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2Q 2007

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about IBM Professional Certification

Certification or Mastery Test Inside This Issue

Measurement Points on the Skill Continuum Certification or Mastery Test

There is a full range of skills across the IT industry – from broad to deep and from novice to guru. There is a
New Certification Line-up
time and place for all skill-sets in this “skill continuum”. And, just as there is a range of skill, there is also a full
continuum of measurement and assessment methodologies. STG Mastery Tests

Certification: IBM Professional

CATE – System Storage
Types of Tests
Certification is used to verify skill and Purposes Description New WebSphere Certs
proficiency in IBM technology. It is Certification • Validates an individual’s • Job role-based
capabilities to effectively • Result is “Certification Certification Calendar
designed to validate an individual’s Exams
complete a particular job role • Proctored: Taken on-site at
ability to perform a job-role, related to • Critical to IBM strategic business Test Center New SOA Certifications
an IBM product, solution or service Mastery Tests • Provides information about an • Curriculum-based
individual’s knowledge and skill • Can cover learning beyond DB2 9 Professional Cert
offering. Certification is recognition of in a focused area a single course
• Important to IBM business • Result is “Mastered
an individual’s skills and capabilities. Knowledge Domain”
Typically the certification is a test
Web Lecture & • Determines whether a learning • Curriculum-based Visit us at:
for application abilities, based on End-of-Course Tests event resulted in desired learning • Short, objective tests

experience and an integrated Diagnostic Tests • Provides information to help • Range from self-assessment
make decisions about individual checklists to objective,
understanding acquired from multiple areas of strength and weakness multiple-choice tests
learning events.
For suggestions or
Mastery Test: Mastery tests are used to verify High Stakes any information regarding
the mastery of knowledge covered in a course or a A certification exam is sometimes referred to as a the program, Contact:
defined set of learning materials. And though not a “high stakes” test, and as such is conducted in a
certification, a mastery test can help to assure an proctored environment. High stakes certification
individual has achieved a foundation of knowledge exam development follows a rigorous process
and understanding of a subject matter. Mastery tests that meets a defined set of standards. IBM
supplement certifications as a method utilized by IBM certification exams are designed to meet the high For comments, suggestions,
to evaluate knowledge of IBM Sales and Technical stakes standard and to validate the skills required and success story submissions,
Professionals. for a defined job role. The certification test for the Certification Today
development process is designed to produce a e-Journal, Contact:
Web Lecture/End-of-Course: Tests administered
valid, fair, and reliable test instrument.
at the end of a class or training event. The purpose of
the test is to verify a person’s learning of the content Given the value of certification, security is critical
covered during the course as defined by the course to maintaining a reputable certification. Key to
objectives. End-of-Course Tests are often used maintaining certification security is proctored This issue of Certification Today
for technical vitality updates or as an indication of testing and secure testing systems. is brought to you by:
successfully completing continuing education credits. The Professional Certification
continued on page 2
Program from IBM.
Diagnostic Assessment Tests: Assessments
used to help an individual evaluate their strengths
and weaknesses. These tests can be useful when your professional
preparing for certification. They can help a certification We can get you there. certification team
candidate evaluate whether they are likely to meet the
standard required to pass a certification examination.
2Q 2007


