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Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

and Mixed Finance Compliance
Training and Certification

Flatten Your
Tax Credit
Learning Curve
Learn the new 2010 method
for calculating income limits!

Summer / Fall 2010

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and Mixed Finance

Compliance Training and Certification

Training the affordable housing industry

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss
Our Tax Credit Training
1 We all know that noncompliance can cause a loss of tax credits.
Making the investment in training ensures that you and your staff have
the tools needed to make maintaining compliance less challenging.

2 More and more state monitoring agencies are requiring property

owners and managers to attend tax credit compliance training.
These agencies recognize that having well-trained staff helps protect

Did you know? credits and preserve the mission of providing affordable housing.

3 Our training can help. We provide comprehensive, clear training

presented by expert trainers. We train over 5,000 affordable
The IRS 8823 Audit Guide
housing professionals annually, and our knowledge has been
instructs state agencies not
built through over 30 years of experience in the industry. We’re
to submit a Form 8823 when committed to making a difference in affordable housing — and
an owner finds and corrects an providing quality training is just one way we show that commitment.
incidence of noncompliance
prior to receiving notice
from the state agency of
a monitoring review.
Quadel’s Tax Credit Training
This is another reason why
Regularly Scheduled Courses. Our courses are offered across the country.
it’s beneficial to have a good
• Tax Credit Compliance Systems (TaCCs)
system of Quality Control in • Managing LIHTC Compliance with CDBG & HOME Funds
place at your tax credit property. • Managing LIHTC Compliance in Section 8, 236, 202 & 811
PRAC Properties

Special Sessions. Bring our training directly to your organization,

Having well-trained , conveniently saving travel costs, and minimizing time out of the office.
Offerings include all of our regularly scheduled trainings, plus —

knowledgeable staff • Introduction to the LIHTC Program: Determining Eligible Basis

and the Cost Certification Process

on-site greatly improves • Summary of IRS Form 8823 Guide — Revised in 2009
• Managing LIHTC Compliance with the Public Housing Program

Go to for more information on Special Sessions, or

all your Quality Control efforts. contact our training coordinator at 800.987.2581 or
to schedule a Special Session.

Quadel offers a range of tax credit compliance services.

Please contact Annabelle at 800.987.2581 or,
or click for more information on how to keep your
affordable housing tax credit investment compliant.
TaCCs Tax Credit Compliance Training and Certification
TaCCs Tax Credit
Compliance Training TaCCs AGENDA
and Certification IRS Audit Guide Material Included
You can’t afford to miss TaCCs
training. Too much is at stake to risk
noncompliance. Attend our TaCCs
D ay O n e D ay T wo
training and get the tools you and 8:30 AM 8:30 AM
your staff need to maintain tax Overview Unit Eligibility
credit compliance. Suitable for Occupancy,
LIHTC Introduction Open to General Public
What is a Tax Credit?
• Learn the new 2010 method for
calculating income limits Minimum Set-aside Maximum Allowable Rent
Definition, Options & Calculations Definition, Calculation, Deep Rent Skew &
Housing Choice & Project Based Vouchers,
• Protect your investment Applicable Fraction Rent Floor
through compliance Unit & Square Foot Fractions, Actual
Applicable Fraction, 2/3 Rule Utility Allowances
• Obtain the latest IRS and
First Year Leasing Objectives Charges in Addition to Rent
HUD guidance Optional Services, One-Time Fees
Applicant Eligibility
• Housing Recovery Act of 2008 Income Eligibility, Household Size Annual Recertification
update included Additional Eligibility Criteria 140% Rule, Unit Eligibility, Changes in
Household Composition, Recertification
Full Time Students, Resident Managers,
• Mixed Finance Compliance optional Schedule, Recertification Activities,
Housing Choice Voucher Holders
Recertification Waivers
module includes Sections 3, 236, Applications, Waiting Lists &
202, 811 PRAC Properties, HOME Resident Selection Plans Available Unit Rule
Definition, AUR at Deep Rent Skew
and CDBG Properties
12:30 PM Properties, One for All Approach,
Treatment of Ineligible Families
• Learn from expert trainers Lunch (on your own)
Vacant Unit Rule
Annual Income
• Receive our acclaimed course Definition, Demonstrating
Definition, Computation
book, including sample forms Reasonable Effort
Income Inclusions & Exclusions
Sporadic, Seasonal, Self-Employment & Unit Transfers
• Practice using real-world Within the Same Building,
Dependent Income; Absent & Confined
examples and case studies Family Members; Scholarships & To a Different Building
Grants; Alimony & Child Support;
• Earn a nationally recognized Lump-Sum Payments 12:30 PM
certification Lunch (on your own)
Definition, Calculation, Cash Value, TaCCs Certification Exam
Imputed Income
4:30 PM
Who Should Attend? Types of Assets
Trusts, Annuities, Lump Sums, Training Concludes
Retirement Funds
Anyone responsible for completing or
overseeing the LIHTC compliance Assets Disposed of for Less than
process including — Fair Market Value D ay T h r e e (optional)
Mixed Finance Module 
Verification Requirements
• Site managers Third-Party Verifications, Review of
Documents, Self-Certification,
• Regional property managers Verification Timing

• Asset managers Initial Certification & Leasing

Acquisition/Rehab Credits, Completing
• Owners, developers, syndicators and the TIC, Leasing Requirements
investors wanting a clear understanding 5:00 PM
of requirements that tax credits add Day One Concludes
to property management

• State & local agency staff WWW.QUADEL.COM

Scheduled 2010 LIHTC Workshops: Locations & Dates
All Dates Include Mixed Finance Option
New York, NY Syracuse, NY New York, NY
Jul 13-15 Sept21-23 Nov 2-4
AMA Conference Center Sheraton Syracuse AMA Conference Center
212.618.6998 University Hotel 212.903.8275
Chicago, IL
Jul 20-22 Philadelphia, PA
AMA Executive Oct 12-14
Conference Center Crown Plaza City Ave.
773.693.5511 877.270.1393

