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Posted: Sep 16, 2008 12:57 PM in response to: dudekula


Hi, S_ALR_87012272 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant S_ALR_87012273 check these TC's for standard SAP cash flow statement. Regards, Satish Muvva. Re: Cash flow statement configuration
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Hi, Cash Flow configurations need to be done as follows: I. Determine which GL accounts you need to pull in Cash flow- Configurations required for all these accounts at step 2, 3 and 5 below. II. Determine Structure : ie, grouping and headings etc of the Cash Flow - Configurations required defined in step 1 and 4 below. Details of configuration : 1. Define Cash Flow groupings and Headers in t-code OT 18 2. Define Selection for groupings in t-code OT17. For each grouping Keep one entry with Type as E and Selection as ++, Sum Term ++. This will pull all sub accounts defined. Also define each account by using type G and account number in Selection and Sum Term as Name of GL account/ Bank name. 3. All accounts that you defined at 2 in OT17 also need to be defined at T-code OT16 company code wise. 4. Other config required : Please refer building blocks documentation. - Define Source Symbols, Define planning levels, Define Planning groups. Most of this will have been configured if you have used building blocks, but please check the same to configure as per your requirements. SPRO path -> Financial Supply Chain Management->Cash and Liqudity Management->Cash Management-> Basic Settings--5. Most important config, is that for all accounts you plan to pull on your Cash Flow, the fields for Cash management have to be made available for GL account master. i.e. while defining account groups for Gl in SPRO, the field status for group 'Bank / financial details' all fields, should be 'Opt entry'. If this is accidently suppress or display only, you will not be able to pull the account number in Cash flow statement. Once this field is available for input, in Gl master data on T-code FS00-> create/ bank /interest tab-> bank/ financial details in company code tab..planning level that you configured in step 4 above, needs to be entered. Also Relevant to cash flow needs to be checked.

Thanks. I think the IMG path is different in earlier versions. Hope this information helps. Uma .All the T-codes mentioned as well as spro path is relevant to SAP ECC6. but you should get that in the relevant building blocks document.0 ver.

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