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In the year 2000, an African American charismatic believer sought

my help to be delivered from out of control sex with an invisible
being. I only met with her for two sessions, as she left New York
State permanently. A striking element in this case is that a spirit
entity engaged in sex with the client on a continual basis. To
make it easier to explain, I'll give her a name. I'll call her "Eloise."

As an aside, Eloise's daughter Donna, also a word of

faith churchgoer, was in her early 20's at the time. Under severe
demonic attack, Eloise traveled to the deep south to seek the
help of an occult practitioner for Donna. However, while there,
Donna murdered her own son and was jailed for the crime. When
I met Eloise, her daughter had been incarcerated for about a year
or so.

By the time we met, Eloise was almost out of control. She shared
how a spirit entity would literally "take her" at any time, bringing
her to painful orgasm. In fact, this "spirit" was so bold, that
it seized her for sex at the same time that her husband was
attempting to do so. As she shared, suddenly her legs forcefully
spread open in the chair, right before my eyes , I watched
her thighs violently shake and tremble. I have never seen
anything like it before, or since.

Yet, over the years, more and more cases of spiritual rape have
WARNING ! been reported to me. The next set of cases was equally strange.
In point of fact, I have counseled far too many churchgoing
women who have acknowledged that spirit entities have
manifested physically and raped them. These cases have not
only baffled me, but they have led to a plethora of questions
and concerns about "what does all of this mean.?

For example, Sarah, a Caucasian Presbyterian minister had no

occult background. Unlike Eloise, witchcraft was not a factor.
Yet she too is raped while her husband sleeps beside her. While
The article called Sarah was being attacked, her husband lay immobile, as in an
altered state of consciousness far deeper than normal sleep. A
"Spirit Rape" is a black mist enters the bedroom, becomes flat in shape and
sexually graphic mounts Sarah as she lay on her back.
letter. A small woman, Sarah's frame is actually flattened or crushed
under the weight of this entity that Sarah reports fells like it
weighed about 200 pounds. As the entity proceeded with the
If you are rape, it makes gutteral, rasping sounds. A smell of fish emitted
squeamish, then from its foul breath. When it penetrated Sarah, she reports that
perhaps it is not for she felt a cold, pear-shaped penis, about 9 inches long. The rape
you to read. lasted about 8 minutes, climaxing to an emission or ejaculation of
a semen-like fluid of the consistency of aloe gel, white in color
So just scroll down yet very transparent, smelling like rotten meat.
to the second article
Denying any sexual pleasure, Sarah is left with visible bruises on
called "Catchin the her upper thighs and lacerations in her vagina, clearly apparent
Holy Ghost." to Sarah's physician. Since the very first incident,
Sarah's husband has been impotent, unable to achieve an
erection. In fear that her husband will find out, Sarah stated that
Those who read my her husband has begun to smell the offensive odor. A pastor of a
books and articles church, Sarah is about "to lose it." Her main concern is that the
spirit being is attempting to impregnate her, as she is raped at
know that I believe least four times a week.
that we ALL NEED to
In less graphic cases than either Eloise or Sarah, faithful,
be aware of ALL the churchgoing Christian women are reporting that they have sexual
wiles and tricks of contact while asleep or in a dream. Most often, the spirit entities
manifest as men known to these women. With one exception,
the enemy. However, the women do not enjoy the sex. For example, Cher is a
most are not ready Haitian born, 35 year old woman who had been dedicated to
to receive the stark, voodoo gods at birth. An ordained 7th Day Adventist minister of
Song, Cher's manifestations began when she spoke in tongues.
naked truth. Unlike most victims, Cher enjoys the sex. However, she is out
of control. While in church ministering, the tongues changes to
cursing and foul language. When she is released from the attack,
This is the she has no remembrance of what had transpired.
dilemma. Captives
Cases like these have caused me to devote an entire chapter in
need to be set free. my next book, "the New Idolatry," to this strange happening. The
Jesus said that you chapter is called "demonic copulation." The book should be
shall KNOW the truth released soon.

and the truth will In reviewing the literature on alien encounters, I learned
MAKE YOU FREE!! something rather interesting. Strange encounters humans have
experienced with UFO's have included very few Christians over
So without complete the last 5 decades. Spirit rape seems to be the enemy's
truth there is no alternative targeted towards Christian women.
complete freedom.
When I consider the underlying intent--how spirit rape fits into
Well, this issue is a Satan's endtime agenda,--- I believe it has less to do with sex
from a lustful perspective and more to do with sex as an altered
major part of state of consciousness. Satan, the Anti-Christ and fallen angels
KNOWING THE can only plant their agenda into the minds of humanity through
the altered state. As the sexual orgasm is itself an altered state,
TRUTH. Dr. I. D. E. Thomas offers a significant insight:

