Shakib .R. Dalvi MBA-I(Marketing) Under the guidance of

PROF. Asmita Joshi

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. & Europe Telenor is a Norway based operator who has its footprints in 14 countries across the Asia.Telenor group provides telecommunication services across Asia. & Europe. The company exitance date to the 1st of January 1853 where it offered the telegraphs service even before the telephone was invented by Abrahim Grambell.

Established in 1972. Seagrams. SWA and HOK(USA) for various projects. Unitech today is India's leading real estate company with projects across the country. Amusement Parks and Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Perfetti. Unitech is known for the quality of its products and is the first real estate developer to have been certified ISO 9001:2000 certificate in North India. Hotel. Hewitt. Callison Inc. The Unitech brand is well recognised in India and was once again conferred with the title of “Superbrand” by Superbrand India in 2010. Nike. Ford Motors. 2008 for being one of India's Top Ten Builders. Unitech has long partnered with Internationally acclaimed architects and design consultants including SOM(USA). Unitech has the most diversified product mix comprising Residential. McKinsey. BDP(UK). Amdocs. . The Company is also the recipient of the CW Architect and Builders Award. FORREC(Canada). MEA Systra(France). Retail. Exxon Mobile and AT Kearney. Bank of America. Unitech's clientele for commercial projects includes global leaders such as Fidelity. Ernst & Young. Commercial/Information Technology (IT) Parks.(USA). Keane. Reebok. EDS. Maunsell AECOM(HK).

Karnataka.63 crores through new shares to hold 67. Bihar (including Jharkhand). West Bengal. Orissa. With over 150 years of telecom experience.25% equity in the company • The Telenor Group has proven itself to millions of customers around the world over a long period of time. Unitech Ltd and Norway-based Telenor.Uninor is a new mobile operator. UP East. with a localized approach to the Indian market. Kerala . Holds a pan-India UAS license to offer mobile telephony services in each of India’s 22 circles • Has also received spectrum to roll out these services in 21 of the 22 circles • Presently. Uninor services are available in the thirteen telecom circles of UP West (including Uttaranchal). Mumbai. the group is now present in 14 countries worldwide with 174 million mobile subscriptions as of Q4 2009 and over 40.000 employees across the globe. Tamil Nadu. means the group brings . Andhra Pradesh. the 6th largest mobile communications group in the world. Uninor is a combine force of India’s second largest real estate company. Kolkata and Gujarat • Telenor Group has invested INR 6135. A dominant position in markets most similar to India. Maharashtra. Bringing services and innovation in communications to all of India.

Threth :Uninor faces threat from all the existing operators in India and the new coming up operator in India. India being the second most populated country it has a tremendous opportunity for telecom as the population is risinging and the economic stability has helped people to go for more than one mobile at a time. bringing with it deep insights into business as well as consumer marketing in the diverse Indian market. SWOT Analysis. As India’s second largest diversified real estate major with over 30 years of presence across locations nationwide. Unior also face trath from the 3G company as the economic condition are good in India the people are going for High end phones which support the 3G technology and Uninor does not have a 3G licence in India.existing competencies in distribution. This unique partnership gives us the advantage of the most extensive and the most relevant experience to rollout services in India. The company also features in the National Stock Exchange’s bell weather S&P CNX Nifty Index. targeted offerings. . the Unitech Group comes into this joint venture as a partner with decades of consumer facing experience in the Indian market. Strength:A venture between the 6th largest operator in the world and the second largest real estate company which helps the company to use the successful strategies which the Telenor has adopted in the other market and the mark of the Unitec builders helps in applying the strategies in India Weakness:Uninor weakness is the late entery in the Indian telecom Industry becaus Opportunity: Unnor has a good opportunity to carry the reputation of Telenor in India as its experience in other part of the world will certainly help Uninor to become sussefull in India. customer lifecycle management and organization culture to our operations in India.

