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Revised 02/26/08 


Team Questions for DHS Meeting

Monday, February 25, 2008

1. Questions Related to Design

a. Does DHS have firm locations (based on the Texas State Plane
Coordinate System, South Zone) for the beginning and ending points of
the wall sections for each segment?

b. What agencies will be involved through DHS in the approval of the


c. Does DHS have a set time frame for letting the project to construction by

d. Recognizing the environmental sensitivity of the work area, are there

environmental or cultural resource topics that need to be coordinated
during design?

e. Have the Levee access roads on the river side of the levee been located?

f. What is the final preferred DHS wall route (A or B) from EIS?

2. Questions Related to Coordination, Contract Processing and Construction

a. Does DHS have an outlined budget and funding document that we can
use for planning purposes?

b. Does DHS have a Contracting Division or will the Corps of Engineers

manage the pre-bid contract actions and award process?

c. Does DHS plan to screen bidders under the Small and Disadvantaged
Business Program or restrict the work for Large Bidders only?

d. Will the construction contractor be allowed to seek his own subcontractors

or defer to SBA for qualified minority enterprises?

e. Does DHS have reporting requirements during the execution of the work
where we will have to provide information periodically?

f. Does DHS plan to participate in pre-bid, post bid or pre-construction

meetings with the construction contractor?

Revised 02/26/08 

g. Does DHS plan to conduct progress meetings with the construction


h. Does DHS plan to field a QA/QC effort whether with in-house personnel or
through contracted services during the execution of the work?

i. Will DHS be monitoring the work in partnership with other agencies (COE,

j. Will the project be turned over for beneficial use by completed reaches,
individually described segment or overall construction?

k. Does DHS plan to conduct audits of contract actions (modifications,

claims) during or upon completion of the construction portion?

l. Will DHS participate in discussions/coordination/negotiations with the

contractor in the event of a contract modification, change order or claim?

m. In the event of justifiable time extensions that may possibly push the final
construction completion date beyond 31 Dec 2008, will DHS plan to hold
the date (forcing acceleration) or allow time extensions?

n. Does DHS plan to intervene in the event a legal action tied to

environmental, land ownership or easement issues surface during

3. Other Topics for Discussion

a. Who will have official access to the construction worksites?

b. Will security clearances, background checks on engineering, QA/QC or

construction personnel be required?

c. Who will be responsible for formulating the O&M Manual?

d. Which entity is responsible for O&M of the levee, wall, roads, pavement
and appurtenant infrastructure (drainage structures, rip rapped areas)?

e. Other than the As-Builts and O&M Manual, will DHS require turnover of
other construction related papers and/or drawings?