Notes from the Chairwoman
Hi guys,
The season has truly heated up, and I
can’t tell you how busy we have been.
Our biggest year ever for membership,
doubling our True Blue memberships
and sending over more folks than ever
to watch matches live at The Bridge...
wow! But that’s not all...
The Osgood weekend was a huge
success, and you can read more about it
in the pages of the newsletter. Just know
that Lynn Osgood was over the moon
about what YOU ALL DID! Thanks to all
for the donations; Lynn appreciates the
e"ort more than you could know.
Did you get your membership package?
Did you like the calendar? I hope you all
enjoy it, and a personal HUGE “THANK
YOU” to the calendar committee and
everyone that submitted photos. I think
it is the coolest thing. The only bad
thing is that each month I have to turn
to a new page and leave the lovely
smiling faces of the previous month, but
then I get a whole new batch of faces to
Planning starts now for the spring club
We are ready to do our first CIA piece of
merchandise for this season - a scarf!
We are planning more t-shirts and
things like that as well, very soon.
We are nearing the end of the first run of
banners for the Bridge. You may have
seen the banners from supporters clubs
around the globe gracing the stands at
Stamford Bridge; well, we are all over it.
After some amount of planning with
Chelsea, we have an agreement. All
regional/local clubs with at least 20
members can have a banner at the
Bridge (so far 13 of our 21 clubs have
qualified with 3 clubs nearly there!) and
of course a large CIA banner as well.
Designs have been done and are being
finalized, manufacturing certifications
have been approved, so all we need to
do is get final design approval and then
get them made and mailed to Chelsea.
But they do cost money! It is a huge cost
and something we need help in funding.
So if you are interested in donating a
couple of dollars to the cause, let me
know, let your club head know or you
can send donations to us through paypal
(paypal@chelseainamerica.com). How
cool would it be to have nearly 100 feet
of banners at The Bridge from CIA and
the USA!
Membership will end the 31st of
December, not just for us, but also for
supporters clubs at Chelsea. If you have
not already renewed your membership
with either or both, please don’t delay.
Chelsea may still o"er membership, but
the supporters clubs will not add new
members after the end of December and
that means if you are planning a trip
over, we at CIA cannot help you with
And there is more… so if you are
scratching your head and wondering why
you don’t know what is going on, have
you been on the bulletin board? It is
there to get information like this out to
you without filling your inbox with
endless emails. All you have to do is get
on the board! You don’t have to read
everything, skip the stu" you don’t want
to know about and check out forums in
the members-only section or in your
regional area or things like that. We are
nearly 600 strong and getting word out
to everyone via email is impossible. A
poll of members suggested they don’t
want to be barraged with email, so it is
set up for you to know what is going on.
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• Deep From the
• Ancelotti Book
• The CIA Osgood
• Junior Blue
Match Report
• "Chelsea Since I
Was Two"
• Player Profile -
Josh McEachran
• CIA Crossword
The OC Blues celebrate Osgood
Weekend! (More info Pages 3 & 4)
A big thanks to everyone who
helps make the CIA Bluesletter
Editor: Jamie Edwards
Chairwoman: Beth Wild
Assistant Ed: Allison Kasic
Logo and Graphics: Raciel Diaz
Proofreader: Sarah Drake
CIA Crest done in collaboration
with Who Are Ya Designs -
Want to contribute or make a
suggestion? Send Jamie an
email at newsletter@
You also have your local/regional
head, and if you are not hearing from
them, if you are meeting up at the
pub, if their facebook page isn’t
getting the news out, let them know!
What we cannot do is contact each
member via email or phone to keep
him or her in touch. To get the most
out of your membership, you need to
get involved. Just go to
www.chelseainamerica.com/bb and
take a look. If you aren’t registered,
you will not see private club topics, so
please let us know your board name
so you can see the club-only areas.
Just send an email to
database@chelseainamerica.com with
your real name and board name and
we will get you permissions to see it
all. Twitter will be starting up as well,
so be sure to follow us for more
updates, and are you listening to the
podcast? All of these things are set up
for you to visit and find out what is
going on in your area and nationwide!