Certification or Mastery Test

New Certification Line-up
continued from page 1 New Certification Line-up
Elements considered include: from IBM Systems & Technology Group STG Mastery Tests
• confidential test development
There has been a whirlwind of activity on the certification CATE – System Storage
• verification of testing
front for STG. The certification team has developed a
candidate’s identity New WebSphere Certs
variety of new offerings for 2007. This is your opportunity to be one of
• controlled/ supervised testing
the first to achieve one of these new certifications! (Click on the role- Certification Calendar
• protected test results and
name for more information on each certification.) New SOA Certifications
data integrity
System i
Moderate Stakes DB2 9 Professional Cert
• IBM Certified Specialist
Mastery tests can be considered
– Linux Technical V5R4
as moderate stakes. The
• IBM Certified Specialist
test development follows a
– System i Integration
STG Mastery Tests Compliment Certification
defined process very similar to Systems & Technology Group offers a set of curriculum-based
with BladeCenter and
certification. Some IBM mastery Mastery Tests that are intended to complement STG certification.
System x V1
tests are delivered in a proctored These Mastery Tests generally cover understanding of product
• IBM Certified Specialist
environment. Other mastery tests content at a more conceptual level. They are used as learning
– System i Technical
are available without proctoring. reinforcement and designed to validate an understanding of
Solutions – Design (including
The proctor decision is based on: educational topics. For more detail, just link from each test name
i5/OS V5R4)
• business requirements to the related Web page.
• IBM Certified Specialist
• purpose of the specific
– System i Technical • J01 IBM System i™ High Availability
mastery test
Solutions Implementation Implementation – Technical Mastery Test Version 1
• audience type
(including i5/OS V5R4) • J02 IBM System i Entry Lev
• benefits associated with
System p – Sales Mastery Test Version 1
successful completion
• IBM Certified Specialist • J03 IBM System i Entry
Low Stakes – System p Technical Sales – Technical Mastery Test Version 1
Often tests are used as an indictor Support • P01 IBM System p5 Sales Mastery Test
of learning. These tests are an System z • P02 IBM System p5 Sales Mastery Test
important measurement aid in the • IBM Certified Specialist • P03 IBM System p5 Technical Mastery Test
education process, but they are – System z Solution Sales V2 • S01 System Storage Sales Mastery
not business critical. Therefore • IBM Certified Specialist • S02 System Storage D Technical Mastery Tests
the security concerns are not as – System z Technical Support • IBM System z Entry Le System Programmer
intense as in high-stakes (or even V2
moderate stakes) testing. These System x
types of tests, referred to as “low • IBM Certified Specialist
stakes” exams, can be provided – System x Sales
in a non-proctored environment. • IBM Certified Specialist
Low stakes testing can be a very – IBM Director
useful testing tool. Examples Storage
include non-proctored Mastery • IBM Certified Specialist
tests, Web Lecture/End-of-Course – Storage
rage Sales, Version
o 8
tests and Diagnostic/Assessment • IBM Certified Advanced We can get you there.
tests. Technical Expert – Systemys
g 2007
2Q 2007


Certification or Mastery Test

New Certification Line-up
IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert – System Storage 2007
IBM System Storage announces the addition of a new CATE certification to STG Mastery Tests
the System Storage portfolio. CATE – System Storage
The IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert (CATE) has long been highly regarded as an New WebSphere Certs
advanced level certification – with a distinctive mark of prestige. IBM System Storage is very
Certification Calendar
pleased to offer a new CATE credential.
New SOA Certifications
This certification recognizes the IT professional who demonstrates a high level of technical proficiency in multiple
product areas across the storage product line. Those individuals who achieve the CATE status for System
DB2 9 Professional Cert
Storage will receive a premium set of special benefits:
• Plaque recognizing Charter Member achievement for the first
25 qualifiers worldwide
• Selection of a gift with the CATE certification logo
System x CATE to Retire June 2007
• Access to a special CATE Members Only forum on the IBM If you are working towards a CATE certification for System x, be
Certification web site sure to meet all requirements by June, 2007. The System x CATE is
• Use of IBM CATE Certified logo and title on business cards scheduled to be retired in June, and will no longer be available. Those
and correspondence who have achieved the credential can maintain their CATE status by
• A wallet-size certificate to share with customers and continuing to achieve one System x certification annually.
prospects, validating your investment and development of
The System x team plans to introduce a new CATE in the future,
advanced skills related to IBM System Storage
based on the growing set of foundational skills in the enhanced
System x BladeCenter product line,
This CATE requires the successful completion of
four tests:
• Core requirements (must complete 2):
- Test 747 – Open Systems Storage Solutions V5
- Test 900 – Tivoli TotalStorage Productivity Center 3.1
Coming Soon
Certified Advanced Technical Expert
• Elective requirements (must complete any 2 of the 4 – System i Solutions
choices): This new certification will require two core and two elective exams.
- Test 745 – Storage Networking Solutions V2 Core exams will be: Elective exams will include:
- Test 746 – High-End Disk Solutions V5 • 868 – Solution Designer • 863 – Linux Technical
- Test 749 – High-End Tape Solutions V4 • 869 – Solution Implementer • 864 – Integration with BladeCenter
- Test 799 – Tivoli Storage Manager V5.3 Implementation and System x
• Others to be announced
The objectives tested on each exam and information to assist in
test preparation are available on the IBM Certified Advanced More to come... so watch this space
Technical Expert – System Storage 2007 Web page.

