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August 22, 2019

An Appeal
Established in 1971, Dilkhush (managed by the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart) has been a pioneer in the education of persons with disabil-
ities as well as fostering awareness and a sense of empathy in the larger community. Not only are the students trained in functional academ-
ic skills but also in self care, communication, social skills and motoric functions as well as vocational skills to be productive members of soci-
ety. The school currently has 100 students grouped according to ability in 10 classes guided by skillfully trained special educators. Further-
more, a sheltered workshop also provides meaningful employment to the young adults. In our continuing endeavour to provide quality edu-
cation, Dilkhush also houses a Teachers’ Training Centre affiliated to the RCI, India.
Our efforts have been paid off, some of our alumni gained employment in the hospitality sector in Hotels like J.W. Marriott, doing simple
jobs, but shifts like all the other workers, and an equivalent pay scheme. Some of them have been in the job now for 9 + years. We are also
proud of one of our alumni who currently is an assistant coach with the Special Olympics and an athletic coach with two mainstream sport
training academies at Juhu.
At Dilkhush, we sincerely hope that all our students mostly from poorer socioeconomic backgrounds can achieve their potential without the
financial constraints that prevent them from availing of these essential facilities.
That is why I am writing to you today, costs of education, school material, equipment etc. continue to rise, and our ability to provide our stu-
dents with relevant experiences and skills is greatly supported by your generous contributions.
We have once again registered with the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020. So the fund raising by donors would be utilized for the following ac-
tivities .Here's what your tax deductible donation (under 80G) can provide:
1. Rs. 10,80,000 - Education for 30 students per year. (To sponsor a child for the whole year is Rs. 36,000/-)
2. Rs. 6,00,000 – Upgradation of the ICT Laboratory and training for 20 students above the age of 10 years.
3. Rs. 14,00,000- Installation of solar panel system.
4. Rs 1,00,000 – For renovation of classrooms, (desks, tables and chairs)
5. Rs. 4,50,000- purchase raw material for the workshop.
6. Rs. 3,40,000- Therapy sessions (Language laboratory, speech, and Occupation therapy) for 30 children

Option 1. Donations can be made through cheques /DD in favour of “Dilkhush Special School”
Option 2: Donate directly to our donor page with the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019 -
Option 3: In the event of your organisation putting up a corporate team for the Tata Mumbai Marathon, 2020, please contact the school of-
fice for details or fill up the forms attached with this appeal.
Option 4: To buy the Charity Bibs from the school and run for a cause.
Thanking you in advance for your contribution, with your sponsorship we will surely accomplish our mission to reach out to our intellectually
disabled students.

With gratitude,
Yours sincerely,

Sr. Sheeba Antony aci

Kindly fill up the following information if you are giving a donation

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Dilkhush Special School
Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai 400049
Dilkhush managed by the sisters of Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, has grown dramatically since.
It started out with the school in 1971 to include a sheltered workshop and teachers’ training centre. In addi-
tion, it also draws on larger local, regional, national and international networks to provide a vibrant environment that facilitates
learning. It has a wealth of experience working with individuals with different abilities and from diverse backgrounds: be it as
teachers, students, volunteers or employees. We encourage you to explore this world and join us on this remarkable journey,
where each day is an adventure. Do get in touch with us if you have any queries, suggestions and thoughts.

Dilkhush Special School has 10 classes, which focus Dilkhush Teachers’ Training Centre was started in 1971
on academic and vocational skills. Each class is led Dilkhush Sheltered Workshop is a place where intellectually along with the school, with the specific purpose of giving
by a special educator with a diploma in special educa- -challenged adults develop and hone their skills and talents quality training to individuals who are interested in teaching
tion The school’s educational programmes a feature: to produce and create various products. It started life as a individuals with intellectual challenges. It is one of the pio-
vocational centre in 1975 but as the number of employees neering institutions in the field of special education and its
1. Functional Academics: basic reading, writing and increased, it developed into a sheltered workshop by 1981. alumni are working in institutions in different parts of India
math, and its application to daily living. Today the workshop includes 50 adults. and abroad. Currently, Dilkhush TTC offers a two-year Di-
ploma in Special Education in intellectual disabilities and
2. Self-care skills: personal hygiene and grooming. The aim of the workshop is to offer adults (including gradu- Associated Disabilities. The course is recognised by the
ates of the school) a sheltered atmosphere to learn skills, Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). It simultaneously con-
3. Pre-vocational skills: skills training in art and craft, explore, develop and channel talents into practical tasks ducts workshops for parents and siblings of PWD, in service
cooking, needlework and bead-work. and also provide a livelihood option. teachers both general and special education, professional
development modules for special educators.
4. Extra Curricular Activities: yoga, music, dance, As of now, the workshop has four sections: wood work, arts
sport and drama. & crafts, home science and needle work. Today, the work-
shop produces articles for sale and also takes orders.
5. Independence and social skills: Ability to inde-
pendently interact and communicate with others in
different situations and contexts. Tel: 022 2615 1304