Question 1. What kind of connection does the costumer prefer? The question was asked which connection does the costomer uses and the data was collected of 100 people and the conclusion was dervied after the evaluation of the data was that the 65 % of the people prefer Prepaid connection over a post paid connection .Because it helps them to controll their monthly usage . . Whear as in Post paid the cutomer gets the bill after he uses the company services so he cant keep a control on it.

Question 2. Reliance (A. . while Bharti Airtel has 18 % of the market share.A. whear as 17 % of the people have an Tata connection.D. Which connection do the customer uses? The second question was asked which operator does the customer to 100 people and after the analysing the data we come to know that 26 % of the people in Nashik has an Idea connection.G) has 17 % of the market share. while 17 % of the people have and Vodafone connection. and BSNL and Aircel has a minor 4 % and 1 % respectively.

What is your montly approxiamate usage? The question was asked to know the montly usage of the customer the conclusion was derived after data analysis that the customer who usage of the month are in the range of 0100 are 18 % . . where as the customer who monthly usage is in the range of 101-200 are 25 % .Question 3. the customer who usage varies in the range of 201-300 Rs per month are 20 % and the customer who mothly usage is 300 and above are 37 %.

Which factor made the customer choose the current service provider ? The question was asked to know what attracts the customer towards buying the sim card of the company. The data revealed that the 26% of the customer see the network of the company before buying a new connection . 22% of the people look for good value adde .Question 4.

The data revealed the 28 % of the customer are not satisfied with the Network of their .e Network. Service and the Plan of the company . Question 5. What are the drawback of the current service provider? A question was asked to know what are the factor which forces the customer to change the operater he uses.d services. and rest of the people that is a majority goes for All the 3 factors i. 20 % of the people are attracted to buy because of the company tariff plan.

e 32 % of the customer are not satisfied with the tariff Plan offered by the company. Which are the top 3 Brads of telecom industry which u consider while buying a sim card? The question was asked to check out the preferance of the brands while the customer buys a . Question 6. Whear as 20% of the customer are not satisfied with the company because they are not happy with the Value Added service provided by the company.current service provider. While majority i.

Reliance is prefered by 9 % of the people of Nashik. The data revealed that the customer majority of the customer’s 1st preference is Idea while buying a new connetion in Nashik. and Bsnl and Aircel is prefered by 9% and 9% respectively. where 2nd brand at 20 % of the people prefer Airtel. Which Advertisement of the telecom sector company likes the most? .new connection which top 3 brands he prefers. Question 7. Uninor is prefered by 1 % of the people . while 17 % of the people prefer Vodafone which is at 3rd place while buying a new connection. Tata also is prefered by 13 % of the people.

A question was asked which company advertisement the consumer like the most and the survey revealed that 44% of the consumer liked the advertisement of the Vodafone company. while 23% of the people liked the advertisement of the Airtel. Mean while 17% of the peple liked the advertisement Reliance company. . and 16 % of the company liked the advertisement of the Tata Docomo company.

e Vodafone and Idea which got 19% each. 15 % of the Reliance. and 13 % of the peple liked Tata docomo .Question.8) Which company Logo you liked the most? The survey revealed that the consumer liked the logo of 2 company i.where as Uninor got 18 % . Airtel got 16 % of the total.

) Have you seen the recent campaign for Uninor? The question was asked to people did they know about the Uninor lauch of campagin the survey revealed that 75 % of the people knew about the campagin where as 25 % did saw the campaging .Question 9. Question 10.)Have you heard about Uninor? Questioned was asked to people do they know about Uninor the answered was 75% people said Yes they know about Uninor but there were 25 % of the people who did not know about Uninor.

)What is the color of uninor logo? A question was asked wheather the custmer know about the logo of Uninor company the survery revealed that 75% of the custumer know that the logo color is blue. Question 12)Which advertisement of Uninor do you remember? A question was asked to know how effective are the advertisement of Uninor the survey revealed that 41 % of the people did not know about the .Question 11.But 25% of the customer did not knew about the logo of Uninor.

