarded as a crucial
hurdles include the highly fragmented nature part of the pharmaceutical industry since the
of the distribution network, limited activities are highly time sensitive. In
advancement in regulatory reforms, and addition, pharmacy products need
presence of strong resistance from lobbies of temperature-controlled storage and
traders involved in the supply chain of distribution. Than the industry has given
pharmaceutical products. importance to logistics by focusing on supply
According to the RNCOS latest report chain and logistic level activities such as
―Booming Pharma Sector in India‖, in near delivering the product to the end-customer at
future, the potential and opportunities within the right time, right place, in a secure mode
this market will increase by several folds. The and at a competitive operational cost. The
44 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

most important supply chain factors in

pharmaceutical industry are inventory diseases are expected to see the fastest growth
reduction and reduction of order cycle time. among all therapy areas during 2009-2011.
This is because, operational performance
could be directly linked to logistics costs,
presently highly unorganized; however, a vast
while inventory reduction and the demand to
opportunity exists for the organized market.
decrease order cycle time are related to just-
in-time deliveries and supply chain speed
Moreover, the infrastructure for cold- chain and GlaxoSmithKline are controlling the top
management is still developing n India. This three positions in the Indian pharmaceutical
situation has forced both pharmaceutical and market
biotech companies to consider alternate
distribution systems. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain:
Highlights:- India is a geographically diverse country with
-12‖ the Indian domestic extreme climates that make supply chain a
pharmaceutical market is expected to grow at critical function. The long channel of
a CAGR of nearly 16%. distribution and high incidence of brand
substitution makes it mandatory for a
company to make all its stock keeping units
market is larger than export market. However,
(SKUs) available at all levels at all times. In
owing to the growth of global generics
India, most brands have generic versions of
market, stringent price controls in the
drugs and retailers can usually obtain higher
domestic market, and better margins, the
margins with generics than for branded
export market is growing much faster than the
products. To reduce risks of substitution,
domestic market.
innovator companies must make sure their
products are made available to the stockists
dominate the Indian pharmaceutical market and retail shops.
but the future will see strong growth in the
specialty branded generics and patented drug

45 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from Factory to Shelf

Source: Cygnus Research In 2008, the market size of India's

pharmaceutical logistics segment
Figure shows how a manufactured product
(distribution) was valued at around $240
passes through the company-owned central
million and the logistics/distribution industry
warehouse, which supplies it to the CFA or
has been growing at an average annual
super stockist. From the CFA the stocks are
growth rate of 4% since 2002. According to
supplied either to the stockist, sub stockist, or
the Indian Retail Druggists and Chemists
hospitals. The retail pharmacy obtains
Association, in 1978, there were roughly
products from the stockist or sub stockist
10,000 distributors and 125,000 retail
through whom it finally reaches the
pharmacies in India. Today, the total number
consumers (patients). Certain small
of stockists in India is around 65,000 and the
manufacturers directly supply the drugs to the
number of pharmacies is about 550,000, an
super stockist
46 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

increase of around six and four fold, investment to bring products to market, when
respectively. it finally arrives.
Drug supply chain in India has witnessed a In addition, the margins on Pharma products
paradigm shift. Before 1990, pharmaceutical are very high. Around 30 percent is shared by
companies used a different distribution different channels of distribution. Hence,
system in supply chain, in which they pharmaceutical companies are ready to spend
established their own depots and warehouses to improve efficiency of supply chains
that now have been replaced by clearing and
forwarding agents (CFAs). These Key Areas in supply for Pharma Industry
organizations are part of the supply chain, and Strategic Operations Planning
are primarily responsible for maintaining
Logistics and Network Planning
storage (stock) of the company's products and
forwarding SKUs to the stockist on request Distribution Operations

