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Jindal’s not running for president, but… WPR on France

David Morgan (Front Row
vacation home and known as the 24: The World
Western White House while he
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:34:27 AM was in office.
You can’t get more presidential
Last Week
Judah Grunstein (World Politics
First, Louisiana Governor Bobby than that. Or can you? Review: Trend Lines)
Jindal says he isn’t running for “I’m running for reelection for
president. Then out comes governor of the state of Louisiana Submitted at 11/15/2010 8:26:00 AM

his prescription for righting next year. But I want folks across
the national economy. I had the pleasure of participating
the country to see what we’ve
“What I’m saying is, if we last Friday in France 24's panel
done in Louisiana. I think they
actually focus on the real discussion program, The World
can learn from those experiences.
challenges facing our country, not This Week, along with the IHT's
I think if the federal government
get diverted into taking over car Eric Pfanner, Newsweek's
would do what we did — cut
companies and healthcare (but) Christopher Dickey and the AFP's
spending, cut taxes — we’d have
cut taxes, create jobs, our country David Clarke. The topics were the
more better paying jobs in the
can get back on the right path, G-20 summit, Ireland's debt crisis,
private sector for our children and
right direction,” the rising the newly formed Iraqi
Republican conservative star of government and George W.
Photo Credits: Reuters/David Rae
the South tells NBC in an Bush's return to the spotlight. Part
Morris (Jindal with Family and
interview. one can be found here. Part two
speaking, that’s only for —“Leadership and Crisis”— Supporters); Reuters/Larry
Political oracle Karl Rove can be found here.
reelection as state chief executive. which talks at length about what Downing (Obama)
has anointed Jindal as one of 10 “Next year, you’ll have a lot of he views as the deficiencies This entry passed through the The Worn-Out Heart
potential GOP presidential Republicans in Iowa. I’m sure I’ll of President Obama — the Full-Text RSS service — if this is Helen Vendler (The New
candidates for 2012. Seven others be in Louisiana,” he predicts. obvious main opponent for any your content and you're reading it Republic - All Feed)
on the list are also current or But wait. Don’t forget that on his Republican who might consider a on someone else's site, please read
Submitted at 12/1/2010 11:00:00 PM
former state governors. But the 39 watch Louisiana’s economy has 2012 White House run. our FAQ page at
-year-old son of Indian outperformed the nation’s, with The book goes on sale today and content-only/faq.php Canti
immigrants is the only one who unemployment rates below signed copies may be available Five Filters featured article: By Giacomo Leopardi
is his state’s first nonwhite Southern and national averages, along the route of his promotional Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Translated and annotated by
governor since the Civil War era, or so he asserts in a burst of tour. One scheduled Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Jonathan Galassi
whose popularity among voters enthusiasm. stop is California’s Reagan Ranch Catastrophe. (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 498
that has scored one decisive Anyone who’d like to learn more Center, located on the spread that pp., $35)
election victory after another. can read his new book was President Ronald Reagan’s
Jindal is running. But officialy
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Why You Should Start a Company in... Houston

Laura Rich (Fast Company)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:52:54 AM

It’s the U.S. energy capital. It

was the home of Enron. And for
the most part, those two facts
reflect the scope of startups in
Houston, Texas. Enron, before it
began conducting massive
accounting fraud, was innovative
in its approach to energy. And
thanks to Texas’ deregulated
energy market, starting a business
in oil, electricity or clean tech is a
snap in the Lone Star state. With
nearby Austin hoarding Internet
startups, Houston strikes a more
conventional profile, with big oil,
big companies and big banks.
Andrew Clark, a venture adviser
with DFJ Mercury, entrepreneur
in residence at the Houston
Technology Center and chairman
of the Houston Angel Network,
talked about what makes
Houston’s startup scene unique.
What makes Houston a great
place for startups?
Well, Houston has always had a
can-do business environment. It’s
a city that doesn’t have a lot of
natural beauty so people make it
what it is. Back in the 19th
century, two brothers called the strong orientation support of and a pretty strong and available world leaders. MD Anderson in sciences, medical technology, all
Allen brothers plopped down here business. I think what that means labor pool. cancer treatment research. Baylor very strong opportunities here.
in the middle of a bayou and said, for entrepreneurs is it doesn’t Are there particular types of College of Medicine. Also, the We have a number of startups in
‘we’re going to build a great port matter who you are, it matters startups that do better there? amount of medical grant money that area.
and a great city.’ And who what you do, so people can come I’ll leave energy aside for a that finds its way to the medical The second area Is
would’ve thought that would be and start here from wherever and minute because I think that’s center is probably the most nanotechnology. We have two
the case because it’s a mosquito you’re given a lot of due respect obvious. We have a world class significant spend of medical research universities and Rice had
infested salt plain. But since then, as long as you roll up your sleeves medical center and the world’s research dollars in the U.S. Or at a Nobel prize winner that did a lot
more than 120 years later, and get to work. The other more largest concentration of medical least comparable to any of the of fundamental work in
Houston has become quite practical aspect is that there’s a institutions in a given proximity. other medical hotspots. So that
successful based on having a low cost of doing business here And several of the institutions are being said, healthcare and life WHY page 3
E-reader News Edition Politics-Left/ 3
continued from page 2

nanotechnology. The University recently funded and received a Facebook all day long. So that’s a to provide these services for done in a particular state. So they
of Houston in the 80s did a lot of nice round of funding. Essentially success story because they were special rates and on special terms are going to do their first four or
fundamental work in high what they do is they have a Web acquired by Constant Contact. for entrepreneurs. five plants here in Texas, in part
temperatures super connectivity. 2.0 application that matches waste What’s happening in Houston’s The other thing I need to say is because they can sell the energy
So there’s a lot of opportunity and producers with waste users. So if entrepreneurial ecosystem that that all the New York investment into the deregulated electricity
materials and fundamental you think of how most enterprises makes it sustainable? banks have a major presence or market and it’s a very fluid and
material work in the material create waste of some sort and What’s happening are some there are energy banking able means of proving out their
sciences. traditionally that waste just finds things that I’m involved with: The headquarters here in Houston. So technology and then getting
In the next area, Houston is itself into a landfill or has to be Houston Technology Center has that means if you’re doing funding for it. So then because
strong in enterprise software. disposed of as a cost for that been here for more than ten years. traditional oil and gas that’s well there’s investment banking in
That’s probably because we’ve company. RecycleMatch allows It has a physical presence of a proven. But you can also feed off town they can just go around town
had a number of both Fortune 500 you to match potential users of building where budding of that when you’re doing clean to office tower A, B and C and
success stories like BMC that waste who can use that waste entrepreneurs can take space on tech and alternative. So I see a lot find people that are willing to
Software as well as startups that that feeds back into whatever the cheap for short periods of time of alternative energy deals. In fact bankroll $50 million projects. So
have become successful out of the business process they have. That to get their deal working. And when I get off this call I’m going that’s very different from the
BMC ecosystem. And then also builds on a couple of startups there’s a strong collaboration to go work with some guys on a social Web but it’s what
Accenture Consulting has always we’ve had here over the past between the Houston Technology biomass deal for the rest of the entrepreneurs are doing here. So
been very strong here and that decade that have worked in the Center, Rice University—which afternoon. But their guys are what characterizes the Houston
gives you a strong base of what I same area of waste and waste has the Rice Venture working on biomass, algae, solar entrepreneur? It’s still a little bit
call enterprise oriented IT folks. management and large waste Alliance—and an entity called and wind. of that cowboy mystique. Except
So if you’re doing enterprise companies that are headquartered Bio Houston. So all of those So what is energy’s role in this time he’s building a biomass
software the other thing we have here. You don’t think of those organizations triangulate and help Houston’s startup scene? plant or an algae plant or a
is one of the larger concentrations kind of things, it’s less sexy. But entrepreneurs with the basics. The The thing to keep in mind is that windmill, a wind turbine.
of Fortune 500 companies. A lot it’s actually a very green startup. second thing is the state of Texas Texas has a fully deregulated For more from this series: Why
of the major oil companies and It’s Web, and it’s enterprise. has a fund called the Enterprise energy market. We took a lot of you Should Start a Company in...
other Fortune 500 companies have The other success story is a Technology Fund. The ETF fund arrows for that about seven or Austin Why you Should Start a
large IT groups here so if you’re company called NutshellMail that has been operating since 2005 and eight years ago because Enron Company in... New York Why
creating enterprise software, you was acquired by Constant Contact has put about $300 million into was a motivator behind that, but you Should Start a Company in...
need customers, prototype beta this year. They were actually game-changing science-based that deregulation has actually Los Angeles Why you Should
type customers, and they are very selected as part of the Facebook companies here in the state, and created a whole set of Start a Company in... Chicago
easy to find here in Houston, as fund incubation effort last year Houston has it’s unfair share of entrepreneurs in the electricity Why you Should Start a Company
opposed to when you were doing summer of 2009 and they allow those dollars because our group and clean tech businesses. They in... Boston
them in a locale that doesn’t have Facebook users and MySpace that helps companies secure that have an opportunity to do some of Laura Rich is a freelance writer
that concentration. users, if they are still there of funding is very good. their first biomass plants in other and co-founder of Recessionwire.
We have emerging success in course, and other folks in the The second part is any company states in the country, but they [Photo by Pablo Costa]
social Web, too, and this is where social Web to basically needs a good network of service decided to do it in Texas; one,
it’s going to play to our strengths. consolidate and manage their providers: Lawyers, accountants, because the regulatory
A company called RecycleMatch, social interactions through an human resources firms and so environment is much more
which is actually a Houston email process that makes it much forth. And there’s a strong set of favorable—there are a lot of
Technology Center client, was more efficient than sitting on those people here that are willing impediments to getting the plant
Portnoy Agonistes
William Deresiewicz (The New Nemesis pp., $26)
Republic - All Feed) By Philip Roth I.
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 280
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A First Look At Apple's iPad With iOS 4

Chris Taylor (Fast Company)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:29:08 AM

Fast Company sneaks a peek at

the next evolution of Apple's iOS
and discovers how multitasking
and new app management tools
unlock iPad's potential.
You know that old wives' tale
about how we only use 10% of
our brain's potential? It isn't true,
but up until now, I felt like I was
using my iPad at 10% of its
potential. A new software update
goes a long way towards
increasing that number.
First of all, a caveat: This is not
technically a review of the long-
awaited iOS 4.2 on the iPad.
Officially, such a thing does not
yet exist, even for the most
cutting-edge gadget journalists.
Apple has promised to push the
update to users sometime in
November. Reports that it would
come out this week turned out to
be inaccurate. What we did get
our hands on, however, was the
"gold master" release, which is
sent to developers so they can
make sure their apps work. It is
the finished product, essentially,
bar a few minor last-minute
I took a long evening this week to I've also been constantly aware of designed for the iPhone, some for through the page-turning or devices under one OS.) But still,
install the gold master -- which is a few difficulties with the device. the iPad. It was all I could do to searching necessary to find folders on the iPad have caused a
not an easy task; you have to blast The new OS blasts through those keep them segregated. (Yes, you anything on the device. revolutionary change in how I use
your iPad's content then hit problems, even as it introduces a can use iPhone apps on the iPad, The app folders introduced by the device. All my iPad apps are
"restore." I recommend waiting small new one. It's two large steps but in practice, I rarely did -- the iOS4 aren't exactly revolutionary on one page, all my iPhone apps
for the real thing if you have lots forward, one slight shuffle back. pixelated 2x screen is a in themselves. iPhone users, are on another. And that's it. I
of content and settings you want The first and largest problem I dealbreaker.) The thought of myself included, have had them only have two pages' worth of
to preserve. But the end result was had with the iPad was app downloading new iPad apps for months. (iOS4 was released apps. And that makes me feel
joyous. I've used and loved my management. I had pages and would elicit a sigh. I'd have to for iPhones and iPod Touches this
iPad since it was launched, but pages of apps, some of them rearrange everything, or suffer summer; iOS 4.2 will unite all the FIRST page 7
E-reader News Edition Business/ Politics-Left/ 5
Analyst Calls: AKAM,
Sorry Digerati, Path May Have A Hit On Their CL, DB, JASO, MON,
Hands Eric Buscemi (BloggingStocks)
Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry set of people can see them, but Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:00:00 PM
(Business Insider) that's a pain in the neck, so why
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:21:57 AM bother. And this friend uses Filed under: Analyst Reports,
Instagram. He works at a big tech Analyst Upgrades and
Path is the new startup founded company. He's tech savvy. He Downgrades, Colgate-Palmolive
by Shawn Fanning, of Napster enjoys sharing pictures of his (CL), Analyst Initiations, Akamai
fame, and Dave Morin, previously baby (don't we all), but not on a Technologies (AKAM), Union
a top executive at Facebook. It's public forum like Twitter or the Pacific Corporation (UNP)
an app that lets you share pictures semi-public forum Facebook has Analyst Upgrades
with your friends from your become. • Citigroup upgraded Colgate (
iPhone. Should be hot, right? The kind of people who are CL) and Phillips-Van Heusen (
Not according to the tech set who having babies are probably a bit PVH) to buy from hold.
have been trashing the company older than the people writing for • Wells Fargo upgraded
since it launched earlier. tech blogs, and probably a bit less IDACORP ( IDA) to outperform
What sets Path apart is that it addicted to Twitter. And there's a from market perform.
only allows you to have 50 friends lot more of them. • Union Pacific ( UNP) was
on the service, and makes sure Be honest: don't you have at least upgraded to outperform from
your photos stay private there. some pictures on your phone right neutral at RW Baird.
That's very much unlike the now that you'd like to share with a • Goldman upgraded Quicksilver
current photo-sharing-app-for-the-
they like it, and it certainly doesn't baby, they want to share those few friends but wouldn't post on ( KWK) to neutral from sell.
cool-kids, Instagram.
mean there's no room for more pictures, but only with family and Facebook on Twitter? We do. • Republic Airways ( RJET) was
The kind of people who write for
private kinds of sharing. a handful of friends. And that And we think there are millions of upgraded to buy from hold at
tech blogs all day (guilty as
Here's the thing that makes us handful of people might love people out there who do too. Deutsche Bank.
charged) hate it. Don't you get it?
think Path can actually be a huge seeing dozens of pictures, but So we think Path may still have a • BofA/Merrill upgraded
The internet is growing more and
hit: baby pictures. their 300 Facebook friends won't. hit on their hands. GAMCO Investors ( GBL) to
more open, and sharing is always
We wouldn't mind tweeting out Yesterday afternoon we had Join the conversation about this neutral from underperform.
growing more public!
pictures of our newborn baby. But coffee with a friend who just had story » • Senior Housing ( SNH) was
We think that's true if you're part
we guarantee that a ton of people a gorgeous baby girl. He showed See Also: upgraded to outperform from
of the tech set like us. And it may
don't like the idea of showing us pictures of his adorable • Here's How To Use Instagram market perform at JMP Securities.
be true for the rest of the world
pictures of their baby to strangers children on his iPhone, and we • Path Launches To Save You
some day. But that's not how the
on Twitter, or even to that guy saw them for the first time, From Facebook Continue reading Analyst Calls:
vast majority of people,
from high school they accepted on because he hadn't put them on • My Birthday Wish AKAM, CL, DB, JASO, MON,
particularly people over 30, see it. PVH, RAX, UNP ...
Facebook. Unless they're the kind Twitter or Facebook. Why not?
Facebook and Twitter may be Analyst Calls: AKAM, CL, DB,
of parents who absolutely must Don't want to. Sure, I could make
prodding them toward more JASO, MON, PVH, RAX, UNP ...
tell every living soul about their a list on Facebook so that only a
public sharing, but it doesn't mean originally appeared on
The Charnel Continent BloggingStocks on Mon, 15 Nov
2010 12:00:00 EST. Please see
Istvan Deak (The New Republic Bloodlands: Europe Between (Basic Books, 524 pp., $29.95) our terms for use of feeds.
- All Feed) Hitler And Stalin Permalink| Email this| Comments
By Timothy Snyder
6 Business/ Technology/ Products/ E-reader News Edition

Path Launches To Save You From Facebook

Dan Frommer (Business PicPlz. Path is obviously more
Insider) than just a photo sharing app, but
many people won't realize that.
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:17:00 AM

Path, a new social networking

And that's not to say that Path
couldn't beat the other apps, but it
Will Apple
startup launching today, is sort of
the anti-Facebook.
could be harder to get noticed.
Path, the app, may not be noisy Kill The MP3
The big idea is that it lets you and sexy enough to get people
share photos (for now, more
features probably coming
addicted. Even if a product fills a
real need for people, it's VERY
Nicholas Deleon (TechCrunch)
someday) with a maximum of 50 hard to get them to add your app/
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:42:29 AM
people -- your inner circle. You site to their routine. Hot Potato
can read much more about it at was a great concept, but no one Apple has posted a cryptic
Path's blog. remembered to launch it when message on its Web site, teasing
This is sort of the opposite of they were watching a game. Will the world about an “exciting”
sharing things on Facebook. your small inner circle of friends iTunes announcement that’s
That's because Facebook is make enough photo updates to get coming tomorrow. What could it
constantly pushing you to expand you to launch Path every day? be? I saw that someone had
your friend circle and publish Many times a day? Will you feel suggested The Beatles were
more stuff publicly -- trends that rewarded for remembering to finally coming to iTunes, but
circle, because it means the knows this more than Path CEO
will likely continue as Facebook open the app. It may take some really, who cares? If you want
recommendations you make will Dave Morin, who was previously
announces its email product good, old-fashioned email blast The Beatles on your iPhone you
be trusted more, and the a rising star at Facebook.
today. alerts to remind you. can grab the newly remastered
connections you have are worth Facebook and Twitter are making
Path's idea is one worth pursuing: Have you checked out Path yet? albums that came out last year,
more. people more promiscuous with
Facebook is now -- by design -- What do you think? We'll follow “rip, mix, burn,” then off you go.
But Path has several challenges. what they share. Sure, there will
too public for many people to up with more. Not very exciting, no. What could
Among them: always be some stuff you don't
share some of the stuff they'd only Join the conversation about this be exciting, though, is a streaming
Path's whole concept could easily share publicly. But the trend is
want to share with family and story » music service. In an instant,
just be a setting on toward sharing more, not less, so
close friends. See Also: Apple would have killed the MP3
Facebook."Share with inner circle this may work against Path.
Likewise, the "inner circle" social • INSTAGRAM BACKLASH once and for all. You hear that?
only," or something like this. But, Path is entering a very crowded
graph could eventually -- if BEGINS! That’s the sound of the RIAA
in Path's favor, Facebook has been field. There's a lot more hot
enough people buy in -- be worth • Instagram, The Photo App For thanking Apple over and over
trying to make this an easy iPhone photo sharing apps right
a lot as a platform. Advertisers The Cool Kids, Is Taking Off again.
process for years, and has failed now than there were two months
and other developers would • Here's How To Use Instagram Read more…
to make it easy enough. No one ago, especially Instagram and
LOVE to get into your inner

Loaded: You've got mail! Wootcast for 11/15/2010

(CNET Full-Text RSS service — if this is Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Woot (Woot! - One Day, One finds Mortimer struggling to fit in
your content and you're reading it Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Deal) with his new coworkers. And you
Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:21:40 AM
on someone else's site, please read Catastrophe. Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:00:00 AM can see how he might. They wear
Sorry, Readability was unable to our FAQ page at leopard print capes; that's weird.
parse this page for content. content-only/faq.php This week's Woot Video Podcast
This entry passed through the Five Filters featured article:
E-reader News Edition Business/ 7
continued from page 4

tremendously happy about list, at which point you can tap a straight to mute with more
Mela Sciences Surges
exploring and downloading more,
which I am now doing at a rapid
red minus sign. Nevertheless, I
didn't encounter any major
pressure. Why would I need a
whole extra button for the same Ahead of FDA Panel
clip. The folders hold up to 20 stability issues, even though very purpose, when the device only has Elizabeth Harrow
apps each (on the iPhone, they few of my favorite apps are five buttons? (BloggingStocks)
hold a mere 12), so I don't have to optimized for iOS 4.2 yet. One The screen lock is not entirely Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:30:00 AM
worry about running out of space. demo freebie game crashed; that lost, but here's the drill if you
The second problem, of course, was it. want to access it. Tap home Filed under: Major Movement,
was multitasking. The fact that the Now for something that didn't button twice in quick succession; Analyst Reports, Options
iPad couldn't run apps in the need to be fixed on the old iPad: pull up list of apps currently Mela Sciences ( MELA) gapped
background has been much the screen lock button on the side running; swipe all the way to the higher right out of the gate
mocked by techies. What it meant of the device, next to the volume. left; tap screen lock icon. Do you Monday, with the shares surging
in practical terms was that I Everyone who actually uses an really want to do that every time Administration (FDA) panel this
roughly 12% on Monday Thursday. However, warned
couldn't listen to Pandora while iPad everywhere it's meant to go-- you shift your lounging position? morning. Over the weekend,
writing an email, say, or sync both the couch, the bed, the back yard-- The whole point of the iPad is that Barron's, a regulatory thumbs-
Barron's noted that the stock is " down "could cut the shares in
CalenGoo (my Google Calendar knows how useful this sucker is. it's the ultimate leisure computing worth a close look ahead of a
viewing app) and Things (my To When watching a video or reading device. Apple just put a lot more half."
regulatory vote on Nov. 18," and Continue reading Mela Sciences
Do list) at the same time. Now I on your side, you don't want the work into our leisure. traders are apparently taking the
can. It's just as simple, and stable, iPad's clever little gyroscope to Still, I have faith that Apple will Surges Ahead of FDA Panel
suggestion to heart. Mela Sciences Surges Ahead of
as that. flip the screen for you. You want simply add a setting to make the The financial publication
Double-tap the home button and to work against gravity. The screen lock button customizable-- FDA Panel originally appeared on
described its opinion on the shares BloggingStocks on Mon, 15 Nov
a list of all apps currently running screen lock button was a simple in iOS 4.3, hopefully. It's a hassle, as "cautiously optimistic,"
pops up. If anything, the iPad hardware trick to accomplish this. but not so much of one that I 2010 11:30:00 EST. Please see
explaining that analysts believe our terms for use of feeds.
seems to be showing off how Imagine my horror, then, on would ever consider downgrading MELA could double if its
many apps it can multitask at the discovering that the screen lock back to iOS 3. After all, I feel I'm Permalink| Email this| Comments
MelaFind device receives the OK
same time, to the point where I button is now a mute button--and now using my iPad at something from a Food and Drug
became concerned at what all there is no setting anywhere to like 70% of its potential.
those apps were doing to the change it back. Why, Apple, why?
memory. It won't stop running If I want to mute, I simply hold
them unless you restart or hold the "volume down" button for one
your finger down on the multitask second. It's clever enough to go

Lowe's Profit Rises 17%, but It Lowers Its Forecast

Connie Madon profit was $404 million or 29 earnings of 28 cents to 32 cents Lowe's Profit Rises 17%, but It
(BloggingStocks) cents a share, an increase from and revenue up 3% to 5%. A year Lowers Its Forecast originally
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:00:00 AM $344 million or 23 cents a share a earlier, revenue had declined 3%. appeared on BloggingStocks on
year earlier. Results included Gross margins rose to 35% from Mon, 15 Nov 2010 11:00:00 EST.
Filed under: Earnings Reports, charges of two cents and one cent 34.2%. Please see our terms for use of
Forecasts, Lowe's Cos (LOW) respectively. Revenue climbed Continue reading Lowe's Profit feeds. Permalink| Email this|
Lowe's ( LOW) reported Monday 1.9% to $11.59 billion. Same- Rises 17%, but It Lowers Its Comments
The company had forecast
morning that its third-quarter store sales were rose slightly. Forecast
8 Business/ E-reader News Edition

Google Calls on the West to Tackle Chinese Web Censorship

Addy Dugdale (Fast Company) The Mountain View firm claims confession that the search engine
Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:12:18 PM that thousands of American giant has come out of its year-
businesses are affected by long battle with the Chinese
It's spent most of 2010 trying to C h i n a ' s h a r d l i n e s t a n c e o n authorities with nothing more than
circumnavigate the Chinese information--as well the human a flat forehead from banging its
authorities' draconian Nettitude. r i g h t s i s s u e , i t i s s e e n a s head against the anti-Google
Now Google is calling on the U.S. protectionist. Baidu, China's rival policy that has emanated from
to help. to Google, enjoys a 75% share of Beijing in recent years. It is,
Google has called on Western the search engine market, while however, unlikely that the
powers to bring down the great Google mops up just 23%. Government will be able to do
firewall of China, citing it as an The paper outlines the four ways anything more than its current
integral part of international in which states clamp down on diplomatic efforts: the Chinese
business. The plea is part of a free Internet use. As well as remain rigidly unmoved by
policy brief that doesn't just focus blocking access to sites such as Western attempts to influence
on China, the second largest Google (in China) or Facebook and threats of legal action, making Google urged Western powers to both its human rights and
economy in the world, but also on and YouTube ( most recently in web users in these territories self- ensure that the rules of the next economic policy.
the other 40 or so governments-- Pakistan), they create highly- censor. As well as making sure round of trade agreements reflect [Image by Daderot]
i n c l u d i n g R u s s i a , P a k i s t a n , restrictive license requirements, that Internet regulation echoes the "new challenges of Internet
Turkey and Vietnam--that "now s u s p e n d w e b s i t e s , a n d - - t h e principles of the World Trade trade."
engage in broad-scale restriction nastiest of all, creating an online Organization's services pact, The announcement is as much a
of online information." climate of fear using surveillance

Is The Market Right To Ignore Today's Dismal Empire

Manufacturing Survey?
Joe Weisenthal (Business known for its manufacturing decline they saw did not prompt
Insider) economy. them to ratchet down
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:21:20 AM What's more, the survey consists expectations, or even hiring
of just 200 surveys sent out on plans... at all.
The market has totally ignored November 1 ( see here), and only We get Philly Manufacturing on
this morning's disastrous Empire about half are ever returned, and Thursday, which might help
Manufacturing Survey, which that's in 10 days. confirm or reject Empire, but for
showed a big collapse in new So we're talking about 100 now it's not absurd that markets
orders. respondents over 10 days in New are dismissing this.
On the one hand, you don't want York. Not a massive sample size Now click here to see the full
to ignore dramatic reversals in the by any stretch (and yes, we know details of the survey >
data, but there are some reasons to that's how it's ALWAYS done this). talking as few as 14 executives. Join the conversation about this
think it's not that big of a deal. with this survey, but the shocking Also bear in mind, that of this Beyond that, as we noted earlier, story »
First of all, these regional number and the fact that the ~100 respondents the percentage the medium-term business
economic surveys are notoriously market is ignoring the number is who saw lower sales went from outlook among respondents
volatile, and New York isn't what prompted us to look into 22.7 to 38.6, so we could be responded a lot. So whatever sales
E-reader News Edition Top News/ Technology/ 9
Minimalist Dual-Exterior
Official to AP: Rolls-Royce replacing A380 engines Homes - The
Mesmerizing House in
(AP) Sevres by Colboc Franzen
& Associes (GALLERY)
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) later that checks had revealed all the new tests mandated by the that two were back in service after
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:54:53 AM suspicious oil leaks in three European Air Safety Agency last engine changes and that work was (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
engines on three different week, Jachnow said. continuing on the third. Trends)
LONDON – Rolls-Royce will g r o u n d e d A 3 8 0 s . The next four A380 deliveries are "We can't speak definitively about Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:53:01 AM
temporarily replace entire engines Singapore Airlines and scheduled for the first half of the number of engines that may
suffering from oil leaks on the Lufthansa, which both use A380s 2011 and Lufthansa expects no ultimately require modification The House in Sevres by Colboc
world's largest jetliner after one with Trent 900 engines, have delays, he said. work as it needs to be stressed Franzen & Associes provides the
motor suffered a frightening c o n d u c t e d c h e c k s o n t h e i r Jachnow said the company has that investigations are concept of having two homes in
midair disintegration, an aviation superjumbos and all but one have ordered a total of 15 A380s, all of continuing," Singapore Airlines one. With a lower level where the
regulator told The Associated returned to service, the airlines them are to equipped with Trent spokesman Nicholas Ionides said. exterior is primarily made of
Press on Monday. say. 900 engines. Rolls-Royce shares fell further glass, and an upper level whose
The official said the British Qantas' six superjumbos — the Airbus spokesman Justin Dubon Monday after a brief respite on exterior is…
engine-maker would take off backbone of its longest and most directed questions about the Friday when the company
faulty engines and replace them lucrative international routes engines to Rolls Royce and said, revealed it had identified the
with new ones. It will then fix the b e t w e e n A u s t r a l i a a n d L o s "We're helping with the faulty component and was
Artistic Self-Portraits -
leaking part and swap the engine Angeles, Singapore and London investigation in order to minimize working with airlines to fix the Photographer 'Anxiety
back again. — remain grounded despite what disruption to customers." problem. The stock, trading at Explosion' Chose Herself
The official, who has been experts say is financial pressure to Qantas was still hopeful of 596.5 pence ($9.60) at Monday's as her Latest Subject
briefed by Rolls-Royce and some fly them again. The removal of returning the A380s to service "in close on the London Stock
of the affected airlines, spoke on engines can be expected to cause days, not weeks," Rushton said. Exchange, has now lost 9 percent, (GALLERY)
condition of anonymity because longer delays and potential Britain's Rolls-Royce Group or around $1.4 billion, since the (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
of the sensitivity of the matter. revenue losses. PLC, the world's second-largest Qantas midair incident on Nov. 4. Trends)
R o l l s - R o y c e d e c l i n e d t o "We are taking our normal and engine maker, said Friday that it ____ Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:18:02 AM
comment. extremely conservative approach would be replacing an unspecified Juergen Baetz in Berlin, Julia
Leaking oil caught fire on Nov. 4 to safety and will not operate our module, or collection of linked Zappei in Kuala Lumpur, Photographer Anxiety Explosion
in one of the Qantas A380's four A 3 8 0 f l e e t u n t i l w e a r e parts, on the Trent 900. Airbus Malaysia, Angela Doland in Paris has decided to put herself in front
massive Trent 900 engines, completely confident that it is safe said Rolls-Royce would also be and Jane Wardell in London of her own camera as the subject
heating metal parts and causing to do so," Qantas spokesman equipping the engines with contributed to this report. of this photoshoot. These amazing
the motor's disintegration over Simon Rushton said. software to shut them down This entry passed through the shots turned out so well that the
Indonesia before the jetliner Airbus said last week that the before an oil leak could cause an Full-Text RSS service — if this is bespectacled, tattooed artist
returned safely to Singapore. Trent 900 problems could be engine to disintegrate. your content and you're reading it may…
Experts say chunks of flying expected to delay deliveries of Rushton said three engines had on someone else's site, please read
metal damaged vital systems in new A380s. been removed from Qantas A380s our FAQ page at
the wing of the Sydney-bound Deutsche Lufthansa AG as part of a detailed inspection content-only/faq.php
plane, causing the pilots to lose spokesman Thomas Jachnow program ordered by Europe's air Five Filters featured article:
control of the second engine and declining to comment on any safety regulator and Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
half of the brake flaps on the engine replacement, saying only recommendations by Rolls- Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
damaged wing in a situation far that the company's engineers were Royce. Catastrophe.
more serious than originally in close contact with Rolls-Royce. Singapore Airlines, which
portrayed by the airline. The company has the delivery of grounded three of its 11 A380s
Qantas grounded its six A380s a fourth A380 scheduled for after checks found oil leaks in
within hours and said four days tomorrow. The plane underwent three Trent 900s, said Monday
10 Top News/ Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Turkish film could further strain ties with Israel (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) same and further complicate U.S. come to Israel, I have come to Semitic overtones — a Jewish Haute Bowling Shoots -
Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:11:21 AM hopes for an improvement in ties Palestine." doctor is depicted harvesting Photographer Ryan
between its two allies. In Jerusalem, Israeli Foreign organs from the dead — the film Strong Stylizes Everyday
ANKARA, Turkey – Cinemas In 1996, Turkey and Israel signed Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor was a box-office hit in Turkey.
across Turkey are showing a a military cooperation agreement declined comment Monday about Erdal Besikcioglu, an acclaimed
trailer for an upcoming Turkish that made Turkey Israel's closes the trailer or the forthcoming film. Turkish stage actor who plays the (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
action movie based on a true ally in the Muslim world. But But Arieh Eldad, a lawmaker Israeli villain in the "Valley of the Trends)
event: the Israeli raid on a Gaza- relations between the two have from Israel's National Union — a Wolves — Palestine," has been Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:10:01 AM
bound, blockade-busting flotilla strained over the Islamic-oriented hardline opposition party — said: quoted as saying he accepted the
that killed nine activists in May. government's increasingly critical "Turkey is on the same path that role because he believes the raid Photographer Ryan Strong breaks
And if the trailer of the film is statements on Israel's treatment of Iran once was. Iran was once a should not be forgotten. the rules of classic bowling gear
any indication, the movie, "The Palestinians and hit an all-time friend of Israel, and now it is one "In this film, we are asking a and puts a few very well-dressed
Valley of the Wolves — low after the raid. of our worst enemies." sufficient number of questions ladies in a bowling alley for this
Palestine," could worsen tense Turkey is demanding an apology Israel insists its commandoes and re-questioning the raid," he featured shoot. With a knack for
relations between Turkey and and compensation for the victims acted in self-defense after being told Sabah newspaper. "We stylizing everyday life,
Israel when it is released Jan. 28. of the flotilla attack before ties attacked by some of the activists should not forget it." photographer…
The anti-Israel melodrama is a can return to normal. Israel's aboard the flotilla trying to break Part of the movie was filmed on
spinoff of the controversial but concern that Turkey is moving an Israeli blockade of Gaza to the Mavi Marmara, the Turkish
popular Turkish TV series "Valley closer to Iran has further deliver aid there. ship in the flotilla where the
What's Inside: CoverGirl
of the Wolves," about a nationalist complicated relations. The "Valley of the Wolves" deaths occurred. LashBlast Luxe Black
undercover agent — Turkey's The trailer posted on "The Valley series and films have a cult The trailer, with English- Royale Mascara
answer to James Bond and Rambo of the Wolves — Palestine" following in Turkey. Early in the language subtitles, is being shown Patrick Di Justo (Wired Top
— who takes on Turkey's website opens with Israeli TV series fans held a minute of on the film's website: http:// Stories)
enemies. commandos raiding the ship and silence in the memory of one of
This time the superhero, Polat shooting at passengers, some of the heroes who was killed. indexeng.html. Submitted at 11/15/2010 6:00:00 AM

