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Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Detention Division


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DATE FILED: . 3.z-:,.qJ
28, 2019
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,q ·~'i\1· DATE OF ARR EST


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05/99 JCSO/D505
Jefferson County Court, Jefferson County, Colorado

Affidavit in Support of Warrantless Arrest

Kirsten Gonzalez dob: 03/27/ 1991 Golden Police Case # 19-3917



C harge tatue No. Class

Aiding Escape 18-8-201 (1 )(2)( 5) F3

Accessory to Escape 18-8-105(1 )(2)(a)(3) F4

Official Misconduct 18-8-404(1 )(a)(b)( c)(2) M2

Your affiant, James Barron, of the Golden Police Department, being duly sworn upon oath says that the
facts stated herein are true.

Your affiant is a sworn Peace Officer for the City of Golden, which is located in the County of Jefferson,
State of Colorado. Your affiant has been a sworn Peace Officer for the Golden Police Department since
2005. Your affiant has been assigned to the Investigation Section of the Golden Police Department since
2014. Your affiant's law enforcement experience includes training in, and investigating, crimes against
persons as well as those against property.

Your affiant believes the following information to be true, based on interviews and review of the official
reports and other documents.

On 07/16/20 19 at approximately 1422 hours. Golden Poli ce Officer B. Radulovich was dispatched to the
Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, located at 290 I Ford Street. in the Ci ty of Golden, in the County of
Jefferson, in the State of Colorado. He spoke with the reporting person, Maggie Raymor, who is a Parole
Officer in the Division of Youth Correctio ns. She told him that she recently met with Paro le client
- in January o r February. 20 19. regarding his paro le. At that time he was incarcerated at the Denver City
Jail and hi s attorney was present. Raymor said that during her routine questio ning regarding his current living
situation, hi s attorney advised him not to talk about the specifics of hi s relationship with hi s "spouse". Raymor
noticed that was wearing a wedding ring and he talked about how he was a '·den dad" to hi s
spouse' s children. Raymore said tha had escaped from the Lookout Mountain Youth Services
Center in August 201 7 and was ··on the run·' until October 20 18. Raymor found the duration of his escape to be
abnormally lo ng and concern ing, compared with most DYC escapes. She also thought it was concerning that
attorney was advising him not to disclose basic information regarding the identity of hi s spo use
and other personal information.

Raymor told Officer Radulovich that a letter was written to the courts in support of in an
upcoming parole sentencing. Raymor requested a I I I I . • r and Raymo re noted that the letter was

written by Kirsten Gonzalez who she realized was Behav ioral Health Speciali st while he was
incarcerated at LMYSC. Raymore suspected that eived assistance from Gonzalez during the
time he was an escapee.

Raymor said LMY SC was advised of this in fo rmation and she later learned that Gonzalez had been escorted
from the institution on 07/ 16/20 19 and subsequently resigned her position. Raymor was given this information
by Acting Director Kri stin Wiphrow who also notified the Golden Po lice Department. Detecti ve James Barron
- 1 -
ned the case to investigate. Detecti ve Barron had iss ued the initial
charges and arrest warrant for after hi s escape on 8/26/20 17.

Detecti ve Barron call ed Kirsten Gonzal ez who was very reticent to speak with him. Detective Barron asked her
to come to the Golden Police Department to speak w ith him and she agreed. Detecti ve Barron was subsequently
called by attorney David Blair who informed him that he was representing Gonzalez and she would not be
speaking with police.

On 8/8/20 19 at 10:35. Detecti ve Barron call ed ob 11 /21/69, other. She

told him that while~ as at large, his sister, - had spoken with hi s ··girlfri end'. who told her
that she had been abused as a child.- said the '·gi rlfriend" told her that she was turning 29 years o ld.
Gonzalez will be 29 years old at her next birthday. that the .. girlfriend .. had been fired from
her j ob .

• told Detective Barron that she met several times at vari ous parks in the Denver area and in
Boulder during the time he was at large. She sa· d he was brought to these meeting areas by someone in a
white Mazda but she never could see the dri ver o ld hi s mother that hi s "girlfri end .. had moved to
a new apartment sometime around January-February and that he was he lping her. He to ld her that hi s
·'girlfriend·· had two children, age 9 and 10. Kirsten Gonzalez has two chil dren age 9 and 10 .

• to ld Detective Barron that while ~ as at LMYSC, he ~ oing to come out on a pass and
planned_ to a~tend the fune_ral services for a~ He told - that Kirsten Gonzalez was going
to go w ith him to the service. Gonzalez tol~ can' t te ll anybody. I could get fi red."'