And before you get to all the good
stu" in this newsletter, I would like to
remind you about one thing that a
number of members have shared with
me in the past few weeks,. You get out
of your membership what you put in.
What do we o"er for your membership
if you want to take full advantage of
what we have - a lot! But if you don’t
spend a little time and invest in
finding that out, unfortunately you
miss out. On the back page of the
calendar is a whole host of links to
what we are up to... so it is up to you
to join in the fun!
Got to run, keep the faith, keep that
Blue Flag Flying,
I don't watch Serie A. I have no interest
in the Italian national team. Therefore, I
knew little about Carlo Ancelotti before
he came to our club, apart from the fact
that everyone liked to make fun of how
old his Milan team were becoming. I
guess it made sense then that he came
to coach Chelsea, where everyone in
England likes to make fun of how old
our team seems to be getting.
So I started reading The Beautiful
Games of an Ordinary Genius,
Ancelotti's autobiography, not really
knowing what to expect as the only
impression I had of the man was the one
I had made during his first season
coaching our Blues. He immediately won
my heart further with his opening lines
of the book, comparing Yuri Zhirkov to a
delicious steak.
You discover quickly that food is one of
Carlo's loves in life - he enjoys a good
pasta and many of his memories
involves a meal of some sort. He tells a
story of picking up a knee injury during
his playing days with Roma and the first
thought going through his mind was of a
teammate's mom's fettucine.
The book is an interesting insight into
the mind of a player and coach as it
covers Ancelotti's career in Italy as both.
He's not afraid to poke fun at himself
and others, but he is also honest in his
opinions towards those he has worked
with, such as Fabio Capello, Sven-Goran
Eriksson, Zidane, even Gianfranco Zola.
He talks about his successes and
trophies won (and who kept taking the
European Cup to bed with him!) as well
as disappointments (that famous
European night in Istanbul), his
Carlo Ancelotti: A
Book Review
by Jamie Edwards
continued on Page 5
Continued from Page 1
Che|sea |n Amer|ca and the North 1exas 8|ues presents:
A Þeter Csgood Weekend

1o commemorate the unve|||ng of the Þeter Csgood statue at 5tamford 8r|dge we w||| be
raff||ng off a f|e|d |eve| tab|e for the f|na| IC Da||as home game (Co|orado ! Cct 9 ! 5pm). 1he
w|nner and up to 5 guests w||| be get to s|t on the f|e|d at a pr|vate tab|e to watch the game.
1h|s pr|ze |s va|ued at $600 and |nc|udes:
Lxc|us|ve 5tad|um C|ub Access * In-seat food & bev serv|ce * free non-a|coho||c dr|nks

kaff|e t|ckets w||| be so|d at the Londoner Ir|sco before and after the ICD game (5at - Cct. 2)
start|ng at 6:00 pm and at the Londoner Add|son dur|ng the Che|sea Vs Arsena| LÞL game
(5un - Cct. 3) start|ng at 9:30 am. 1|ckets are 1 for $5 or 5 for $20. A|| proceeds benef|t the
Csgood 1rust wh|ch he|ps underpr|v||eged and abused youth deve|op the|r soccer sk|||s.

Above: The North Texas Blues flyer; Above right: The North Texas Blues; Above Middle: The Beltway Blues;
Bottom Left and Right: The Boston Blues
On the weekend of October 2, 2010,
Chelsea honored one of the greatest
players to wear the Chelsea blue shirt,
Peter Osgood.!On Friday, the day before
their match against Arsenal, the club
unveiled a brand new Peter Osgood
statue inside Stamford Bridge. It was a
wonderful sight to see, and for fans it
was a great way to remember and honor
“The King of the Bridge.” Chelsea also
held events throughout their supporters
clubs worldwide, including a donation
drive for the Peter Osgood Trust that
fans were eager to be involved with.!All
of the donated funds went towards the
Foundation’s Football+ program, which
enables people with disabilities to
participate in regular, organized
matches and coaching sessions in a safe
and enjoyable environment. The Football
+ program encourages players with
disabilities to develop their health and
independence while realizing their
potential, o"ering regular sessions with
specialist coaches at local schools and
sports centers as well as day long
The Chicago Blues Supporter’s Club
participated in the donation drive as
well, as we wanted to raise funds to help
the Peter Osgood Foundation. As a
member of the club, I was contacted by
one of our co-chairs and told about the
idea when he had received contact from
Chelsea in America. On matchday, we
brought close to twenty or so supporters
to our local pub and began collecting
from members and even non-members.!