Alemdar, sets out to hunt down whom are armed with clubs. The But the films and TV series also ___
the Israeli military commander Sorry, Readability was unable to
Turkish hit men take revenge on have been sharply criticized in AP writer Josef Federman
who ordered the raid on the parse this page for content.
heavily armed Israeli soldiers. Turkey and in other countries for contributed from Israel.
flotilla and avenge the killing of This entry passed through the
An Israeli threatens the Alemdar exulting nationalism, racial hatred This entry passed through the
the eight Turks and one Turkish- Full-Text RSS service — if this is
character by saying: "You know and violence. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
American who died in the real-life your content and you're reading it
you won't make it out of our Audiences cheered a 2006 your content and you're reading it
attack. on someone else's site, please read
Promised Land." The superhero prequel — "Valley of the Wolves on someone else's site, please read
The TV series, and a similar one, our FAQ page at
responds: "I don't know what part — Iraq" — in which Alemdar and our FAQ page at
"Separation," showed Israeli content-only/faq.php
of these lands were promised to his men battled U.S. occupying content-only/faq.php
security forces kidnapping Five Filters featured article:
you, but I promise you six feet forces in Iraq, clapping after the Five Filters featured article:
children and shooting old men, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
under." American villains, including one Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
and caused a diplomatic row Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Questioned by an Israeli soldier played by Billy Zane, are Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
between Turkey and Israel last Catastrophe.
about his reason for coming to defeated. Despite criticism for the Catastrophe.
year. The new film could do the Israel, Alemdar says: "I have not film's anti-American and anti-
Pic of the Day: What Lies Beneath
alice (Featured Blog Posts - My Intriguing photo of the day by
Modern Metropolis) Lori Nix.
via [ YayEveryday], via [ Diskursdisko]
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Japan vending machine recommends iCollect Movies HD

drinks to buyers (Reuters) catalogs your movie
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed)
Submitted at 11/14/2010 9:13:48 PM
Suggested products may also
change depending on the
temperature and time of day.
station but plans to add five
machines on Tuesday at central
Tokyo Station, with the network
collection on your iPad
David Quilty (TUAW)
TOKYO (Reuters Life!) – For "If the customer is a man, the to be expanded to other major
you sir, a canned coffee. And for machine is likely to recommend a Tokyo stations and nearby Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:00:00 PM

madam, perhaps a nice cold tea. canned coffee drink, since men suburban areas by early in 2011.
A new Japanese canned drink tend to prefer these. If the MacMegasite reports that
Some 500 of the machines should
vending machine uses facial customer is in their 50s, though, Hooked In Motion has released
be available in Tokyo and
r e c o g n i t i o n t e c h n o l o g y t o that recommendation is likely to the iCollect Movies HD 1.0 app
surrounding areas by March 2012.
"recommend" drinks based on the b e g r e e n t e a , " a c o m p a n y (US$4.99), which lets movie
(Reporting by Elaine Lies; Editing
customer's age and gender -- and s p o k e s w o m a n s a i d . fanatics catalog their Blu-ray,
by Alex Richardson)
sales have tripled over those from A woman in her 20s will be DVD, HD DVD, UMD, VHS,
This entry passed through the
regular vending machines as a recommended a tea drink or Betamax, and Laserdisc collection
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
result. right on their iPad. While the
slightly sweeter product, since your content and you're reading it
The machines, developed by JR market research has shown that iPhone version, iCollect Movies
on someone else's site, please read
East Water Business Co, a they prefer these. Pro($2.99), can use its camera to
our FAQ page at syncs with iCollect Movies Pro
subsidiary of railway firm JR East "We thought it would make it a scan the barcode and find your
content-only/faq.php for iPhone and directly with the
Co, use large touch-panel screens lot more fun for the customers to movies, iPad users will have to
Five Filters featured article: website. This
with sensors that allow the have this kind of interaction with manually enter either the title or
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- allows users to back up and share
m a c h i n e t o d e t e r m i n e t h e our machines, that it would the barcode, which some users
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer their collections via the Web and
characteristics of an approaching i m p r o v e t h e w h o l e b u y i n g may find a minor inconvenience -
Catastrophe. other Apple devices. If I hadn't
customer. - at least until the iPad gets a
experience," she added. ditched my entire DVD collection
"Recommended" labels will then The company has so far tested camera, which will hopefully be
sooner rather than later. a while back, I could totally find a
appear on specific drink products. one machine at one Tokyo train use for an app like this. For those
Once movies are cataloged,
of you with a huge video library,
10 Ways to Make Money on the Side iCollect Movies provides detailed
notes from IMDb and Rotten it may be worth a look.
iCollect Movies HD catalogs
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) exception of the occasional lottery Full-Text RSS service — if this is Tomatoes along with regions, your movie collection on your
Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:00:56 AM winner, making real money takes your content and you're reading it subtitles, and aspect ratios. A built iPad originally appeared on
time and effort. Still, there are on someone else's site, please read -in search function allows users to TUAW on Mon, 15 Nov 2010
The idea of getting rich quick and legitimate ways you can make our FAQ page at search for all the movies they own 12:00:00 EST. Please see our
making easy money is part of the extra money to supplement the content-only/faq.php starring a specific actor, how
terms for use of feeds.
American Dream. Who hasn't income from your day job, Five Filters featured article: many times a movie has been Source| Permalink| Email this|
spent time daydreaming about without breaking your back. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- watched, and any ratings that they Comments
becoming one of those overnight Click through the next 10 pages Reporting of Falluja's Cancer may have recorded in the past.
millionaires? But your high for ways you can moonlight, and Catastrophe. iCollect Movies HD 1.0 for iPad
school economics teacher was end up with some money to show
probably right: There's no such for it.
thing as a free lunch. With the This entry passed through the
12 News Wire/ E-reader News Edition

Obama sees prospect of deals on tax cuts, START

(Reuters: Top News) cooperating with Moscow on a "If that's all we could get out of the Rich. The Rich can take care American made products and
Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:04:26 AM range of issues. the president, then he is the of themselves; they don’t need tax create jobs. They need to stop
"My hope and expectation is that, president so we'll work with him cuts or corporate subsidies to whining for handouts…just like
President Barack Obama walks to given this is a good treaty, given it on that," DeMint said. survive, and those two things are they tell the poor not to do.
the White House in Washington has the support of previous Obama has argued that the the biggest share of the Deficit. Nov 15, 2010 8:37am EST
November 14, 2010. Republican senior government United States, running huge Nov 14, 2010 11:37pm EST So let’s fix the recession that’s
Credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts officials, that we should be able to annual budget deficits as it Everyone is saying that not been in effect since the early/mid-
By Alister Bull get it done," he said. recovers slowly from its worst giving welfare to the rich will 2000’s by doing the same thing
WASHINGTON| Mon Nov 15, In a major blow to Obama and downturn since the 1930s, cannot mean Americans will lose jobs. that we tried before by cutting
2010 1:04am EST his legislative agenda, continue to give big tax breaks to How, exactly, does that work? Or taxes on the rich. It’s done
WASHINGTON(Reuters) - Republicans won control of the the wealthy. is it just meaningless rhetoric that wonders so far.
President Barack Obama said on House of Representatives from He said he would press the Republican Elite feed the Nov 15, 2010 8:58am EST
S u n d a y h e w a s h o p e f u l o f the president's fellow Democrats Republicans to come up with drooling masses to con them into “Obama said. “And the fact that
w o r k i n g o u t a d e a l w i t h in the November 2 congressional ways to offset the costs of the tax making the rich richer. The Rich we are out of (the economic)
Republicans over tax cuts and of elections and made gains in the cuts in the budget. can take care of themselves, no crisis –”
winning ratification of a new Senate. Nov 14, 2010 11:15pm EST matter how much they pay in Denial is not a river in Egypt and
nuclear weapons treaty with "NO BEND" ON TAXES We have debt, because of the out- taxes; stop subsidizing their kicking the can down the road is
Russia. Thursday's meeting will be of-control spending from this personal fortunes! not a solution.
On his way back from a 10-day dominated by the debate over President and Democrats. Raising Nov 15, 2010 2:25am EST Nov 15, 2010 10:06am EST
trip to Asia, Obama looked ahead whether to extend a raft of tax taxes on “the rich” are the same Lower taxes for the rich and NOW he wants to work with
to a dinner he will host on breaks passed under President amount corporations pay, which they’ll just pocket the extra Republicans…
Thursday with leaders of both George W. Bush. means Americans would lose income. Do not for a second think Limiting spending NOT
parties and said he believed Republicans want to continue the jobs. He needs to come up with a that income that is a) not reliable increasing taxes is the way to a
opposition Republicans would cuts for wealthier Americans as budget proposal that doesn’t and b) not necessary for business more solvent economy.
"engage constructively." well as the middle class, while involve raising taxes on America. operations will translate into a Shrink the bloated government,
"There are going to be some Obama wants to extend them only Nov 14, 2010 11:27pm EST company or corporation decrease the give aways to foreign
disagreements. There may be for people earning up to $200,000 TO return a big money to Fed expanding and creating jobs. That governments who don’t like us,
some need for compromise," he a year and families earning up to budged need to increase the tax has not and will not ever happen. and shrink the food stamp/housing
told reporters aboard Air Force $250,000. for outsourcing: 500, 1,000, 5,000 Sick and pathological give aways.
O n e a s h e r e t u r n e d t o Earlier on Sunday, senior Obama percents.Outsourcing employees corporations continually dupe Increasing taxes by letting the tax
Washington. adviser David Axelrod told NBC's does not paying taxes to USA desperate out of work individuals cuts lapse will only make things
But Obama said he thought he "Meet the Press" there was "no Gov but such money can to fixed with this line, “If they raise our worse. Small businesses won’t
and the lawmakers could hammer bend" in the president's opposition uor dept or from outsorcing guys taxes, we can’t create jobs.” hire and regular Americans will
out agreements on issues pending to permanently extending the tax or from new americans The truth is, jobs are crated not be purchasing when they have
for the final weeks of the current cuts for the rich but he left the employeers if reach corporations because the corporation produces to pony up the extra $$ for the
session of Congress, including door open to a shorter term will have a trouble to use overseas a product that people want better extra tax next year.
"making sure that taxes don't go extension. workers. than their competition. Our Nov 15, 2010 10:12am EST
up for middle-class families Outspoken conservative Senate Nov 14, 2010 11:34pm EST American corporations are The SoCal economy has been
starting January 1" and enacting Republican Jim DeMint sounded It;s amazing that the Republicans, competing with foreign showing signs of recovery for
measures to help businesses and a conciliatory note on Sunday, who claim they represent the corporations that make better several months — more traffic,
spur economic growth. saying a two- or three-year Middle Class (*snicker!*) are products at cheaper prices. Our some new construction, more mall
On the treaty with Russia, Obama extension of the tax cuts might be willing to continue giving the corporations need to stop whining shoppers. The on place where
said there was recognition in a c c e p t a b l e e v e n t h o u g h h e Middle Class’s tax dollars to the and improve how they do
Congress of the importance of preferred something permanent. wealthy in the form of Welfare for business so that they can sell OBAMA page 14
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Finance/ 13

Human Rights Commission Calls for Government Action on

Magdalene Laundries
(Epoch Times | All headlines) According to the report findings, about whether the human rights of religious orders that ran the Government response
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:16:35 AM the women in question were women and girls in Magdalene Magdalene Laundries. In a statement released by the
omitted from the Residential Laundries were fully respected by IHRC Senior Enquiry & Legal Government on Tuesday,
T h e I r i s h H u m a n R i g h t s Institutions Redress Scheme the State." Officer Sinéad Lucey noted for emphasis was drawn to the
Commission (IHRC) has this because the State believed that Dr Manning said that the the record that there is a "severe IHRC's decision not to conduct an
week called upon the Irish they were not responsible for Commission is carrying out its lack of publicly available records enquiry, which the Government
G o v e r n m e n t t o e s t a b l i s h a them. However, the report found duties by providing assessment of in relation to the operation of the said it was entitled to do under the
Statutory Inquiry into the alleged that the State and Irish society the human rights issues raised, Magdalene Laundries. We "legislation which established it.”
mistreatment of women and girls bear the responsibility for their and as a result of this process they presume that the Religious Orders “The Government regrets that
in the Magdalene Laundries. The treatment, explained Ms Braiden. are now calling on the who ran the laundries have those relevant Departments were not
IHRC has also asked that the "It is important that these women Government to address those records.” offered an opportunity by the
survivors be compensated. in their advancing years are not concerns. Amnesty International says State IHRC to contribute to the
In June this year, the Justice for forgotten. Today the IHRC is Dr Manning also noted that responsible for conditions Commission's considerations of
Magdalenes group (JFM) publicly calling on the Justice for Magdalenes is seeking Colm O’ Gorman, Executive this matter to facilitate a fully
requested the IHRC to conduct an Government to establish the an apology and redress from the Director of Amnesty International balanced evaluation of all the
enquiry on their behalf into the extent of State involvement in the State. This request, however, was Ireland, said, “The State was facts.”
treatment of survivors of the manner in which they were not in the remit of the IHRC and involved in the detention of some The Government has asked the
M a g d a l e n e L a u n d r i e s . T h e treated and to provide redress as therefore, the IHRC is now of these women. The State Attorney General, in consultation
evaluation published on Tuesday appropriate,” said Ms Braiden. requesting the State to continue therefore has a responsibility for with relevant Departments, to
is a summary of the IHRC's “I am especially concerned by the the process. the conditions in which they were consider the IHRC's report.
examination of the human rights lack of publicly available records Dr Manning said that Justice for held.” This entry passed through the
issues arising, and concludes that a b o u t t h e o p e r a t i o n o f t h e Magdalenes provided "substantial "There is a compelling need for a Full-Text RSS service — if this is
the Government should establish Magdalene Laundries: this must documentation" to support their statutory investigation into the your content and you're reading it
an inquiry with immediate effect. be remedied immediately through request which the IHRC issues raised by the Irish Human on someone else's site, please read
Speaking at the launch of the a statutory inquiry." reviewed, and he paid tribute to Rights Commission,” said Mr our FAQ page at
r e p o r t f i n d i n g s , I H R C Dr Maurice Manning, President "the diligence of that organisation O'Gorman. Amnesty International content-only/faq.php
Commissioner Olive Braiden said, of the IHRC said, "The State in locating so many relevant Ireland is backing calls for an Five Filters featured article:
"We are dealing with a small and c a n n o t a b d i c a t e f r o m i t s historical records and in investigation and urged the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
vulnerable group of women who, responsibilities in relation to the responding so quickly to our Government to “respond Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
the Government admitted as far treatment of women and girls in many queries and requests for positively.” Catastrophe.
back as 2001, were victims of the Magdalene Laundries.” further information." “It must act now to vindicate the
abuse, but who have received no Dr Manning added that the Dr Manning concluded by saying human rights of those women and
proper recognition for the hurt Commission is “putting that that questions still remained girls placed in Magdalene and
they experienced and continue to opinion on record today - that unanswered, and these questions other such institutions,” said Mr
experience." there are significant concerns could only be addressed by the O'Gorman.
7 things to buy after Christmas (CBS by Farnoosh Torabi for CBS purchases for themselves this expenditure: $107.50. year, up 8 percent from 2009,
(Financiallyfit on Shine) Plan to treat yourself this holiday according to the National Retail
Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:43:46 AM season? Fifty-seven percent of shoppers will be making non-gift Federation. The average personal
14 News Wire/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition
China vows reforms to cope with global uncertainty continued from page 12

improvement isn’t evident is jobs

(Reuters: Top News) implemented expansionary strengthening supervision to emanating for the desired long for those 50yrs and above — is it
Submitted at 11/15/2010 4:03:55 AM monetary policies to stimulate prevent financial risks, Li added. overdue reforms is pleasing to any wonder that there will be
economic recovery, pumping out (Reporting by Kevin Yao; Editing hear from China! World will be more H1B’s issued this year while
China's Vice-Premier Li Keqiang a huge amount of liquidity which by Jacqueline Wong) keenly watching the real action in skilled unemployed older people
attends a session at the World may create turbulences in global Comments China in this regard & whether mill around the breadlines? The
Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos financial markets and push up Nov 14, 2010 9:34pm EST these reforms are effective enough solution from congress will be the
January 28, 2010. commodity prices," Li said. more talk from china. its very in global trade & currency with raising of SS eligibility age to
Credit: Reuters/Christian That may in turn fuel hot money hard for market driven western China in near future. vksaini 69yrs.
Hartmann inflows into emerging-market and emerging economies to Report As Abusive *We welcome comments that
BEIJING| Mon Nov 15, 2010 economies, he said. compete with a managed *We welcome comments that advance the story directly or with
5:03am EST Chinese officials have lashed out economy like china which likes to advance the story directly or with relevant tangential information.
BEIJING(Reuters) - China needs at the latest round of quantitative play by its own rules. hopefully relevant tangential information. We try to block comments that
to step up structural reforms to easing by the U.S. Federal china will not play chicken with We try to block comments that use offensive language or appear
stimulate domestic demand as the Reserve, warning that the move the global economy and will start use offensive language or appear to be spam and review comments
global economic recovery remains could hurt the global economy backing up its calming rhetoric to be spam and review comments frequently to ensure they meet our
anemic, the Xinhua news agency and inflate asset bubbles. with some market calming moves. frequently to ensure they meet our standards. If you see a comment
quoted Vice Premier Li Keqiang The Chinese government would theres no reason the united states standards. If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or
as saying. continue to boost domestic should continue to have to that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to
"The global economy is still demand, consumption in destabilize its own future to allow inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report
facing great uncertainties and has particular, as a long-term strategy for unsustainable chinese growth. our editors by using the report abuse links. Views expressed in
not shaken off the deep impact of to rebalance the economy and eagleeye1980 Report As Abusive abuse links. Views expressed in the comments do not represent
the financial crisis," Li was sustain growth, Li said. Nov 14, 2010 11:58pm EST the comments do not represent those of Reuters.
quoted by Xinhua report late on "The transformation of the What is so market driven about: those of Reuters. This entry passed through the
Sunday. economic development mode bailing out banks, QEI and QEII. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
The weak global recovery could brooks no delay, and the key for The US has spent all the money Full-Text RSS service — if this is your content and you're reading it
overshadow China's efforts to the transformation is to achieve it that created the deficit on funding your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read
boost exports while the imbalance at an accelerated speed and with wars. Your so called free media in on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at
of the world economic recovery practical effects," he said. the US is completely controlled our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php
remained and trade protectionism To that end, China would keep an by the people who benefit from content-only/faq.php Five Filters featured article:
was on the rise, Li said. "appropriate growth rate" for your wars. Tellthetruth Report As Five Filters featured article: Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Li warned of the potential investment and encourage private Abusive Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
damage caused by excessive spending, he said. Nov 15, 2010 1:35am EST Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Catastrophe.
government debts and loose The government will reduce its Nov 15, 2010 6:14am EST Catastrophe.
monetary policies in some intervention in the economy and Eyeballs of all the countries
countries . let market forces play a vital role world over are focussed on China
"Some major economies have in resource allocation, while & listening to the good sense

Oh Boy, California Munis Are Getting Crushed Again Today

Joe Weisenthal (Money Game) muni, California bonds are getting collapse right now. biggest budget gaps >
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:55:00 AM crushed today. The PIMCO Bear in mind that California has Join the conversation about this
California Municipal Income at least $12 billion in fresh story »
This is getting scary. Following a Fund is down 3%. auctions this week.
week of utter drubbing in the There's something extremely PIIG-like about the speed of this Click here for the state with the
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Culture/ 15
Morning Links - Joe
Concerns Raised as Anti-begging Legislation Simpson Is Thrilled
About Jess's Engagement
Strengthens Gardai Powers PopSugar (PopSugar)
(Epoch Times | All headlines) Exchequer Street, Dublin, this “Ireland is known as a hub for recent years, with begging Submitted at 11/15/2010 8:15:00 AM

Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:19:04 AM week, speakers Daithi Downey, trafficking,” said Mr Cantillion. reaching epidemic proportions.
Deputy Chairman of Focus Fine Gael’s Deirdre Clune said in Begging, according to Mr Breen,
The Lord Mayor of Dublin, I r e l a n d , a n d F a t h e r P e t e r a statement that a balance needs to is now done in a manner which • Joe Simpson is so very happy
Gerry Breen, last week announced McVerry, were among those who be struck, and the message must obstructs people. for Jess and Eric- People
t h a t h e h a s “ r e c e i v e d discussed ‘Homelessness -- A go out that the legislation will not Lord Mayor Breen said that the • Daniel Radcliffe says Emma
confirmation” that new begging National Scandal or a Priority?’ In clamp down on begging new legislation would not outlaw Watson kisses like an animal-
legislation will go to Committee a statement, the speakers declared completely, regardless of the begging. “Rather, it will give the Huffington Post
stage in the Dáil within the next that homelessness is rising in Irish circumstances of those engaged in power back to the guardians of the • Megamind rules the box office
two weeks and “is likely to be society and coinciding with an it. people – the Gardai – to intervene again- BuzzSugar
p a s s e d i n t o l a w b e f o r e increase in “on-street begging.” “Section 1 of the bill recognises and ensure that people can once • A few bets on who will be
Christmas.” Labour Equality Chairman that begging is legal if it is not again enjoy their public spaces.” People's Sexiest Man Alive-
The Lord Mayor said Minister for Bernard Cantillon, commenting accompanied by aggravation Fianna Fail Deputy Michael Lainey Gossip
Justice Dermot Ahern deserves on the begging bill issue, said, “I factors. This is an important factor Kennedy emphasised that it’s • President Clinton might have a
credit for his “consistent and am against the bill; there are because if a beggar is found guilty important that charity collectors cameo in Hangover 2- PopEater
active promotion” of this badly invariably people who are drug of harassment, obstruction or will be allowed to continue the • Does Lindsay want to leave
needed legislation. takers and homeless on our city intimidation, he or she can be work they do, as the country has a Betty Ford for a holiday in NYC?-
The Epoch Times contacted Mr s t r e e t s , t h e y a l r e a d y f i n d fined 400 euro or imprisoned for a great record in terms of TMZ
Breen to find out who was behind themselves in desolate situations. month.” supporting different charities. • Kelly Preston isn't in labor just
the new move to remove beggars Some are waiting to be enrolled “Gardai will be allowed to move This entry passed through the yet- Us Weekly
from Dublin Streets. It was the on a methadone programme beggars on, and this is particularly Full-Text RSS service — if this is • Rihanna has an awkward salon
Lord Mayors belief that not all which has a year’s waiting list; I relevant when beggars station your content and you're reading it moment- Wonderwall
beggars are homeless, and that can hardly think of a worse themselves beside ATM machines on someone else's site, please read • Daniel Craig and Satsuki
many are indeed professionals e x i s t e n c e t h a n s i t t i n g i n a or at business premises. I hope our FAQ page at Mitchell split- Celebitchy
that operate in gangs. doorway in freezing weather this bill will be implemented in a content-only/faq.php • Kim Kardashian wears fur in
“A lot of it is organised and conditions for hours on end balanced manner, because given Five Filters featured article: any weather- Hollywood Life
people are dropped off. The way begging, and it will be a further the current downturn more people Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- • Disney will rework Demi
things stand at present, the Guards i n d i g n i t y w h e n t h e y a r e will be forced to beg.” Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Lovato's show- Lifeline Live
can do nothing about it. The new c o n s i s t e n t l y m o v e d o n . ” Mayor Breen commented that Catastrophe. • Halle Berry is comfortable in
begging bill will allow Guards to Mr Cantillon also thinks that visitors to Dublin as well as its her body- The Blemish
deter people from begging,” said there are people, mainly women citizens deserve to enjoy Dublin’s
Mr Breen. and children, who are trafficked public spaces and that this
A t t h e C e n t r a l H o t e l i n into Dublin and forced to beg. entitlement has been eroded over

A Night Off
Habitually Chic (Habitually decided to take a night off. Of Baldwin for long time clients designed today.
Chic®) course, I can't leave my blog Kitty and Gilbert Miller's London "A person with a real flair is a
Submitted at 11/14/2010 8:29:15 PM readers high and dry so I'm home. Except for the flowers and gambler at heart." - Billy Baldwin
posting one of my all time the round pillows, it really does
After a lovely weekend, I've favorite interiors. This drawing room was designed by Billy look like it could have been
16 News Wire/ Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Myanmar people overjoyed but worry about Suu Kyi Electronics

(Reuters: Top News)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:05:57 AM
"If something happens to her, they
using her first major speech on
Sunday to call for freedom of
She allowed the intruder to stay
for two nights and as a result was
will be responsible for this," he
Myanmar's pro-democracy leader added, referring to the army
speech in a country where all
media are strictly monitored by
given an 18-month extension to
her term for breaking a law Videos
Aung San Suu Kyi (C) is greeted regime that has ruled the former censors and urging supporters to protecting the state against (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
by supporters at her National British colony for 48 years. stand up for their rights. "subversive elements." Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:00:56 AM
League for Democracy's party In a country where distrust of the In an interview with the BBC that *We welcome comments that
h e a d q u a r t e r s i n Y a n g o n military runs deep, her supporters aired on Monday, she called for a advance the story directly or with You're Watching: Playlist |
November 15, 2010. would have every reason to be "peaceful revolution" in the relevant tangential information. Electronics Deconstructed Videos
Credit: Reuters/Stringer concerned. country of 50 million people. We try to block comments that Playlist | Electronics
By Aung Hla Tun Suu Kyi's motorcade was "A non-violent revolution -- lets use offensive language or appear Deconstructed Videos Check out
YANGON| Mon Nov 15, 2010 attacked in May 2003 by pro- put it that way," she said. to be spam and review comments all 7 electronics deconstructed
10:05am EST junta thugs in the town of "Because a great change means a frequently to ensure they meet our videos in this playlist. There are 7
YANGON(Reuters) - The release Depayin while on a countryside revolution whether it's violent or standards. If you see a comment videos tagged "Electronics
of pro-democracy leader Aung tour. She was placed back under non violent. And we would like a that you believe is irrelevant or Deconstructed" most
San Suu Kyi is still being house arrest, which the regime non-violent, peaceful, revolution." inappropriate, you can flag it to recommended videos
celebrated in Myanmar but fears called "protective custody." There is little doubt the military our editors by using the report • Extreme Engineering Videos
about her safety or re-arrest are "The Depayin incident is still junta sees her as the biggest threat abuse links. Views expressed in • Mythbusters Videos
running high among her adoring haunting us," said Hla Thein, a to its power. Suu Kyi has twice the comments do not represent • Animal Face Off Videos
supporters. retired teacher. "To be honest, I been freed and twice re-arrested those of Reuters.
The Nobel laureate and daughter d o u b t w e c a n e x p e c t a n y since she was first placed in This entry passed through the This entry passed through the
of the country's independence meaningful changes following her detention in July 1989 for Full-Text RSS service — if this is Full-Text RSS service — if this is
hero was released on Saturday release but we are all worried "endangering the state." your content and you're reading it your content and you're reading it
after seven years in detention but about her." In May last year, Suu Kyi was on someone else's site, please read on someone else's site, please read
many are concerned her freedom Suu Kyi spent 15 of the past 21 weeks away from the expiry of a our FAQ page at our FAQ page at
could be short-lived if the years in detention because of her term of house arrest when content-only/faq.php content-only/faq.php
country's oppressive army rulers fight against military dictatorship American intruder John Yettaw Five Filters featured article: Five Filters featured article:
decide to wield their power. in Myanmar. swam to her lakeside home saying Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
"I'm very worried about her "PEACEFUL REVOLUTION" God had sent him to warn her Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
security," said Soe Myint, a taxi She already appears on a terrorists would try to assassinate Catastrophe. Catastrophe.
driver in Myanmar's biggest city, collision course with the generals, her.

Houzz launches a new iPad app for home design fans

Sam Abuelsamid (TUAW) Houzz has now released a free it to their own ideabook for future find new clients.[via TechCrunch]
iPad app that gives tablet-
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:00:00 AM reference. So far users have Houzz launches a new iPad app
optimized access to the site's created more than 130,000 for home design fans originally
Aficionados of home design may features. ideabooks. Homeowners can tag appeared on TUAW on Mon, 15
already be familiar with the Those features include a library items, share photos with friends, Nov 2010 11:00:00 EST. Please
Houzz website, which offers of more than 60,000 photos of or find designers to work with. see our terms for use of feeds.
resources for finding decorating various rooms provided by Professionals, including Source| Permalink| Email this|
ideas. While the site (like most professional designers. Users can contractors, architects, and Comments
any other) is accessible through sign up for a free account, then region. When users find designers, can upload photos to
the Safari browser on an iPad, browse by style, room type, or something they like, they can save create their own portfolios and
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Technology/ Culture/ 17

EU Commissioner Olli Rehn Warns of Need for

"Painful Decisions"
(Epoch Times | All headlines) Mr Rehn went on to discuss importance of reforming EU deficit below 3% of GDP by
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:14:36 AM Ireland's “sharp fall in economic economic governance and its 2014. “I look forward to the
output” in recent times. The Irish impact on Ireland. greater degree of detail of
EU Commissioner Olli Rehn was economy became over-reliant on “We want to introduce a concept consolidation measures which the
in Dublin on Tuesday to discuss construction and an oversized of 'prudent fiscal policy making' government intends to provide
economic governance at the financial sector, said Mr Rehn. to make the adjustment towards a shortly.” Stick with Silver as an
Institute for International and When adjustments occurred, the medium term budget objective “I believe that the Irish and the
European Affairs. fall-off was felt in the labour more operational and binding. Finns share a rather similar
All-Purpose Wrapping
Mr Rehn said that his visit to market. Overall, this has had large “Debt sustainability will be proverb that was used back home Paper [Saving Money]
Dublin was “very important” knock-on effects on other parts of monitored more closely by setting during the 1990s recession which Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
b e c a u s e h e f e e l s t h a t i t i s the economy. “The crisis in a numerical benchmark for a hit Finland particularly hard.
Submitted at 11/15/2010 8:05:00 AM
important to meet people face to I r e l a n d h a s l e f t n o - o n e satisfactory pace of debt ‘Even the longest night will be
f a c e t o d i s c u s s “ I r e l a n d ' s untouched,” said Mr Rehn. reduction.” followed by a new dawn,’ the You swear you have holiday
economic and social challenges.” “We all know that adjustment For Ireland, this means that the Finnish Prime Minister Esko Aho wrapping paper somewhere—you
He also wished to use the t a k e s t i m e . I t a l s o t a k e s Government should not increase used to say at the time. I'm told just can't pin it down. And all that
opportunity to explain “how the determined and sometimes painful government expenditure at a rate that the Irish version says ‘The birthday paper you bought doesn't
Commission supports the Irish decisions: it requires political that “exceeds a cautious darkest hour is just before the work. The Unclutterer blog
economy and Irish citizens to face courage and political and social assumption about their medium- dawn." suggests a money-saving, last-
the current economic challenges.” dialogue.” term growth potential, unless they This entry passed through the minute-stress-killing solution:
Mr Rehn, who is from Finland, It was as if Mr Rehn was, with introduce revenue policy Full-Text RSS service — if this is stick with silver. More »
drew correlations between Finnish his comments, preparing the Irish measures that would fund it. And your content and you're reading it
and Irish history: “We both have a public for the tough budget ahead. any unexpected revenue surprises on someone else's site, please read
similar history; we became “It is by now clear that much of would automatically be allocated our FAQ page at
independent at almost exactly the the economic instability in Europe to debt reduction,” said Mr Rehn. content-only/faq.php
same time; we are both Republics is due not only to budgetary In closing, Mr Rehn welcomed Five Filters featured article:
with a capital R; and we are both indiscipline. In the run-up to the the Irish government's Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
staunch and smart proponents of c r i s i s , m a n y u n s u s t a i n a b l e announcement last Thursday of a Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
small states' rights and the imbalances emerged in the private multi-annual consolidation Catastrophe.
C o m m u n i t y m e t h o d i n t h e sector as well.” strategy that confirmed the
European Union.” Mr Rehn then explained the commitment to bringing the

THQ uDraw Gametablet for Wii review

Tim Stevens (Engadget) show its hand with the fling- Wii, supplanting the wavy wand Gametablet for Wii review
Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:02:00 PM sensitive Wiimote, and of course with a stylus. Next logical step in THQ uDraw Gametablet for Wii
Sony and Microsoft are both now gaming? Tool to unleash a torrent review originally appeared on
There comes a time when fiddly doing similarly intended things of creativity? Half-baked third- Engadget on Mon, 15 Nov 2010
buttons and D-pads just don't do it with the PlayStation Move and party accessory? Read on to find 12:02:00 EDT. Please see our
anymore, a time when you need a the Kinect, respectively. Now out. terms for use of feeds. Permalink|
little more control. Nintendo was THQ is trying to do its own little $69.99 uDraw Gametablet on the Gallery: THQ uDraw Gametablet | Email this| Comments
first of the current generation to new thing by launching the Continue reading THQ uDraw
18 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Lenovo IdeaPad U260 12.5-inch ultraportable on sale today