We can get you there.
2Q 2007


Certification or Mastery Test

New Intermediate Level WebSphere Certifications New Certification Line-up

STG Mastery Tests
IBM is pleased to announce the addition of the following
job-role certifications, and applicable test, to the CATE – System Storage
Professional Certification Program from IBM
New WebSphere Certs
IBM Certified Solution Developer WebSphere IBM Certified System Administrator –
DataPower SOA Appliances, Firmware V3.6.0 WebSphere Application Server, Network Certification Calendar
By achieving this certification, solution developers Deployment, V6.1
New SOA Certifications
can validate their knowledge and skills, and This certification is for system administrators who
demonstrate their technical competence to others. perform at an intermediate level. It is intended to DB2 9 Professional Cert
This intermediate-level certification is intended validate the knowledge and skills demonstrated by
for implementers who configure and deploy SOA system administrators who perform the installation,
solutions using IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA configuration and day-to-day tasks associated with
2007 Customer
Appliances. This includes WebSphere DataPower ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of a
XML Accelerator XA35, WebSphere DataPower XML WebSphere server runtime environment, including: Surveys
Security Gateway XS40, and WebSphere DataPower • product installation and configuration Please take 10 minutes
Integration Appliance XI50. • installation and deployment of J2EE applications to complete a customer
• connecting to back-end resources satisfaction surveys, as
This certification requires candidates to pass Test • basic troubleshooting applicable. Your confidential
284. The test is designed to measure skills in the • using scripts for automating day to day tasks input will be used to improve
areas of: • gathering the data for performance tuning our program.
1. Basic Technical Domain Knowledge 23% • configuration of security
2. Basic Product Knowledge 23% • WebSphere Survey
3. Use Case: XML Acceleration 6% To attain the certification credential, candidates must • SOA Survey
4. Use Case: Security Implementations 20% pass Test 253. • XML Survey
5. Use Case: Integration 12%
6. Use Case: Service Level Management 8% For information to help prepare for the test and
7. Troubleshooting 8% to learn more about this certification visit the
IBM Certified System Administrator
For more information about Test 284 and the – WebSphere Application Server, Network
resulting certification see our Web page for the Deployment, V6.1 web page.
IBM Certified Solution Developer
– WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances,
Firmware V3.6.0

Websphere, SOA, and XML Websites

have certification information about activities such as:
• New Tests
• Certification Retirement Information
• Certification Testing @ 1H07 Conferences
• User Groups – Special Offers & Information Sessions
• Academic Initiative – Additions/Withdrawals & Special Offers We can get you there.
2Q 2007