A fellow member printed out copies of a
flyer explaining what the Peter Osgood
Trust was and what it went toward and
passed the sheet around to tables of
Chelsea supporters.! It was slow at first,
because of how tense the match was,
but after we scored the first goal
donations began pouring in.
By the end of the match, we had raised
$115. We were very satisfied with that
number and glad that people did in fact
donate. It was a great day because not
only did we collect that amount for the
Peter Osgood Trust, but Chelsea
prevailed and defeated Arsenal. Also we
were in a way honoring the late, great
Peter Osgood, and that made all of us
feel proud and glad to be Blues
supporters. The Trust will allow Football
+ to expand into a lot of new areas of
disability football such as amputee and
wheelchair/powerchair as well as
women’s and girl’s games.! In the end,
all of our hard work paid o" and we
were able to help a great cause and a
great legend.!
by Mark Asato
The OC Blues' flyer and photos:
My name is Tucker. I am 7 years old and
live near Dallas, Texas.! I am a True Blue
member and a member of the Chelsea in
America Supporters Club.! I play
academy soccer and dream about
playing soccer for Chelsea someday.! I
started playing soccer when I was 4
years old.! For my 6
birthday I got the
FIFA Soccer 2008 video game. The first
time I played it, I picked Chelsea as my
team.! I didn’t know anything about
Chelsea then, but I always had to be
Chelsea when I played the game.! My
dad learned about the team and found
out how we could start watching the
matches on TV in Texas.! My favorite
players are Frank Lampard, Didier
Drogba, John Terry and Petr Cech.!
I was very excited when I found out that
Chelsea was coming to Dallas to play in
the World Football Challenge.! I didn’t
think I would ever get to see Chelsea
play in person.! My parents bought us
tickets to the practice and match.! My
favorite thing about the practice was
watching John Terry and Frank Lampard
trying to kick the soccer ball as high as
the giant TV screen that hangs over the
field at Cowboy’s Stadium.! John Terry
did it and we all cheered!! After the
practice was over, Tommy Langley and
Neil Barnett gave me a Chelsea soccer
ball and Tommy signed it for me.! We
had great seats for the game the next
day.! Before the match started, John
Terry gave me a ball.! I could not believe
it! The game was great.! I had a lot of
fun learning some songs and cheering
with the other Chelsea supporters
around us.! After the game was over,
John Terry signed the ball he gave me.! It
is one of my most special things.! I keep
it in a glass case in my room.
When the Chelsea youth team came to
Dallas to play in the Dallas Cup last
spring, my parents let me miss a little
bit of school to see one of their games.!
When it was over, I went and thanked the
team for coming to Dallas to play.! They
were all very nice to me and thanked me
for coming out to support them.! In the
parking lot after the game, we met Miss
Beth (Beth Wild) from the Chelsea in
America Supporters Club.! Miss Beth
thanked us for coming out to support
the team and told us all about Chelsea in
America.! She told us that CIA could
even help us get tickets to games at
Stamford Bridge if we wanted to go to
London someday.!! Miss Beth loves
Chelsea and loves to tell people all about
the team.!
On summer break we went to London for
vacation.! Miss Beth helped us get
tickets in the family section to see
Chelsea play West Brom the first match
of the season.! The day we found out we
had tickets to the game was one of the
best days EVER!! I always wanted to go
to Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea play!
On our first day in London, we went to
see Stamford Bridge.! It looked just like
the poster on my wall.
