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Backplate Silent Single Coil (BPSSC) system

The best way to install the BPSSC system is to use the professional service of a guitar builder or a guitar repair shop. Drilling holes, or bending of the BPSSC could badly damage the unit and cause you to lose all terms of our warranty.

Installation instruction – SSS (Three Single coil pickups) Version

Guitar Requirements:

1. We assume, the guitar is equipped with three single coil pickups installed on the Bridge, Middle and Neck positions. All three pickups are with same magnetic pole orientation (i. e. “North” pole on the top of the pickup) and same “in phase” polarity of the output signal. If the guitar has RWRP Middle pickup (with the “South” pole on the top of the pickup) installed – it needs to be replaced with a regular pickup. This BPSSC system will operate with single coil pickups with DC resistance starting from around 6kOhms up to 8kOhms.

2. The three pickups don’t have a shielded and/or grounded pole pieces. If this is the case, and one of the pickup coil cables is used to be connected to Ground (GND) – this connection needs to be split and a separate wire, connected just to the shield and pole pieces, needs to be connected to the guitar GND.

3. We assume, all guitar controls (pickup selector Switch, Volume, Tone controls, all pickups and the output Jack), operate normally.

Preparing the Guitar for BPSSC System Installation:

1. Pull OFF all strings from the tuners. Now you can easy access the entire pickguard assembly.

2. Unscrew and remove the original plastic Back plate.

3. Unscrew all mounting screws that hold the pickguard to the guitar body.

4. Carefully flip the pickguard assembly around its bottom side as it is shown on FIG. 1

Take the Adjusting PCB and make sure that you are able to fit both the Red and the Yellow cables through the hole that connects the Electronic control cavity and the Tremolo cavity. If the hole is not big enough to fit the two cables you need to either enlarge the original hole, or drill an additional hole parallel and next to the original one.

BPSSC System Installation steps:

A. Cut the three pickup ground wires soldered to the housing of the Volume potentiometer at ½” from the soldering spot.

B. Strip one of the short ground wires on the Volume Pot (G1) and all three pickup ground wires (Bg, Mg, Ng) by 1/8” and tin them with soldering gun and fresh solder wire.

C. Connect the Adjusting PCB cables to the guitar electronics network. Solder the cables coming out of the Adjusting PCB as follows: Black to G1; White wire to Ng (Neck pickup Ground); Brown wire to Mg (Middle pickup Ground); Blue wire to Bg (Bridge pickup Ground). Use tape or shrink tubing to isolate the created soldering joints. Put the Red and Yellow wires together through the hole connecting the guitar electronics cavity with the tremolo cavity. Check on the back that around 3” of the wires are available in the tremolo cavity.

D. Keeping the Adjusting PCB out of the guitar cavity, flip the pickguard assembly back to its original position and screw some of the top-located screws to hold it. Do not mount the bottom-located screws so that the Adjusting PCB could be easy placed inside later.

E. Turn the guitar with the tremolo cavity faced up. Solder the cables coming out of the Adjusting PCB with the cables coming out from the BPSSC as follows: Yellow wire from the Adjusting PCB to Yellow wire from the BPSSC; Red wire from the Adjusting PCB to Red wire from the BPSSC. Use tape or shrink tubing to isolate the created soldering joints.

F. Position the BPSSC with the chamfered edges outside and carefully place the Back plate mounting screws.

Adjusting the BPSSC for best noise cancellation:

1. Put back on the guitar strings and tune the guitar. Turn the Volume and Tone controls to their “MAX” position. Use a guitar cable to connect the guitar to the guitar amplifier.

2. Use a small Philips screwdriver to adjust the trim pots.

3. Turn the two trim pots located on the Adjusting PCB to “MIN” (0%). In this way the guitar is at its original mode such that the BPSSC system hasn’t been installed.

4. Turn “ON” the guitar amplifier and set it up with a gain and loudness, so you know the level of the hum noise. Play a simple riff to check that all pickups operate normally at all 5 position of the pickup selector switch SW1. When the strings are muted the noise at all 5 positions will be almost the same.

5. Hold the guitar as you would play it and get a position near the amplifier but not less than 3 feet (1 meter). Best noise canceling result will be achieved with the amplifier located behind your back and the guitar approximately parallel to the amplifier face.

6. Put the pickup selector switch at position “1” – Only Bridge pickup. Turn up VR1 trim pot to reduce the noise level. If the noise increases instead of decreasing, unplug the guitar from the amplifier, unscrew the BPSSC (go to step F of the installation instructions) and swap the wires connection: Yellow wire from the Adjusting PCB to the Red wire from the BPSSC; and Red wire from the Adjusting PCB to the Yellow wire from the BPSSC. Screw back the BPSSC and turn up VR1 trim pot until you get optimum noise cancellation at position


7. Put the pickup selector switch at position “4” – Middle and Neck pickups in parallel. Turn up slowly the VR2 trim pot to reduce the noise until you get optimum noise cancellation at position “4”.

8. You can now go back and fort through all 5 positions of the SW1 and adjust the locations of the VR1 and VR2 until you get optimum noise cancellation. After you are satisfied wrap the Adjusting PCB with a small plastic bag or piece of foam with a pocked cut, to avoid shorting of the Adjusting PCB with the guitar parts and the ground shield inside. Lightly pull the bottom edge of the pickguard plastic and insert the wrapped Adjusting PCB into the guitar electronics cavity.

9. Screw in the rest of the pickguard mounting screws and check for normal operation of the guitar.

10. The BPSSC system installation is done.

Terms and Limited Warranty


We offer to the original purchaser the following terms of Limited Warranty:

1. Four weeks money back policy (excluding shipping and handling) for customers not satisfied with the purchase.

2. One year for all moving parts (i.e. - pot, switch, jack) of the product.

3. Two years for all non-moving parts (i. e. - capacitor, IC, transistor, etc.) of the product.

Ilitch Electronics reserves the right, based on visual observing and electrical measuring, to determine what has caused a defect. Damages caused by accident, abuse, alteration, or misuse are not covered by this warranty.

Product appearance and normal "wear and tear" (worn paint, scratches, etc.) are not covered by this warranty.

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