You wake up in [i]El[/i], a country that is a joining of many pieces floating over a vast body of water.

You live in a world that could be compared in era to that of the nineteen-hundreds on Earth with a few further technological advancements. The world you live in is held up by a strange magic called [i]Glow[/i] . It connects the islands of land that survived floating in the water together. From one area to another the area could be a heated desert to a lash rainforest. However because the islands are not connected directly bridges are temporarily built because they drift in constant patterns. There have been rumors that a rebellion is coming along against the royal family of [b]Celuna[/b]. They are one of the major families in [i]El[/i] who have the ability to use [i]Glow[/i]. Every member of this family and few others are always capable of becoming skilled users. However the ability to use the magic of [i]Glow[/i] can be all the way to the peasantry bloodlines, however they in turn are much rarer. The world you live in used to be complete and not floating. However since an ancient meteor hit the world the magic of [i]Glow[/i] controlled and regulated by the King have been used to keep it afloat. Without it the world will crash down into the water once more. It takes skilled [i]Glow[/i] users to keep it afloat but training to use [i]Glow[/i] is a difficult process. An organization called [b]PHOENIX[/b] was created by the royal family to train young children who show promise in [i]Glow[/i] magic. The training is treacherous but kept secret from the public. Without knowing it as anything but a guard for the family children who were found to be capable of [i]Glow[/i] disappear daily all around. Many of the children taken in are put into harsh training from day one. Many don't survive, the count being one of every fifty children survive the first round. However the training and brutal efforts have created some of the strongest fighters and [i]glow[/i] users in [i]El[/i]. Those that did not make it either died on the way or went crazy from the treatment. Once they were shown to become adapt users they were conditioned in the reasoning that they were trained in order to save [i]El[/i] from ever going down. Some work for [b]PHOENIX[/b] because they desire to become stronger. However some do it because they believe sacrificing a few to save their country is required since no other solution has been discovered yet. There are some users however untouched by the royal families power. Either they were hidden by parents or never discovered their abilities until their late teens when they were less to be tested. They have found out about the secrets of [b]PHOENIX[/b]. Despite the reasoning behind it's order many of there scattered users as well as rogues of the organization wish to put an end to [b]PHOENIX[/b]. Many for the reason that so many of the user youth have been disappearing. From the rogues they have found out that most of them are dead. Together they train and plan on attacking [b]PHOENIX[/b] to free the few survivors. They are led by a few powerful users who are looking for another solution that doesn't involve the terrors of the training the children are put through. This organization against [b]PHOENIX[/b] was named [b]GLASS[/b] by the people who founded it. These groups have slowly began gaining members for each other. As the knowledge of both groups is being spread around without the deeper details being said commoners and non-users have become aware of this as well. The country is now taking sides on who to support and the world is becoming divided. This silent war being the farthest gone the tensions and fighting unleashed completely when [b]GLASS[/b] attacked the royal family in the capital island where the family was located. The king now growing old only had three children. His first born was a male who was the next in line. The other two princesses of the family who were adored by the people. On the day of the attack the main goal of [b]GLASS[/b] was to kill the King and the heirs. [b]PHOENIX[/b] countered them quickly and were able to prevent the assassination of the King. The only important casualty was the death of the eldest princess who was in the middle of a precession. At the death of [i]Princess Clairis de Celuna[/i] the King ordered [b]PHOENIX[/b] to go out in a desperate attempt to destroy everything doing with [b]Glass[/b]. For a year now the death of the princess still fuels those of [b]PHOENIX[/b] and the hope to save the abused children fuels that of [b]GLASS[/b].

