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Vol. 69,Christian
No. 10
Courier The Christian
Bellingham Courier
First Christian The ChristianOctober
Church Courier 2019

12th Annual

Blessing of the Animals

October 6, 2019
2 p.m.

Fur or feathers,
Beaks or fangs,
Claws, talons, or hooves,
All are created.
All are welcome.
All will be blessed!
DONATIONS of gently used and new
coats, hats & mittens are appreciated
through Sunday, October 13.

NEED A COAT? Coats distributed on

Sat., Oct 19, from 11am – 1:30pm and Sat.,
Oct. 26, from 10:30am – 12:30pm
at Assumption Church Gym, 2116
Cornwall Ave in Bellingham
Share in a time of blessing,
laughter, treats for all,
and playing in the field.
Pet photos available upon

First Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ) Turner Lectures 360.734.6820
e-mail: Halloween Potluck & Party
495 East Bakerview Road
October 7-9, 2019 Englewood

Sunday, October 27
Bellingham, WA 98226 Like us on Facebook; Follow us on Twitter
Christian Church, Yakima, WA
Featuring: Philip Gulley, author 12:30 p.m. Potluck
1 p.m. Children’s Party
Philip Gulley is a Quaker pastor
and writer and speaker from Bring a main dish, salad and
Danville, Indiana where he lives “scary” Halloween treats to share.

today with his wife, Joan, and Please note: Assistance needed for
two dogs, Ruby and Jack. Gulley has also written several books of set-up and running of the games. If
theology. He and co-author James Mulholland describe their you would like to contribute $$ for
the kids‘ games or prizes, please
progressive worldview in their books If Grace Is True and If God Is contact the office.
Love. Gulley then went on to write If the Church Were Christian in
which he presents a profound picture of what the church could look
like if it refocused on the priorities of Jesus. In his book The
Evolution of Faith he proposes a fresh direction for Christianity and
articulates a Christianity that, while faithful to the priorities of Jesus,
can help its adherents live happily, peacefully, and productively in
our complex world. The Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu said of that
book, “In our ever-changing world, Gulley’s book is much needed.
An important book for any person of faith.”

First Christian Church 360.734.6820

(Disciples of Christ) e-mail:
495 East Bakerview Road website:
Church Stewardship Info

First Christian Church “This Service of Love” 2019 Stewardship Theme

(Disciples of Christ) Each fall for many, many years we have taken time to look at ministry in
terms of stewardship. It is fall and once again we are taking some time
and looking at our stewardship using the theme “This Service of
495 East Bakerview Road In 2 Corinthians 8-9 the Apostle Paul teaches us about commitment of
Bellingham, WA 98226 all our resources to the service of the Lord. Paul uses the collection of
360.734.6820 an offering from churches in Macedonia to the starving church in Jerusalem as an example of how to be good stewards and how we as
God’s people must be servants to all, out of our Love of God. That is
Find us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter
what the ministry of this church is all about.
Ministry is about making choices as a church and as individuals. It is
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) about being faithful disciples, caring for and being responsible for all
A movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. God has entrusted to us. We are Ministers of Jesus Christ, and it is our
As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all
responsibility to fulfill that commitment.
to the Lord’s Table as God welcomed us.
All of Us
That is why we take time to take a good hard look at our Ministry of
Ministers Stewardship during the fall. Beginning on Oct. 20 and running thru
Thanksgiving Sunday, members of our congregation will share their
Rev. Gary Shoemaker, Pastor
understanding of stewardship and how our church is fulfilling “This
Service of Love.” Then in December you will be able to share your
Rev. Tamalyn Kralman, Associate Pastor
responses by offering your Estimate of Giving for the year 2020.
- Ed. & Community Outreach -
Courier Editor This will be done in worship on Commitment Sunday, Dec 1, 2019. We will celebrate our ministry and fellowship around the tables with a Pizza,
Amelia Nye, Accompanist Salad, and Dessert Party at church expense.
Kimberly Tadlock, Childcare Provider Remember the church and our ministry as we emphasize all that God
has given us. You might also read 2 Corinthians 8-9 and see what Paul
Rev. Sandy Messick, Regional Minister
has on his mind.
Rev. Terri Horde Owens
General Minister and President
Sunday Schedule Timeline of Stewardship Emphasis and Preparation
9:15a Older Youth-Adult Sunday School
10:50a Gathering Time
of 2020 Budget
11a Worship October 20 — Introduction of Stewardship Emphasis - Dick Talley,
12:15 Fellowship Time Finance Chair. What is Stewardship and why emphasis!! Why “This
1p Out-to-Lunch Bunch Service of Love?”
(4th Sunday)
2p Someone Cares! Community Meal Testimony from members, “What does ‘Service of Love” mean to me
(2nd Sunday) and how is First Christian Church living it out in its ministry?”
Office Hours October 27 — Bob Fisher
Tuesday - Friday
9 a.m. - noon November 3 — Kathy Wheeler
Our staff are in and out of the office throughout the November 10 — Kelvin Smith
week. Please feel free to stop by during their office
hours or make an appointment that fits your November 17 — Leslie Pinkston
Stewardship letters and estimate of giving cards will be sent out with
Officers tentative expense budget during the week of Nov. 17.
Gregg Heyne, Moderator
Leslie Pinkston, Vice-Moderator November 24 — Thanksgiving Sunday, Sermon on Stewardship: “This
Betty Schmidling, Secretary Service of Love,” Rev. Dick Talley preaching.
Cheryl Perry, Treasurer
December 1 — Commitment Sunday. Estimate of Giving cards will be
Important Links: turned in during worship. Lunch provided after worship.
Regional Website (including monthly
newsletter): December 15 — Present budget to board for consideration
General Church Website: December 29 — Congregational meeting to consider 2020 Budget