Certification or Mastery Test

Certification Calendar Three New SOA Certifications New Certification Line-up

IBM Certified SOA Associate

STG Mastery Tests
May 6-10, 2007
IDUG 2007 – North America This entry level certification is for individuals who CATE – System Storage
San Jose, CA
Discover the technical sessions, panels,
work on SOA projects, such as architects, technical
New WebSphere Certs
and certification testing at IDUG. Free sales reps, sales personnel, administrators, application developers,
IBM certification testing for DB2 and business analysts, project managers, system integrators, business Certification Calendar
Informix professionals is available at
IDUG 2007 – North America. Be sure to integrators, managers and others. The certification is designed to
New SOA Certifications
take advantage of this unique opportunity validate the ability of the candidate to articulate the business and
technical value of SOA. The candidate can describe the business DB2 9 Professional Cert
May 7-10, 2007
IBM Tivoli Technical User structure of an organization at a high level and identify where in that
Conference line of business SOA can provide value. They can identify barriers to SOA adoption and understand the
San Francisco, CA need for SOA governance. In collaboration with others, this person can:
The 2007 Tivoli Technical User
Conference is all about IBM Service • assist in communication between technical and business personnel
Management – a scalable, modular • describe how SOA impacts the various job roles within an organization
approach that delivers quality services
• raise awareness in others about SOA
more efficiently and effectively to your
business and customers. Conference • articulate the value of an SOA solution in the context of the business strategy
attendees will have the opportunity to • explain the need for SOA governance
take three free certification exams from
• assists in the development of a roadmap for SOA adoption
IBM Tivoli, IBM Information Management,
IBM Rational, IBM WebSphere, IBM Certification requires passing Test 664 – SOA Fundamentals.
Service Oriented Architecture, or XML.
IBM Lotus is offering certification exams To learn more about this certification and Test 664, go to the IBM Certified SOA Associate Web page.
for USD $75.
IBM Certified
IBM CertifiedSOA SOADesigner
Solution Designer
May 14-17, 2007
Maydays 2007 The SOA Solution Designer certification is designed to validate the ability of the candidate to assess and
Indianapolis, IN translate client requirements for business process flexibility and agility into a service-focused software
This event, sponsored by Arrow ECS,
solution using Service Oriented Architecture principles. This certification is intended for consultants and
is for IBM Business Partners. The
conference theme, “back to basics”, architects with previous experience designing enterprise application components and enterprise business
will feature education classes and over integration solutions. It is expected that this SOA Solution Designer participates in SOA project teams
60 educational sessions to give you the
latest information on strategic topics
responsible for architecting the end-to-end design of an SOA solution.
affecting your business. Demonstrate
your sales and technical expertise by Functioning at an intermediate level, this SOA Solution Designer should be self-sufficient and able to
certifying your skills at May Days! The perform most of the tasks involved in the role with limited assistance from peers, product documentation
Certification Test Lab will be conveniently
open during the conference.
and vendor support services.

May 19-22, 2007 Before beginning to prepare for this certification, the following base knowledge and skills are
Common Europe Congress 2007 recommended:
London, UK
Innovation Today – Legacy Tomorrow.
• Experience designing with existing Web Services frameworks such as J2EE and/or .NET
Participate in the many sessions, • Experience with architecting solutions
covering most of the System i • Good knowledge of SOA based technology standards (e.g., OASIS, W3C)
technologies, as well as sessions of
general knowledge covering the most • Knowledge of IBM SOA Foundation and IBM SOA Reference Architecture
important areas of IT. There will also be continued on page 6
a full schedule of hands on Laboratory
sessions together with the opportunity to
undertake IBM Certification at reduced
We can get you there.
continued on page 6
2Q 2007