“The devil uses sexual orgasm to implant his ideas into a victim’s
If you DO read ALL mind. He is aware that one of the human experiences that comes
of it, then forward closest to the ecstasy of communication with God is that of
it to people who spiritual orgasm between lovers. If ever a human being acts as if
he were possessed without actually being possessed, it is when
may need he is overwhelmed by the irresistible tide of desire. Here he
deliverance and trembles, groans, writhes, cries out…in a bitter sweet experience
that defies description.”
let them know to
contact me. Furthermore, the authors of the book called “Devils and Demons
and the Return of the Nephilim,” add yet another clue. John Klein
Remind them to and Adam Spears concur with Dr. Thomas concerning fallen
click the angels. Called “devils,” the primary objective of fallen angels, aka
devils, is to fulfill Satan’s endtime agenda by planting their ideas
subscribe button into the human mind through the ASC (altered state of
at the top so that consciousness), while demons---the spirits of the giants (the
they can receive Nephilim)--- who died in the Flood--- simply lust after sensory
experiences. Once human themselves, demons simply want to
their issue each feel human again, because they have lost their physical bodies
week. forever.

“Whereas demons want to feed on human experience regardless

Here is another of the cost to the host involved, we believe that devils want more.
It follows logically that devils want your identity and authority
photo of Sananda. that God gave uniquely to each one of us. They are by nature
territorial, refusing to share their possessions with any other
devils. They don’t mind sharing a person with a host of demons,
however. Demons don’t interfere with what the identity devils

Throughout the totality of the testimonies of Christian sexual

contact with spirit entities known to me personally, there is a
common theme that I have found to be consistent with UFO
messages to the unsaved, namely, “since we can have sex with
you, we can also procreate with you.” In their book “Alien
Encounters,” Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman provide important
clues to unraveling the underlying agenda of alien encounters as
they correspond with the demonic messages sent to professing
Christian women through witchcraft, religiosity, demonic
copulation and demonology:

“ Abductees who are taken from their rooms usually describe a

bright light outside and a humming noise. This is followed by an
encounter with hairless, tree to five foot tall, gray-skinned
entities. Abductees generally report the onset of paralysis and a
floating sensation. Many will report being subsequently floated
out of their house either through a window or in some cases
through the walls or through the roof to an awaiting alien craft.
Once inside the craft, abductees universally report some sort of
physical examination…..

Through telepathic communication, female abductees are told

that the procedure is being performed to retrieve ovum for the
purpose of reproduction. Many female abductees claim that after
an abduction they find incisions or scars on their lower abdomen
that were not present prior to the encounter. An anesthetic of
some kind is generally employed, and the details of the exam are
usually recalled under hypnotic regression….male abductees
often report procedures for the retrieval of sperm….According to
some researchers, the retrieval of sperm and ova and the
execution of ‘reproductive procedures’ seem to be central to the
abduction phenomenon.” (Missler and Eastman, pg. 106-107)

Quite understated, Paul prophetically warned Timothy that in the

last days, some professing Christians would depart from the
faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. The
public at large looks upon the Jim Jones and the mass suicide at
Guyana as an atypical disaster of a Christian cult, not endemic
within or characteristic of the entire church system. Dramatic and
well publicized in the 70’s, no one realized that the entire
organized church would shortly become a cult.

A few years ago, I found a list of cults that had 500 professing
Christian churches on it. Yet Roman Catholicism, the mother of
the organized church and the cult of cults was not even included
on the list. Likewise, the more I studied, the more I realized that
Protestantism was simply a “different kind of cult” as well as the
rest of them. Klein and Spears have clearly sent the elect some
sober and extremely sound advice, “to come out of Her," with a
serious warning, quoted below:

“We need to run, not walk---as fast as we can and as far away as
we can get---from any devils and demons that masquerade as our
great God of the universe."


The contents of this mentoring letter are expanded upon in my 6th book, the NEW
IDOLATRY: Charismatic Witchcraft, Deliverance Ministry and Other Counterfeits.

I would like to release the book at the end of December but I am struggling to meet my
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