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ST. LAWRENCE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS GINA BLENK MEMORIAL ae DRIVE Sunday, October 13 8am — 2pm 3 St Lawrence the Martyr Church _\ 240 West Main St, Sayville 1 @the Bethany Center Your donation will also help to save up to THREE lives! CRITICAL NEED! veThank You for Caring! @ 49 Eligibility Criteria: OY Bring TD with signature o photo + Minimum weight 110 Ios. ‘Age 16-75 (I6year old must have parental permission, ‘ge 76 ord over need doctors note) + Eat well (low ft) & eink lids ‘+ No tartons for past 12 months iG For questions concerning medical ty: | 1-800-933-2566 ane ~ For more info please contact: Jar 4Long Island Blood Services