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And we g get instant results. qualify and assess screen. customer research and employee e elearning.Reach Introduction StaffBotics™ Reach is our flagship solution for deploying feature rich skills assessments. going. They don’t have to come back multiple times or wonder how the application process is going. StaffBotics Reach is ideal for consulting firms.” ____________________________________ Steve Young. Reach includes these essential modules: • Action Plan module • Assessment module • Reports module • Survey module • Training module "Reach makes screening and testing applicants so much easier. temp agencies and HR recruiters who must pre-screen. so if a job applicant is qualified we can get him or her on a job right away. StaffBotics Reach is a versatile modular tool for managing HR assessment. Senior Recruiting Analyst Testimonial Key Points Points…  StaffBotics Reach is a non industry specific solution that includes non-industry generic tools for helping H Human Resource and Department Managers easily manage staff performance  Our solution is completely customizable enabling companies f full control for how their HR and Recruiting processes operate . job applicants quickly and accurately. Using intelligent automation controls. you can create feature-rich skills assessments rich and get feedback in real-time to know time how to place or further develop employees’ skills sets. surveys and trainings.

the company system administrator will have the ability to create company departments and additional user and sub al subadministrator accounts. Explorer® For hosted Accounts: Once your account is created.Reach How is Reach ow Deployed? StaffBotics™ Reach is a web web-based application that can be accessed via your ication web-browser. you will receive a download link to download and install the application. Key Points Points…  StaffBotics can be installed and Hosted on your Enterprise Network or managed on our servers. For Enterprise Customers: After you purchase a units all on one platform. After successful installation. you will receive an email displaying your playing account details which will enable your company access to the pany application. StaffBotics is best viewed using Internet Explorer 7.0 or above.  The StaffBotics multi multi-tier/multi-level architecture supports companies running Microsoft® SQL Server and Oracle® RDBMS databa ® DBMS databases for scalability and security. multi-departmental. multiple. departmental. rowser. .  StaffBotics Reach supports multi multi-company.

you can set the parameters for analyzing employee meters performance based on assessment. Integrate paced Flash. Multi-Media and Graphic Media images into your trainings for visual end-user stimulation. policy and procedure updates.Reach Key Features  Active Directory Integration  Analytics: Using the Action Plan Manager module. Collect survey feedback in minutes using the Reporting Module. When we train with Reach. “ ____________________________________ Deborah Moore. skills training. things they really need to know. . The assessment question filter supports this functionality by enabling you to use question/answer sets from one test to the other  Using the Training Schedule you can schedule trainings for the entire corporate calendar year for single employees.  Benchmarks  Assessment Builder: Create and deploy multiple-choice and simulated choice based assessment tests in minutes.  The Assessment Builder module includes over 200 skills tests which you can us uilder modules use to test the knowledge skills of current and potential employees. Technical Trainer eborah Key Points Points…  StaffBotics has over 100 powerful features and reports to help support your HR powerful performance management initiatives. multiple employees or entire departments.  Training Builder: Create and d deploy user self-paced trainings. Testimonial "Reach is great for training – safety training.  Survey Builder: Create and Post and unlimited number of surveys. survey and training data. sys system idlelock out for idle system use within a certain time-frame. we know that they have learned the material and are good to go.  Integrated Help and Knowledge Base  Message Center  PDF and Microsoft Excel Integratio Integration  Security Features: System includes dynamic methods for m managing password authentication.