Chris Davies (SlashGear) U260 highlights premium details
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:14:43 AM and craftsmanship that can be
touched. Inspired by the silhouette
Lenovo’s IdeaPad U260 has of a classic leather-bound journal,
evolved from tempting leak to the U260 exudes elegance with a
official product, and is hitting “U” shaped outline and a
virtual shelves today. Priced from specially engineered one-piece
$899, the 12.5-inch U260 is yet to magnesium-aluminum alloy
show up on the company’s frame, making it stronger yet
webstore, but when it does it will thinner and lighter. The exterior
have a choice of Intel’s 1.33GHz cover, which boasts a one-piece
Core i3-380UM or 1.33GHz to design without any breaks in the
1.86GHz Core i5-470UM pattern, is made possible by the
processors, an unspecified Core i7 latest insert- molding injection
option up to 4GB of DDR3 technology.
memory and a standard 320GB Its black leather-patterned palm
5,400rpm hard-drive (or 128GB rest is soft to the touch providing
SSD). comfort and support for the user
That’s all slotted into a while giving a luxurious look. The
distinctive, journal-styled casing stainless steel frame around the
made from magnesium-aluminum chiclet keyboard is the perfect
alloy, with a leather-patterned complement to the leather-
palm rest and glass touchpad. The textured exterior. A durable, yet
display runs at 1366 x 768 with silky smooth glass touchpad with
Intel HD graphics, and there are matte exterior etching gives just
stereo 1W speakers, WiFi b/g/n, the right resistance for multi-
gigabit ethernet and Bluetooth as touch functionality such as pinch-
standard. Other ports include two to-zoom photo browsing and web
USB 2.0, audio in/out, VGA and surfing. The U260 is available in
HDMI. mocha brown or clementine
We’re not quite sure what orange for those seeking a “pop”
Lenovo’s “Breathable Keyboard” in their PC wardrobe.
is for – perhaps it gives you that “The U260 is a design one can
brilliant feeling of typing on lungs truly touch and feel that
– but the 3.04lb U260 otherwise showcases the extreme attention
seems quite an interesting our team places in every aspect of
MacBook Air alternative. It’s set design, from mechanical to
to go on sale sometime today. Ultraportable Laptop laptop, giving users a 16:9 aluminum alloy real metal cover, human interaction to color,
[ via Notebooks] R E S E A R C H T R I A N G L E widescreen dimension in a 12- leather-patterned palm rest and material and finish,” said Yingjia
Press Release: PARK, NC – November 15, 2010: inch form factor for the first time. glass touchpad. Yao, vice president, Innovation
Uncompromising Luxury You Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: This latest addition to the IdeaPad The IdeaPad U260 is high Design Center, Lenovo. “Our
Can Touch: Lenovo’s U-niquely LNVGY) today announced the U Series is all about luxury fashion in laptop form. Designed philosophy is that Idea product
Designed IdeaPad U260 is the IdeaPad U260, the world’s first featuring a sleek, minimalistic for consumers who enjoy a
W o r l d ’ s F i r s t 1 2 . 5 - I n c h 12.5-inch ultraportable consumer design that includes a magnesium- sophisticated sense of style, the LENOVO page 21
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 19

Study: Fleet buyers can jumpstart plug-in vehicles

(CNET Smith said. With just the fuel for everyone," said Robbie federal agencies, such as the
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:47:03 AM efficiency mandates, consumption Diamond, the CEO of the Postal Service, invest in
in the U.S. will go to about 16 Electrification Coalition. He said electrification.
While it's unclear how many million barrels of oil a day by the policy recommendations Other recommendations
consumers are willing to pay 2035, one factor leading to should appeal to both political including research and
more for plug-in electric cars, the anticipated higher oil prices and parties because they address development spending on
case for fleet operators is a lot price spikes. national security as well as advanced batteries and a program
simpler to make, according to The cost of electrical
advocacy group the Electrification components, notably the batteries
economic and environmental
to guarantee the residual value of
large-format batteries put into
Lost Lambs
Coalition. in electric vehicles, is a very
The group, made up of CEOs difficult barrier to overcome. But
The analysis in the fleet roadmap
document finds that EVs are cost-
service in the next three years.
Used auto batteries can be Symbolize Us
from the auto and electric power f l e e t o p e r a t o r s h a v e a f e w competitive in many fleet recycled or refurbished for use as
industries, today released a characteristics that make them
roadmap for fleet electrification m o r e l i k e l y b u y e r s t h a n
applications today without
government subsidies. Traditional
grid storage, but there is no
marketplace yet established for
(10 photos)
alice (Featured Blog Posts - My
where it argues that corporate consumers, according to the Fleet hybrids driven more than 20,000 handling used lithium ion Modern Metropolis)
fleets can help make plug-in Electrification Roadmap report, miles per year are expected to be batteries used in the latest
vehicles more commonplace. The which was done in conjunction more cost-effective than internal generation of plug-in vehicles. Submitted at 11/14/2010 6:30:00 PM

document, which was prepared in with management consulting combustion engines by 2012, it Last week, General Electric,
an effort to influence policy, was company PRTM. Spain-based Alejandro Clavo has
said. As the cost of batteries goes which is a member of the
released by members at a press Fleet operators tend to consider worked as an art director and
down in the next five to eight Electrification Coalition,
conference in Washington D.C. the total cost of ownership, rather photographer for the last 25 years.
years, EVs become the most cost announced that it plans to
Electrifying transportation offers the upfront costs, and pay higher His Lamb of God series is about
effective option, according to the purchase 25,000 electric cars for
the best means for reducing oil electricity rates than consumers. human loneliness and our
report. its sales people and to lease to its
consumption, but there are And they tend to run predictable relationships with other people.
Still, many fleet operators will fleet management customers.
significant barriers to bringing routes and often have centralized As he tells us, "It's an ironic point
find it difficult to get a return on This entry passed through the
plug-in vehicles onto the road, f u e l i n g . B u y i n g i s a l s o of view between people. At first
investment or be willing to Full-Text RSS service — if this is
including cost, said FedEx CEO centralized: the top 50 fleet you can see lambs, but after a few
consider a multiple year payback. your content and you're reading it
Frederick Smith at the press operators manage more than half minutes, you see your neighbor or
Also, some could finding daily on someone else's site, please read
conference. that school teacher..people as
a million cars and trucks. There charging disruptive to their our FAQ page at
Combined with fuel efficiency were 16.3 million fleet vehicles in lambs, lambs as people."
operations, according to the content-only/faq.php
mandates, the U.S. could decrease operation in 2009. It's an interesting series that
report. Five Filters featured article:
its oil consumption of light-duty "Fleets (offer) a possible path way makes you think about which
Some of the policy Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
vehicles from about 10 million to get early adoption of electric friend or family member you
recommendations include tax Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
barrels of oil today to four million vehicles that will drive scale and would place in any given
credits for plug-in vehicles Catastrophe.
barrels of oil in the next 25 years, bring down the price of batteries situation.
deployed in fleets and having
Alejandro Clavo
20 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Stickybits Turns Product Barcode Intel Reportedly Bought

Scans Into Rewards Digital Signage Company
Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) The key to getting users will be
how good the promotions are.
CognoVision For $17 Million
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:54:01 AM
Leena Rao (TechCrunch)
They need to be compelling
Foursquare and Facebook Places enough for people to download Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:15:59 AM

are popularizing the location the free app and start using it. But
check-in. Instagram and PicPlz It looks like Intel has just bought for; the number of people who
companies can become very
are perfecting the photo check-in. Toronto-based digital signage walk by; how long people stay
creative. If you could win free lift
Is the product check-in next? company CognoVision. near displays; and anonymous
tickets by scanning a
Billy Chasen, the founder of According to a report on the Daily semographics of the display’s
snowboarding jacket or an
barcode-scanning app Stickybits, Dooh, the acquisition price is audience (gender and age
autographed book, would you
thinks so. He’s spent the past few around $17 million. We reached bracket).
take the time to scan it? Stickybits
months pivoting his startup to co-founder and director of Intel and CognoVision actually
supports four different kinds of
focus more on brands and turn business development Haroon have an existing relationship.
product check-ins: a straight
product check-ins into rewards. A Mirza on the phone who refused Cognovision has partnered with
giveaway, location-based coupons
major update of Stickybits is in to comment on the report. Intel to show how processors are
(you need to scan the product at a
the App Store ( iTunes link), and So why would Intel want used in Digital Signage
particular store or place), group
an Android update will be ready CognoVision? The company’s applications.
deals (the reward is unlocked only
before the end of the year. Its digital signage offerings go If Intel did pay $17 million for
if you convince a certain number
website also has a new design. beyond just providing compelling CognoVision, that price is a drop
of friends to also scan the product,
When Stickybits first launched at scan promotions are in the works displays for marketing purposes. in the bucket for the company.
and combo rewards (you need to
South-by-Southwest last March, it from Don Q Rum, Elmer’s Glue, CognoVision’s computer vision Intel recently acquired
scan multiple products).
was positioned as a way to append Fiji Water, Harper Collins, Pepsi, technology provides customers smartphone chipmaker Infineon
Brands and retailers love the idea
their thoughts to physical objects Universal Music, Weiden & with analytics and intelligence for $1.4 billion and McAfee for
of product check-ins because they
by associating barcodes with Kennedy, the Washington around customer interaction with nearly$8 billion. CrunchBase
think it will get consumers to
comments, photos, or videos. The Capitals, and Wonderful displays, including data on the Information CognoVision
actually pick up their products in
next time somebody scanned that Pistachios. number of people who look at Information provided by
stores. Other startups tackling
barcode they would see your The app still works like it used displays; how long people look CrunchBase
this market are Shopkick from the
message. And if a product didn’t to, but by and large people were retailer’s side (Best Buy is
have a barcode, you could add
one with a Stickybit sticker.
scanning products anyway. Each
product has its own product wall
installing its system in stores) and
Disrupt startup SnapDragon.
Don't Do It Yourself: When
It was interesting, but it never
quite took off. People weren’t
(here’s Pepsi’s) filled with all the
comments, photos, and videos left
by Stickybits users. The new app
Stickybits works directly with
brands, and helps them bypass
and How to Get Help with
quite sure what they were
supposed to do. The new app
gives them a reason to scan
adds a leaderboard, rewards &
challenges button, and suggests
retailers to make direct
connections with consumers.
Getting regular people to use
Your DIY Projects [Ddiy]
tags to add to each post (“review,” Adam Dachis (Lifehacker)
objects because now they might these apps, though, remains the
unlock a reward. The first “tip,” “question,” “random”). big challenge. Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:00:00 AM

promotion will be with Ben & And, of course, you can share CrunchBase Information
each scan with your friends on Doing it yourself is great, but you
Jerry’s. The first 500 people to Stickybits shopkick SnapDragon don't always have the tools or the
scan two pints of its Fair Trade Facebook or Twitter like before. Information provided by how to get help getting your
For brands, there are analytics and time for every project on your list.
ice cream will get a free Ben & CrunchBase projects done. More »
campaign management tools. When you can't go it alone, here's
Jerry’s T-shirt. Other product-
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 21
continued from page 18

design should be simple, unique multimedia experience when cushion data stored on the laptop
iTunes November
and provide value, and the
IdeaPad U260 delivers just that
browsing multiple web pages and
using applications.
in the event of a fall or drop.
Those seeking entertainment and announcement: The likely
through the high-quality selection “The IdeaPad U260 is a luxury multimedia functionality will
of materials, advanced
ergonomics and a signature design
laptop for someone with
discerning tastes that desires high
enjoy the U260’s Dolby®
Advanced Audio™ surround
and long-shot possibilities
Erica Sadun (TUAW)
concept.” quality and elegance paired with sound speakers, HDMI output for
Perfect for those who love to the freedom of immense streaming high definition to an Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:39:00 AM

travel or executives who enjoy a mobility,” said Dion Weisler, vice HDTV and an integrated web
Is it all about iTunes? Big stuff is
classy laptop away from the president, Business Operations, camera for Skype and video
going down tomorrow, as you
office, the IdeaPad U260 is the Lenovo. “This is one of numerous calling.
know if you've happened upon
right choice weighing in at less additions to the Idea portfolio, The U260 comes with Genuine
Apple's front page today. Our
than three pounds and measuring manifesting Lenovo’s fun and Microsoft Windows® 7 Home
TUAW back-channels are all
just over a half-inch thin. The fashionable PC consumer Basic or Premium and Lenovo
aflutter as we are brainstorming as
U260 is ergonomically designed offerings, which are not only Enhanced Experience for
a group to figure out Apple's big
with sleek curves, proportions and sophisticated but brimming with Windows 7, a unique Lenovo
tease. We've been searching the
hinge mechanics for maximum features. The U260 fits in certification that delivers speedy
web, scanning HTML source,
comfort as it can be easily opened seamlessly with today’s ‘on-the- boot-up and shutdown times, rich
scanning the iTunes application be corrected or pointed towards
with one hand. Users will also go’ lifestyle without sacrificing multimedia capabilities and easy
bundle and more all to try to more or better facts. Feel free to
enjoy standing out in a crowd excellence for style.” system maintenance tools.
second-guess what might be jump in in the comments -- we're
with their uniquely designed, Additional features on the U260 Pricing and Availability
happening. dying to hear what you think as
world’s first 12.5-inch laptop include an industry leading The Lenovo IdeaPad U260 laptop
No, we don't have any firm well.
powered by up to an Intel® Breathable Keyboard, an Intel® will be available November 15,
answers, but here are some of the Continue reading iTunes
Core™ i7 processor for Advanced Cooling Technology 2010 on starting at
things that we think might be November announcement: The
impressive performance and long that allows the PC to run cooler $899.
included in tomorrow's likely and long-shot possibilities
battery life. The U260 can be and maintain spill resistance. For the latest Lenovo news,
developments. We'll run down our iTunes November announcement:
configured with up to 320GB of Ambient Light Sensors on the subscribe to Lenovo RSS feeds or
thoughts and discoveries to date, The likely and long-shot
hard drive storage or up to 128GB U260 help protect users’ eyes by follow Lenovo on Twitter and
which we will be updating and possibilities originally appeared
of SSD flash-based storage automatically adjusting screen Facebook.
amending as new facts come to on TUAW on Mon, 15 Nov 2010
providing plenty of room for brightness based on lighting
light. 11:39:00 EST. Please see our
music, photos and movies. With conditions and Lenovo’s Active
So take these thoughts for what terms for use of feeds.
up to 4GB of DDR3 memory, Protection System™ acts as an
they are -- guesses and Source| Permalink| Email this|
consumers can enjoy a seamless “airbag” for the hard drive to
observations. We're not certain Comments
about any of it, and we're happy to

Speed Up Your Antivirus Software

with Folder Exclusions [Anti-Virus]
Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) with CPU-consuming scans, you
Submitted at 11/15/2010 8:30:00 AM can lighten the load by excluding
low-risk folders. More »
If your antivirus software is bogging down your computer
22 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

LG E2360V LED Display Review

Chris Davies (SlashGear) cables, only a regular VGA one. displays we’ve used of late. Wrap
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:40:05 AM Aesthetically, there’s a lot to like -Up
about the E2360V. LG is making The LG E2360V is certainly
The new LG E2360V, the a big fuss about the E60 Series’ stylish, and the screen quality is
company would like us to believe, thinness, and indeed it’s just strong; it looks good, too, as long
ticks not just one but three 12.9mm thick. The matching as you’re content to leave it on
categories: it’s a Full HD panel, stand is similarly waifish, though your desk. Our main complaints
for entertainment, it’s fashionably the glossy black plastic – which are in its flexibility: the trio of
slim, at just 12.9mm thick, and also forms the screen bezel – is a inputs are good, but the fixed desk
i t ’ s a l s o g o t s o m e d e c e n t fingerprint magnet. You won’t be stand lacks adjustment, there’s no
environmental credentials too. touching it that often, however, rotation to flip the E2360V into
Still, at around $300 it’s not a since there’s only minimal tilt portrait aspect, and the omission
cheap display, so how does the adjustment available; LG has also of a VESA mounting plate feels
reality live up to the PR hype? missed off a VESA mount on the cheap considering the $300
Check out the SlashGear review back, so there’s no wall-bracket sticker.
after the cut. option. That’s a shame, as it’s a Around $90 less gets you a 23-
Hardware very light display and seems ideal inch HP display with the same
The LG E2360V has a 23-inch for hanging off the wall. Full HD resolution, but a
1920 x 1080 Full HD 16:9 panel It’s also supposed to be significantly less appealing case
using LED backlighting. LG r e a s o n a b l y E a r t h - f r i e n d l y , design. If you’re going to be
quote a 5,000,000:1 dynamic meeting ENERGY STAR criteria are that it’s bright: too bright, in vivid, and there’s a reasonable looking at a monitor all day then
contrast ratio or 1,000:1 static (as, to be fair, most gadgets seem fact. Even if you work in an office amount of adjustment available in you may as well grant desk-space
contrast ratio and 5ms response to these days) and LG claiming with the harshest of overhead the on-screen setup to tweak the to a good looking one, and we’d
time, while the inputs consist of D the E2360V uses around 45- lighting, you shouldn’t have a settings to suit your preferences. expect the E2360V’s street price
-SUB, DVI and HDMI; there’s p e r c e n t l e s s p o w e r t h a n a problem ramping up the LG to We tested the E2360V with some to come in lower once retail picks
also a 3.5mm headphones socket “ n o r m a l ” 2 3 - i n c h d i s p l a y . compete. As for picture quality, fast-moving video, and found it to up.
on the back. Unfortunately LG P e r f o r m a n c e there’s little to fault. Colors are be blur-free, while it’s definitely
provide neither DVI or HDMI First impressions of the E2360V bright, pleasantly saturated and one of the sharper, clearer

HP Mini 1103 released for business people on a budget

Joanna Stern (Engadget) as it's more for Suits in search of processor, and more durable HP Mini 1103 released for
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:01:00 AM an affordable mini-laptop. aluminum lid, there's still the business people on a budget
Starting at $299, the 10.1-inch $399 Mini 5103, but the Mini originally appeared on Engadget
Devastated that you won't be able netbook is available with Intel 1103 does have HP's business on Mon, 15 Nov 2010 11:01:00
to nab an HP Slate 500 in time for Atom N455 and N475 processor applications, including QuickSync EDT. Please see our terms for use
the holidays? How about a brand options, 1GB of RAM, three- and and QuickWeb. Hit the gallery of feeds. Permalink| HP| Email
new HP business netbook as a six-cell batteries, and your choice below for shots of the new little this| Comments
consolation? The Mini 1103 looks of Windows 7 Starter, SUSE guy and the source link for a full
a lot like the consumer Mini 210 L i n u x , o r F r e e D O S O S . higher-end netbook with an HD rundown of the configurations.
but drops the colorful lid options Obviously, if you're looking for a display, touchscreen, dual-core Gallery: HP Mini 1103
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Economy/ 23

Social Networking More Popular Than PIMCO's Paul McCulley Says

Voice, SMS by 2015 Ben Bernanke Is "Courageous"
Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) minutes. The increase is due to For Enacting QE2
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:42:43 AM better network coverage and Gregory White (Money Game)
speed, falling data costs and the
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:44:22 AM
Social networking will be a more improved experiences now being
popular communication delivered by mobile websites, the PIMCO's Paul McCulley has
mechanism than either voice or reports states. defended the actions of Federal
SMS, according to 31 global Also tied to the increases are the Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
mobile operators cited in a new rise of smartphones - Android saying he is doing exactly what he
report from Airwide Solutions. devices are now selling over is meant to be doing.
The report, commissioned by 200,000 per day worldwide and McCulley takes aim at those
Airwide and performed by the iPhone 4 has sold 3 million individuals who have lashed out
r e s e a r c h a g e n c y devices in the top five global • Openly encourage higher short-
at Bernanke's unorthodox actions to intermediate-term inflation
mobileSQUARED, asked markets within 22 days (or to combat deflation, saying he is
operators across Europe, North 136,363 per day). According to expectations, via an interregnum
only playing the Fed's part in the of price level targeting, rather
America and in the Asia-Pacific Gartner, smartphone sales policy "hat-trick" that could save
regions what they believed would represented 19% of all mobile than year-by-year inflation
the U.S. economy. targeting, implying that below-
be the most popular applications sales in Q2 2010. Also, Frost & The explanation McCulley
and the top forms of Sullivan says that by 2015, 54% target inflation sins are not
provides is that the U.S. is in a forgiven, but recovered with
communication in 2015. of all devices in the Asia-Pacific liquidity trap, brought on by a
Sponsor region will be smartphones. above-target inflation rates, until
deleveraging society unwilling to the constantly-growing long-term
When examined individually, With this growth in mind, the spend. The Fed, according to
traditional forms of operators said that "social price level path is restored.
McCulley, has done all it can by
communication still appeared to networking" type applications lowering interest rates. Now it
be at the top of the list. The (77%) would be the most-used McCulley calls Bernanke's
must engage in other activities: decision to follow this path,
operators said that 87% would use apps by 2015, followed by • Openly coordinate itself with
messaging (SMS/MMS) and 81% messaging (64%), email (58%) initiating QE2, "courageous" and
the fiscal authority, "acting unconventionally relative
would use voice. However, when and voice (55%). Navigation/ accommodating increased fiscal
all the social networking options over 50% in a number of Maps, camera, video/TV player, to orthodoxy." Check out the full
emerging markets. The traffic expansion, for example printing piece here >
were combined, they totaled 94%, Music player and banking money to finance an economy-
thus becoming the new majority. comes from smartphones in rounded out the top 10. Join the conversation about this
developed markets, but it's wide tax cut. story »
The operators said that "social More details on the operators'
networking" wouldn't just be the becoming popular in emerging thoughts regarding messaging,
most heavily used service among markets as well, says innovation, customer loyalty,
applications, it would be the mobileSQUARED. Factors inhibitors to adoption, advertising
"most important form of Leading to Social Networking's and more can be found in the
communication," too. Increase lengthy 15-page report, available
Currently, social networking From Q4 2008 to Q4 2009, the for free download here.
accounts for 50% of all mobile time spent on social networking Sources: GoMo News, Airwide
Internet traffic in the majority of sites has increased from less than Discuss
developed markets, and it goes a minute per day to over 10
24 Technology/ TV/ E-reader News Edition

SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: November 15 2010

Chris Burns (SlashGear)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:29:40 AM

Good morning everybody in

technology land, welcome back to
SlashGear’s Morning Wrap-up. 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' is
Today there are several rumors
including a possible Motorola Unsatisfying for Both
Motopad being a 7inch Android Reality and Nature Fans
3.0 debut, a possible 20+ custom
Joel Keller (TV Squad)
Adam applications for the Notion
Ink, Froyo for Dell Streak by the Submitted at 11/15/2010 6:10:00 AM

end of November, and maybe

Filed under: Features, Recaps
even a couple of opening bats for
Because Sarah Palin is an
Honeycomb? Then we’ve got a
executive producer of her new
review of a US version of the
TLC reality show,'Sarah Palin's
Samsung Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile inch Android 3.0 debut? Motorola & Google’s Honeycomb developers as Intel get open- Alaska,' viewers had to know
version), a weeklong adventure 20+ custom Adam apps claim opener? source serious going in that she was going to
with HTC HD7s hardware, and a Notion Ink Nokia production line death T - M o b i l e S a m s u n g T a b have editorial control of what we
few words on why Don Reisinger Black Flyday helps you find sparks Indian investigation Review[REVIEW] saw of her home and family life.
can’t wait to get rid of his DVR. shopping deals for holiday season Nokia E7 clears FCC, pentaband A Week with the HTC HD7: W h a t d i d t h a t m e a n ? N o
PLUS: Dual Core dreams in PC World yank Toshiba’s Folio WCDMA intact Hardware[FEATURED] salaciousness, no controversies,
Galaxy 2. Now all we’ve got to do 100 over poor buyer feedback? AMD join MeeGo project with Verizon Ad Leaks Look at and likely no sight of Levi
is plug our fingernails into our Another Dual-Core Samsung Intel & Nokia: will use it with Pantech and LG LTE Modems Johnston.
kneecaps as we wait and see if Phone Confirmation (Plus More APUs Jolicloud Jolibook Official Press No, what we were going to
Android 2.3 Gingerbread is Anzu) Rumor pegs Sony Ericsson Photos Now Available (2 Sizes?) mostly see were cute vignettes of
released today at this years Web Gingerbread Comes Out Xperia X7 and X7 Mini inbound Why I can’t wait to get rid of my life in the Palin household
2.0 Summit. Hooray! Tomorrow(?) at Web 2.0 Summit in Q1 DVR[COLUMN] interspersed with the former
R3 Media Network Dell Streak to get Froyo at end of Palm Pre 2 lands in UK To see more wrap-up posts, g o v e r n o r a n d h e r f a m i l y
SlashPhone November Stun Fone was a viral marketing follow the following tags:[The "discovering" the natural wonders
LG Vortex Heading To Verizon SlashGear campaign D a i l y S l a s h ] o r [ S l a s h G e a r of their home state, complete with
Walmart Give Away $100 Apple iTunes announcement HTC EVO Shift 4G trademark Morning Wrap-up] sweeping vistas and shots of the
Giftcard For Purchasing a “you’ll never forget” promised for filing tips upcoming Android Palins saying "wow" a lot.
Smartphone Tuesday Nov 16[FEATURED] tablet? That's pretty much what we got
Android Community Android 3.0 MOTOPAD is Free MeeGo IdeaPad S10-3t for with last night's premiere episode
Motorola MOTOPAD to be 7-
of the show, which runs for 8
weeks. The problem is that the
show really is neither fish nor
fowl, pun intended: it's a boring
reality show that's not spectacular
enough as a nature show to make
up the difference.
Permalink| Email this| Linking
Blogs| Comments
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ Featured/ 25

Android 2.2 "Froyo" Out Now for Top 5 iPhone Food Apps
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:00:56 AM
out a trip from beginning to end.
Considering how most of us enjoy
a good meal, it should come as no
(UPDATE) H a v e y o u e v e r v i s i t e d a n surprise that many of the most
unfamiliar city and wondered popular iPhone applications have
Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) Navigation, Flash Flayer 10.1, where you could go for a really to do with food.
Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:58:00 AM Home Screen/Menu Preview and good pizza? Perhaps you've spent We're going to look at five
Edit, Speech-to-Text functionality precious minutes debating dining applications, listed in random
A number of reports released this and social hubs, a feature which choices with friends as your knees order, that can help ease those
morning say that Samsung Galaxy e n a b l e s c o m b i n e d s o c i a l begin to shake from lack of food. hunger pains. We'll start with one
A and S smartphones will finally networking and email contacts in Or maybe you just want to cook a of the first applications to debut
be able to update to the newest one interface, are all listed as new meal for yourself but you forgot on the iPhone.
version of Android - Android Froyo features users can expect to bring a list of ingredients with This entry passed through the
version 2.2, code-named "Froyo" tonight. UPDATE: you to the grocery store. Never Full-Text RSS service — if this is
- as of tonight at 8 PM. The fear -- as iPhone commercials your content and you're reading it
• Android 2.2. "Froyo" is being We can't read Korean, and since point out, there's an app for that. on someone else's site, please read
phones can be updated by visiting this page uses images instead of
released tonight for Galaxy, it's said, as
Smartphones actual text, we haven't been able The iPhone has caught on in a big our FAQ page at
per the Samsung Electronics press way with consumers. The sleek content-only/faq.php
• The update will be released to "Google translate" it, but the design and exhaustive application Five Filters featured article:
release the various Korean site appears to be hosting the
Monday at 8 PM (no time zone is
publications are citing.
given) Froyo update for Galaxy S and A database have made it a hit. You Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
However, official word from
• The update will be available at d e v i c e s : h t t p : / / c a n f i n d i P h o n e p r o g r a m s Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Samsung is the same as it ever designed to do everything from Catastrophe.
was when it comes to the U.S. anycallpopup/froyo_up.jsp. playing a simple game to plotting
region: "we have not announced Can someone tell us what it says?
timing for Android 2.2 upgrades
for any U.S. Galaxy S device" a
What's interesting is that, in
many cases, the reports are citing For what it's worth, we clicked a
Selective realtime location
a p r e s s r e l e a s e o r o f f i c i a l button and downloaded a zip file
company representative told us
this morning.
announcement from Samsung which included a Froyo upgrade sharing
Electronics, although browsing manual. Too bad that's in Korean (Scripting News) minutes late they would know as
(See update below regarding
through the corporate website, too. Another button led us to a Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:57:10 AM soon as I knew. Obviously this is
official download site). setup.exe file - Froyo, it appears.
there's none to be found. an opt-in thing on both ends.
We're also taunted with the Commenters on other sites are I went to dinner last night with a Similarly if I'm going to visit
The reports we've seen so far are
forthcoming Froyo features, saying that's what it is. Can any couple of old friends who live on someone who's going to pick me
from Korean publications, for
which each news article does ReadWriteWeb readers confirm? the Upper West Side. As I left my up at a train station. I used to ask
example: Yonhap News Agency,
seem to have copy and pasted Discuss apartment, I thought I might text people who were visiting me in
Korea IT Times and The
from some sort of official them to say I was on my way. As Berkeley to text me when they got
Chosunilbo. All reports confirm
release. Google Maps with I walked to the train station I to the MacArthur station on
the same few details:
thought about an app I wished BART. That was approximately
existed. when I would have to leave to
I'd like to connect my iPhone meet them at the North Berkeley
with the computer at my host's station. This could be automated.
home, just for the next 1/2 hour, Is it possible this app already
so they could watch my progress. exists?
That way if I was going to be ten
26 Technology/ TV/ E-reader News Edition

NBC Hopes to Boost

Ratings by Relaunching
'The Event' in January
Jean Bentley (TV Squad)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 5:15:00 AM

Filed under: Reality-Free, TV

News Despite its not-so-hot
ratings,'The Event' has already
landed a full-season order from
NBC. But in an attempt to drum
up more viewers, the network is
planning a relaunch strategy for
the show's post-holiday hiatus

'Unforgettable' iTunes announcement tomorrow return.

According to Entertainment
Weekly, NBC will air a one-hour
(CNET centers it's building in North A p p l e ' s w o r d i n g o f t h i s hardware at home and in the clip show before 'The Event''s first
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:48:34 AM Carolina--but others suspect that announcement suggests that we workplace. Topher is a member of January installment to get viewers
A p p l e w i l l a n n o u n c e a may hear answers to these the CNET Blog Network and is up to speed on the drama's
Apple is advertising an "exciting subscription-based streaming questions Tuesday morning. n o t a n e m p l o y e e o f C B S storyline.
announcement" for iTunes that the service. If you have a question or I n t e r a c t i v e . "We will finish up with our first
company claims will make Apple's announcement suggests comment for Topher Kessler, you This entry passed through the 13 [episodes] and then there will
tomorrow a day you will never the new features coming to iTunes can submit it here. However, Full-Text RSS service — if this is be a break, and then we'll come
forget. The intriguing ad says that will be "unforgettable."(Credit: because our editors and writers your content and you're reading it back with a one-hour compilation
the news will be revealed at 7 Apple) receive hundreds of requests, we on someone else's site, please read clip show of the first 13 so
a.m. PT on Tuesday, November Apple's acquisition of the Lala cannot tell you when you may our FAQ page at everybody can catch up with
16. streaming service about a year receive a response. content-only/faq.php story," Bill Smitrovich, who
Until now, there has been no ago initially suggested a move to Topher, an avid Mac user for the Five Filters featured article: plays Vice President Raymond
consensus on which features will the cloud for iTunes. Apple shut p a s t 1 5 y e a r s , h a s b e e n a Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Jarvis, said. "I hope that will
come next for iTunes. Some down LaLa, however, making contributing author to MacFixIt Reporting of Falluja's Cancer spark another increase in the
industry insiders have speculated many wonder whether iTunes since the spring of 2008. One of Catastrophe. audience."
that Apple will announce a cloud- would see a merge with these his passions is troubleshooting Permalink| Email this| Linking
based music management system- technologies. Mac problems and making the Blogs| Comments
-perhaps related to new data Regardless of the specifics, best use of Macs and Apple
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 27

Ryan Gosling Brings His

Mom to Join the Girls at
the Governors Awards
Lauren Turner (PopSugar)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 8:45:00 AM

Ryan Gosling brought a special

lady, his mom Donna, as his date
to the second annual Governors
Awards in LA on Saturday night.
The birthday boy celebrated his
30th at Disneyland on Friday, and
Apple: We Have an iTunes while he's had plenty of
memorable onstage moments in
To see more from the awards,
the past, the evening was all about
Announcement "You'll Never Forget" the honorees like Francis Ford
Coppola and Eli Wallach. Sofia
just read more.
View 25 Photos ›
Mike Melanson to see eye to eye on? Somehow, subscription for it." Coppola came out to support her
(ReadWriteWeb) we doubt that an announcement It's been nearly a year now since dad alongside Natalie Portman in Images include: Natalie Portman,
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:45:03 AM involving Ping (from w hat we've Apple bought the cloud-based, a gorgeous purple Lanvin gown, a Marisa Tomei, Elle Fanning,
seen so far) will constitute a day streaming music service Lala so Marchesa-wearing Hilary Swank, Ryan Gosling, Justin Long,
What's tomorrow, besides we'll "never forget". the company has had plenty of and Elle Fanning in Valentino. stephen dorff, Sharon Stone,
Tuesday? Oh, nothing big, you Rather, we had the same reading time to work on a could-based The ladies were joined by guests Diane Lane, Hilary Swank, Sofia
know. It's "just another day," as Mac-centric blog Mac Stories- m u s i c o f f e r i n g . W e w e r e Stephen Dorff, who recently Coppola, Aaron Eckhart, Heather
according to Apple. Just another the long-fabled iTunes in the disappointed last June, when the showed off his shirtless physique, Graham, Josh Brolin, Juliette
day, that is, "that you'll never cloud. As Frederici Viticci points company made no mention of the Justin Long, and Josh Brolin, who Lewis
forget". out, Apple is building a "huge idea in its big announcement, but stuck by his red-hot wife Diane
Apple has changed its homepage data center" in North Carolina. we can't help but be hopeful with Lane.
to say that tomorrow morning, at We're talking about a data center the posturing of this particular
10 am Eastern time, it will have that, according to our last report, iTunes announcement.
an "exciting announcement from "is expected to cost $1 billion by If not a cloud-based iTunes, then
iTunes" and like with all the time of its completion." we're going with Gizmodo in
mysterious announcements, the As our own Alex Williams hoping that "Apple announces the
pondering and speculating has pointed out, "It's clear that the death of iTunes - as the slow,
begun. stakes are high in the new world outdated, monolithic piece of crap
Sponsor o f c l o u d - b a s e d d i g i t a l that it is now."
So what could it be? Have Apple entertainment. It's not hard to Here here, Gizmodo. That would
and Facebook decided to get imagine that someday we won't be a day we would never forget.
along over that whole Ping own our own music or films. Discuss
network thing they couldn't seem We'll buy it on-demand or pay a
28 Technology/ Culture/ TV/ Policy/ E-reader News Edition