Certification or Mastery Test

continued from page 5 continued from page 5 New Certification Line-up
The IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer certification requires Test
May 21-25, 2007 STG Mastery Tests
Information management Technical 665: Architectural Design of SOA Solutions. To prepare for this
Conference test, based on the job role and test objectives, refer to the CATE – System Storage
Düsseldorf, Germany
IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer page on the Website.
This is the information management event New WebSphere Certs
for business and IT executives, managers,
professionals, DBAs and developers, with IBM Certified Administrator for SOA Solutions –
Certification Calendar
over 200 technical sessions across 11 WebSphere Process Server V6.0
tracks. Most certification exams will be New SOA Certifications
This credential certifies system administrators who understand
offered for no charge and others will be
available for a reduced price. the fundamentals of Service-Oriented Architecture and are able to
DB2 9 Professional Cert
articulate the business and technical values of SOA. They perform
June 10-14, 2007
IBM Rational Software Development
the day-to-day tasks associated with managing the operation of the WebSphere Process Server
Conference 2007 runtime environment, such as product installation and configuration, deployment of business processes,
Orlando, FL connecting to back-end resources, and basic troubleshooting. These individuals tune the WebSphere
Join the 2,500-plus great minds
from around the world to join in Process Server runtime environment with respect to resource utilization, scaling, clustering and load
the conversation: “What Keeps Me balancing as appropriate. Additionally, they can participate in crafting and enforcing SOA governance
Rational?” Be refreshed, learn, network and help bridge the gap between business and technical teams.
with colleagues and get certified. All
conference attendees are entitled to take
THREE (3), FREE Rational professional This certification requires the successful completion of
certification exams while on-site at the Complimentary Information three tests:
conference. Additional exams may be
Management DB2 9 Test 664 + Test 093 + (Test 252 or Test 253)
taken at the significantly reduced price
of $75 US. All SWG brand exams are Professional Certification • Test 664, SOA Fundamentals
being offered at the conference. These Preparation Tutorials • Test 093, IBM WebSphere Process Server V6.0,
include DB2, Lotus, Tivoli, and WebSphere
Get the edge you need to be System Admin
professional certification exams.
successful on exam day with our self • Test 252, IBM WebSphere Application Server, ND,
June 11-15, 2007 V6.0, Core Admin
study preparation tutorials. These
IBM Tivoli Technical User Conference
Rome, Italy tutorial series have been designed to • Test 253, IBM WebSphere Application Server, ND,
Enabling Hero’s. Boost your career provide you with a solid base for each V6.1, Core Admin
through convenient certification testing! The candidate is expected to be performing at an
section of our exams. A new series
Demonstrate your sales and technical
expertise by certifying your skills! The of 9 tutorials has just been released intermediate level and have both practical experience and
Certification Test Lab will be conveniently to help you prepare for the New IBM in-depth product knowledge. Recommended training
open during the conference. All testing will resources are also available to assist in preparing for the
be available on a first-come, first-serve DB2 9 Application Development
basis. Exam 733! Browse all our titles and required exams on the Web page for the IBM Certified
take advantage of these valuable Administrator for SOA Solutions – WebSphere
June 18-22, 2007 Process Server V6.0.
IBM System i Spring Technical preparation tutorials.
Scottsdale, AZ
Attend the upcoming IBM System i Spring
Technical Conference. IBM’s top technical
experts will provide you with the latest
V5R4 information on the System i5. STG
Certification exams will be offered at the
special event rate of USD $95 USD per
exam and SWG Certification exams will be
offered at the special event rate of USD
$75 per exam. These exam prices offer
We can get you there.
attendees a significant discount over the
external testing center price.
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2Q 2007


Certification or Mastery Test

continued from page 6 New Certification Line-up
July 16-20, 2007
New IBM DB2 9 STG Mastery Tests
IBM System x & BladeCenter
Technical Conference
Professional Certifications CATE – System Storage
Las Vegas, NV Validate your skills and demonstrate
Would you like to have an opportunity your IBM DB2 9 proficiency with New WebSphere Certs
to get hands-on experience with the Information Management Professional
newest IBM System x and BladeCenter Certification Calendar
servers? Come Learn. Come Certify. The Certification.
Certification Test Lab will be conveniently New SOA Certifications
open during the conference. All testing will IBM Certified Database Administrator - DB2 9 for z/OS
be available on a first-come, first-served Do you have significant experience as a DBA with extensive DB2 9 Professional Cert
basis. No pre-registration is required.
knowledge of the DB2 9 and the new features and functionality
August 20-24, 2007 related to Version 9? If so, then this new certification is for you!
IBM System Storage and Storage
Networking Symposium The IBM Certified Database Administrator is the lead database administrator (DBA) for the DB2 9
Las Vegas, NV
Get the information and expert advice product on the z/OS operating system. They are capable of performing the intermediate to advanced
you need to better understand and tasks specific to the z/OS operating system, such as:
apply advanced storage networking • database design and implementation
technologies and storage management
solutions. While at the conference be sure • operation and recovery
to stop by the certification lab and certify • security and auditing
Buy the IBM DB2 9
your skills. All hardware certification New Features Book & Save 50%
• performance, installation, and migration/
exams will be offered at a discounted rate. off select DB2 9 Exams!
August 27-30, 2007 For a limited time, when you purchase the
IBM System p, AIX and Linux The certification requires successful completion newly released IBM DB2 9 New Features
Technical University of two exams: book (ISBN: 0072264594), you can receive
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A premiere education event for New Test 732 + (Test 730 or Test 700) a Professional Certification Voucher good for
System p. Learn about the newest • DB2 Fundamentals is a base requirement. 50% off the list price of Test 730: IBM DB2
POWER processor technology and
You must have either Test 700: DB2 V8.1 9 Fundamentals Exam, or Test 731: IBM
advances with AIX 5L and Linux. Choose
from over 100 sessions covering the Family Fundamentals or Test 730: DB2 9 DB2 9 DBA for Linux, UNIX and Windows
newest features and functions and get Family Fundamentals. Exam. Click here, for more information or
hands-on experience in lab sessions.
Put that training to good use and take
• In addition you need the new Test 732: to register for this offer.
advantage of this opportunity to get IBM DB2 9 Database Administration
certified. for z/OS exam

