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DR. B.C.

  China  Advisor  

for Business, Government, Science & Technology

                                                                                                                                                                                                    181  N  200  E,  Logan,  Utah  84321,  USA            Tel:  (435)  787  1303            Email:    

          Award-winning economist and former Assistant Professor of Global Business Strategy & corporate VP
with 15 years of record-breaking performance in profitability and market entry at Fortune 500 firms
and extensive advisory experience at global institutions in America, Greater China, Asia, & Europe.
Established author with invited public lectures at leading Chinese conglomerates and official entities
in China; and at Cambridge, London School of Economics, and Oxford (UK’s top 3 universities).

          PhD  in  Transition  Economics,  London  School  of  Economics  (LSE)  (UK’s  top  2  university),  2005  
Earhart Scholar of Society of New Institutional Economics & 2005 International Best Dissertation
Competition Honorary Mention for doctoral dissertation on “Motivation under Uncertainty & Risks”.
Winning thesis in Special Collections of the U.K. Senate House Library & U.S. Library of Congress.
Executive MBA (Distinction) in Marketing, Pace University, NY, 1985
BA (Cum Laude) in Communications; minors: Spanish & Japanese, Brigham Young University, 1983
Trained in full-score oriental classics and strategy in native Mandarin, Cantonese, & poetic Hakka.

          Provision of (i) strategic counsel on Chinese immersion for business and education; (ii) strategic entry
to key emerging markets; and (iii) representation of governments, trade, and business delegations for
international expansion and China market penetration in trade agreement negotiation & mediation
and in the forging of strategic trust & alliances with private and state-owned enterprises (SOE’s)
in technology transfer, joint venture, merger and acquisition, and multi-party global partnerships.


          Advisor & Strategic Counsel for industries ranging from energy and natural resources to economics
and social venture with the following high-profile projects: (See detailed profile by sector overleaf.)
Little Bloomsbury Foundation (Strategic alliances and social venture think tank, Utah), since 2007
LDS Welfare Services (Economic self-reliance, Utah), since 2009 (pro-bono)
Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (China project supervision, Utah), 2008
Shougang (首钢 ) , China’s No.1 steel conglomerate (Economic reform strategy, Beijing), 1996 - 2006
i International Labor Organization (ILO) (Job creation in China’s economic reform, London), 2000
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) (Regional capabilities, Asian region & London), 1994 - 1997
China Petroleum & Chemical (SINOPEC) (中國石化) (Economic reform strategy, Beijing), 1996
i Huntsman Chemical Corporation (First China joint venture), 1993
i Continental Grain Company (China joint ventures in Hong Kong & Beijing), 1993
i Lam Soon Group (南顺集团), Asia’s largest packaging goods manufacturer (China joint ventures in
i Shanghai, Beijing, and the Pearl River Delta - Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shekou), 1992 - 1994

ADVISORY IN BUSINESS for The Boston Consulting Group - Asia (1994 - 1997)
          Regional Consultant to Board of 8 Country Heads in Asia Regional Office of Boston Consulting
Group (BCG), the world’s leading strategy consulting firm and originator of The BCG Growth-Share
Matrix & Product Life Cycle. Accomplishments include establishment of regional marketing and
publishing capabilities, media strategies, best-practice development, and other strategic resources
for BCG’s Fortune 500 clientele in Greater China Region (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and
Mainland China), India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, with
secondment in London. Non-disclosure of client list applies. Industries served are as follows:
Automotive, banking & finance, consumer goods, entertainment & media, healthcare,  oil  &  
               gas,  pharmaceuticals,  retail,  telecommunications  &  high  technology,  and  travel  &  tourism.  


Nobel Laureate in Physics (1991 - 1993) and
Huntsman Chemical Corporation (1993)

Advisor of Technology Marketing & Transfer to Sir Charles K. Kao (高锟), Father of Fiber Optics
& 2009 Nobel Laureate in Physics during his Presidency at Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Achievements include (i) honorary appointment as Conference Secretary of International University
Presidents’ Technology Transfer Conference; (ii) organization of Technology Road Map symposium;
(iii) development of donations management system; (iiv) reviews of key scientific funding proposals;
(iv) project development for consultancy consortium of 7 universities and successful negotiation of
development contracts for Technology Transfer Office & Asia Pacific Institute of Business with:
Dupont China, The World Bank, Kowloon-Canton Railway (九广铁路), Sun Hung Kai Co. Ltd
(新鴻基), and V-Tech, the world’s leading supplier of telephones & electronic learning products.

v Served also as Technology Transfer Advisor to Huntsman Chemical Corporation. Achievements

v include facilitation of feasibility study and successful set-up of Huntsman’s first China joint venture
v with Continental Grain and China Petroleum & Chemicals Corporation (SINOPEC) in Beijing.

