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Värtan Ropsten – The largest sea water heat pump facility

worldwide, with 6 Unitop® 50FY and 180 MW total capacity
The heat pumps (total 420 MW) are
used for base load production along
AB Fortum Värme samägt with the bio fuel-fired plants (total
med Stockholms stad 200 MW). Oil-fired plants are used in
11577 Stockholm, Sweden times of high energy demand only.
Fortums district heating production
Stockholm’s district heating system
system is increasing the use of bio
Stockholm, the Royal Capital of Swe- fuels and solar energy sources. In
den, is situated on 14 islands and is addition, for large heat pumps, hydro-
considered as one of the most beauti- 4 electric power is utilized. All these
ful cities in the world. Its clean sea measures add up to nearly 50% of
and air are the result of stringent en- renewable energy used for the produc-
Heat supply for District Heating
vironmental care. The district heating tion of district heat.
system is one vital part of the total Plant Network Heat
energy supply in Stockholm. Värtan Central 2,600 GWh
Hässelby North-Western 1,100 GWh Värtan Ropsten district heating plant
Hammarby Southern 800 GWh About 60% of the total energy input for
Högdalen Southern 1,200 GWh the Central Network is provided by the
Total 5,700 GWh Ropsten district heating plant. It has
the capacity to operate autonomous
during spring, summer and early au-
Fortum, a leading energy company in
the Nordic countries is responsible for
heat/cold production and for the dis- At the beginning of the 1980s, rising
trict heating/cooling systems installed oil prices and cheap electricity led to
3 in the greater Stockholm area. a growing of interest in heat pumps.
With a total capacity of 180 MW, the
Almost 60 percent of the customers on world’s largest sea water based heat
Stockholm’s total heat market have High amount of natural sources
pump was installed at the Värtan Rop-
chosen district heating. This is corres- The heat supply system of Fortum uses sten plant.
ponding to approximately 5,700 GWh a variety of energy sources:
sold per annum to more than 6,000 • 35% Fossil fuels
customers and includes sales of Unitop® 50FY heat pump unit
250 GWh to neighbouring municipal- • 26% Bio fuels
The 6 heat pump units Unitop ® 50FY
ities. These transactions form part of • 26% Waste water and sea water were commissioned between 1984 and
long-term joint projects aimed at • 13% Electricity used for heat pumps 1986. Originally, all units were operat-
achieving rational district heat supply
for the region. The distribution net-
work has a length of 765 km.
In Stockholm there is no supply of nat-
ural gas, therefore district heating
competes mainly with local oil heating
as well as electric heating.
5 6

ing with refrigerant R22. A perma- Service and maintenance

nently active seal oil system is pre-
Specialists of Fortum are supervising
venting refrigerant losses during oper-
and maintaining the technical instal-
ation and standstill. The retrofit of
lations of the Värtan district heating
the first heat pump unit to R134a took
plant. According to special agree-
place in 2003.
ments, Friotherm carries out the
regular service works on the 6 heat
Main features of the Unitop® 50FY 7 pump units.
• Open-type double stage compressor
• Refrigerants: halocarbon/hydrocarbon Technical Data
1 The City of Stockholm. District heating
• Planetary or spur type gears Heating capacity per unit 30 MW systems cover 60% of the heat market.
• Tough industrial design with vertically Power absorbed per unit 8 MW 2 General view of a heat pump unit type
split casing for easy maintenance Evaporating temperature –3 °C Unitop® 50FY. Six of these units are in-
• Suited for all drive systems Condensing temperature +82 °C
3 Improvement of the air from 1963 – 2002,
• High efficiency over the entire range Sea water temper. in/out +2.5/+0.5 °C compared to no. of houses connected to
the district heating system. © Fortum
• Operating temperatures –40°C/+90°C Heating water temp. return +57 °C
4 Uniturbo® 50FY compressor, with base
• Large capacity, small floor space Heating water temp. supply +80 °C frame and integrated oil tank.
Capacity control 10 –100 % 5 Arial view of Stockholm-Värtan, a high
Heat source industrialised area, using district heat-
ing and cooling. © Fortum
In order to keep temperature drop heat exchangers, with short contact 6 Machine room building for the six heat
low, large amounts of sea water are time. It is for this reason that falling pump units. Two sea water intake pipes
film evaporators can be operated with are connected to each unit.
used as heat source. Warm surface
very low temperature differences. 7 A sea water pump each per heat pump
water is taken during summer. In unit is installed in the pump house.
winter, the water inlet is in 15 m
depth where the temperature is at Plant control system
constant +3°C.
A Siemens PLC-type control system is
A large pump supplies the sea water to used for local control and supervision
falling-film type evaporators of the heat of the heat pump units and for the
pumps. A thin, steady film of water superimposed control of the entire
trickles down the plate surface of the Värtan district heating plant.
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