Comcast Xfinity remote app for Scarlett Johansson Lands

iPhone, iPad launches, video streaming GQ's "Babe of the Year"
& Android version on the way Award
Richard Lawler (Engadget) Web 2.0 conference. It may not be Allie Merriam (PopSugar)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:34:00 AM the improved interface for our Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:15:00 AM
cable boxes we've been expecting
The Xfinity remote app Comcast for such a long time, but it's at Scarlett Johansson showed off a
CEO Brian Roberts showed off least a step in that direction. long blond hairdo for GQ's Men
earlier this year is now available Gallery: Comcast Xfinity Remote of the Year edition, available on
in the app store for the iPad and for iPad Nov. 23. She earned the
iPhone. Currently they allow Continue reading Comcast magazine's "Babe of the Year"
Comcast customers with Xfinity remote app for iPhone, honor, and inside the issue, she
compatible digital TV service to iPad launches, video streaming & posed in just a bathing suit for a apparently keep Scarlett busy
browse listings and On Demand Android version on the way steamy shoot - check out more during her breaks from film work.
content from their portable device Comcast Xfinity remote app for photos. Scarlett covered up to Scarlett told the magazine's Adam
and change channels right from iPhone, iPad launches, video showcase her comedic talent over Sachs that"I'm still trying to figure
the app. Video streaming, streaming & Android version on the weekend during her third turn out what to do when I'm not
additional remote features and the way originally appeared on hosting Saturday Night Live, making movies. I just don't do
enhanced search are all promised Engadget on Mon, 15 Nov 2010 memorably impersonating the that many things."
for future releases, while other a n d o r i g i n a l d e m o v i d e o 11:34:00 EDT. Please see our Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti View 2 Photos ›
platforms should also get their embedded after the break or grab terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Stanger. She prepped for her stint
own versions soon. Android apps the app from iTunes and break out Xfinity, iTunes| Email this| on the show by getting funny with Inez van Lamsweerde and
are promised for later this year, your Comcast e-mail address to Comments Jimmy Fallon last week, and her Vinoodh Matadin/GQ
with Blackberry to follow. For try it out prior to a live demo at stints on the small screen
now, check out the press release 8:30 (EST) this evening at the
Pigs Fly as
VIDEO: Today Show Anchors Take on Taio Cruz in Washington Faces
Up to Deficit Peril
Viral Video (AEI.Org: Articles)
Robyn Ross ( version of Taio Cruz's hit on someone else's site, please read Submitted at 11/14/2010 5:00:00 PM
Breaking News) "Dynamite." With the help of our FAQ page at
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:09:00 AM YouTube sensation Mike content-only/faq.php Last week in Washington,
Tompkins, the quartet created a Five Filters featured article: beneath a flock of pigs flying
Today Show catchy and on-pitch rendition that Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- south in a majestic V formation,
As part of a five-part series called sounds like it uses instruments. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer the co-chairmen of President
" Today Goes Viral," Meredith Plus: Check out Roker's dance Catastrophe. Barack Obama's deficit
Vieira, Matt Lauer, Al Roker and moves. Full-Text RSS service — if this is commission released a plan that
Ann Curry recorded an a cappella This entry passed through the your content and you're reading it actually could solve the nation's

PIGS page 30
E-reader News Edition Policy/ 29

The Other "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

(AEI.Org: Articles) barred since the Vietnam era. But university today maintains an noncompliant schools resembles wanting to strong-arm ROTC's
Submitted at 11/14/2010 5:00:00 PM with the election of many new "anti-ROTC" ban. nothing so much as "Don't Ask, presence on university campuses
conservatives to Congress this The history of the Solomon Don't Tell." Defense officials via Solomon. Given the level of
Is the Solomon Amendment a past week, it appears unlikely that Amendment suggests another have quietly advised student cooperation between a university
dead letter? The statute, enacted such changes will be coming conclusion. Many are unaware advocates for ROTC that the and the military needed to make
in 1996, forbids federal funding to soon. And, indeed, other than a that a law barring federal funds to department cannot so much as an ROTC program work, it's
universities that prohibit military few perfunctory words in praise schools with anti-recruitment indicate to a possibly understandable that the Pentagon
recruiters or Reserve Officer of Duke students who serve in the policies has been on the books noncompliant university its does not want to be in the position
Training Corps (ROTC) units armed forces, Gates was largely since the late 1960s. That law, interest in establishing an on- of pushing to have a program
from their campuses. Yet today, silent as to what the department however, was rarely invoked--the campus ROTC program for fear where faculty and administrative
nearly 15 years since the might do to address the current Defense Department made free of triggering the Solomon support is lacking.
amendment's passage--and despite situation--other than to hope use of a provision allowing the Amendment. Nevertheless, it should not be left
President Barack Obama's universities might one day secretary to exempt noncompliant Not all students have taken the to the Pentagon to decide whether
campaign pledge to "vigorously welcome ROTC back. schools. Concerned by the hint. The very year that the a law of the land will be enforced
enforce" the law--ROTC is still By adopting its own version of Pentagon's unwillingness to Defense Department won its five- or not. By adopting its own
absent from some of the nation's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the enforce the law (and by growing year battle to enforce the Solomon version of "Don't Ask, Don't
most selective schools. Pentagon is only encouraging the university opposition to DADT), Amendment, students and faculty Tell," the Pentagon is only
That absence is due to the well- growing gap between American Congress, led by New York at the University of California, encouraging the growing gap
known opposition of several elites and those who put their Republican representative Gerald Santa Cruz, repeatedly blocked or between American elites and
prominent universities--among lives at risk for our freedoms. B. Solomon, eliminated the ousted military recruiters from on- those who put their lives at risk
them, Harvard, Columbia, Yale, That is not by accident. For department's waiver power from campus job fairs. In response, a for our freedoms. As Gates
Stanford, and the University of decades, the Pentagon has taken the law and required the secretary group of students associated with warned, America can no longer
Chicago--to the congressionally the path of least resistance when it to report noncompliant schools the conservative Young America's afford its best and brightest
mandated "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" comes to recruiting at colleges-- every six months. Foundation wrote Secretary of thinking of military service as
policy (DADT) for gays or doubling down at "friendly" For its part, the Pentagon Defense Donald Rumsfeld, "something for other people to
bisexuals serving in the military. schools in the South and Midwest strongly opposed the Solomon alerting him to possible violation do."
In a much-discussed speech at while largely writing off not only Amendment. But, as it turned out, of the Solomon Amendment. Cheryl Miller manages the
Duke University this September, top colleges, but also entire the department didn't need express Receiving no answer, they sued Program on American Citizenship
Secretary of Defense Robert regions where many of them are waiver power if it wanted to avoid the Defense Department for its at AEI.
Gates professed encouragement located. And it has been enforcing the law. By a quirk in failure to enforce the law. Photo Credit: U.S. Army photo
that these universities were "at remarkably reluctant about the law's language, it could simply The students ultimately lost their This entry passed through the
least reconsidering their position pressing its right to recruit on choose not to ask universities if suit, with the Court of Appeals Full-Text RSS service — if this is
on military recruiting and officer college campuses, despite a they were compliant with the law holding that they lacked standing your content and you're reading it
training--a situation that has been unanimous Supreme Court in the first place. to sue. Since then, the Defense on someone else's site, please read
neither good for the academy nor decision affirming the Solomon And aside from a brief spate of Department has not taken action our FAQ page at
the country." Amendment, Rumsfeld v. enforcement activity following against a single university, aside content-only/faq.php
Certainly, the recent debate over FAIR(2006). Enforcement has the 9/11 attacks and culminating from two holdouts from the FAIR Five Filters featured article:
modifying or eliminating DADT been so lax as to lead some in Rumsfeld v. FAIR, that is just case (two small law schools in Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
has raised hopes among some that observers, such as University of what the Defense Department has Vermont and Minnesota). Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
ROTC will return to those Florida law professor Diane done. Indeed, the Pentagon's Of course, the Defense Catastrophe.
colleges from which it has been Mazur, to conclude that no current policy toward Department has its reasons for not
30 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 28

pending fiscal crisis. percent, a long-overdue change little more than wishful thinking In 1998, Victor Fuchs led a chosen to release their outline last
At once radical and sensible, the that could make corporations that puts off the tough decisions. survey of 69 economists about the week, with little advance notice,
plan establishes the two chairmen, rethink any plans to leave the U.S. Bowles and Simpson would have effects of the Tax Reform Act of because they hope to generate
Democrat Erskine Bowles and for less-taxing climes. gotten extra credit for specifying 1986, which lowered rates by public support to pressure
Republican Alan Simpson, as Loopholes First that most retirees need to cover closing loopholes. The median reluctant commission members to
visionaries. If Obama wants to Beginning a tax overhaul by more of the costs of their own response was that the tax overhaul support the final plan.
deliver the country from the closing loopholes is a strategy that health care with out-of-pocket added 1 percent to annual GDP Any reluctant members should be
malaise it finds itself in, he should should appeal to those on the cash. growth. If anything, the tax code ashamed. If we stay on the path to
heed the advice of his appointees. political left, the ones that so far Treating capital gains as ordinary today is even more complex than ruin when the path to salvation
Let's be blunt about the problem are voicing the loudest criticism income, as the chairmen propose, it was pre-1986, so a similar GDP was visible along the way, then
at hand: The U.S. is on a path of the Bowles-Simpson plan. is a bad idea as well, because it boost might be likely today. the culprits will be easy to
toward the kind of debt crisis that A chart released with the plan moves us away from the Even the earliest critics of the identify.
has roiled Greece. The shows that eliminating all tax economic ideal that taxes Bowles-Simpson plan, those who This plan pays little attention to
Congressional Budget Office breaks, other than the refundable consumption instead of income. jumped to the defense of crass political calculus and is
estimates that, based on current credits targeted toward the poor, Finally, I would have preferred if entitlement programs, must admit based on a well-established
policy, the debt held by the public would reduce the after-tax income the chairmen hadn't included less- that their current path is academic consensus. If you want
as a percentage of gross domestic of those in the top 1 percent of the radical alternatives to their ideas. unsustainable. And even the to have low tax rates, then you
product will escalate to 87 percent income distribution by almost 14 When the first option is clearly largest tax breaks now in the need to have a broad base. If you
by 2020 from 62 percent now. percent, those in the middle the best, why mess with second crosshairs are more sacred cows want taxes in general to be low,
The U.S. is on a path toward the quintile by about 4 percent, and place? than economic linchpins. then you need to control spending.
kind of debt crisis that has roiled those at the bottom by only about Still, Bowles and Simpson Buy Now Rocket science, it isn't. But it's as
Greece. 1 percent. produced a proposal in line with Take, for example, the mortgage- good as economics gets.
The plan finds the sweet spot in On the other side of the ledger, academic principle, not political interest deduction. Many fear that Kevin A. Hassett is a senior
the deficit debate, maximizing tough choices on entitlement nicety, which constitutes a its reduction or elimination would fellow and the director of
money collected through taxation spending would be phased in pleasant surprise. I was certainly crush housing prices. But clever economic policy studies at AEI.
while requiring necessary cuts in gradually to limit the pain. Social not alone in thinking that Obama's implementation could actually Photo credit: Flickr user oddsock
government spending. Security spending, for example, choice of them as co-chairs was improve the real-estate market, This entry passed through the
On the tax side, the authors would be cut by raising the more a nod to bipartisanship, even which needs all the help it can get. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
understand the benefits of a broad retirement age to 68 in about 2050 moderation, than to bold thinking. That's because if the deduction your content and you're reading it
base. Their emphasis on reducing and to 69 by 2075, and the rate at What might the Bowles-Simpson were phased out gradually, on someone else's site, please read
tax breaks, including the which benefits grow over time consensus deliver, if enacted? Americans would have a strong our FAQ page at
deduction for money spent on would be reduced. No Fear incentive to purchase houses content-only/faq.php
home-mortgage interest, would While I applaud the plan The probability of U.S. default before the credit disappears. Five Filters featured article:
allow for significant rate generally, I do have a few gripes. would be reduced to close to zero. And the lack of mortgage-interest Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
reductions, perhaps down to three Wishful Thinking Americans would be freed from deductibility hasn't hurt Canada's Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
tiers of 8 percent, 14 percent and Its strategy to reduce health-care fears of big future tax hikes. And homeownership rate, which, at Catastrophe.
23 percent. costs--capping the growth of the sickly U.S. economy would around two-thirds of the
Incredibly, the proposal also gets federal spending on health care at get a dose of chicken soup that population, is about the same as in
the top corporate tax rate, now 35 the rate of GDP growth plus 1 might produce surprisingly swift the U.S.
percent, all the way down to 26 percent, after 2020--amounts to results. Bowles and Simpson may have
E-reader News Edition Policy/ 31

Defend Defense
(AEI.Org: Articles) There's only one thing wrong Force’s frontline F-22 fighter, the They are back door efforts to
Submitted at 11/14/2010 5:00:00 PM with this alleged consensus: Its Navy’s program for a new reduce America’s global
facts are wrong, and there's no destroyer, and the Army’s plan for leadership role. That’s a debate
Do conservatives want a smaller real consensus. a family of new combat vehicles. conservatives should welcome,
and better government than we The fact is, Simpson and Bowles Before taking a further hatchet to and an outcome conservatives
now have—properly limited and are outliers even on their own defense, maybe Congress might should defeat. But conservatives
governed by the rule of law, but panel. Knowing that few of the try making a more serious effort must insist on an honest and open
also energetically capable of other members of the commission to reverse the huge increases in debate, and not allow a phony
accomplishing its appropriate would go along with their ideas, 35 (a replacement for the old domestic spending put in place by "consensus" to be proclaimed that
ends? Or do conservatives just the co-chairs announced their Harrier jump-jet), the EFV (a new the Obama team? would make our troops fighting
want to cut government willy- proposals on their own. They had amphibious assault vehicle), and What really ties ATR, Barney overseas-, and our future security,
nilly, not only reducing its overall good reason to do so. Much of the Osprey all provide troop Frank, Erksine Bowles, and Alan indirect casualties of drive-by
size but endangering its ability to what they offer up makes little transport. Without these systems, Simpson together is not a desire to budget cutters.
carry out its proper functions? sense. As Loren Thompson of the the Marines will have very little see the Pentagon spend its money Gary J. Schmitt is a resident
Some on the anti-all-government Lexington Institute has noted, the organic firepower and mobility; in the most efficient way possible. scholar and the director of
right are salivating at the chance, proposals "bespeak a broader they'll be simply sea-based light No, what ultimately drives their Advanced Strategic Studies at
as the Americans for Tax Reform ignorance of military plans and i n f a n t r y . T h e c o m m i s s i o n push for defense cuts is the idea AEI. Thomas Donnelly is a
(ATR) puts it, to slay the "sacred technology." chairmen, therefore, suggest the of, in Bowles and Simpson’s resident fellow and the director of
c o w " o f P e n t a g o n b u d g e t s . Before taking a further hatchet to Marines substitute mortars and phrase, "rethinking our 21st the Center for Defense Studies at
Meanwhile, the Democratic left, defense, maybe Congress might guided missiles. But in that case century global role." This is AEI.
in the person of Barney Frank, is try making a more serious effort the Marines would still lack the shorthand for a reduced American Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force
more than willing to engage in to reverse the huge increases in ability to conduct the kind of role in the world. What the photo/Master Sgt. Kevin J.
such "scrutiny," and is now domestic spending put in place by independent campaigns they libertarian right and liberal left Gruenwald
rallying behind the proposal of the Obama team? waged in Operation Desert Storm want, in other words, is nothing This entry passed through the
Erskine Bowles and Alan Consider just one example. or in the 2003 march to Baghdad. short of a reversal in America’s Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Simpson, the heads of President Bowles and Simpson suggest Such is the consequence of a six-decade-long strategic posture. your content and you're reading it
Obama’s National Commission terminating the procurement of s a l a m i - s l i c i n g a p p r o a c h t o America certainly faces a budget on someone else's site, please read
on Fiscal Responsibility and the vertical take-off-and-landing defense spending. Bowles and crisis. And to the degree that our FAQ page at
Reform, to cut more than $100 version of the Joint Strike Fighter, Simpson also recommend a 15 economies can be found in the content-only/faq.php
billion in "excess" military along with the Expeditionary p e r c e n t c u t i n P e n t a g o n Pentagon budget, they ought to be Five Filters featured article:
spending. And the media, of Fighting Vehicle (EFV). They p r o c u r e m e n t a c c o u n t s . B u t found. But people should not kid Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
course, are all agog at the also want to end early the buy of Defense Secretary Robert Gates themselves: Proposals for treating Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
possibility of a "bipartisan" V-22 Osprey "tilt-rotor" aircraft. has already cut $330 billion in defense as if it were on an equal Catastrophe.
c o n s e n s u s o n e n d i n g t h e But such moves would gut the planned weapons spending in the footing with the Department of
supposedly profligate ways of the capabilities of the U.S. Marine last year alone, killing the Air Education are not about getting
Pentagon. Corps. The "B" variant of the F- America’s fiscal house in order.
32 Economy/ E-reader News Edition

"Midas Crush" - MarketWatch Attempts to Explain "Why Gold is

a Bad Investment" (Michael has been above $1,000 for 14 speculation? Kitco Metals Inc. and a veteran Gold is not an inflation hedge as
Shedlock) (Mish's Global months, everybody thinks it’s a Buying bonds is speculating that gold-market says "Just because most think.
Economic Trend Analysis) new paradigm. This is very much a company will be able to pay you gold has been above $1,000 for 14 Rather, gold is a hedge against
Submitted at 11/15/2010 1:49:00 AM what we heard about oil a couple back. Sometimes it works and months, everybody thinks it’s a deflation or extreme inflation. In
Jonathan Burton at MarketWatch of years ago.” sometimes it doesn't as the new paradigm." ordinary inflation, and periods of
attempts to present a case Why “Gold at $1,400 is not what I collapse in GM shows. How many Excuse me for asking Jon, but disinflation, gold tends to do
gold is a bad investment. Gold would call an investment,” said widows on fixed income counting can you please name some names poorly.
isn’t like a stock or a bond. It Kaplan, of Prospector Asset on GM yields got wiped out? of people who proclaimed gold to Reflections on "Sure-Things"
offers no income, no dividend, no Management. “An investment is Little did GM bond investors be "a new paradigm." Gold is not a "sure-thing". Then
earnings. It is considered a store something you buy near its value. realize they were foolishly betting While you are addressing that again, there are no "sure-things"
of value, an alternative currency If gold costs $450 or $500 to (speculating) that GM would not question Jon, please comment on anywhere.
that’s safe beyond reproach, but it produce, at $1,400 you don’t have go bankrupt. They lost. this: Nadler Nonsense "Gold Is Interestingly David Tepper, a
is not cash in the bank, or even value, you have momentum.” What about technology stocks, Not in a Bull Market" billionaire hedge fund titan and
t h e m a t t r e s s . G o l d h a s n o “I called gold the ultimate bubble, especially "bellwethers" like Buying Near Value president of Appaloosa
untapped intrinsic value; it is which means it may go higher,” Cisco? Kaplan, of Prospector Asset Management disagrees, telling
worth only what people are Soros told an investor conference The results for 10 years running Management says “An investment CNBC " The Fed is going to come
willing to pay for it. And lately, in New York in mid-September, speak for themselves: is something you buy near its in with QE. Right? Then what's
many people have been only too repeating a warning he’d made Congratulations to Cisco Insiders value." Really? Is a value-bag of going to do well? Everything! In
willing. earlier this year. “But it’s for Dumping 6,620,750 Shares, potato chips an investment? the near term - Everything!"
“Gold is going up because people certainly not safe and it’s not 60% of Holdings in 6 Month; More seriously, and since I am in Please see Sure Thing?! for a
are buying it, and people are going to last forever.” Cisco CEO Whines about Taxes; a question asking mood, why is discussion and video of Tepper.
buying it because it’s going up,” “Gold would probably provide a Is Chambers Worth a Dime? Kaplan the arbiter for determining As a followup to that story
said Leonard Kaplan, president of decent hedge against a declining Purchasing any stock is the proper "value" of gold? ZeroHedge points out David
Prospector Asset Management in dollar, but so would foreign speculating whether or not the Holding Dollars is Speculating Tepper Dumps 20% Of Financial
Evanston, Ill., and a longtime gold stocks, which you can value,” said company can return value to By the definition I gave above, Holdings During Quarter Of
trader. Scott Kays, an Atlanta-based shareholders. even those holding dollars or Infamous CNBC Speech.
“Gold is always a speculation,” financial adviser who does not Cisco has not paid a dividend treasuries are speculating. The Question of Probability
James Grant, editor of Grant’s include physical gold in client ever. Whether it starts to now is speculation in this sense is that When it comes to speculating
Interest Rate Observer and a portfolios. “If gold becomes moot. Those buying dividend dollars will buy more (or lose (investing if you prefer), it helps
longstanding gold bug, noted in overvalued, there are places you stocks are speculating the less), than other investments. to think of things in terms of
his latest newsletter. can cash in on factors that drive dividend will not be cut. In In light of the fact that everything probabilities. Please consider this
To Jon Nadler, senior analyst at up gold, without as much risk,” addition to GM, look what is speculation, which of the snip from"Straight Talk" with
Kitco Metals Inc. and a veteran such as emerging-market bonds. happened to the dividends of following is the better bet? Economic Bloggers
g o l d - m a r k e t w a t c h e r , W a l l Everything Is Speculation Citigroup, Bank of America, 1. The Fed continues to debase 9. What's the question we should
Street’s buy recommendations “Gold is always a speculation,” Wells Fargo, and the entire the dollar and gold soars have asked, but didn't? What's
remind him of speculation in 2008 says James Grant. financial sector in the last few 2. Cisco or Microsoft goes your answer?
that propelled another must-have The legal dictionary defines years. parabolic once again (and gold Mish: I guess it would be: "Does
commodity — oil, the “black speculate "to assume a business Buying those stocks was not doesn't follow) your crystal ball have a forecast
gold” — to stratospheric heights. risk in hope of gain; to buy or sell speculation? And gold is? Please Bear in mind, gold is not a sure for the stock market? For Gold?
“ I d o n ’ t t h i n k g o l d i s a n in expectation of profiting from be serious. thing. Gold fell from 850 to 250 The US Dollar?" Let's start with
opportunity at $1,400 an ounce,” market fluctuations" Nadler Nonsense over a 20 year period with "MIDAS page 33
Nadler said. “Just because gold By that definition, what isn't Jon Nadler, senior analyst at inflation every step of the way.
E-reader News Edition Gaming/ 33
continued from page 32

gold. I see articles everyday by probability event than buying a "Misconceptions" article was paradigm" in regards to home
some prominent people saying 10% correction in the stock written by "Trotsky" also known prices. Time Magazine even went
things like "I know gold is going market. as my friend "HB" who now has "gaga" right on the cover.
to ... whatever". There is a lot going for gold, but his own Austrian Economic blog For a series of real time updates
The thing is, they don't know and it is by no means a "sure thing". called Acting Man. His latest on housing, please see Collapse of
neither do I. Only a charlatan or a Investing vs. Speculation article is Robert Zoellick the "Ownership Society"
fool can make such a claim. Of No matter what you do with your Mentions the Un-Word. In regards to gold, we are a long,
course the fools and charlatans money, even holding it, you are The "Un-Word" is of course gold. long way from everyone being a Black Friday:
may be right, but it is not because
they "know" anything.
taking a chance. The prudent
thing is to have a cash cushion of
Stunning Skepticism
The skepticism in the face of
believer. By that measure, it's
highly unlikely the top is in.
Kmart dishes cross
One thing I do know is that I a year's worth of living expenses this rally is nothing short of Mike "Mish" Shedlock -platform discounts
don't know things of that nature. in case you lose your job. If you stunning. The silliest line in the h t t p : / / Ben Gilbert (Joystiq)
That puts me ahead of all those don't have a cash cushion and you MarketWatch article is that "gold globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.
Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:00:00 PM
who claim to know the don't have insurance you are is worth only what people are com
unknowable. speculating you won't lose your willing to pay for it." Click Here To Scroll
We're impressed by some of the
Probabilities job or you won't get sick. Excuse me, but no tangible assets Thru My Recent Post List
already announced Black Friday
I prefer to look at things in terms I believe it's prudent to own are worth more than people are Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a
deals, but not a single one
of probabilities. It is highly likely some gold, but no more than you willing to pay for them. registered investment advisor
compares to the bounty of
the Fed embarks on Quantitative can sleep with. Although there can be a huge representative for SitkaPacific
enormous discounts offered by
Easing. That should be good for Putting everything you have on pullback at any time, the fact that Capital Management. Sitka
Kmart (which is totally different
gold, but short term that QE may gold is neither prudent nor there is so much skepticism about Pacific is an asset management
from S-Mart). Brand new games
easily be priced in. practical, especially for those this rally, from so many places, firm whose goal is strong
like Fable 3 and Assassin's Creed:
Moreover, the Fed may go managing other people's money. suggests gold is likely to go performance and low volatility,
Brotherhood are going for $40,
slower than what the market Risk management is crucial, no higher. Bottoms are formed when regardless of market direction.
while game of the year contender
thinks. matter what you do. nearly everyone is agnostic. That Visit
Mass Effect 2 can be found for
Thus, there could be a huge "sell In a practical sense then, one can happened with gold in 2000. /account_management.html to
just $10.
the news" event in both gold and make a case that"a" differentiating Tops are formed when nearly learn more about wealth
The deals apply to Xbox 360,
the stock market on the QE factor between investing and everyone is a believer. In regards management and capital
PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii (
announcement, no matter what speculating is risk management. to housing, belief peaked in preservation strategies of Sitka
NBA Jam for $30, anyone?), and
that announcement is. Gold is Money summer of 2005. I called the peak Pacific.
PSP. And yes, before you go
Should that happen, given that The bottom line to me is that of the housing bubble in real time,
quickly clicking through the link
gold is in a long-term bull market, "gold is money". We know that precisely on time, in It's a Totally
to see all the discounts, be aware
and given that Bernanke will gold is money because it acts like New Paradigm.
that Madagascar Kartz(still
likely go back to the QE well, I it. Please see Misconceptions Note that in contrast to what
Madagaskartz in our hearts) is on
expect buying the next big dip in about Gold for a discussion. Nadler says about gold, people
sale for $10. We know what
gold would be a higher By the way, that did use the phrase "totally new
you're getting in your stockings
this year!
[Image credit: Thomas Hawk]
Black Friday: Kmart dishes cross
-platform discounts originally
appeared on Joystiq on Mon, 15
Nov 2010 12:00:00 EST. Please
see our terms for use of feeds.
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34 Economy/ Gaming/ E-reader News Edition

Interactive Map of Global Debt (Michael UK ............ 76.0%
Shedlock) (Mish's Global ...... 71.0%
Economic Trend Analysis) A u s t r a l i a . . . .
Submitted at 11/14/2010 6:06:00 PM 22.3% ..... 15.9%
The Economist has an interesting Greece ....
Global Debt Clock that inquiring 129.4% .... 114.9%
minds may be interested in. Japan ......
Ghost Recon: Future
From The Economist ... The 196.6% .... 189.3% Soldier, Driver: San
clock is ticking. Every second, it US............. 62.3%
seems, someone in the world ...... 83.9% The US at 84% is what Francisco delayed
takes on more debt. The idea of a I remember as well. Note that JC Fletcher (Joystiq)
debt clock for an individual nation only the US is far different in that Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:17:00 PM
is familiar to anyone who has table. If 84%+- is accurate, this
been to Times Square in New Canada and the US are Ubisoft's latest earnings release
York, where the American public approximately equal in percentage brings news of delays for both
shortfall is revealed. Our clock terms. I will see if I can get an Driver: San Francisco and Ghost
shows the global figure for all (or answer from the Economist. Recon: Future Soldier. "Tom
almost all) government debts in Mike "Mish" Shedlock Clancy's Ghost Recon Future
dollar terms. h t t p : / / Soldier and Driver: San
Does it matter? After all, world globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. Francisco, which were previously
governments owe the money to com planned for release in the fourth
their own citizens, not to the Click Here To Scroll fiscal quarter, will now be
Martians. But the rising total is Thru My Recent Post List included in the 2011-12 line-up,"
important for two reasons. First, imminent crisis. So the higher the I am confused with the Global Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a the report notes. Ubisoft's fourth
when debt rises faster than global government debt total, the Debt Clock, as reflected on your registered investment advisor fiscal quarter runs from January
economic output (as it has been greater the risk of fiscal crisis, and article from The Economist. I representative for SitkaPacific through the end of March 2011,
doing in recent years), higher the bigger the economic impact have copy of an article from The C a p i t a l M a n a g e m e n t . S i t k a putting the releases of both games
government debt implies more such crises will have. Debt Washington Post, dated several Pacific is an asset management somewhere in April 2011 or later.
state interference in the economy Comparison m o n t h s a g o , r e f l e c t i n g firm whose goal is strong Both Driver and Ghost Recon
and higher taxes in the future. The map consists of government Government debt in percentage of performance and low volatility, had already been delayed into the
Second, debt must be rolled over debt, not all debt. It does not nominal gross domestic product. regardless of market direction. previous "early 2011" timeframe,
at regular intervals. This creates a include future liabilities such as The table was reproduced from Visit making this the second announced
recurring popularity test for Social Security and Medicare. O r g a n i z a t i o n f o r E c o n o m i c /account_management.html to delay for both titles. At this rate,
individual governments, rather as Note that by this comparison Cooperation and Development, l e a r n m o r e a b o u t w e a l t h Ubisoft is going to have to change
reality TV show contestants face a Japan is the mother of all basket the comparison is as follows: management and capital Ghost Recon's title to "Ghost
public phone vote every week. cases and Australia is better than C o u n t r y . . . preservation strategies of Sitka Recon: Soldier."
Fail that vote, as the Greek all of the above. Economist... OECD Pacific. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier,
government did in early 2010, and Addendum: Canada .... Driver: San Francisco delayed
the country can be plunged into Jose writes ... 82.3% ...... 82.8% originally appeared on Joystiq on
Mon, 15 Nov 2010 12:17:00 EST.
Please see our terms for use of
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E-reader News Edition Economy/ TV/ 35

Portugal Foreign Affairs Minister '30 Rock' and 'Real Housewives'

Threatens "Euro Zone Exit" Collide, Lizzy Caplan to Guest (Michael to push an otherwise crisis-free meltdown, the ECB is Buyer of on 'Mr. Sunshine' and More
Shedlock) (Mish's Global country to the brink of default and Only Resort for Greece, Ireland Chris Harnick (TV Squad)
Economic Trend Analysis) rescue, then larger countries, such and Portugal. As noted above, that Submitted at 11/15/2010 5:45:00 AM
Submitted at 11/14/2010 3:46:00 PM as Spain and Italy, could be has Portugal fuming.
The simmering stew in the t h r e a t e n e d , a n a l y s t s s a y . Ireland is in a bigger mess than Filed under: TV News First, Tina
Eurozone took another turn for P o r t u g u e s e B l u f f ? Greece and Portugal, but Ireland Fey and '30 Rock' gave us their
the worse as Portugal discusses a In spite of the inclusion of does have an offer of "help" from take on 'Survivor' with 'MILF
scenario in which it will abandon Portugal as the "P" in "PIIGS" the IMF. Meanwhile I ask (and Island.' Now, they're taking on the
the Euro. The Wall Street Journal (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, answer) the question Can the IMF hottest reality franchise on cable
reports Portugal Foreign Minister Spain), the article makes a case "Help" Anyone? right now: 'The Real Housewives.'
Warns of Euro Exit A Portuguese that Portugal is not in any real The answer might be different According to TV Guide, Angie
government minister openly trouble with property bubbles, than you think. Give it a look if Jordan (Sherri Shepherd) gets cast
speculated over the weekend that e x c e s s i v e D e b t - t o - G D P , o r you have not yet done so. in a 'Real Housewives'-esque
his country's economic frailties u n e m p l o y m e n t . Mike "Mish" Shedlock series that puts cameras on Tracy
could lead to its expulsion from Portugal did have weak growth h t t p : / / (Tracy Morgan) 24/7. What's this
the euro zone, underscoring the for a decade, however, it managed globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. do to him? "Having the cameras
growing fear in Europe that the to avoid the massive problems com around forces Tracy to act on
continent's debt woes may force that befell Ireland, Greece, and Click Here To Scroll better behavior,"'30 Rock' Look for this gem next summer. [
leaders to restructure the currency Spain. Thru My Recent Post List Mike executive producer Robert Hollywood Reporter]
bloc. I suspect this threat is a bluff, but "Mish" Shedlock is a registered Carlock told TV Guide. o.'Party Down' star Lizzy Caplan
I n a n i n t e r v i e w w i t h t h e if so, it's a poorly-timed maneuver investment advisor representative Look for a potential appearance will guest star on Matthew Perry's
Portuguese weekly Expresso that is certain to heighten tensions for SitkaPacific Capital from Bravo's Andy Cohen. "Tina 'Mr. Sunshine.' Look for the
published Saturday, Foreign in the Eurozone. Management. Sitka Pacific is an certainly enjoys him and we have effortlessly funny Caplan to have
Affairs Minister Luis Amado said Even if higher ranking officials asset management firm whose joked about having him on," a fling with Perry's character,
Portugal faces "a scenario of exit attempt to downplay the Foreign goal is strong performance and Carlock said. "Maybe we will." Ben, and then show up as his
from the euro zone" if it fails to Affairs Minister's statements low volatility, regardless of In other TV news ... boss' new assistant. [ Deadline
tackle its economic challenges. (something I quickly expect), the market direction. Visit http:// o. It's official, NBC has greenlit Hollywood]
"There has to be an effort by all uncertainly may cause lasting its 'Survivor'-meets-'The Bachelor' o. Disney is creating a plan for
p o l i t i c a l g r o u p s , b y t h e damage. account_management.html to dating show.'Love in the Wild' 'Sonny With a Chance' in case
institutions, to understand the Deep Denial in Eurozone learn more about wealth will pair up 20 men and women they must film without Demi
gravity of the situation we're Note that Greece is still in management and capital and force them to compete in Lovato. The network will focus
facing," he said. massive denial about its recovery preservation strategies of Sitka emotional and physical 'Sonny' on the fictional show 'So
Portugal is now the front line of plans. See International "Extend- Pacific. challenges. At the end of day, Random!' when shooting begins
the sovereign-debt crisis that and-Pretend" - Greece Needs IMF some couples will receive in January. [ E! Online]
already has claimed Greece and Extension for renewed concerns romantic treats and then decide if Permalink| Email this| Linking
threatens Ireland, economists say. about Greece. they want to continue with the Blogs| Comments
If economic weakness is sufficient In the European bond market partner or switch to a new one.
36 Economy/ TV/ E-reader News Edition

