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PPCRV to look

‘Vos estis’ and


into poll glitches

POPE Francis’ recently
promulgated policy on
sexual abuse allegations
made against bishops, Vos
estis lux mundi, offers a
new and much expanded
interpretation of what
By Roy Lagarde constitutes a canonical
sexual crime by a cleric.
That interpretation
A church-backed has raised real questions
poll watchdog has about how the law is to be
requested data from the applied, at the Vatican and
in diocesan chanceries.
transparency server
The new policy
of the Commission recognizes as explicitly
on Elections amid criminal the abuse of
glitches. authority in coercive
sexual relationships, a
The Parish Pastoral
move called for often in
Council for Responsible
the wake of the Theodore
Voting (PPCRV) said
McCarrick scandal. It also
the situation calls for
offers a new definition
transparency to erase doubts
for “vulnerable” adults, a
among the people.
legal category of persons
Myla Villanueva, PPCRV
who could be subject to
chairperson, said the data
criminally coercive abuse.
would help them determine
The universal law of the
if the data will match with
Church previously defined
results from the central
a “vulnerable adult” as one
who “habitually lacks the
“For me as a tech person,
Volunteers at the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) command center in Manila continue the manual encoding of the printed election results May 15. use of reason.”
what is important is to
The church-based poll watchdog has managed to mobilize around 300,000 volunteers for the May 13 midterm elections. The new definition
see why it happened in
classifies a “vulnerable
the first place. Second, Logs raised public concern and information. justice arm, the Comelec adult” as “any person in a
the data from the central The PPCRV would also fuelled speculation that As of 2pm May 15, the must suspend the state of infirmity, physical
and transparency server like to see the logs of there might be tampering transparency server shows proclamation of senators or mental deficiency, or
should match,” Villanueva transparency server which of votes. that 84,633 out of 85,769 until allegations of election deprivation of personal
said. stopped sending election The PPCRV also clustered precincts have fraud is cleared. liberty which, in fact, even
But she said they would results for several hours on asked the poll body been counted. Caritas Philippines occasionally, limits their
wait for the right time Monday night. to allow stakeholders The PPCRV, meanwhile, particularly demanded ability to understand or to
“because that is post- “We will insist on the and independent has received around 10 for an independent and want or otherwise resist
forensic”. logs,” Villanueva said. groups to document any percent of physical election impartial investigation into the offense.”
“It is a way of auditing,” “This has never happened troubleshooting of the returns, mostly from the the allegations. That definition could
Villanueva said. “We before, that’s why I want to transparency server. cities in Metro Manila. “We are calling to suspend seem to cover a very broad
do not want to disrupt see the logs in order that we Villanueva said they would the proclamation of winning swath of situations, which
the transparency server can avoid it ever happening share their recording with Suspend proclamation senatorial candidates until would be quite distinct
because it is still receiving again,” she added. the IT community for them of senators the allegation of fraud is from each other. Some
data.” The delay in transmission to further scrutinize the For the Church’s social Glitches / A6 Vatican and diocesan
officials have told CNA

Bishops to poll winners: Live up Bishop hits attempts to

they are concerned that
the potentially broad
applicability of the new

to people’s expectations suppress press freedom definition could cause

unjust expectations, and
uncertainty about how
A CATHOLIC bishop has tribute to journalists who to proceed in individual
joined calls for greater press were persecuted and killed cases.
freedom in the country and for doing their jobs. Specifically, some worry
deplored actions to suppress “Justice for those who were that Vos estis could foster
it. jailed and killed but continue a sense that nearly any
Bishop Gerardo Alminaza to inspire and their witnesses sexual act committed by
of San Carlos said the shines forth amidst the a priest is expected be
Church promotes freedom darkness,” Alminaza said. treated on a par with the
of the press as he stressed The bishop added that sexual abuse of minors,
the importance of truth in he is also praying for the and lead to his removal
journalism. “conversion” of those “who permanent removal from
“Promoting the truth is allowed themselves to be ministry.
promoting life. We join used to spread lies, sow In a Church committed
the call of respecting press fear and terror, abuse our to zero-tolerance for
freedom, respecting the freedom of expression, sexual abuse, the new
truth and respecting human divide rather than unite for definition for “vulnerable
life,” Alminaza said in a the common good”. adult” could make clergy
statement to mark World For its part, the National discipline a decidedly more
Press Freedom Day. Union of Journalists of the complicated undertaking.
The prelate also thanked Philippines (NUJP) has It seems clear, for
the journalists who continue called for courage as press example, that a priest
to fight for the truth “amidst freedom is currently “under who has had a sexual
the darkness”. siege”. relationship with a
He particularly paid Suppress / A6
traumatized victim of
abuse who comes to him
Voters look for their names on a list outside a polling precincts in Manila on May 13, 2019. CBCP NEWS Bishop on rampant vote buying: for spiritual direction has
committed a most grave
CATHOLIC bishops
urged the winners of this
elected them,” he said.
Allies of President
not hide his frustration over
the results of the senatorial
‘Disheartening’ offense, and should face
the fullest measure of
year’s midterm elections, Rodrigo Duterte are on their race. justice - civil and canonical.
especially the country’s way to dominate the Senate The Catholic Bishops’ But can the same be said
new senators, to live up race, partial results from Conference of the for a newly ordained priest
to the expectations of the the May 14 polls showed. Philippines (CBCP) had who, while still coming
electorate. The prelate said this earlier appealed to voters into maturity, kisses a
Bishop Ruperto Santos of only showed that many to preserve checks and parishioner with whom
Balanga hopes that elected people still place their trust balances in the government. he is friends in a moment
officials will “truly” work for and future to the Duterte The bishops warned that of indiscretion, after they
the service of the people, administration. in the country today, such both have a few drinks, and
not for certain person or “Our people has spoken. system in governance are then immediately puts a
political party. It is their will, and we have being “undermined”. stop to things?
“It is our prayer and hope to respect it,” Bishop Santos So far, they said, the Both are serious offenses
that they will not fail us, nor said. Senate is the government that impact the good of
fail us again,” said Santos, “We appeal that we all institution that is holding souls and the public good.
who chairs the bishops’ work together for peace and out “as our country is A voter is helped by an election worker as he casts his vote during mid-term polls In both situations, the
in Manila on May 13, 2019. CBCP NEWS
Commission on Migrants prosperity of our country, inching out towards total other party was impaired
and Itinerant People. for better and improved control”. A CATHOLIC bishop Bishop Gerardo Alminaza in some way, and could
“Given a fresh mandate, lives of our people,” he For Bishop Bastes, has expressed displeasure of San Carlos noted that seem to meet the definition
let us pray they will live up added. the outcome was simply over the rampant and open while the elections were of vulnerability. Both
to our expectations, and we Bishop Arturo Bastes of “very disappointing”. buying of votes during this generally peaceful, vote- Analysis / A6
will not be sorry we have Sorsogon, however, could (CBCPNews) year’s midterm elections. Rampant / A6
A2 WORLD NEWS May 13 - 26, 2019, Vol 23, No. 10 CBCP Monitor

Vatican Briefing EWTN to launch African news agency

Pope invites young people to pledge to build a new economy
Pope Francis has invited young economists and entrepreneurs
around the world to help create a “new and courageous culture”
that finds new ways to do business, promote human dignity
and protect the environment. “We need to correct models of
growth incapable of guaranteeing respect for the environment,
openness to life, concern for the family, social equality, the
dignity of workers and the rights of future generations,” the
pope said in a letter inviting young people to take part in a new
initiative. The initiative, to be launched at an event in Assisi
March 26-28, 2020, invites young men and women studying or
working in the field of economics or business to join the pope
and “enter into a ‘covenant’ to change today’s economy and to
give a soul to the economy of tomorrow.” (Carol Glatz/CNS)

Be merciful ministers of Christ, pope tells new priests

The priesthood is not a “cultural association or a union,” but
a ministry of mercy anchored on Christ’s mission to bring hope
to the downtrodden and comfort to those who suffer, Pope
Francis told new priests. “The Lord wished to save us freely.
It was he who told us, ‘Give freely what you have received Fr. Don Bosco Onyalla, editor of ACI-Africa, stands with the image of Mother Mary Angelica, foundress of EWTN. FILE PHOTO/CNA
freely.’ The celebration of the Eucharist is the culmination of
ROME, Italy— EWTN Global Catholic Diocese of Rumbek in South Sudan. based news organization, which
the Lord’s gratuitousness. Please, do not dirty it with petty
Network announced Friday that it will Onyalla is a journalist who serves the Portuguese-speaking
interests,” he said. Celebrating Mass May 12 in St. Peter’s
launch a news service for the African established and previously oversaw world; and ACI Stampa, the Italian-
Basilica, Pope Francis ordained 19 new priests: 11 who studied
continent. the Catholic News Agency For Africa language news organization based in
at three different diocesan seminaries in the city and eight
ACI-Africa will be a Nairobi, (CANAA), a project of the African Rome. ACI Group is part of the larger
from the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, an association of
Kenya-based Catholic news agency, bishops conference. Onyalla’s work EWTN News, Inc. division, which also
diocesan clergy associated with Opus Dei. (Junno Arocho
publishing content in English, French has included producing websites, includes Denver-based Catholic News
and Portuguese. newsletters and social media updates Agency (CNA), the German language
EWTN Chairman and Chief for the bishops, as well as working news service, CNA Deutsch, and
Hope and mercy needed to combat indifference, Executive Officer Michael P. Warsaw with diocesan, national and regional several other Catholic news outlets.
pope tells foundation formally introduced the project episcopal communication directors “We were honored to welcome
In a world marked by violence, conflict as well as material during a May 10 event at EWTN’s throughout Africa. He speaks English, Vatican officials, journalists, and
and spiritual poverty, men and women need the Gospel Vatican bureau. The news agency will French, and Swahili, as well as the distinguished guests to our event
message of hope, Pope Francis told members of the U.S.- officially begin operations on August local languages of Luhya and Dinka. announcing the birth of ACI-Africa,”
based Papal Foundation. Speaking to foundation members 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption, “I look forward to interacting with said Alejandro Bermudez, Executive
May 10, the pope thanked them for their contributions the same date on which EWTN fellow Catholic journalists under the Director of the ACI Group.
and work that “helps to bring the Gospel message of hope Founder Mother Angelica launched EWTN umbrella, to facilitating the “This new agency aimed at covering
and mercy to all who benefit from your commitment and EWTN in 1981. telling of Africa’s story by Africans, all Africa for Africa and the world is
generosity.” “For this I thank you, and I pray that you “The Church in Africa is vibrant and and to the challenges involved in an expression of the growing role
will be renewed in your purpose to help build the church continues to see exponential growth. setting up a news agency in the vast African Catholicism is having in the
in unity and advance her charitable outreach to the least My hope is that this new service from and multi-cultural context that is universal Church. This is a significant
of our brothers and sisters,” he said. (Junno Arocho EWTN will help continue to build up Africa,” Onyalla said. step forward for the ACI Group as well
Esteves/CNS) the African Church and also ensure ACI-Africa will be a part of the as for the larger EWTN News family.”
that the voice of the African Church is ACI Group which was acquired by The launch of ACI-Africa is the
heard more clearly around the world EWTN in 2014 and includes ACI latest development in EWTN’s
Pope: Without Holy Spirit, dioceses can become worldly busi- with content that is shared through Prensa, the world’s largest Spanish- efforts to continue to expand its news
nesses EWTN’s other news platforms.” language Catholic news organization presence in the global Catholic digital
A diocese that cares more about being an organized ACI-Africa will be headed by Father with headquarters in Lima, Peru; ACI and multimedia marketplace, EWTN
workplace rather than announcing the good news can fall Don Bosco Onyalla, a priest of the Digital, the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- representative said. (CNA)
prey to clericalism and distance itself from Christ, Pope
Francis said. In creating a “functionalist diocese,” the pope
said, local churches are in danger of transmitting a “new
Faith leaders call for an end to solitary confinement
ideological colonization that seeks to convince others that ALBANY, N.Y.— New T’ruah the Rabbinic Call confinement to 15 days or CNA.
the Gospel is wisdom and doctrine but not an announcement, York’s faith leaders for Human Rights, and less. The United Nations “It’s not necessary in
not a kerygma.” Pope Francis addressed over 1,000 diocesan gathered in protest of New York State Council of Special Rapporteur on modern society and modern
leaders, both clergy and laity, May 9 at the Basilica of St. solitary confinement this Churches - a coalition of Torture has denounced prison systems to take this
John Lateran, the cathedral of the Diocese of Rome. (Junno week, pushing for a bill that numerous denominations. solitary confinement that action. We are asking the
Arocho Esteves/CNS) seeks more humane ways to The New York State exceeds more than 15 days state to look at its historic
treat prisoners. Catholic Conference was as a form of torture. overuse of this policy and to
“We believe solitary not present at the event, but On any given day, present these prisoner with
Never lose hope for a better future, pope tells Gypsy communities confinement is a form of it expressed strong support there are an estimated more humane conditions,”
Members of Italy’s Gypsy communities must look to torture, and it has been vastly for the HALT bill, which 3,000 inmates in solitary he said.
God to hold on to the hope of a future where they are no overused historically in New has not yet been debated on confinement in New York’s Poust drew attention to
longer discriminated against or segregated, Pope Francis York State. Even with some the Senate or House floor. state prisons. Prisoners in the care of the imprisoned
said. Speaking to 500 members of the Roma, Sinti and recent reforms, not enough The conference issued a solitary confinement are prescribed by the Old and
Gypsy communities during a May 9 prayer service in the has been done,” Dennis memorandum in support isolated in 6-by-10 foot New Testaments. He said
Clementine Hall of the Vatican Apostolic Palace, the pope Poust, communications of the act in January. cells for 23 hours at a time. it is the responsibility
said he was moved by the testimonies of mothers who director for the New York The bill seeks to “limit the After a 2016 settlement of Christians to express
continue to hold on to the hope they see in their children’s State Catholic Conference, time an inmate can spend in a lawsuit challenging solidarity with incarcerated
eyes. “Hope can disappoint if it is not true hope. But when told CNA. in segregated confinement, New York’s widespread people.
hope is concrete, as in this case, in the eyes of the children, Thirty-five faith leaders end the segregated use of solitary confinement “Prisoners don’t lose
it never disappoints, it never disappoints! When hope is and 30 others rallied in confinement of vulnerable as a punishment, the state their innate human dignity
concrete, in the true God, it never disappoints,” he said. support of the Humane people, restrict the criteria reformed its prison system to when they are sentenced.
(Junno Arocho Esteves/CNS) Alternatives to Long-Term that can result in such limit the solitary confinement While there are many
(HALT) Confinement Act confinement, improve of pregnant women, youth prisoners who present
in the New York Capitol conditions of confinement, and the disabled. a danger to society and
Pope names relator general, special secretaries for Amazon synod Building in Albany on May and create more humane Solitary confinement can must be incarcerated, the
Pope Francis has chosen Brazil’s Cardinal Claudio Hummes 7. and effective alternatives have serious consequences idea that they should be
to serve as relator general of October’s Synod of Bishops Attendees included to such confinement,” for prisoners’ psychological treated as less than human
on the Amazon. The nomination of the 84-year-old retired representatives from according to the statement. health, leading to an is anathema to what we as
Archbishop of Sao Paulo was announced at the Vatican on May the National Religious If passed, the law increase in depression or a society should be striving
4. The relator is responsible for providing a comprehensive Campaign Against Torture, would restrict solitary even suicide, Poust told for,” he said. (CNA)
outline of the synod’s theme at the beginning of the meeting
and for summarizing the speeches of synod members before
work begins on concrete proposals for the pope. Scheduled After Vatican-China deal, Chinese bishop imprisoned for 23 years is not yet released
for Oct. 6-27, the synod will focus on “Amazonia: New BEIJING, China— The nephew of a trial.” According to Su Tianyou, neither
paths for the church and for an integral ecology.” Cardinal Chinese bishop who was arrested 23 “Before being arrested in 1996, Vatican nor Chinese officials have
Hummes currently serves as president of the Pan-Amazonian years ago has said he does not know Bishop Su Zhimin was held off and indicated whether Su might now be
Ecclesial Network, a Catholic organization founded by Caritas where his uncle is incarcerated, or on for 26 years either in prison or released.
Internationalis that “promotes the rights and dignity of even whether he is still alive. forced labor camps. The Chinese In October 2018, Hong Kong’s
people living in the Amazon.” The pope has also named two “His whereabouts are unknown and government deemed him as Bishop Michael Yeung said that his
special secretaries for the synod: Bishop David Martínez De I don’t even know if he is alive or not. I ‘counterrevolutionary’ because, since diocese continued to pray for Su, and
Aguirre Guinea, the apostolic vicar of Puerto Maldonado, am upset with tears every time I think the 1950s, he has refused to join the hope for his release.
Peru, and Jesuit Fr. Michael Czerny, undersecretary of the of this 87-year-old man. Please pray Patriotic Association,” the Human “Whether he is in prison, or kept
Migrants and Refugee Section of the Vatican Dicastery for for him,” Su Tianyou told UCANews Rights Commission says. secret in some other place, or whether
Promoting Integral Human Development. (Junno Arocho recently. Su reportedly escaped Chinese he has already died, nobody really
Esteves/CNS) His uncle is Bishop James Su detention in 1997, but was rearrested. knows,” Yueng told Reuters.
Zhimin of Baoding, in China’s Hebei “In November 2003, his family The US Commission on
province, southwest of Beijing. discovered him by chance at a hospital International Religious Freedom’s
Respect rights of indigenous people, culture, pope tells mining In 1996, the bishop was arrested in Baoding, surrounded by police latest report, issued April 29, noted
industry during a procession, and charged and public security. He has not been that despite last year’s Vatican-China
A “fallacious” economic model that exploits the earth’s with conducting “unregistered” heard or seen from since, despite deal on the appointment of bishops,
resources while disregarding the rights and cultures of religious activities: Su had refused repeated international inquiries,” “repression of the underground
indigenous people has left the planet in a precarious condition to join the Chinese Catholic Patriotic according to the Human Rights Catholic Church increased during the
and requires a change of heart that places the common Association, the government Commission. latter half of the year.”
good before financial gain, Pope Francis said. Addressing recognized Catholic Church in Su’s nephew, Su Tianyou, told The commission, known as the
participants of a two-day conference at the Vatican May 3, China, and was instead a member UCANews that he met in 2015 with USCIRF, is a bipartisan group that
the pope said that like all economic activities, mining “should of the “underground” Church- Guo Wei, a Chinese official who told advises the President, Congress, and
be at the service of the entire human community,” especially in communion with Rome, and him that the bishop might be released the Secretary of State on international
indigenous people who are often pressured “to abandon appointed a bishop by Pope St. John if there were an improvement in religious freedom issues.
their homelands to make room for mining projects which are Paul II, but unrecognized by the Vatican-China relations. Among the report’s inclusion of
undertaken without regard for the degradation of nature and Chinese government as a bishop. In September 2018, Beijing and commissioners’ “individual views”
culture.” “They are not merely one minority among others, It was not the first time Su was Vatican officials signed a provisional were those of Johnnie Moore, who
but should be the principal dialogue partners, especially when arrested. According to the U.S. House agreement on bishop appointments, called the deal “one of the most
large projects affecting their land are proposed,” he said. of Representatives’ Human Rights that was intended to unify the alarming incidents as it relates to
(Junno Arocho Esteves/CNS) Commission, Su has spent 40 years underground Church and the Chinese religious freedom in the entire year.”
in prison, “without charge, without Catholic Patriotic Association. (CNA)
CBCP Monitor May 13 - 26, 2019, Vol 23, No. 10 NEWS FEATURES A3

Sri Lanka holds first public Pope issues new norms on mandatory
Masses since Easter attacks
abuse reporting, bishop accountability
VATICAN— Pope Francis whether real or simulated,
has revised and clarified and any representation of
norms and procedures for sexual organs of minors for
holding bishops and religious primarily sexual purposes.”
superiors accountable in • Bishops and religious
protecting minors as well superiors will be accountable
as in protecting members not just for protecting minors
of religious orders and against abuse but also for
seminarians from abuse. protecting seminarians,
The new juridical novices and members
instrument is meant to help of religious orders from
bishops and religious leaders violence and sexual abuse
around the world clearly stemming from an abuse of
understand their duties and power. The norms apply to
church law, underlining reports of “delicts against
how they are ultimately the sixth commandment”
responsible for proper regarding clerics or
Sri Lankan Catholics visit the St. Sebastian’s Church after it was partially opened for
the first time since the East Sunday attacks. COURTESY OF ST. SEBASTIAN CHURCH governance and protecting members of religious orders
those entrusted to their and “forcing someone, by
care. For this reason, the violence or threat or through
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka—The Whatsapp, and Youtube
new document establishes abuse of authority, to
Sri Lankan Catholic Church among those sites blocked,
a clearer set of universal perform or submit to sexual
on May 12 held its first public according to CNN.
procedures for reporting acts.”
Sunday Masses since suicide Other safety precautions
suspected abuse, carrying • Those who report abuse
bombers claimed more undertaken by the
out initial investigations cannot be subjected to
than 250 lives and injured government include
and protecting victims and pressure, retaliation and
hundreds of others on Easter. enforcement of curfews
whistleblowers. discrimination or told to keep
Attendees at the Masses and banning face veils. The
The new document, given silent. The seal of confession,
saw heightened safety government has also sought
“motu proprio,” on the pope’s however, remains inviolable
precautions, including full- to suppress the jiihadist
own initiative, was titled and is not affected by the
body searches, ID checks, group National Thowheeth
“Vos estis lux mundi” (“You new norms.
and street patrols by military Jama’ath, whom the police
are the light of the world”), • Procedures for carrying
and police forces, according say was responsible for the
based on a verse from the out the preliminary
to The Guardian. At the attacks. ISIS leaders have
Gospel of St. Matthew (5:14). The dome of St. Peter’s Basilica is seen at the Vatican Oct. 9, 2017. Pope Francis has investigation include
churches’ gates, volunteers also claimed responsibility revised and clarified norms and procedures for holding bishops and religious superiors
“The crimes of sexual the bishop immediately
kept an eye out for suspicious for the bombings, saying the accountable in protecting minors as well as in protecting members of religious orders
abuse offend Our Lord, and seminarians from abuse. PAUL HARING/CNS requesting from the Vatican
people. local jihadists had pledged
cause physical, psychological that he or a delegate be
Earlier, President loyalty to the Islamic State.
and spiritual damage to now-mandated reporting preliminary investigation. assigned to begin the
Maithripala Sirisena told the According to The Guardian,
the victims and harm the “system” or office in each A status report must be sent preliminary investigation. If
Associated Press that “99%” 56 people have been arrested
community of the faithful,” diocese. to the Holy See every 30 he considers an accusation
of suspects related to the in c onne c t ion w it h t he
the pope said in the How the office or “system” days, and the investigation is unfounded, the papal
bombings have been arrested attacks, 13 safe-houses have
document, released by the works will be up to each completed with 90 days nuncio is informed. The
and explosive material has been discovered, and 41 bank
Vatican May 9. The norms diocese, but “the idea is that with some exceptions. Vatican will have 30 days to
been seized. accounts belonging to the
go into effect June 1. anyone who has suffered Vatican offices are also held respond to the request and
Church leaders are bombers have been found.
In order to stop all abuse can have recourse to specific timeframes and the bishop sends a status
considering reopening However, police officials have
forms of abuse from ever to the local church, while prompt action. report to the Vatican every
Catholic schools on Tuesday, continued to caution people
happening again, not only is being assured they will be • By June 2020, every 30 days.
the AP reported. about potential threats.
“a continuous and profound well received, protected from diocese in the world must • When the investigation is
As a security measure, Since the attacks, Catholic
conversion of hearts” retaliation, and that their create an office or “public, complete, the bishop sends
all public Masses had been charity groups have provided
necessary, there must be reports will be treated with stable and easily accessible the results to the proper
cancelled for the two weeks aid to the victims and their
“concrete and effective the utmost seriousness,” systems” for reporting Vatican office, which then
following attacks by eight families. UCA News reported
actions that involve everyone Andrea Tornielli, editorial suspected abuse against a follows existing canon law.
suicide bombers on two Catholic that Caritas Sethsarana
in the church,” he wrote. director of the Dicastery minor or vulnerable person, • The continued obligation
churches, a protestant church, has been funding medical
Cardinal Marc Ouellet, for Communication, told failure of compliance of to respect civil laws regarding
three hotels, a residence, and a services, transportation
prefect of the Congregation Vatican News. abuse guidelines by bishops mandatory reporting.
zoo on April 21. assistance, legal support,
for Bishops, said the new The new norms now or superiors, and cases of • Those who reported
On the Sunday following and home repair.
norms ascribe a new role stipulate: interference or cover-ups suspected abuse or cover-up
the attacks, a televised “We have identified those
to heads of dioceses by • Procedures for the in either a civil or canonical will be told of the outcome
Mass was held at the who have been heavily
making them responsible for investigation of bishops, investigation of suspected of the investigation if they
private residential chapel of traumatized, and counseling
alerting the proper Vatican cardinals, patriarchs, abuse. request to be informed.
Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, by professionals is underway,”
authorities of all forms of religious superiors and • All priests and religious • A fund can be set up by
the archbishop of Colombo. said Father Claude Nonis, an
suspected abuse, including all those who lead—even that become aware of abuse bishops’ conferences, synods
A private ordination organizer for these church-
the possession, distribution temporarily—a diocese or or its cover-up must alert and church provinces to cover
Mass quietly went ahead run operations.
or creation of pornography particular church, including their bishop or religious the costs of investigations.
as planned April 30 in the “I was inspired by what
involving a minor. personal prelatures and superior promptly. The document is a follow-
village of Thannamunai, with I saw Caritas doing,” a
He told Vatican News May personal ordinariates. • A minor is anyone under up to Pope Francis’ 2016
attendance lower than had policeman at one of the
9 that the norms respond • Leaders will be held the age of 18 and a vulnerable document, “As a Loving
originally been anticipated. hospitals told UCA News.
to Pope Francis’ continued accountable not only person is “any person in a Mother,” on transparency
On Monday, several “They were right there with
insistence for concrete with suspected cases state of infirmity, physical and accountability of
social media platforms were the families, helping them to
and effective measures to of committing abuse or mental deficiency, or bishops and religious
banned indefinitely by the identify the bodies, and they
ensure bishops and religious themselves, but also deprivation of personal superiors.
government amid concerns stayed with them until all the
superiors have a very clear accusations of having liberty which, in fact, even The two documents
surrounding hateful speech necessary arrangements had
understanding of what their interfered with, covered up occasionally, limits their together are meant to
and fake news. Facebook, been made.” (CNA)
obligations are and what or failed to address abuse ability to understand or to correct what had been a
they should and should accusations they were aware want to otherwise resist the lack of or unclear procedures
Not ruling on apparitions, pope not do when it comes to of. offense.” for investigating the way
safeguarding. • When the accused • The definition of a bishop complies with
allows pilgrimages to Medjugorje It also requires all priests individual is a bishop, the child pornography as already established norms
and religious to report metropolitan will receive a any representation of a against abuse and clearly
suspected abuse or cover- mandate from the Holy See minor, regardless of the expressing the consequences
ups and encourages any lay to investigate or delegate media used, “involved in of noncompliance or cover-
person to report through a a person in charge of the explicit sexual activities, ups. (CNS)

