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The advantages and disadvantages of

the MSDS authoring software

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The majority of safety data sheets which are translated and adaptated (!) by our company,
were authored with the help of a software, that is why we know the „finished product” of
such MSDS authoring software.

Based on our unfavourable experiences and due to professional considerations, our

company never used or recommended the use of the MSDS authoring software, but on the
same way we aware the fact that this solution is prevaled in wide scale and it is accepted
based on its advantageous properties.

Hereinafter we would like to list the advantageous and disadvantageous properties of the
MSDS authoring software in an objective way:

The main operational principle of the MSDS authoring software, and its main

The MSDS translating software – similarly to other CATs – prepares the translations based
on the sameness of the sentences.

The basis of its operation is the „memories” which can be bought for the software, these
memories contain the translations of the sentences which are likely to be in the safety data

During the translation process, in case of sameness, the „source language” sentences are
replaced to the proper sentences of the „target language” (provided that the given
sentences is included in the translation memory).

Those translations software which is designed to handle safety data sheets, contain other
services as well, like: it classifies the components according to the pertinent list of
hazardous substances (or the one which is included in the software), it assigns workplace
exposition limits to the substances, adds pictograms to the PPE-s, and defines the hazard
class and the R and S phrases of the given mixture (based on the components and the
concentration limit values defined in the relevant legislation).

Other function can be: registration modules.

The disadvantages of the MSDS authoring software:

Professional deficiencies:

• Determination of a not proper hazard class

• It is not able – based only on composition, chemical and physical properties and
toxicology data – to prepare a safety data sheet on its own, it is necessary to have an
already created sample to the proper operation or the user of the software has to be
well qualified.

• The professional mistakes of the „original” safety data sheet is transferred to the
translated safety data sheet without any corrections.

ToxInfo Consultancy and Service Limited Partnership
• It may contain untranslated parts (it can not handle those sentences which are not
included in its memory)

• Mistranslated sentences, expressions, denominations of substances (we can not be

sure that the content of the memory is well translated)

• It is not able to amend the missing data.

• It operates only according to the general EU directives/regulations, it neglects the

smaller – bigger differences within the national regulations.

• In case of change in regulations, it can be used only after the supply of software

Other, non professional disadvantages:

• The software has to be operated, so human resource costs arise.

• It does not mean a single expenditure for the buyer, because the different linguistic
modules and updates may result further costs.

• It is only cost efficient above a given number of MSDS

• The user only get a software support, but in case of any chemical safety related
questions no support is given

• In case of any authority objections, the user will not be able to correct the given safety
data sheet.

The advantages of the MSDS authoring software:

• Quick

• Large quantities of MSDS can be handled easily

• It can translate into several languages (if the given linguistic module is available)

• Cost efficient, but only in case of a really big quantities

• Registration functions

Our work method: the appropriate practice of the

preparation of Safety data sheets:

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