Is The Market Right To Ignore Today's Cheers & Jeers: Michael

Dismal Empire Manufacturing Survey? Rooker Finds New Life
Joe Weisenthal (Money Game)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:21:20 AM on The Walking Dead
Bruce Fretts (
The market has totally ignored Breaking News)
this morning's disastrous Empire
Manufacturing Survey, which Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:16:00 AM

showed a big collapse in new

orders. Michael Rooker and Robert
On the one hand, you don't want 'IronE' Singleton
to ignore dramatic reversals in the Cheers to Michael Rooker for
data, but there are some reasons to bringing another monster to life
think it's not that big of a deal. on The Walking Dead.
First of all, these regional Want more Cheers & Jeers?
economic surveys are notoriously Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine.
volatile, and New York isn't The terrifyingly talented
known for its manufacturing character actor may have seen his
economy. villainous Dale Lawson killed off
What's more, the survey consists in Burn Notice's midseason
of just 200 surveys sent out on this). plans... at all. opener, but he's surviving on
November 1 ( see here), and only Also bear in mind, that of this We get Philly Manufacturing on AMC's shocker (so far) as Merle
about half are ever returned, and ~100 respondents the percentage Thursday, which might help Dixon, a vicious racist who was
that's in 10 days. who saw lower sales went from confirm or reject Empire, but for handcuffed to a pipe on a rooftop Do you think Michael Rooker's
So we're talking about 100 22.7 to 38.6, so we could be now it's not absurd that markets while brain-eating zombies closed killing it on The Walking Dead?
respondents over 10 days in New talking as few as 14 executives. are dismissing this. in on him — and apparently Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine
York. Not a massive sample size Beyond that, as we noted earlier, Now click here to see the full escaped by cutting off his own now!
by any stretch (and yes, we know the medium-term business details of the survey > hand. And you thought James This entry passed through the
that's how it's ALWAYS done outlook among respondents Join the conversation about this Franco had it tough in 127 Hours! Full-Text RSS service — if this is
with this survey, but the shocking responded a lot. So whatever sales story » Rooker's no stranger to horror: your content and you're reading it
number and the fact that the decline they saw did not prompt He made his chilling big-screen on someone else's site, please read
market is ignoring the number is them to ratchet down debut in the title role of 1986's our FAQ page at
what prompted us to look into expectations, or even hiring Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, content-only/faq.php
and to quote his Five Filters featured article:
biography, "much of his career Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
has been spent playing brutes, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
villains and psychopaths." But Catastrophe.
Dixon may be his most
frightening creation yet. Give that
man a hand!
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 37

Designer Visions: Steven Gambrel for Town & Country

Habitually Chic (Habitually area in the living room. The lamp been draped in Bergamo fabric
Chic®) is by Adnet and the paintings are Simonetta.
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:32:33 AM all from the 1950's. This room was designed to sleep
Steven didn't see the couple as and relax which would include
The third apartment at The Setai the type to lounge about in a watching the flat screen
f o r D e s i g n e r V i s i o n s w a s traditional living room so he television. The artwork in the
designed by Steven Gambrel for designed two custom tables to room is also from the Dennis
Town & Country magazine. It create a space to work, dine, play, Hopper estate collection to be
has just been published in the and study art. sold at Christies.
December issue if you want to All of the designers used easels There was a matching chair to
read more about it. As you know, in their spaces to display art this this one in the library. One is
all the spaces were inspired by a year. You'll notice in the Town & original and one is a copy that
film set in New York and Steven Country spread there are framed Steven had made to match.
chose Six Degrees of Separation. glass art around the perimeter of This suite style of bedroom is
The husband of the couple, Ouisa the room to soften the windows. great inspiration for those with
and Flan Kittredge, was an art They were removed around the large master bedrooms or even a
dealer and Steven imagined how time of my tour for safe keeping studio apartment.
their life would have unfolded during an event. The cabinet opens to reveal the The easel holds a special screen The gorgeous 1940's Italian
since the film debuted in 1993. As I mentioned, Steven custom initials of the craftsman as well as t h a t c a n b e u s e d t o w a t c h mirror and dresser are from Bernd
He imagined that they would have designed the sawhorse tables in the date it was created. television or movies and also play Goeckler.
sold their pre-war apartment on this newly imagined living room. The kitchen can be closed off games. The soothing wall color is Pale
the Upper East Side after their They are covered with Italian with draperies of beautiful The bulletin board in the Gray by Ralph Lauren Paint.
children moved out and moved to marble papers that were coated to Bergamo fabric. If you entertain, Kittredge apartment organizes You can see in this photo that the
t h i s m o d e r n a p a r t m e n t i n make them impenetrable. I need it's nice to be able to hide the invitations and art opening bathroom is open to the bedroom.
Midtown. It would be a mid point to find out who fabricated them kitchen especially if you have announcements and could easily You can close the doors but
between the artwork uptown and because they are perfect for hired a catering staff. be replicated for your own home. Steven also hid the opening with
the galleries downtown and a families with children! I an an uptown girl but I might be The small powder room was the curtains. You could always
perfect place to entertain. I love the abstract artwork that tempted to move to Midtown to painted in Ranchitos Red from leave it open and admire the view
I know everyone is going to ask perfectly coordinates with the enjoy this view! Steven said he Ralph Lauren Paint. The photo is while you're taking a bath!
about the fabulous blue color of wall color. capitalized on the "amazing of Dennis Hopper and is part of Don't forget you can see more of
the walls and it is Blue Agave I might have just done one table western views at sunset" by his estate collection that will be this apartment by Steven Gambrel
from Ralph Lauren Paints. It instead of two to allow for more painting the walls of the library sold at Christies in January. in the December issue of Town &
reminds me of the color of seating but as you'll see later, the "exuberant" Bitter Orange The master bedroom fabrics Country!
Steven's own living room. there is a seating area in the from Ralph Lauren Paint. soften what could have been a Photos by Heather Clawson for
Steven Gambrel designed the master bedroom. I love the draperies that soften cold room. Habitually Chic and courtesy of
banquettes in Donghia Ginger silk You definitely can't entertain the room in Pallas by Bergamo. Even the bedside tables have Hearst
mohair that are the main seating without a bar!
38 Culture/ Products/ E-reader News Edition

Mind-Blowing Brain Images From Walmart's Black Friday

Then and Now ad leaked: $200 LCD TV,
Betsy Mason (Wired Top
favorite images from the book on
the following pages.
Above: Human Skull Inscribed
$500 plasma set
Submitted at 11/15/2010 6:00:00 AM
James Willcox (Consumer items it sells via,
by a Phrenologist Reports)
The brain is an endlessly According to the now-discredited including TVs, which have been a
fascinating topic for those who theory of phrenology, bumps on Submitted at 11/15/2010 8:38:07 AM big part of Walmart's early Black
have one. And being a visual the skull betray the volume of the Friday promotions.
species, we humans are especially Walmart's Black Friday ad We were first notified of the
brain areas beneath each one,
attracted to images of this leaked: $200 LCD TV, $500 W a l m a r t a d b y
granting insight into a subject’s
intriguing organ. The combination plasma set, which
cognitive or moral strengths and
of beauty and scientific value in Walmart's Black Friday ad has has a scan of the leaked ad (just
both modern and antique brain been been leaked on several sites, click the camera icon to see the
Image: Anonymous, 19th
imagery is hard to rival. and as we expected, TV deals actual scan). Later this week, we'll
century. Photograph by Eszter
As a science journalist, I have feature prominently in the be comparing prices for the Black
Blahak/Semmelweis Museum.
had countless opportunities to retailer's Black Friday Friday deals we're seeing, so stay
Win a Free Copy of Portraits of
view, study and appreciate promotions. tuned for that update.
the Mind
pictures of the brain, but often today. The mix of history, science Many of the deals are on LCD —James K. Willcox Next Steps and publisher Abrams
they still astound me. And the and art is terrific. sets from lesser-known brands, • TV Buying Advice:
are teaming up to give away one
collection of images in the new One of our own science bloggers, such Emerson($198 720p LCD • Types of TVs|
free copy of Portraits of the Mind:
book Portraits of the Mind is truly Jonah Lehrer, wrote the forward TV, and a $398 1080p LCD), • TV Features|
Visualizing the Brain from
impressive. Many of the them to the book and had this to say Element(a $799 55-inch LCD set) • TV Brands
Antiquity to the 21st Century,
have never been seen by the about the appeal of the images: and Sansui(a 19-inch 720p LCD
retail $35.
public before. It is not an accident. There is a for $98). The retailer's sole All TV Ratings Subscribers can
To enter the contest, share your
Bringing together the range of grand tradition of scientists plasma TV in the listing is a $498 view and compare all TV Ratings.
thoughts on these images in the
imaging techniques that produce making art out of human anatomy, 50-inch plasma from Sanyo, a Recommended TVs Look at the
comments below. One randomly
these pictures gives the reader a from the comic grotesqueries of brand that's recently done well in ones that we chose as the best of
selected winner will be notified
new appreciation of both the Vesalius to the exquisite drawings the CR TV Ratings(available to the best. Subscribe now!
by e-mail. Deadline is 12:01 a.m.
incredible amount of knowledge of Cajal. The twenty-first century subscribers). S u b s c r i b e t o
Pacific time, Nov. 17, 2010.
we've accumulated about the is no exception. Just because these But the store's Black Friday sale for expert
Contest open to U.S. residents
brain, and the enormous — often images depend on expensive is also featuring several TVs from Ratings, buying advice and
still mysterious — complexity of machines doesn't mean the major brands, including Samsung, reliability on hundreds of
See Also:
it. scientist has become a passive Sony, and Vizio. And bear in products. Update your feed
This entry passed through the
Written by Carl Schoonover, a observer, or no longer thinks mind that Walmart will offer free preferences
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
doctoral student in neurobiology about the aesthetics. Keats knew shipping—with no minimum
your content and you're reading it
at Columbia University who that truth exists in a tangled purchase—on most of the 60,000
on someone else's site, please read
majored in philosophy as an relationship with beauty, and our FAQ page at
undergrad, the book contains both nothing illustrates that poetic content-only/faq.php
scientific details about the brain concept better than these scientific Five Filters featured article:
and broader thinking about the images. Their empirical power is Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
mind, as it traces our entwined with their visual Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
understanding of these topics majesty. Catastrophe.
from the eleventh century to See for yourself with some of my
E-reader News Edition Culture/ Sports/ 39

Nov. 15, 1864: Sherman's March to the Lane Kiffin grievance vs.
Sea Changes Tactical Warfare Oakland Raiders denied
Tony Long (Wired Top Stories)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 6:00:00 AM by NFL arbitrator issue. Civilians, who helped
produce the means for waging
modern war, would no longer be Bill Williamson ( among the league's coaches.
1864: Union troops under Maj. considered innocent
Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman noncombatants. Hitting the enemy Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:44:17 AM Davis claimed Kiffin made
burn the heart of Atlanta to the where he ate and breaking him comments against the
ground and begin their March to Updated: November 15, 2010, organization, which he considered
psychologically were just as
the Sea. By the time they’re done, 11:44 AM ET a violation of his three-year, $6
important to victory as
the tactics of warfare will be Lane Kiffin's two-year-old million contract. Most NFL
vanquishing his armies in the
changed forever. grievance seeking unpaid salary coaching contracts are guaranteed.
After driving the Confederates he felt he was owed after being Kiffin was hired before this
Sherman grasped this and, though
out of Atlanta, Sherman entered fired by the Oakland Raiders has season to coach the USC Trojans
he wasn’t the first military
the city in early September and been denied by an NFL arbitrator, after serving a season in the same
proponent of total war, he was the
remained until Nov. 15. Sparing a source familiar with the position for the Tennessee
first modern commander to
only the churches, courthouse and situation said Monday. Volunteers.
deliberately strike at the enemy’s
the city’s private residences, The Raiders' countergrievance for Bill Williamson covers the AFC
infrastructure. The scorched-earth
Sherman’s troops cut the lawyer and arbitration fees was West for Information
tactics were effective. The fragile
telegraph wires and burned also denied, the source said. from senior writer
Southern economy collapsed, and
everything else of consequence: first Southern state to secede from a once-stout rebel army was Kiffin's grievance was filed John Clayton was used in this
w a r e h o u s e s , t r a i n d e p o t s , the Union — was even worse than irretrievably broken. t h r o u g h t h e N F L C o a c h e s report.
factories. it had been in Georgia. Association. He had been seeking This entry passed through the
Meanwhile, the marshals of
Then the army set off, four corps Vengeance aside, the real E u r o p e w a t c h e d S h e r m a n ’ s about $2.6 million. Raiders owner Full-Text RSS service — if this is
divided into two columns, on its objective of Sherman’s march was progress with fascination. And Al Davis fired Kiffin on Sept. 30, your content and you're reading it
march to the sea. to cut the Confederacy in two, they learned. 2008, after the Raiders' fourth on someone else's site, please read
I n a 6 2 - d a y c a m p a i g n o f c r i p p l e S o u t h e r n i n d u s t r i a l Source: Various game of the season "for cause." our FAQ page at
destruction, the 62,000-man capacity, destroy the railroad Photo: Gen. William Tecumseh The Raiders were 1-3 under content-only/faq.php
Union force cut a ruinous, 60-mile system and compel an early Sherman Kiffin that season. He was 5-15 Five Filters featured article:
-wide swath through Georgia: Confederate surrender. It was also Bettmann/Corbis overall. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
tearing up railroads, firing intended to break Southern morale This article first appeared on The source said that because it Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
factories, destroying bridges, — in Sherman’s words, to “make Nov. 15, 2007. was such an unusual case, the Catastrophe.
burning plantations, seizing Georgia howl.” ruling shouldn't raise concern
See Also:
livestock and freeing slaves. The Sherman was vilified for his This entry passed through the
army lived off the land, sacking b a r b a r i s m , b u t t h e U n i o n Full-Text RSS service — if this is
the unfortunate homesteads and commander was a realist, not a your content and you're reading it
plantations that lay along the line romantic. He understood — as on someone else's site, please read
of march. few of his contemporaries seemed our FAQ page at
After Savannah fell Dec. 22, t o — t h a t t e c h n o l o g y a n d content-only/faq.php
Sherman paused only long enough industrialization were radically Five Filters featured article:
to secure the seaport before changing the nature of warfare. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
swinging north into the Carolinas. It was no longer a question of Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
The destruction wrought by the independent armies meeting on Catastrophe.
Federals in South Carolina — the remote battlefields to settle the
40 Culture/ Gaming/ E-reader News Edition

Baldur's Gate 2
Complete now
available from GOG
JC Fletcher (Joystiq)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:30:00 AM

If you've been picking up the

major releases from Good Old
Games over the last couple of
months, you're probably set in
terms of gaming for the next ...
forever. Baldur's Gate, Master of
Orion, Neverwinter Nights
Diamond, Icewind Dale 2, and the
rest add up to approximately way
too many hours of gameplay.
And now GOG has announced
the final game from its Atari-
FotoWeek DC 2010 Winners (21 photos) Hasbro deal: Baldur's Gate 2
Complete, containing both
alice (Featured Blog Posts - My that includes collectors, museum Travel - 1st Place Winner Baldur's Gate 2 and the
Modern Metropolis) curators, dealers and artists. Val Proudkii Aziz Yazdani expansion, Throne of Bhaal. It's
Submitted at 11/14/2010 4:30:00 PM Though the festivities just ended Travel 2nd Place Commercial - 3rd Place: Series of available DRM-free for ten bucks,
yesterday, you can enjoy some of Sharon Guynup 6 on PC only. Mac owners are free
Commercial - 3rd Place: Series of the winning shots right here. Travel - 3rd Place Pete McBride to live productive lives -- unless
6, Pete McBride (Learn more about this event at Charles Fritsch Mobile Phone - 1st Place they boot into Windows.
Started in 2008, Fotoweek DC is CNN or The Washington Post.) Travel - Student Winner Edward Hoover Baldur's Gate 2 Complete now
an annual celebration about the Photo Journalism - 2nd Place: James McDonough Fine Art - 3rd Place available from GOG originally
transformative power of Series of 6 Travel - Student Winner Jessica Hines appeared on Joystiq on Mon, 15
photography. It's a week-long Alex Masi Roberto Coquis People's Choice: Extraordinary Nov 2010 11:30:00 EST. Please
series of shows at galleries and Photo Journalism - 2nd Place Contemporary Life - 3rd Place Odds, Winner see our terms for use of feeds.
museums in and around Arif Ali Val Proudkii Jon Vidar Permalink| Email this| Comments
Washington DC that's centered Fine Art - 1st Place Environmental Conservation - FotoWeek DC
around photography. At the heart Richard Silver 2nd Place: Series of 6
of it, it's also an international Fine Art - 1st Place: Series of 5 Steve Winter
competition juried by a a panel SERLI Contemporary Life - Student
E-reader News Edition TV/ 41

Ask Matt: Terriers, Community, Glee, CSI: Miami, Chuck and

Matt Roush ( of a show to market and promote, bottling up all season. It was
Breaking News) and even now, it takes some brilliant. Let's just say it's not
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:12:00 AM explaining to get across just how damning with faint praise by
entertaining — and devastating — saying it's by far my favorite NBC
Donal Logue this show can be. It's not just a comedy of the moment (random
S e n d q u e s t i o n s t o buddy romp and it's never merely genius bits of the increasingly a c a p e r - o f - t h e - w e e k s h o w . uneven 30 Rock aside).
and follow me on Twitter! Character-driven hardly begins to Question: Earlier this year, TV
Question: Couldn't agree with describe a show that's original yet Guide reported that a new
you more regarding Terriers. This accessible, amusing without being Christian character would be
has fast become one of my silly, suspenseful and violent introduced to the Glee cast. Since
favorite shows. The problem is without being gratuitous or then, I've been eagerly awaiting
that the show is not the show that exploitative, and always deeply this new addition, and looking
the promotions (what little there human. It's the nicest surprise of forward to the perspective a
was) showed us. I could have the fall season. I just wish more devout Christian character might
d o n e w i t h o u t t h e " q u i r k y people would find and embrace it. bring. But I have not heard any
detectives on the beach" show in But regarding a rescue from further news. Did the producers
the promos, but this show is no DirecTV or any other corner, I change their minds? Or is
more about private detectives than find that possibility highly left, with the season finale airing willing to enjoy all of these wacky Mercedes now supposed to be the
Friday Night Lights is about unlikely, in part because the show Dec. 1.) It's pretty rare, though not adventures, no matter how far-out Christian representative? —
football. Virtually every scene has flown so far under the radar, unheard of (see Caprica), for a they might get, because I enjoy Shannon
with Hank Dolworth and his sister for whatever reason. cable network to pull a show the characters and writing so Matt Roush: You're on to
(played by Donal Logue and HIS But the show has generated a fair before it concludes its original much. — Seth something, that the point-of-view
sister!) was heartbreaking. Is it amount of mail lately, including run. Can't say how long we'll have Matt Roush: Another underdog represented by Mercedes (and
too early to contact DirecTV with this question from Michael:" I am to wait for word of a renewal. worth cheering. I'm having a ball taking us to her congregation) in
a candidate for the 101 Network? happy Terriers is still on FX, and Whichever way FX goes with this with Community this season. It is the "Grilled Cheesus" episode —
— Rick would just like to know if it will one, it won't be an easy call. i n t e n s e l y a b s u r d a n d o f t e n and the episode itself, dwelling so
Matt Roush: Let's hope it doesn't be played out entirely through the W a n t m o r e M a t t R o u s h ? berserk, which isn't always the pointedly on matters of faith —
come to that. Yet. I'm hoping FX first season, and how long before Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine same as funny (see Running may have satisfied the producers'
will decide to give this show a we know if it's renewed for a now! Wilde), but more often than not, ambitions for now when it comes
second season and a second second season? And my biggest Question: What do you think I'm laughing out loud because of t o b r i n g i n g a s p e c i f i c a l l y
chance. There's been quite a bit of question is how long before we about this season of Community the strength of the writing and the Christian (or overtly religious)
fan and critical buzz swelling find out if Britt is the Baby Daddy and its shift into more absurd specificity of these hilarious nut- element to the show. For now,
lately which could work in its or not???" storylines, at least during these job characters. Is it indulgent? there doesn't seem to be any
favor. In fact, Terriers seems to be Let's wait and see on that last early episodes? Personally, I've S u r e . B u t t h a n k f u l l y , y o u r concrete plans to bring such a
getting more fuss, at least in my question. (No spoilers here.) But loved this season so far, even if question came in just as I was character on board after all.
corner of the world, than Sons of the good news about a show like my (probably unrealistic) hopes marveling over last week's Which doesn't mean they won't.
Anarchy these days (although, this airing on a network like FX is on the Jeff/Annie front were e p i s o d e ( " C o o p e r a t i v e But the episode did make it pretty
sadly, nowhere near the ratings). that regardless of ratings, we're dashed. (Yeah, I'm a shipper. Calligraphy"), which uses its clear which characters were of
But you've hit on a major problem almost always likely to see as Don't judge me.) While a part of wacky premise to strip down and what faith and how strongly they
where Terriers is concerned: many episodes as are initially me sort of hopes that the episodes lay bare many of the conflicts and ASK page 42
Perception. It was clearly a devil ordered. (There are three more will get more grounded later, I'm quirks these characters have been
42 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 41

held (or didn't) their beliefs. likely to try to stay tuned to a put it mildly (which Hope never way or the other, but we may not which I agree is a very good
Question: Can you please tell me show like Miami, and that's a win does), and I have been both get a clear read until CBS begins thing. There is apparently one
why in the world did CBS put for CBS. Putting a loser show tickled and appalled by the Maw plotting its summer strategy. And movie already in the can,
CSI: Miami on Sunday nights? I there (not that CBS has many of Maw character at various times. I midseason comes first. Innocence Lost, awaiting an air
look forward to this show every those) makes no sense whatsoever would agree the way she was used Question: Do you think that the date — CBS has no regular TV-
week. Football went over last for the bottom line. in the Halloween episode was one Chuck writers named Timothy movie slot, so be patient — and
Sunday so they didn't even show To address the question of why of the show's more tone-deaf Dalton's pre-reveal character last summer, Selleck indicated a
it. I think it is terrible what they CSI: Miami drew the short straw: moments, but I especially enjoy Tuttle as an homage to the classic script was being developed for yet
did. CBS needs to move it back to The answer has less to do with the the bits where Maw Maw is 1 st-season M*A*S*H episode another movie, so there's
a weeknight. It is almost like CBS show itself than with the temporarily lucid and still comes Tuttle, where Hawkeye creates a definitely more to come. Just can't
wants to cancel it. All the CSI's network's desire to open up the off as crazy as the rest of the fictional captain in order to get say when or with what frequency,
are great and CSI: Miami is one Monday time period with a new family. If I thought for any reason supplies to Korean orphans? It now that the star is tied up in what
of the best. They need to put show and try to create a new hit that Cloris Leachman wasn't in on was sticking in my head during looks to be a long-running new hit
something on after football that for CBS. Which, more or less, is the joke and enjoying herself the hour, and then when Dalton series.
nobody cares about. — Susan what happened. (Ditto with immensely playing this character, says, "there is no Tuttle," it finally Question: The problem with
Matt Roush: We've tackled this moving CSI: NY to Friday to I might be more offended myself. clicked with me. — Al Outlaw was simple, and I can't
issue before, but I figured it launch The Defenders on As it is, I'm still getting a huge Matt Roush: Great catch! Can't understand why no one has seen it
would come up again — Wednesday.) The industry kick out of the show — it's just imagine this being a mere yet. THE SHOW WAS NOT
vociferously — given the extreme generally sees these as bold about the only new network series coincidence. Makes me enjoy the ORIGINAL! Yes, that's right. If
situation of last Sunday, when an moves that look to the network's that has popped for me at all this whole situation even more. you watch the pilot, it's easy to
hour-plus football overrun caused future as opposed to staying fall — and trying not to feel too Thanks for sharing. see that, after accounting for a
CBS to pull the show entirely complacent with long-running ashamed of myself the morning Question: Is the (deserved) change in character names and
from the Eastern and Central time shows that don't pack the heat after. success of Tom Selleck's Blue locale, this show was a rewrite of
zones. (Ironically, the following they used to. Question: Do you know if Bloods the death knell for the Shark, which ran for only two
week CBS didn't carry the late- Question: I'm terribly Flashpoint(on CBS) will be Jesse Stone TV-movie franchise? seasons on CBS. I'm pretty certain
afternoon game and, blissfully, disappointed in the way Cloris renewed for a season 3? If so, It seems unlikely that CBS would that it was even pitched this way
the prime-time lineup went on Leachman is used in Raising WHEN will it air? I love that endorse Selleck, whose series to NBC executives. The network
uninterrupted.) While CSI: Miami Hope. She is such a brilliant actor, show — IMO it has a lot of heart character is so far rather squared could have moved it to another
fans have every right to be and her recurring role in Malcolm — and it's different from other away, continuing to appear (semi- night before deciding to kill it,
annoyed by this — I was as well in the Middle used her talents to cop shows. As such, I hope it'll be )regularly on their schedule as the since Shark lasted two years with
that Sunday, as the reality-TV great advantage. However, having back. — Hannah distinctly un-squared away, basically the same premise. But
angle made it an episode I was her perform as an old person in Matt Roush: Again, a subject that fascinatingly flawed Chief Stone. NBC needs hits, so it's either
curious to see for myself — there the depths of dementia is not comes up with some frequency. It would be a great loss, since stand and deliver, or face
is a very peculiar logic in funny. Where's the humor in As of now, CBS has yet to make Selleck has often professed his execution. — Richard
suggesting CBS should put a having her character sit under a an announcement regarding the devotion to continuing and even Matt Roush: Some might argue
show "nobody cares about" in the table with chocolate drooling out show's return. If the network does expanding the movie series, and (OK, I will) that the execution of
10/et slot, which is of her mouth? Shame on the pick up more episodes, it will he has steered the franchise's the insipid Outlaw also led to its
unquestionably the most producers for wasting Cloris' almost certainly air (as usual) as a stories and tone with admirable execution. But there's no question
vulnerable hour when football talent and for making light of a summer replacement series, in loyalty to Robert Parker since his the show was derivative as well,
goes way long. From CBS' point tragic life condition. — Bob part because the network is doing passing. — Randall and Shark was just the most
of view, it makes more sense — Matt Roush: Nothing is more so well with its current regular- Matt Roush: Given the success of obvious of its forerunners. A
and makes affiliates happy — to subjective than what is funny and season lineup that it doesn't really Blue Bloods, it's in CBS' best flamboyant maverick taking on
put a show viewers do care about what is tasteless in comedy that need much in the way of interests to keep Tom Selleck hot-button cases with a team of
in that time period. Even with the plays to the extremes. Raising fallbacks. Wish I could tell you happy. And that includes keeping ASK page 43
overruns, die-hard fans are more Hope is not a polite comedy, to when CBS will make a call one the Jesse Stone franchise alive,
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earnest and/or feisty associates? Sherlock, matched at every step new characters of long-running time, neither new character
$25 Holiday
Yeah, I've seen that a few times in
my years on the job. And almost
by Martin Freeman as his long-
suffering Dr. Watson. Easily one
series be shoved down our
throats? Or is it actually possible
annoys me to the point where it's
getting in my way of enjoying the Pantry
always done better than this one. of my favorite shows of 2010. to create interesting fleshed-out show, and Jackson in particular is (Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)
Questin: I have thoroughly Questin: In your November 8 characters that are truly brought in growing on me because of his
enjoyed the three episodes of the Ask Matt column, the topic of the slowly? With the exception of current insecurities. (April still With our lightened recipes for
new Sherlock on Masterpiece new characters on Grey's fascinating guest stars who comes off as awfully shrill much home-baked sweets, you'll feel
Mystery. The talent of the two Anatomy(April and Avery) was became regulars, most of my of the time.) But to be honest, great about treating your guests
lead actors playing Sherlock and discussed. The reader seemed to favorite "non-original" characters both have had it pretty easy (and yourself) to some guilt-free
Dr. Watson make the show more be really annoyed by two started like April and Avery: compared to the fan vitriol that goodies. If you already have the
than just another crime-solving characters who, as you pointed supporting players who eventually assaulted Kim Raver's Teddy basicssugar, milk, eggs, butter,
series but a real gem in terms of out, are not really fleshed out. I became more dynamic (or if they Altman when she arrived on the baking powder/soda, cream of
the heart and humor of this find it weird that the fans can be didn't, they faded away). For scene. tartar, vanilla extract, cake and all
fantastic new take on a beloved so annoyed by two characters that example, on Lost Juliet was very That's all for now. Keep sending -purpose flours, spices, and so
literary figure. Do you know if have really not pulled much focus peripheral for some time, and I in those questions to onyou're in good shape. For $25,
there are more of these Sherlock from our core group. It's because didn't really care one way or the, add a few key ingredients that
stories in the works and if we will he's not well developed (and, I other until a season or two of slow and in the meantime, follow me expand your options for delicious
get them here in the States on admit, pretty) that I LIKE Avery. development. But by the end I on Twitter! holiday treats. Remember, a well-
Masterpiece Mystery? I look I feel like the writers are taking was crying to see her go! I guess I Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine prepared host is a happy one.
forward to seeing more of this their time establishing him (and just want to say that while I don't now! Shopping List:
modern Sherlock and Watson. — now April, who was missing for a need these characters to anchor This entry passed through the Walnuts $4.49
JG good chunk of last season) as part story anytime in the near future, Full-Text RSS service — if this is Pecans $2.99
Matt Roush: There will definitely of this group. They weren't instant I'm happy to have them around your content and you're reading it Oatmeal $2.65
be a second batch of Sherlock friends last year, and yes the and to see what happens. — on someone else's site, please read Flaked sweetened coconut $2.19
movies, and I would look for trauma has brought them all Kathryn our FAQ page at Unsweetened baking chocolate
them in the next season of closer, but other than them Matt Roush: Some very good content-only/faq.php $2.39
Masterpiece Mystery! in 2011. moving into Meredith's (which points here, and an infinitely Five Filters featured article: Semisweet chocolate baking
(Too early to suggest a ballpark did feel forced) I feel like they are reasonable approach to continuing Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- chips $1.79
air date.) I bring this up again to slowly being weaved into the to enjoy this particular show, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Unsweetened cocoa powder
cushion the blow that there were fabric of the show. They remind which is having a strong season so Catastrophe. $2.79
only three movies in the delightful me of Alex in the first season or far. (Though I am now beginning Seedless raspberry jam $4.99
first series, and they've all already so: more or less on the fringe of to worry that they're playing out Total: $24.28
aired. But it also gives me an the group, but the occasional fact the Cristina breakdown a bit too Next Raspberry Linzer
excuse to once again mention or characteristic is presented so as long. The teaser for this week's Windowpane Cookies
Benedict Cumberbatch (Best. to build story later. episode — SPOILER ALERT — This entry passed through the
Name. Ever.), who was pure Okay, but my REAL observation that showed her tending bar was Full-Text RSS service — if this is
magic as the 21 st-century is: Would the "fans" rather have not promising.) As I noted last your content and you're reading it
on someone else's site, please read
our FAQ page at
Five Filters featured article:
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
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Survey: Americans want better fuel efficiency--but don’t want to

pay extra for it
Consumer Reports Shopping among them, 82 percent indicated simply to reduce their fuel costs. garner more than a one-percent
Blog (Consumer Reports) that lower fuel costs are a However, 59 percent listed a share. Which automaker builds
Submitted at 11/15/2010 7:59:59 AM motivating factor. The second lower purchase price as a reason the greenest cars: Toyota 29%
highest share, 59 percent, named a for choosing a more fuel-efficient Ford 12% Honda 12% Chevrolet
Survey: Americans want better lower purchase price as a reason car, recognizing that many fuel- 4% GMC trucks 2%
fuel efficiency--but don’t want to for choosing a car with better fuel efficient cars are smaller and less Overall, Americans’ opinions
pay extra for it economy. expensive to buy. Fifty-five about fuel economy haven’t
Most U.S. car owners want to Taking the pulse of American percent said they just wanted to be changed much in recent years.
cut the nation’s oil consumption motorists on fuel economy issues, “environmentally friendly or Their pocketbooks still seem to be
and dependence on foreign oil. the Consumer Reports National percent of respondents support a green.” And just over half (51 driving their interest in more fuel-
But few are willing to pay more Research Center conducted 1,713 gas-guzzler tax. Just 14 percent of percent) cited the desire to reduce efficient cars, though there is
f o r a f u e l - e f f i c i e n t o r random, nationwide telephone interviewees would support an the United States’ dependence on strong support for a significant
environmentally friendly car. interviews of adult car owners. increase in the gas tax or foreign oil. government push to reduce the
Those are some of the findings of A majority of survey respondents imposing a new tax on miles Just four percent of respondents nation’s dependence on
a new survey by the Consumer want the government to take the driven. When we asked about said they expect their next vehicle petroleum. Still, even when
R e p o r t s N a t i o n a l R e s e a r c h lead in cutting the nation’s oil use levying a tax on oil companies to be less fuel efficient. They had consumers can expect to save on
Center. and increasing fuel economy: 79 based on the amount of fuel they a variety of reasons, mainly fuel costs, purchase price remains
Nearly 80 percent of survey percent would support increased produced, just under half the related to their lifestyle needs, very important.
respondents said they would government investment in public respondents agreed. including carrying more Next up, we’ll take look at
“strongly support” or “somewhat transportation, plus funding Fuel economy is a high priority passengers, towing, and needing further survey findings that reveal
support” a national goal of r e s e a r c h a n d i n f r a s t r u c t u r e Among survey participants, 80 more cargo space. American drivers’ interest in
reducing oil consumption. And development for alternative-fuel percent listed fuel economy as an The median fuel economy our alternative-fuel vehicles.
more than 70 percent said they vehicles; about three quarters important factor in choosing their respondents reported for their — Eric Evarts
w o u l d s u p p o r t i n c r e a s e d would favor increasing tax rebates next vehicle, and 40 percent listed current vehicle was 24 mpg. See our guide to fuel economy
government funding for measures for consumers on fuel-efficient it among the top three most “Greenest” automakers for advice on saving gasoline.
aimed at achieving that goal. Still, vehicles and alternative-fuel important factors. The most By far, the most respondents, 29 Learn about future technologies
94 percent named a high purchase vehicles; 72 percent favor funding important considerations overall percent, feel Toyota builds the in our guide to alternative fuels.
price as a deterrent to choosing an development of walking/biking were: Quality 88% Safety 86% greenest cars—a sentiment Subscribe now!
“environmentally friendly or communities; and 7 in 10 favor Price 86% Value 82% Fuel consistent with our annual Brand S u b s c r i b e t o
green” vehicle. the government’s main strategy economy 80% Performance 79% Perception Survey. This trend was for expert
It is clear from the survey that today of raising fuel economy When it comes to personal especially notable among Ratings, buying advice and
personal economics are driving requirements for automakers. choices, 63 percent of vehicle wealthier respondents (with reliability on hundreds of
purchase considerations. Thinking But while our respondents were owners said they expect to choose household incomes over $50,000) products. Update your feed
about their next new car, nearly supportive of government efforts a more fuel-efficient car next and those living in the West, and preferences
t w o - t h i r d s ( 6 3 p e r c e n t ) o f to spend tax dollars, they were time. Some of the reasons were less true among older respondents
respondents expect to choose a much more reluctant to spend surprising. (55 and older). Ford and Honda
model with better fuel economy money on their own personal fuel Predictably, 82 percent aim were distant runners-up at 12
than their current vehicle, and economy improvements. Only 40 percent. Most car brands failed to
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Electronics shopping: Should you buy online or in a store?