Online missionaries reach out to youth

MANILA— Lay Catholic missionaries in photography, film and art to reach out in sharing church teachings.
the Philippines are using the internet as to the youth. “They are more skilled than more
a tool for what they fondly describe as “It all began at the onset of social media mature generations in the use of digital
“online evangelism.” in the Philippines,” said Monsignor platforms,” said the priest. “They know
The Youth Pinoy group uses social Pedro Quitorio, head of the media office very well its dynamics, language and
media as a “conduit to reintroduce of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of trends.”
Christ and create spiritual exchange the Philippines and spiritual adviser to Being lay people, the young Catholics
online.” Youth Pinoy. can package the message of the Gospel
Michael Laxina described the group as Msgr. Quitorio said he formed the in a more relevant and catchy form, said
a community of lay missionaries whose group in 2009 when he was trying to Father Bellen.
A statue of Mary is seen outside St. James Church in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, vocation is to use social media for “new understand online publishing. “I read an Father Jeffrey Segovia of Lingayen-
in this Feb. 27, 2011, file photo. Pope Francis has decided to allow parishes and evangelization.” article that said if you want to address Dagupan Archdiocese said the Church’s
dioceses to organize official pilgrimages to Medjugorje; no decision has been made
on the authenticity of the apparitions. PAUL HARING/CNS They publish stories from members youth, then you must go to social presence in cyberspace is “an important
and other Catholic youth organizations media,’” he said. step to bring the youth from purely
VATICAN— Parishes and the Vatican press office, on social media platforms Facebook After consulting members of the media online to the physical church.”
dioceses are now allowed to confirmed the change, but and Twitter. office on how to engage youngsters He said social media pages like Youth
organize official pilgrimages said care must be taken “We do this to remind the youth that in cyberspace, Msgr. Quitorio led Pinoy’s have the “power to persuade
to Medjugorje, Bosnia- to ensure the pilgrimages Christ is present even in social media,” the formation of a national youth people” to not just rely on what they read
Herzegovina, but it must are not “interpreted as an said Laxina. organization that will perform apostolate online but attend Masses, youth events
be clear that the Catholic authentication of well-known The group’s Facebook account has online. and church activities.
Church has not recognized as events, which still require more than 107,000 followers who get Youth Pinoy was launched at the Father Segovia, however, said
authentic the alleged Marian examination by the church.” news and information about events, University of Santo Tomas when evangelization through social media
apparitions there. Therefore, he said, church- memes and statements from church members branded themselves “online is not an alternative to visiting
Polish Archbishop Henryk sponsored pilgrimages must leaders. missionaries of God.” communities and living with the people.
Hoser, the pope’s apostolic “avoid creating confusion or “We care about the youth who consume Since then, the organization has Msgr. Quitorio said church media
visitor to Medjugorje, and ambiguity from the doctrinal every content of our site,” Laxina said, become a community that “echoes groups need to appreciate diversity
Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto, point of view.” adding that they aim to contribute to the the stance of the Catholic Church on and “open ourselves to so many
the nuncio to Bosnia- In 1981, six young people “formation of the young.” religious and political issues.” expressions” to reach out to more
Herzegovina, announced from Medjugorje claimed Unlike other missionaries who go online users.
the pope’s decision to lift the that Mary had appeared to to far-flung places to spread the Good Role of youth in evangelization “As long as we do not go beyond our
ban on official pilgrimages them. Some of the six say News, Youth Pinoy members use their Father Roy Bellen, who serves as vice- parameters in our doctrines and morals,
May 12. Mary still appears to them skills “to bear witness to their Catholic president for operations at church-run we can dominate cyberspace ... that is
Alessandro Gisotti, and gives them messages faith through creative means.” They Veritas 846 radio station, said young new evangelization,” said the priest.
the interim director of Pilgrimages / A7 use their talent in writing, music, people have an important role to play (Mark Saludes/UCAN)
A4 OPINION May 13 - 26, 2019, Vol 23, No. 10 CBCP Monitor


Were those glitches merely technical?

SUSPICIONS surrounding the 2019 midterm elections are
mounting. Although the Commission on Elections (Comelec)
has assessed that this political exercise was quite a success,
there is a growing speculation that it may have been rigged.
For one, people are asking why after the first volley of
data transmissions at election night, the transparency
mirror servers were suddenly halted for about seven hours.
Early morning of the following day the transparency servers
recorded 92.89% of the nationwide elections returns.
But then at about 5:50 AM, GMA News reported that the
ERs posted at the same servers recoiled back to 49.76%.
Reportedly, the tech guys of Comelec blamed the snafu on
“java error”. How on earth could a very serious nationwide
tally be so technically irresponsible and backward in a time
and age when even kids in school know coding and the
facility of the programming language?
After 3 automated elections or 9 years of cuddling the
vote counting machines (VCM), the technical glitches have


worsened. In 2010, only 205 VCMs malfunctioned. This
year, the 4th of automated exercise, 600 VCMs conked out, as
if the billions of pesos budget were not enough to refurbish the
machines that are used only once in every three years. Add
to these woes were about 1,665 secure digital (SD) cards that
did not work and, therefore, had to be replaced during these
elections. In 2016 presidential elections only 120 SD cards
were faulty. SD cards are not simple computer parts that can
be bought openly from third party suppliers, because they can
be preformatted to cause pre-programmed and even erroneous Why an Panaghoy
data memory.
Despite these serious technical glitches, Comelec has
trivialized them saying that they did not destroy the integrity
independent Senate Bp. Broderick Pabillo
of the political exercise. But one malfunctioning VCM that
was not replaced for one reason of the other, could easily have
disenfranchised a good number of voters and, therefore, could
seriously affect the close margins of democratically competing POWER is intoxicating. It is insatiable. or plainly through elimination by killing are courageous and truthful in serving
candidates. The glitches of these technical tools should never Once one has it, one wants to have them, by jailing them or by exile. the country, we have a fair chance of
be dismissed as if they were a small percentage of the total more of it. For this reason, power has Is this not happening in our country preserving democracy in the land. If
number of VCMs. They have major political and credibility to be controlled. This is especially now? The Lower House of Congress is not, then we fall into de facto control of
implications. true of power over people. There is in general subservient to the President the President who is bent on exercising
But how we wish and pray that those glitches were merely then great wisdom that there should who buys them out through favors and power without any control and who is
technical—and not indeed political. be checks and balances for the proper pork barrel allocations. The Supreme very sensitive to criticisms.
exercise of power in governance. In a Court is now under the control of the The bishops of the CBCP had seen
Teaching piety to today’s youth democracy these checks and balances President by ousting the Chief Justice this already back in January. They came
are institutionalized in the different and in the process taming the other out with their pastoral letter on the May
THIS may indeed sound like a pipe dream or an illusion, given branches of the government. Hence, justices. Senator Delima is now two elections entitled: Seek the Common
the way many young people nowadays are, but this simply we have the legislative, the executive years in jail for unproven allegations. Good. It stated: “The year 2019 is not
has to be done. We know that without piety, we would be like and the judiciary which are supposed The Ombudsman and the Comelec just an ordinary election year. The
branches detached from the vine. Death, spiritual more than to be independent of each other and Chairman are appointees of the present midterm election in May 13 is in itself
physical, would just be a matter of time. So, no matter how should check each other. We also have President. The military and the police already crucial. In our country today the
impossible things may look, we just have to do whatever we other institutions which scrutinize the are being wowed by increased salaries checks and balances in the government
can to teach piety to today’s youth. exercise of power, like the press and the and political appointments of retired are being undermined. So far the senate
We doubtless cannot underestimate the complexity of the civil societies, and individual citizens generals in civilian positions; business is the institution in the government that
challenge. Today’s youth, at least a good number of them, are who care for the common good. is being threatened by the controls is holding out as our country is inching
dominated by all sorts of isms and anomalies—materialism, Dictators do not want the checks and of the bureaucracy; press freedom is towards total control. It is very crucial
technologism, agnosticism, atheism, plus pornography, drugs, balances of power because they want threatened by spurious allegations therefore that we elect candidates who
alcoholism, etc. These are some of the demons we have to total control. They do not want to be and false news. Even the church and are principled, courageous, and who
contend with. They certainly are formidable, but let’s remind hampered in their exercise of power. civil societies are fair game for vicious have the common good as their main
ourselves that with God’s grace, nothing is impossible, and if
This is why they tend to control the other jokes and outright threats. In this concern and not their own political
we do things with trust and love for God, everything, including
institutions of governance either by time the Senate is still showing its interests.” In this election then let us
our mistakes, will work out for the good. (cfr. Rom 8,28)
buying them out, or by curtailing their independence. But for how long? This vote for candidates who can assure an
We just have to make sure that we, as elders, lead a genuine
life of piety. That’s simply because we cannot give what we do activities through laws, by breaking their coming election is crucial. If we are able independent senate.
not have, nor teach what we do not know, nor show what we will through coercion and intimidation, to elect independent minded people who Pananaghoy / A6
do not live ourselves. Let’s hope that with our presence alone,
many of today’s youth can feel edified and get inspired and
encouraged to be pious themselves. If we really are pious,
And That’s The Truth
Life after elections
having a vibrant and intimate relationship with God, we cannot
help but also feel the urge to help the others, especially the
Teresa R. Tunay, OCDS
young ones, to know, love and serve God as well as to do the
same to the others. This urge is one clear proof that we have
genuine piety. Otherwise, we have reason to doubt about our
Among the concerns that we have to tackle is the effort to TWO days after the midterm glitches”, because it’s human monumental amount of 10.18 descendants of TRAPOS, too?
adapt things to the way the young ones are nowadays. We have elections, the air still beings, not machines that billion pesos of taxpayers’ Wait a few years—dynasties
to accept and deal with them the way they are, much like what crackles with comments close deals leading to such money was allotted to die hard.
Christ did to bring us to him. We have to learn how to speak and complaints about the unfortunate developments. COMELEC for this year— Lest we forget that life
their language to be able to connect with them, and to present conduct of the democratic And like it or not, they sow voters deserve explanations, goes on outside of our puny
the doctrine of our faith and the practices of piety in the way exercise—mostly revolving doubt and suspicion in the not excuses that insult their political concerns, we turn
they can understand, appreciate and make as their own. around the disconnect mind of voters. intelligence. Those involved our attention to “the world
We should not ignore the very conspicuous fact that many between Comelec’s claim Would you not smell should be transparent and outside”, recall the news and
of the young people today find the doctrine of our faith quite of the “successful and something fishy that the open their documents for read the message behind
abstruse, way above their head. They seem unable to connect peaceful” election and malfunctions and the public scrutiny—or risk events.
and relate. Or their understanding of it is shallow and with a the voters’ contrary delays in the transmission repeating the same rotten At the beginning of this year,
lot of gaps. The same with the many practices of piety which observation regarding the of results, et al, would be mistakes. on January 27, the Our Lady
they often find to be anachronistic to their current lifestyle. 600 malfunctioning vote- explained away by a simple On the upside? Political of Mount Carmel cathedral
Many young people today have the bias that these practices of counting machines (VCM). “Java error”, or “walang dynasties have reportedly in Jolo was bombed, killing
piety are only for some ‘special’ people. Whether our bets won or signal” in the area? Or by been toppled, with former 22 worshippers, as Mass was
Let’s hope and pray that we the elders can have the versatility lost, we will all continue the claim that the SD cards Goliaths downed by emerging being celebrated. Last Easter
and creativity that genuine piety can actually give. We need losing if we dismiss these were “defective” because they Davids. Really? Look again— Sunday, three churches in
to loosen up for this very exciting ‘game’ of teaching piety to irregularities as “normal”, were “not bundled with the four members of the Marcos Sri Lanka were attacked,
the youth. Let’s take advantage of the new technologies and especially since the deals with Smartmatic package?”Maybe clan won in Ilocos Norte; and again killing worshippers
growing amount of literature that can help us adapt ourselves
Smartmatic have long been we can shrug off a dozen the Cayetanos are lording it that numbered to hundreds.
to the young ones.
under question. They are or so malfunctioning VCM over in Taguig. And aren’t the Last May 12, during Mass, an
We may have to organize games, camps, excursions. But give
special attention to winning their friendship and confidence worse than mere “technical as lemons, but not 600! A newly elected leaders mostly And That’s the Truth / A6
and entering into their private individual lives in order to help
them. As true friends, we should give and share with them the
greatest good we can have, and that is to bring them to God and Let’s build Candidly Speaking
to make them see and feel all the goodness and love of God.
a beautiful world Fr. Roy Cimagala

THIS should be our burning desire. for his part, he is most willing to share whether well fed or hungry, whether
And we should put all our strength in that sense of beauty with us who are his living in plenty or in want. I can do
PROTAGONIST OF TRUTH, PROMOTER OF PEACE this direction. To be sure, it is for the image and likeness and children of his. everything through him who gives me
good of all. Yes, we can and should To build a beautiful world, we have strength.” (Phil 4,11-13)
Pedro Quitorio build a beautiful world. But we have to learn to connect the often hidden We need to understand that beauty
Editor-in-Chief to start with our own selves, and then dots between the material and the is a matter of love that comes from
from us, let’s spread the fever around. spiritual, the temporal and the eternal, God and that brings us back to him,
Nirva’ana E. Delacruz Ron Ramos, Sky Ortigas And by starting with our own selves, the mundane and the sacred, the inside transforming us into his image and
Associate Editor Design Artists we mean that we have to make sure our and the outside. We have to learn to find likeness. Beauty is not just mainly
spiritual life is first of all in order. That’s meaning in every situation in our life, physical or mathematical. It’s not simply
Roy Lagarde Mercedita Juanite because failing in this, no matter what be it pleasant or unpleasant, joyful or a matter of proportion, of texture, of
News Editor Circulation Manager
we do outside us, it is not going to be a sorrowful. The big problem we have feelings and the like. It’s a matter of love.
Marcelita Dominguez beautiful world we will be building, no today is precisely our failure to connect It’s not meant to fade and die. It’s meant
Christine Paguirigan
Managing Editor Comptroller matter how we these dots. to last in eternity.
manage to project some signs of As St. Paul would put it, “I have With this love, we would know how
The CBCP Monitor is published fortnightly by the beauty in it. learned to be content whatever the to derive good from evil, how to purify
CBCP - Media Office with editorial and business offices
at 3rd Floor, CBCP Compound, 470 General Luna We have to understand that beauty, circumstances. I know what it is to be what is dirty, how to supernaturalize
Street, Intramuros, Manila. Email Address: cbcpmonitor@ the real beauty that can take on any in need, and I know what it is to have what is simply natural. We would know, Business: (632) 404 - 1612.
ISSN 1908-2940. condition we can find ourselves in this plenty. I have learned the secret of how to deal with our limitations and
world, can only be found in God. And being content in any and every situation, Candidly Speaking / A7
CBCP Monitor May 13 - 26, 2019, Vol 23, No. 10 OPINION A5

Dealing with the aftermath

By the Roadside Collection Box
Fr. Eutiquio ‘Euly’ Belizar, Jr. SThD Fr. Jerome R. Secillano, MPA

“Reports of vote-buying are massive efforts of both “discerning” clergy and guidelines her leaders provide their
throughout the country.” —Gen.
Albayalde, PNP, CNN Philippines, May
“enlightened” Catholic lay leaders
to campaign for the opposition bets
flock. As a strategy or tactic, it seems
to be paying off. That is to say, despite
What elections
13, 2019
“VOTE-BUYING has been an integral
“in order to preserve an independent
senate”, the Filipino electorate massively
its being reminiscent of the Hitlerian
dictum that “a lie repeated many times
mean for change
part of an election in the Philippines. ignored their voices and took the side of becomes truth”. Just as the personal THE election this week is again another crucial test for
Yang pagboto, lahat yan walang di the incumbent leader and chose his attacks against the opposition bets are Filipinos to exercise prudence and wisdom in choosing
nagbibili ng boto dito, maniwala ka anointed candidates. I remember our acknowledged even by pro-government candidates for elective positions. Different lay groups and
(in voting, not one of them does not own diocesan strong and consistent analysts to have negatively impacted movements endorsed candidates who they claimed passed the
buy votes, believe me)....”— President, campaign against vote-buying, myself their campaigns, so must the hierarchy criteria or standards that are most beneficial to the country
Republic of the Philippines, after having taking it up actively in my parish realize how the verbal abuse against the and to the millions of poor Filipinos.
voted, Davao City, Rappler, May 13, assignment and in our newly-reopened Church and the faith has eroded her These groups studied the issues confronting the nation
2019. media outlet. The realities on the ground pastors’ credibility and effectiveness and identified the candidates who they believe can best
Is this among the reasons behind the feel like a heavy slap on our faces, as as agents of social renewal. There must deliver the hopes of the suffering citizenry. But while they are
results? Does this justify the violation of most of our voices now appear to have be a humble acknowdgement of our very persistent in pushing for their advocacy, there may be
the country’s election laws prohibiting effectively fallen on deaf ears. Most of failures but also a renewed commitment millions of voters out there who are simply waiting to have
as illegal vote-buying as defined by art. our voters, who are mostly poor, chose to preach the Good News in the socio- their votes bought and thus basically throw away whatever
181.1 of Section 15 on Election Offenses? to sell their votes rather than heed the political arena “in season and out of noble objectives these groups have.
Or was election vote-buying so massive call of their spirits. season, reproving, entreating, rebuking, In a meeting with top officials of the Philippine National
it was decided by other factors, such 2. The terribly disappointing massive with all patience and doctrine” (2 Tim Police (PNP), it was again pointed out that vote-buying is very
as the high popularity of the president character of vote-buying, not to say the 4:2). rampant and has taken on varying forms and degrees. The
comparable to the so-called “Cory defeat of perceived “more principled 4. The massive vote-buying in most common is for candidates have a barangay or community
magic” of the 90s? and more capable choices” should serve Philippine elections is usually paired leaders identify whose votes to buy, delivering the money
While local elections have varied as a reality check for the Church. It is, with our massive poverty. I have no right on the voter’s doorstep on the eve of the elections or on
results, in the national race for the first of all, a lesson in humility. Not doubt there is much grain of truth to election day itself.
senate, the administration candidates because the ordained are recognized it. But this could also be overstated. The practice is hardly surprising as it is already part
are poised to win all twelve vacant seats, spiritual leaders should they assume The poor are not incapable, first of of Filipino culture come election time. The PNP officials
effectively excluding all opposition to be entitled to receptivity, let alone all, of obeying the law of the land that admitted that law enforcement alone is not enough to stop it
bets. Naturally the chief executive and submissive obedience. We need to re- prohibits vote-buying or vote-selling. and that education and formation of voters may be beneficial
his supporters are ecstatic and take examine our approaches to resolving They certainly are to be persuaded in the long run.
this to be a concrete expression of vote-buying and persuading the voting to bear in mind that being followers The PNP has, therefore, launched a movement called ASIN
the very high popular support to his faithful to make good, moral choices. of Jesus Christ includes obedience (Ang Suhol Iwaksi Natin) and ILAW (Itaguyod ang Legal at
administration and its advocacies. The Rather than appear condescending to to duly constituted human authority. Wastong pangangampanya) in partnership with different
president’s spokesman even attributes the flock for our high moral stand, we “Let every person be subject to the religious sects, which unfortunately did not include the
the administration bets’ victory in the should also take pains to see where they governing authorities. For there is no Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).
senate race to the people believing more are—abject poverty or lack of adequate authority except that from God, and The program is focused on educating the electorate about
the narrative of the president on the education—and how these factor in their those that exist come from him” (Rom the disadvantages of vote-selling and a campaign to have
“matrix” and other issues (EJKs, drug choices. They certainly do not doubt the 13:1). Moreover, although it is true that candidates shun vote-buying. It hopes to form a culture
war, TRAIN law etc.) than those of his sanctity of their votes; but they cannot our people being mostly poor, they of honesty, one that is against political patronage that has
political enemies. likewise deny the urgent grumblings of easily succumb to vote-buying, vote- permeated politics in our country.
1. As a gut sense, it goes without saying their material needs. buying itself is anti-poor. For moneyed The Catholic Church, through the Parish Pastoral Council
that the administration’s “political 3. The now familiar (constant, too) candidates to take advantage of our for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), has been vigorously involved
enemies” could include the Catholic verbal attacks by the president against people’s poverty by giving them cash or for years in voters’ education and formation but still saw the
Church’s hierarchy. The president’s the Catholic Church and its bishops and other goods to get their votes is to mock practice constantly recurring come election time. I believe in
incessant tirades are more than enough priests could very well have conditioned their humanity. The words of Proverbs the power of education to transform mindsets and principles,
proof of this. The overwhelming many Catholics against her and their are in point: “Whoever despises the poor but the poverty of hapless Filipinos is just simply too difficult
victory of the presidential bets despite receptivity to whatever moral-spiritual By the Roadside / A7 to overcome. Grabbing the opportunity to earn something
even just for a day is considered nobler than voting for the
One who did not vote right and best candidates.
intelligently has no right Duc in Altum Part of this education should perhaps focus on ‘’reclaiming’’
God’s presence in public life. The world has been very much
to complain Atty. Aurora A. Santiago secularized. The Philippines is not spared from it. We see
and hear people shun God and disrespect Him in public
discourses. Hitting religion and the Catholic Church have
also become the favorite pastime of some. Worse part is the
AS of press time, all the candidates in the places), PPCRV will also conduct senate at this point in time. applause and seeming support of the public each time the
mid-term elections on May 13, 2019 are unofficial parallel count. It will receive Let us observe due diligence that Church is bashed.
doing their “huling hirit” (last hurrah or transmissions of results through its our vote is counted by the machines. It is not that we should spare the Church from criticisms, but
last minute campaign). Political parties transparency server and compare these Watch out for notorious persons who the attacks are baseless, false, and exaggerated. The motive is
are staging motorcades and holding results with the 4th copy of election are out to thwart the will of the people. obviously to discredit the Church and to reduce her influence
“miting de avance”. By the time you returns which its volunteers nationwide The voice of the people is the voice in society. People are relentlessly fed with wrong information.
read this column, winners might have will secure from the Comelec. of God. We pray that the 2.5 Million Critics repeat these lies at every turn that they now appear to
been proclaimed by the Comelec in the PPCRV campaigns for One Good new voters will go out and vote the be true, hence, seem worthy of people’s belief.
local level like the provincial, city and Vote, to have Clean, Honest, Accurate, right candidates. These new voters are When some churches, therefore, do not allow funeral
municipal, and congressional district Meaningful and Peaceful (CHAMP) the young people who will inherit the Masses on Sundays, it is not because the one requesting is
representatives who would sit in the elections. We, the PPCRV volunteers, government that we elect. They should poor but simply because liturgical laws do not allow it. Not
House of Representatives. hope and pray that all the Filipino be responsible enough to discern too many people know that Sunday liturgy takes precedence
It might, however, take a week voters will vote intelligently the whom to vote, since “we deserve the over other liturgical celebrations, hence, funeral Masses are
to know who would be the winners candidates who are pro-God, pro- government that we get.” usually scheduled on other days of the week. To put it plainly,
in the national level. The chairman country, pro-poor, qualified, and were social status is not the real issue here but the liturgical laws
and members of the Commission never involved in graft and corruption *** that the Church is bound to follow. Unfortunately, some
on Elections sitting en banc, shall and plunder cases. When we vote for Two days before election day, Bishop pea-brained Filipinos chose to believe the spin, thus, making
compose the National Board of senators and representatives, we must Pablo Virgilio “Ambo” David of the the Church look like an inconsiderate and elitist institution
Canvassers for senators and party-list vote those who are qualified to craft Diocese of Kalookan released a video that is incapable of serving the people without monetary
representatives. It shall canvass the laws, defend the West Philippine Sea, sharing his view on how to vote. consideration.
results by consolidating the certificates knowledgeable on whether to have Bishop Ambo said “Ang pagboto ay At some point, the propaganda is working. But real truth
of canvass electronically transmitted. charter change. Let us vote for those hindi lang isang importanteng sangkap cannot be hidden for long. People who truly love our country
Thereafter, the national board shall who oppose Death Penalty, Divorce, ng demokrasya. Ito ay paraan din should find ways to make the truth known by unmasking
proclaim the winning candidates for Euthanasia or mercy killing, Abortion, upang mapanatili ang demokrasya layers and layers of lies propagated by the true enemies of
senators and party-list representatives. Total population control, Homosexual sa pamamagitan ng pagpili ng mga the State whose callousness knows no bounds and is certainly
The Comelec accredited the Parish or same sex union, anti-family, anti- tamang kandidatong ang pangunahing beyond the principles of ethics and decency.
Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting life, anti-Church, anti-Religion bills paninindigan ay para sa saligang So, who is truly capable of serving without the usual
or PPCRV as its citizen-arm during which had been filed and may be filed batas at sa ikabubuti ng nakararami financial windfall? The politicos who will do everything come
the May 13, 2019 elections, Aside in Congress. We pray that the voters at hindi para sa interes ng mga patron hell or high water just to be elected? Only stupid people
from conducting voters’ education, discern who among the senatorial at mga kapartido sa pulitika, lalo would believe that these politicians have their eyes on public
poll watching and voters’ assistance candidates they will vote because more na ng mga nasa kapangyarihan na.” service and not on the prize that goes with elective positions.
(to locate their respective polling than ever, we need an independent Duc in Altum / A7 Collection Box / A6

