Dewi Nur Suci 07320031 Idealized Women and Men in Kal Ho Na Hoo Movie I.

Introduction India movies still exist in Indonesia because of their uniqueness cultural sides. More people like to watch them either adults or teenagers, while most of the topics are about love, family, friendship and others such as Kal Ho Na Hoo, Kuch-Kuch Ho Ta Hai, Ta Ra Rum Pum and etc. Based on my friend loving India movies much, Kal Ho Na Hoo is one of the interesting movies stared by Shah Rukh Kahn with Pretty Shinta. At glance, it is very fantastic! In fact we unconsciously agree and take for granted with acts acted by the actors and actress or with the narration of the story without seeing deeply and rethinking of what are represented by the movie makers or productions. Therefore, it is important to analyze India movie since there are gender stereotypes between women and men on which a stereotype involves the reduction of persons to set of exaggerated, usually negative character traits. Stereotyping reduces, essentializes, naturalizes and fixes ‘difference’ (Hall, 1997c:258). For most writers within cultural studies, masculinity and femininity are not essential qualities of embodied studies. Early feminist studies made the realist epistemological assumption that representation was a direct expression of social reality and/or a potential distortion of that reality. That is, representations of women reflected male attitudes and constituted misinterpretations of ‘real’ women (see Tuchman et all, 1978). This is known as the images of women ‘perspective’. However, later studies informed by post structuralism regard all representations as cultural constructions and not as reflections signify in the context of social power with what consequences for gender relations. This exploration of women as a sign ( Cowie, 1978) we may call ‘the politics of representation’.

Naina lives with unharmonic family consisting of mother. Becoming the first daughter who really misses her family’s affection. There are a friendship between female and man and two sexes who do not know each other. truly causes her sad because her grandmother tends to get bad . They tend to be independent by working and studying. Kal Ho Na Hoo means tomorrow may never come. She lives with an unharmonic family consisting of mother. grandmother. we can predict who is told in that movie. Kal Ho Na Hoo takes place in Europe. let us talk Naina acted by Pretty Zhinta. The actresses are not similar to the women of India who mostly wear saree. Finally. They also do not like the match system in marriage. Kal Ho Na Hoo is a movie connoting a symbol of family in which gendered identities appears. Research Question 1. but specifically it is pointed to Aman as the major character because he never knows when he dies due to his serious disease. one of them must sincerely forget the one whom he loves. it is for all characters. Like others movies. it seems to have culture assimilations in the form of costume worn and the habit or behavior of women and men. From its title. brother. Actually. What roles are assigned to women and men in the Kal Ho Na Ho movie? III. There is a dispute in a family ended by unity and happiness. There are some representations of women and men in Kal Ho Na Hoo movie. It can be called as a happy or an unhappy movie. the representation of the idealized woman on Indian television is drawn from traditional Hindu sources which also provide the ideal moral universe fro popular Hindi movies (Mishra. particularly from her dead father who does a suicide. Firstly. The women’s behaviors are also different from the indigenous Indian women.II. 1985). They wear costumes like western people because they live in western. step sister and grandmother. then love suddenly appears in the relations until love triangle. Thus. not in Asia. Analysis According to Khrisnan and Dighe (1990). brother and step sister. How are women and men represented in the Kal Ho Na Hoo movie? 2.

in the first part. he can make Naina’s friend. She is imaged as a woman that is uncheerful.tempered with them except her little brother. Besides. he cannot marry and live with Naina because of the dangerous disease he has. It is the fact she never wears saree . sad. he has a brilliant thinking to solve the business of Naina’s mother getting bankrupt. Naina’s mother becomes a patient and strong widower. let us analyze the representation of woman from Jennifer. Many of her clothes are black or uncolorful one. although her grandmother always forces Naina to do so with the boy matched by her grandmother via match bureau. The problem she thinks more is between her grandmother and mother often getting disputes. Here. She dislikes a marriage by matching. . From the character. She just thinks all men are like his father making affair with another woman. Secondly. She changes her simple mode to the pretty one when she falls in love with Aman. The first sight in the movie is Naina sits alone in the bench looking sad and thinking many things. happy. and “unfashionable at the first time”. motives and so on. although she is represented as an urban female. though he loves Naina so much. Her life changes when a handsome man comes to her life. firm. Firstly. unique. rings. Then.a kind of traditional costume of India or any accessories worn by Indian females like necklaces. he can match Naina with Naina’s friendship to be couple. particularly the suicide of her father because of making affair and having and an illegitimate daughter. and other good traits since it can be seen from his action standing on the ship smiling nicely and breathing the fresh air in the morning enjoy fully. she is imaged as a woman that does not want to get married. Sweetu happy and others. Naina’s mother. He is Shah Rukh Khan as Aman loving Naina at the first sight. Tragically. She likes wearing feminine dress having bright colors. he is shot as a man cool. the Aman is imaged as the very patient person through his pure intention to match Naina with Naina’s friendship. handsome. Her urban side can be seen by her preference to study until post graduate than to marry. In Kal Ho Na Hoo. She is so simple and natural when there has no a man appealing her. Aman is someone who can make everyone’s life impressed such as he is able to make Naina and her family looking so emotional and sad become happy. bracelets and etc. silent. Naina is a kind of unfashionable one.

