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2006/2007 – 1st TERM


Read the text carefully.

Hello! My name is Linda Minogue. I am Australian. I have got two sisters

and five brothers. I live with my parents in Sidney, a beautiful city near the coast.
Our family is quite big. I have got three grandparents.
On my father’s side I have only got one grandmother. She
lives in my house. She is very old. She is eighty-five years
old. She has got short wavy white hair.
I have got four uncles, seven aunts and twenty-five
cousins. I love our birthdays and Christmas. We make great
parties for all the family.
Today is I am in Portugal on vacation. I am here with my husband and my
two daughters. We love Portugal.

1. According to the text mark the sentences as true (T) or false (F).

(T) (F)

a) Her name is Tracy.

b) She lives in Portugal.
c) She has got 35 cousins.
d) She is from Australia.
e) Today she is in Portugal with her father.
2. Now complete the sentences using information from the text.

a) She has got _____ sisters and five ____________.

b) She lives in _____________, a city ________________.

c) She ___________ two daughters.

d) Her grandmother__________________ years old.

3. Answer the questions according to text.

a) Where is she from?

b) Where does she live?

c) Is her family small?


1. Underline the correct form of the verb to be.

are am
a) They is from China. b) How old is Sheila?
am are

Is are
c) Are Peter ten years old? d) I is a Portuguese student.
Am am

2. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb have got.

a) No! Phil ________ a big nose.

b) My mother __________ blond hair.

c) They ___________ big ears.

d) No, we _____________ two sisters.

e) Robin, James and Sarah ______________ green eyes.
1. Complete Tom’s family tree.

David and Jane are Tom’s brother and sister. Sheila is Tom’s mother.
John and Clare are Tom’s uncle and aunt. Peter and Mary are Tom’s cousins.
Dixie and Hannah are Tom’s grandparents and Martin is Tom’s father.


2. Match the pairs between English and Portuguese words for family.

Aunt A. Filho

Cousin B. Irmã

Daughter C. Pai

Father D. Avós

Grandparents E. Tia

Uncle F. Filha

Sister G. Primo

Son H. Irmão

Brother I. Tio
1. Complete with the parts of the human body.

2. Read the descriptions and then write the names of each person.

a) Mr. Holmes is short and fat. He has got white hair and a big nose. He is unhappy.

b) Sarah is tall and thin. She has got long hair and a beautiful smile.

c) Michael is tall. He has got long hair. He is very happy.

d) Mr. Finn is short. He has got short straight hair. He is serious.

e) Patricia is tall and fat. She has got long curly hair and a long nose.

f) Janice is fat and short. She has got curly fair hair, small eyes and a big mouth.