Whatever ‘Nagtatanim’
Fr. Francis Ongkingco

MEDIEVAL religious Jesus’ feet from where she was. negative connotation and often Jesus our gardener wants us to becoming more fully yourself,
representations of our Lord had It was only when our Lord greeted related to anger and revenge. How cooperate in sowing in our lives, in becoming what the Lord wished
him wearing some sort of straw hat her in his familiar tone that Mary unfortunate that such a positive the Church and in other souls. This to dream and create, and not a
and shouldering a hoe. As Jesus was able to recognize Him. We term as sowing would be connected is a wonderful adventure of coming photocopy. Your life ought to be a
walks on, he has his head inclined, could imagine how she embraced to something as vengeful and vile. out with our own brand of holiness prophetic stimulus to others and
looking down at a kneeling woman his feet, unwilling that he should On the other hand, the concept of that Pope Francis encouraged all leave a mark on this world, the
who seems to be stopping him from ever again escape from her sight. sowing is so wonderful. Our Lord youthful souls to consider. unique mark that only you can
going on: the Magdalene. This great devotion of Mary must often uses it in his parables and “(…) you won’t become holy leave. Whereas if you simply copy
It isn’t difficult to understand have moved our Lord’s merciful encourages us to sow well so that and find fulfilment by copying someone else, you will deprive
why they conceived this catechetical heart. the seeds of our blessings will reap a others. Imitating the Saints does this earth, and heaven too, of
representation of our Lord: the Our Lord represented as a hundredfold. This is very important not mean copying their lifestyle something that no one else can
Gospels after all, attest that Mary gardener, however, can give us if we also consider another parable and their way of living holiness: offer.” (Christus vivit, #162)
Magdalene thought that Jesus was many spiritual insights. Indeed, of Jesus referring to the enemy who ‘There are some testimonies that Rather than be burdened by the
the gardener who was in-charge of Jesus is the divine gardener of the sowed bad seeds. may prove helpful and inspiring, possibility of sowing bad seeds, let us
the tomb’s surroundings. soul who wishes our good ground Jesus warns us that if we are not but that we are not meant to take the lead in discovering the good
Why did she mistake him for the to produce a rich harvest. It is up vigilant, the devil himself will sow copy, for that could even lead us seeds that only we could sow while
gardener? Archaeological findings to each one, however, to consider bad seed in our souls. From these astray from the one specific path we live. This is the divine invitation
explain that Mary was kneeling how to invest his time and talents vicious seeds, we will not reap that the Lord has in mind for us and journey that the divine gardener
at the tomb’s lower level. Jesus, in making his spiritual garden anything good and will gradually (Gaudete et Exsultate, #11)’. You calls us to. May we cling to Him
however, was standing on ground fruitful. affect and infect others to sowing have to discover who you are and firmly, so that His presence in our
level when he approached her from This reminded me of a saying bad seeds. develop your own way of being lives will always help sow good seeds.
behind. Thus, when Mary turned we Filipinos have of nag-tatanim. Instead of sowing bad seeds holy, whatever others may say or This would be ultimately the best
around, she was only be able to see The expression usually has a let us focus on the seeds that think. Becoming a saint means way of understanding nag-tatanim!
A6 LOCAL NEWS May 13 - 26, 2019, Vol 23, No. 10 CBCP Monitor

Bohol dioceses lead clean- Nun who fought for social justice dies
up of campaign trash SISTER Crecensia “Cres”
Lucero, a known human
rights defender, has died on
May 15. She was 77.
Sr. Lucero, a missionary
from the Franciscan Sisters of
the Immaculate Conception,
died after suffering a stroke
the week before.
The nun was attending
a convention on human
rights with Forum-Asia in
Jakara, Indonesia when she
had a stroke, which caused
cerebral hemorrhage.
Bishop Alberto Uy leads a clean-up drive in Tagbilaran City on May 14, a day after the She was rushed to Gatot
country’s midterm elections. COURTESY OF THE DIOCESE OF TAGBILARAN
Soebroto Army Hospital
where she underwent
CATHOLIC leaders and lay The same initiative is also surgery the following day.
people in Bohol province being done in the adjacent Sr. Lucero was a long-time
headed to the streets on May Diocese of Talibon led by advocate for the oppressed
14 to clean up and dismantle Bishop Daniel Parcon. and marginalized, and a
Sister Crescencia “Cres” Lucero, SFIC
campaign materials. Bishop Uy also appealed fighter for human rights, Philippines (AMRSP). Forum-Asia said. for all those working for
Holding brooms and to winning and losing peace and justice in the She was also part of the “We can only commit human rights and ecological
garbage bags, Bishop Alberto candidates to take down their Philippines. Forum-Asia family for a ourselves to continuing advocacies.
Uy of Tagbilaran led a group campaign materials. For many years, she led long time, including serving her struggle, and honor “Her passing away
of volunteers to clean the Regardless of the outcome the Task Force Detainees as a member of the executive her by standing with, for is big loss for us, for the
streets of trash generated of the elections, he said of the Philippines as committee. and behind the grass-roots Church, and for our country
during Monday’s elections. that candidates should lead chairperson of the Justice, “We cannot express what communities that she so especially in this dark time
The prelate lauded those the cleanup and up-cycling Peace and Integrity of a loss the passing of Sister wholeheartedly supported,” of our society,” said Fr.
who joined the initiative, activities. Creation Commission of Cres is for the human rights it added. Angelito Cortez, AMRSP
and promised to lead more “This may also reduce the the Association of Major movement in the Philippines The AMRSP said Sr. coexecutive secretary.
of such exercises to keep the election fever and help us Religious Superiors in the and in the rest of Asia,” the Lucero was an inspiration (CBCPNews)
environment clean. move on and move forward,”
“Let’s help each other… by the prelate said.
Rampant / A1
doing this, we also give good “Win or lose, please help
examples to other people in us,” Bishop Uy appealed. buying marred the polls. will are the results,” he said. (VCMs) that malfunctioned.
our country,” Bishop Uy said. (CBCPNews) “Reports of vote-buying with pictures The Commission on Elections The Comelec said there were about
of money and shaded sample ballots are (Comelec) admitted that vote buying 400 to 600 VCMs that malfunctioned
Suppress / A1 just so disheartening,” Alminaza said. incidents in this year’s polls are worse and had to be replaced.
“Let us take courage in the “close ranks” amid efforts to In the Philippines, vote-buying has than the 2016 elections. These make at least a 220 percent
knowledge that no matter muzzle the media in different been part of every election despite laws Comelec Commissioner Rowena increase in malfunction cases than the
how despots strive to stifle parts of the world. restricting it. Guanzon also noted that the amount 2016 polls.
freedom of expression and “When we lose our freedom The bishop said he’s starting to believe of bribe in exchange for votes has The Parish Pastoral Council for
thought, the media, the truth, to report the truth, everyone that some politicians and rich people increased. Responsible Voting (PPCRV) also
the people, will outlive them,” loses. We lose our dignity. We “don’t really want to alleviate people After a 10-hour voting period, polling monitored such incidents.
the NUJP said a statement. lose our soul,” the Foreign from poverty so they can always control stations closed in most part of the But PPCRV executive director Maribel
Foreign correspondents Correspondents Association them”. country at 6pm on Monday. Buenaobra said they are still collating
based in Manila also urged of the Philippines (FOCAP) “I’m having doubts how truly free and The elections, however, were marred all incident reports before making a
their fellow journalists to said. (CBCPNews) informed are the votes cast and how by glitches, including technical issues general assessment of the elections.
reflective or indicative of the people’s related to vote-counting machines (CBCPNews)
Pananaghoy / A4
Analysis / A1
Already bills on death of international agreements
should be addressed directly an escalating gradation of estis into force in their own Before the February
penalty, on the lowering of the with China behind the
by ecclesiastical authorities. crimes and correspondent dioceses. summit, Pope Francis
age of criminality to 12 years backs of the Filipinos. It is
But ought those situations be penalties. Bishops like Baltimore’s repeatedly stated his
old, and on Constitutional within the competence of
treated the same? It is not clear when the Archbishop William Lori intention not to provide a
Change have been passed by the Senate to question these
Applying the Church’s new CDF might publish such a have already begun taking universal and comprehensive
subservient Congress. It is international deals. Where
policy, some canonists have document, or even if it will independent initiatives, canonical solution to the
the Senate which stop them would we be if the President’s
said, requires that Church address these questions. But like setting up third party sexual abuse crisis. Rather,
from becoming laws of the people and allies fill up the
officials clarify that different those concerns might be reporting mechanisms, to the pope’s stated aim was to
land. Pork Barrel insertions senate hall?
kinds of offenses will, and addressed by other Vatican address the current crisis. provide a global framework
were done by the Lower We need strong opposition
should, merit different kinds or diocesan offices. Bishops might soon decide which supported bishops in
House and it is the Senate to preserve our democratic
of penalties. It is possible that bishops to also establish localized their own responsibilities.
who called the attention of space. We need a strong
At the close of the global might soon request guidance policies reflecting the norms Despite Francis’s insistence
the nation to these insertions. senate who can prevent the
summit on sexual abuse in from the Congregation for of Vos estis. that he is providing a
The President is making a lot onrush of totalitarianism.
February, the organizing Clergy, the curial department Bishops are canonically foundation for local dioceses
And That’s the Truth / A4
committee announced which receives the vast free to establish their own to build upon, many bishops
that the follow-up from majority of cases involving guidelines on how they will are still tempted to look to
attack on a Catholic church in summit on clerical sex abuse the meeting would include priestly misconduct and be applying the new norms of Rome or the national bishops’
central Burkina Faso left six held in Rome last February, a motu proprio, now requests for laicization. Vos estis, offering what many conference to tell them what
persons dead, including the Pope Francis promised an end published. They also said Given that the Congregation of the faithful say they want to do next.
priest; it was the third attack to cover ups. that the Congregation for the for Clergy has long handled most to see: clear, concrete, In the same way that no
on a church in five weeks in So what’s new? Such Doctrine of the Faith would clerical sexual issues not steps towards reform in their investigative model or review
that country. scandals as recorded in history produce a vademecum, a defined as sufficiently grave own home dioceses. board can insulate the Church
In Germany, at least eight books have been there since practical and procedural to be sent to the CDF, its Diocesan norms could also from individual episcopal
churches have been vandalized time immemorial, but now handbook, outlining for experience could prove provide the reassurances negligence, no papal decree
and damaged since early with the internet and social bishops their responsibilities. valuable to bishops trying to that many priests are hoping of conference policy can
April. Apparently random media, news of one offense is Many in Rome and in understand new canonical for regarding their rights substitute for conversion
attacks have also been noted magnified millions of times diocesan chanceries have definitions and their in the face of accusations, and leadership by individual
in Scotland, England, Poland, over, and it hurts the soul in told CNA they hope that implications. credible or otherwise, and bishops. Rome has spoken,
Spain, Italy and Austria, and ways that may scar it for life. such a manual will address At the same time, bishops the assurance that “zero- and bishops will now face the
continued attacks on churches What is the Church to do? these concerns, spelling out themselves might begin to act tolerance” will not be a challenge of carrying out the
in France have been reported “At that time news reached or at least acknowledging to bring the provisions of Vos byword for summary justice. pope’s direction.
despite the national outpouring me of the harm being done in
of grief that followed the fire France and of the havoc the Glitches / A1
that devastated Notre Dame heretics had caused and how
resolved,” said Fr. Edwin Gariguez, System (AES) Watch stated that “unless initiated 82 enhancements of the automated
Cathedral April 15. much this miserable sect was
Caritas executive secretary. glaring vulnerabilities of the automated machines to ensure integrity and accuracy
The sacrilegious acts include growing. The news distressed
The bold call was made after reports election system and the non-compliance of the 2019 mid-term elections.
the decapitation of a statue me greatly, and as though I
of possible fraud were received by of the critical provisions of RA 9369 are “However, we have seen how some of
of the Virgin Mary; bashing could do something or were
Caritas due to major technical glitches resolved, the 2019 elections will create these enhancements still failed during
a statue of the Sacred Heart something, I cried to the Lord
involving vote counting machines and credibility issues.” the May 13 elections resulting to the
of Jesus; stealing crucifixes, and begged Him to remedy
transparency servers. It said that major constraints left alarming perception of election fraud,”
candlesticks, and consecrated this great evil…The world is
In 2016, only 188 VCMs were reported unresolved by Comelec and Smartmatic quipped Gariguez.
hosts; overturning and on fire. Men try to condemn
to malfunction nationwide. In 2019, this are the absence of public access to “Therefore, it is but imperative for the
smashing statues of Saints; Christ once again, as it were,
number increased to 400-600 VCMs. election data, the lack of comprehensive Comelec to postpone the proclamation
defacing church doors with for they bring a thousand false
and credible source code review, and the of the winners for the senatorial race
anti-Catholic slogans; and witnesses against Him. They
Unresolved issues lack of digital signatures. until the alleged fraud-tainted results
setting sacristies on fire. would raze His church to the
Earlier, the Automated Election The Comelec, since September 2018, has are validated and cleared,” he said.
A desecration of a different ground. Are we to waste our
kind took place during last time asking for things that if Collection Box / A5
Easter Mass in the church of God were to give them we’d
San Giovanni in Trieste, Italy, have one soul less in Heaven? It is, therefore, paramount to visits to Germany and mulled However, when I asked some but has not truly delivered
when a man who was receiving No…this is no time to treat really consider what Cardinal over the idea of having one senatorial and local candidates on that promise almost
communion responded to the with God for things of little Chito Tagle suggested in in the Philippines. Who will about the problems people tell three years after. What we
traditional formula “the Body of importance.” one of our clergy meetings, do it? Maybe the Church can. them during the campaign, are seeing right now are
Christ” by saying “Thanks”and These are the words of the to establish an institution, Politics in the Philippines is they said they are the same as sporadic small changes
then asking “What part of the great saint from Avila, Teresa a formation center that will an enterprise. It is a business before, like unemployment, that the administration
body is this?” Before the shocked of Jesus. Today, after almost educate, train, and form investment that usually health issues, etc. This simply would forcefully pass on as
congregation he walked away, 500 years, they ring relevant, future leaders on the true yields huge returns through tells me that for all the years significant achievements
carrying the consecrated host timely, and true. Face to essence of public service. The corruption and political that they are supposed to be but have, in fact, not made
and denouncing the Catholic face with the attacks on the focus is not on the academic patronage. The money used serving the people, they’ve even the slightest impact
religion. Body of Christ, do we have aspect of it, the University for buying votes is just a not been able to solve these on the life of the people.
For the longest time the more time to waste on our of the Philippines (UP) and small amount compared to problems and could only offer Many are still poor,
Church has been rocked by mundane businesses? Are we other schools have that what politicians will get once endless promises which people unemployed, uneducated,
sex scandals—all over the to continue trusting in partisan already, but the formation elected. Well, not all politicians naively believe even without homeless, and some
world priests have had to face politics and things that lure us of conscience and the heart are corrupt or soul-less, but the assurance of being fulfilled. lifeless!
charges and allegations of away from Christ? Divorced that will make politicians the many years they spent Change is indeed difficult After this election, the
pedophilia and sexual abuse. from the cross of Christ even true public servants who will in public service with public to achieve. The present winners will be many times
The Church has had to defrock the most brilliant political truly serve the interests of the funds in tow should have at administration won richer but the losers won’t
high-profile Cardinals for the platforms on earth cannot save people. He came across one least by now produced some during the 2016 elections surely be poor much like the
same offenses, and during the us. And that’s the truth. such institution in one of his change in the life of the people. on the pretext of change rest of poor Filipinos.
CBCP Monitor May 13 - 26, 2019, Vol 23, No. 10 DIOCESAN NEWS A7

Bishop chides Villar for backing coal plant in Negros

SAN CARLOS City—A Catholic bishop May 7 for the inauguration of a biomass “And there is no such a thing as ‘clean
has chided reelectionist Senator power plant. coal,’” he said.
Cynthia Villar for supporting the At a press conference, Villar said that The prelate also said that Villar is
construction of coal-fired power plants coal is attractive for poor countries like “out of touch” for saying that coal plants
in Negros Occidental. the Philippines because they produce are in countries where there are high
Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of San cheaper electricity. prices of electricity.
Carlos said it was the least he expected She said it’s about time for the He cited the case of Iloilo which has
from Villar, who chairs the Senate country to study new technology that at least three coal-fired power plants
committee on environment and natural will make coal more acceptable like in but has one of the most expensive
resources. the US. power rates in the country.
“We are strongly disappointed with San Miguel Corp. (SMC) Global Power The bishop also refuted the senator,
the Senator’s statement throwing is planning to install a 300-megawatt saying that coal plants have already
support for the proposed coal-fired coal-fired power plant in San Carlos been closed in many places in the
power plant,” Alminaza said. City. US, Germany and other European
The bishop said the lawmaker “merely Bishop Alminaza said that Villar’s countries.
echoes the lies” sold to the public by the position only showed her “gross As of press time, Villar was leading
project’s proponents and its supporters ignorance and incompetence” and the Senate race based on partial counts,
in the government. her “lack of foresight, vision and care both official and unofficial. (CBCP
Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of San Carlos. FILE PHOTO The senator was in Victoria City on for the environment”. News)

Religious, rights groups fight ‘red tagging’ New bishop ready to face threats
DAGUPAN City— A new Authorities have offered
A RELIGIOIUS of nuns Catholic bishop in the to provide security to the
and priests have asked the northern Philippines has bishops and members
Philippines’ highest court expressed his readiness to of the clergy, which was
for legal protection against face threats after recent declined.
threats to their lives after attacks against church In 2018, gunmen shot dead
they were tagged as having leaders in the country. three Catholic priests. Fr.
links to terror groups by the Bishop Fidelis Layog, Mark Ventura was killed
military. auxiliary bishop of Lingayen- in the town of Gattaran in
The Rural Missionaries Dagupan, called on members Cagayan province on April
of the Philippines (RMP) of the clergy not to fear for 29, four months after Fr.
joined other human rights their lives. Marcelito Paez was killed
organizations in filing a “Being threatened and in Nueva Ecija province. In
petition on May 6 for writs attacked has always been June, Fr. Richmond Nilo
of amparo and habeas data the experience of the was shot dead in the city of
before the Supreme Court. Catholic Church from the Cabanatuan.
The writ of amparo very beginning,” said the new Bishop Layog, however,
(protection) was instituted prelate during his ordination said the foundation of the
by the Supreme Court in on May 8. Church “has been tested for a
2007 as a legal remedy to “The Church has faced long time now and up to the
any person who felt that his persecutions in the past and present.”
life, liberty and security were even up to this time. Let us “We must accept and face

