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‘ BRS SINAT ONGER | CARE HARDER | Paes LOVE Mexper Sinai Connections SummeR 2019 Vowume 1, Issue 4 Cradles to Crayons Partners with Sinai to Provide Welcome Kits for New Parents (Olamide Atiba’s kit contained simple ‘Tchought the gift was really nice. I didn't have any of those things for the baby says Olamide. She was touched by the care kage she received after her brief stay :n Mount Sinai Hospital's Mother/ Baby Uni son, Maxwell where she had delivered her second The newborn hygiene kit she received contained nail clippers, a nasal bulb syringe, digital thermometer, brush, comb, bachi care items. The kit was provided by the Cradles to Crayo organization ander its Gear Up for Baby Initiative, which provides essential items for mothers departing Sinai’s perinatal services unit, In 2018, the organization chose Sinai Health Syscem as its firse Gear U Baby hospieal partnership in Chi Mother/B w Brown says that, along with great Cradles to Crayons’ kits have atribuced to the unit's strong patient action scores. Thi why the perinacal p predominantly admits African Americans ofmouch and attracting growing numbers of Arabic and African parents. “None of my friends are pregnane right now but when they are, I will rell them about Sinai.’ confirms Olamide, Rosanna is happy that patients are happ she’s also relieved by the budger-elie Bef of $34,000 a year to provide smaller kits in the range wwe were spendi of similar items,” she says, "Now we ge bout 150 kits from C2C each month, ind we can redirect those resources t0 Founded in the Boston area in 1992, Cradles to Crayons isa non-profic th provides necessities free of charge for thro, The organization supports sites in the Chicago and The simple items C2C prov ally important, espe hose in low income household homelessness. The agen or nearly new items community dri donations. Volunt 5s process and package the items in “The Giv Pack distributed to local disadvan Factory’,” C2C's wareho re then sd children through C2C’s diverse, collaborativ ce partners, The program gives infants what the need to thrive ~ at home, at school, and at play. Cradles to Crayons is the product ess small acts of kindness that er, make a big difference. Le “Meds-to-Beds” Reveals the Power of Pharmacy pharmacy LGR ALLA Letra CL a] but the one part of the hospital Ee EOS LAL aa LL PUTT ccna Prensa the pharma ital back: font-and-center and commonly associated with frontline clinical staff. From fillin 1g outpatier prescriptions to ensuri to end-of life care, t central nerv: Ap seemingly accomplish the im develop new, innovative programs (of tailored to each ind: car ents; while also d saving init for the hospital and clinical seaff Sameer Shah, System Director of Pharmac up to the challenge. One hs higher Beds, part of the transitions of care ‘OC) pharmacy. “This progeam the eransition from a hos to home life Ie prevents readmissions and improves rue let's ensure preventative health, We, health care system, are chai department pharmacy is the effective care otal ole for pharmacy has been te dual) to improve describes his department as component, but cd with carin, nea That's the way I see it,” Shah said, Known to be early adopters of practice enhancements, Mount Sinai Hospital imple this program in 2012 ~ four years before most area hospitals. MSH has ewo TOC pharmacists and leader in expanding this critical area of pharmacy practice For high-risk patients, the Meds-to-Beds n activity doesn't end upon discharge lanager ‘Tejal he gaps. The Pharm says, “We bridge pharmacist will call them at home just to ask, ‘How are things going? A our meds? an our folk those kind of things.” ke sure you remember up appointment n the fifth Thomas Yu, Outpatient Pharmac Mana Health care is always partnership between doctor and patient, he says. "Medications are a health tool. ‘That's he tients are engaged in the care, by taking their meds, Most importantly, an informed pat a patient. Ie’ hard to put a value on the pain meds ease, the recoveries they speed, and the lives they save.” Ete as Garza Had A Team Bebind Him In Fight Against Cancer When Bryan Garza was diagnosed wich testicular cancer, and was told he would need to start chemotherapy treatment as soon as possible, his first thoug crook to beat cancer But his second thought was a sob he didnt have the n ie took. Bryan was an L worker who did not ith no insurance and ca to do what after-sch« his next thought was that he could either be facing a death sentence o years of crippling debt — if he could even get created Forcunately, one of Sinai’s social workers, ied Bryan up for Med with Medicaid’s bac extending for months, Bryan w Erica Lottes, si icaid, How to the Medication Assistance P Here he would have his iemm for chemotherapy medication paid for through a program provided by Horizon apeutics. Since 20 partnered with Si tun-and underinsured at Mount Sinai Hospital. The impact of this generous investment is truly lifesav medications fe and life-changing for patients like Bryan BESTRONGER | GAREHARDER | LOVE DEEPER Create Your Own Sinai Legacy Hospital, he created a | years: providing high-« West Side to all patients, to pay: You can also found ala family wit In 1919, when Morris Kurtzon founded Mount Sinai y that has lasted for 100 ality healthcare on Chi ddless of their ability ing legacy for your Sinai Health System, when you endowment. SHS is a participant in the Jewish For more information please contact Chelsea Huszar at go's youcan be wisely — providin, to deliver care Federation of Metropolitan Chica cy program. Under their into th "s Create a Jewish confident that your gift will be managed ater returns that enabli ure, Talk to about leaving a gift in your will, crust, life insurance, retirement account, or other giving vehicle. .6403 or, Holy Cross Hospital Nurse Rabadi Knows That Care Has No Boundaries allenging places to provide cate. Buc the shrapnel, burns and un wounds that Lobna Rabadi tended amon Syrian war refugees in Jordan definiely pucher work ar Holy Cross Hospital in perspective Lobna, a registered nurse, volunteered he 2018. She spent most of her time amo the 80,000 residents of Zaatari the worl largest camp for refugees displaced by the Syrian conflict. Pi ee ee aed Se ee eae Rn Though used to critically ill patients from her work in telemetry and the “The Office of Development Sinai Health System 1500S Fairfield Ave Room F125, Chicago, IL 60608 BRSTRONGER | CARE HARDER | emergency room at Holy Cross Hospital, the Lob mplex and unusual patient countered in J i pi struck by the mix of war wounds and al ofa war zone. She was everyday human maladies. “Many adules and children suffered from post-traumatic ses disorder (PTSD) - while others ERs ply asking if their ald have a sip of water. We children treated chronic kidney disease, sepsis, heart failure and asthma. Lobna was pethaps most moved by a vibrant litde giel who suffered from a life-chreatening blood disorder. Her parents ss or funding to afford her monthly blood transfusions. “Ie was a difficule environment to bein. Iewas hard to warch all ofthe suffering tha rere weed WSINAL SINAI HEALTH SYSTEM Her participation was part of a humanitarian mission of the non- political, non-profit Syrian America Medical Society (SAMS) that included 74 volunteers from around the world — logistical volunceets, and dozens of interpreters, In just six days, che medical mission treated approximatel 3,200 refugees. the world had not forgocten about them. “Being parc of this humanitarian effort was both a life-changing and humbling experience. Lam grateful co be in a position where I can make a small contribution to humanity. I love being a \ wae With four hospitals, 17 community health clinics and two institutes, Sinai Health System is Hlinoi: Our service a Pee Retna oO Po Peas at includes 1.5 million Chicagoans liv PO uaet Sterne eee! insured by Medicaid, Medicare or Pee SCC eRe Cero arent peenceits iis sterol ee PR eeetl een Rest sla) velopment or 773- with the Jewish United Fund in s PR Oe Tae ater apna g reso) Prana Nat PRccam tr tete) Ska! Sonesta eet Sear eee caoy Ce sntetn ee recs ei cnet oan eel a You may also visit us at