2 October 2019
Sunday Ministry Teams Birthdays & Anniversaries Financial Summary

Sunday, October 6 Sunday, October 20

Elder: Jane Kletka Elder: Kathy Wheeler
Elder of the Month: Leslie Pinkston Deacons: Kris Ann Lewis, Celia Obrecht
Deacons: James Becker, Bentley Becker Reader: James Becker
Reader: Darleen Page Children's Moment: Megan Shoemaker
Children's Moment: Tamalyn Kralman Children’s Church: Tamalyn Kralman
Children’s Church: Linda Heyne Flowers: TBD
Flowers: TBD Fellowship Time: TBD
Fellowship Time: TBD, honoring October birthdays
Sunday, October 13 Sunday, October 27
Elder: Leslie Pinkston Elder: Brenda Riseland
Deacons: Renee Hoemann, Zoe Ila Becker Deacons: Linda Botts, Melissa Henderson
Reader: Kris Ann Lewis Reader: Gregg Heyne
Children's Moment: Linda Heyne Children's Moment: Tamalyn Kralman
Children’s Church: Linda Botts Children’s Church: Tamalyn Kralman
Flowers: TBD Flowers & Fellowship Time: Esther Group
Fellowship Time:TBD

Sign up in the fellowship hall to help in these important ministries.

Care for Your Soul

• Sunday School, 9:15 Sunday
• Out-to-Lunch Bunch, 1p, 4th
• Book Group, 7p, 4th Sundays
Happy Birthday Laura Char 28 • Esther Group, 11:30a, 3rd Mondays
Andrew Hoemann 1 Allan Botts 29 • Bible Study, 11a, Tuesdays
Kevin Clark 1 Diana Findlay 31 • Pub Theology, 6p, 3rd Wednesday
Virginia Pribilsky 10
• Checking in Group, 5p, 4th Wed.
Bob Fisher 18 Happy Anniversary
• Bell Choir, 6p, Thursdays
Zach Shoemaker 25 Gregg & Linda Heyne 12
• Chancel Choir, 7p, Thursdays
Renee Hoemann 26 Marlin & Betty Erickson 28
• Men's Breakfast, 7:30a, Sat., Denny's

Care for God’s World

• Annual Bazaar
Finan¢ial Update • Alternative Christmas Faire
• Blessing Bags
General Fund • Clean Water Projects
Balance 1/19/19 $0 • Comfort Quilt Ministry
Income 1/1/ - 8/31/19 $91,676.60 • Community Gardens
Expenses 1/1 - 8/31/19 $100,631.07 • Community Meal
Balance 6/30/19 -8,954.47 • Family Promise Hosts
• Family Promise Day Center
Checking Account 8/31/19 $37,086.23 • Food Bank collections
General Fund $19,605.23 • Joseph’s Closet
Designated $17,481.16 • Justice Sunday
• Socks on the Street

3 October 2019
October 2019
October 2019
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2
 3 4 5
Bulletin deadline
 7:30a Men’s Break-
11a Bible Study 11a Meditation
3p Spong Study Grp fast, Denny’s

8:30a-5:30p Mental
6:15p Bell Choir 
 Health 1st Aid
7:15p Choir Rehearsal

 7 8 9
9:15a Sunday School
 Bulletin deadline
 7:30a Men’s Break-
10:50a Gathering
11a Bible Study 11a Meditation
6p Bell Choir 
 3p Spong Study Grp fast, Denny’s
11a Worship
6p Pub Theology
12:15p Fellowship Time
 6:15p Bell Choir 

7:15p Choir Rehearsal

 14 15 16 17

9:15a Sunday School
 Bulletin deadline
 7:30a Men’s Break-
10:50a Gathering Courier deadline
11a Meditation
6p Pub Theology 3p Spong Study Grp fast, Denny’s
11a Worship
11a Bible Study
12:15p Fellowship Time
6:15p Bell Choir 

12:15p Finance mtg
7:15p Choir Rehearsal
2p Com’ty Meal

20 21 22 23 24
9:15a Sunday School
 11:30a Esther Group Bulletin deadline
 7:30a Men’s Break-
10:50a Gathering
Lunch 11a Bible Study 11a Meditation
5p Checking In Grp 3p Spong Study Grp fast, Denny’s
11a Worship

Wednesday Thursday

12:15p Fellowship Time 6:15p Bell Choir 

7:15p Choir Rehearsal

27 28 29 30 31
9:15a Sunday School
 Bulletin deadline

7p Interfaith

10:50a Gathering
11a Bible Study 11a Meditation

11a Worship

Coalition Annual
12:15p Fellowship Time
 Hope Mtg, Christ 6:15p Bell Choir 

12:30p Halloween Party
the Servant 7:15p Choir Rehearsal
7p Book Group Lutheran

October 2019
October Calendar