threatened by an unlawful act not fear, knowing that we are these challenges because it
or omission of a government never alone. God is with us. builds a stronger Church and
official. God will prevail.” a deeper faith. It leads us to
The writ of habeas data organization has been speeches by Duterte where aggravated the threats Several members of a deeper relationship with
(access to information) was identified as a “terrorist he tagged the organizations against the life, liberty and the clergy who have been God,” he added.
introduced by the Supreme front” in flyers handed out by as “communist fronts.” security of the petitioners,” outspoken about human He said it is time for church
Court in 2008 to give suspected military personnel Lubi said 48 human rights it added. rights abuses in the people “to show how strong
individuals the right to find out in the southern Philippines. workers have been killed by Aside from the writs, Philippines say they have we are in faith and how
what information is being kept “This is a response to the government forces from 2001 petitioners also asked received death threats in strong the foundation of our
about them by the government, worsening attacks, terrorist to 2019 while several rights the court for a temporary recent months. Church is.”
and to demand its updating, tagging by the military and leaders and members have protection order for their Among them were Bishop Bishop Layog is the 30th
rectification or destruction. the ongoing smear campaign received death threats. members. Pablo Virgilio David of bishop appointed by Pope
The RMP, an organization against human rights “Petitioners who are The groups appealed to Kalookan, the diocese Francis in the Philippines
of priests, nuns and lay defenders,” said Elisa Lubi, legitimate organizations the Supreme Court to see where most drug-related since 2013.
people, claimed that one of chairwoman of rights group recognized both here and “the merit of our petition, killings have occurred, An estimated 2,000
its members was a victim Karapatan. abroad, including their the dangers of our work, and and Archbishop Socrates people attended his
of extrajudicial killing while “Human rights advocacy is officers and members, have eventually decide in favor of Villegas of Lingayen- ordination at the St. John
others have been detained. not a crime, yet human rights become open targets of human rights defenders.” Dagupan, a critic of the the Evangelist Cathedral
Australian missionary nun workers are being killed, human rights violations,” On May 3, the Supreme administration of President in Dagupan City. (Joe
Patricia Fox, a member of threatened, harassed and jailed read the groups’ petition. Court granted a similar Rodrigo Duterte. Torres/UCAN)
the RMP who drew the ire of on trumped-up charges.” It said the “glaringly petition by the National
President Rodrigo Duterte The groups named Duterte, numerous incidents of Union of People’s Lawyers By the Roadside / A5
for joining protest rallies, was officials of the presidential threats, harassment and and ordered the Court of
forced to leave the country palace and security officials as killings” are aimed at Appeals to hear on May rebukes his Maker; whoever News, not the promotion
after failing to get her visa respondents to the petition. curtailing their rights to freely 14 the group’s petition for rejoices in the ruin of another of particular persons with
extended. They submitted to the exercise their advocacies. a protection order. (Joe will not go unpunished” (Prov particular political views. The
The missionary Supreme Court six public “The red tagging ... further Torres/UCAN) 17:5). homliy is the proclamation
5. Reports regarding of the Word to summon
Duc in Altum / A5 clergymen campaigning all sinners to conversion,
“from the pulpit” and “using not to favor certain sinners
(Voting is not only an important country, Bishop Ambo said “Ang sagot, quote I like most is from an American the pulpit” to advance the as more deserving of the
feature of democracy. It is a means to nasa atin din mga kamay sa darating na writer Louis L’Amour—“To make candidacies of opposition faithful’s votes. There other
keep democracy by electing the right halalan.” (The answer is in our hands this democracy work, we must be a nation bets to the senate have been avenues for that. Moreover,
candidates who defend the Constitution coming election). of participants, not simply observers. heard and even aired on this approach, rather than
and the good of everyone, not for his *** One who does not vote has no right to television, the radio and the persuade, turns the faithful
vested interest and that of his backers Some quotable quotes this election. complain.” social media in the name of off and even induces a reverse
or political party, especially those who John Kennedy - “The ignorance of By the way, for the record, Malacañang “keeping the senate as an action. The current election
are already in power.) one voter in a democracy impairs declared May 13, 2019 as a special non- independent institution”. It results are a case in point.
Bishop Ambo clarified why bishops the security of all.” Og Mandino— working holiday to enable the people really does not take too much We in the Church
and priests avoid public endorsement “Failure will never overtake me to properly exercise their right to vote. to sympathize with them and are, again, confronted
of candidates. He stated that “our if my determination to succeed is *** many people do, this writer with realities that invite
leadership is in the moral and spiritual strong enough.” Franklin Roosevelt— To my everdearest Inay, Gloria included. But the pulpit is soul-searching, but
aspect. Involvement in politics is “Democracy cannot succeed unless Angles Santiago, I wish you a Happy no place for partisan political never surrendering our
more appropriate for the laity who those who express their choice are Mothers’ Day in Heaven. More than campaigning, whatever the responsibility to her basic
are majority in the church. After the prepared to choose wisely.” Also from ever, we terribly missed you and we love fruit of one’s discernment. evangelizing mission. There
period when the people were divided Pres. Roosevelt—“The ultimate rulers you! Happy Mothers’ Day also to my Just as vote-buying violates are real dangers to the
by politics, one of our duties is to unite of our democracy are not a President sisters Violeta Rosales and Flordeliza the sanctity of the ballot, Lord’s flock, one of which is
the citizens as one family of God. We and senators and congressmen and Imperial, to my sisters-in-law Nisa, partisan campaigning using that of being more docile to
will have difficulty to do this duty if we government officials, but the voters Baby and Jinky Santiago, and niece the pulpit equally tramples voices other than his.
would publicly endorse a particular of this country.” Robert Kennedy— Mary Gretchen Rosales-Castro who had underfoot the real purposes Let us just set and apply
candidate and political party.” “Elections remind us not only of just given birth to their second child of the homily, which is the ourselves on Him whose
On the issue of whether we can maintain the rights but the responsibilities of Catrione Gaelle which means Pure Joy, proclamation of the Good voice we are tasked to bring.
or not the freedom and democracy in our citizenship in a democracy.” The one a real pure joy to our family.
Candidly Speaking / A4
Pilgrimages / A3
weaknesses, temptations to be.
each day, while others say were revealed after Pope to continue,” the pope said, said, is “the spiritual fact, the and sins. The beauty of the world
they see her only once a year Francis spoke about the according to the English pastoral fact” that thousands With this love, we would depends on the love-driven
now. commission’s work. translation posted on the of pilgrims go to Medjugorje know how to handle the beauty of each one of us. We
Diocesan commissions Pope Francis acknowledged Vatican website. and are converted. “For this many differences that we can have to help one another in
studied the alleged that pilgrims to the Marian “Concerning the alleged there is no magic wand; this have among ourselves. These pursuing this goal of building
apparitions from 1982 site deserve spiritual care current apparitions, the spiritual-pastoral fact cannot and even our unavoidable a beautiful world. Thus, we
to 1984 and again from and support, but he also report expresses doubts,” be denied.” disagreements and conflicts have to do a lot of apostolate,
1984 to 1986, and the expressed doubts about he said. Furthermore, The decision to allow would not compromise our mainly through friendship
then-Yugoslavian bishops’ claims that the apparitions “personally, I am more organized pilgrimages, charity towards others. We and confidence even as we
conference studied them have continued for more than ‘mischievous.’ I prefer Our banned by the local bishops’ would be most understanding, take
from 1987 to 1990. All three 35 years. Lady to be a mother, our in 1991 and confirmed by the compassionate and forgiving. advantage of the many
commissions concluded that During his flight to Rome mother, and not a telegraph Vatican in 1996, recognizes In fact, we would try our best technologies now available
they could not affirm that from Fatima, Portugal, in operator who sends out the need to provide spiritual to be helpful to others without that can facilitate our relation
a supernatural event was May 2017, the pope told a message every day at a accompaniment and care expecting any reward. with others.
occurring in the town. journalists that, regarding certain time—this is not the to the tens of thousands Yes, these are some ways Let’s be sowers of goodness
In 2010, retired Pope the Medjugorje commission’s mother of Jesus.” of Catholics who travel to we can build beauty in this and love, for this is how we
Benedict XVI established a work, “three things need to be Pope Francis said his Medjugorje each year, Gisotti world as we should, because can truly build a beautiful
papal commission to study distinguished.” “personal opinion” is that said. It also is a recognition the world itself comes from world. In other words, we
the alleged apparitions. “About the first apparitions, “these alleged apparitions of the “abundant fruits of God and thus also belongs to simply to have to become
The commission’s report when (the ‘seers’) were young, have no great value.” grace” those pilgrims have him. We have a tremendous genuine saints, because that
has not been made public, the report more or less says The “real core” of the experienced. (Cindy responsibility in bringing it is the only way we can such
although some of its points that the investigation needs commission’s report, he Wooden/CNS) back to God as he wants it sowers.
A8 PEOPLE, FACTS, AND PLACES May 13 - 26, 2019, Vol 23, No. 10 CBCP Monitor

Pope names new Auxiliary bishop ordained

for Pangasinan
Malolos bishop
POPE Francis has appointed Cebu
Auxiliary Bishop Dennis Villarojo as
the new bishop of Malolos.
The appointment was announced
May 14 to the Catholic Bishops’
Conference of the Philippines by
the Apostolic Nunciature in Manila.
At 52, he will be the fifth head
of the Malolos diocese, succeeding
Bishop Jose Oliveros who died at
the age of 71 in May 2018.
For a year that the diocese has been
without a bishop, it was managed by
Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of Cubao, Thousands gather for the episcopal ordination of Auxiliary Bishop Fidelis Layog of Lingayen-Dagupan
who was its concurrent apostolic at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Dagupan City May 8. COURTESY OF SABINS STUDIO
A native of Cebu City, Villarojo PANGASINAN’S more than “You will know the real character
finished philosophy at San Carlos a million Catholics have a new of that man when you give him
College Seminary of Cebu and auxiliary bishop, Fidelis Layog. great powers. How you will use that
theology at the University of Santo About 2,000 people attended power will show who you really are,”
Tomas in Manila. on May 8 the more than two- he said.
He was ordained a priest on June hour liturgy where the new bishop Pope Francis on March 18
10, 1994. promised to be a “companion appointed Layog to assist
After his ordination, he served as shepherd”. Archbishop Villegas with the ever-
the the personal secretary of the late “Hence, I am a companion priest growing number of Catholics in the
Cardinal Ricardo Vidal, who was brother, a companion among archdiocese.
then the Cebu archbishop. families,” Layog said. A priest of the same archdiocese,
The bishop also studied at the “As a bishop, I am chosen as a he was serving at the Our Lady of
Pontifical University of the Holy broken servant made whole through Purification Parish in Binmaley,
Cross in Rome from 1998 to 2001 my trust in God’s mercy,” he said. Pangasinan upon his appointment.
where he obtained a doctorate in The ordination at the Cathedral Layog, 50, studied philosophy
Philosophy. of St. John the Evangelist was led at Mary Help of Christians College
After his studies in Rome, he by Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Seminary and theology at the
returned to Cebu and continued Lingayen-Dagupan. Immaculate Conception School of
serving as Vidal’s secretary until In his homily, the archbishop said Theology in Vigan City.
2010 when he eventually became a that with position comes power and After his priestly ordination in
parish priest. responsibilities. 1996, he spent the first four years of
In 2015, the Vatican appointed But the reality, he emphasized, is his ministry as Prefect of Discipline
him as General Secretary of the 51st Bishop Dennis Villarojo. SAMMY NAVAJA that “none of those powers can ever at the Mary Help of Christians High
International Eucharistic Congress be used for yourself”. School Seminary in Dagupan City.
held in Cebu in January 2016. consecration the following August Jose Palma after Bishop Oscar “The episcopacy is not meant In 2003, he also obtained a
Few months later that year, he 10. Florencio was installed to for enjoyment. Use your powers degree in Biblical Theology from the
was appointed Auxiliary Bishop Since April 2019, he’s been the the Military Ordinariate of the only with love, for love,” Villegas Pontifical University of St. Thomas
of Cebu, receiving the episcopal lone assistant bishop of Archbishop Philippines. (CBCP News) said. in Rome, Italy. (CBCP News)

New Intramuros museum features Catholic evangelization Chastity Project founder Jason
Evert to speak in Manila forum
WORLD-RENOWNED deepen their understanding
Catholic author, blogger of what true love is through
and speaker Jason Evert is this conference.”
returning to the country for He sees this as an opportune
“Love #NoFilter”, a conference moment especially since the
on chastity, love, and human Church in the Philippines
sexuality at the Philippine is celebrating the Year of
International Convention the Youth, “to intensify
Center (PICC) Forum in Pasay promoting more possibilities
City on May 25. of enriching our youth,
Organized by Catalyst particularly on the theme of
for Character Formation love.”
Association (Catalyst), the Topics to be covered in
conference will tackle issues the conference include:
confronting the youth. Understanding the real
Mann Rentoy, former meaning and beauty of
Executive Director and now chastity; Helping young
Board Member of Catalyst, people discern real, authentic,
said this is the fourth time that and lasting love; Equipping
they’re bringing Evert back to parents and educators
Manila. “The need continues with stories, strategies to
to be there,” he said. effectively talk to teens about
“Anyone as powerful as sexuality; Equipping schools,
Jason in addressing teens parishes, and organizations
must be made to speak to to effectively form the youth
The Museo de Intramuros found on the former site of San Ignacio Church along Arsobizpado St. in the Walled City, features the history of Catholic evangelization in the country.
INTRAMUROS ADMINISTRATION the youth as often as possible in the area of chastity and
because of the obvious crisis relationships; Addressing
THE Intramuros Intramuros, the ivory image the church, but it is not yet items and vessels and in chastity and purity among depression due to failed
Administration (IA) on of the Blessed Virgin Mary open to the public because • The Indio Response, the young (and not so young) relationships; and Finding
May 2 opened to the public which is the centerpiece the exhibits in the church showing urnas and relieves today,” Rentoy said. one’s soulmate without losing
the Museo de Intramuros of the annual December replica have not yet been which have been expressions Evert founded Totus Tuus one’s soul and more.
found on the former site of Intramuros Grand Marian organized.” of Filipino artisans to the Press and Chastity Project, an The event will feature three
San Ignacio Church along Procession. Catholic evangelization organization that promotes conference sessions for three
Arsobizpado St. in the Philippine Church chastity primarily to high core groups. The morning
Walled City, which features Reinvented Church history exhibited Future plans school and college students. session is for students, the
the history of Catholic structure IA’s new museum features Accordingly, the second Evert has masters in afternoon is for young adults
evangelization in the country. Officially refurbished and six (6) exhibits presenting the phase of the Museo de Theology from the Franciscan and the evening session is for
The IA is the government opened by the IA, San Ignacio story of the evangelization Intramuros involves the University of Steubenville, educators and parents.
cultural agency managing Church was the mission house of the Catholic faith in the refurbishing of the interior with undergraduate degrees A free special session for
the various cultural and of the Society of Jesus or the Philippines comprising: of San Ignacio Church replica in theology and counselling, school administrators, parish
historical places and artifacts Jesuits and was one of the • Immaculate Conception, and the completion of its with a minor in philosophy. workers, and community
within the heritage district seven churches of Intramuros showing various wood- belfries. Ararao pointed out: In 2013, he, along with leaders will also be held on
of Intramuros under the during the Spanish era. carved images of the Principal “For the future, Museo his wife and fellow speaker May 23, from 1.30 pm – 3.00
Philippine Department of Among these churches only Patroness of the Philippines; de Intramuros hopes to Crystallina, spoke at “Real pm at St. Therese Parish Hall
Tourism the Manila Cathedral and • Religious Orders, present more museum Love Revolution”, a pro-life across NAIA Terminal 3.
“This collection San Agustin Church remain. displaying the images of items, especially for the conference in Manila and was “In my experience giving
of the Intramuros According to IA Associate the saints of the first preservation of cultural attended by around 8,000 chastity talks around the
Administration is Aide Johhan Joseph Ararao: religious orders that heritage items which are in students. country, young people yearn
extremely valuable “The structure of the new came to the Philippines, need of rehabilitation.” “In effect, this is our way to know how to discover love
because it represents the Museo de Intramuros has namely the Augustinians, As the country celebrated of addressing the crisis in that lasts and this conference
first real attempt to collate the neo-classical style of the the Franciscans, the National Heritage Month character, which is what my may just be the starting point of
and preserve within the Jesuit Casa Mision Convent Dominicans, the Jesuits and this May, the Museo de organization is all about,” their journey in pursuing love
Philippines an important and San Ignacio Church is the Augustinian Recollects; Intramuros is open with Rentoy said. that is true and authentic-with
aspect of the country’s no longer built [with] adobe • The Patronato Real, which free admission. The The Episcopal Commission no filters,” said Bernz Ordoñez
cult u ral he ritag e ,” said but [with] concrete due to the presents the different early reconstruction of San Ignacio on Youth (ECY) of the Caasi, an educator, speaker,
Dr. Esperanza Gatbonton need for easier materials.” parishes and artworks from Church and Convent is a Catholic Bishops’ Conference and mentor from PAREF
who curated the exhibit He said the Church artifacts the said parishes that were part of the Php900-million of the Philippines (CBCP) Northfield School for Boys in
together with Gino that have been collected and forwarded to the Department Intramuros Rehabilitation also endorsed the event. Quezon City, which leads the
Gonzales, Dr. Cecilia dela curated through the years of Tourism; Program funded by the In a statement, ECY promotion of the conference.
Paz, Santiago Pilar, and by IA have now all been • Religious Colonial Tourism Infrastructure chairman Bishop Leopoldo For inquiries and bulk
Martin Tinio. transferred to the site. Ararao Paintings, collected from and Enterprise Zone Jaucian of Bangued orders with free tickets,
One of the major pieces also said: “The Casa Mision is ruins of old colonial churches (TIEZA). (Kendrick Ivan encouraged the youth, email conferences@
of the collection is the La the first site of the exhibit. We from Luzon to the Visayas; Panganiban/CBCP parents, educators and youth or by
Purisima Concepcion de have an initial structure for • Exhibits of liturgical News) ministers to “join, learn and calling 928 59 56 local 106.
CBCP Monitor May 13 - 26 , 2019 Vol. 23 No. 10 PASTORAL CONCERNS B1

(The 56th annual World Day of Prayer for Vocations was celebrated this year on May 12, 2019, the 4th Sunday of Easter, the Good Shepherd Sunday—Ed)

Pope Francis celebrates an ordination Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican May 12, 2019. The pope ordained 19 new priests. CNS/STEFANO SPAZIANI, POOL

The courage to take a risk for

God’s promise Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the 2019 World Day of Vocations
DEAR Brothers and Sisters, when we first felt the attraction in seeking God’s plan for our

After the lively and fruitful

of a life of consecration: we were
surprised by an encounter, and
lives.  Gazing out at the vast “ocean”
of vocation, we cannot remain
Prayer for World Day of Prayer for Vocations
experience of the Synod devoted at that moment we glimpsed the content to repair our nets on the HOLY Spirit, stir within us the passion to promote vocations to the
to young people last October, we promise of a joy capable of bringing boat that gives us security, but must consecrated life, societies of apostolic life, diocesan priesthood, and
recently celebrated the Thirty- fulfilment to our lives.   That day, trust instead in the Lord’s promise. permanent diaconate.
fourth World Youth Day in Panama by the sea of Galilee, Jesus drew I think primarily of the call to
City.   These two great events near to those fishermen, breaking the Christian life which all of us Inspire us daily to respond to Your call with boundless compassion,
allowed the Church to be attentive through the “paralysis of routine” received at Baptism.  It teaches us abundant generosity, and radical availability.
both to the voice of the Spirit and (Homily for the XXII World Day that our life is not a fluke but rather
to the life of young men and women, for Consecrated Life, 2 February a gift: that of being God’s beloved Help us to remember our own baptismal call to rouse us to invite the
their questions and concerns, their 2018).  And he immediately made children, gathered in the great next generation to hear and respond to Your call.
problems and their hopes. them a promise: “I will make you family of the Church.  It is precisely
Building on what I shared with the fishers of men” (Mk1:17). in the ecclesial community that the Inspire parents, families, and lay ecclesial ministers to begin a
young people in Panama, I would The Lord’s call is not an intrusion Christian life is born and develops, conversation with young Catholics to consider a how they will live
like to reflect, on this World Day of of God in our freedom; it is not a especially through the liturgy.  The lives of holiness and sacred service.
Prayer for Vocations, on how the “cage” or a burden to be borne.  On liturgy introduces us to God’s word
Lord’s call makes us bearers of a the contrary, it is the loving initiative and the grace of the sacraments; Nudge inquirers and motivate discerners to learn more about
promise and, at the same time, asks whereby God encounters us and from an early age, we are taught the monastic life, apostolic life, missionaries, cloistered contemplative
of us the courage to take a risk, with invites us to be part of a great art of prayer and fraternal sharing.  life, and evangelical Franciscan life.
him and for him.  I will do this by undertaking.  He opens before our In the end, the Church is our mother
reflecting briefly with you on these eyes the horizon of a greater sea and because she brings us to new life Ignite our Church with the confident humility that there is an urgent
two aspects – promise and risk—as an abundant catch. and leads us to Christ.  So we must need for religious sisters, brothers, deacons, and priests to live in
they appear in the Gospel account of God in fact desires that our lives love her, even when we see her face solidarity with those who are poor, neglected, and marginalized.
the calling of the first disciples by the not become banal and predictable, marred by human frailty and sin,
sea of Galilee (Mk 1:16-20). imprisoned by daily routine, or and we must help to make her ever Disrupt our comfortable lives and complacent attitudes with new ideas
Two pairs of brothers—Simon and unresponsive before decisions that more beautiful and radiant, so that to respond courageously and creativity with a daily ‘YES!’
Andrew, and James and John—are could give it meaning.  The Lord she can bear witness to God’s love
going about their daily tasks as does not want us to live from day to in the world. Amen.
fishermen.  In this demanding day, thinking that nothing is worth The Christian life thus finds
work, they had learned the laws fighting for, slowly losing our desire expression in those decisions that,
of nature, yet at times, when the to set out on new and exciting paths.  while giving a precise direction sisters.  Such a decision carries the Lord promises the joy of a new life
winds were adverse and waves shook If at times he makes us experience to our personal journey, also risk of leaving everything behind to that can fill our hearts and enliven
their boats, they had to defy the a “miraculous catch”, it is because contribute to the growth of God’s follow the Lord, to devote ourselves our journey.
elements.  On some days, the catch he wants us to discover that each of kingdom in our world.  I think of completely to him, and to share in Dear friends, it is not always easy
of fish amply repaid their efforts, but us is called—in a variety of ways— the decision to marry in Christ and his work.  Many kinds of interior to discern our vocation and to steer
on others, an entire night’s work was to something grand, and that our to form a family, as well as all those resistance can stand in the way of our life in the right direction.  For
not sufficient to fill their nets, and lives should not grow entangled in other vocations associated with making this decision, especially in this reason, there needs to be a
they had to return to shore weary the nets of an ennui that dulls the work and professional life, with highly secularized contexts where renewed commitment on the part
and disappointed. heart.  Every vocation is a summons the commitment to charity and there no longer seems to be a place of the whole Church – priests,
Much of life is like that.  Each of not to stand on the shore, nets in solidarity, with social and political for God and for the Gospel.  Places religious, pastoral workers and
us tries to realize his or her deepest hand, but to follow Jesus on the path responsibilities, and so forth.  where it is easy to grow discouraged educators – to provide young people
desires; we engage in activities that he has marked out for us, for our These vocations make us bearers and fall into the “weariness of hope” in particular with opportunities for
we hope will prove enriching, and we own happiness and for the good of of a promise of goodness, love and (Homily at Mass with Priests, listening and discernment.  There
put out on a “sea” of possibilities in those around us. justice, not only for ourselves but Consecrated Persons and Lay is a need for a youth ministry and a
the hope of steering the right course, Embracing this promise naturally also for our societies and cultures, Movements, Panama, 26 January vocational promotion that can open
one that will satisfy our thirst for demands the courage to risk making which need courageous Christians 2019). the way to discovering God’s plan,
happiness.  Sometimes we enjoy a decision.  The first disciples, and authentic witnesses of the And yet, there can be no greater joy above all through prayer, meditation
a good catch, while at others, we called by Jesus to be part of kingdom of God. than to risk one’s life for the Lord!  I on God’s word, eucharistic adoration
need courage to keep our boat from something greater, “immediately In encountering the Lord, some would like to say this especially to and spiritual accompaniment.
being tossed by the waves, or we are left their nets and followed him” may feel the attraction of a call to the you, the young.  Do not be deaf to the As was made clear several times
frustrated at seeing our nets come (Mk 1:18).  Responding to the Lord’s consecrated life or to the ordained Lord’s call.  If he calls you to follow during the World Youth Day in
up empty. call involves putting ourselves on the priesthood.  It is a discovery that can this path, do not pull your oars into Panama, we should always look to
As with every call, the Gospel line and facing a great challenge.  It excite and at the same time frighten the boat, but trust him.  Do not yield Mary.  Also in the story of this young
speaks of an encounter.  Jesus means being ready to leave behind us, since we feel called to become to fear, which paralyzes us before woman, vocation was both a promise
walks by, sees those fishermen, whatever would keep us tied to “fishers of men” in the barque of the the great heights to which the Lord and a risk.  Her mission was not
and walks up to them...  The same our little boat and prevent us from Church by giving totally of ourselves points us.  Always remember that easy, yet she did not allow fear to
thing happened when we met the making a definitive choice.  We in commitment to faithful service to those who leave their nets and prevail.  “It was the ‘yes’ of someone
person we wanted to marry, or are called to be bold and decisive of the Gospel and our brothers and boat behind, and follow him, the Courage / B7
B2 FEATURE May 13 - 26 , 2019 Vol. 23 No. 10 CBCP Monitor

Sexual misconduct of some priests:

Cases for the declaration of nullity of sacred ordination (Part II)
By Fr. Jaime B. Achacoso, J.C.D.

LAST 7 May 2019, Pope Francis

issued an Apostolic Letter, Motu
Proprio, entitled Vos estis lux
mundi (“You are the light of the
world”), containing very specific
Norms for the reception and
investigation of allegations of
sexual misconduct by clerics and
members of institutes of consecrated
life. To enter in force on 1 June 2019,
this Apostolic Letter caps a serious
study conducted by the Holy Father
with the help of the Episcopate from
all over the world, to address this
issue once and for all, at the face of
continuing revelations—veritable
public scandals—of such sexual
misconducts by clerics at all levels,
committed decades ago for the most
Thankfully, the Church in
the Philippines has in general
been spared of such scandals.
Nevertheless, despite the lack of
notoriety, such cases do occur and
the Pastors are often at a loss on how
to proceed: to prosecute the erring
cleric (as a matter of penal justice)
or to try to rehabilitate him in the
ministry (with the attendant risk of
provoking a possible scandal in the
future, should the victims come out
The question bears a closer look,
as it opens both theologico-pastoral
and canonical issues.