 Customizable: Our software is customizable to suit your requirements. Key Points Points…  The benefits of deploying the StaffBotics Reach solution far outweigh the investment. business units and company groups which will be displayed in hierarchal format. multiple-departmental use of our application enables companies to departmental reduce costs by not having to install separate applications at the sub sub-company level. Companies purchasin an enterprise license will notice significant . Our team of project managers works closely with companies to produce quick customization time-lines lines. .Reach System Benefits  Affordable: We offer monthly and annual pricing modules and special pricing for enterprise system licenses.  Real-Time Reporting The system Time Reporting: comes with over 30 Pre Pre-Built reports which can be customized and immediately downloaded via CSV and PDF format.  High Return on Investment When Investment: comparing the costs for outsourced HR and recruiting services you ecruiting you’ll notice and immediate savings Our savings.  Lower Retention in Your Organization Organization: Effectively test the knowledge skills and train current employees to help rrent you identify the gaps in your organization. system automates key human resource functions. Windows® SQL Server and Oracle® database platforms platforms. purchasing savings when compared to other solutions with similar functionality. Standard .  Total HR Automation Our system has Automation: been proven to automate 50 50-70% of companies HR busine processes in business the areas of employee testing and training. installation can be performed in less than 30-minutes. The multiplecompany.  Multi-Company Compatible If your Company Compatible: company has subsidiaries.  Easy to Install: Our software installs on a Windows® Server.  Easy Integration: Our system easily integrates with Microsoft Active Microsoft® Directory. you can use our scalable fe features to subsidiary list and map your departments.  Save Time and Money Our system Money: saves you time and money by minimizing client installations and yielding a higher ROI based on average costs spent on outsourced testing and training tools tools.  We offer licensing modules that make sense for the corporate and organizational makes customers.

Pre-Evaluation and Practice Tests. Copy An Existing Assessment or Use an Assessment Template. survey and training participation and performance. Use this section to change your application themes. This section can be used to Create A New Assessment. Randomize Questions and indicate the time tests will expire. Using our assessment builder you can also create Live. setup your company security settings and manage page listing sizes and date formats. Setup your company main contact. . Evaluation set the Pass Mark Levels. System Administrators can use the dashboard to see a global view of staff members’ assessment.Reach System Modules The System Administrator dashboard is the heart of the application. technical tup support contact. help content and department levels. Our application comes with over 200 assessment tests.

Windows® Server 2008  Intel or AMD Processor. site Application Server Requirements:  Windows® Server 2003 (Standard. Enterprise). 1.8 G GHZ or Higher  2GB RAM or Higher  80GB Hard Drive or Higher  CD/DVD ROM  Adobe Reader  Adobe Flash or Shockwave Player Database Server Requirements:  Windows® Server 2003 (Standard. R2. Windows® Server 2008  Microsoft® SQL Server 2003 (Standard or Higher)  Intel or AMD Processor. 1. Enterprise).Reach System Specs.8 G GHZ or Higher  4GB RAM or Higher er  300GB Hard Drive or Higher GB  CD/DVD ROM  Adobe Reader Key Points Points… StaffBotics Reach is compatible with the following browser. database and programming technologies technologies… . R2. StaffBotics™ Reach is installed via installation CD but may require some manual configuration either on-site or remotely by a software specialist.

Reach Licensing Structure Hosted Licensing: Includes One-Year Free Technical Support Year Free Upgrades Free Training 25 User Licenses 200 Multiple-Choice Assessment Tests Choice 1.staffbotics. Box 5044 Old Bridge. 500 User. ***Contact Sales for Pricing Pricing*** Contact Info: Bedell International LLC Global Network Exchange (Glonetex Technologies) P.O. New Jersey 08857 +1-877-460-4005 (Telephone Telephone) +1-866-532-0925 (Fax) +1-646-229-1912 (Direct) www. 250 User. 100 (Email) . 1. site and unlimited user licenses. 100 User. Unlimited User Testimonial ***Contact Sales for Pricing Pricing*** Enterprise Licensing: Includes - One-Year Free Technical Support Year Off-Site Assisted Installation Free Training Free Upgrades 25 User Licenses 200 Multiple-Choice Assessment Tests Choice Unlimited Monthly Assessment Postings Unlimited Monthly Survey Postings Unlimited Monthly Training Postings Additional License Packs Available as follows: 50 User. Unlimited User "We spent thousands of dollars on local HR software packages that disappointed us.000 (URL) sales@staffbotics.500 Monthly Survey Postings 1. 500 User. After learning about StaffBotics and implementing the Reach so software. we’ve decided to customize it as a complete HR solution for our company South Africa" James Mupanga – Chief Financial Officer ____________________________________ Ask our Sales Representatives how you can take advantage of our monthly. 250 User. 1.500 Monthly Assessment P Postings 1.500 Monthly Training Postings Additional License Packs Available as follows: 50 User.000 User.

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