She is imaged as a wife obeying her husband a lot. having a forbidden child who lives and has been grown by Jennifer. Fourthly. She is loyal to her husband and obeys him without demur like Sita God. pale skin and straight hair. she becomes really friendly and warm to her family and realizes her and her son mistakes. She does not give her love easily and will win her man over from the ladies of lesser virtue Thirdly. After that. She can hide her husband’s mistake from her mother in-law. she is the hard worker because she must live her family. In the end of the film. She is similar to her sister who wants to love and loving by men. After telling women’s characters. Because Aman has been mentioned above. The stereotype constructed through Naina’s mother is that good wife or daughter in law should love family and obey her husband.the traditional costume of India. She is Naina’s grandmother who is really emotional. her daughter in-law. She is differently imaged from Naina who dislikes thinking of men. but for her neighbor Chaddaji who is as old as her. She likes rituality to sing for the God with the other two women. They fall in love in their menopause age. has beautiful face. but she likes eating. The last is Camilia as the woman that will be matched to Rohit. we can see Sweetu’s sister. She is imaged as the siren that sexually lures men to a bad end. more slender body. She is imaged as a beautiful material woman. let us analyze Sweetu as a Naina’s friendship who wants to have slender body. let us talk Rohit’s acted by Syaf Ali Khan. She still keeps her belief that husband is God. She will marry with Rohit because Rohit is from a rich family. let us move to the man’s character. although he has cheated her by having a forbidden child with another woman. but it is actually not a song for the God. She always flirts male customers who come to the restaurant by showing her sexy body. Sweetu’s sister and Sweetu who does not wear saree . Fifthly is Lajjoji. She is also pure and chaste. Unluckily she was refused and insulted by the customers since she has got adult. He is imaged as a rich man that is not so smart as Aman in making a relationship with a . She is imaged as the traditional old woman because she is different from Naina. She works in the restaurant of Naina’s mother. She refuses to marry with Rohit after Rohit said he wants to live independently without his mother and father’s inference.

seeing a place in the larger world. rationale and conniving. decisive. slender body. He just sees and appeals to those who look so sexy and beautiful. Naina’s mother is beautiful. friendly and other good traits. dependent. subordinate. tall body and sharp nose. Gallagher’s (1983) survey of women in the media suggests a consistent global depiction of women as commodified and stereotyped into the binary images of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Khrisnan and Dighe (1990) argue that affirmation and denial were the two main themes evident in their study of the representation of women on Indian television. Conclusion There are some constructions between women and men in Kal Ho Na Hoo movie. man is represented as a self-centered. He is not so confident as Aman to show his love to Naina because he is Naina’s friendship. but finally he loves Naina and marries with her.woman. He likes to flirt any beautiful women. She has white skin. defining the world through family relations. anxious to please. Jennifer. The denial is of the creativity. In contrary. long straight hair. activity and individuality of women. emotional. and Camilia is like the bitch so sneaky. and paternal. that is. even he cannot distinguish the good and bad woman to be his wife. Sweetu’s sister is like the siren that lures men to the bad end. there are some attributes of masculinity and femininity on Indian television. Based on Khrisnan and Dighe 1990. . For example. idealized and deviated. and so on. Men are represented as the good one. Women are represented in two sides. being tied to housework. Sweetu tends to make a date with men. patient. IV. selfconfident. Woman is represented as sacrificing. for example the character of Aman who is perfectly shown and acted as a man that can fix and solve everything. and maternal. Sweetu’s sister and the woman matched to Rohit. husbands and children. while the deviated characters are like Sweetu. The affirmation they describe is of a limited definition of womanhood as passive and subordinate. cheating and manipulative. The idealized women are shown from Naina and her mother characters. Naina is ideal because she is beautiful. faithful. particularly in relation to work and the public sphere. dominant.

. from Kal Ho Na Hoo movie. It reflects that if woman wants to be loved by men. please become like Naina. we will know actually male characters are more perfect than female’s a. Then. in fact. woman still becomes object subordinated by male because everything done by Naina includes the changing of her appearances and traits is caused by her falling in love with Aman. a good man is like Aman who is like light in the darkness that can make other people cheerful and happy.Therefore. Good woman is constructed like Naina and her mother.