From the cost composition point of view, the Manufacturing/Maintenance

major logistics costs in the pharmaceutical Warehousing
industry include packaging, distribution, etc.
Global Sourcing and Security
Hence, logistics comprises 45-55 percent of
the costs in the pharmaceutical value chain Risk Assessment and Contingency
Today Supply chain is very critical as it Planning
maintains the complex network relationship
System Selection and Implementation
between the organisations (drug
manufacturers), trading partners to source raw Equipment Selection, Integration, and

materials, delivery products, retailers and Installation

hospitals. With the growing competition Green Initiatives

among major pharmaceutical players in the
Validation and Regulatory
industry, inventory control plays a significant
role in Pharma value chain as lots of
Supply chain problems & challenges in
inventory exists in the supply chain. For
pharmaceutical industry:
instance, out of stock situation in existing
Organized Retail - Organized retail
business environment is unacceptable and
pharmacies are in a nascent stage in India, but
research and development requires huge
47 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

have started making inroads in the Value Added Tax (VAT) Impact - With the
distribution system. The first retail pharmacy introduction of VAT, medicine prices have
chain was started by the Subiksha Retail been standardized and price discrimination, in
Services Pvt Ltd. With an organized retail which different states pay different prices for
system, pharmaceutical companies would be the same products, has reduced. VAT has also
able to offer medicine at higher margins, and helped reduce the illegal interstate transfer of
some speculate that retailers may even be able goods and the unethical interstate trade for
to pass on cost benefits to the end-users as higher margins. Per the new rules, sales tax is
well. levied at each stage of value addition and
Large Untapped Rural Market - A large credit for the tax paid on the inputs can be
proportion of the rural population still does obtained.
not have access to proper medication and the

Cost Distribution of the pharmaceutical value chain. Marketing and

Distribution contributes to nearly a third of the total cost and has a huge
potential of RO improvement.
R & D Cost 15 %
Primary Manufacturing Cost 5 - 10 %
Secondary Manufacturing/Packaging 15 - 20 %
Marketing / Distribution 30 – 35 %
General Administration 5%
TOTAL 100 %

“The pharmaceuticals distribution business in the country is all set for a revolution. VAT,
consolidation of pharma companies, and emergence of pharma retail chains are some factors that
will drive the change in the distribution cycle”, discovers Sapna Dogra
situation may take long to improve. Rural
areas contribute around 21% to the total IT Adoption
pharmaceutical market. With increasing rural IT adoption in healthcare has grown
household incomes, the rural market is drastically. Pharmaceutical companies have
becoming more attractive realized the need for integrated solutions in
48 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

SCM to keep inventories at optimum levels, (tertiary sales), most pharmaceutical

to improve distribution, to provide for companies depend on stockists‘ sales data to
liquidation of stock, and to streamline monitor sales (secondary sales). The primary
interconnectivity between manufacturing sale involves transferring stock from the
facilities, warehouses, and CFAs in different central warehouse to its CFA. The medical
states. representatives are given predefined sales
targets. To meet these targets they push
Future Challenges inventory on the stockist to levels that exceed
Pharmaceutical companies in India have the actual demand. When the next level of
realized the importance of SCM and are sale does not take place, the stockist will
aggressively looking for ways to improve the either return goods to the company or the
costs associated with SCM. Distribution in stock expires.
India is proportionally much more costly than
it is in the US or EU. International Competitiveness and Cold-
Chain Management
Integrate with Indian and international Indian pharmaceutical companies are
businesses increasingly seeking opportunities to supply
Availability of Transportation for drugs to the world market. More developed
goods and inventory management cold-chain management practices will be
Technology to improve the entire required to achieve this goal. This is one of
functional process the major challenges faced by the industry if

Their efficiency in managing they are to retain product quality during

resources and improving relationship shipment. Companies like Eli Lilly in India

R&D productivity in the have implemented initiatives such as having

pharmaceutical industry are the their own vehicles equipped with cold-chain

bottlenecks of data access, analysis management systems. Other companies such

and collaboration as World Courier have developed cold-chain

Long-Channel Inventory Management management models to help pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical companies do not companies maintain the cold chain.

have direct access to retailers‘ data on sales Consolidation efforts in the arena of global
logistics include increasing storage capacity
49 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

as well as a complete logistics solution; from streamlining the systems in India will
custom clearance to order management, pick ultimately benefit the patient and the
and- pack, repackaging, orders delivery, healthcare system.
goods return handling, batch control, labelling References
and logistics information analysis and  Barker KN., Felkey BG, Flynn EA,

