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Platinum represents a well diversified business conglomerate

headquartered out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is

incorporated as a Dubai Airport Free Zone Establishment, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates under the DAFZA regulations. It is fully owned by
Platinum Investments (BVI) Limited.

Platinum was incorporated in 2003 as the global headquarters of

multiple businesses that have prospered in various jurisdictions over
the past 25 years. Platinum is the result of a strategic move to drive
group businesses through a geographically optimal location that
facilitates consolidation of existing markets, enhances prospects in
new markets, proximity to suppliers and provides a robust

Thereby Platinum has established its Global Office operations in Dubai

managing the group’s corporate strategy, corporate governance,
business intelligence, financial control, business development,
corporate communications and corporate shared services in the most
optimal manner.

Platinum’s group companies are well entrenched across West Africa

including countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, Cameroon,
Angola and Senegal. As part of a longer term market diversification
initiative, Platinum is also poised to make significant inroads into the
Asian and Middle Eastern markets in the near future based on well
thought out business plans.

Platinum provides strategic leadership and governance to the group’s

diversified business sectors that include International Trading (rice,
fertilizers, frozen sea food, building materials) automobiles (exclusive
dealerships for prime global brands), manufacturing (plastics, textiles,
rice milling, packaging, motor cycle assembly), property development
and services.

The company is associated with many prominent suppliers and

principals, most of who are amongst leaders in their respective product

internationally. Through optimizing the supply chain and managing the

key business drivers efficiently, the group has experienced exponential
year on year growth in business to achieve over US$1bn in sales
revenues in 2008.

Platinum is most ideally suited to partner potential principals and

suppliers (both branded and non-branded) in the complex markets of
West Africa, complementing its impressive array of thriving


To become a multinational conglomerate of global reputation to the

optimal satisfaction of all stakeholders and generate economic
prosperity in the countries we operate.


To pioneer innovative business strategies that would develop and

sustain our reputable position the respective markets.

Consolidate and improve the group’s market leadership position within

West Africa for our products, while expanding into new markets in
Middle East and Asia.

Continue the drive for better profitability through innovative financial

structures, supply chain management, optimal procurement systems
and inventory management.

Explore new markets that align with the company core competencies
to achieve geographical diversification, generate economies of scale
and resultant competitive strengths.
Establish strategic partnership with international corporations seeking
entry into the markets that we are established in.

Platinum’s Corporate objectives are multiple but distinct and are in

place since its inception, providing the necessary focus to its activities.

To be known for excellence in quality, integrity and reputation with

our customers, suppliers, principals, associates, institutions and all

To enhance shareholder value through sustained profits from

business operations and provide for investments into further growth.

To achieve and sustain market leadership in the markets we

operate, by pro-active sensing of opportunities and effective planning
to exploit them successfully.

To develop and sustain human resources at Platinum, providing

them with performance based incentives, vibrant work environment
and sense of accomplishment from their employment.

To be responsible corporate citizens in the countries we operate,

adding value to the socio-economic aspirations and maintaining
highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Platinum is professionally managed, employing established

professionals who enjoy a high degree of empowerment in line with
their expected performance parameters and responsibilities.
The Company, through its Global Headquarters in Dubai provides
strategic leadership and management to its multi location, diversified
business interests. This is achieved through its Global Leadership
Team comprising of professionals spearheading corporate governance,
business intelligence, finance, supply chain management, IT, human
resources, corporate communications and other shared services.

The high level team also provides professional interface with global
suppliers and principals, banks, institutions, governments and other

Platinum has also placed key professionals in its origin locations

including India, Thailand, UK and China in addition to all market



Building Materials

Platinum manages prestigious relationships for the group with global

majors like Honda, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Skoda and Mahindra
which have exclusive distributorship arrangements for markets in West

Platinum manages its group companies engaged in diversified

manufacturing activities like yarn production, vehicle assembly,
plastics, packaging, rice milling, food processing etc., achieve their full
potential through overall management and implementation of
international best practices.

The group made a timely foray into UAE’s real estate market through
investments in prime properties, both on the residential and
commercial segments. This includes acquisition of apartments,
penthouses, office space and development of villas.


Further to the group’s substantial internal requirements for services

such as shipping and insurance, small business units comprising such
services were promoted in the respective markets.

Apart from meeting the sizeable captive demand, these service

oriented units also made business sense, achieving economies of


The West African market presents a great opportunity for businesses

that have the appetite and ability to thrive in the region with a
population of around 250mn. The major markets that represent
Platinum’s present and prospective markets are:

Nigeria population 130mn

Ghana population 21.80mn
Republic of Benin population 7.1mn
Ivory Coast population 17.1mn
Cameroon population 16.6mn
Angola population 14.5mn
Senegal population 10.6mn