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Kiwanis of Monument Hill is now on –


November 11, 2010

Veteran’s Day 2010 Special Edition

Veteran’s Interview Project
Background: President Tom Nelson with Mr. Dan Marcus, teacher at Lewis Palmer Middle School
(LPMS), is shown in a Monument Hill Kiwanis meeting photo. He was accompanied by Ms. Caryn
Collette, Principal of LPMS, and introduced the
LPMS Veteran’s Interview Project.

Mr. Marcus conceived the idea of having his students

interview veterans and produce a documentary for
each veteran interviewed, and the LPMS Veteran’s
History Project took flight. The initial interviews
were completed two years ago and the program
continued this year on Veteran’s Day. LPMS students
performed all of the camera work, dialogue and
questions posed to the veterans, recording of the
answers and editing for the documentary. Each
interview required about one hour of recording time
Dan Marcus, Caryn Collette, and
President Tom Nelson for a 30 minute documentary entry.
The interviews, when completed, are then forwarded to Dr. James Billington, Librarian for the Library
of Congress, to be archived in the Oral History Division. The interviews have been so professionally
done that Colorado Congressman Perlmutter presented LPMS with a plaque honoring their

These dialogues have proven to be the best instructional method for bring home to the students the
experiences of veterans during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the more recent conflicts in the Middle East.
The LPMS interview program is the only middle school program (at this time) accepted by the Library
of Congress. Other interviews have been on the high school or college levels.

The program conforms to the standards set by the Library of Congress. These standards require the
video clips to show only the interviewed veteran on camera (not the interviewer) and the clip is a
minimum of 30 minutes in length. After submitting the clips to the Library of Congress, it takes six
months or more to log the file. Presently, all of the previous interview video clips are available on line
by referencing the name of the veteran. Interview kits are available for veterans who wish to volunteer
for an interview. The kit includes questions that will be asked and describes the interview procedure.
Interviews will be conducted throughout the year to preserve the service history of American veterans.

Caryn Collette, Principal at Lewis Palmer Middle School announced at a recent Monument Hill
Kiwanis Club meeting that this year’s Veterans’ Day program would be held at LPMS at 8:00 AM on
November 11. There would be a Veterans Appreciation Day Ceremony involving the band and the
choir, followed by a breakfast for the veterans. Members who wanted to attend were asked to sign up
prior to the end of the meeting. At the program, veterans who volunteered for interviews would meet
the student chosen to interview them. Veterans who signed up for the Appreciation Day were welcomed
to bring their spouses.

A very special note of gratitude to Bonnie & Benny Nasser for the attached photos from this
year’s LPMS Veteran’s Interview Project:

The audience of veterans, spouses and community

Opening Ceremonies at LPMS

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” - Elmer Davis

“Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.” – General George S. Patton

“Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.” - Michel de Montaigne

Lewis Palmer Middle School Choir
Superintendent Ted Bauman’s
opening remarks

Meeting the Interviewers

The Interviewers

Steve Stephenson and Interviewer

Interviewer and Rich Rima

Tom Van Wormer and Interviewer

Thom Csrnko and Interviewer

Interviewer and John Snyder
Stan Snyder and Interviewer

Jim Murphy and Interviewer

Interviewer and __________________

Interviewer and Max Williams

Interviewer and Don Johnson

Interviewer and _________________

“It is well that war is so terrible. We should grow too fond of it.” – General Robert E. Lee
Unidentified Veteran and Interviewer

Mr. Spiller (LPMS Teacher and Veteran) and Interviewer

Interviewer and Unidentified Veteran…

Tom Morse and Interviewer some of the veterans interviewed were
friends of students and staff of LPMS

Interviewer and Gov Vaughn

Interviewer and Ben Bellis

Jim Clemons and Interviewer

Interviewer and Unidentified Veteran 5

(previous interviews)

Brigadier General Dennis C. Beasley, USAF

Colonel Charles Wilson Brown III, USAF
Sergeant Danny Joe Church, US Army
Captain Richard L. Durham, US Army
Sergeant Robert Foster, US Army
Colonel Howard Jackson “Jack” Fry Jr., USAF
Sergeant Warren and Bobby
Charles GerigHillJr., US Army
Private First Class Robert Hill, US Army
Colonel Watt Goodwin Hill, Army Air Forces/Corps, USAF
Sergeant Richard Charles Hodges, USAF
Torpedoman Second Class Edwin W. Holton, US Navy
First Lieutenant Ethel Ann [Gonda] Jones, US Army Nurse Corps
Major William Thomas Jones, Army Air Forces/Corp
Petty Officer Third Class, Sergeant William James Schmidt Kissell, US Navy, US Army
Captain Steven E. Koops, US Army
Commander William Emil Korbitz, US Navy
Lieutenant Colonel David L. di Lorenzo, US Army
Lieutenant Colonel Mark Lawrence Maloney, US Army
Captain John Michael McGrath, US Navy
Petty Officer First Class Joseph Montoya, US Navy
Corporal Robert Jeffrey Parrish, US Marines
Lieutenant Colonel Ralph A. Schoenbauer, USAF
Colonel Donald L. Smart, US Army
Private First Class Arthur Waller Sparks, US Army
Captain Richard Warren Spearel, US Navy
Brigadier General John Ember Sterling, Army Air Forces/Corps
Lieutenant General Billy M. Thomas, US Army
Sergeant First Class Harold Francis Winkler, US Army
Lieutenant Colonel Carolyn L. Wood, USAF 6
A grateful nation wishes to
thank each and every one of you for
your service to Country!
Monument Hill Kiwanis Club
Meeting Each Saturday Morning --- 8:00 AM
The Inn at Palmer Divide, 443 Hwy. 105, Palmer Lake, CO 80133