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♦ C R O S S W O R D ♦

CLUES ACROSS 35. Pre-2002 Austrian 66. Consequently 26. Tobacco

1. Wainscot money unit (abbr.) 67. Kill a dragon (var. spel.) 28. Court game
5. Glasgow inhabitant 36. Hawaiian geese 29. One who
9. Rural Free Delivery 38. Point midway between CLUES DOWN hoards money
(abbr.) S and SE 1. County in China 30. Small brown songbirds
12. Dry 39. Decorate a cake 2. Ancient name for Syria 31. First Chinese dynasty
with frosting
13. Digital 3. Restaurant clean up 33. Intersect to form
transmitting device 40. Military school student person a cross
15. Picasso’s mistress 42. Barbie’s boyfriend 4. Unequivocally 37. Scottish tax
16. City historically 43. Port in SW Scotland detestable 41. A citizen of Bangkok
called Jassy 44. Egyptian goddess 5. Senior officer 44. Face coverings
17. White poplar 45. A fencing sword 6. Adult male swan 46. Sir James Whyte and
18. Fevers associated 47. Fitted instrument 7. A lyric poem Shirley Temple
with malaria container 8. Broadcasted on TV 47. Atomic # 58
19. Reciprocal of ohm 48. River sediment 9. Finger millet 49. Chadic
20. A way of coursing 49. Lunacy 10. Roman satyr 50. Segments of a circle
22. Chinese kingdom, 53. ___ Dhabi, 11. The least 51. The distribution of
304-439 AD Arabian capital desirable portion playing cards
25. At all times 55. The size of a surface 14. Princess of Colchis 52. Grab
26. Being the first or 56. Sacred Muslim shrine 15. Emerald month 54. Two-toed sloth
preliminary stage 60. Walking aid 21. Medical moniker 57. Swiss river
27. ___ Farrow, actress 62. Striker’s replacement 23. Possessed 58. Not small
28. Yuppie status car 63. Sedate 24. Mongolian capital 59. Rapid bustling
31. To have 64. Klu Klux __ __ Bator movement
32. Pairs with Mamas 65. Language of the deaf 25. Issue forth 61. Point midway between
34. What we breathe NE and E
{{ }}: Big hug!
♦ SUDOKU ♦ crypt-o-gram each letter represents ♥ : heart warmer!
:-) - a smile
another to form a quote-worthy statement. :-D - LOL


E X N N X O H C L I L Y O I I Y M S . C B S W Z M S - C B X O H U LY C O S G S M H S C W Q Y M Q M LT W B L M S .

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION: “Money can buy a pretty good dog but it can’t put the wag in his tail.”

AUTHOR: Josh Billings was the pen name of humorist born Henry Wheeler Shaw (20 April 1818 – 14 October
1885) One of the "brightest and most popular humorous men of the day," Shaw was best know for his homespun philosophy, with
©Puzzles by Pappacom tremendous originality. His humor was filled with comic devices of understatement, anticlimax and antiproverbialism, conveying a sense of
ease and spontaneity that belied the actual effort and time that went into each composition. He once said he worked three hours on one
particular saying, just ’to get it right.’ His imagery is sharp and original, and his sayings 'excel in succinctness.' Though a deep thinker, he
usually managed to override gloom with lighthearted witticisms that convinced an audience that "life was worth living after all".

Solved by: Ted Kristiniak, Penndel♥ ; Frances Cupo, Newtown; Gloria Panebianco, Pennington; CMORE Nowicki, Washington Crossing;
Jo Kiel, Gardenville*; Rita Daniels, Bristol; Ruth Foster, Bristol Borough; Tony AZZInaro, Lower Makefield*; Ted Hovick, Yardley; Betty Kirk, Yardley;
Thelma L. Clausen, Levittown{{ }}; Dolores Antonelli, Bristol Township; Marion Kiggins, Morrisville♥ ; Allan Gurney, Langhorne; Emily Morton, Yardley;
Chuck Meyers, Levittown; Tom O’Brien, Lower Makefield (IRISH EYES ARE SMILING AGAIN!); Mary Ann Kucharski, Lower Makefield*;
Theresa Grisolia, Bristol Borough (KISSES TO THE DUKE!); Meg Kramer, Lower Makefield*; Barbara Korb, Newtown*; Jane Weaver, Lower Makefield;
Bob Everest, Esq., Lower Makefield; Judy Gordon, Lower Makefield; Darrell Kates, Lower Makefield; Mary Anne Francisco, Lower Makefield*;
Martha Arnao, Newtown*; Theresa Halper, Newtown; Dee Garb, Lower Makefield*; Ann Marie Klibert, Morrisville; Tish Anderson, Lower Makefield;
Harry A. Andonian, Levittown*; Dianne White, Bristol*; Dianna Wettlin, Lower Makefield*; Meryl Jacobson, Lower Makefield; Mary Campbell,
Lower Makefield; Barbara Aldouby, Lower Makefield :-) ; Cathy Terroni,Yardley; Ron Rabel, Pennington; Betty Chan, Newtown*.

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