Carol Mangis (Consumer major functions such as phone with such features as whether the return policies to make sure that
Reports) calls and messaging with one player offers video-streaming purchases can be returned or
Submitted at 11/15/2010 7:49:23 AM hand. Make a test call and access options, audio capabilities, and a exchanged for another model.
menu items. We've found that flat tuner; and especially, whether it's Computers: online is fine. In this
Electronics shopping: Should you or virtual keypads make dialing a Blu-ray or DVD player. From category, there's no contest. From
buy online or in a store? more difficult without looking. our Blu-ray and DVD Player our Computer Buying Guide:
If you're in the market to buy an Other call clunkers include keys Buying Guide: If you have an Shop at an online retailer. Our
electronics product this year—and that are small, oddly shaped, or HDTV, go for Blu-ray. It's worth subscriber surveys have found
our holiday shopping poll says 62 arranged in unusual patterns, it, in our opinion, to get the them generally superior to walk-in
percent of you plan to give a gift especially if you're trying to dial a check in-store: the set's viewing i m p r o v e d p i c t u r e q u a l i t y , stores for selection and price. You
from that category—it's plenty number in dim light. angle. especially as prices have dropped can also save money by using
early enough to think about TVs: online is fine. We've found Digital cameras: try before you to $130 and are likely to head coupon and forum sites.
buying online. For some products, that watching a TV in a store buy. As with phones, personal l o w e r . A B l u - r a y H D d i s c Check out our other buying
that's fine—but not for all. bears little resemblance to preference for size, controls, and contains more picture data than a guides, linked below, for major
Regardless of what you're watching it at home. It's best to do feel play a big role in choosing DVD, so images look more electronics categories. The
buying, you can often find better lots of research to find the right the right camera. From our detailed and lifelike. included shopping tips will guide
selection and prices online. And set for you. From our TV Buying Camera Buying Guide: The Headphones: try before you buy. you as to whether it's best to buy
many Web retailers scored very Guide: Our TV tests are based on smallest, lightest models aren't That's if you can get to them! online or to visit a store. If you're
high in our recent Ratings of settings that you would use at necessarily inexpensive cameras. Inexpensive headphones are often shopping online, keep yourself
places to buy major electronics home, with content that reveals And the biggest and heaviest packaged in blister packs that safe. And wherever you go, don't
and computers(Ratings available the strengths and weaknesses of a aren't necessarily found at the stores may be reluctant to let you be afraid to haggle—it really
to subscribers). But the hottest given set, so you can use our high end. If possible, try cameras open, but some stores have demo works.
products this year—tablets, smart R a t i n g s t o g e t a n a c c u r a t e at a store before you buy. That models you can listen to. You'll • Camcorder Buying Guide
phones, and 3D anything—are assessment of picture quality. It's way, you'll know which one fits want to hear the sound quality and • GPS Buying Guide
relatively unfamiliar. Many harder to judge TVs well for your hands best. In our tests, some make sure there's sufficient • Home Theater System Buying
b u y e r s w i l l b e n e f i t f r o m yourself in stores. That's because of the smallest didn't leave much volume for you. Also important is Guide
experiencing them first-hand. TVs are usually set to a Retail or room even for small fingers. how comfortable different models • MP3 Player Buying Guide
That's where brick-and-mortar Store mode, which pumps up We also warn of in-store sales a r e . F r o m o u r H e a d p h o n e s • Printer Buying Guide
stores hold the advantage. brightness and color to a level that pitches: It's not unusual to receive Buying Guide: Like speakers,
Cell phones: try before you buy. looks great under fluorescent misleading or even incorrect headphones might emphasize —Carol Mangis Subscribe now!
No matter how many reviews you lights. Also, retailers often display a d v i c e . G o i n a r m e d w i t h different parts of the audio S u b s c r i b e t o
read, there's nothing like holding a sports programs, which tend to knowledge of the basics, and spectrum. Sound quality can vary for expert
phone in your own hands. Is it have super-bright lighting and choose some specific models greatly between models and your Ratings, buying advice and
bulky or flimsy? Do you need a vivid colors that minimize any you'd like to try. preference will be highly reliability on hundreds of
physical keyboard? From our Cell flaws in the picture. Blu-ray and DVD players: online personal, so it's recommended that products. Update your feed
Phone Buying Guide: Make sure If you're buying an LCD TV, is fine. You're mainly concerned you try them before buying. preferences
that you can comfortably use most though, there is one thing you can Online shoppers should check out
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Pandigital Photolink One-Touch Photo Scanner

(Woot! - One Day, One Deal) washed, tight-rolled jeans were. card or PC • Output Format: JPEG with
Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:00:05 AM Do I really need a permanent • Saves scanned images directly compression (4:2:2)
electronic record to remind me? I to your SD card for quick and • Interface: Mini USB port
I Forgot To Remember To Delete already carry a silent burden of simple transfer to your Digital compatible with the USB 2.0
Let’s see… there was that time shame that I ever dated that Photo Frame or PC specification
my old boyfriend Frank took me creepy Jerry guy with the weird • Scans traditional print photos, • Feed System: Twin Roller
to watch lingerie football for my earwax problem and the extensive from wallet sized to 4”x 6” • Dimensions: 2 1/8” x 6 1/8” x 2
birthday. collection of History Channel • Scans and saves as 1800 x 1/4” (L x W x H)
There was that trip to Tijuana videos about Hitler’s war 1200, ultra-high resolution JPEG • Net weight: 0.5 lbs.
that I spent entirely in the machine. Must I also endure files • Power (AC Adapter): Input:
bathroom. And let’s not forget 300dpi JPE Gs of our first date at • 5-in-1 Card reader supports 100-240W; Output: 6V, 1.5A
my hairstyle atrocities over the the Wrench-Ur-Own Auto Parts popular memory card formats • Product Certifications: FCC,
years, from the crimped look to Junkyard? Haven’t I suffered • Includes a 512MB SD memory CE, UL
The Rachel. These are just a few enough? card • Environmental Compliance:
of the magical memories I’m I’m not blaming you for my RoHS, WEEE
preserving with my one-touch mistakes, Pandigital. But I’m Additional Photos: • AC Adapter Certifications: UL,
Pandigital Photolink Scanner. begging you, please, be merciful • Pandigital Photolink Scanner - CEC, CE
Yes, the Pandigital Photolink and let me forget. Does this Front View
Scanner makes it easy to
remember everything I wish I
Photolink Scanner have an option
to automatically cut old
• Pandigital Photolink Scanner -
Back View
In the box:
• (1) Pandigital PANSCN02
Flash In
could forget. Maybe a little too
easy. With just one touch, I can
digitally scan any photo from
boyfriends out of pictures? Or old
hairdos, at least? Authorized for
SquareTrade Extended Warranty
• 512MB SD Memory Card
• Package Contents
• Packaging
Photolink Scanner with Card
• (1) 512MB SD Memory Card
The Brain
wallet size up to 4x6 and save it
directly to an SD, MS, MMC, or
Warranty: 1 Year Pandigital
Condition: New Product Specifications:
• (1) Calibration Card
• (1) Roller Cleaning Sheet
Pan: 1940
xD card. It’s so simple, I just Features: • Photo Size: up to 4” x 6” • (1) Sensor Cleaning Swab (Woot! - One Day, One Deal)
keep on scanning my old pictures • Features intuitive One-Touch • Scan Resolution: up to 300 x • (1) USB Cable Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:00:00 AM
without ever stopping to consider scanning and requires no PC 300 dpi • (1) AC Adapter
if some memories are best left • Easily enjoy digital copies of all • Image Resolution: up to 1800 x Okay, sure. Maybe the old
forgotten. your favorite printed photos 1200 @ 4x6 photo scanned Discuss this product shooter-classic 1942 is just a bit
Look, anybody who was alive • Simply turn on the scanner, • Card Reader: 5-in-1 Price: $39.99 I want one! more patriotic. But c'mon, World
during the ‘90s knows how insert your photos and the images • Memory Card Supported: SD/ FLASH page 47
unflattering those pleated, acid- instantly save to your memory XD/MS/MS Pro/MMC

Our Best Apple Recipes

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) a good grocery store these days, you have a bumper crop of fruit to Apples Next Cinnamon-Apple content-only/faq.php
and a dozen or more in a big cook with—and apples are a great Cake Five Filters featured article:
As the weather gets crisp and the farmers' market. There are more cooking fruit. We matched some This entry passed through the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
crispness of apples signals the than 2,500 kinds of apples grown favorite varieties to recipes Full-Text RSS service — if this is Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
sweet, fleeting passage of fall, it's in the United States alone, with designed to unlock the unique your content and you're reading it Catastrophe.
time to get cooking. You may find rare, old heirloom varieties on a charm of each fruit. on someone else's site, please read
eight varieties of apples for sale in welcome rebound. All this means Watch the Video: Season's Best: our FAQ page at
E-reader News Edition Sports/ Daily Word/ 47
continued from page 46

War Two didn't actually start with this, we don't care. All we're
Top 4 teams stay in place in new BCS
Pearl Harbor. Those dirty
Luftwaffe were shooting up
saying is that if you'd like to start
this week by shooting down some standings
Europe for quite some time before Nazi planes, 1940 will totally do Associated Press ( Arizona and a road game against Boise State has crept closer. The
the Yanks made it over there. So the job. Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:07:09 AM Oregon State. Broncos beat Idaho 52-14 on
don't look at this 1942 clone 1940 Of course, be warned. If you're Even if a title game spot doesn't Friday night.
as a cheap ripoff slightly changed like us, and you haven't played Updated: November 15, 2010, come up, TCU and Boise State With three more games to play,
to prevent lawsuits. Look at it as a since that Mr. Gatti's back in 11:07 AM ET Mike & Mike in a r e s t i l l c o m p e t i n g f o r a n compared with one for TCU, the
well-researched prequel! 1994, you maybe be a little the Morning automatic BCS bid, one that Broncos might have enough left
Now, instead of being a brave rusty... ESPN college football analyst would likely send the highest to edge past the Frogs.
American at Midway, you can Yeah, this could be an all day Brad Edwards breaks down some ranked team to the Rose Bowl Boise State jumped TCU and
imagine you're flying over the thing here. Hey, Snapster, any BCS scenarios and explains what while the other could get left out moved into third in both the
European mainland. You'll be chance we can reserve the the future holds for Boise State of the BCS altogether. Harris and coaches' polls, though
doing your part as a Frenchman, conference room with the big and other top teams. The Horned Frogs played their in both cases the Broncos and
or a Russian, or a handsome screen HDTV? We, um, need it NEW YORK -- Watch out, TCU. closest game of the season Frogs are separated by less than a
English lord, or maybe even a for an emergency planning Boise State is gaining. Saturday, a 40-35 victory against dozen points. TCU still holds a
time traveling Korean ninja sent session. The Broncos narrowed the gap on San Diego State in which they decided edge in the computer
to find a magic sword that will the Horned Frogs in the Bowl allowed the Aztecs back in the ratings at third compared to Boise
unleash a demon fulfilling a Championship Series standings game with two long fourth-quarter State's sixth.
prophecy long foretold. You do and put themselves in position to touchdown passes. That leaves Boise State with a
what you have to do to rationalize pass their BCS Buster rivals down Schlabach: Boise in position to BCS average of .8634 and TCU
the stretch. catch TCU with an average of .8966.
Psalm 119:143 (11-15-10) Oregon and Auburn are still in Utah didn't do TCU any favors
the top two spots in the standings this week when it lost to Notre
Boise State plays Fresno State (6-
3), Nevada (9-1), 18th in the BCS
(Verse of the Day) My Prayer... Majestic and holy released Sunday. TCU remained Dame, and the Horned Frogs are standings, and Utah State (4-6)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 2:00:00 AM God, I ask you to bless and third, but had a bad week in BCS paying for it in the polls, writes over the next three weeks.
l i b e r a t e y o u r c h u r c h u n d e r terms. Mark Schlabach. Story TCU has a week off before
Trouble and distress have come persecution. But Father, I also ask The Horned Frogs and Broncos The top 10 stayed the same in closing its season against New
upon me, but your commands are that if physical deliverance is not are vying for two prizes. The team consecutive weeks for the first Mexico (1-9).
my delight. what is coming, I pray for my i n t h i r d p l a c e i n t h e B C S time since 2005. Stats & Info Copyright 2010 by The
— Psalm 119:143(NIV) Thoughts brothers and sisters and myself, standings is likely to be next in • Bowl projections Associated Press
on Today's Verse... This verse is that we may be found faithful in line for the national championship • Bowls by conference This entry passed through the
hard for me, because I know I am death before surrendering to game if Auburn or Oregon slip up TCU also was hurt by Utah's 28- Full-Text RSS service — if this is
so blessed. Trouble and distress compromise in life. Please down the stretch. BCS standings 3 loss at Notre Dame. The Horned your content and you're reading it
do not seem to be a part of my strengthen our faith: we believe The top five teams in the Nov. 14 F r o g s b e a t t h e p r e v i o u s l y on someone else's site, please read
vocabulary right now. But I know but help our unbelief. Empower standings: unbeaten Utes 47-7 in their prior our FAQ page at
in many places in the world this us through your Spirit to be Auburn plays Alabama the day game. It looked like a big win at content-only/faq.php
statement is true of Christians obedient: forgive us when we fall. after Thanksgiving and South the time and helped TCU widen Five Filters featured article:
who are under attack and live Most of all, deliver us into your Carolina in the Southeastern its lead on Boise State in the BCS Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
under the threat of persecution glorious presence without fault. I Conference title game. standings. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
and possibly even death. But their pray this in the name of Jesus, in Oregon has off this weekend, A week later, beating the Utes Catastrophe.
love for God and their whom I find my salvation and followed by a home game against doesn't look so impressive and
commitment to obedience is assurance. Amen.
greater than Satan's threats
because God's will is their delight.
48 Sports/ E-reader News Edition

Brett Favre to contact Dr. James Patrick Ramsey, JaMarcus

Andrews about his shoulder Russell, Chris Simms
Ed Werder ( practice Saturday and there was Packers 28-24 in Lambeau Field Reportedly on Dolphins' Radar
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:55:30 AM discussion about taking a pain- in Week 7, Favre said that two FanHouse Staff (FanHouse
killing injection to play against fractures in his ankle could Main)
Updated: November 15, 2010, the Bears, but that was eventually sideline him if the pain worsened.
Submitted at 11/15/2010 7:29:00 AM
12:07 PM ET deemed unnecessary. "If I can play but not be effective,
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Favre said he experienced no then it's not worth playing," Favre Filed under: Dolphins, NFL
Brett Favre said that he now has p a i n d u r i n g t h e g a m e b u t said on Oct. 24. "I hope I use Quarterbacks The Dolphins
pain in his right shoulder that wondered if his underthrown pass good judgment, so we'll see. I'm managed to beat the Titans
could be related to surgery he had on a deep pattern to an open Percy no spring chicken anymore. I Sunday, despite losing both new
to repair a partially torn biceps Harvin might have indicated don't heal as quickly." starter Chad Pennington (
tendon following the 2008 season. otherwise. Favre has pushed through both shoulder) and Chad Henne ( knee)
Favre said it could be a similar The Vikings, who fell to 3-6 with injuries, thus far, but the ailments to likely season-ending injuries.
injury or the rotator cuff -- shaved Sunday's loss at Chicago, host the -- and the Vikings' losses -- are As a result, Tyler Thigpen had to
during the previous surgery -- Green Bay Packers on Sunday. piling up. play the role of unexpected hero.
could be damaged. Favre, who has started an NFL- Ed Werder is a reporter for But even if Thigpen is the answer
Favre said he would contact Dr. record 294 consecutive games, ESPN. Information from The at starter for the rest of the season, camp. Simms was released by the
James Andrews, who performed told reporters twice earlier in the Associated Press was used in this the Dolphins need to bring in Titans over the summer and last
surgery to repair the partially torn season that he would be willing to report. bodies to fill out the depth chart. started a game in 2009 with the
biceps tendon in '08, and expects sit if the pain in either his elbow This entry passed through the According to reports, they were Broncos. Russell, meanwhile, is
he will be asked to submit to an o r h i s a n k l e b e c a m e Full-Text RSS service — if this is on the phone with a few notable the famous draft flop who
MRI. Favre discussed the pain o v e r w h e l m i n g . your content and you're reading it names right away. ESPN's Chris reportedly worked out for the
with Vikings doctors but they After his elbow flared up on someone else's site, please read Mortensen reports that the team Redskins in early November.
have not been involved in his following a loss to the New York our FAQ page at reached out to Patrick The Dolphins host the Bears in
recovery from that injury and lack Jets in Week 5, Favre said, "I content-only/faq.php Ramsey(pictured, who Mortensen Week 11. At 5-4 and in third
familiarity. don't want to play just to play. It's Five Filters featured article: says the Dolphins hope to sign) place in the AFC East, the
The 41-year-old quarterback kind of a funny injury. It could Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- and Chris Simms, while FOX's Dolphins have to hope to get
experienced a sharp pain there flare up and get worse." Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Josina Anderson reports that they better-than-average play out of the
while putting on a T-shirt at Then, after the Vikings lost to the Catastrophe. also contacted JaMarcus Russell. position to remain in the playoff
Ramsey has spent time this hunt, no matter who's under
season with the Jaguars and was a center.
member of the Saints in training
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 49

Sunday School: Ten Weeks in and For Hall of Famer Dave

There Is No Greatness Among Us Bing, Being Mayor Is a
Pat McManamon (FanHouse
Main) Whole New Ballgame
Submitted at 11/15/2010 8:46:00 AM David Steele (FanHouse Main)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:00:00 AM
Filed under: Arizona Cardinals,
Bengals, Bills, Broncos, Browns,
Filed under: Pistons Dave Bing
Atlanta Falcons, Packers,
has been reaching back to his
Panthers, Raiders, Rams, Ravens,
basketball roots a lot lately. Last
Redskins, Saints, Seahawks,
month he returned to his alma
Steelers, Texans, Titans, Vikings,
mater, Syracuse, to help other
AFC East, AFC North, AFC
basketball greats from that storied
South, AFC West, NFC East,
program honor their coach -- and
NFC North, NFC South, NFC
Bing's teammate and roommate --
West Let's draw a couple
Jim Boeheim. This week, he is
conclusions 10 weeks into the
NFL season: toward a special season (Kansas s e c o n d w i n o f t h e s e a s o n . scheduled to be back in his
There is no great team. City) got blown out on Sunday by Washington has all sorts of hometown, Washington, D.C., to
Because there is no great team the last-place team (Denver). turmoil with the "benching" of take part in a celebration of the
there is no telling what will Minnesota celebrates getting D o n o v a n M c N a b b , y e t t h e centennial of what has been called
happen from week to week. back into the fringes of contention Redskins are only 1 1/2 games out the birth of black basketball, an
with a miracle win one week of first place (heading into event put on by the Smithsonian But being mayor of Detroit --
A good team plays bad, a bad arguably America's most
when Brett Favre throws for 446 Monday night). Institute and Howard University.
team plays good. Up becomes depressed, downtrodden, scandal-
down, black becomes white and yards, then goes to Chicago and N e w E n g l a n d w a l k s i n t o Bing has a lot to celebrate in a
plays awful in losing. And Favre Cleveland 6-1, loses, then goes to basketball life that eventually took ridden major city -- tends to
through it all Tom Brady remains distract Bing slightly from
irrepressible. gets 170. Pittsburgh and makes the Steelers him to the Naismith Hall of Fame,
The Giants look great one week, look silly. and he has much to take pride in dwelling on past athletic glories.
In the AFC West, three teams are "It's different from the two
within a game of first place, and then get blown out by Dallas the New Orleans loses to Cleveland f r o m h i s i m m e d i a t e p o s t -
next, a game that gives Dallas its and then beats Pittsburgh. basketball career, as a successful careers,'' Bing said of politics,
the team that seemed headed punctuating the thought with a
businessman for nearly three
decades. And the career he laugh, as he sat courtside at the
launched after that is worth Carrier Dome before the program
celebrating as well ... if he could honoring Boeheim last month.
find the time.
50 Featured/ E-reader News Edition

The tech industry is a virus Barriers to entry

(Scripting News)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 8:24:28 AM
As I fumed, I said-- The tech
industry is a virus.
eventually break
(Scripting News) try to erect the barriers at all. If
I woke up this morning to stories An analogy. I'm standing on a
in my aggregator about subway platform and someone Submitted at 11/14/2010 3:41:06 PM you welcome all comers, and try
I had heard about it before their behind me is reading my credit to learn from them, including your
launch, and was intrigued by the G r e a t p i e c e o n E p i c e n t e r competitors. In such a world,
card numbers aloud. I turn around
name. Turns out it's yet another e x p l a i n i n g , p l a u s i b l y , h o w Google would have tried to do
and see they have my wallet. At
instant photo sharing iPhone app. Facebook could grab Google's ad what Facebook and Twitter do as
that point does it matter if they're
I have limited enthusiasm for business by using data they gather soon as they came around,
going to use the info to buy some
them, I already use my iPhone, better than Google does. Further, without trying to use their
goodies at Crate & Barrel or is the
extensively, with Flickr and e v e n t h o u g h G o o g l e d o e s installed base advantage to
damage already done?
Twitter. accumulate some of this data, they compete. I don't think that
It's like spammers took over
Even so, first thing this morning I c a n ' t u s e b e c a u s e t h e y ' v e organizationally they could use
technology, like the pet food guys
signed up for a Path account on promised not to. their own people to do it, rather
did in 1999. Everyone has a scam.
my iPhone. I doubt a few years ago if Google t h e y w o u l d i n v e s t i n t h e
This year the scam is to grab all
After entering my name and thought this kind of route-around n e w c o m e r s , a g g r e s s i v e l y .
the user's data and resell it. It's
email address, gender and was possible. One tech company that appears to
gotten to the point where it's a
password, it asked if it can use my The same thing happens on the get this is also a generally quiet
risky proposition to try out a new
location. I said yes. Then I went journalism side of things as well. company that doesn't bluster
iPhone product.
to the People section to start A few years ago CNET probably much, and tries like hell not to
Another example. When I
looking for friends to share my felt they could not be routed- take sides in the technology wars.
realized that any random Twitter
pictures with. I was astonished to around, but they were. It happens For 10 points, which company is
app who you give your credentials
see a list of suggestions, all of regularly, and will certainly that? Click on the plus next to this
to can download all your private
whom are people I know. I was happen again. paragraph in the blog post for the
direct messages, that was the end
confused. How could they know I I have a theory that you can avoid answer.
of me using Twitter apps that
know all these people? I jumped anyone knew how they were being routed around if you don't
want credentials. Meanwhile the
to an incorrect conclusion, they doing it. team at Twitter Corp has always
were all following me. I smiled -- fr8d had the obvious (in had access to this info. Who's to
it's really cool that all these hindsight) answer: They looked in say their interpretation of one of
people, some of whom I haven't my iPhone's address book. their terms of service is that they
spoken with in years, are I never said they could. What else get to analyze and mine every bit
following me on Path. After did they do with my contacts? of text I enter into the system
happily adding eight people Send a copy to their server for even text that's only meant for one
(noting that Andrew Baron had safe-keeping? Foolish me, but I other person to read?
signed up twice, with two thought that was my iPhone and It's bad. That's the point of this
different email addresses), I my contact list. I paid huge message. I'm trying to end it on a
realized that can't be it. Some of money for the iPhone, so it's not positive note but I can't think of
these people are so totally offline like it could be anyone's "business one.
they could never be using this app model" to use that data. But now,
on its first day of public existence. as far as I know, some unknown
So I went to Twitter and asked if startup in California has all my
E-reader News Edition Politics/ Politics-Right/ 51

Deficit Panel Co-Chair 'Hopeful' of Plan for Afghanistan

Plan Approval Reportedly Sets 2014 as End
(Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 2:33:29 AM
must have 14 'yes' votes to merit
action by Congress.
blueprint could help shape the
fiscal debate in Congress next
of U.S. Combat Mission
The recommendations would year, even if it fails to win Tom Kavanagh (Politics Daily) some American or NATO forces
Monday, 15 Nov 2010 08:33 AM seek $4 trillion in deficit approval from enough Submitted at 11/15/2010 8:16:00 AM could be positioned elsewhere in
A co-chairman of the presidential reduction over the next decade by commission members to warrant Afghanistan and would rejoin the
deficit commission said Monday cutting discretionary spending and official action by lawmakers. Morning Editor The Obama fight if conditions warranted, the
that he is hopeful commission eliminating tax breaks, while also "What we've done is lay a administration, which last year unnamed officials told the Times.
members will approve raising the Social Security predicate for this next Congress to announced a troop surge in There are currently 100,000 U.S.
recommendations to slash the retirement age and imposing other deal with, where we have three Afghanistan followed by a phased forces in the country.
U.S. budget deficit and send them changes on entitlement benefits. dollars of spending cuts for every withdrawal starting in 2011, now The plan's success depends in
to Congress. It is unclear how much political dollar of revenue increase," he has added new dates to the part on building a capable and
But Erskine Bowles, who co- support the proposals would said. (Reporting by David timeline, with an eye toward trustworthy Afghan Army and
chairs the commission with muster in Congress, where Morgan, Editing by Stacey Joyce) ending the U.S. combat mission police force. The combined forces
former Republican Senator Alan Republicans oppose tax increases © 2010 Thomson/Reuters. All there by 2014, officials told the today have about 264,000 men,
Simpson, also told ABC's "Good and Democrats chafe at the idea rights reserved. New York Times on Sunday. with a goal of 350,000 by 2013.
Morning America" that the of altering Social Security. This entry passed through the Under the plan, security duties in Attrition has been a problem,
proposals released last week Bowles, who was a White House Full-Text RSS service — if this is select areas of Afghanistan would however, with many soldiers and
would lay a foundation for the chief of staff under former your content and you're reading it be transferred to that country's police officers deserting, in some
deficit debate in the next President Bill Clinton, said he on someone else's site, please read forces over the next 18 to 24 cases joining the insurgents.
Congress, even if his panel does expects President Barack Obama our FAQ page at months. This entry passed through the
not approve them. to subject the proposals to a full content-only/faq.php The Times said the four-year Full-Text RSS service — if this is
"I'd say I'm hopeful," Bowles review and discussion. Five Filters featured article: winding-down process will be your content and you're reading it
replied when asked if he believed The commission is due to meet Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- presented at a NATO summit in on someone else's site, please read
that he and Simpson could get 14 behind closed doors on Tuesday Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Lisbon later this week. The plan is our FAQ page at
out of 18 commission members to and Wednesday to discuss the Catastrophe. similar to the one playing out in content-only/faq.php
vote for the plan before a Dec. 1 recommendations. Iraq, where American-led forces Five Filters featured article:
deadline. The recommendations But Bowles suggested the have been handing over security Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
duties to Iraqis troops. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Even after Afghan forces have Catastrophe.
assumed the lead in a province,

Podcast: 33rd Thwarted Terror Plot

David Weinberger (The stopped just minutes before the last year….we got lucky. So, complacent… your content and you're reading it
Foundry: Conservative Policy detonation. This marks the 33rd on the one hand, these plots are What does the United States need on someone else's site, please read
News.) foiled terror plot against the nothing like the sophisticated 9/11 to do to continue its vigilance? our FAQ page at
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:00:38 AM United States since 9/11. plot was, and that’s good and And how does this affect the content-only/faq.php
Posted November 15th, 2010 at Heritage Foundation deputy that’s because of all the effort broader war on terror? To find Five Filters featured article:
12:00pm in Protect America Print director of foreign policy Jim we’ve done over the years to fight out, click here to listen to the full Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
This Post Carafano talks about the thwarted al-Qaeda. The other lesson is podcast. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
A couple weeks ago a bomb plot with Heritage in Focus: you’ve got to be on your game 24/ This entry passed through the Catastrophe.
destined for the United States was We’ve had four near misses in 7, 365. You cannot afford to be Full-Text RSS service — if this is
52 Politics/ E-reader News Edition

Financial Industry Lobbyists Push Rep. Shuler: I’ll

Hard for Exemptions to New Challenge Pelosi
(Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Regulatory Reform Law Submitted at 11/15/2010 4:52:16 AM

Politics Daily Staff (Politics

Daily) Monday, 15 Nov 2010 10:52 AM
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:51:00 AM proved to be a millstone around
Democrats’ neck during the mid-
While Wall Street lobbyists were term elections. And now moderate
not able to head off enactment of Rep. Heath Shuler of North
a sweeping financial regulatory Carolina(pictured) says he will
reform bill last summer, they have challenge Pelosi for the House all know that she will be a
not given up the fight, focusing Democratic Leader position if she candidate. And as Heath Shuler
their energies instead on meetings doesn’t step aside, The Hill just said, if he were to get in the
with the agencies that will do the reports. race, he would not be successful,"
regulating in hopes of getting While Shuler concedes that he Clyburn said on CNN.
exemptions from some of the doesn’t have the backing to beat © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
measure's key provisions, the Los Pelosi, he told CNN that This entry passed through the
Angeles Times reports. Democrats deserve a more Full-Text RSS service — if this is
The Times says that its analysis moderate candidate. “If it comes your content and you're reading it
of meeting logs of the government out the changes and new logs are from Wall Street and the
mandates that are to take effect, financial industry. down to this coming week, and on someone else's site, please read
agencies show that lobbyists for she doesn’t step aside, then I will our FAQ page at
banks, hedge funds and other many of the details relating to Sheila Krumholz, executive
interpretation and enforcement are director of the nonpartisan Center challenge her," he says. content-only/faq.php
firms have held at least 510 Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of Five Filters featured article:
meetings with regulators since left to the agencies that must carry for Responsive Politics, which
them out. tracks the flow of political money South Carolina says Pelosi Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
July, when the measure was definitely won’t abandon her bid Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
signed into law. The targeted Lobbyists have been seeking and lobbying, told the Times: "As
exceptions from key provisions of you get into the nitty-gritty details for the Democratic Leader job. Catastrophe.
agencies include the Federal "She's made the declaration. We
Reserve, the Securities and the new law such as those that [with the federal agencies] there
Exchange Commission, the target the riskier, more aren't a lot of people who can give
Federal Deposit Insurance complicated vehicles used in Wall a countervailing argument."
Corporation and the Commodities Street trades that became This entry passed through the
Futures Exchange Commission. controversial during the meltdown Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Some of the regulators have of 2008, and measures to protect your content and you're reading it
chafed at the profusion of consumers from excessive bank on someone else's site, please read
meetings requested by lobbyists. fees. our FAQ page at
The Times said that on Sept. 28 There are some groups content-only/faq.php
alone, 18 separate such meetings representing consumer interests to Five Filters featured article:
took place. the regulators, but the Times said Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
While major laws like the more than 90 percent of the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
financial regulatory overhaul spell organizations listed in the meeting Catastrophe.
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 53

Bill Clinton Films Cameo Role in 'The Pelosi Needs to Work on

Hangover 2' Liberal Base
Tom Kavanagh (Politics Daily) (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Submitted at 11/15/2010 7:10:00 AM Submitted at 11/15/2010 5:19:40 AM

Morning Editor Monday, 15 Nov 2010 11:19 AM

Bill Clinton has stayed busy since It’s not just moderate Democrats
leaving the Oval Office, running who are upset with outgoing
his foundation, stumping for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Democratic candidates, teaming Liberals are angry too, and so she
with former President George must bring them back into the fold
H.W. Bush in disaster relief if she hopes to win election as
efforts. Now he can add another House Democratic Leader in the
line to his resume: actor. next Congress, Politico reports.
People magazine reports that “The first order of business for the
Clinton was in Thailand over the sequence-oriented Pelosi is
weekend filming a cameo solidifying liberal base
appearance in "The Hangover 2." constituencies, both outside
Clinton, who plays himself in the “civilogue,” to use the term ideas to kick around. Please read C o n g r e s s a n d w i t h i n h e r
coined by PD’s Jeffrey Weiss– we our Help and Feedback section for Democratic Caucus,” the news moderate and conservative voters.
comedy -- how could he play © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
anything else? -- shot the scene are requiring commenters to use more info. service states. “It’s their support
their AOL or AIM screen names This entry passed through the she needs to remain the leader of This entry passed through the
Saturday in Bangkok. He was Full-Text RSS service — if this is
already in the capital city to to submit a comment, and we are Full-Text RSS service — if this is a smaller, more liberal House
reading all comments before your content and you're reading it Democratic contingent” after the your content and you're reading it
deliver a speech on clean energy. on someone else's site, please read
Directed by Todd Philips, the publishing them. Personal attacks on someone else's site, please read decisive election defeat.
(on writers, other readers, Nancy our FAQ page at Pelosi already has begun the our FAQ page at
sequel to the 2009 hit comedy content-only/faq.php
stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Pelosi, George W. Bush, or content-only/faq.php charm offensive toward liberals.
anyone at all) and comments that Five Filters featured article: In interviews with ABC News and Five Filters featured article:
Zach Galifianakis and Justin Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Bartha. In an effort to encourage are not productive additions to the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- NPR, she said she has “no
conversation will not be Reporting of Falluja's Cancer regrets” about the Democrats’ Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
the same level of civil dialogue Catastrophe.
among Politics Daily’s readers published, period, to make room Catastrophe. agenda that turned off so many
that we expect of our writers – a for a discussion among those with
54 Science/ E-reader News Edition