A Radical Solution: Declaration

of Nullity of Ordination
As we saw in Part I of this article,
if the root of the problem is the
ordination of men who were not Pope Francis prays in front of a candle in memory of victims of sexual abuse as he visits St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral in Dublin Aug. 25, 2018. Pope Francis has revised and clarified norms and procedures for holding
qualified for the priesthood, then the bishops and religious superiors accountable in protecting minors as well as in protecting members of religious orders and seminarians from abuse. PAUL HARING/CNS
radical solution would be to “undo”
that wrong move. Certainly, a valid a certain way, this could even bring candidate—do not affect the validity the force of the promise, at least by This is something similar to
ordination cannot be invalidated: a better closure for the victims, of the ordination, but may affect the force of the law of the Church. the case of fraud—regarding a
once a priest, always a priest. Even who—if they had been dealt with validity of the obligations arising But what if the simulation quality which by itself could render
more than the irrevocable nature of pastorally—would normally not be from such ordination, thereby giving is about an essential quality of marital life difficult—invalidating
a valid matrimonial consent, a valid vindictive, but rather just concerned ground for the subject’s eventual a sacred minister itself? This matrimonial consent. In the case
ordination imprints an indelible for the common good. petition for dispensation from such would be the case of the ordinand of sacred ordination, the ordaining
character that makes the ordained 2nd This clears the way for the obligations. who is aware of a serious lack of bishop obviously has the common
a priest forever. But what if the rehabilitation of the erring person, For the scenario under aptness—e.g., same sex attraction good of the Church in mind in
ordination was invalid? who could now address his issues consideration—i.e., sexual (SSA) or a homosexual orientation, intending to promote the ordinand
More than once, confronted with without the burden of the priesthood. misconduct of clerics for reasons unresolved issues of chastity (like to sacred orders (to be at the
these problems of sexual misconduct 3rd All these, without the character of gender confusion or unresolved addiction to pornography, self- service of such Church). Hence, the
by clerics, I have heard people say— of being a punishment for the erring chastity issues—factors 1-3 above abuse or even addiction to sex), or deliberate concealment of a quality
bishops and priests included—that person, which would be the case if are irrelevant. It is the 4th and the even paedophilia—but nevertheless that would render the candidate
perhaps the erring cleric should a penal process were initiated and a 5th factors that bear closer scrutiny. fraudulently hides such fact from seriously unsuitable for the sacred
never have been ordained. And that sanction meted on him. In short, the his formators or from the bishop or ministry, should vitiate the intention
is the point: if they should never juridic pretension of taking him out Defect of intention on the part superior. In this case, the invalidity to a point that it is invalid, and
have been ordained, might it not of the clerical state is accomplished, of the ordinand would not arise from the serious therefore rendering the ensuing
be juridically proven that they were without it being a sanction. The causes presented to the lack of aptness itself (which as we sacred ordination invalid.
not validly ordained? That is the Holy See have normally involved had seen would cause illicitude but
process for the declaration of nullity Theologico-canonical doctrine an alleged defect of intention on not invalidty), but rather from the Who can impugn the validity of
of sacred ordination, regulated in The theological principle the part of the subject. Now the lack of a valid will for ordination, sacred ordination?
cc.1708-1712 of the Code of Canon underlying this process is that a canonical and theological doctrine since what is being willed is a sacred Can.1708: The right to impugn
Law. It is something similar to the valid sacred ordination can never concerning the intention required ministry falsely understood as the validity of sacred ordination
declaration of nullity of marriage: be annulled, since it marks a for the valid reception of ordination compatible with such vices. is held by the cleric himself, or by
it is not a breaking of the bond person with an indelible character. seems to point at a parallel in the the Ordinary to whom the cleric
(tantamount to divorce), which goes However, the validity of sacred doctrine concerning the intention Defect of intention on the part is subject, or by the Ordinary in
against the indissolubility of the ordination can be impugned on the sufficient for the valid reception of the ordaining minister whose diocese he was ordained.
marriage covenant. Rather, it is a following grounds: (1) the subject of baptism—i.e., a person who has The object of the intention of the This is because it is a question of
declaration—after judicial process— was not a validly baptized male reached the use of reason must ordaining minister is obviously the the cleric’s own status as a person in
that the ordination never validly (cf. cc.849, 1024); (2) the minister have at least the habitual intention ordination of the suitable ordinand. the Church (cf. c.1501), which he is
took place; therefore, the cleric is was not a consecrated bishop (cf. to receive the sacrament. If there is Thus, if the ordinand is in fact entitled to choose freely (cf. cc.219
not such after all. c.1012); (3) there was a substantial no such intention, the ordination is unsuitable, one can speak of a and 1026). On the other hand, the
There is a Spanish proverb that defect of rite (cf. c.1009, §2); (4) not validly received. defect of intention on the part of Ordinary would ordinarily raise
says: muerto el perro, se acabó la there was a defect of intention on If the subject simulates the the ordaining minister due to an such a petition because he suspects
rabia. “With the dog dead, there goes the part of the ordaining minister; intention to receive ordination itself, erroneous object. Furthermore, the invalidity of the ordination
the rabies.” In effect, by declaring (5) there was a defect of intention the sacrament is not validly received, if such an error were brought and does not want to re-ordain the
the nullity of ordination of the on the part of the subject. but if he has the intention to receive about by fraud—i.e., the deliberate subject, for reasons of the common
erring cleric, the following ends are On the other hand, factors that ordination while simulating his concealment by the ordinand of good.
accomplished: concern only the licit reception of intention to assume the obligation of such a serious unsuitability, for the Can.1709:
1st He is taken out of circulation sacred ordination (cf. cc.1025 sq)— celibacy arising from the ordination purpose of illiciting the intention of §1: The petition must be sent
from the sacred ministry, thereby e.g., the existence of an irregularity (cf. c.1037), the ordination is still the ordaining minister—one could to the competent Congregation,
removing any possible harm that he or impediment or a serious valid, and the obligation of celibacy really argue for the invalidity of the which will decide whether the
can further inflict by being there. In unsuitability on the part of the is still considered binding, if not by ordination. Misconduct / B7

Using a ciborium as a chalice

(Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy and dean of theology at the Regina Apostolorum university, answers the following query:)
Q: In an emergency, can a ciborium minute emergency when somebody by impeding that the hosts lie not be overly ornate. hold it up with both hands-free.
be used as a chalice? I understand damages the chalice before Mass perfectly flat. Whatever the cause, Excessive height was to be The common preference for
that the chalice is used for the and it cannot be replaced in a I mentioned my doubt to the priest avoided so as not to impede administrating Communion using
Precious Blood and the ciborium reasonable time. in charge, and a quick exchange of making the signs of the cross over hosts consecrated in the same Mass,
for consecrated hosts, but given In such cases, I would say that the lid on the “ciborium” in the the chalice, and the border of the rather than from the tabernacle,
their similar design (excepting that it is permissible to use a chalice- tabernacle quickly revealed that cup that is touched by the priest’s has led to wider use of smaller
the ciborium has a lid), could one be like ciborium in lieu of the chalice my intuition was correct and lip had to be smooth. Most of tabernacles and this has also led
used for the purpose of the other in proper. Both vessels would probably that somebody had inadvertently these norms take into account to a reduction in the size of the
the event that a chalice or ciborium have been properly blessed to switched the two sacred vessels. the rubrics of the extraordinary ciborium which in many cases no
be broken or damaged, affecting its contain the sacred species, and so Since common sense is the form in which the priest makes longer bears any resemblance to
use? — M.P., Emporia, Kansas the ciborium could legitimately be general rule, it means that there many signs of the cross over the a chalice.
used to contain the Precious Blood. is no general principle in play. It chalice, and above all is required The above are examples of how
A: This is the kind of question in Indeed it is even possible to is obvious that a low ciborium, to keep thumb and index finger some aspects of the liturgy, in this
which common sense rather than confuse them. Not so long ago or one from which it would be together from the consecration case, the design of chalices and
liturgical norms come into play I celebrated Mass in a South difficult to drink without spillage, until the purification including ciboria, are not permanently fixed
— basically because liturgical law American country. While purifying should not be used even in an while holding the chalice. but practically adapt to conform to
does not attempt to foresee every the “chalice” I noticed a small rise emergency. The fact that this gesture no current liturgical practice and law.
eventuality. or bump at the bottom of the cup The rules for making chalices longer exists in the ordinary form, Only rarely do they transgress the
We are clearly not before a grave that caused me some doubt. The used to be relatively strict, even as well as the introduction of law. For example, in some Roman
emergency such as a clandestine inside curvature of a chalice’s cup though various forms were allowed. concelebration, has led to many stores, one still sees for sale fragile
Mass for persecuted Catholics is usually smooth whereas ciboria For example, it was required that innovations in chalice design with ceramic chalices or chalices with a
in a prison camp in which all often have a small rise or bump at the base be wider and heavier than generally larger cups, smaller bases pouring spout even though pouring
liturgical norms cannot be applied. the bottom that apparently makes the cup and that the chalice stem’s and sometimes no chalice stem as the Sacred Species is explicitly
We are rather in a kind of last- it easier to distribute communion central knob be manageable, hence such because the priest can easily forbidden in liturgical law.
CBCP Monitor May 13 - 26 , 2019 Vol. 23 No. 10 FEATURE B3

“Voc estis lux mundi”

Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio by the Supreme Pontiff Francis
“YOU are the light of the world. the faithful. representation of sexual organs methods referred to in the preceding application
A city set on a hill cannot be I desire that this commitment of minors for primarily sexual article, or by any other appropriate The procedural norms referred
hidden” (Mt 5:14). Our Lord Jesus be implemented in a fully ecclesial purposes. means. to in this title concern the conduct
Christ calls every believer to be a manner, so that it may express the §3. When the report concerns one referred to in article 1, carried out
shining example of virtue, integrity communion that keeps us united, Art. 2 – Reception of reports of the persons indicated in article 6, by:
and holiness. All of us, in fact, are in mutual listening and open to and data protection it is to be addressed to the Authority a) Cardinals, Patriarchs, Bishops
called to give concrete witness of the contributions of those who §1. Taking into account the identified based upon articles 8 and and Legates of the Roman Pontiff;
faith in Christ in our lives and, in care deeply about this process of provisions that may be adopted by the 9. The report can always be sent to b) clerics who are, or who have
particular, in our relationship with conversion. respective Episcopal Conferences, the Holy See directly or through the been, the pastoral heads of a
others. Therefore, I decree: by the Synods of the Bishops of Pontifical Representative. particular Church or of an entity
The crimes of sexual abuse the Patriarchal Churches and the §4. The report shall include as assimilated to it, Latin or Oriental,
offend Our Lord, cause physical, TITLE I Major Archiepiscopal Churches, or many particulars as possible, such including the Personal Ordinariates,
psychological and spiritual GENERAL PROVISIONS by the Councils of Hierarchs of the as indications of time and place of for the acts committed durante
damage to the victims and harm Metropolitan Churches sui iuris, the facts, of the persons involved munere;
the community of the faithful. Art. 1 – Scope of application the Dioceses or the Eparchies, or informed, as well as any other c) clerics who are or who have
In order that  these phenomena, §1. These norms apply to reports individually or together, must circumstance that may be useful been in the past leaders of a
in all their forms, never happen regarding clerics or members of establish within a year from the in order to ensure an accurate Personal Prelature, for the acts
again, a continuous and profound Institutes of Consecrated Life or entry into force of these norms, one assessment of the facts. committed durante munere;
conversion of hearts is needed, Societies of Apostolic Life and or more public, stable and easily §5. Information can also be d) those who are, or who have
attested by concrete and effective concerning: accessible systems for submission of acquired ex officio. been, supreme moderators of
actions that involve everyone a) delicts against the sixth reports, even through the institution Institutes of Consecrated Life
in the Church, so that personal commandment of the Decalogue of a specific ecclesiastical office.  The Art. 4 – Protection of the or of Societies of Apostolic Life
sanctity and moral commitment consisting of: Dioceses and the Eparchies shall person submitting the report of Pontifical right, as well as of
can contribute to promoting the full i.        forcing someone, by violence inform the Pontifical Representative §1. Making a report pursuant monasteries sui iuris, with respect
credibility of the Gospel message or threat or through abuse of of the establishment of the systems to article 3 shall not constitute a to the acts committed durante
and the effectiveness of the Church’s authority, to perform or submit to referred to in this paragraph. violation of office confidentiality. munere.
mission. This becomes possible only sexual acts; §2. The information referred to in §2. Except as provided for by
with the grace of the Holy Spirit ii.       performing sexual acts with this article is protected and treated canons 1390 CIC and 1452 and Art. 7 – Competent Dicastery
poured into our hearts, as we must a minor or a vulnerable person; in such a way as to guarantee its 1454 CCEO, prejudice, retaliation §1. For the purposes of this title,

A prelate reverences the crucifix during a penitential liturgy held as part of the meeting on the protection of minors in the church at the Vatican Feb. 23, 2019. The summit brought together the pope and 190 church leaders -- presidents of bishops’ conferences,
the heads of the Eastern Catholic churches, superiors of men’s and women’s religious orders and Roman Curia officials. CNS/VATICAN MEDIA
always keep in mind the words of iii.      the production, exhibition, safety, integrity and confidentiality or discrimination as a consequence “competent Dicastery” means the
Jesus: “Apart from me you can do possession or distribution, including pursuant to canons 471, 2° CIC and of having submitted a report is Congregation for the Doctrine of
nothing” (Jn 15:5). Even if so much by electronic means, of child 244 §2, 2° CCEO. prohibited and may constitute the the Faith, regarding the delicts
has already been accomplished, we pornography, as well as by the §3. Except as provided for by conduct referred to in article 1 §1, reserved to it by the norms in force,
must continue to learn from the recruitment of or inducement of article 3 §3, the Ordinary who letter b). as well as, in all other cases and as
bitter lessons of the past, looking a minor or a vulnerable person received the report shall transmit §3. An obligation to keep silent far as their respective jurisdiction is
with hope towards the future. to participate in pornographic it without delay to the Ordinary of may not be imposed on any person concerned, based on the proper law
This responsibility falls, above all, exhibitions; the place where the events are said with regard to the contents of his or of the Roman Curia:
on the successors of the Apostles, b) conduct carried out by the to have occurred, as well as to the her report. - the Congregation for the Oriental
chosen by God to be pastoral leaders subjects referred to in article 6, Ordinary of the person reported, Churches;
of his People, and demands from consisting of actions or omissions who proceed according to the law Art. 5 – Care for persons - the Congregation for Bishops;
them a commitment to follow closely intended to interfere with provided for the specific case. §1. The ecclesiastical Authorities - the Congregation for the
the path of the Divine Master. or avoid civil investigations or §4. For the purposes of this title, shall commit themselves to ensuring Evangelization of Peoples;
Because of their ministry, in fact, canonical investigations, whether Eparchies are equated with Dioceses that those who state that they - the Congregation for the Clergy;
Bishops, “as vicars and legates administrative or penal, against a and the Hierarch is equated with the have been harmed, together with - the Congregation for Institutes
of Christ, govern the particular cleric or a religious regarding the Ordinary. their families, are to be treated of Consecrated Life and Societies
churches entrusted to them by their delicts referred to in letter a) of this with dignity and respect, and, in of Apostolic
counsel, exhortations, example, paragraph. Art. 3 – Reporting particular, are to be: Life.
and even by their authority and §2. For the purposes of these §1. Except as provided for by a) welcomed, listened to and
sacred power, which indeed they norms, canons 1548 §2 CIC and 1229 §2 supported, including through §2. In order to ensure the best
use only for the edification of a) “minor” means: any person CCEO, whenever a cleric or a member provision of specific services; coordination, the competent
their flock in truth and holiness, under the age of eighteen, or who of an Institute of Consecrated Life or b) offered spiritual assistance; Dicastery informs the Secretariat
remembering that he who is greater is considered by law to be the of a Society of Apostolic Life has c) offered medical assistance, of State, and the other Dicasteries
should become as the lesser and equivalent of a minor; notice of, or well-founded motives including therapeutic and directly concerned, of the report and
he who is the chief become as the b) “vulnerable person” means: to believe that, one of the facts psychological assistance, as required the outcome of the investigation.
servant” (Second Vatican Council, any person in a state of infirmity, referred to in article 1 has been by the specific case. §3. The communications
Dogmatic Constitution Lumen physical or mental deficiency, or committed, that person is obliged §2. The good name and the privacy referred to in this title between
Gentium, 27). What more closely deprivation of personal liberty to report promptly the fact to the of the persons involved, as well as the Metropolitan and the Holy See
concerns the successors of the which, in fact, even occasionally, local Ordinary where the events are the confidentiality of their personal take place through the Pontifical
Apostles concerns all those who, in limits their ability to understand said to have occurred or to another data, shall be protected. Representative.
various ways, assume ministries in or to want or otherwise resist the Ordinary among those referred to  
the Church, or profess the evangelical offence; in canons 134 CIC and 984 CCEO, TITLE II Art. 8 – Procedure applicable
counsels, or are called to serve the c) “child pornography” means: except for what is established by §3 PROVISIONS CONCERNING in the event of a report
Christian People. Therefore, it is any representation of a minor, of the present article. BISHOPS AND THEIR concerning a Bishop of the
good that procedures be universally regardless of the means used, §2. Any person can submit a EQUIVALENTS Latin Church
adopted to prevent and combat involved in explicit sexual activities, report concerning the conduct §1. The Authority that receives a
these crimes that betray the trust of whether real or simulated, and any referred to in article 1, using the Art. 6 – Subjective scope of Voc / B4
B4 FEATURE May 13 - 26 , 2019 Vol. 23 No. 10 CBCP Monitor
Voc / B3

Clerical sex abuse survivors and their supporters rally outside Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome Feb. 21, 2019. PAUL HARING/CNS

report transmits it both to the Holy immediately requests, from the into account their status. cooperation that can be offered by bound to present an account to the
See and to the Metropolitan of the competent Dicastery, that he §3. In the event that there are the lay faithful pursuant to canons administrator at the conclusion of
Ecclesiastical Province where the be assigned to commence the well-founded motives to conclude 228 CIC and 408 CCEO. the investigation.
person reported is domiciled. investigation. If the Metropolitan that information or documents §2. The Metropolitan, however, is
§2. If the report concerns the considers the report manifestly concerning the investigation are at free to choose other equally qualified Art. 17 – Transmission of the
Metropolitan, or the Metropolitan unfounded, he shall so inform the risk of being removed or destroyed, persons. documents and the votum
See is vacant, it shall be forwarded to Pontifical Representative. the Metropolitan shall take the §3. Any person assisting the §1. Having completed the
the Holy See, as well as to the senior §2. The Dicastery shall proceed necessary measures for their Metropolitan in the investigation investigation, the Metropolitan
suffragan Bishop by promotion, without delay, and in any case preservation. is required to act impartially and shall transmit the acts to the
to whom, if such is the case, the within thirty days from the receipt §4. Even when making use of must be free of conflicts of interest. competent Dicastery, together with
following provisions regarding the of the first report by the Pontifical other persons, the Metropolitan If he considers himself to be in a his  votum  regarding the results of
Metropolitan apply. Representative or the request for nevertheless remains responsible conflict of interest or be unable to the investigation and in response
§3. In the event that the report the assignment by the Metropolitan, for the direction and conduct of maintain the necessary impartiality to any queries contained in the
concerns a Papal Legate, it shall providing the appropriate the investigation, as well as for the required to guarantee the integrity instructions issued under article
be transmitted directly to the instructions on how to proceed in timely execution of the instructions of the investigation, he is obliged 10 §2.
Secretariat of State. the specific case. referred to in article 10 §2. to recuse himself and report the §2. Unless there are further
§5. The Metropolitan shall be circumstances to the Metropolitan. instructions from the competent
Art. 9 – Procedure applicable Art. 11 – Entrusting the assisted by a notary freely appointed §4. The persons assisting the Dicastery, the faculties of the
to Bishops of Eastern Catholic investigation to a person other pursuant to canons 483 §2 CIC and Metropolitan shall take an oath to Metropolitan cease once the
Churches than the Metropolitan 253 §2 CCEO. fulfil their charge properly. investigation is completed.
§1. Reports concerning a §1. If the competent Dicastery §6. The Metropolitan is required to §3. In compliance with the
Bishop of a Patriarchal, Major considers it appropriate to entrust act impartially and free of conflicts of Art. 14 – Duration of the instructions of the competent
Archiepiscopal or Metropolitan the investigation to a person interest. If he considers himself to be investigation Dicastery, the Metropolitan, upon
Church sui iuris shall be forwarded other than the Metropolitan, the in a conflict of interest or is unable to §1. The investigation is to be request, shall inform the person who
to the respective Patriarch, Major Metropolitan is so informed. The maintain the necessary impartiality completed within the term of ninety has alleged an offence, or his/her
Archbishop or Metropolitan of the Metropolitan delivers all relevant to guarantee the integrity of the days or within a term otherwise legal representatives, of the outcome
Church sui iuris. information and documents to the investigation, he is obliged to recuse provided for by the instructions of the investigation.
§2. If the report concerns a person appointed by the Dicastery. himself and report the circumstance referred to in article 10 §2.
Metropolitan of a Patriarchal or §2. In the case referred to in to the competent Dicastery. §2. Where there are just reasons, Art. 18 – Subsequent
Major Archiepiscopal Church, the previous paragraph, the §7. The person under investigation the Metropolitan may request that measures
who exercises his office within following provisions relating to enjoys the presumption of innocence. the competent Dicastery extend the Unless it decides to provide for
the territory of these Churches, the Metropolitan apply to the § 8. The Metropolitan, if requested term. a supplementary investigation, the
it is forwarded to the respective person charged with conducting by the competent Dicastery, informs competent Dicastery proceeds in
Patriarch or Major Archbishop. the investigation. the person of the investigation Art. 15 - Precautionary accordance with the law provided
§3. In the preceding cases, the concerning him/her, hears his/her measures for the specific case.
Authority who receives the report Art. 12 – Carrying out the account of the facts and invites him/ Should the facts or circumstances
shall also forward it to the Holy See. investigation her to present a brief in defence. In require it, the Metropolitan shall Art. 19 – Compliance with
§4. If the person reported is a §1. Once he has been appointed by such cases, the investigated person propose to the competent Dicastery state laws
Bishop or a Metropolitan outside the competent Dicastery and acting may be assisted by legal counsel. the adoption of provisions or These norms apply without
the territory of the Patriarchal, in compliance with the instructions §9. Every thirty days, the appropriate precautionary measures prejudice to the rights and
the Major Archiepiscopal or the received, the Metropolitan, either Metropolitan sends a status report with regard to the person under obligations established in each
Metropolitan Church sui iuris, the personally or through one or more on the state of the investigation to investigation. place by state laws, particularly
report shall be forwarded to the suitable persons: the competent Dicastery. those concerning any reporting
Holy See. a) collects relevant information Art. 16 – Establishment of a obligations to the competent civil
§5. In the event that the report regarding the facts; Art. 13 – Involvement of fund authorities.
concerns a Patriarch, a Major b) accesses the information qualified persons §1. Ecclesiastical Provinces, The present norms are
Archbishop, a Metropolitan of a and documents necessary for the §1. In accordance with any Episcopal Conferences, Synods of approved  ad experimentum for
Church sui iuris or a Bishop of the purpose of the investigation kept in eventual directives of the Episcopal Bishops and Councils of Hierarchs three years.
other Eastern Catholic Churches sui the archives of ecclesiastical offices; Conference, of the Synod of Bishops may create a fund, to be established I establish that the present
iuris, it shall be forwarded to the c) obtains the cooperation of other or of the Council of Hierarchs according to the norms of canons Apostolic Letter in the form of Motu
Holy See. Ordinaries or Hierarchs whenever regarding how to assist the 116 and 1303 §1, 1° CIC and 1047 Proprio be promulgated by means
§ 6. The following provisions necessary; Metropolitan in conducting the CCEO and administered according of publication in the Osservatore
relating to the Metropolitan apply to d) requests information from investigation, the Bishops of the to the norms of canon law, whose Romano, entering into force on 1
the ecclesiastical Authority to which individuals and institutions, respective Province, individually purpose is to sustain the costs of the June 2019, and then published in
the report is to be forwarded based including civil institutions, that are or together, may establish lists investigations. the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.
on this article. able to provide useful elements for of qualified persons from which §2. At the request of the appointed
the investigation. the Metropolitan may choose Metropolitan, the funds necessary Given in Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on
Art. 10 – Initial duties of the §2. If it is necessary to hear from those most suitable to assist in for the purpose of the investigation 7 May 2019, the seventh year of my
Metropolitan a minor or a vulnerable person, the investigation, according to the are made available to him by Pontificate.
§1. Unless the report is manifestly the Metropolitan shall adopt needs of the individual case and, in the administrator of the fund;  
unfounded, the Metropolitan appropriate procedures, which take particular, taking into account the the Metropolitan remain duty- FRANCIS
CBCP Monitor May 13 - 26 , 2019 Vol. 23 No. 10 FEATURE B5