T he tax credit class was extremely informative. The instructor

was knowledgeable and made it very easy to learn.
Alisia Chobra,
Brackenhoff Management Control

Workshop Options
OPTION a b c d e

TaCCs Workshop and Examination ✔ ✔

TaCCs Workshop Only (no exam) ✔ ✔

Mixed Finance:
Section 8, 236, 202 & 811 ✔ ✔ ✔
Home and CDBG Funding

Number of Days 3 2 2½ 1½ 1

Regular Registration $815 $595 $725 $500 $325

A late registration fee of $100 will be assessed for enrollments and payments received
Late Registration
within seven days of the workshop.

Select the column that includes your choice of workshops for online and written registrations.

Three Easy Ways to Register
1 Register and pay online by visiting us on the web at (Click on: “Training”).

2 Fax this form and your payment information to 202.729.6211.

3 Mail this form along with your payment information to Quadel

at the address below.

IMPORTANT: Payment for this workshop must be received no later than seven
days prior to the start of the workshop. A $100 late fee is added to all payments
received in our office within seven days of the workshop. Additionally, balances
must be paid in full for admittance into the workshop.

R e g i st r at i o n F o r m
1 2 0 0 G S treet, N.W.
2010 LIHTC Compliance Workshops
Washington , DC 20005-6703
A check payable to Quadel Consulting Corporation for $ ______________ phone : 800.987.2581
email :
for ____________ registrations is enclosed. Please identify workshop
location, date and participants on your check.

Charge my Visa MasterCard AMEX

A mount $

C ard # Exp.

cardholder ’s name ( please print)

cardholder ’s billing address

cardholder ’s S ignature

wor kshop location date

Please print name of each participant and designate the appropriate option:

name option

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A ddress

C ity State Zip

phone Fax

E mail ( Required )

yes, sign me up for quadel multifamily email newscasts special accommodations

regional propert y manager

management compan y

phone Fax

Confirmation of registration will be sent to the email address or fax number provided above. PHA’s should note that this training program does not
apply to the conventional Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher and Moderate Rehabilitation programs.

LIHTC Tax Credit and Mixed Finance Compliance Training
Our compliance training for LIHTC properties with multiple subsidies
explains how to handle the challenge of conflicting program rules.

S p e c i a l S e ss i o n *
MIXED FINANCE Module AGENDA Managing LIHTC Compliance
with the Public Housing Program
D ay T h r e e (optional)
Managing LIHTC Managing LIHTC How can I ensure that I continue to
lease the correct number of Public
Compliance with Section 8, Compliance with HOME Housing units while maintaining tax
Section 236, Section 202 and CDBG Properties credit compliance?
& 811 PRAC Properties
How many units in each tax credit Do tenants have to qualify for both the
building must be Low HOME units? Public Housing & the LIHTC program in
How do we handle existing HUD
How many High HOME units? Has the order to live at the property?
residents living at a tax credit property?
applicable fraction been maintained? How do we handle income disallowances
When do Tenant Income Certifications
What are my HOME compliance and minimum rent?
need to be completed at acquisition/
rehab properties? and monitoring requirements? How do occupancy standards affect
How do they coincide with the tax our property?
How do we resolve conflicts between credit requirements?
HUD & IRS program rules? Where do
we go for guidance? Where do I look to find my CDBG
regulatory requirements? How do I Agenda
(Half-day to full-day customized program
apply them to the tax credit property?
provided on request)
8:30 am Program Descriptions & Introduction
Program Descriptions & Introduction
1 : 3 0 pm Mapping a Mixed-Finance Property
Eligibility Requirements Program Descriptions & Introduction Number & Placement of Units, Fixed or
Income Limits, Initial Certification, Floating, Subsidy Layering Requirements
Income Calculation & Verifications, Eligibility Requirements
Student Eligibility, Waiting List Income Limits, 40% & 50% Rule, Income Eligibility Requirements
Requirements, Occupancy Standards, Calculation & Verification, Student Family Size, Income Limits, Calculations
Fair Housing & Section 504 Eligibility, Fair Housing & Section 504 & Verifications, Students, Fair Housing
& Section 504, Occupancy Standards,
Maximum Allowable Rent LIHTC & HOME Program Differences Waiting Lists & Screening
Applicable Rules, Additional Charges Maximum Allowable Rent, Housing
Choice Vouchers, Project Based Maximum Allowable Rent
Ongoing Compliance Vouchers, Project Based Section 8, Rent Calculations, PHA Minimum Rent,
Recertifications, Transfers, Vacant Unit Utility Allowances, Rent Increases & Flat Rents, Utility Allowances
Rule, Reporting Requirements Decreases & Rent Floors Ongoing Compliance
Decoupled 236 Projects Leasing Requirements & Leasing, Recertifications, Physical
Ongoing Compliance Inspections, Available Unit Rule,
Refinancing Section 202 Re-certifications, Fixed & Floating Units, Community Service Requirement
Direct Loans Transfers, Reporting Requirements Private Activity Bonds
Other Issues HOME & Private Activity Bonds Minimum Set-Aside, Maximum Allowable
Transfer of Ownership, CDBG Program: Eligibility & Income Rent, Available Unit Rule, Vacant Units,
Management Reminders Limits, Other Requirements Construction Financing

12:30 pm 5 : 0 0 pm Overview of Using HOME & CDBG Funds

Lunch (on your own) Training Concludes

* The Public Housing Module is currently

offered only as a special session on
request. For information on how to
schedule a Public Housing training,
contact our training coordinator at
800.987.2581 or