- sent Detective Barron screenshots of texts and an Email letter dated 06/29/20 19 from
girlfriend sent by ·' Leo23 Gonzalez", ~ me llll suspected was Kirsten Gonzalez. The Email letter
reprimanded lllland suggested tha- no longer wanted to see her or have her visit while he was
in prison. In the letter. the wTiter made quotes such as. ··Him, me. our fami ly is why he is who he is today ... ·· he
didn ' t think any of those things would be possible before we were together'·, ·'how much you will be involved
in OUR life". and " When he gets out, we are moving. away, to another state. We are go ing to buy a home, get
married. have a baby of our own: ·

On 07/23/2019, Detective Barron conducted a recorded interview of Assistant Director Kimberl y Rumley-
Cramwe ll. Kimberl y stated that on 07/ 16/20 19 she and Actin g Director Kristen Wiphrow had a recorded
meeting with Kirsten Gonzalez. Kimberl y stated that within 2-3 questions. Gonzalez admitted she ··did it''
when confronted with the concern that she and ad a relationship. Kimberl y said that Gonzalez
signed the home pass resulting in escape. This pass would not have been authorized by
Gonzalez' s supervisors if Gonzalez had di sclosed the comments she received from the week
before about possibly going AWOL.

On 08/13 /2019, Detective Barron and Detecti ve J. Lizakowski visited the apartment complex at 11 91 S. Beech
Dr. in Lakewood. They met with the property manager. Katie Daniels who confirmed that Gonza lez had li ved
in Apt. I 06 since 04/l 8. Daniels had observed Gonzalez walking to the swimming pool with her chil dren but
did not see her with a man. Detectives Barron and Lizakowski were able to locate the white Mazda registered
to Kirsten Gonzalez i ~ . T hey inter~iewed the neig~bors in the ~djacent apartments, on~ of
whom moved in after - arrest, and did not see her with any boyfnend . and another who hved out
of town was visiting her sister who was not there at the time.

They then interviewed the complex's maintenance supervisor, Philip White, who said Gonzalez had a boyfriend
li ving in her apartment for several months. White provided them with the days he was in Apt. I 06 fo r routine
maintenance- 4/17/18. 4/30/l 8, 6/6/l 8, 7/ 11 /18 and 03/04/1 9. White said that the boy fri end was in the
apartment during each of these visits. White described the boyfriend as possibly Hispanic or African-American,
- 2 -
with medium length black hair and • I . I • I proximately 5"8 ... He said the boyfriend was not there after
late winter or early spring of 2019. was arrested by the Denver Police on 10/ 19/ 20 18.

White agreed vi w a hoto lineup wh ich was administered by Detective Lizakowski . Detective Lizakowski
did not know had never seen a picture of him. and was not involved in the investigation.
Detective Barron was not in the room at the time at the time of the presentation of the photo lineup. White was
advised of the photo array procedures and the statement fit Ill •It I I • s was ex plained to him. White said he
understood the instructions. White identified the image o with ·'90% certainty" as the person he
saw in Apt 106.

On 08/20/20 19 Detecti ve Barron met with Assistant Director Gibson who gave him copies of the pass issued to
on 08/26/ 2017 wh ich was signed by Kirsten Gonzalez and approved by Andrew Berumen and
Assistant Director Charles Tyous. Gibson also provided a copy of the letter of reprimand addressing the pass
on 08/26/20 17. This letter was issued by LMYSC On 09/06/20 17.

The investigation shows that was living with Kirstin Gonzalez during the time he was a
fugitive after escaping from Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center. Kirstin Gonzalez provided
with the pass out of LMYSC, had knowledge of the escape and provided with shelter and comfort
after his escape from LM YSC.

Based on the facts stated above Your Affiant believes probable cause exists to support the warrantless arrest o f Kirsten
Gonzalez a nd requests that she be held on the charges listed above. Kirsten Gonzalez is described as W/ F, s·r. 165 lbs.
and is last known to live at I 191 South Beech Drive Apt. I 06, Lakewood. CO 80228.

DATED: 0 2> J'2 1- /7-0\ C(_

Subscribed and sworn to before me this ~Jlh day of CllL~ , 2019, at !L.5..1@, PM).
~~~ D.3-J 7-:;)J:JdUJ
Notary commission ex pires


NOTARY ID# 20164010820

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