The third grouping is called [i]Burst[/i]. [i]Burst[/i] is the ability to control concentrated energy. This ability requires skills in Trance and Burst. As well they train since young to drill in the control over the user and loyalty to the family which cannot be forced into a trained adult. [i]Telepathy[/i] . Trance. This ability lets some people use small forces of telepathy as well as read other's mind. The ability leads to a person being able to raise their senses. [i]Trance[/i] is a persons ability to use their mind to affect others. The second category is called [i]Trance[/i]. strength.The ability to influence or control someone forcefully. [i]Forcefield[/i] . Some special abilities emerge when users become skilled in the categories of Hype. [i]Aerokinesis[/i] . Most [b]GLASS[/b] [i]Glow[/i] users are trained and are usually more endurant in holding out during fights because of their slow training which gives them an advantage when a battle goes on. Glow users are capable of using more than the main capability because the natural barrier preventing an average human slowly dissipitates the longer they use [i]Glow[/i]. Naturally the human mind only uses ten percent of its capability. [i]Burst[/i] is usually applied in a battle with fire arms.The ability to speak with the mind or spread a message without words as well as images. Those that are capable of all three are very rare. Some who become stronger have the ability of foresight or mind control. or Burst. Trance.The ability to become your spirit and fly out of your body. The first is called [i]Hype[/i]. [i]Mind Control[/i] . [i]Teleportation[/i] . Requires skills in Trance and Burst. [i]Astral Projection[/i] . However users are only capable of only one. However to create an opposing force they put the volunteering users through similar training. As well as move other objects at a persons will.The ability to create barriers created from energy.[/b] Their are three basic [i]Glow[/i] skills that are learned when starting. speed. Some [i]Burst[/i] users create concentrated orbs that swallow [i]Glow[/i] energy from other [i]Burst[/i] users. Works well on Hype and Burst but is hardly a threat to other Trance user. Despite the casualties [b]PHOENIX[/b] has suceeded in producing some of the strongest users. A [i]Burst[/i] user with a pistol would be able to create a small explosion for each bullet. durability. Requires skill in trance and Hype. Those who don't use it sufficiently die from abuses and others die because they overused their powers to quickly resulting in a fatal stroke. The quicker the user the faster the shots could be launched. This skill requires a skill in Trance.[b]The power of [i]Glow[/i] originates from the dormant part of the mind. In order to create stronger users [b]PHOENIX[/b] puts the children through brutal conditions that can only be survived by the use of [i]Glow[/i].The ability to move from one place to another without traveling. Most [i]Glow[/i] users only become skilled in two of the three basic abilities. or capabilities to superhuman levels. and Burst. [i]Hype[/i] is the ability to raise a persons senses and physical capabilities. However because they are older the breaking down of the barrier holding back their capabilities takes longer to disappear and exhausts older users. Due to the fact that they are slowly trained and are older the death rate of [b]GLASS[/b] members is closer to zero other than in certain conditions. This requires skill in Trance and Hype. Requires a skill in Hype.The ability to create and control the wind at will. [b]GLASS[/b] has users who belonged to [b]PHOENIX[/b] that were trained but refuse to work for them. .

The ability to create and control the atmosphere. [i]Shadow Manipulation[/i] . [i]Electrokinesis[/i] . [i]Magnokinesis[/i] . [i]Photokinesis[/i] . This requires the skill of Trance. This requires the skills of Trance and Burst. and Burst.The ability to control magnetic fields. . This requires the skills of Trance and Burst.The ability to create and control ice. Trance.The ability to create and control fire. This requires the skills of Hype.The ability to create and control water This requires the skills of Hype. [i]Biokinesis[/i] .The ability to control or create sound in all forms. Trance. Or to create worm holes.The ability to control gravity at one's will. and Burst. This requires the skills of Hype and Burst. and Burst.The ability to create and control/manipulate light. [i]Gravity Manipulation[/i] . [i]Chronokinesis[/i] . [i]Hydrokinesis[/i] . This reuqires the skills of Hype and Burst.[i]Atmokinesis[/i] . This requires the skills of Hype. This requires the skills of Burst and Trance. [i]Cyrokinesis[/i] . and Burst. [i]Pyrokinesis[/i] . [i]Sound Manipulation[/i] . Hype. This requires the skills of Hype and Trance.The ability to control objects/move objects. Requires skills in Hype and Burst. Requires skills in Trance. [i]Telekinesis[/i] . This requires the skills of Trance and Burst. and magnets. metal. Trance.The ability to alter your genes into other human or animal forms.The ability to control and create shadows.The ability to slow down or speed up ones perception of time.The ability to create and control electricity.

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