Letter sent by the Holy Father for

the Event “Economy of Francesco”
(The event will be held on March 26-28, 2020)
TO Young Economists and place a new economic model, the
Entrepreneurs Worldwide fruit of a culture of communion
based on fraternity and equality.
Dear Friends, Francis of Assisi is the outstanding
I am writing to invite you to take example of care for the vulnerable
part in an initiative very close to my and of an integral ecology. I think
heart.  An event that will allow me of the words spoken to him from the
to encounter young men and women Crucifix in the little church of San
studying economics and interested Damiano: “Go, Francis, repair my
in a different kind of economy: one house, which, as you see, is falling
that brings life not death, one that is into ruin”. The repair of that house
inclusive and not exclusive, humane concerns all of us. It concerns the
and not dehumanizing, one that Church, society and the heart of each
cares for the environment and does individual. Increasingly, it concerns
not despoil it.  An event that will the environment, which urgently
help bring us together and allow us demands a sound economy and a
to meet one another and eventually sustainable development that can
enter into a “covenant” to change heal its wounds and assure us of a
today’s economy and to give a soul worthy future.
to the economy of tomorrow. Given this urgent need, each one
Surely there is a need to “re- of us is called to rethink his or her
animate” the economy!  And where mental and moral priorities, to
better to do so than Assisi, which has bring them into greater conformity
for centuries eloquently symbolized with God’s commandments and the
a humanism of fraternity? Saint demands of the common good. But
John Paul II chose Assisi as the icon I thought especially of inviting you
of a culture of peace. For me, it is young people, because your desire
also a fitting place to inspire a new for a better and happier future
economy. There Francis stripped makes you even now a prophetic
himself of all worldliness in order sign, pointing towards an economy
to choose God as the compass of attentive to the person and to the
his life, becoming poor with the environment.
poor, a brother to all. His decision Dear young people, I know that
to embrace poverty also gave rise to you can hear in your hearts the ever
a vision of economics that remains more anguished plea of the earth
most timely. A vision that can give and its poor, who cry out for help
hope to our future and benefit not and for responsibility, for people
only the poorest of the poor, but who will respond and not turn The Basilica of St. Francis is seen in Assisi, Italy, Sept. 6, 2011. Pope Francis has invited young economists and entrepreneurs to take part in an initiative to be
our entire human family. A vision away. If you listen to what your launched in Assisi March 26-28, 2020. The initiative seeks to find new ways to do business, promote human dignity and protect the environment. PAUL HARING/CNS
that is also necessary for the fate heart tells you, you will feel part
of the entire planet, our common of a new and courageous culture, to those who have none and for the dream of a new humanism young people, who are capable of
home, “our sister Mother Earth”, you will not be afraid to face risks proposing new styles of life. Only responsive to the expectations of dreaming and who are prepared to
in the words of Saint Francis in and work to build a new society. when our economic and social men and women and to the plan build, with the help of God, a more
his Canticle of the Sun. The risen Jesus is our strength! system no longer produces even a of God. just and beautiful world.
In my Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’, As I told you in Panama and I single victim, a single person cast The name of this event—Economy Our meeting is planned for 26 to
I emphasized that, today more than wrote in my Post-Synodal Apostolic aside, will we be able to celebrate the of Francesco—clearly evokes the 28 March 2020. Together with the
ever, everything is deeply connected Exhortation Christus Vivit: “Please, feast of universal fraternity. Holy Man of Assisi and the Gospel Bishop of Assisi, whose predecessor
and that the safeguarding of the do not leave it to others to be That is why I would like to that he lived in complete consistency, Guido, eight centuries ago, received
environment cannot be divorced protagonists of change. You are the meet you in Assisi: so that we also on the social and economic the young Francis in his house when
from ensuring justice for the poor ones who hold the future! Through can promote together, through level. Saint Francis offers us an ideal he made the prophetic gesture of his
and finding answers to the structural you, the future enters into the world. a common “covenant”, a process and, in some sense, a programme. stripping, I count on receiving you
problems of the global economy. We I ask you also to be protagonists of of global change. One in which For me, who took his name, he is a myself. I await you and even now, I
need to correct models of growth this transformation… I ask you to not only believers but all men constant source of inspiration. greet you and I give you my blessing.
incapable of guaranteeing respect build the future, to work for a better and women of good will, beyond With you, and through you, I Please, do not forget to pray for me.
for the environment, openness to world” (No. 174). differences of creed and nationality, will appeal to some of our best
life, concern for the family, social Your universities, your businesses can participate, inspired by an ideal economists and entrepreneurs
equality, the dignity of workers and and your organizations are of fraternity attentive above all to who are already working on the From the Vatican, 1 May 2019
the rights of future generations. workshops of hope for creating new the poor and excluded. I invite each global level to create an economy Memorial of Saint Joseph the
Sadly, few have heard the appeal ways of understanding the economy of you to work for this covenant, consistent with these ideals. I am Worker
to acknowledge the gravity of the and progress, for combating the committing yourselves individually confident that they will respond.  
problems and, even more, to set in culture of waste, for giving voice and in groups to cultivate together And I am confident above all in you FRANCIS

UN Forum on Forest
(Statement by H.E. Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Apostolic Nuncio, Permanent Observer of the Holy See, during Fourteenth Session of
the United Nations Forum on Forests; New York, 6 May 2019)
Mr. Chair, of the poor.”[2] – since everything is interconnected – is
It is becoming increasingly clear that forests The Holy See is convinced that the decisions fundamental to promoting the dignity of each
need attention and protection — both that we make must be undertaken with the full individual, the common good of society, social
in themselves and because of the many and meaningful participation of those who will progress, and care for the environment. In
contributions they make to the rest of the be most impacted by them. the Amazon Basin, integral ecology is key to
human and natural environments. Indeed, Conservation of the forests cannot be responding to the challenge of caring for the
there is still so much unknown and yet to be realized at the expense of those communities immense wealth of its environmental and
learned about the forests of the earth! Yet the who have been living there for centuries. cultural biodiversity.
rapid destruction of forests in our times is Indeed, their lives experienced in harmony In fact, the Amazon Basin encompasses
depleting their biodiversity so quickly that the with nature very often contribute positively the last great rainforest, which, despite
full extent of our loss might never be known. to demands of intergenerational solidarity the harmful intrusions it has suffered and
The species that call the forests home also risk and the universal destination of the goods of continues to suffer, remains the largest
extinction. As Pope Francis noted last year, the earth. These communities must become forested area in our Earth’s tropical zone.
“The loss of jungles and forests means not protagonists of environmental conservation Recognizing the Amazon territory as a basin
only the loss of species, which could also be and their rights and values must be respected. that transcends the borders between countries
extremely important resources for the future, The forests will be sustainably managed only facilitates a unified view of the region and
but also the loss of vital relationships that with “the constant and active involvement is essential for the promotion of integral
could end up altering the entire ecosystem.” of local people from within their proper development and ecology.
As the majority of the world’s population [1] culture.”[3]
now lives in urban areas, it is increasingly Mr. Chair,
easy to overlook the vital, irreplaceable role Mr. Chair, My Delegation heartily supports the efforts
played by forests. It is our hope that the work My Delegation is particularly concerned of this Forum to bring about an integral
of this Forum will again refocus our attention with the fate of the Amazon, also in view of improvement in the quality of human life,
on the crucial need for sustainable forest the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon especially of those left behind, which entails
management. Region, which will be held in the Vatican considering the settings in which people live,
At the same time, great human suffering this October. The upcoming Synod has as its including forests. Better management of our
arises from wanton destruction of the theme, “New Paths for the Church and for an forest resources is a crucial part in our care for
forests. Many depend on the forests for their Integral Ecology.” Last year, on his visit to our common home and for those who live in it.
Archbishop Bernardito Auza, the Vatican’s permanent observer
to the United Nations. GREGORY A. SHEMITZ/CNS dwelling, livelihood, cultural heritage, and Peru, Pope Francis spoke of the Amazon and Thank you, Mr. Chair.
social structure. The loss of forests can fall its unique position as “the largest tropical
MR. Chair, disproportionately on such people. Yet, in a forest and the most extensive river system ------------------
The Holy See is pleased to participate cruel paradox, great poverty can also drive on the planet. This ‘lung’, as it has been 1. Pope Francis, Meeting with Authorities, the Civil
in this Fourteenth Session of the United this destruction. called, is one of the world’s regions of great Society and the Diplomatic Corps, Lima, 19 January
Nations Forum on Forests to address the Desperation can lead to the destruction biodiversity, as it is home to a vast variety 2018.
implementation of the UN Strategic Plan of forests for industrial development and of species.”[4] For this reason, “We have 2. Pope Francis, Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’, 49
agricultural use that may yield shortterm to break with the historical paradigm that (original emphasis).
for Forests 2017-2030. Per the Forum’s
3. Pope Francis, Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’, 144
Quadrennial Programme of Work, this Session benefits but inflict long-term costs. “A true views Amazonia as an inexhaustible source of (original emphasis).
will be devoted to technical discussion. My ecological approach,” as Pope Francis has supplies for other countries without concern 4. Pope Francis, Meeting with Authorities, the Civil
Delegation is hopeful that the practical issues reminded us, “always becomes a social for its inhabitants.”[5] Society and the Diplomatic Corps, Lima, 19 January
deliberated in the next several days will lead approach; it must integrate questions of Since human beings are part of the 2018.
to concrete steps translating the goals of forest justice in debates on the environment, so as ecosystems that facilitate the relationships 5. Pope Francis, Meeting with Indigenous People of
protection into reality. to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry giving life to our planet, caring for them Amazonia, 19 January 2018.
B6 REFLECTIONS May 13 - 26 , 2019 Vol. 23 No. 10 CBCP Monitor

The Holy Spirit as the Church’s guarantee The condition to enjoy a

of continuity of Jesus’ cause foretaste of heaven
6th Sunday of Easter, Year C, John 14:23-29 6th Sunday of Easter, Year C, John 14:23-29
May 26, 2019 May 26, 2019
By Msgr. Lope C. Robredillo, SThD By Fr. Sal Putzu, SDB

IT is a matter of consistency—those Love. They will enjoy the essence of

who claim to believe in Christ heaven, already in this life.
and love him have to prove it This will be just a foretaste, of
through their actions. Jesus is not course, since the fullness of heaven
satisfied with verbal protestations lies beyond the many limitations of
of love and faithfulness. He wants our earthly life. But it will be a real
action. Already at the beginning foretaste, nonetheless, which fills
of his public life, he had warned the soul of the “genuine believer”
his disciples, “Not everyone who with divine splendor, insight, and
calls me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the peace. It is the splendor coming
Kingdom of heaven, but only those from the glory of the Father. (See
who DO the will of my Father” (Mt Rv 21:23.) It is the insight deriving
7:21). Later on, he proclaimed that from the presence of the Spirit. (See
he considers as his closest relative Jn 14:26.) It is the peace produced
whoever DOES God’s will. (See Mk in our hearts by the self-gift of the
3:35.) Son. (See Jn 14:27.)
In his discourse at the Last All this spells a unique dignity for
Supper, the test of love is even more every human being. Man is great
personal: “Anyone who loves me on account of his intelligence, his
will be true to my word” (Jn 14:23). moral and artistic achievements,
Conversely, failure to be true to his and for the call to be with God
word signifies a lack of love for him. forever. But every human being is
LIKE the previous Sunday’s, person, Jesus could not have death? Will his departure spell (See v. 24.) especially great because he/she can
today’s Gospel forms part of Jesus’ taught everything to his disciples, the end of the community? To be true to Jesus’ word means to be the temple of the Blessed Trinity
farewell discourses placed by John nor could he have, considering the It is on account of these problems accept it in faith and to value it as the already in this life. The condition to
in the context of the last supper. circumstances of his death, done that in John the supper discourses most precious treasure; to take it as actualize this potential is threefold,
Though, historically, these it completely. And even without look beyond Jesus’ death to the one’s own highest inspiration in life; as it is spelled out by Jesus himself:
discourses could be understood in adverting to Mark’s portrait of resurrection. After his physical and to live by it, no matter what the • to open one’s heart to him in
a situation wherein the community t h e d i s c i p l e s w h o f re qu e n t l y departure, Jesus will remain cost. Such a cost may sometimes be humble faith,
of John was expelled from the misunderstood Jesus, it was with the community of disciples very high indeed. But the reward is • to love him tenderly, and
synagogue, yet they are meant to simply impossible for them, as through his spiritual presence: higher still. God will bless with His • to be true to his word.
answer the problems spawned by historical persons, to understand “I will ask the Father to give you continuous presence the believers
Jesus’ physical departure from the everything he taught them. And another Paraclete—to be with who have learned how to live by Then heaven dawns on earth and
disciples. Once Jesus sits at the there are other related problems. you always” (John 14:16). The the word of Christ. Then their lives the hearts of human beings become
right hand of the Father in heaven, For instance, who will sustain the Spirit is thus none other than the will take on a new dimension – the the most precious shrines in which
who will continue his teaching and disciples in the aftermath of the spiritual presence of Jesus. Jesus dimension of communion with the Father, Son, and Spirit love to
work? Like any other historical shattering experience of Jesus’ Holy Spirit / B7 Father, the Son, and the Spirit of dwell.

Jesus’ Ascension as an assurance of our

participation in His heavenly glory
Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, Year C, Luke 24:40-53,
June 2, 2019
By Msgr. Lope C. Robredillo, SThD

IN OLD TESTAMENT and that is above every other name”

Intertestamental Literature, (Phil 2:9). “God exalted him at his
voyage from earth to heaven is a right hand as leader and savior”
widespread motif. The journey of (Acts 5:30a). It also indicates
Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Baruch, and the start of his glorification and
Abraham easily comes to mind. his enthronement at God’s right
The Book of Enoch, for instance, hand: “Was it not necessary that
recounts how this son of Jared was the Messiah should suffer these
taken up into the heavens, and was things and enter into his glory?”
appointed guardian of heavenly (Luke 24:26); “Jesus Christ who
treasures, chief of the archangels, has gone into heaven and is at the
and attendant upon God’s celestial right hand of God, with angels,
throne. Of course, in ancient authorities, and powers subject
religions, we even find a detailed to him” (1 Pet 3:21c-22). As a
account of the voyage through high priest, he passed through the
the seven spheres of heaven with heavens (Heb 4:14) and entered
their gates, hostile spirits and the heavenly sanctuary (9:24).
other obstacles. But the Christian These images and meanings are,
understanding of the ascension of of course, related to Jesus’ coming
Jesus is quite different. In Luke, into God’s presence.
for example, it signifies the end of But what about his relationship
Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem and to us? Since Jesus is now an
his earthly ministry, a beginning exalted and glorified Lord, the
of his exaltation, and a new way of mode of his presence changed.
his presence among us. Jesus entered into a new form
To stress that the ascension of presence with his disciples,
marks the end of Jesus’ journey with us, and in the world. He is
to Jerusalem and of his earthly present to his disciples on earth
ministry, it may be noted that with in a spiritual way. With us, he is
his account of Jesus’ ascension especially present in his signs—in
(Luke 24:50-53), Luke’s narrative his word, in his minister, in the
on the journey to Jerusalem comes assembly, in the Eucharist and the
to a close. In Luke 9:51, Jesus, sacraments, and among others,
whom the Samaritans did not among the poor. But his presence
welcome, resolutely determined among us and in the world is the
to journey to the city, where the beginning of the parousia. This
ultimate rejection awaited him. has been initiated into the world,
Here in the farewell scene, that but in a hidden form. For this
journey is completed, as Jesus reason, ascension serves as a
blesses his disciples. At the same principle of hope, an anticipation
time, this sets the end of Luke’s of glory for those who proclaim
account of the story of Jesus, for his death and resurrection in their
just as it began in Jerusalem, lives. His invisible presence in his
with Zechariah unable to bless signs will be disclosed definitively
the people gathered in the temple in his return in glory. The preface
(Luke 1:21-22), so it ends in proper to the feast puts it this way:
Jerusalem, with the disciples “Mediator between God and man,
praising God in the temple, after judge of the world and Lord of
Jesus blessed them (Luke 24:52). hosts, he ascended, not to distance
The ascension, therefore, marks himself from our lowly state, but
the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry. that we, his members, might be
In ascending, Jesus entered confident of following where he,
into God’s presence. This is the our Head and Founder, has gone
essential meaning of “going up” or before.”
“ascending far above all heavens” What does this mean in simple
(Eph 4:10). language? That Jesus must
This, of course, is only one side ascend—this brought sorrow to his
of the coin. The other is that it disciples. But they were assured
signifies the beginning of Jesus’ of his presence of another kind. Of
exaltation: “God greatly exalted course, life is a series of arrivals
him and bestowed on him the name Ascension / B7
CBCP Monitor May 13 - 26 , 2019 Vol. 23 No. 10 SOCIAL CONCERNS B7

Why the climate is changing

By Fr. Shay Cullen

THE students are on the streets,

waving banners, banging drums,
singing, chanting, and calling for an
end to the causes driving climate
change that is wrecking the planet.
They see the global warming caused
by huge amounts of CO2 and methane
gases heating up the environment and
causing the melting of the ice cap on a
gigantic scale never seen before. They
want to close coal-fired power plants
and governments to install renewable
wind and solar power farms and
geothermal generators to provide the
electricity we need.
They are the voice of the planet; they
are its feelings and its cry for help. The
planet is, in many ways, dying and
the human species, its magnificent
creation, is a vengeful child killing its
parent by savage greed. The warmer
atmosphere is evaporating more
water from the oceans, causing more
frequent powerful rainstorms as
never before. They, the children,
the teenagers, the youth, want and
demand a clean planet free from
poison chemicals and pollution and
the burning of fossil fuels.
They say enough, stop it and give
us and our
future children a clean planet.
They want to stop the acid rain. It is
poisoning the fish and the land and
the people that eat the fish. They are
demanding the skeptical reluctant
politicians to take political action to
cut CO2 gases and stop the damage
to the planet.
I saw the negative and damaging
impact of climate change on the lives
of ordinary Filipino people when This Oct. 4, 2015 file photo shows religious groups join a “climate walk” in Manila to call on the government to address climate change. CARITAS PHILIPPINES
I went to visit the Aeta indigenous
farmers in our Preda fair trade mango the rain forests by cutting and and mismanagement. group to do so internationally certified we are at war with the earth, we
project. They live on the mountains of exporting logs to rebuild Europe and Rural poverty has increased and the by Naturland. They live in poor are at war with ourselves. When
Zambales and they were once forest Japan after the Second World War. poor have abandoned the land and the villages but eat and produce healthy, we hurt the planet earth, we hurt
dwellers, hunters and gatherers. Only 3 percent of forest cover is left shores and migrated, like refugees, nutritious natural grown food. ourselves for we are one with it. We
They survived for 30,000 years, in isolated areas around the nation. to the slums of the big cities. There Susan, an Aeta village chief, humans have evolved from its soil,
anthropologists say. The bare hills were stripped of their they live in squalor, a once proud self- a woman, explains how they its chemistry, and its life forms. The
They are an amazing people with topsoil by the increased rainfall and sufficient people, reduced to barely experience climate change. She earth is our mother that gave us
a culture and customs that would the brown earth was eroded and surviving. They squat in the shadows tells of the unexpected rainstorms life and we are its consciousnesses.
put many a Western community washed into the sea. This soil covered of the rich that live in luxurious that destroy the mango blossoms. Through us, the planet and the
to shame. They have more gender the coral and the smaller fish died condominiums. They eat ‘pagpag’ to There have been no mango fruits for universe reflects and contemplates
equality- women as tribal leaders, out and the bigger fish migrated to survive- that is the boiled left-overs three years in their mountains. It is its own self because we are its brain,
men that carry the children on their deeper waters. Coastal fisher families scraped from the food plates of the the rebuke of a wounded and hurt the thinking being and the planet is
backs, a plant based medical practice were catching less and in the deeper rich that eat in the posh restaurants nature. It feels the pain of neglect conscious and self-aware through
that has kept them alive for thousands waters foreign fishing fleets raided and hotels. and convulses in agony with the us.
of years. They are under threat from the Philippine seas as the Chinese But the Aetas have not become death of plants and forests animals Every one of us has to redeem
climate change. They have lost their do today. refugees in their own country. driven to extinction. Landslides the failures of the human race that
rain forests and the climate will Only rough grass and bushes grow They have struggled to survive by scar the hills, rivers are polluted, is destroying ourselves and the
never revert again to be a balanced on the bare mountains. The climate continuing to adapt to climate change chickens die, children cry and earth. We must cry out and take to
harmonious influence for growth has changed as a result. The rice by planting and growing their own sickness is more frequent. the streets in peaceful non-violent
if we do not stop the warming. The harvest that should feed millions of root crops, vegetables in a natural We are destroying our own habitat protest and claim our rights as
greed of the ruling elite families with people has been lost in recent years. and organic way. They produce fair and eliminating our role as the belonging to a clean healthy planet
international corporations devastated Prices have risen through corruption trade organic mangos, the only such planet’s self-awareness. When of which we are an intimate part.

Courage / B1 Holy Spirit / B6

prepared to be committed, someone clear or sure in advance” (Vigil with is the first paraclete, and the Holy that they were able to understand on you any burden beyond that
willing to take a risk, ready to Young People, Panama, 26 January Spirit is another. Jesus and the the saying, “Destroy this temple which is strictly necessary” (Acts
stake everything she had, with no 2019). Spirit resemble each other: both and in three days I will raise it 15:28). As a great Johannine
more security than the certainty of are sent by the Father (3:17, 4:26) up” (1:19). In addition, what commentator, Hoskyns, puts it,
knowing that she was the bearer of On this World Day of Prayer for both remain with the disciples Jesus spoke of implicitly, the “the Spirit’s work is more than
a promise.  I ask each one of you: Vocations, let us join in prayer and (14:20; 14:17), and both guide Spirit will make it explicit. He a reminiscence of the ipsissima
Do you see yourselves as bearers of ask the Lord to help us discover them (14:16; 16:13). Moreover, will enable the community to verba of the Son of God; it is a
a promise?  What promise do I bear his plan of love for our lives, and to even if the world of men and sin perceive the deeper meaning of living representation of all that
within my heart to take forward?  grant us the courage to walk in the hates the community, they are Jesus’ teaching. Moreover, he he had spoken to his disciples,
Mary’s would undoubtedly be a path that, from the beginning, he assured of not falling into the lie will unfold new interpretations a creative exploitation of the
difficult mission, but the challenges has chosen for each of us. and the devil, because the Spirit is of what the early Jesus revealed gospel.”
that lay ahead were no reason to say a Spirit of Truth (14:17), who will to the community. By fulfilling his teaching
‘no’.  Things would get complicated, From the Vatican, 31 January 2019 guide them into all truth (16:13). However, the Spirit uncovers function, the Holy Spirit bears
of course, but not in the same Memorial of Saint John Bosco Of the functions of the Holy Spirit, not only new understanding witness to Jesus: “When the
way as happens when cowardice the Gospel mentions two of them: and interpretation, but even Paraclete comes… he will bear
paralyzes us because things are not FRANCIS to teach all things, and to bring application of God’s revelation witness on my behalf” (John
remembrance: “The Paraclete, the in Jesus. In the community’s 15:26). He ensures, in other
Misconduct / B2 Holy Spirit, whom the Father will encounter with new problems words, that, even if conditions
case is to be determined by the freed from all its obligations. send in my name, will instruct you that arise when faith is confronted and circumstances change, the
Congregation of the Roman Curia, in everything, and remind you of with various situations, the identity and continuity of the
or by a tribunal designated by it. Curial praxis for Declaration of all that I told you” (14:26). Spirit will make a creative truth that Jesus revealed to
The competent dicastery for the Nullity of Ordination Since Jesus is the once-and-for- application of the gospel. That the first community is assured.
Latin Church is the Congregation The DWDS usually asks the all revelation of God (Heb 1:1), way, the community perceives What Jesus said, the Holy Spirit
for Divine Worship and Discipline Ordinary to conduct a preliminary the Holy Spirit will not make any the relevance of Jesus’ teaching recreates and perpetuates.
of the Sacraments (Pastor Bonus, extra-judicial investigation in new revelations. That is not his to contemporary life. When the Hence, when the Church speaks
n.68). The Regulae servandae of order to determine probable cause work. Nothing is to be added to early Church, as related in the on such issues as militarization,
1931 recommend that the petitioner (Regular servanda, n.6). If the what has been revealed by God 1st Reading (Acts 7:55-60), faced globalization, migration, etc.
submit his petition through his Congregation accepts the libelous, in the life and person of Jesus. the problem of circumcision from ethical and doctrinal
proper ordinary (for a member of an it determines whether it will Rather, it belongs to him to vis-à-vis the admission of the perspectives, one is assured that
institute of consecrated life, through decide the matter itself through an help—Paraclete means helper— Gentiles to the community, it is the same truth the disciples
his/her Superior). administrative process, or whether the community understands the the resolution reached by had heard that is being preached
--§2 Once the petition has been it will designate an ordinary tribunal meaning of the words and actions the disputing parties at the today. Through the Holy Spirit,
sent, the cleric is by the law itself to decide the matter through a of Jesus that up to the time of Council of Jerusalem reflects the Church is guaranteed with
forbidden to exercise orders. judicial process. The ordinary praxis his death were obscure to the the workings of the Holy Spirit: the continuity of Jesus words and
Can.1710: If the Congregation of the CDWD is to decide the matter disciples. Thus, for example, it “It is the decision of the Holy works, even without his physical
remits the case to a tribunal, the itself in the administrative process, was only after the resurrection Spirit, and ours, too, not to lay presence.
canons concerning trials in general after delegating an Ordinary to form
Ascension / B6
and the ordinary contentious trial a special tribunal to instruct the
are to be observed, unless the nature case in the diocese. Nevertheless, and departures. After graduating sons and daughters are no longer Today, his presence to us who
of the matter requires otherwise and for particular cases, the CDWD from high school, one goes to children: they simply cannot let believe in his power is no less
without prejudice to the provisions instructs the case itself. college. One says good-bye to go. The same may be said of faith. real than his presence to his
of this title. From the foregoing, it can be bachelorhood when he enters into That Jesus is seated at the right disciples. And that experience
Can.1711. In these cases, the seen that here we have an option marriage. But the transition from hand and no longer present to of his presence is the beginning
defender of the bond has the same that, on the whole, could prove one term to another is never easy. us in the way he was physically of the parousia. If we have
rights and is bound by the same less notorious (scandalous) and Some individuals get married, present to his disciples during an intimate relationship with
duties as the defender of the bond more pastorally fruitful, not only but their mentality remains that the public ministry—this is not him, we are assured of the final
of marriage. as regards the repair of the injury of a bachelor. Yet, one cannot necessary a disadvantage for us. revelation of that participation
Can.1712. After a second judgment to the victims and the protection of appreciate the stage of life one On the contrary, we must ever when he returns in glory. The
confirming the nullity of the sacred the common good of the Church, but enters unless there is a change rejoice because of it, even as the final transition will occur, and
ordination, the cleric loses all rights also as regards the rehabilitation of in mind-set. Some parents find disciples were filled with joy as what Jesus is, we will experience
proper to the clerical state and is the abusive cleric. it difficult to realize that their they witnessed the ascension. and share.
B8 ENTERTAINMENT May 13 - 26 , 2019 Vol. 23 No. 10 CBCP Monitor

Buhay San Miguel Brothers Matias

Avengers: Endgame
TERIBOL OG Bladimer Usi

Buhay Parokya

It is not the superpowers per se that can defeat the oppressor but
teamwork, selflessness, and embracing one’s higher purpose,
whatever it takes.