reporting. Carper JL White paper on automation

Understanding the complex in pharmacy, Consultant Pharm. 1998;
pharmaceutical supply chain concept and 13(3):256-93.
achieving the lean process of logistics and  Cleverley WO, Nutt PC. The
distribution flow, requires strong strategic effectiveness of group purchasing
planning. Each process, through professional organizations, Health Services
in-depth analysis or with the support of Research; 1984; 19:65-81
business tools, will reveal areas of either
 Dr. Rafik H. Bishara, ―The Impact of
process optimization or waste reduction. With
USP <1079> on Cold Chain
each stage of improvement or elimination of
Management‖, March 7, 2006
waste, the combined savings can be
(Sensitech Sponsored Webinar),
significant and may allow cost optimization.
Revised March 27, 2007
The journey is challenging but achieving a
 Gelling P. East Timor takes steps to
complete and lean logistics distribution
avoid pitfalls of oil wealth, in
system will be invaluable to any organization.
International Herald Tribune. 2006:
Manufacturers must ensure that their
 Grabowski H, Mullins D. Pharmacy
drug reaches customers with uncompromised
benefit management, cost-
quality. In India, because manufacturers do
effectiveness analysis and drug
not retain control over the multi layered
formulary decisions. Soc. Sci. Med.
distribution system ,the supply chain process
1997; 4: 535-544
continues to be difficult and expensive.
However, manufacturers are increasingly  Jayasuriya DC. Regulation of

realizing the importance of an effective pharmaceutical in developing

distribution system, all the way to the end- countries: legal issues and
customer. Coping with the challenges of
50 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

approaches. Geneva: World Health

Organization; 1985.

 Morton-Jones TJ, Pringle MA.

Prescribing costs in dispensing
practices. BMJ 1993; 306: 1244-1246

 Povey G, Mercer M. East Timor in

Transition: Health and Health care. Int

J Health Serv 2002; 32(3):607-23.

 Robinson R, Le Grand J. Evaluating A green

the NHS reforms. London: King's economy
Fund Institute; 1993 begins to
 Sutter, Tricia L., Gregory Wellman, replace some
David A. Mott, Jon C. Schommer, of the
Thomas Sherrin, ―An Evaluation of clunking and
Access Discrepancies Associated with chugging of
an Automated Storage and ugly machines
Distribution Cabinet.‖ American with the wise
Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, effort of
55(18),1998 beautiful,
skilled people.
That means
more jobs.

51 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Companies of Our SIP (Summer Internship


52 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Appreciation Received by the students on

their SIP

53 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖


3rd April-4th April, 2010

Entrepreneurship Nurturing, Enterprise Resourcing for Graduates and Youths (ENERGY) is an

initiative by University of Petroleum and Energy Studies to facilitate aspiring entrepreneurs to promote
their business ideas. ENERGY provides facilities viz, Mentoring, Infrastructure Support and Financial

54 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

The ENERGY‘s first national conference was an inspirational meeting and discussion forum
which aimed to provide an effective channel of communication for practitioners, decision makers and
researchers who wanted to exchange their know-how and best practices.

30th May, 2010

NEHA GROVER (University topper) along with Batch mates

Miss. NEHA GROVER made the Logistics and Supply Chain department proud by holding the position
of the University Topper of the 2008-2010 batches. She was facilitated on stage with a gold medal and a

DR. NEERAJ ANAND along with the MBA(LSCM) Batch 2008-10

55 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

The convocation ceremony for the Post Graduate Course batches of (2008-2010) was held on 30th May,
2010. On this day the toppers for each course are facilitated on stage and the rest receive their degrees in
the class. Invitations are sent to the parents of the graduating students for attending the Convocation
function. Students are awarded their degrees in front of their parents and class mates.

3rd June-10th June, 2010

An interactive workshop of Aero-Modeling of Gliders was organized for the ASE & AVE 1st and 2nd year
students. In this workshop students were taught how to fabricate a super-light glider made of Balsa Wood
specially exported from Germany. There were four types of gliders that were discussed:
1. Chuck Glider
2. Control- lined glider
3. Rubber- powered glider
4. Remote-controlled glider
In this workshop main feature was taken in special precision to make a body float in air.
1. Joints were bonded with high strength glue - Cyanide Glue
2. Filling was done with filer of great Grain size
3. At final fabrication part it was stabilized and checked by Dr.Ugur Guven
All the parts were precisely checked and made achieve great height in sky.

27th August, 2010

The Organizing team along with Ma‘am Surbhi Arora

56 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

The various participants

A collage making competition was organized which was open for all the students of the university. The
theme for the collage was ―The front page of ECONOMIC TIMES on 1 st January, 2020‖.

Bharat Dhall, Sumit Arora, Sujata Dumka & Venus Chauhan (MBA LSCM 2010-2012) presenting their

A number of fresher‘s participated in this event and tried to portrait their vision for not only India but the
whole world through the collage showing how the front page of The Economic Times would look like 10
years from now.

