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Andrice Strachan

Lecturer: Mrs. Simone Paul

Student Development

Pg 75- 88

Pg 75: Managing your Time

I’m somewhere in the middle between being organized and being


Pg 76: Keep a Large monthly calendar

The best place for a monthly calendar is where you can see it everyday/ or

above a desk or on my bedroom wall.

Wednesday the student will have a math quiz on the 8th a Psy test on the 15th

and a math quiz on the 22nd.

The student will have an English paper to write on Monday the 6th and the


The student has an oral report on Wednesday the 29th.

Pg 78: Step 3: Make up a daily ‘To Do’ List

The best way to carry a to do list is in a small notebook or a four- by six-

inch slip of paper that can be put in a pocket or wallet

Yes I do feel that making a to do list and focusing on it is helpful to you if

you spend your time with activities that are not important and don’t put time

for high priority activities then you lose focus of what is really important.
E.g. A math test tomorrow and you didn’t study because you were talking to

a friend or on the computer.

Tina’s to do list

• Daily entry for English class

• Study for math quiz tomorrow

• Call Nadia for psychology notes for class you missed

• Go internet to find article for business class

• Read chapter 6 of business text

• Balance cheque book

• Do laundry

• Give mom a call

• Get milk and cat food

• Return Stephanie’s CD’s

• Answer Rogers email

• Exercise if time
My to do list

• Study for biology test tomorrow

• Read over unit 25 and 27 of History text

• Study for math quiz on Thursday

• Read pages 75-88 of Student Development text

• Feed my pets

• Get ready for bed

• Sleep

Pg81: A Final Thought


Pg 82: Final Activities

1. b
2. d

3. a

4. a

5. b

1. I rated myself somewhere in between being organized and being

disorganized. I find that I am able to keep my class work half

organized because I write down pressing appointments’ and I

complete them but the assignments that come later through the

week I procrastinate on getting them done because I feel that they

are not so important right at that minute

2. I keep track by writing them down in a note book. I can keep better

track if I can attain a large calendar and put it where I can see it all

the time

3. Ill do it

I already do it

I already do it
Pg 83: Writing about time control

I successfully manage my time; I practice some of the steps in this

chapter. I practice writing down a ‘to do list’. In this ‘to do list’ I

write all of my high priority assignments such as studying for math

quiz and writing a history paper. I also utilize a large calendar I

have all of my assignments written down and the days which they

are. I really don’t have daily planner I just follow my calendar and

my ‘to do list’ I find that they are more proficient for me because I

write every thing I am doing for that day is on my ‘to do list’ and I

keep track by using my calendar.

Pg 84: Evaluating Your Daily Use of Time

6:30-7:30 Get up shower morning devotions

7:30-8:00 breakfast
8:00-9:00 Travel to school
9:00- Review history notes

10:00- History class

11:00- Review notes of biology class

12:00- Biology class

2:00-2:30 Lunch and hanging out
2:30-3:00 On my way home
3:00-6:00 Help with siblings home work do my home work
6:00-7:30 Read a book watch television
7:30-9:30 Get siblings ready for school next day
9:30- Bed

11:00 Bed

Pg 85: Preparing a Weekly Study Schedule

• Tina has twenty eight (28) study time boxes

• Tina has a total of twenty nine hours scheduled for studying

Pg: 87-88: How Could You Spend Your Time?

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

6-7 am Devotion Devotion Devotions Devotions Devoti Devotions Devotio
on ns
7-8 am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakf Breakfast Breakfas
travel travel ast travel t
travel travel Travel
8-9 am study study study study Dance Dressing
9-10 School School School School Job Dance Church

10- School School School School Job Dance Church
11- School School School School Job Dance Church

12- School School School School Job Dance Church

1-2pm School Lunch Lunch School Job Dance Lunch
2-4pm Lunch School Study Homework Job Dance Relax
4-6pm Study Study Study Relax Job Relax Study
6-8pm Relax Study Study Relax Relax Study Study
8-9pm Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
9-11p T.V/sleep T.V/sleep T.V/sleep T.V/sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep