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Name: __________________________________________ Date: ________________ Score: ______________

Test I. Matching Type (15pts)

Direction: From the set of answers below, write the corresponding letter with the
correct answers to the description below.

A. Microsoft Office B. Microsoft Outlook C. OneNote D. Tab E. Ribbon

F. Spell Check G. Title bar H. Ctrl + X I. Ctrl + Y J. Ctrl + L
K. Clipboard L. Alignment M. WYSIWYG N. WYSIHYG O. Font
P. Office Remote Q. Paste R. Undo S. Groups T. Zoom Control
U. Text-level V. Skype W. Bill Gates X. Steve Jobs

________1. Used as email application, considered as a personal information

manager, coordinating your calendars, contacts, and browsing
________2. Appear across the top of the Ribbon and contain groups of related
________3. The main set of commands and controls organized task in Tabs and
________4. Used for magnifying and shrinking of the active document.
________5. The person who first announce the Microsoft Office.
________6. They organize related commands; each group names below the
group on the Ribbon.
________7. Shortcut Key for Cut.
________8. It ensures that everything displayed on screen appears the same
way printed or moved to another format or program ( what-you-see-
is-what-you- get).
________9. A bar that displays the name of the active document.
________10.Type of design for text and typically incorporates the design into
each letter.
________11. Features such as bold, underline, italic and strike-through.
________12. A note taking program that gathers handwritten or typed notes,
drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries.
________13. Acts as a type of storage area when a piece of text is temporarily
removed and stored for later use.
________14. A command that takes any previously copied or cut text and lays it
down within the document where the cursor is pointing.
________15. A command that allows the user to go back one step and restore
the document as it was before their lasts editing command.

Test II. True or False (15pts)

Direction: Write True if the statement is correct and False if the statement is

________16. Integrated Software Application is a collection of software used

designed to work similar programs.
________17. Microsoft word is an example of a presentation package.
________18. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are Google Drive Suite components.
________19. Microsoft Office is a family of client software, server software , and
services developed by Microsoft.
________20. August 1, 1978 was the year Microsoft Office was announced.
________21. Microsoft Access is a database management system for Windows.
________22. Microsoft Word was originally developed by Charles Simonyi and
Richard Brodie.
________23. Microsoft Word was first release in 1993.
________24. Open Office and Libre Office are completely free for users.
________25. Spell Check features such as indentation, paragraphing and
________26. Ruler is used to set the alignment and margins of the elements in
the documents.
________27. Status Bar is the white space where you can type or attached all
the data you need in the document.
________28. Bullets /Numbering creates a list of text items, add a small graphic
icon or series of numbers before each item.
________29. Header is the text that consistently appears on every page of a
document at the bottom of each page.
________30. Microsoft Word is sometimes called as Winword.
Test II. Enumeration (15pts)

A. 31. – 35. Give at least 5 parts of the Microsoft Word.

B. 36 . – 40. Give at least 6 Microsoft Office Desktop Applications.
C. 41. – 45. Give at least 5 shortcut keys and their function in MS Word.

Test III. Essay (5pts)

A. 46. – 50. What is the importance of Microsoft Word to you as a student?

Test IV. Practical Exam (25pts)

Directions: Execute the illustration below in MS Word.

51. – 75.
All Correct Tools used: 10points
Completed details: 10points
Design and Creativity: 5points