You Built What?! A Supersize Robotic Chess Set

Gregory Mone (Popular directs all the changes in position
Science - New Technology, that the pieces make. The group
Science News, The Future found software online for a chess-
playing robot and added code to
Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:00:57 AM make it control all 32 pieces.
On Top Of His Game Steve They also downloaded a chess
Hassenplug says that after seeing engine to act as a computer
a magical chessboard in Harry opponent and programmed a logic
Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, "it system so the user interface would
just kind of hit me that we could display only valid moves. When a
do that with Lego." Mike Walker player selects a move, the PC
Inspired by Harry Potter's magic communicates with the robotic
chessboard, a Lego roboticist piece, and it begins to roll; the
takes his creations to the next pieces standing in its path make
level way. Players can take each other
A veteran designer of Lego on, play against the computer, or
robots (he built one that plays even have the system demonstrate
Connect Four), Indiana famous matches on its own.
programmer Steve Hassenplug Navigation
was looking for something still Each piece needs to know where
grander. When he watched the it is on the board and in what
first Harry Potter movie with his direction it's facing to get to the
kids-the one with the magic correct square. A compass would
chessboard and eight-foot-high be unreliable, Hassenplug figured,
knights-he knew he had found it. because all the electronics might
The massive "Monsterchess" set disrupt it. Instead he added color
he created from more than robotics kit. If one wheel runs one convention, a young woman "candles" that flash with light. sensors to all the bases and small
100,000 Lego pieces, however, forward and the other in reverse, i g n o r e d a c l e a r c h e c k m a t e The queens also have different four-color squares in the center of
required plenty of wizardry of its the base, and the one-to-two-foot- because she wanted to win with h e a d p i e c e s ( c o n c e i v e d b y each space on the board. One
own. tall piece on top of it, spins in h e r r o o k , w h i c h f i r e s a Hassenplug's wife and her friend, section of those four-color squares
Hassenplug and his friends John place. McRae, who once built a c a n n o n b a l l . because they didn't think two is the same color on every space,
Brost, Ron McRae and Bryan working Lego ATM, took the lead How It Works women would want to dress w h i c h a l l o w s t h e r o b o t t o
Bonahoom started with the board. on the custom software. A Time: One year alike). Brost modeled most of the determine its orientation. The rest
They chose standard Lego touchscreen PC connects the Cost:$30,000 Robo-Pieces other pieces on standard chess of the colors vary, and this
baseplates for each square and entire board via Bluetooth and can Aside from the pawns, the Brost- designs but gave the knight a full information is stored in the PC.
persuaded Lego to provide the tell up to seven pieces at a time designed chess pieces all have at horse's body, which, Hassenplug B y r e a d i n g t h e s e u n i q u e
rest of the parts free as a sponsor. where to move. l e a s t o n e m o v i n g p a r t , s o says, "gets more comments than identifying color combinations,
Hassenplug designed the robotic Most of the pieces have moving H a s s e n p l u g a d d e d a t h i r d a l l t h e o t h e r s c o m b i n e d . " the piece can communicate with
bases for each piece, placing parts, including the kings and rechargeable-battery-powered G a m e p l a y the PC and orient itself.
caster wheels in the four corners queens, which point their scepters, electric motor to the bases. Players make their moves on a
for balance, plus two drive wheels and the knights, which kick their Besides the rook's cannonball, the simple graphic interface, designed
powered by separate electric forelegs. The group found that knight's forelegs, and the king and by the team, that shows the
motors from Lego's Mindstorms this can influence gameplay - at queen's scepters, the bishops hold gameboard. A touchscreen PC
E-reader News Edition Science/ 55

Brilliant 10: Katherine Kuchenbecker, the Puppet

Melinda Wenner Moyer she says. "You learned by
(Popular Science - New practicing on real patients. That's
Technology, Science News, risky and stressful." But virtual
The Future Now)
surgery is still too clumsy, in
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:17:02 AM
Katherine Kuchenbecker John B.
Kuchenbecker's view. Surgeons
operating with the da Vinci
Video: President
Carnett Her work could put robotic surgical system-used in Obama Gets to Meet
lifelike physical feedback not just place of open surgery all over the
into videogames, but into online world-today receive mainly visual
the Robots of Japan
shopping and the instruments used feedback, and only the gentlest Rebecca Boyle (Popular
to perform remote surgery physical response. So last year, Science - New Technology,
Subjects are screaming in Kuchenbecker designed Science News, The Future
Katherine Kuchenbecker's lab; Now)
VerroTouch, a device that
they feel as if they've been shot. measures the vibrations produced Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:09:12 AM
Kuchenbecker is testing a vest by touching flesh and reproduces Obama and Fembot The
that she and her students designed them in da Vinci tools. Early commander-in-chief with a
to make videogames and military results suggest that surgeons using Geminoid F. NECN
training more immersive. To VerroTouch do more delicate Along with meeting heads of
simulate a bullet impact, the vest work. state and talking free trade,
launches an actuator-controlled Kuchenbecker believes President Obama made some new
plunger called a solenoid into the haptography could someday friends at the Asia-Pacific
unlucky gamer's skin where a capture the feel of archaeological Economic Cooperation Summit
bullet would have penetrated. artifacts, establishing a haptic last week. Before entering a
"People jump out of their chairs," available haptic interfaces (like records the forces encountered. "fingerprint" alongside other meeting in Japan, he met a
she says. "Crossing that barrier the Phantom system by SensAble, She then creates a mathematical identifying characteristics, or Geminoid F robot and a group of
from the screen to your body through which users can "touch" model of the interaction could give online buyers the yowling robotic seals.
makes the experience so much virtual objects), "everything feels and re-creates that interaction in a chance to "touch" merchandise In the video below, Obama
more real." soft and squishy," she says. "We consumer product. Rather than a remotely. In the end, her work bemusedly listens to a speech by a
Kuchenbecker built her career on call it Nerf World." To better b l u n t e d s e t o f N e r f - l i k e could close the gap between Geminoid, as robotic seals are
making things feel real. Her match haptic feedback to reality's sensations, the process gives rise simulation and reality for us all. heard mewling in the background.
dream is to help make haptics, the sharp edges, Kuchenbecker to a deep tactile vocabulary. See the rest of PopSci's Brilliant He talks to Takanori Shibata, the
science of incorporating touch captures tactile information using Lifelike haptography could 10 for 2010. creator of Paro, and acknowledges
into human-computer interaction, a t o o l o u t f i t t e d w i t h change medicine. Kuchenbecker's the seal 'bots could be helpful in
as convincing as photography. At accelerometers and other sensors. father was a surgeon. "In my dad's hospitals or other places in need
the moment, however, the field is As the tool crosses a surface, it day, there wasn't virtual surgery," of a pick-me-up. Is the
still immature. With even the best commander-in-chief stressed out?
He seems particularly taken with
the seals.
Finally, Obama takes a spin in
Toyota's i-REAL personal
VIDEO: page 56
56 Food/ Health/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 55

mobility vehicle. He drives about

an inch forward and almost leaps
out when the machine suddenly
tilts back.
We don't care how much the trip
cost - video of Obama caressing
plush robotic seals is priceless.
[ NECN via IEEE]

Recipe Makeover: Chicken Fingers

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)

Leaving the deep fryer in the

family favorite.
703 calories per serving
ditch, we create a crunchy new
version of a fast-food staple that
1,000 milligrams sodium
10.7 grams saturated fat
adults (and kids) will love. Deep-fried in lard (
Photography John Autry and Drowning in sauce Submitted at 11/15/2010 2:00:00 AM
Randy Mayor, Styling: Cindy Greasy, heavy coating
Barr, Food Styling: Charlotte OUR WAY by Ariane Marder| Print Article|
Autry and Kellie Gerber Kelley 414 calories per serving Email to Friend
Click to Enlarge 495 milligrams sodium Roberta Mancino - Sexy Gallery
• Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 Sure, too 1.5 grams saturated fat Roberta Mancino - Fearless
much saucing can lead to a world Pan-seared in canola oil Gallery
of sugar, salt, and calories, but Just enough spicy mayo sauce Sexy skydiver Roberta Mancino
don't walk away from the saucy Light, crispy, crunchy is more than just a pretty face and
verities: tang, savor, sweet heat, View Recipe: Pan-Fried Chicken unbelievable body. With over
and body. This delivers all those. Fingers with Spicy Dipping Sauce 4,000 jumps logged—including
This entry passed through the four in the buff—she's also the
View Recipe: Pan-Fried Chicken check out the nutrition panel whole-grain cereal. No need to Full-Text RSS service — if this is Italian national freestyle
Fingers with Spicy Dipping Sauce below: a full gram of salt, 703 deep-fry these fingers for crunch your content and you're reading it champion and the Free Fly
Battered and deep-fried strips of c a l o r i e s p e r s e r v i n g ! Y o u now—there's plenty of that in the on someone else's site, please read Record Holder.
poultry populate most family- shouldn't cross the road for those coating already. For sauce, we our FAQ page at Now, after beating out 15 of the
restaurant and drive-through chicken fingers. keep it simple but zingy, using content-only/faq.php sexiest women in sports in our
menus in America because their Can this marriage of batter and l i m e j u i c e , s o y s a u c e , a n d Five Filters featured article: recent online poll, Roberta can
crunchy, salty blandness is a nice tenders be saved? Certainly: Our Sriracha to boost the mayo base, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- finally add MF's hottest female
foil for a dipping sauce, and Test Kitchen found the perfect creating the perfect complement Reporting of Falluja's Cancer athlete to her resume. We jumped
finger foods please the kids. But coating in a nutty, fiber-filled to a new version of America's Catastrophe. at the chance to talk to the
adrenaline-charged beauty, thick
Italian accent and all.
MF: How long have you been

ROBERTA page 57
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RM: I have been skydiving since flying is a very good overall ground. plane was full of other skydivers
October 2001. I decided to try it workout for your body. It is What thoughts went through your and I kept a blanket over me until
after I saw the movie Point Break. extremely cardio intensive and head right before you jumped out it was time. I jumped out first so
My best friend was a skydiver and you need to stay mentally alert of a plane for the first time? the entire load of skydivers-23
I convinced him to take me to the and mentally tough. If you lose What am I doing? Am I crazy? people-got a little show at
drop zone and try it, even though track of where you are flying in How many times has the altitude. It was chilly, but once I
he said I shouldn't because it was relation to the wall you can get parachute failed to open for you? jumped it was a nice feeling to
too dangerous. really injured. I am often very My parachute failed five times have the wind against my body
How did you decide to make it sore after flying, especially when because the way I packed it was and to not have a jumpsuit or any
your profession? training with the team. The wrong. I had already jumped 28 clothes flapping against me.
I never decided to make it my freestyle training is hard because times before I experienced my See Also:
profession (laughs). After doing you need a lot of stretching. first malfunction, but I was really Roberta Mancino - Sexy Gallery
lots of jumps and getting Skyventure XP Paraclete's indoor freaked out. I was spinning very Roberta Mancino - Fearless
experience, people started asking wind tunnel. Photo by Michael fast and this made a cutaway on Gallery
me to give them coaching. I'm Wong the main parachute difficult. [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
still coaching both in the wind Have you ever had any landing When your first parachute does more]
tunnel and in the air. I really enjoy scares? not function properly, you have to This entry passed through the
it. One time I had to land in the city use your reserve, but first you Full-Text RSS service — if this is
How do you train your body for because the wind was too strong have to release the malfunctioning your content and you're reading it
skydiving? and I couldn't make it back to the parachute from you. This is what on someone else's site, please read
Sometimes I practice yoga or go landing area. I had to land in a we call a cutaway. With the our FAQ page at
to the gym. But the best training is little park full of trees surrounded tremendous amount of force on content-only/faq.php
at Skyventure XP Paraclete, an by cables and canals. I never hurt the release system during the spin, Five Filters featured article:
indoor skydiving wind tunnel in myself but I think I was lucky it can make for a very hard pull on Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
North Carolina where I train for because it's easy to make a lot of the cutaway handle. When I had a Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
the International Skydiving mistakes - especially in the fewer number of jumps I thought Catastrophe.
competitions. I can train several beginning. Landings are only maybe I was going to die, but now
hours of body flight time in a really scary when the wind I can't live without skydiving
couple of days. I would have to conditions make it more because it has become my life.
take several hundred jumps to get dangerous. If it is very windy or You've done four dives in the
the same amount of training. I turbulent your parachute could buff? What was that like?
really feel it in my shoulders and collapse, which could be fatal if it I did a jump for a magazine shoot
my back. However, I think tunnel happens low enough to the once and it was very cold. The
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Phil Keoghan
Submitted at 11/15/2010 4:00:00 AM

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After 16 seasons on the Emmy
award-winning, globe-trotting
reality series The Amazing Race,
Phil Keoghan has logged more
miles and visited more countries
(about 70) than, well, just about
anybody. Now the 43-year-old “Inception” Home Video
has a new autobiography, a new
energy bar, and several films and
TV shows in the works.
Campaign Goes Viral —
Fortunately, we got the on-the-go
host to hold still for a few scant
and Mobile
Christina Warren (Mashable!) some of the shots used in the film.
Any secrets for staying fit on the to a nudist resort for three steps that are necessary to achieve As a marketing campaign, this is
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:21:28 AM
road? days—my "nude awakening." I've success. I've failed more times pretty intriguing in that every
I travel about 400,000 miles a dived the world's longest than I have succeeded in life, but One of the biggest films of the aspect of the marketing —
year. When I'm on The Race, I underwater caves. But you never every time I've failed, I feel as year, Inception, is coming to including the DVD packaging,
don't get much time to work out, want to complete everything on though I've also learned what I DVD and Blu-ray on December 7. TV commercials and Facebook
so in airports I'll lift luggage, or if the list so you're excited about needed to know in order to make To coincide with the home video P a g e — a l l c o n t a i n t h e s e
I'm standing in line I'll do calf something in your life every day something work. Related articles: release, Warner Bros. is working SnapTags. The campaign also ties
raises. I do 100 pushups a day. I up to the very end. MF's Least Fit: Celebs with SpyderLynk, makers of in nicely with the dream and
started doing that when I turned What's your best MF Interview: Danny Trejo SnapTag, to make the marketing puzzle nature of Inception.
40, and I haven't missed a day accomplishment? Top 10 Hollywood Bulk-Ups campaign for the release more What do you think of mobile-
since. I also always take a I rode a bicycle from Los [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and viral. focused campaigns that are
resistance band and a jump rope Angeles to New York and raised more] Beginning today, Monday, and launched alongside traditional
with me—10 minutes of skipping half a million dollars for the MS This entry passed through the leading up to the release date, marketing campaigns? Let us
is like 30 minutes of running. And Society. I rode 100 miles a day for Full-Text RSS service — if this is special SnapTags will be hidden know.
I try to stretch as much as I can. like 40 days. It was the toughest your content and you're reading it in Inception TV commercials, on More About: Film, inception,
Is there anything you haven't thing I've ever done, but knowing on someone else's site, please read web pages, on posters and more. MARKETING, mobile marketing,
done yet that you want to? that we did a lot of good was a our FAQ page at Snap the tag with your the camera Movies, snaptags, viral marketing
I had a near-death diving tremendously satisfying feeling. content-only/faq.php on your mobile phone, and text or For more Entertainment
experience when I was 19. After Any words of wisdom for our Five Filters featured article: e-mail the photo to receive c o v e r a g e :
that, I created a life list of things I readers? Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- weekly special content, such as • Follow Mashable Entertainment
wanted to accomplish. I swam Don't look at everything as either Reporting of Falluja's Cancer video clips. on Twitter
from Asia to Europe across the success or failure. That's a big Catastrophe. More content will be added each • Become a Fan on Facebook
Bosporus Strait. I got my reindeer problem. Instead, try to learn the week. Snapping a tag from the • Subscribe to the Entertainment
-racing license in Finland. I went Inception Facebook Page, for channel
instance, will give you access to a • Download our free apps for
brief video clip of director iPhone and iPad
Christopher Nolan discussing
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Psych Yourself Up for the Gym

Submitted at 11/15/2010 3:00:00 AM

by Corey Crane, C.S.C.S.| Print

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Sometimes it's hard to get in the
zone, especially when you need to
lift heavy or push yourself extra
hard. Heck, sometimes it's even
tough to get to the gym. Next time
you're feeling unmotivated, try
one of these mind boosters.
Talk It Out
Repeat your specific goal—in
your head and aloud. "I will squat
X pounds," you tell yourself.
Write it down and post it on your
bathroom mirror, or in your gym look foolish) will boost your Sculpt Her 5 Favorite Body Parts
locker. The more you say it and intensity. Having family or [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
see it, the more you'll believe friends cheer you on helps you more]
it—and achieve it. draw strength the way a team does This entry passed through the
Color Me Bad from its fans. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Put on something that's either Brace Yourself your content and you're reading it
bright or black. The brain often "Bracing" is a technique where on someone else's site, please read
associates shades of colors with you tense your muscles, clench our FAQ page at
different meanings. Bold colors your teeth, and slap yourself on content-only/faq.php
and black subconsciously
heighten readiness and
excitement. Dull lighter colors,
the thighs, shoulders, and arms to
increase arousal. It stimulates the
Five Filters featured article:
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Muslim extremist armies
central nervous system and Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
well, think about it.
Bring Guests
specifically improves lifting
strength. Related articles:
Catastrophe. of one
Ask your girlfriend or a group of Build a Bigger Chest Mollie (GetReligion) Commercial Appeal. The paper
buddies to join you at the gym. How to Bench Better Now Submitted at 11/15/2010 8:00:01 AM received seven handwritten letters
Your urge to impress them (or not from Abdulhakim Mujahid
The other day we looked at the Muhammad, a Memphis native
excellent Washington Post profile who shot two men outside an
of Zachary Chesser, the American Army recruiting office, killing
Muslim who threatened violence one. That man, Pvt. William A.
against South Park creators for Long, is pictured here.
not depicting Muhammad. And The article is lengthy and goes
now we have another intriguing into detail about Muhammad’s
profile of another American life and the events that led to his
Muslim terrorist. This time the
report is in the Memphis MUSLIM page 60
60 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 59

terrorist attack on American soil: his terrorist attack. synchronized movements of 50 to struggle and that the external than the average Muslim. He was
What I had in mind didn’t go as A quick note on the best and 75 people as they bowed and defense of Islam is lesser. Brian also well-adjusted enough to once
planned but Allah willing He will worst parts of the story. The prostrated themselves in prayer. Levin, who directs the Center for be considered a model of
reward me for my intentions. headline “Memphian drifted to He was amazed. the Study of Hate and Extremism moderate Islam by the New York
He planned for weeks, buying dark side of Islamic extremism, “So I attempted to join and after at Cal State San Bernardino, says Times and Washington Post. And
guns secondhand to avoid the plotted one-man jihad vs. realizing I didn’t know what I was Muhammad might have just been yet he also advocates the same
FBI. homeland” is odd, no? What’s the doing, somebody (asked) when at risk for violence even if he definition of jihad that
Then, to test whether the feds light side of Islamic extremism? did you become Muslim? I said hadn’t become tied in with Al Muhammad does. I would have
were watching, he bought a .22- Although I’m ashamed to say I I’m not just interested in it? And Qaeda: asked both of these experts about
caliber rifle over the counter at didn’t know it wasn’t Memphisite when I said that the whole place “It’s much easier to blame an out- that in an attempt to find out more
Walmart. He stockpiled ammo or Memphisiac but Memphian. lit up. I mean brothers shouted group and to justify your own about Muslim extremism. Yes,
and practiced target shooting at And my favorite part of the story ‘Allahu Akbar’!! (Allah is the personal anger and mistakes by it’s easy to discount it as the
empty construction sites. is that it takes the tale of this lone greatest) and embraced me like I scapegoating and bastardization rantings of uneducated youth.
By his own account, he was gunman and shows how Al Qaeda was a long (lost) brother.” of scripture than it is to really take And that probably makes us feel
preparing for jihad. has shifted from these well A man from the mosque the bull by the horns and say, better, too. But Muslim extremism
From a black Ford Explorer Sport planned, comprehensive attacks explained the religion’s ‘What is it about me that I have to itself comes in many forms and in
Trac, Abdulhakim Mujahid and actually suggested smaller, fundamentals — belief in one improve?’ ” Levin said. a variety of outlets.
Muhammad, a Memphis native, one-off type terror attacks. I’m God, angels, the revealed He added: “This is an example On the burning issue of the day
watched two soldiers in fatigues not saying that the murder of Pvt. scriptures, the prophets, where it really is the fanatic and — how Islam is interpreted by
smoking outside a military William A. Long of Conway, predestination and the day of not the faith. The faith plays an those who engage in violence in
recruiting center in Little Rock. Ark., isn’t important enough on judgment. He also gave important role in the sense that if its name, it fell a bit flat. But this
He aimed an assault rifle out the its own. But to know how this Muhammad a copy of the Quran. you have an extremist with a is another informative look at
window and fired. terror attack relates to the strategy Both Muhammad and the folks at disposition towards aggressive homegrown terrorism and the use
Muhammad’s terrorism didn’t go of Al Qaeda in general is helpful the mosque agree that they’re not violence, it’s not good for them to of Muhammad’s own words to
as planned. He hoped to go on a and informative. militants. But we don’t find out find a belief system that they can tell his story is engaging and
violent spree throughout the But what about the religion in the what, exactly, transformed use to find refuge and legitimacy provocative. Written by: Mollie
region. But he took a wrong turn story? Despite the fact that Muhammad. Clearly it happened in. on November 15, 2010.
and was stopped by the police. Muhammad won’t stop talking before he went to Yemen to join “With that being said, it’s not the This entry passed through the
The rhetoric he uses in describing about religion, I couldn’t quite up with Al Qaeda in the Arabian faith. It’s their contortion of it. In Full-Text RSS service — if this is
his attack is religious. He says he figure out exactly how his religion Peninsula, but we just learn that it other words, this is not something your content and you're reading it
was motivated by U.S. action motivated him to kill. There’s happened “step by step.” that people have to worry about on someone else's site, please read
against Muslims and Islam. His plenty of backstory — The most substantive discussion from well-adjusted, learned our FAQ page at
own first-hand narrative says this Muhammad was born Carlos of religion happens in the scholars in Islam.” content-only/faq.php
was his jihad, and he laments that Bledsoe and got in a little bit of following section, beginning with Both of these expert perspectives Five Filters featured article:
he failed to cause more death and trouble as a teenager, even as a Muhammad’s explanation of are interesting and helpful, but I Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
destruction. He describes how, college student. We learn that he jihad, which he describes as a found them a bit easy. I mean, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
when and why he made his didn’t understand the Trinity, felt defensive struggle against those Muhammad was greatly inspired Catastrophe.
declaration of faith (at age 19 in a unwelcome in Judaism, and who attack Muslims. Then we get by Anwar al-Awlaki, and was
Memphis mosque), why he subsequently explored and quotes from a couple of caught with his materials when he
traveled to Yemen and attempted became attracted to Islam. professors who disagree. One was jailed in Yemen. Anwar al-
to travel to Somalia (to get better During a visit to a Nashville religion professor says that the Awlaki is an imam, a published
weapons training), and details on mosque, he watched the bigger meaning of jihad is internal author on Islam, and more learned
E-reader News Edition Religion/ 61

Rite to use Christians as targets

tmatt (GetReligion)
Submitted at 11/14/2010 1:48:24 PM

We’ve had quite a bit of very

serious content lately about the
persecution of Christians in the
Middle East and in lands nearby.
The massacre in the cathedral in
Iraq set off an important wave of
new coverage.
The Christian Science Monitor
was one of several mainstream
newsrooms that covered an
important, but not surprising,
wrinkle in this story. Here’s the
top of the report:
The Islamic State of Iraq, an
insurgent group and Al Qaeda
ally, … declared all the country’s
Christians “legitimate targets.”
The group says it believes that
Muslim women are being held
against their will in Coptic
churches in Egypt. The Egyptian
state; the Coptic church; and
Egypt’s leading Islamist
movement, the Muslim
Brotherhood, have all condemned
the threats of violence against
Christians. …
“All Christian centers,
organizations and institutions,
leaders and followers, are
legitimate targets for the
mujahideen [holy warriors],” the
Islamic State of Iraq said in a
“Let these idolaters, and at their All together now: The the copy desk. Pay close attention: “right,” as in the opposite of “left”
statement posted online late
forefront, the hallucinating tyrant VATICAN? The Coptic church is the — one would assume in a
of the Vatican, know that the Obviously, the people behind this Egyptian branch of the Eastern political context.
Sunni militant chatrooms have
killing sword will not be lifted sweeping threat need to read some Orthodox right and as many as 10 Once again, there are realities in
been inflamed in recent weeks
from the necks of their followers church history. The Monitor, percent of Egyptians claim the this world that are not primarily
with claims that the Egyptian
until they declare their innocence however, quickly steps in to make faith. political, even in Egypt.
Coptic church is forcibly holding
from what the dog of the Egyptian a crucial historic point — only to Uh, I think the word for which The Monitor article — which is a
two women, wives of Coptic
Church is doing,” the message slip in a bizarre little mistake that they were searching was “rite,” as RITE page 62
priests, who converted to Islam.
continued. somehow managed to sneak past in Eastern Rite, as opposed to
62 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 61

strange mix of reporting and essay Office to investigate whether this converted to Islam.
Tea in 2012
-style commentary — contains should be covered in the 2010 And so forth and so on. The role Submitted at 11/15/2010 3:00:50 AM
leading up to his midterm
some useful information. Trafficking in Persons Report. of rumors in Egyptian culture is a drubbing. The second happened in
However, it opened up a very Islamist extremists responded by huge subject in and of itself. From the November 29, 2010, Chicago on February 19. That
complex subject without the room accusing the church of Meanwhile, the wider story issue of NR. morning, CNBC’s Rick Santelli,
to deal with it adequately. I am imprisoning two Christian women continues, by which I mean the A mid all the recriminations flanked by cheering capitalists on
referring to the complicated who had converted to Islam. One persecution of religious minorities about the electoral ineffectiveness t h e f l o o r o f t h e C h i c a g o
matter of conversions in Egypt. was Wafaa Constantine, wife of a of all kinds in the region o f s o m e T e a P a r t y – b a c k e d Mercantile Exchange, tore into
Human rights activist and scholar Coptic priest, who disappeared in (including Islamist persecution of candidates, it’s easy to lose sight the administration’s mortgage-
Paul Marshall, one of the editors 2004 but then returned to the other Muslims with whom they of a central fact: It’s doubtful that, b a i l o u t p l a n a n d i s s u e d a
of the Blind Spot: When church. The other was Camilia disagree). without a newly emboldened n a t i o n a l l y t e l e v i s e d a n d
Journalists Don’t Get Religion” Shehata, also a priest’s wife, who If you find solid, mainstream grassroots movement, Republican YouTubed call for a Chicago tea
volume, recently wrote a National disappeared on July 19, 2010. reports about these issues please politicians would have been able party in July.
Review Online essay about this Copts believed that she was let us know. Share the to create enough momentum Empowered by the
very subject. Here is a piece of abducted by Muslim extremists, information, if it’s worth sharing. against Obama to produce the hyperconnectivity of the Web,
that text filling in some additional and asked, without success, for PHOTO: The St. Bishoy landslide of November 2. newly energized conservative
details, including rather crucial the security services to Monastery in Egypt, posted at A s e b u l l i e n t p r o g r e s s i v e s activists moved up the schedule
issue of fact about a monastery investigate. There were then Written by: descended on Washington for by a few months. The first
involved in this crisis. Read on: widespread Coptic demonstrations tmatt on November 14, 2010. Obama’s inauguration in January Chicago tea party happened
On April 19, 2010, a bipartisan and, on July 23, security services This entry passed through the 2009, many Republicans assumed within days, and tea parties
group of 18 members of the U.S. returned Camilia to her husband. Full-Text RSS service — if this is the fetal position. Party strategists q u i c k l y b e c a m e a n a t i o n a l
Congress wrote to Ambassador In early September, rumors were your content and you're reading it wondered just how much they phenomenon; more than a million
Luis CdeBaca, director of the spread, particularly by Sheikh on someone else's site, please read could openly oppose the new people are estimated to have
State Department’s Trafficking in Abu Yehya, that Camilia had our FAQ page at president’s agenda, lest they be attended them on April 15, 2009 -
Persons (TIP) Office, about converted to Islam and that, to content-only/faq.php tarred as obstructionist or even - Tax Day.
reports documenting that Coptic hide this, the church was drugging Five Filters featured article: racist. Barely a month into Republicans at high levels briefly
women and girls are increasingly her and hiding her in a monastery Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Obama’s term, his political fretted about the image of the
subject to “fraud, physical and in Ain Shams. (There are no Reporting of Falluja's Cancer operation tied Republicans in GOP these unruly activists would
sexual violence, captivity, forced monasteries in that area.) Camilia Catastrophe. knots by pressuring them to p r e s e n t . Y e t R e p u b l i c a n
marriage and exploitation in announced on TV that she had not disown Rush Limbaugh’s “I want candidates flocked to speak at the
forced domestic servitude or converted, but radical sheikhs said Obama to fail” monologue. rallies, and an alliance between
commercial sexual exploitation, the person on TV was an #ad#The very month after the party and movement quickly
and financial benefit to the imposter. Al-Azhar, the leading inauguration, two events turned formed, even as the movement
individuals who secure the forced Islamic institution in Egypt, the tide, eventually leading all the worked to take out establishment
conversion.” They urged the TIP denied that she had ever way to the Republican tsunami stalwarts in primaries. According
this November. to a post-election report in the
The first was the unanimous Wall Street Journal, it was the Tea
House-Republican vote against Party–fueled showing at the
the stimulus, which in many August 2009 health-care town
observers’ eyes was the moment halls that spurred a new wave of
Republicans woke up from their Republican candidate recruitment
post-election stupor and resolved -- until then the missing piece to
to be a real opposition worthy of any hope of a GOP comeback.
grassroots support, reminiscent of
the kind Bill Clinton faced TEA page 64
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 63

The Threat of New START

Submitted at 11/15/2010 3:00:31 AM
via those provisions. Such a including the provision for Russia poses no military threat, Russian cheating would have little
delay, says the administration, continuous monitoring at final- and no plausible level of Russian effect, then those verification
New START logic: Russia poses could endanger U.S. security, and assembly plants for Russian cheating could pose a military measures serve only ornamental
no military threat, but we need so the lame-duck Senate must act. mobile missiles. It virtually threat, why be overly concerned purposes. This line of thinking
New START immediately to The administration’s claim about guarantees that we will not get about the holes in New START’s also fits well with the
protect us from the Russian the urgent need to pass New useful performance data from limits and verification measures? administration’s apparent lack of
military threat. START and initiate its Russian ballistic-missile flight #ad#These beliefs may seem clear support for the
W hen the New START treaty verification provisions, however, tests, leaving us with limited outlandish in the extreme, but modernization of U.S. nuclear
was signed in early April 2010, b l a t a n t l y c o n t r a d i c t s t h e insight into the performance they nicely justify a porous treaty forces in general. No firm limits
Obama- administration officials administration’s own public characteristics of new Russian and weak verification regime. on Russia, no strong verification
were eager to rush the treaty statements about the absence of weapons -- including such basic And, correspondingly, the measures, no problem.
through the Senate ratification any Russian military threat to us items as range and warhead administration claims both to be By rationalizing New START
p r o c e s s . L e a d i n g S e n a t e or our allies. It is also belied by payload. It shifts much of the true. For example, during a with this “no threat, no worries”
Democrats initially insisted that t h e v e r y f a c t t h a t t h e burden of verification to aged September 2010 interview, narrative, however, the
the new treaty should be ratified administration finds acceptable National Technical Means Secretary of Defense Robert administration contradicts its
almost immediately. The closer New START’s many loopholes satellites and other sensors, and Gates was asked whether Russia other argument: that the need for
some Republican senators looked, a n d l a p s e s i n v e r i f i c a t i o n allows Russia’s deployed mobile is a national-security threat, and New START’s verification
however, the more flaws they p r o c e d u r e s . missiles to be concealed. Several whether he is concerned about regime is so urgent that a lame-
found in it. Now, seven months The treaty’s force limits leave Republican members of the Russia’s buildup of new, “more duck Senate must act immediately
later, only a few Republican enormous opportunity for Russian Senate Foreign Relations powerful ICBMs.” Secretary to ratify the treaty. If Russia poses
senators have voiced support for circumvention, and, according to Committee rightly concluded that Gates’s response: “No. . . . I don’t no military threat, nor does any
the treaty; since ratification the open Russian press, they “verification in this treaty is very see Russia as a threat. I see Russia prospective level of Russian
requires a two-thirds vote, that require only the United States to weak.” Sen. Kit Bond (R., Mo.) --Russian-U.S. relations being cheating, then there can be no risk
leaves New START several votes make reductions -- not Russia as observed, “This is one that turns those of normal states now.” in waiting for the newly elected
shy. Worse yet for New START, well. The treaty omits any President Reagan’s theory of trust Roughly a week later, Secretary Senate to be seated and
there will be six additional limitation whatsoever on nuclear but verify on its head. We will Gates said again publicly, “It’s thoughtfully perform its advice-
Republicans in the Senate come cruise missiles deployed on ships trust them even though we can’t hard for me to imagine that those and-consent responsibilities. But
J a n u a r y . C o n s e q u e n t l y , t h e or submarines at a time when verify it.” who are currently in NATO feel a if, on the other hand -- as the
administration is pressing hard for Russia apparently is moving #page#New START’s force limits real military threat coming from administration also claims -- time
the Senate to give its consent to forward with such weapons. And and verification measures are so Russia.” is of the essence because, without
the treaty now -- before the six the Russian Duma committee porous that they can be What about the potential threat of New START’s verification
Democrats who lost give way to responsible for treaties has just considered adequate under only Russian cheating? A major 2010 provisions, Russia might make
their Republican successors. indicated that New START’s two conditions: (1) if we believe State Department study reportedly dangerous nuclear-force moves
# a d # A c c o r d i n g t o t h e force ceilings do not apply to that Russia poses no military concludes happily that “any” that could catch us unawares, then
administration, waiting to future Russian rail-mobile threat, and thus treaty verification Russian cheating “would have we must truly be concerned about
consider New START until the ICBMs. These are large loopholes is a box-checking exercise; and little effect on the assured second- a treaty with numerous loopholes
newly elected senators have been indeed. (2) if we believe that no level of strike capabilities of U.S. strategic and weak verification.
seated would further delay In addition, compared to those of Russian cheating could be forces.” So which is it? If Russia’s
implementation of the treaty’s its predecessor, the 1991 START, significant, and thus, again, Little wonder that the nuclear weapons and potential
verification provisions; thus the N e w S T A R T ’ s v e r i f i c a t i o n verification is a box-checking administration finds New cheating could pose a real threat,
United States would forgo for that measures are extremely weak. exercise. Armed with these two START’s strikingly weak limits then the weaknesses in New
much longer the new information A m o n g m a n y p r o b l e m s , i t views, even severely flawed force and verification measures START should give us all great
about Russia’s deadly nuclear abandons the mobile-missile limits and verification provisions acceptable. If Russia is no
forces that will become available verification regime of START I, can be deemed adequate: If military threat and prospective THREAT page 67
64 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 62