Miss Beth set us up to take the stadium
tour the day before the match.! Elvis was
nice to talk to us while we waited.! Then,
we met Ledge.! He knows everything
about Chelsea!! I got to see the FA Cup
and Premier League trophies, the press
room, the locker rooms, run out of the
tunnel and even got to sit in Carlo
Ancelotti’s seat.! Our tour with Ledge
was awesome!! After the tour, we spent
a lot of time in the Megastore.
We got to The Bridge early on match
day.! We were standing outside the
stadium and Frank Lampard walked right
by me.! I
couldn’t believe
it so I said,
Lampard!” and
he turned and
waved at me.! I
took pictures in
front of the
player’s pictures
outside the
stadium.! Miss
Beth had her
friends Graeme
and Gill from the Kent Blues Supporters
Club meet us before the game.! They
showed me where to go to get
autographs before the players went into
the stadium.! John Terry, Michael Essien,
Paulo Ferreira, Alex and Carlo Ancelotti
signed my shirt!! We took pictures with
Gill and Graeme and their Kent Blues
Supporter’s flag.! The game was
awesome and Chelsea won 6-0!! I loved
when the whole stadium sang “That’s
why we’re champions!” all together.
We made one more trip to the Megastore
before our vacation was over.! I got a
new John Terry shirt to replace the one
that got autographed at the game.!
Chelsea is my favorite soccer team.! I
work hard at practice so that I can
hopefully play for Chelsea some day.!
inspirations and, of course, his
favorite foods.
If you're looking for juicy details
about Chelsea, you won't get too
many. He mentions meeting with
Roman Abramovich, discusses the
Blues in the first chapter, talks about
Drogba and the Ivory Coast, but
doesn't get into extreme detail about
his first season in charge at Chelsea
FC. That'll be another book for
another time, hopefully discussing
our future successes!
The Beautiful Games of an Ordinary
Genius is engaging and amusing.
When Carlo speaks in post-match
interviews and press conferences, the
language barrier still exists as his
English vocabulary is limited, so the
book's translation is a great way to
"hear" him express himself further
than just saying that "this is a good/
bad moment". I recommend reading it
- if only so that you don't get caught
out during a game of the Brigand
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Since I was two
my favorite
team has always
been Chelsea.
Lampard is my
favorite player. I
try always to get
a 8 like him on
my shirt for my
team. I had one this year, but then they
switched me to 3. My dad says that’s
Ashley Cole, so I like it.
Sometimes I watch matches with my
daddy. He screams and jumps. My friend
Owen gave me a red shirt for Man
United, but daddy wouldn’t let me wear
it. He says it’s rubbish. He sold it on
ebay and bought a Chelsea scarf for us. I
like Blue anyway because Blue is the
Color! We sing that song in the car a lot.
He taught me other Chelsea songs too,
but sometimes he says “bleep” instead
of the real words. He’s funny.
Making the video was fun. I always want
to watch it. My dad even has it on his
phone so we can watch when we’re not
at home. Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea!
A bit about the video, from Josh:
We originally made this video for the US
tour contest last summer—and the video
we entered was actually our second
e"ort. We did a much better version
where Addie was in a jersey, looked in
the camera the whole time, the shots
were framed better—but the sound was
corrupted when I uploaded it! By the
time I figured
that all out, it
was past
Addie's bedtime
(that’s why
she’s in PJs) and
the only way I
could get her to
do it again was
by bribing her
with Barney
(hence the
reason she is
watching the TV
behind me, instead of looking in the
camera.). Then I had to shoot and edit it
in 30 minutes to make the original
Oh well. It was fun! And it was exciting
to see it place third place, too. Addie
loves seeing herself on the Chelsea
website. KTBFFH!
Josh Hampton and his daughter came
in 3rd place in the Chelsea "Fans Give
Us a Song" contest!
For years Chelsea fans have heard lots of
talk about the increased investments
going into our youth academy. But since
the likes of John Terry busted through to
the senior squad, our youngsters have
had a tough time getting playing time
with the team. That is seemingly
changing this season as our investments
in the youth academy are staring to pay
o" and Carlo is willing to give some of
our talented kids a chance on the big
For my money, the most impressive kid
of the bunch is 17-year-old Josh
McEachran. While he’s a new sight to
many Chelsea fans, Josh has been with
the club since he was eight and been a
regular in the youth team. On the senior
level he seems comfortable on the ball
and thus far has shown poise on the
pitch usually only seen by experienced
veterans. And with so many injuries
plaguing our midfield at the moment,
McEachran is likely to see even more
playing time. With that in mind, let’s
recap the pertinent info on Chelsea’s
star in the making.
