Revlon is an American cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care company founded in 1932. Revlon operates as one of the world's leading cosmetics companies and markets its products in over 100 countries under such familiar brands as Revlon, ColorStay, Age Defying, Almay, and Skinlights. Cosmetic companies have long been trying to formulate an indelib le lip color that does not dry out the lips and stays on for hours; the Revlon Colorstay lipstick delivers on its promises.


In 1932, Revlon was founded in the mid st of the Great Depression. Two brothers named Charles and Joseph Revson had an idea to create nail polish using pigments instead of the normal dyes. They believed this would make the polish last longer and would allow for a larger variety of colo urs. To come up with their formula, they partnered with a local chemist named Charles Lachman. Using the Revson name, plus an "L" for Lachman, they named their ne w nail polish company "Revlon." Within 6 years, the 3 men had turned Revlon into a million -dollar company, selling only their special nail polish. In 1940, Revlon offered an entire manicure line, and added lipstick to the collection. In 1994, The ColorStay line of longlasting cosmetics was introduced with the debut of ColorStay lipsticks, which soon captured the top spot in its category. As more women began working, they needed makeup that stayed on all day. This has led Revlon to develop its ColorSta y product lines.

it took a bold advertising move. Revlon's basic business strategies were to introduce new products with unique consumer benefits. and the science. The company believes the key to staying on top is knowing the consumer. so Revlon developed product lines for each of those markets. Since that time. Revlon expanded distribution of the product and introduced it to the mass market in 1994 as Revlon ColorStay. STRATEGIES/ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS During the 1950s. One of the most successful examples of this strategy was Revlon's first "won't rub off. won't kiss off" lipstick in 1993. The first Revlon product in this area was the Ultima II Lip Sexxxy brand. the company has relied heavily on modelling contracts with female supermodels. Revlon began to sell its products overseas. For example. Following the success of this product. International audiences loved the "American look" and became loyal Revlon customers. the markets. In the mid 1990s.S. mass market. ColorStay quickly became the bestselling lipstick brand in the U. According to Revlon. excitement and innovation through quality products at affordable prices. and used American models in international ads. aging women need products that are different from those of teenage girls.POLICIES The Revlon vision is to provide glamour. as well as cultivating ethnic markets. Some of the most iconic ads include the Cindy Crawford makeup ads of the 1990s. .

To show that the lipstick will not rub-off even after kissing. the product is suitable for working women because they need makeup that is non-drying and longwearing . the lip stain will not stick on the face . it will make them happy and satisfied since their faces are not left with lip stains. It takes less effort to check up on your lipstick in the mirror. . even after meals or kissing. BENEFITS Stays on for hours. no touch -ups required. To show that by kissing the boy/men with Revlon Colorstay lipstick. where it does not feather or fade. among them Halle Berry Eva Mendes and Jennifer Connelly. The product will not rub-off. ANALYSIS OF ADVERTISEMENTS Past Ad 1997 (Cindy Crawford) Objective of the ad: Introducing new & improved Revlon Colorstay Lipstick with Aloe and Vitamin E. And also. NO kiss-off means when kissing a person with this product. Revlon decided to drop fashion models and focus on movie stars. Moisturise your lips that makes your lips soft and smooth.Despite the successful campaigns of the 1980s and 1990s featuring models. in which it stays comfortable and wears beautifully for hours .

And also. kissing the boy/men with Revlon Colorstay lipstick. Tagline ³NO kiss-off´ tagline is used/mentioned in the ad.Target audience: The ad is targeted to women from 25 years to 50 years and women from different ethnic backgrounds. status and ethnicity of the talents/characters that are portrayed in the ad. and twin brothers Drew & Derek Riker from the Amazing Race to promote the product. In which. in which means by using this product. lip stains is not visible or does not exist after kissing a person on the face . . The target audience for the ad is mainly based on the age. as it benefits them as well. The talents i n the ad voiced out the tagline ³NO kiss-off´. Creative execution: Celebrities The ad used famous supermodel Cindy Crawford. a few young women and an older woman . which are Cindy Crawford. it will make them happy and satisfied since their faces are not left with lip stains. the ad is targeted TO women but it is FOR the men. actors John Saxon and David Alan Nelson.

keeps the women happy and satisfied too since thei r lipstick is not smudged. Cindy Crawford kisses the boy and men on the cheeks. Colours Instead of using colours. the ad used the colour white as its background to make the product pops out or stands out even more .Storyline In the ad. there is no lip stain on their faces and her lipstick is not smudged or smeared off. Convenience The first part of the ad shows the talents in their formal clothes while wearing the lipstick and for the second part of the ad shows the talents in their casual clothes also. In the end. And also. while wearing the lipstick. . And apparently. it makes the males happy and satisfied since their faces are not left with lip stains. the women used in the ad have different hair colour and skin colour from each other. but they still look equally beautiful wearing Revlon Colorstay lipstick . Ethnicity Ethnicity is shown through the young women in the ad to show that the product is suitable for women from different ethnic backgrounds . For example. The particular scenes portray convenience as women are able to wear the lipstick either to work or just to go out shopping.

wife. wife. The target audience for the ad is mainly based on the status of the talent/character that is portrayed in the ad. mother and an actress and her successes complement the spirit of the Revlon brand. whom is a modern woman. To show that the lipstick does not feather or fade. Jennifer Connelly. Creative execution: Celebrity The ad used famous celebrity. ultra-conditioning topcoat. Jennifer Connelly (actress) is a modern woman. which is Jennifer Connelly. mother and an actress. To show that the lipstick stays comfortable an d wears beautifully for up to 6 hours. no touch -ups required. even after meals. Target audience: The ad is targeted to women from 30 years to 45 years and modern career women.New Ad 2010 (Jennifer Connelly) Objective of the ad: Introducing Revlon¶s first ³food-proof´ lip colour with a built-in. .

Symbolises glamour & elegance The settings of the symbolise glamour and elegance and this is shown through Jennifer Connelly¶s outfit and the place that she is eating.Storyline In the ad. The ad shows a ³before and after´ effects on the lipstick to show that the product actually works well even after a long day of work. which is the candle-light restaurant. talent is having dinner and apparently. During night time. the talent checks up on her lipstick at her reflection on the toaster in the morning. her lips are still not faded after hours and probably after eating . . in a candle-light restaurant. Her lipstick is still a bright red as before.

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PRINT ADS (produced by Revlon) Revlon Lipstick¶s early print ad in 1930 Revlon Colorstay Lipstick¶s print ad in 1990 .

Revlon¶s Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick¶s print ad in 2010 .

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