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Avila Business Center

Founded in 2004.

Based in a Noble area (Av. República-Av. João Crisóstomo)

Central Business District - Saldanha.

Has introduced a new concept of Business Centers.

Partner in Portugal of Business Centers International Network-


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Main Services

Office Rental

Virtual Offices

Meeting Room’s Rental

Call Center

Other services provided in Partnership:

MyStartUp- Communication Strategy; Graphic
Design; Web Design; Legal Support, Account and
Fiscal Advisory.

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What differentiate us?
Personalized Service and Work Environment

Telephone answering 24 hours / 7 days a week

Competitive price

New Technologies – myOffice application

for the iPhone and other smartphones

Business Centers International Network

Public and Private Parking in the Buildings

Constant Services Innovation

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Offices Rental
Charm Environment.
In Av. João Crisóstomo and Av. da República,
Close to Saldanha in Lisbon.

Monthly values from 550 Eur.+TAX.

Includes full pack of services: reception, access to meeting

rooms, Internet, fax, phone and voicemail, personalized
telephone answering made by a secretary, electricity and
other administrative support services as an option.

Offices with dimensions between 8 m2 and 30 m2. Inserted

in a Business Centre equipped with state of the art
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Virtual Offices.
What are they?
They are the adequate solution for companies or liberal
professionals in the beginning of activity, as well as for
individuals developing they work at home or in the client’s

Through this service you may create immediately your

company or branch, without a major investment, nor a
physical space to settle in.

You may, anytime you want, use the meeting rooms of the
Business Center to receive your clients and suppliers, or to
gather with your Team, as if your worked in that space.

When you need an office, you may transfer yourself, by

making a contract change.

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Watch your company
fly higher
Virtual Offices – Main Advantages:

Costs Reduction (70%-90%)

in the acquisition or rental of an office; secretariat; fixed
costs (telephone line, electricity, water, cleaning and other
logistical costs).

Credibility Reinforcement
close to clients and business partners: prestige address,
personalized telephone answering, modern facilities in a
charm environment, meeting rooms.

Mobility Increase
telephone answering 24h/7days a week – In attendance
from 9h to 18h, and voicemail-to-email system outside this
period and on weekends. The messages left in the
voicemail are directly forwarded to your email.

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Who are our Clients?

SME and Start-Up companies.

Companies willing to open a branch in Lisbon (to gain

notoriety and use of meeting rooms).

Companies that do not need facilities to work (professionals

working at home our in client’s facilities).

Companies subcontracting administrative services

(secretariat, telephone answering and logistical support).

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Virtual Offices
4 Modes

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How does it work?

MyOffice app is also available for the iPhone and other

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International Network

300 Business Centers Network (America-Europe-Asia).

Avila Business Center : Partner in Portugal.

Avila Business Center Clients may use Business Centers in

other countries with advantageous conditions (example:
Virtual Office creation, temporarily use of an office).

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Business Partners

Grafic Design, Webdesign, Publicity Support

- Services provided by the company: Aquabranding Communication

Financial Advisory, Accounting

- Services provided by the company: Protir - Managenent Advisory.

Legal Support, Brand Registration, Company Creation.

Communication Strategy, Press Advisory

- Services provided by the company: Live Global Comunication.

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Avila Business Center
in the Media

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Av. República, 6 - 7º Esq. 1050-191 Lisboa | Portugal

Av. João Crisóstomo, 30 - 5º 1050-127 Lisboa | Portugal
Telef. +351 213303720
Fax. +351 213303733
Mob. +351 914047304!/pages/Avila-Business-Center/140315776273?ref=ts

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