While 25% saw the advertisement of 24*7 Badalta discount plan. and 3% of the people saw the traveling advertisement Question 13)What do you understand by “AB MERA NUMBER HAI” Question was asked to the customer what they understand by “AB MERA NUMBER HAI” wheather New Mobile Number or New Turn In Life.advertisement of Uninor. Question 14)Did you know that Uninor is the joint venture of Norway based Telenor the world 6th largest operator and India 2nd largest real estate company Unitech ltd? . whear as 31 % of the people saw the advertisement of the Father and Son. The survey outcome came that 30% of the people thought that “AB MERA NUMBER HAI” means a new mobile number and the majority belive that it is New Turn In Life which was 70% of the people.

. Question 15) Have you neard about the 24*7 Badalta discount plan? A question was asked about did the customer knew about the 24*7 badalta discount plan and the survey reveald that 55% of the customer did not heard about the 24*7 badalta discount plan . And the survey revealed that only 25% of the people knew that Uninor is a joint venture of Telenor and Unitech. where as only 45 % of the customer have heard about the 24*7 badalta discount plan. where as 75% of the people did not knew about the company.A question was asked to the customer wheather they know that the Uninor is the joint venture between Telonor the world 6th largest mobile operator and the 2nd largest Real estate company of India Unitech Ltd.

Question 16) Will you consider buying a Uninor connection/Are you satisfied with Uninor services? A question was asked wheather the cutomer will consider buying Uninor for the new customer and if the customer already had a Uninor sim card then is he satisfied with the service of Uninor. . The surevey reaveld that 66% of the survey said that they will consider buying a Uninor sim card but ther were 44% of the people who said they don’t consider Uninor sim as a buying.

CONCLUSION Question 1 : 65 % people of Nashik are prepaid customer where as only 35 % of the people of Nashik use a post paid sim card. Reliance and Vodafone share the 3rd spot with 17% each of market share Question 3 : The majority of customer are with the approxiamte monthly usage of Rs 300 & above are 37% of the Nashik . Question 2 : Idea is the largest player in the Nashik which has 26% of the market share follwed by Bharti Airtel which has 18% of the market share and Tata Docomo .

where as 26 % of the people consider only network while buying a new connection. where as the people who recharge Rs 200 and above are 20%.e Network. while the people with mothly usage ranging from 101 to 200 are 25 % and the people who recharge with 0-100 are 18 % of the people. while 28 % of the people belive that their current service provider does not provide a good network. and Plan while buying a new connection.market. Question 4 : 32 % people of Nashik consider All the 3 factors i. while 20 % people belive that value added services offer by the current company is not good and 20% of the people belive that all 3 factor are not at satisfactorily level offered by their current service provider Question 6 : Nashik people consider Idea as a brand at first place with 22% people . Value Added Service. and while people who look for plan and services are 20% and 22% respectively Question 5 : 32% of Nashik belive that the plan offered by their service provider are not good.

Question 7 : 44% of the people of Nashik like the Vodafone company advertisement. and Vodafone with 13 % of the people considering it as a brand. where as 19 % of the people of Nashik like the logo of Uninor. 20% of the people consider Airtel as brand after Idea. Question 9 : 75% of the people knew about the Uninor brand where as there were 25% of the people did not knew of the company Question 10 : 75% of the people did not see the Launch campagin of Uninor where as only 25% of Nashik people saw the uninor campagin Question 11 : 75% of the peple knew what was the color of the Unior logo where as 25% of the people did not knew about the logo . 23 % of the peoplw like the Bharti Airtel company advertisement.liking it. Question 8 : In the first place 19% each for the logo the Vodafone and Bharti Airtel company is liked by the people of Nashik.

while 31% of the people have seen the Father Son advertisement in Nashik. Question 13 : . 25 % of the peple have seen the 24*7 badalta discount plan add and 3% of the people have seen the traveling addvertisment.Question 12 : 41% of the people in Nashik have not seen any advertisement of Uninor company.

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