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SKOLKOVO Discussion Group for Marketing Directors COMPANY:
“Financial Value of Marketing for the Firm”


David Reibstein
November 10, 2010

Dear Colleagues and Friends!

Thank you for your participation in the meeting of the Marketing Directors' Discussion Group, organized by
Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. We will be happy to keep bringing Discussion Group meetings to
you in the future. For that we plan on inviting some of the most interesting experts in the field who will share their
knowledge and expertise on current business issues.
To help us evaluate the Discussion Group, we kindly ask you to give us your feedback by filling out this form. At
SKOLKOVO, we truly appreciate your constructive comments.

1. Was presentations by the following expert relevant and interesting for you?

 David Reibstein 4,85

2. How do you evaluate the administrative and technical support of the event?

 Event administration 5,00

 Event venue and coffee breaks 5,00

3. Quality of the translation

 Oral translation 5,00

 Written translation 4,67

4. Please, name a few topics for future meetings that are of interest to you :
 Client segmentation and clusters
 Client drain and client retention
 Marketing actions effectiveness measurement
 ROI of social media marketing
 Marketing management: team development
 Russia as a brand
 The role of corporate social responsibility in marketing
 Effective internal communications
 Sales management
 Client relations
 Brand value
 PR and GR campaigns as marketing tools
 Social marketing
 Building a brand portfolio strategy
 Marketing and PR: importance and connection
 Development and Market share
 Marketing in Russia
 Not the topic is important but speaker’s personality
 It would be interesting to make an experience-exchange event – on the problems topical for the
companies today
 Trade marketing
 Advertising in post-crisis
 Distribution channels development
 Acquiring and retention of the client base
 Marketing environment
 B2B marketing
 Customer behavior, countries’ news and trends

5. What experts would you like to see as Guest Speakers at future meetings?
 Anybody who can provide expertise for those topics
 Experts on marketing, management, finance
 As clever and experienced as David Reibstein
 Leading professors from top worldwide universities
 Entrepreneurs / successful leaders from top Russian companies
 Russian research companies
 Foreign PR experts
 Not necessarily the marketers but also business owners etc.
 Experts from Europe and USA and maybe from China – it would be interesting to hear about
their approaches to marketing issues
 Global experts, CMOs
 Large Russian business – on their attitude to marketing
 Colleagues from Russian companies – leaders of Russian industry

6. Please, share other comments and/or ideas regarding the Discussion club
 If people do not come to the meetings they should be excluded from the list. There are so many
marketing directors who would like to participate but are not invited
 An excellent forum with great presentation, lots of insight and a very accomplished speaker
 Very interesting and useful
 Great! Cool! The level of the second meeting is much higher than the first one
 Should organize more opportunities for the audience to communicate with each other
 It is better to have the presentation translated
 The materials translation is not needed
 It is a great idea, the talk was very interesting. But more people in the audience is needed
 A very good audience – it is important to preserve the cross-industrial structure.