57 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

Akhil Goyal presented a paper on Hub and Spoke model, in Haridwar, during AIMS
International Conference on Value Based Management.

The paper discuss that how countries with good infrastructure used Hub and
Spoke Model and how this model can be used in Indian Context, with infrastructural
facilities being a major bottle neck. Taking into consideration some variables, a model
was proposed for Indian companies. The testing of the model is still awaited.

Vivek Srivastva presented the paper titled "E-Government & E-Democracy" in National
Seminar On "Emerging Trends in Management and Information Technology held at
IIMT engineering College, Meerut on 16th apr 2010.

The paper covered several factors for emergence of e-governance and e-

democracy and its strong association with citizen participation in the processes of policy
making, promoting and preserving the democratic values. At the end, the paper makes
some suggestions for increasing the extent of coverage of e-governance and lays a
paradigm for its successful implementation.

Vivek Srivastva once again presented paper on "Women Entrepreneurship in India in

Modern day scenario" in the Energy Conference 2010 held at UPES, Dehradun 3rd April

The paper reveals that there are several factors for emergence of women
entrepreneurship in India such as family background, motivating and facilitating factors,
ambitions, attitudes of family and society, government policy of funds, marketing
systems, training programmes etc. At the end the paper makes some suggestions for
increase or promotion of women entrepreneurs and healthy growth of women
entrepreneurs in India

Vivek Srivastva Participated and achieved 2nd position in "PLACEMENT MANIA" an

intra collegiate event by MBA ET held at UPES,DehraDun.
Akhil Goyal, Vivek Srivastva, Shruti Jain, Ritesh Bansal & Priyanka Kuamar attended a
seminar over supply chain at AIMA New Delhi.

58 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

1. Which of the following is a possible competitive response to an organization‘s external
a) To aim for overall cost leadership within the industry.
b) To eliminate the closest competitors.
c) To raise prices to secure funds for new IS/IT investment.
d) To diversify into a completely different industry.
e) None of the above.

2. In Value Chain Analysis, which of the following is not classed as a primary activity?
a) Sales and marketing.
b) Outbound logistics.
c) Inbound logistics.
d) Service.
e) Human resource management.

3. The term Facilities Management is usually taken to include:

a) Help desk support.
b) Applications software development only.
c) Total outsourcing of an organizations hardware and applications software development.
d) A company's network infrastructure including hardware and software.
e) The formulation of an organization‘s IS/IT strategy.

4. Which of the following are usually cited as reasons for companies to outsource some or
all of their IS/IT?
a) It enables them to dispense with the need for any IS/IT staff.
b) Difficult to manage internal service level agreements can be eliminated.
c) The risks associated with IS/IT investment can be completely eliminated.
d) Companies are enabled to focus on their core business activities.
e) All of the above.

5. In the business impacting IS Strategy approach:

a) IS strategy is independent of business strategy.
b) IS strategy formulated according to business objectives.
c) Business strategy is independent of IS strategy.
d) IS strategy strongly influences business strategy.
e) None of the above.

59 e-Logistics Xpress
Bi-Annual, Peer reviewed Journal –―e-Logistics Xpress‖

6. An intranet uses:
a) Mainframe technology
b) Infrared telecommunications systems.
c) The telecommunications capacities of the fiber optic networks.
d) Internet technology within the boundaries of the firm.

7. The five basic entities that make up any business are suppliers, customers, employees,
products and services, and:
a) Its environment.
b) Manufacturing and production.
c) Sales and marketing.
d) Invoices and payments.

8. The three activities in an information system that produces the information organizations
uses to control operations are:
a) Information retrieval, research, and analysis.
b) Input, output and feedback.
c) Input, processing, and output.
d) Data analysis, processing, and feedback.

9. Which of the following industries has a low barrier to entry?

a) Automotive
b) Computer-chip
c) Restaurant
d) Airline

10. In batch processing:

a) Transactions are processed immediately in batches.
b) Transactions are accumulated in batches until it is time to process them.
c) Transactions are processed by arrays of multiple, less expensive servers.
d) Transactions are processed by arrays of multiple, less expensive workstations.


1. b) 2. e) 3. c) 4 e) 5. b) 6. d) 7. b) 8. b) 9. c) 10. b)

60 e-Logistics Xpress