PandaBoard Introduction



Introduction to PandaBoard: first low-cost, open OMAP™ 4 processor-based mobile software development platform Highlight features and usage of PandaBoard List recommended accessories Supported SW distributions PandaBoard portal Manufacturing/Distribution Processor availability Describe PandaBoard community resources and participation process

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Code Development


Flexible Expansion Media Center

Typical useful accessories
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5V Power supply

Frees USB OTG port, enables leveraging of full board functionality HDMI Cable: for HDMI-enabled TV/display interface DVI Cable: for DVI-D compatible monitor/display interface DB9 M/F Serial Cable USB Keyboard USB Mouse

Display cables
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SD/MMC cards PandaBoard recommended accessories & peripherals


Getting started
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After receiving a PandaBoard, visit and click on ' Getting started‘ to access step-by-step instructions. The instructions will guide developers through:
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Board set up Board verification (ensuring the board is working properly) Loading and booting supported software distributions, such as:
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Ubuntu Android Minimal Filesystem (based on Angstrom)

If problems are encountered and troubleshooting is required, visit

Supported SW distributions

Ubuntu -Ubuntu 10.10 release (ES2.0/ES2.1) -WLAN/BT support -Gfx support -MM codecs (MPEG4/H264 decode) Android -Keyboard/Mouse support -WLAN/BT support -Gfx support Minimal Filesystem (based on Angstrom)

PandaBoard Portal

Contract Manufacturer: CircuitCo • Few TI Subsidized parts. • Distributor: Digi-Key (has world wide reach). • No active FAE support. Supported by community.

Community support
PandaBoard is supported 24/7 by an active community • To participate in the community, visit: • To easily access and interact with the community, visit:

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Website: Mailing List: IRC Chat:

Access community ideas and projects at to...
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Leverage the power of the PandaBoard community Get ideas for applications Review existing projects from other members

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