Technical assessment: 4
Moral assessment: 3.5
MTRCB rating: PG
CINEMA rating: V13

Three weeks after Thanos scenes, the impressive CGIs,

(Brolin) snaps his finger the emotional score and
and disintegrates half of life, the seamless editing  —   a re
Captain Marvel (Larson) subservient to and
rescues Tony Starks supportive of the storyline,
(Downey) and Nebula from pushing it forward, bathing
outer space and reunites it in drama and comedy as
with the remaining avengers needed and underlining
on earth — Romanoff, its message with powerful
Captain, Rocket, Patriot, punches in the soul. By the
Banner and Thor. Together time fans watch Endgame,
find Thanos, hoping to they would have been so
retrieve the Infinity Stones emotionally invested that
and undo the destructions. each triumph (like when the
However, Thanos reveals he disappeared heroes return)
has destroyed the stones and is a celebration, each death
gets beheaded by a frustrated is a heartbreak and each
Thor. Five years hence, Scott conclusion is bittersweet.
Lang escapes the quantum Taking the film as a whole,
realm and convinces the we can talk about sacrifice
Avengers to travel back in and selflessness. Natasha
time and retrieve the stones. kept the team together
They recruit Banner  —   w ho in the beginning and let
successfully merged his herself go in the end to
intelligent side with Hulk’s save humanity. Starks,
body  —   a nd Thor  —   n ow an the conceited self-serving
overweight alcoholic still genius millionaire whom
reeling from his failure to Cap said in the very first
save humanity. Stark refuses Avenger can never sacrifice
to help as he is now a father for others, ultimately did.
of 5-year-old Morgan. But The battlecry, “Whatever
after talking to his wife it takes!” resonates real
Pepper (Paltrow), he decides struggles ordinary people
to perfect the time travel fight everyday. Thanos is
technology and joins the not the just the intergalactic
team to retrieve the Infinity Titan but a representation
Stones in various times of people and situations
before Thanos does. This that oppress. Avengers:
brings certain closures and Endgame showed that it is
requires painful sacrifices not the superpowers per se
from our heroes. that can defeat the oppressor
Avengers: Endgame
completes the narrative
but teamwork, selflessness,
and embracing one’s higher
The Kid Who Would be King the Round Table and whose
famous sword, Excalibur,
story has more layers than
an onion and is heavy with
arcs of the 22-movie long purpose even if you can turn Director: Joe Cornish was caught in a vast rock. symbolism. To the very young
individual journeys of its your back on it. Individually, Lead Cast: Louis Ashborn The sword could be drawn it is obviously a good-vs-evil
Serkis, Dean Choumoo, out solely by an authentic thing and we know very well
characters. While we can take we learn from Captain Rebecca Ferguson, Patrick
Endgame as a standalone America’s willingness to Stewart, Tom Taylor,
descendant of Arthur. Who which should win. But to the
film, understanding it from live an ordinary life instead Rhianna Doris, Angus Imrie would have thought that the more experienced, the battle
2008 Iron Man (and we are of remaining the superhero Screenwriter: Joe Cornish celebrated sword would wind is not simply between Team
Producer: Nira Park, Tim up in 21st Century US of A? A and Team B. The message
almost sure most viewers the world worships. We Bevan, Eric Felliner
saw the previous films) see how Peter Quill will Editor: Jonathan Amos, Paul That the underdogs in The is that one triumphs over evil
allows viewers to appreciate not give up on his one true Machliss Kid Who Would be King when one succeeds in battling
Musical Director: Electric Wave would turn out to be the the dark forces within oneself,
the struggles and triumphs love even if she does not Bureau
of its characters. And this is recognise him. We see how chosen ones in this sword- the demons of fear, self-
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
the greatest strength of the Thor grieved and became Cinematographer: Bill Pope centered contemporary doubt, insecurity. When one
moviethe slow unfolding depressed — from successive Distributor: 20th Century Fox adventure fantasy clearly remains in sin — in darkness,
Location: United Kingdom says this movie is made for not in light — evil inevitably
of individual stories tightly failures to save Asgard from Running Time: 120 Minutes
woven into the main conflict Hela (in Ragnarok) and boys their age. And maybe wins. (Morgana waits for
and the antagonist’s own the world from Thanos Technical assessment: 3 subteen girls who wish to find darkness to strike). However
Moral assessment: 4 superhero boyfriends. young people may view it, the
arc (even Thanos is given (in Infinity Wars) — and CINEMA rating: V13
a backstory). The other relinquished his throne to The appreciation of The film is empowering in that
elements  —   t he imaginative a person he felt deserved it Opening the film is a colorful a time” — about a king called Kid Who Would Be King it gives hope — lest we throw
design, the gripping action more.  animation of something A rt h u r, w h o u ni t e d h i s depends on the maturity in a spoiler, just watch what
that happened “Once upon kingdom with his Knights of of one watching it. The happens to the bullies.
A Supplement Publication of the Order of the Knights of Columbus and KCFAPI
CBCP Monitor Vol. 23, No. 10 May 13 - 26, 2019

Charity is at the heart of KC

Order — Mindanao Deputy
THE head of the Knights
of Columbus in Mindanao
encouraged their
members to continue
works of charity in favor
of the neediest.
Speaking at the opening of the
19th KC Mindanao State Convention
in Davao City on May 3, their State
Deputy, Gerry Eutemio Mission, said
works must continue for the spiritual
and material advancement of people
in poor communities.
He said their mandate is to pursue
charitable works in everything they
do whether it is an organized event,
cause or just a simple act.
“The most basic virtue of our
faith in line with the faith in action
program of our Fraternal Order is
charity, the care for the needy and
the outcast,” Mission said.
“In this spirit, I urge every Brother
Knight to continue the works of
charity you have undertaken and
remain supportive to our religious
endeavors,” he said.
More than 1,000 Knights from
across southern Philippines attended
the convention that was held at the
Grand Regal Hotel from May 3 to 5.
This year’s theme was “Knights of
Columbus, Knights of Charity”. Bro. Gerry Eutemio T. Mission, Mindanao Deputy; Bro. Jose C. Reyes, Jr., Luzon North Deputy and Supreme Director; Most Rev Jose Colin M. Bagaforo, Bishop of Kidapawan & Mindanao State Chaplain and the
The state convention is an annual Officers of the K of C Mindanao Jurisdiction during their 19th Annual State Convention held at Grand Regal Hotel, Davao City last May 3 to 5, 2019.
gathering of brother Knights across
Mindanao to strengthen fraternal Programs and activities during the In other jurisdictions, State the Century Park Hotel, Manila; and Visayas - May 17 to 19 at the
ties and to renew commitment to the gathering are also aimed to recommit Conventions are scheduled as Luzon South - May 25 at the Bellevue Resorts Negrense in Bacolod City.
Christian of Columbianism. them to the goals of the Order. follows: Luzon North - May 18 at Manila, Alabang, Muntinlupa City; (RLagarde)

BATANES - Following the
installation of the first council in Manila Council 1000 Celebrates
Batanes and upon the request of
Fr. Ronaldo “Zenki” Manabat, its 114th Anniversary
Rector and Parish Priest of
Basco Cathedral and the
Charter Grand Knight, a special
2nd degree exemplification
was conducted. A total of 26
candidates including 4 priests
were elevated to the formation
degree. Another council was
established and this was in
Ivana, Batanes where 30 new
members were exemplified.
After the exemplification,
election of officers was
conducted. The Grand Knight
was Rev. Fr. Demetrio Quintos
First Fraternal Mass of Basco Council held last May 5, 2019 celebrated by Fr. Zenki Manabat attended by about 30 Council members.
(parish priest) with Bro. Jerry (MRLodrigito)
Agana as Deputy Grand
Knight. The third council was also held with 22 Charter by over 500 devotees. For the have been achieved without The Knights of Columbus Council 1000 headed by WGK Reynaldo D. Valencia, WDD Noel
established was at Mahatao, Members. Majority of the first time, the Ivatans saw the the persistence of Fr. Zenki S. Lacanilao, Past Grand Knights,, Officers and members during the 114th Anniversary
Celebration held at Max’s Restaurant Maria Orosa, Manila. (JKYngco)
Batanes were 18 members members were Monaguillos Knights of Columbus in full and support of the clergy
were exemplified and Rev. Fr. (alter servers). The Honor Guard Regalia. Bishop of the Prelature of Batanes
LAST April 27, 2019, the Manila anniversary last April 23,
Aniceto Abiera (parish priest) installation of circle officers Ulep personally thanked the and through the leadership
Council 1000 celebrated their 2019 held at San Agustin
was elected Grand Knight and was also held. team for their support and of Bro. Jose C. Reyes, Jr.,
114th Anniversary at Max’s Church, Intramuros, Manila.
Bro. Jovie Agresor as Deputy The other activity where participation. KC Luzon North Deputy
Restaurant Maria Orosa. The The celebration was
Grand Knight. Brother Knights were very The 6-day program of the and Supreme Director.
first and premier council in the attended by Past Grand
Not only 3 councils were active was the maritime KC Luzon North activity Special citation should be
Philippines was established Knights, past and current
established in Batanes but procession in honor of Our was truly fruitful with 2 new given to Bro. Mark Anthony
last April 23, 1905 with thirty- Council 1000 Officers led
also the investiture of the Lady of Porta Vaga. It was councils and 1 circle being Lodrigito, Squire Chairman
one chartered members and by CY 2018 to 2019 Worthy
first Columbian Squire Circle participated and witnessed established. These would not of KC Luzon North.
are now composed of 1,128 Grand Knight Reynaldo
members. This was preceded D. Valencia, Worthy State
by a Holy Mass celebrated Program Director Elmer Z.
K OF C FOUNDATIONS UPDATE: on the actual date of the Anniversary / C3

KC Philippines Foundation, Inc. receives its PCNC Accreditation

LAST March 2019, the Philippine institution” by the BIR,
Council for NGO Certification any donation received by the
(PCNC) has issued the Certificate Foundation shall be entitled
of Accreditation for the KC to the donor/s full or limited
Philippines Foundation, Inc. deduction and exemption from
(KCPFI). The certification was donor’s tax. This is in compliance
issued upon the approval of to the regulatory requirements
the former’s Board of Directors prescribed by the government.
during their meeting held last As of today, the KCPFI is now
January. Duly recognized by on the 48th year of its corporate
the body, the Foundation is now life. The foundation acts as the
given the “done institution” social responsibility arm of the
status of the Bureau of Internal Knights of Columbus Fraternal
Revenue (BIR). Association of the Philippines, Inc. Certificate of Accreditation issued by the Philippine Council for NGO The Knights of Columbus Mindanao Jurisdiction together with their ladies and Special
Granted to act as a “donee (JSServiento) Certification (PCNC) to the KC Philippines Foundation, Inc. (KCPFI). Guest, Bro. Jose C. Reyes, Jr. Supreme Director and Luzon North State Deputy during
their 19th Annual State Convention held at Grand Regal Hotel, Davao City last May 3
to 5, 2019.
C2 May 13 - 26, 2019, Vol 23, No. 10 THE CROSS
Ramoncito A. Ocampo Jose C. Reyes, Jr.

President’s Chairman’s Message

Praying while Moving Forward

Mothers, our everyday hero WHILE still in the Easter season and now the more important concern now. Or, motives, and not pursue their ambitions
that the Mid-term Election is finished, the people we voted may have lost. But at the expense of others.
“Love our Lady. And she will obtain abundant grace to help
we ought to continue praying while instead of looking for faults as soon Let us leave behind our sinfulness
you conquer in your daily struggle” - St. Josemaria Escriva
moving forward in the direction towards as they start working, let us identify and be reconciled with God always.
SHE is the first woman in our lives, she gives us the wonderful
God. First, let us pray for thanksgiving how we can help. We cannot expect Being a member of the Knights of
right of existence, and the human experience we had as of
that through the death and resurrection much progress in places where there is Columbus, let us be living witnesses
today. She is the reincarnation of God in the image of a woman.
of Jesus, we will also be born again to conflict such as family feuds, political to God’s goodness. Let us invite to our
She is the best definition of superlative, going beyond human
newness of life. One day, we will die, party mud slinging, etc. organization every Catholic gentleman
limits. She loves us wholeheartedly and molded our pillars of
resurrect and join our God in heaven. So, Thirdly, let us pray for our families. we encounter. Bring them closer to
strength for us to become successful in every way. She gives
while here on earth, let us live our life in If we want change, let us begin with God through their active service in the
us our footing and sunshine when we feel that our world is
ways that will lead us to eternity. ourselves, within our families, then, make parishes and through outreach projects
breaking apart. Simply, she is a superhero with no power on
Secondly, let us continue praying changes in our communities through in the communities, especially those
her hands but carries a great responsibility.
for peace in our country. God granted the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Let us intended for poor families. And in
Our mothers, a unique creation of God. Her love that will
our prayers for less violence in the pray for our newly elected Senators, doing all these things, let us not lose
forever be priceless and will always be unconditional. Her love
recently concluded election. The Congressmen, Party List Leaders and our direction in life, that is moving
that cannot be replaced, the love that is selfless, the love with
people we have voted may have won, local officials. May they all work for forward to God always.
a strong willpower. The love that is so strong and deep that
but how they will serve their term is the common good, set aside any selfish Vivat Jesus!
will always caress us over the ignorance we had in this world.
God was easily recognizable in her. The idea of birthing
process just as like how He created the universe, our planet Karlo Serviento
and we, His children. Our Father in heaven, guarantees us
with his maternal nature just as how our mothers gave us the
opportunity to breathe and live a full life in this world. He keeps
Pondering the Words
trail on 7.7 billion people on our planet, like our mothers who
will always be there to protect and guide us 24 hours a day, God be with you
7 days a week. Truly, the love he formed for the mothers are
In this season, we are reflecting on the essence of a mother
and her love. Whether she has children on her own or not, ASCENSION Sunday is really the person who served as your each time we bid goodbye. On challenge for us to be sharers
we must still focus on giving her love, kindness, care and fast approaching. We have inspiration go far from you? the apostles’ case, it is the of God’s love. Let anger turn
understanding—the same righteous attributes she uses to walked through the path of These are the questions Lord who promised that He into joy. Let hatred turn into
raise us. May God still continue His handiwork in weaving a the passion to Jesus’ death on that are answerable by the will be with them until the end harmony. Let selfishness turn
mother’s heart from this day onwards. Let us celebrate with a the cross and His triumphant life the apostles had after of times. The promise became into selflessness. In fact, we
more Christ-centered day thus more fulfilling Mother’s Day. resurrection. Sooner, we Jesus’ ascension. At the start, their foundation to move are not merely the Easter
Vivat Jesus! will celebrate His glorious they might all be puzzled. ahead and go forward. The People, rather, every creation
ascension to His and our They might not know how to God be with you now turned of God from east to west
Arsenio Isidro G. Yap real home, the Eternal City start without a master. They to - God is with you. and north to south, nation
of Heaven. On the following might not be able to act as How then did Our Lord from every nation, tribe from
Sundays, the gospels have normal human beings. It is fulfill His promise? Love every tribe and culture from
A Brother’s Insight one central theme and it is too hard to let someone who is the fulfilment of God’s every culture are the Easter
“commendation.” has influenced your whole promise. “I give you a new People, we are the fruits of the
How hard is it to bid being go and make his or her commandment, that you love resurrection.
farewell to a person who own path. It is very hard to one another. Just as I have As we move forward, may
showed care, compassion and say goodbye. loved you, you should also we be witnesses of this Love
mercy on you? How can you In a book entitled Praying love one another. (Jn. 13:34)” to every person we meet and
2019 Mid-term Election Day bid goodbye to a person who our Goodbyes by Joyce Rupp, Where there is Love, there hear them proclaim as they
loved you from your strongest the author emphasized that is God. And as Pope Francis have seen in us, Vidimus enim
TODAY is May 13 and is a mid-term election day. As a PPCRV points to the weakest you the word goodbye means God once told, the name of the Dominus! We have seen the
volunteer I have observed different situations in different have? How difficult is it to let be with you. We bless someone Lord is mercy. It is now the Lord!
polling places. In my own barangay where I voted, there were
only three clustered precincts and voting was very peaceful and Erwin John Mallari
casting a ballot was a breeze. It only took us thirty minutes to
be in line, had our credentials checked and cast our ballots.
The biometrics though not working properly was efficient EJ’s Corner
enough to stave off any unwanted piling up of the lines and no
signatures were required. Ilaw ng Tahanan
When I had my fingerprint checked by the machine, almost
instantly I was recognized and my picture appeared while
others were not as lucky as they need to have several of their
fingers checked only to end up encoding their name in the CLOSE family ties is a big part of same day. The origin of the celebration take care of the children, do household
machine. Once their names are encoded, their picture would Filipino culture. Most of us grew in in the Philippines dates back to 1921 chores, give support to their husband,
also appear in a sec, hence a positive identification of a qualified households wherein we lived within when a group known as the Ilocos Norte and much more all in one day, everyday.
voter. the same compound with our relatives Federation of women’s club asked for Being the one who primarily cares for
The poll watchers of political parties or their representatives or are in close proximity with their a holiday to celebrate and “honor the everyone in the family, mothers play
are not giving out sample ballots, are outside of school premises homes. Even after we grow up we still fabulous women who brought forth different roles at home. They become
and in my assessment are just waiting for the tallying of votes live with our parents and take care God’s children into this world”. They teachers to their children, helping them
and would get their copy of the returns if they belong to a of them in their old age as they took were given the 1st Monday of December study at home and do their assignments.
dominant party. Barangay personnel are also nearby and also care of us during our infancy and to celebrate Mother’s day. Several years When a family member is sick, mothers
outside the school premises giving assistance to voters. childhood. The tender loving care is later, President Manuel L. Quezon become doctors and nurses their patient
It’s so peaceful in our barangay that there’s no need for the embedded within our DNA and we get changed the name of the day to “parents back to health. Mothers are also the
services of the PPCRV although in the past elections, there most of that value from the very first day” to honor both parents since there biggest fans and cheerleaders of their
were some PPCRV volunteers. The BEI and their support group person we came into contact with, the was still no father’s day at the time. In family whether it’s sports or academics,
are very well organized and are very courteous especially to person who loved us, before she even 1988, President Cory Aquino issued or arts and music.
senior citizens like me and my wife. Had it not been for our met us, our mother. presidential decree no. 266 declaring the They say that “children are God’s gift”
two daughters who were in a regular line, my wife and I would The month of May gives us a day second Sunday of May as mother’s day and they really are lucky to have a mother
only have taken ten minutes to complete the whole process. to honor, cherish, and celebrate our and the 3rd Sunday of June for father’s who will always treasure them. Not only
There are twenty two clustered precincts in the parish where I Mothers. Over forty (40) countries day. do mothers know best, they are the best.
was among the PPCRV volunteers which included two precincts around the world celebrate mother’s day To this day I still do not know how Thank you for everything and Happy
for PWDs. The story here is different. It’s very chaotic because but not all of them celebrate it on the mothers are able to work at the office, Mother’s day to all Moms!
there are too many voters and lines were a whole lot longer
than where I casted my votes. There are reports of vote buying Atty. Luis Voltaire D. Formilleza
headed by some barangay officials which could not be validated.
Most of the biometric machines were not working and manual
encoding is also not possible. The BEIs have to resort to a Ponderings on Mothers and Motherhood
computerized listing provided by COMELEC to qualify voters
to cast their votes. This slows down the process considerably
compared with a working biometric machine.
Secondly, the still able bodied seniors, who are still quite
agile refuses to go to the second floor where some of their
precincts are located. They wanted special treatment and EVERY year a particular date a mother to a child is a known as the Maternity Leave and their families who are
are insistent that they cast their votes on the first floor. This in the calendar is celebrated universally important tenet Law. Under the new law, any the primary stakeholders
slows down the whole process as the teachers would have to as Mother’s Day. It is an of human life which all of us pregnant female worker in of a confraternity such ours
go down and assist them; get their ID; run up and verify their opportunity for most of us cannot live without. shall be granted a maternity in the Knights of Columbus
identity; go down again to hand them their ballot; run up again to show our ultimate love to For Catholics, this is among leave of one hundred and Fraternal Association of the
Brother’s Insight / C3 the person who continuously the primary impetus for our five (105) days with full pay, Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI)
nurture us with love, care devotion to our Mary Mother regardless of whether she

and compassion. But through of God whom we honor gave birth via caesarian ***
the years, this occasion we and praise for continuous section or natural delivery, A little over three (3)
specially dedicate to mothers nurturing, care and guidance. while maternity leave of sixty years ago, the first woman
A Supplement Publication of the has expanded to not just This reverence to mothers (60) days with full pay be that I ever loved and will
Order of the Knights of Columbus and KCFAPI celebrating the foremost is aptly quoted as: “Strength granted for miscarriage or continually love, succumbed
woman of the house. As it and dignity are her clothing, emergency termination of to the cancer. It is a void that
Editorial Board stands, Mother’s Day is a and she laughs at the time to pregnancy. Additional fifteen can never be replaced and a
Jose C. Reyes, Jr. Ramoncito A. Ocampo celebration of the role of come. She opens her mouth (15) days of maternity leave fact that I have to contend
Chairman President motherhood and maternal with wisdom, and the teaching shall be granted to those who with until I meet here again
bonds which goes beyond of kindness is on her tongue. are qualified as “Solo Parents” in the afterlife. I miss you
Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio III bloodlines. Hence, even those She looks well to the ways of under the RA 8972 otherwise every single day. And so as
Spiritual Director whom we do not consider as her household and does not known as the Solo Parent the world, celebrates all the
biological mothers are greeted eat the bread of idleness.” – Act. Furthermore, the law Moms out there and the role
Mary Magdalene G. Flores and treated during Mother’s Proverbs 31:25-28 provides that entitled female of motherhood, I give a big
Day, as special persons in *** worker may allocate maternity shout out to my Mom, Agnes
Jhon Lyndon D. Palafox, Juan Karlo S. Serviento our lives who stepped in the In the light of societal leave credits of up to seven Delas Llagas Formilleza. I
Associate Editors shoes of our real moms, may recognition of motherhood (7) days to the child’s father, will continuously live as you
it be in our extended families, and the important role that which shall be over and above have taught me and will be
Jerome P. De Guzman, Erwin John B. Mallari, Kris Jay Rolex A. Yngco workplace and communities. mothers play, we applaud the leave credits under RA a continuous blessing to the
Contributors This evolution of Mother’s Day the passing of Republic Act 8187, otherwise known as the people around me as you did
is manifestation that while 11210- Amendments to the Paternity Leave Act of 1997. yourself when you were still
The Cross is published monthly with its business at KCFAPI, General Luna cor. Sta. societies grow and develop, Republic 1161 as Amended by Indeed, it is a welcomed piece with us. I hope your lawyer
Potenciana Sts., Intramuros, Manila with tel. no. (02) 527-22-23 to 27 (trunk line) local
200, 201. Email Address: Website: the constant nurturing of Republic Act 8282, otherwise of legislation for mothers is doing you proud up there.
THE CROSS May 13 - 26, 2019, Vol 23, No. 10 C3

