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CS Project



SY 1- HLIC B.Com
Roll No. 71-75




SY B.Com 1

Trimester 2
REEBOK- Starring Superfit Bipasha Basu

It is a perfect example of an advertisement through which people are being

motivated to stay fit. The commercial brings an easy solution to the fitness
problem through Bipasha Basu.

This is the first time that the brand has got a non sporting women celebrity for
the Indian markets. Having super fit Bipasha Basu as brand ambassador, the
message of the advertisement is effectively passed on to the public. Role of a
woman in staying fit is appropriately portrayed through this advertisement.

These days when everybody has become health conscious, Bipasha Basu is
shown wearing Reebok accessories and doing all kinds of exercises and jumping
throughout the city showing her fitness in order to promote their brand.

In this series of advertisements she is portrayed along with Indian cricket

captain MS Dhoni showing that women have an equal say in fitness and can
match men or even go beyond them in this area. Thus this advertisement also
portrays equal capabilities of women in all fields especially fitness which was
traditionally supposed to be a male dominated area.
Palmolive Soap- Old Commercial but meaningful

The main focus of this ad is a beautiful young woman who is very happy and
satisfied. She looks like she going to a Christmas party because of the colours in
the ad. The soap and background are Christmas tree green and her lips, cheeks,
and top are red. In the background a man is looking at her with admiration. He
seems to be longing for her love. The background is dimmed, but the woman is
bright and literally popping out of the picture. The statements about beauty are
in a pretty and large font that looks handwritten.

The ad targets adult women of an upper class or those who want the feeling of
being in an upper class. It's telling women that they need this product to look
beautiful. By putting the doctor approved part on the ad, women can be assured
that it works to make them beautifully clean. Another assumption the ad makes
is that all a woman has to do is smile and look beautiful to get the attention of

This ad for the 'beauty bar' is unrealistic and gives the illusion that women can
be one of the beautiful upper class by using their product. In reality the soap is
not going to change your insecurities or the way you feel about yourself. The
constant use of soap three times per day only strips the skin of it's natural oils
which help moisturize the skin and keep it looking young and healthy.
Knorr Soup- Starring Kajol-As a cool modern day mother

The main focus of this advertisement is the normal conflict when the children
demand for some tasty food prior to dinner. Here Kajol acts as a mother who acts
as the nurturer caretaker of her kid. This one has been portrayed using a funny
tag line “Mummy ki suno ya tummy ki suno”.

She thinks for the taste of her kid along with the nutrition which shall be through
the soup. At around 7pm kids usually feel hungry but mothers seldom prefer
giving them tasty food to prevent their stomach being filled prior to dinner. So
the mother finds a nutritious soup for her son.

This advertisement portrays the mother’s instinct in a woman, her love and for
her child, which very well is used to depict the nutritional qualities of the soup by
the company. Here she is also depicted in very cool and a modern avatar of
Dove- The Campaign for Real Beauty- Out of the box advertisement

Series- Evolution is the link for the video on which

the analysis is done

This advertisement is showing how a woman is used as an object of beauty for


It was a video of a normal looking, middle-aged, woman doing a photoshoot. It

took us through the whole process; make up, hair, lighting, and taking the
photos. After the shot had been taken, the commercial showed us photoshop and
how you can change anyone's face to look exactly how you want it. This woman's
neck was elongated, her eyes were raised, cheek bones altered, and her face
made to look slimmer. The end of the commercial is this normal, average
looking, woman's altered image on a bilboard advertising a make up to wear.
The commercial then says, "No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted."

At first it shows you a normal looking woman, someone you can relate to. She
has achne, she has flaws, she is in no way perfect. This draws you into the
commercial because she is someone you can relate to. Then the commercial
continues on to show what society says you should look like, by distorting her
face and figure, in order to be considered beautiful. This commercial is going
against this typical way of thinking and showing us that our perception of beauty
is distorted, such as this woman's main features were in this video.

Dove is known for their commercials and advertisements showing how distorted
our societies prospective of beauty is. This commercial makes the viewer feel
that moment of empowerment. They feel as though they don't have to look like
that. Dove is trying to give their viewers this feeling of self beauty and tries to
change peoples distorted views of what beauty "should be."

Kingfisher Airlines- Famous for Air Hostess

India has been a land of “Unity in Diversity”. But this diversity was supposed to
be in relation to the varied cultures and customs that India encompasses. But it
was never meant to be understood in literal terms, which diversifies the role of
men and women in today’s world where both the sexes seek equal footing.

However, under the pretext of women empowerment, the image of women has
been stereotyped in one of the oldest professions which has always objectified
women, the airhostess profession. It has exploited the zeal of women to fly high,
literally! The dark side of this advertisement, obviously not shown, is the
undoubted rude behaviour and the obscene behaviour shown at 32000 feet in
the air by the passengers.

This clearly discriminates men and women in relation to the role of women which
was only to serve other people, whether on land or in air. Men, though have
assumed this role, advertisements, inviting men to take up the profession, are

This advertisement which, although prima facie, shows women coming forward
in todays times, is actually stereotyping the role of women in a more
sophisticated and a suave way, more acceptable to the male community.