ADVISORY IN GOVERNMENT for the U.S. & Chinese governments and World Bank (1990 - 2008)

(A) State Government (U.S.): China Advisor to 6-member consulting team in 2008 on development
of Practical Guide to Doing Business in China for Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development.
Topics ranged from feasibility study to financing to regulations to intellectual property protection.
(B) State Government (China): Economic Reform Advisor to the faculty of executive training units

(中央组织部全国组织干部培训中心、北京市委党校) for Central and District of Beijing senior officials &

state-owned enterprise (SOE) leaders involving 8 excursions to Beijing and 4 overseas delegations in
1990 -2006 on economic reform training for over 100 of China’s 1st generation of “scientific managers”.
(C) Central Government (China): Executive Committee Member of 4 different advisory delegations
in 1990 - 1995 on Higher Education and Technology Transfer for Poverty Relief (科技扶贫工程).
Accomplishments include training of senior officials, scientists, scholars, and industrialists on best
practices in education, management, science & technology with support of Ministry of Education
(教育部), Ministry of Science & Technology (科学技术部), and Academy of Sciences (中国科学院).

(D (D) World Bank Advisor on development of medium-to-small-size Chinese cities in 1991 - 1993.
v Portfolio included Xüzhou (徐州), near Shanghai, and the inner most Northwestern Region (西北地区).


Launched career in 1984 on Wall Street, New York as management associate at Stifel Nicolaus with
international trading exposure while attending Executive MBA. Milestones after relocating to Asia
include promotions with two major banking groups at Citicorp-Citibank in 1985 - 1994, separated
by tenure at the largest off-shore profit center of American Express International in 1986 - 1990 and
several high-profile advisory engagements (see p.2).


Vice President - Marketing, Global Consumer Banking Group, promoted from Senior Manager -
Global Consumer Banking Group, and Management Associate, Institutional Banking Group.
Achievements include (1) ahead-of-schedule delivery of over US$850 million business with annual
growth of 30% (2) management of 3 major product lines & related personnel (3) productivity & risks
analyses for the bank’s Global Finance Group and Citicorp International Trading Corporation.


Industry Manager - Hotels & Airlines, promoted from Key Accounts Manager, Hotels & Airlines.
Achievements include (1) delivery of annual charge volume of over US$250 million with annual
growth of 30% for Asia regional operations center; (2) contract negotiations of financial, marketing,
and operations agreements; (3) overseeing of card acceptance, authorization, fraud control, payment,
and data processing; and (4) development of Regional Key Account Management System.


Assistant Professor of Global Business Strategy, Utah State University, 2006 - 2009. Achievements
include (1) creation of Global Strategy Boot CampTM with the U.S. Army & U.S. Air Force based on
the strategic view “Business World is a Battlefield ”(商场如战场), (2) competitive New Faculty Research
Grant & publication, and (3) active roles on policy committees on leadership & faculty development.

Visiting Professor, Renmin University, Beijing, China, 1997 - 2006. Contributions include best
practice lectures and curricula integration strategy of Chinese classics and Western management.
Basil Blackwell Fellow, London School of Economics (LSE), 2001 - 2003. Achievements include
(1) case study release & publications, (2) LSE public lecture, and (3) record teaching ratings: 4.6/5.0.


Sole and lead discussant in interviews with Utah Public Radio (UPR), Cache Valley Radio Group,
and the print media on (i) global business strategy and (ii) economic transformation strategies
through humanities and the arts.

Sole authorship of one entrepreneurial title published in 1992 by the Hong Kong Government, one
book chapter by Macmillan (U.K.) in 2000 on the Changing Chinese Economy, one book chapter by
Edward Edgar (U.S.) in 2011 on Global Diversity and Unity, and over 10 articles on international
business ranging from banking and finance to science and technology to foreign investment.