We will rebuild
The tragic fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral evokes both our history and our responsibility as Catholics
Columbus. the great edifice; the Cardinal are there. at this moment of today. before their eyes.”
In May 2017, I joined a Archbishop of Paris, Mons. Only for one moment when Because you are there for Mindful of all the
delegation of brother Knights Amette, presided.” everything stops. always, controversies consuming
from Paris to attend Mass Much has been said about Noon! simply because you are the Church in recent years,
at Notre-Dame Cathedral the significance of this tragic To be with you, Mary, in Mary, the image of this burning
and to participate in a special fire. It is difficult to grasp its this place Simply because you exist. cathedral seemed in a way to
exposition and veneration significance for the French where you are. Mother of Our Lord, we give symbolize the devastation so
of the relic of the Crown of people and especially French To say nothing, to look at thanks to you.” many Catholics have felt as our
Thorns. Later that year, the Catholics. your face. When the president of Church has been rocked by one
Knights of Columbus was one Perhaps “The Virgin at To let my heart sing in its France announced today that crisis after another.
of the major sponsors of a Noon,” a poem by Paul Claudel, own language. Notre-Dame Cathedral will Fires have destroyed great
light show on the cathedral’s can help us understand. It To say nothing, but simply be rebuilt, I thought of how cathedrals before, and they
façade. Titled “Dame de Coeur” is noteworthy that Claudel’s to sing the great Gothic cathedrals have been rebuilt. So let us
(Queen of Hearts), the light conversion took place in Notre- because my heart is too were originally constructed. hope this will be true again.
show depicted the history of the Dame Cathedral during the full… . An account from 1144 states But not only this church.
by Supreme Knight cathedral in commemoration singing of the Magnificat on Because you saved me, that the faithful were freely Let us resolve to patiently
Carl A. Anderson of World War I. Christmas Day 1886. because “harnessed to carts, laden “rebuild” the Church, not with
From the two-volume history “It is noon. The church is you saved France. with stones, timbers, corn and granite and mortar, but with
I AM WRITING this column The Knights of Columbus in open. Because France too, like whatever might be needed living stones in the spirit of
while a massive fire is still Peace and War (1920), we read I must go in. myself, was for the work of building those earlier builders — with
engulfing our beautiful Notre- this: “In Paris on Good Friday Mother of our Lord, I have for you a thing to be the cathedral, the towers of humility, penance and with
Dame Cathedral in Paris. I say 1919, the most impressive not considered. which rose like magic into gratitude for the miracle that
“our” because this magnificent religious service held in the come to pray. Because at that moment the heavens… . Everywhere God is still performing before
structure has been for centuries history of the American I have nothing to give and when men humbled themselves, our eyes.
an artistic patrimony of Expeditionary Forces in nothing to ask. everything collapsed, you did penance, and forgave their And let us do so with
humanity, a place of prayer Europe took place when the I am here, my Lady, only to intervened. enemies. Men and women confidence in Mary, who “at
for millions of Catholics in Knights of Columbus … held look at you. Because you saved France could be seen dragging heavy that moment when everything
France and throughout the a service there for the public To look at you, to cry for joy, once again. loads through mire and marsh, collapsed” does not hesitate to
world — and, more recently, a adoration of the cross. Ten to know Because it is noon, because praising in song the miracle intervene for us.
special place for the Knights of thousand Americans packed That I am your son and you we are which God was performing Vivat Jesus!

The Gentle Warrior An INVITATION to become a

By James B. Reuter, SJ FELLOW

CHAPTER FIVE THE “Fr. George J. Willmann Fellows” was launched

by the Knights of Columbus Father George J. Willmann
THE WAR YEARS union! programmed procedure, to
The Japanese Seminarian convince the Filipino people
Charities, Inc. last June 29, 1997 during the Centennial
“Even more. One American explained that he had been that the Japanese were friends. Birth Anniversary celebration of Rev. Fr. George J.
prisoner was dragging himself drafted from the Seminary. George went to Saint Willmann, S.J. This fund-raising campaign finances the
along in obvious distress. He did not volunteer. He did Scholastica’s, to visit theological research expenses necessary to possibly
Finally, he fell, prostrate, in not want to come. But the wounded American soldiers. raise Fr. Willmann to the honors of the altar. Last
the road, unable to proceed. Japanese government felt that The Japanese chose Saint
In the Bataan Death March, Seminarians were necessary, Scholastica’s for this, because December 7, 2015, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G.
the guards had killed those to convince the Filipino people the Benedictine nuns were Cardinal Tagle has officially opened the Archdiocesan
who collapsed. We held our that Japan was not hostile to German, and Germany was Process for the Causes of Beatification and Canonization
breath, as a Jap soldier, the Church. The Seminarian the ally of the Japanese. In of Fr. George J. Willmann.
bayonet on rifle, approached said that he had been out on the hospital wards, George
Membership to the Fr. Willmann Fellows is open to all
the poor fellow. the water, off the coast of the discovered that very many
“But no. Not brutal in Philippines, since October of of the American boys were Knights of Columbus councils, members, their families,
Forces on Corregidor. George friends and even to business institutions. As of December
the least, the guard bent 1941. And Pearl Harbor did there not because of wounds,
listened to the radio in his
down, and half- lifting, half- not happen until December 8! but because of battle fatigue! 2018, more than 1,100 individuals and 36 institutions all
room, at night, with the lights
supporting the American, Not only the Religious Battle Fatigue was the new over the country have already joined this fellowship. Father
out and the door locked. It was
trudged together with him Section of the Japanese word, in World War II, for
a crime to listen to the Voice Willmann Fellows serve as co-sponsors in the work of
down the street out of sight.” Army was making an effort to what was called “Shell Shock”
of Freedom. George knew spreading the good news about Fr. Willmann’s life, works
George saw good, even in befriend the Filipinos — the in World War I. The name
that it was the voice of Leon
the Japanese, when he was whole military organization was changed because it was and holiness. Their donation is a lifetime subscription
Maria Guerrero, saying: “It
suffering under the Japanese! wanted to convince the discovered that a boy could to the initiative of the Knights of Columbus of promoting
would be so sad, so tragic, if
It was true that the Japanese Filipino population that the come down with battle fatigue,
we surrendered today and help awareness on Father Willmann in order that authentic
were making an effort to coming of the Japanese was or with shell shock, without
arrived tomorrow!” devotion to him may be encouraged among the faithful,
convince the Filipinos that they not a hostile invasion, it was hearing any shell fire. It was
Then, suddenly, it was no especially those who need his intercession for God’s grace.
were friends, that this was not liberation from the tyranny of insanity, brought about by
longer the voice of Leonnie
a religious war. The religious the Americans! the pressure of war. The boys We therefore cordially invite you and your loved ones
Guerrero. It was the voice of
section of the Japanese Army It manifested itself in suffering from this did not to join the Fr. Willmann Fellows. Aside from being an
Norman Reyes. George knew
came in with the second ways like this: a young girl, know who they were, or where
wave — some priests, some the daughter of a Filipino they came from. George got
both of these boys…. And then advocate in spreading the sanctity of Father Willmann
the Voice of Freedom was still. and the graces that come with it, each Fellow is entitled
Seminarians, and some nuns. government official in Manila, their names from their dog
It was replaced by
The Jesuit Scholastics met was raped by a Japanese tags, and — whenever possible to receive the following items as memorabilia: (1) a
triumphant cries from the
with one of these Japanese Officer. The girl told her — tried to get word to their Certificate of Membership, (2) a lapel pin and (3) a
loud speakers which the
Seminarians. He came to the father. The father reported parents, or to their wives. pamphlet entitled “A Quest for a Cause of Fr. George J.
Japanese had set up in every
Ateneo, to the dormitory, sat it to the Japanese Command. It dawned on George that
street: “Corregidor has fallen! Willmann, S.J.”. We further urge you to fervently seek
on one of the beds, and talked. In the office of a Japanese the wreckage of war is not only
The Japanese Imperial Army Fr. Willmann’s intercession in all your petitions for God’s
He did not know English, Colonel, the girl identified buildings and bridges — the
has conquered Corregidor!
and the Jesuit Scholastics — the Japanese Officer who had real wreckage of war is men! graces and to report to the Foundation all blessings you
Four hundred Japanese
Filipino and American — did raped her. The Colonel spoke In the early days of the may have received with the intercession of Fr. Willmann.
paratroopers have taken two
not know Japanese. But they to the Officer, and gave him Japanese Occupation the Voice
thousand Americans prisoner,
got along famously in Latin. a pistol. The Officer went of Freedom was sounding,
on Corregidor!”
All seminarians, at that time, into the next room, and shot loud and clear, every night, Anniversary / C1
(to be continued
used Latin as the means of himself through the head. from the radio transmitter
on the next issue)
instruction! It was a bond of It was a definite, of the United States Armed Eroles, Worthy District M-47 service to the order. They
Deputy Noel S. Lacanilao, are Bro. Arvin P. Dapula,
The Founder in the Philippines Brother Knights of the Council
and their families.
Faith Director; Bro. Gerry G.
Sabanal, Life Director; Bro.
Father Michael McGivney almost strong among the Knights and their I add to my petition: ‘Through his The celebration was opened Neil M. De Leon, Community
certainly did not expect the fraternal families, thanks to the efforts of an intercession, grant the favor I now through the Welcome Address Director; Bro. Arcadio C.
Order he established in Connecticut in office in Manila run by Msgr. Pedro present.’ I find it very assuring.” of Sir Knight Rodolfo N. Prado, Jr., Family Director
1882 to be planted some two decades Quitorio, director of Communications Of course, spreading devotion to Profeta, Deputy Grand Knight and Bro. Ronald T. Vargas,
later in the faraway Philippines, but the for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference Father McGivney is far from the only and Program Director followed Membership Director. The
fact that the first council was founded of the Philippines. With the help of work of the Knights in the Philippines. by an Inspirational Message Family Award was given to
in Manila in 1905 is testament to the staffer Ronalyn Ramos and numerous With severe tropical storms regularly from WDD Noel S. Lacanilao Bro. Gerry G. Sabanal and his
worldwide and timeless appeal of the volunteers in locations throughout the raging across the islands, there is a wherein he awarded the Triple family. The Knight of the Year
Knights of Columbus. archipelago nation, the life, mission and constant need for relief services in the Star Council Award to it’s CY Award was bestowed upon Sir
The first Knights in the Philippines vision of Father McGivney are spread affected areas, and the Knights are 2017 to 2018 Officers headed Knight Rodolfo N. Profeta.
were Catholic U.S. soldiers stationed among priests, parishes, schools, always there to assist with rebuilding by PGK Orlando H. Gonzaga. The festivities for the day
in Manila in the aftermath of the youth groups, religious societies and homes and lives, even if they themselves Apart from the various was followed by a fellowship
Spanish-American War. Local hospitals. Visits to cancer wards have have suffered loss. They also partake inspirational messages, brother night at the Council 1000
Filipinos, however, quickly took up become a focus of the office’s activities. in food and nutrition programs for knights were also recognized office.
the Columbian banner and the story When they are told about the need children, free medical and dental for their commitment and
has been one of constant growth for for a medical miracle attributed to clinics, tree planting to slow soil Brother’s Insight / C2
the Order. Father George Willmann, a the intercession of Father McGivney, erosion, as well as numerous spiritual
New York Jesuit priest assigned to the patients are comforted by the fact that initiatives designed to build the faith to cast the ballots on behalf be the same scenarios in
Philippines, said that the principles they can pray both for their healing and and fraternal cohesion of the Order of these seniors; go down to most of the polling places all
of the Knights and the spirit of the for the beatification of the founder of and the Church. have the receipts validated by over the Philippines. If such
Filipino man were perfectly matched. the Knights of Columbus. One of the main engines of charity the voters and run up again is the case then we could all
Known as “the Father McGivney of the “In a country with much poverty, is the Knights of Columbus Fraternal to put these ballots in the say that election is relatively
Philippines,” he promoted the Order the example of Father McGivney is Association of the Philippines, Inc. ballot box. It takes about 30 peaceful, fast and efficient
throughout the mostly Catholic nation very appropriate, since he worked (KCFAPI), which offers life insurance minutes for the whole process with minor glitches and
until his death in 1977. Today, there closely with the poor and those on the and other financial benefits to members. and unnecessarily depletes some hindrances caused by
are more than 424,000 Knights in margins,” Msgr. Quitorio said. “The The association funds numerous the personnel of precincts some unruly and demanding
the Philippines in four jurisdictions: priests of our country identify with charitable programs and promotes the affected. The delay in the voters.
Luzon North, Luzon South, Visayas him very easily since much of their sainthood causes of Father Willmann whole process would add up Let’s hope and pray that
and Mindanao. In addition, Justice work involves social ministry, and and Father McGivney. The ground floor and tempers rise as lines are results of the election would
Jose C. Reyes Jr., who sits on the working with the poorest of the poor. chapel in the KCFAPI headquarters getting longer and slower to be released with dispatch
Philippine Supreme Court, is a member Personally, I have a great devotion in Manila is dedicated to Father move. and no cloud of doubt would
of the Knights of Columbus Board of to Father McGivney. I pray for his McGivney, and a statue of the venerable Both of these differing be cast on it lest the elections
Directors. canonization every day and whenever founder is enshrined beneath a cupola situations are in Quezon would just be a travesty and
Devotion to Father McGivney is I have a serious need or intention, on the grounds outside the building. City. Hopefully these could an exercise in futility.
C4 May 13 - 26, 2019, Vol 23, No. 10 THE CROSS
THE results of operations audited financial statements) shall continue to provide or dividends to be released
of the Knights of Columbus increased by almost 5% or increasing benefits as the this year. KCFAPI: Training and
Fraternal Association of the
Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI)
P48.9 Million from P1.02
Billion in 2017 to P1.07
benefit certificates increase
its values each year.
The Association’s total
resources as of December
Development Programs
for the year 2018 generated Billion in 2018. The decrease As a testament to the 31, 2018 as shown on the KCFAPI has been very active in various organizations that
a P54.2 Million Excess of in the Association’s bottom- Association’s commitment to table (Statement of Financial would help the Association and their employees in its mission
Revenues Over Expenses, line is due to the higher total its benefit certificate holders, Position from the audited to provide optimum mutual benefits to its members and their
which is 14.33% lower than benefits and claims paid for as of December 31, 2018, financial statements) reflected immediate families. For the month of May, the Association
the previous year’s P63.3 the year which increased the Association has released an 8.70% or P477 Million participated in events of 2 different groups with the objective
Million. This is not to by 7.59% or P53.1 Million a total of living and death increase from P5.5 Billion in of honing the skills and competencies of their employees and
say that the Association’s from P700 Million in 2017 benefits of P6.2 Billion, 2017 to almost P6 Billion in provide exemplary service to their BC Holders.
operations has diminished to P752.8 Million in 2018. more than or 104% of its 2018. This has grown by more
its returns since its gross This is just as expected as total resources of almost P6 than 186,000 times from a
revenues as shown on the the Association reached its Billion. Included in this is seed capital of P32,000 in
table (figures lifted from the 60th year in 2018, and we the P27 Million participation 1958. (RMDiapolit)
Years Ended December 31
2018 2017 December
Years Ended Customer
31 version 2.0 Training
Underwriting Revenue 752,313,110 715,820,779 As an active member of the Association of Service
*Total Investment Income 2018 2017
Professional in Life Insurance (ASPLI), an organization is
314,257,362 301,623,100 composed of about 200 members from the Life Insurance
Total Revenue Revenue 1,066,572,490752,313,110
1,017,445,896 715,820,779
industry, KCFAPI is committed in supporting the participation
*Total Investment
AND OPERATING EXPENSES 314,257,362 of its employees to various activities of the said group. Last
April 24, 2019, Mr. Arvin P. Dapula and Mr. Glenn D.
Total benefits
Gross Revenue and claims incurred on insurance contracts 1,066,572,490
457,930,146 470,085,4721,017,445,896
Salado of the BC Holder Relations Office (BRO) attended the
Reinsurers’ share of gross benefits Customer version 2.0 training conducted by ASPLI at the
OPERATING on insurance contracts 37,663 496,778
Green Sun Hotel, Makati. The training provided attendees
Grosschange in legal
benefits policy reserves
and claims incurred on insurance contracts 295,764,870457,930,146
229,722,071 470,085,472
additional knowledge on Customer Service which will
Reinsurers’ share of gross change in legal policy reserves (949,206) (617,354) enhance their skills in handling the needs of their clients.
Reinsurers’ share of gross benefits and claims incurred on insurance contracts 37,663 496,778
Net insurance benefits and claims 752,783,473 699,686,967
Gross change in legal policy reserves 295,764,870 229,722,071
General and administrative expenses 112,725,547 118,077,949
Reinsurers’ share of gross change in legal policy reserves (949,206) (617,354)
Commissions and other direct expenses 76,218,790 70,438,411
Net insurance
Interest expense benefits and claims 27,742,873752,783,473
28,560,126 699,686,967
General and
Operating administrative expenses
expenses 216,687,210112,725,547
217,076,486 118,077,949
Total Expenses and other direct expenses
Commissions 969,470,683 76,218,790
916,763,453 70,438,411
INCOME 97,101,807 27,742,873
100,682,443 28,560,126
Operating expenses 42,863,067216,687,210
37,370,184 217,076,486
Total Expenses
HOLDERS 54,238,740969,470,683
63,312,259 916,763,453
CERTIFICATE HOLDERS (27,000,000) 97,101,807
(34,000,000) 100,682,443
NET INCOME FOR FINAL TAX 27,236,723 42,863,067
29,310,238 37,370,184
Ms. Mary Magdalene G. Flores, KCFAPI VP for Treasury, BRO and HRCC; Mr. Jhon
Lyndon Palafox, KCFAPI Manager for HR and Corporate Communications together
NET INCOME BEFORE PARTICIPATION OF BENEFIT CERTIFICATE with the participants of the Job Evaluation and Salary Structuring Training conducted
by PMAP last May 7 to 8, 2019 at the PMAP Center, Mandaluyong City. (JDPalafox)
Interest Income, Dividend Income, FV Gain/Loss on FA at FVPL, Forex Gain/Loss & Other Income 54,238,740 63,312,259
INC. (34,000,000)
27,236,723 Structuring Training
The People Management Association of the Philippines
Years Ended December 31 (PMAP) organized a training last May 7 to 8, 2019 entitled
* Interest Income, Dividend Income, FV Gain/Loss on FA at FVPL, Forex Gain/Loss & Other Income “Job Evaluation and Salary Structures” it was attended by
Ended December 201731
Ms. Mary Magdalene G. Flores, Vice President for Treasury,
ASSETS 2018 2017 BRO and HRCC and Mr. Jhon Lyndon Palafox, Manager
for HR and Corporate Communications. The 2-day training
ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents 400,725,413 251,398,576
covered topics such as job analysis, job evaluation, job
Cash andShort-term investments
cash equivalents 122,307,358 251,398,576
400,725,413 427,109,742 classification, compensation management process salary
Insurance receivables 17,272,813 427,109,742
18,663,409 surveys and salary structures. It was a well-intended
Short-term investments 122,307,358 session to equip HR professionals on the standard process
Insurance assets
receivables 4,658,947,028
17,272,813 4,152,852,014
18,663,409 of ensuring competitiveness of employee compensation
Investments 458,327,694 4,152,852,014 and benefits.
Financial assets in subsidiaries 4,658,947,028 458,327,694
These trainings are part of the program lined-up for all
Property and equipment employees of KCFAPI and their subsidiaries for 2019. As
Investments in subsidiaries 458,327,694 458,327,694
At cost 10,674,164 9,870,766 part of its commitment to uplift the services provided to BC-
Property and equipment Holders, numerous training programs, like the Advanced
At revalued amount 265,612,522 144,166,000 Customer Service training in June, will be provided by
At cost 10,674,164 9,870,766 the Association to further equip its workforce for their
Net pension asset 17,635,423 11,704,779
At revalued amount 265,612,522 144,166,000 individual growth and fulfil the objectives of the company.
Other assets 9,590,350 10,046,886
Net pension asset 17,635,423 11,704,779 KCFAPI Underwriting Manager takes
TOTAL ASSETS 5,961,092,765 5,484,139,866
Other assets 9,590,350 10,046,886 her Oath as HOLUAP President
TOTAL ASSETS 5,961,092,765 5,484,139,866
Insurance AND NET
contract WORTH
Liabilities Claims payable 90,548,457 77,455,443
Insurance contract policy reserves 4,276,697,036 3,968,090,985
payable contract liabilities 272,075,519
90,548,457 276,750,349
Legal insurance contract liabilities
policy reserves 4,661,946 3,968,090,985
4,276,697,036 4,860,739
Members’ participation
Other investment payable
contract liabilities 135,112,610 276,750,349
272,075,519 137,722,334 Ms. Lorraine A. Teodoro-Mendoza, KCFAPI Manager for Underwriting Services
and incoming HOLUAP President together with Commissioner Dennis B. Funa of
Accounts payable
Other insurance contractand other liabilities
liabilities 102,057,191
4,661,946 95,563,226
4,860,739 the Insurance Commission during their Oath Taking Ceremony at the Insurance
Total Liabilities 4,881,152,759 4,560,443,077 Commission office, Manila City. (LTMendoza)
Members’ participation payable 135,112,610 137,722,334
ON May 7, 2019, Ms. Loraine A. Teodoro-Mendoza,
Accounts payable and other liabilities 102,057,191 95,563,226 KCFAPI Underwriting Manager took her oath as President
Net Worth
Total Liabilities 4,881,152,759 4,560,443,077 of the Home Office Life Underwriters Association of the
Contribution from founding members 32,000 32,000 Philippines (HOLUAP). This organization was incorporated
Other reserves 277,543,778 149,382,317 in March 28, 1990 and is composed of Underwriting
Net Worth Professionals across the country. The organization is
Unappropriated surplus 802,364,228 774,282,472 committed in the development and promotion of life,
Contribution fromWorth
Total Net founding members 32,000
1,079,940,006 32,000
923,696,789 accident, and health risks thereby professionalizing and
promulgating the advancement of the home office life
Other reserves 277,543,778 149,382,317
underwriting profession.
Unappropriated surplus
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET WORTH 802,364,228 774,282,472
5,961,092,765 5,484,139,866 Her term will commence in June 2019 until June
2020. As president, she will ensure that the members of
Total Net Worth 1,079,940,006 923,696,789 the organization is updated to current trends within the
Underwriting industry through various activities of the
organization ranging from trainings, seminars, workshops,
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET WORTH 5,961,092,765 5,484,139,866 lectures and conferences.

KCFAPI on-boards new Legal Services Manager

THE Association welcomes on deck as an Associate Lawyer for Ponce Debate Society, Law Debate Circle
its new Legal Services Manager as Enrile Manalastas and Reyes Law and the International Law Society
it traverses its corporate journey Offices (PECABAR) and Nograles and is an alumnus of the prestigious
beginning 2019. Atty. Luis Delas Law Offices (NLO), specializing in Ayala Young Leaders Congress and
Llagas Formilleza, fondly called as criminal and civil litigation, labor Ten Outstanding of the Philippines
“Atty. Bok” is a Knights of Columbus relations and alternative dispute (TOSP)- National Capital Region. He
member who earned his Bachelor resolution. He also served as a Legal is no stranger to underwriting and
of Laws and Bachelor of Science in and Technical Assistant for the Office insurance for he had been exposed to
Legal Management degrees from of the Undersecretary for Legal and the industry at a young age, as both
San Beda University. Prior to his Procurement of the Department of his parents and extended families are
assumption as head of the KCFAPI Transportation. He used to be a varsity insurance practitioners for more than KCFAPI Officers and employees led by Ms. Ma. Theresa G. Curia, Executive Vice
Legal Services Department, he worked debater and coach for the San Beda three (3) decades. President and Mr. Arsenio Isidro G. Yap, President of Keys Realty and Development
Corporation during their Themed Fridays “Today is Tropical Day!” last April 24,
2019. (KJYngco)