IBM IT Education Services delivers

The newly developed Test 732 includes a total of 73 questions, and candidates have up to 90 minutes to
more than 30 technical conferences complete the exam. For more information, including preparation resources & exam objectives, click here.
worldwide each year. Certification continued on page 8
testing is frequently offered at these
conferences. For a complete list and
detailed information, click here.

We can get you there.
2Q 2007


Certification or Mastery Test

continued from page 7
Your Professional New Certification Line-up
IBM Certified Application Developer – DB2 9
Certification Team Are you an intermediate or advanced level application developer who STG Mastery Tests
specializes in creating applications that run on the DB2 platforms? CATE – System Storage
Laura Calley
Program Manager, System i Certification Then take a look at this new certification! New WebSphere Certs
Chuck Cooper This Application Developer is skilled in all common programming Certification Calendar
Program Director, IBM Professional Certification
tasks and creates DB2 applications on any of the DB2 platforms: New SOA Certifications
Dawn Douglas Linux, UNIX (including AIX, HP-UX, and Sun Solaris), Windows,
Certification Database Administrator
z/OS, s/390, and iSeries. DB2 9 Professional Cert
Susan Dykman
Program Manager, DB2 Certification
The certification requires successful completion of two exams:
Susan Farago New Test 733 + (Test 730 or Test 700)
Program Manager, Tivoli Certification
• DB2 Fundamentals is a base requirement. You must have either Test 700: DB2 V8.1 Family
John Gifaldi Fundamentals or Test 730: DB2 9 Family Fundamentals.
Program Manager, On Demand Business Certification
• In addition you need the new Test 733: IBM DB2 9 Application Developer Exam
Becky Gonzalez
Program Manager, IBM Professional Certification Test 733 was recently published and consists of 70 questions covering the following topics:
Don Heller
1. Database objects and
Program Manager, System p & System z Certification

Alan Hutchinson
Programming Methods 16% Take the first step toward
Program Manager, Retail Certification
2. Data Manipulation 26% professional certification and
3. XML Data Manipulation 10%
Nayna Malaviya
4. Embedded SQL Programming 4%
check-out your knowledge!
Program Manager, Rational Certification
5. ODBC/CLI Programming 4% Prepare for exam day with on-line
Pam McCall assessment exams. These exams help
Certification Fulfillment Coordinator 6. .NET Programming 7%
7. Java Programming 7% identify areas in need of focused study
Kathy Powers and allow you to evaluate your readiness
Program Manager, TotalStorage Certification 8. Advanced Programming 14%
9. User Defined Routines 12% to sit for the IBM professional certification
Ava Rodriguez exam. These Internet-based assessments
Program Manager, IBM Professional Certification
For more information including on-line assessment are offered for nominal fee of $10 USD.
Harvey Segal exams, complimentary preparation tutorials, exam Click here to take a test or to get further
Program Manager, I-SA Certification
objectives and testing sites, visit: information.
Dick Stern software/data/education/db29cert.html
Program Director, Global PW and Manger,
PW Skills, Sales, & Technical Enablement

Peggy Strong, Ph.D

Program Manager, System x Certification

Helene Untch
Program Manager, WebSphere, SOA, & XLM Certification

Robert Whittington
Program Manager, Lotus Certification

We can get you there.