With the mission of taking over “MyBO,” OFA’s Web-based its goals accomplished (40.7 grow into separate starfishes. disown his political ineptitude this
the House accomplished, the organizing hub, was down as percent of activists themselves FreedomWorks has been busy cycle, and have now largely faded
movement is now at a crossroads, much as 90 percent from 2008 as agreed). Though D.C. groups evangelizing the book and from view. This doesn’t mean that
and where it goes next is a matter activists recoiled at the shift from were highly interested in working popularizing the Movement 2.0 the Tea Party must be cynical and
of crucial importance for the the frenetic energy of a campaign with the Tea Party, a certain elitist concept of leaderless replication. oppositional, but rather that it
Right. to White House command and attitude pervaded their members’ “You take the Dayton tea party should use this interlude to further
One option is closer cooperation control. The experience should responses to the survey, with one and you cut it in half, and it develop its leaders and organizing
with (and what cynics might call provide a cautionary tale to the D.C.-based participant saying, becomes two of them -- and that’s principles.
co-option by) the Republican- Tea Partiers, with their more “[Our goal] is to inform the Tea what’s been happening,” This is why American Majority --
party structure. Given that Karl humble origins: Hitch yourself to Party people who have humility to FreedomWorks’s Adam Brandon which began by asking the
Rove’s “72-hour turnout plan” (an established power institutions at understand that they don’t told Politico in July. “It’s a better question, “What happens after the
RNC-run effort to canvass your own peril. understand everything.” model for the type of activism we Tea Party?” -- plans an
neighborhoods and call voters that #page#No one is saying that the Ned Ryun, executive director of want to do. So we talk about it a unprecedented push to identify
was first deployed on a massive Tea Party movement didn’t have American Majority -- one of the lot. We recommend it.” and recruit new candidates at the
scale in 2004) essentially did not its share of misfires this year -- more promising new institutions What comes next for the Tea local level starting with the 2012
take place this election cycle, the for example, the fixation on that have risen up around the Tea Party movement? In a sense, the elections. Focusing on Congress
movement’s organizational Christine O’Donnell in Delaware Party movement -- wants to election results -- including the and the presidency is well and
muscle (not to mention the hearts kept the movement from helping ignore Washington and go local. lost Senate races in Delaware, good, reasons Ryun, but achieving
and minds of its activist base) will Ken Buck and Dino Rossi across “What the movement is really Colorado, Washington State, and those goals is of little use without
be especially important to the the finish line in Colorado and about, quite frankly, is the local Nevada -- were the best the control of local governments,
party. It’s unclear who would be Washington State respectively. leaders, and I’ve made a point movement could have hoped for. where national leaders usually
the majority shareholder if the What is clear is that to endure, the with American Majority of going With the GOP controlling just one start out. Working with the Tea
Republican party and the Tea movement will need to grow and directly to them, and ignoring the chamber, it remains a quasi- Parties, Ryun says, his
Party merged. develop from within -- honing its so-called national leaders of the insurgency inside the Beltway, organization trained 1,249 new
Yet deeper integration is unlikely political strategy, candidate movement,” he told me. “I think and insurgencies are conducive to local candidates and 12,654
to outlive this political moment. recruitment, and online the national leaders are beside the the growth of true grassroots activists this cycle. His end goal is
Just as the grassroots organization infrastructure with little help from point; if they go away, the movements. 2012 will be all about audacious and extends beyond the
built during President Bush’s traditional Washington players. movement still exists. If the local the White House, not Congress, Republican party: “Power in D.C.
winning 2000 and 2004 #ad#The movement’s relationship leaders go away, the movement with the energy of the nomination must be devolved, and one of the
campaigns did not outlive his with the Republican party may be dies.” fight and the general-election ways you do that is to run out the
presidency (or even, in fact, cagey at best -- the Tea Party’s The smarter Beltway institutions contest against Obama keeping ruling class, one by one, and not
persist much beyond those greatest pleasures came in beating realize that they won’t be able to Tea Party activists involved in just in D.C., but in state capitals
campaigns), President Obama up RINOs like Charlie Crist and orchestrate every advance the way Republican-party politics for the and municipalities. If the Tea
struggled mightily to conjure up Lisa Murkowski -- but its they could in times past. They next two years. Party can begin to control the
the enthusiasm of his 2008 bid in relationship with the Beltway have latched on to the recent book Yet the Tea Party must take care nomination process -- for not just
this year’s listless campaign, conservative movement probably The Starfish and the Spider as a to avoid the fate of conservatives the Republican party, but even the
limiting his stops to inner cities isn’t much better. An October way to explain the growth of the in the late 2000s, who more or Democratic party, by running
and liberal college towns. After study by the Sam Adams movement. With today’s less threw in with the Bush more conservative options in
the 2008 election, the vaunted Alliance, a pro-free-market communication networks, the administration, only to get Democratic primaries -- then the
“Obama movement” mostly nonprofit, found a decided book argues, movements can disillusioned by the rise in movement begins to control the
fizzled out: It was moved in- distance between Beltway groups spawn and replicate without domestic spending. It’s a fate that parties, and then controls the
house to the Democratic National and local Tea Party activists, with central leadership. If you cut off threatens also to befall the system.”
Committee and given the moniker just 6.5 percent of those inside the spider’s head, it dies. If you progressive movement in 2010; — Patrick Ruffini is a founder of
“Organizing for America.” Washington agreeing that the Tea cut the starfish in half, not only the “netroots” went all in for TEA page 66
Campaign-related activity on Party knew very well how to get does it live, but the two parts Obama in ’08, only to have to
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 65

Decision Points
Rich Trzupek (FrontPage trying to make the president written to almost five thousand
Magazine » FrontPage) sound like someone he’s not. In families.” Indeed, the very last
Submitted at 11/14/2010 10:45:25 PM his writing we find the folksy words of the book are directed
tone, the economy of words and toward the men and women
After a presidency that an aversion to flowery language serving in the military. Wrapping
encompassed eight of the most that defined his preferred up four pages of
tumultuous and politically savage oratorical style. It’s an easy, acknowledgments, Bush closes
years in recent memory, one could enjoyable, and very often a Decision Points with a paragraph
understand if George W. Bush fascinating read. But if Bush uses thanking everyone in uniform,
was a more than a little plain language in Decision Points, summing up thus:
disenchanted with the media, with there is nothing simple about his Their achievements will rank
politics, and with ideologues. And analysis. Rather, as the president alongside those of the greatest
he surely is, to some extent, but walks the reader through each generations in history, and the
that’s not the overwhelming chain of events and the policy highest honor of my life was to
impression that comes across after discussions that ensued, it’s clear serve as their commander in chief.
reading Decision Points, Bush’s that this man – so often derided as Some of his ideological
account of some of the most a simpleton by the Left – has a opponents come across better than
important issues that have come shrewd grasp of the subtleties of expected in Bush’s recounting.
to define his term in office. leadership. Most surprisingly, Ted Kennedy
Rather, the message of the book is Though defensive at times, Bush is among this group. Bush
that the man from Midland retains appears not so much interested in describes a relationship in which
a deep faith in his country and its protecting his reputation as he is he and the late Senator
people. To borrow a word more in giving readers an inside look at acknowledged their many
commonly associated with the competing political and differences, but agreed to work
another president, George W. patriotic agendas that all together on issues they could
Bush remains as hopeful about presidents are forced to consider agree on, most notably No Child
America and its future as he was while trying to lead the nation. Left Behind and on crafting an
on the day he took office. Early on, he points to Harry immigration bill. Senate Majority
While Decision Points contains Truman as a point of inspiration Leader Harry Reid doesn’t fare as
some autobiographical anecdotes, and guidance. “He did what he well. Bush is careful to avoid
it’s not so much a memoir as a thought was right and he didn’t direct criticism of anyone, but an
study in command. Bush takes us much care what the critics said,” easy read between the lines lets
through the process that led him Bush wrote. “When he left office you know that he found some
to formulate policy on nine big in 1953, his approval ratings were people tiresome and Reid is
issues that marked his presidency: in the twenties. Today he is clearly high on this list. He
stem cell research, 9/11, viewed as one of America’s recounts, for example, how he
preventing domestic terrorism, the greatest presidents.” worked with Kennedy and was
war in Afghanistan, the war in The innate decency of the forty- within a couple of votes of getting
Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, fighting third president of the United an immigration bill passed. But,
AIDS in Africa, the surge and the States shines through Decision uniform. In what is almost an office. “I sent letters to the the Senate was due to adjourn for
financial crisis, among others. The Points. This is a man with aside, Bush reveals one of the families of every service member the Fourth of July break. Both
narrative style is pure Bush and immense respect for his nation, its ways he expressed his profound who laid down his or her life in Kennedy and Bush called Reid to
his editors at Crown Publishing citizens and, most of all, the men admiration and gratitude for the war on terror,” he wrote. “By
are to be commended for not and women who serve it in DECISION page 70
America’s fallen warriors while in the end of my presidency, I had
66 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Wielding the Budget Knife

Submitted at 11/15/2010 3:00:31 AM
Also singled out for cuts are the imposing a very modest 10 easily be eliminated, saving more (adjusted for inflation).
federal travel budget ($14 billion percent reduction in foreign-aid than $500 million. And what Bloated budgets for base support
T h e B o w l e s - S i m p s o n per year) and federal vehicle payments, which would save $4.6 about the Hollings Manufacturing and facilities maintenance could
“illustrative list” is only that — an budget ($4 billion per year), both billion. Extension Partnership? Or the manage almost $3.5 billion in cuts
illustration. But it will give novice o f w h i c h h a v e b a l l o o n e d #*# An entire section of the report Baldrige National Quality without considerable disruption,
legislators an appropriate starting substantially over the past decade. is devoted to “outdated, low Program? These organizations use and eliminating two special
point. These could yield at least $1 priority, and under-performing federal funds to provide support school systems operated by the
W hile nearly every Republican billion in savings. programs,” of which there is no and present awards to U.S. Department of Defense for the
candidate running this cycle # * # C o n s e r v a t i v e s a r e shortage when it comes to the businesses, services that could children of military personnel --
highlighted the need to cut understandably thrilled by the federal government. Most people more efficiently be provided by established when Southern
spending and reduce the deficit, proposal to eliminate federal have probably never heard of the private sector. Doing away schools were still segregated, and
very few offered much in the way funding for the Corporation for organizations like the Office of with them would save more than no longer viewed as necessary --
of specifics. Fortunately, Erskine P u b l i c B r o a d c a s t i n g , t h e Safe and Drug-Free Schools, $120 million annually. One can could save another $1.1 billion.
Bowles and Alan Simpson, co- organization responsible for which the report proposes to only imagine how many similarly SUMMING UP
c h a i r s o f t h e N a t i o n a l funding NPR, PBS, and their eliminate altogether because, redundant federal programs could The plan’s total recommendation
C o m m i s s i o n o n F i s c a l various affiliates, saving close to among other factors, “the results be eliminated, and how much of more than $200 billion worth
Responsibility and Reform, aren’t $500 million. The report also hoped for in [its] creation have additional money that could save. of federal spending cuts may not
running for office, and they have proposes ending expensive federal not been demonstrated.” Doing so #*# Half of the recommended seem like much when stacked up
proposed a bold, extensive, and subsidies for fossil-fuel research would save an estimated $1.8 cuts come from defense spending, against a national deficit of $1.3
relatively specific “illustrative a n d t h e d e v e l o p m e n t o f billion. An additional $300 and they are mostly in line with trillion (and growing). But it’s not
list” of more than $200 billion in commercial space flight, saving million could be saved by getting the recommendations of Defense insignificant by any means, and,
spending cuts and adjustments to more than $2 billion. Funding for rid of the sprawling network of Secretary Robert Gates and his as the report suggests, the list is
help rein in the deficit. For newly public institutions like the federal economic-aid programs “efficiencies initiatives” aimed at merely “illustrative.” The
elected members of Congress Smithsonian and the National known collectively as the eliminating waste within the Simpson-Bowles plan is at least
w i s h i n g t o m a k e g o o d o n Park Service could be cut by $300 Economic Development Department of Defense. The an excellent icebreaker to a
campaign promises to “restore million or more, with those Administration, which the report proposes doubling Gates’s conversation on spending that is
fiscal sanity” to Washington, it is reductions easily offset by Government Accountability recommended cuts to defense desperately needed, one that goes
an appropriate starting point. imposing modest visitor fees. Office has repeatedly identified as contracting, saving $11 billion, far beyond the vague and guarded
#ad##*# “In order to tackle our #*# In addition to the $2.7 billion superfluous and wasteful. and reducing procurement rhetoric of the campaign trail.
fiscal imbalance, everyone must in “assessed” dues the United #*# Ever heard of the Rural spending by 15 percent, which — Andrew Stiles writes for
sacrifice,” the report states. “That States pays to the United Nations Utilities Service? The report says would save $20 billion. Another National Review Online’ s Battle
should include those at the top.” (more than any other nation by that while its stated goal of $7 billion could be saved by ’10 blog. Andrew Stiles
Fittingly, the f i r s t far), we also give more than $3.5 providing rural areas with public cutting the Defense Department’s
recommendation is a 15 percent billion in “voluntary” funds. The utilities is “noteworthy,” its Research, Development, Test &
cut to the congressional and report proposes trimming at least programs are “outdated” and Evaluation budget, which would
White House budgets, a move that $300 million (why not all of it?) “provide limited or questionable still leave spending levels above
would save around $800 million. from that figure, as well as public policy benefits,” and could the peak of the Reagan years
continued from page 64

Engage, a Republican digital- Patrick Ruffini

media firm. This article originally
appeared in the November 29,
2010, issue of National Review.
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 67
House and Senate Cloakroom: November 14-20, continued from page 63

pause. If there is no such threat,

2010 then there is no need to rush the
Senate. The administration cannot
Maggie Piggott (The Foundry: on December 3rd. Change Science”. never held a hearing to discuss simultaneously have a threatening
Conservative Policy News.) As we look ahead to 2011, Senate Cloakroom: November 14 Dr. Berwick’s nomination. He Russia and a benign Russia,
Submitted at 11/15/2010 9:00:48 AM Congress has a many different -20, 2010 was appointed by President depending on its arms-control
issues to tackle. The Heritage Analysis: Obama during the Fourth of July argument of the hour. Suspending
Posted November 15th, 2010 at Foundation has issued a set of five The Senate comes back to recess without the consent of disbelief is an established element
10:00am in Ongoing Priorities simple actions Congress must take Washington after a long break for Congress. of the arms-control process;
Print This Post in order to meet the electoral the midterm elections on Monday, Major Floor Action: suspending logic should not be.
House Cloakroom: November 14 mandate of the American people. November 15. The first votes of S.3815: Promoting Natural Gas — Keith B. Payne, a former
-20, 2010 These five priorities represent the the week will take place on and Electric Vehicles Act of 2010 deputy assistant secretary of
Analysis: bare minimum of what is Wednesday, November 17, as the S.3772: Paycheck Fairness Act defense, is a professor in the
The House returns back to e x p e c t e d o f o u r n e w Senate has three procedural votes S.510: FDA Food Safety Graduate Department of Defense
Washington for a lame-duck representatives. More will need to lined up on the following issues: Modernization Act and Strategic Studies at Missouri
session after a historical midterm be done to get our nation back on A bill introduced by Senator Reid The Senate Armed Services State University. Tom Scheber is
election. The actual legislative the right track. attempting to promote natural gas Committee will hold a hearing to a former director of strike policy
calendar for the week remains to Major Floor Action: and electric vehicles, the consider various nominations. and integration at the Department
be seen, but it will more than HR 5987: Seniors Protection Act Paycheck Fairness Act, and the The Senate Committee on of Defense. Keith B. Payne Tom
l i k e l y b e l i g h t a s t h e n e w of 2010 FDA Food Safety Modernization Commerce, Science, and Scheber
members of the 112th Congress HR 1751: American Dream Act Act. Transportation will hold a hearing
will be in town for orientation, S. 3307 : Healthy, Hunger-Free President Obama has summoned to discuss TSA oversight.
leadership elections, and a Kids Act of 2010 Senate and House leadership to a The Senate Committee on
meeting with President Obama for The House Standards of Official meeting at the White House on Environment and Public Works
both Senate and House leadership C o n d u c t S u b c o m m i t t e e o n Thursday, November 18, so it is will hold a hearing on Wednesday
teams on Thursday. Charles B. Rangel Adjudication unclear how much the Senate will to discuss the Water Resources
Potential floor action could be w i l l h o l d a h e a r i n g o n try to accomplish this week Development Act.
s e e n o n a o n e - t i m e S o c i a l Congressman Rangel’s alleged outside of the aforementioned This entry passed through the
Security payment to recipients as ethics violations. cloture votes. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
well as the child-nutrition bill. The House Financial Services Also of note this week is a Senate your content and you're reading it
Although the legislative week will Subcommittee on Housing and Finance Committee hearing on someone else's site, please read
be slow, Congress has several Community Opportunity will hold entitled “Patient Protection our FAQ page at
actions they must take up before a hearing on “Mortgage Servicing Provisions of Health Care Law”. content-only/faq.php
they adjourn the 111th Congress. Issues”. Dr. Donald Berwick, Five Filters featured article:
The issue of the 01-03 Bush tax The House Science and administrator of the Centers for Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
relief measures as well as a Technology Subcommittee on Medicare and Medicaid Services Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
continuing resolution (CR) has to Energy and Environment will is scheduled to testify, which is Catastrophe.
be voted on prior to its end date hold a hearing on “Climate significant, considering the Senate
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Fighting the Yemen Front

Ryan Mauro (FrontPage as many Yemenis believe the
Magazine » FrontPage) government is exaggerating the
Submitted at 11/14/2010 10:42:45 PM threat from Al-Qaeda or
altogether making it up as a way
Al-Qaeda in the Arabian of getting Western aid and
Peninsula has claimed credit for clamping down on opposition.
the cargo plane bomb plots, President Saleh’s insecurity has
making the Yemeni government’s led him to install family members
fight against the terrorist group a
central front. Unfortunately, the
as the heads of his national
security apparatus, a move
government is weak and corrupt
and has its hands full with two
designed to stabilize his rule but
that creates further distance from Permitorium
other conflicts. The battle ahead the population.
with Al-Qaeda in Yemen will not
be easy and may require direct
The Yemeni government’s past
willingness to coddle Al-Qaeda
U.S. intervention. has allowed the terrorist group to Nicolas Loris (The Foundry:
Conservative Policy News.)
The Yemeni government is establish a base which now must
battling a secessionist movement soldiers have been killed by Al- terrorist mastermind is actually be removed. The government has
Submitted at 11/15/2010 10:00:40 AM

in the south and has a shaky truce Qaeda in the past month.The hiding there. Atwan says that openly negotiated with radical
with the radical Shiite Houthi Posted November 15th, 2010 at
Yemeni government has sent an when he met Bin Laden in Islamic militants since 2005, a 11:00am in Energy and
rebels in the north that could additional 3,000 soldiers to November 1996, Bin Laden said process that meetings with a
break at any moment. Last year, Environment Print This Post
participate in its offensive in that he’d go to Yemen if he was former Al-Qaeda official once Although Congress lifted the ban
Iran waged a major proxy war Abyan, Shabwan and Marib kicked out of Afghanistan because seen next to Osama Bin Laden. In
against the Yemenis and Saudis on deepwater drilling in October
Provinces where 300 to 500 Al- “its mountains are like Tora January 2008, a member of Al- and drillers are eager to return to
using the Houthis. The Qaeda members have found Bora’s and the country will Qaeda in Yemen confirmed the
government’s resources are work, the government still has not
refuge. The high number of embrace me and be warm towards deal-making, saying some of them issued any permits. And the news
overextended and like in Pakistan, Yemenis in the terrorist group me.” Atwan adds that a Yemeni had been recruited to fight the
the government lacks effective is unlikely to improve much next
indicates they have a significant tribal leader told him that he was Shiite Houthis. These dealings year. CNNMoney reports:
control over large swaths of pool of support beyond their contacted by Bin Laden before 9/ apparently included the release of
territory. As one senior diplomat Even if a few permits come
actual membership. 11 to discuss a possible safe imprisoned detainees, such as through, analysts say it will be a
explained,“the government is Bin Laden’s following in Yemen haven. when 170 suspected members of
practically caged in the capital” of far cry from the amount issued pre
is so strong that the editor of Al- The population’s distrust of the Al-Qaeda were freed in February -spill. “We’re not holding our
Sana’a. Quds Al-Arabi, Abdul Bari government further complicates 2009 after they pledged to change
Already, the fight has been costly breath for a return to business as
Atwan, says it is possible that the any offensive against Al-Qaeda, their ways. usual,” Whitney Stanco, and
as at least 70 police officers and
energy analyst at the Washington
Research Group, wrote in a recent
research note. “Despite pressure
from Gulf state lawmakers and
the oil and gas industry, we
believe permitting in 2011 will
likely be slower than it has been
in recent years.”
DRILLING page 69
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Throw Carol Browner Under the Bus continued from page 68

The moratorium did not affect punishing deepwater and shallow

Michelle Malkin (FrontPage
Magazine » FrontPage) current oil production in the water drillers. Just two days ago,
deepwater Gulf of Mexico, which Politico broke a story in which the
Submitted at 11/14/2010 10:30:37 PM comes from wells that have Department of Interior inspector
already been drilled. Currently, general says that the White House
Energy czar Carol Browner needs about a quarter of the nation’s five re-wrote sections of a report to
to go the way of disgraced green -million-barrel-a-day crude output make it appear that an
jobs czar Van Jones: under the comes from the deepwater Gulf, independent panel of experts
bus and stripped of her unbridled according to the Government’s supported the drilling moratorium.
power to destroy jobs and lives in Energy Information The permitorium is causing
the name of saving the planet. Administration. But future output businesses and families to
ASAP. could fall if new wells aren’t unnecessarily struggle when job
One of the Beltway’s most drilled. EIA predicts U.S. output creation is at a premium. With
influential, entrenched and will drop by about 170,000 barrels regards to drilling, businesses
unaccountable left-wing radicals, a day in 2011 thanks to the ban. want to create jobs without money
Browner has now been called out Part of the problem for the oil from the taxpayer, yet the
twice by President Obama’s own companies was figuring out the government is dragging its feet
federal BP oil spill commission complexities and intricacies of the issuing permits, and the dragging
and Interior Department inspector new rules, but now drilling will continue throughout 2011.
general. How many strikes should requests are increasing, reports It’s sad (but not unexpected) for
a woman who circumvented the the International Energy Agency. an Administration so keen on
Senate confirmation process and and falsely claimed that the sided with the misrepresented A newly released report says, “Oil bringing objectiveness and
boasts a sordid history of abusing administration’s August report on scientists and blasted the Interior companies are queuing up to transparency to Washington to fall
public office get? the disaster was “peer-reviewed.” Department’s big green lie that its submit requests to recommence victim to political pressures.
Pushing the question — and The false claim “contributed to moratorium was “peer-reviewed” drilling, including many of those This entry passed through the
shining a bright, hot spotlight on public perception” of Browner’s and endorsed by “seven experts previously active in the area. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Browner’s behind-the-scenes calculation as “more exact and i d e n t i f i e d b y t h e N a t i o n a l Companies remain keen to work your content and you're reading it
maneuvering — should be a top complete” than it was ever A c a d e m y o f E n g i n e e r i n g . ” in the Gulf of Mexico, seeing it as on someone else's site, please read
priority of the new House GOP designed to be, the oil spill A s t h e c o u r t c o n c l u d e d : one of the more profitable regions our FAQ page at
majority. Not least of all because commission concluded in “Although the experts agreed with accessible to them.” content-only/faq.php
Washington insiders are still October. the safety recommendations Seven experts from National Five Filters featured article:
buzzing about possible White This week, the Interior contained in the body of the main A c a d e m y o f E n g i n e e r i n g Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
House plans to increase her policy Department inspector general Report, five of the National recommended that a blanket Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
role and elevate her status with singled out Browner’s office for Academy experts and three of the moratorium was not the answer, Catastrophe.
Team Obama. butchering peer-reviewed other experts have publicly stated would not significantly reduce the
First, the BP oil spill panel scientists’ conclusions in a key that they ‘do not agree with the risks of offshore drilling, and
dinged her for disseminating report about the administration’s six month blanket moratorium’ on would punish the innocent. The
misleading information to the preordained deepwater drilling floating drilling.” ban went forward anyway,
public about the scope of the moratorium. The scientists first It was Browner’s office behind
disaster. In the aftermath of the blew the whistle on the the hatchet job.
spill, she falsely claimed that 75 administration’s monkey business
percent of the spill was “now this summer. A federal judge
completely gone from the system”
70 Social Media/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 65

ask him to extend the session for a those serving in the military, he Bush doesn’t waste much time or
couple of days so they could get was hesitant to do so. But, he effort talking about the vicious,
the bill through. Reid wouldn’t could legally send armed troops maniacal attacks that ultra-leftist
budge. “Given the importance of into New Orleans if the Governor billionaire George Soros financed
the legislation, I thought it would of Louisiana requested them. as part of his obsession to remove
be worthwhile to allow them a Blanco seemed paralyzed by the the president from power. But one
little extra time for the bill to crisis. The president related the anecdote is particularly revealing
pass,” Bush wrote. “Apparently following exchange that occurred about the way that Soros thinks
Harry Reid did not.” in the Air Force One conference and functions. The president and
Ex-Louisiana Governor Kathleen room on September 2, 2005, four U2 lead singer Bono struck up an
Blanco doesn’t fare too well days after Katrina hit: unlikely friendship, owing to
either. As the situation in New I told her it was clear that state Bush’s efforts to battle AIDS in
Orleans spiraled out of control and local response forces had Africa. Soros, who had provided
following Hurricane Katrina, the
president struggled with the
been overwhelmed. “Governor,” I
pressed, “you need to authorize
funding to some of Bono’s causes,
was not pleased. Bush related the Microsoft Embraces
decision to send troops to restore the federal government to take financer’s rebuke to the singer:
order and help the victims. On the
one hand, he could order federal
charge of the response.”
She told me that she needed
“You’ve sold out for a plate of
lentils,” Soros told Bono.
Social Games with New
troops in unilaterally, so long as
they were unarmed. Given the
looting and violence that gripped
twenty four hours to think it over.
“We don’t have twenty-four
hours,” I snapped. “We’ve waited
Samuel Axon (Mashable!)
the Crescent City, as well as his too long already.” MICROSOFT page 71
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:02:17 AM
devotion to protect the lives to The governor refused to answer.

Girl Talk Releases New Album Online — For Free

Brenna Ehrlich (Mashable!) yoinking it over here at Mashable. more time on this album than any this move?
Submitted at 11/15/2010 11:07:59 AM (But I’m sure we’ll all be tweeting previous release and considers it More About: girl-talk,
our thoughts once we get it the most fully realized and MARKETING, music, social
In true Radiohead/ Nine Inch downloaded — or at least I will). evolved manifestation of the Girl media
Nails-style, Gregg Gillis (a.k.a. Obviously this is a bold move on Talk aesthetic.” For more Entertainment
mashup artist Girl Talk) is the part of the artist, reminiscent And although this disc promises coverage:
releasing his fifth album, All Day, of when Trent Reznor offered up to be epic — clocking in at 71 • Follow Mashable Entertainment
for free today. Get ready to dance. his music via Torrent sites. Still, minutes and 373 samples — it on Twitter
A follow-up to 2008’s Feed the as we have seen from recent leaks will remain free, according to the • Become a Fan on Facebook
Animals, All Day is now available of high-profile albums, if people rep. That means no e-mail signups • Subscribe to the Entertainment
on label Illegal Art’s website. You can get their music for free, and no suggested donations. channel
can either download it as one they’re going to take advantage of If you’re among the many taking • Download our free apps for
seamless MP3, or as separate that. By adopting the “if you can’t advantage of this deal today, let iPhone and iPad
posting the album as a free
tracks. According to the site, beat them, join them mentality,” us know: Will you still buy the
download on the Illegal Art
FLAC options will be added soon. Girl Talk is going “one step album on vinyl or CD? Will you
label’s site allows All Day to
However, likely due to the high further to getting the music to fans be more likely to attend a Girl
reach his fan-base quickly and
volume of folks downloading the as quickly and easily as possible,” Talk concert? (He begins touring
with minimal cost, Gillis spent
disc, we’re having a hard time according to his rep. “While in 2011.) What do you think of
E-reader News Edition Finance/ 71
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Microsoft made several big this. Microsoft has implied that it established social gaming
7 things to buy after
announcements related to social
games Monday, including a
will offer playable games through
that portal, so one wonders if that
platforms, but Google is just
getting started. It has reportedly Christmas
unified social system across all its will integrate with Microsoft partnered with FarmVille maker (Financiallyfit on Shine) Afterward - when you just can’t
web-based gaming platforms, an Game Hub as well, or if Microsoft Zynga to launch its own games Submitted at 11/15/2010 12:43:46 AM face another gingerbread man -
overhaul of MSN Games, intends to maintain a distinction portal soon. these stores slash their prices out
international expansion for Bing between “casual” and “core” More About: bing, bing games, by Farnoosh Torabi for CBS of necessity. “It’s a great time to
Games and a deal with games. CrowdStar, games, microsoft, stock up on chocolates, spices,
CrowdStar, the second biggest It would be a difficult distinction msn, msn games, online games, Plan to treat yourself this holiday flour, sugar, the basics,” says
social games publisher. to keep since Windows Phone 7 social games, social gaming, season? Fifty-seven percent of Freeman. The chocolate may be
You can see the new social uses Xbox Live, and it will surely video games, Windows Live, shoppers will be making non-gift colored green and red, but it tastes
features — which are called be home to many casual games. windows live messenger purchases for themselves this the same!
Microsoft Game Hub, and include Microsoft also announced that its For more Entertainment year, up 8 percent from 2009, 3. Electronics
leaderboards and Facebook recently launched Bing Games coverage: according to the National Retail The Annual International
integration — by visiting the site will open in the UK, • Follow Mashable Entertainment Federation. The average personal Consumer Electronics Show runs
online preview of the new MSN Australia, Canada and New on Twitter expenditure: $107.50. the first week of January. That’s
Games. Microsoft’s goal is to Zealand, and that more games will • Become a Fan on Facebook Want my advice? Wait until after when companies roll out all their
connect you with your social be available through the Windows • Subscribe to the Entertainment the holidays to gift yourself. With n e w m o d e l s o f c o m p u t e r s ,
gaming friends regardless of Live Messenger client. The channel so many of us returning gifts after cameras, cell phones, printers …
whether you’re using MSN biggest news besides Microsoft • Download our free apps for the holidays and retailers looking you name it. While early adapters
Games, Bing or Windows Live Game Hub is the partnership with iPhone and iPad to unload excess inventory from salivate over the newest and latest
Messenger; they don’t have to use game publisher CrowdStar, which 2010, the best deals are often tech gadgets, January is a great
the same portal as you to play will bring its first game to the found after Christmas and into the time for everyone else to buy the
with you or see your profile data. Bing platform. New Year. Here are the top 7 most recent models - which will,
We’re curious as to how the new, Competitors Yahoo and items - some to be expected, some no doubt, be discounted heavily to
web-based Xbox Live plays into Facebook already have well- not - that you may want to put on make room for the new. ”If you
your post-holiday shopping list. don’t take advantage of the
THINGS 1. Champagne and Fine Wine Christmas deals, don’t worry.
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Bottles of bubbly and fine wine After Christmas, everything’ll be
5. Refurbished Goods discounts of 50 to 90%. A tip on years, appearing right around usually go on sale around the on sale!” says Freeman. Last year
Expect stores’ “refurbished” bins the wrapping paper - go for a New Year’s Day. holidays and the prices get Walmart offered shoppers a $50
- where returned appliances and solid color, instead of a sheet with More on MoneyWatch slashed even further the weeks gift card when they bought
gadgets get a 10 to 20% discount - Christmas trees or dreidels. Gold, This entry passed through the that follow. This year, expect Microsoft Xbox 360 through
to be well-stocked after the green, blue or red wrapping paper, Full-Text RSS service — if this is even steeper price cuts, says Lisa January 1.
h o l i d a y s , a s p e o p l e r e t u r n while seasonal, can also be used your content and you're reading it Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of 4. Winter Clothes & Accessories
unwanted gifts. One note of throughout the year. on someone else's site, please read ShopSmart Mag. “The recession There will be no shortage of
caution: Only buy refurbished 7. Calendars our FAQ page at has been hard on the high-end discounts at department stores and
items from reputable dealers that Can you wait a few extra days to content-only/faq.php wine maker. French wines that clothing retailers - especially on
offer a manufacturer’s warranty. get organized? It’s almost a given Five Filters featured article: were going for $50 you can get hats, scarves, boots, winter coats
Sony, Dell, Amazon, Apple and that Borders and Barnes & Noble Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- for $20.” and wool socks. Invest wisely by
Kitchen Aid are all in the w i l l h a v e t h e i r 1 2 - m o n t h Reporting of Falluja's Cancer 2. Baking Ingredients opting for non-trendy staples that
refurbishing business. calendars on sale the first weeks Catastrophe. D u r i n g t h e h o l i d a y s , will last you another winter or
6. Holiday Cards, Wrapping of January. I’ve spotted their buy- supermarkets and discount stores three.
Paper, Ornaments one-get-one-free or “All load up on baking supplies to
This one’s obvious. Expect Calendars $1 deals throughout the THINGS page 72 THINGS page 71
meet shoppers’ demands.
72 E-reader News Edition
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