McEachran was born in 1993 in Oxford,
so he’s not only a potential star for
Chelsea – the England national squad is
hoping that McEachran can turn into
another midfield powerhouse. He’s
already been capped in the England
under-17 side that won the European
Championship. Josh is no stranger to
silverware, having won the FA Youth Cup
with Chelsea just a few weeks before
England’s victory.
In addition to picking up some serious
silverware, McEachran has already
entered the record books. When he
made his competitive debut for Chelsea
earlier this season in the champions
league match at Zilina, McEachran
became the first player to be involved in
tournament who was younger than the
tournament itself (the tournament
started in 1992).
As a player, McEachran favors his left
foot and is comfortable playing on the
left side or center of the midfield. He is
known for his ability to keep possession
and provide an attacking threat. Hmm,
sounds like a younger version of another
“super” English midfielder on our books,
no? Here’s hoping that we’re looking at
our next Frank Lampard.
by Allison Kasic
by four-year-old Adaline Hampton (as told to her father)
3.!One of the oldest grounds, frequented
at times by ardent fan Robert Plant, the
land has gone from a house to a hotel to
a pleasure park (but never held wild
dogs) to a stadium -the first to install
floodlights in England.
6.!A fancy name for an Arab library, a
time traveller could be mistaken for
thinking they had arrived at a Chelsea
stadium of the early 21st century were it
not for the red, and of course the
swathes of empty seats at the end of
games against Chelsea.
8.!A ground with a wealth of tradition,
officially called Aston Lower Grounds,
this stadium cost a mere £16,400 to
build back in 1897.
11.!The residents of this ground have
certainly been here long enough to have
paid off the mortgage one would hope!
13.!You might expect this ground to look
like a giant running shoe!
14.!This stadium was originally home to
its current resident's bitter cross town
15.!This stadium has an unusual, if not
prickly name, but if you knew what grew
there before the ground was built, it
would all make sense.
16.!You may well see players legally pick
up the ball and run with it to score here,
home of a team that loves playing in
grounds associated with sport
manufacturers (they also considered
playing at the Reebok while this ground
was built).
17.!The toffee lady still walks the steps
before games selling her fare.
18.!Actually called the Boleyn Ground,
this stadium is said to be haunted by one
of Anne Boleyn's maids, although the
moaning is probably because of the
quality of football she has to watch here
every other week.
19.!While the spiritual home of legend
Sir Stanley Matthews, the resident team
can hardly claim to "rule" as the stadium
name might suggest.
20.!Looked over by the Angel of the
North, and located near the last gallows
in this city (which could have been used
for recent failed managers!), an American
new to the sport could be confused at all
the referees in the stands at games.
1.!Many would differ slightly from the
residents and call this the "Theater of
2.!There is a nice view of the Thames
from this almost still quaint venue.
4.!Built on the site of the old Wearmouth
Colliery, the Davey Lamp outside the
ticket office is a nod to its name, nothing
like it's Portuguese namesake.
5.!Not bad for a council-owned football
pitch, and at one time home to the
Commonwealth Games.
7.!Nothing to do with "The Royal and
Ancient", this is another of the older
grounds in England - only a year younger
than The Bridge and located in England's
second city.
9.!Also a common pub name, this
ground is looked over by a large bronae
cockeral, or is it chicken?
10.!You are more likely to get sticks of
rock outside this ground than tangerines.
12.!While folklore suggests it takes its
name from a nearby Thames crossing,
this magnificent ground of champions
and legends shares its name with the
location of the last victorious battle of
Saxon King Harold and has been the
venue for many other epic English
victories.! Anybody getting this one
wrong will have their CIA membership
You can also access the crossword
and answers online:
by Andy Burbidge

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