Russian Communist "sleepers" in America

(Found with the Wayback machine since the original site has been mysteriously pulled down.) Wayback Machine link: If 200 Russian nuclear underground bunkers/cities the size of Washington D.C. don't scare you, well, what else will ? If Russia's production and testing of state-of-the-art SS-27 Topol M ICBM missile that can carry 6-10 nuclear, biological, chemical and EMP [electromagnetic pulse] warheads doesn't scare you, what else will ? These are just the new things Russian "former" communists and KGB/GRU officers have prepared for "defensive" use against some "unknown enemy" of Russia, but they also have people who are working for the communist cause here in America, who we have to talk about. So let's do it, shall we ? Strategic role of agents - "sleepers" To destroy the enemy one has to have a plan. The plan has to be followed to the point, if possible, or swiftly amended in case of unforeseen problems and setbacks. There is also deception that involves vast spread of disinformation that is designed to throw the enemy off target and maneuver him on a wrong path, without the enemy noticing it. The Russian Perestroika fraud is just that. In case of communist ideology and implementation of the communist strategy of World Domination, there are several important factors that play essential role in achieving this victory of communism. These factors also include the use of already positioned communist agents on the enemy territory, and these sleepers are used in time of the attack, or even before, for various sabotage operations or even for the actual attack itself. For example these agents might be used for any kind of transport of various weaponry on the enemy territory to targets, namely the military ones, but not excluding the local magistrate, police and government targets as well. Also any strategic public utilities structures are surely targets of such communist sabotage operations. In this sense, when we look at the spread of the deception Russian "former" communists are engaged in today, as far as pretending that the collapse of the Soviet Union in fact happened, and with it the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, we get to see also that not only the "former" communist agents and spy networks in the United States were NEVER declassified, recalled, and or uncovered and forced to leave America, but in reality their files are still of limits, their tasks are still hidden.

Their Kremlin masters are still secretive about these communist espionage networks and about the true purpose of these communist anti-American operations including most of all the Khrushchev implemented Soviet long-range policy, and of course, when we look at the potential of these networks, to cause very serious damage to America, we cannot possibly disregard them and keep smiling, as our government likes to do, about these communist agents being here. While we stand unprotected against such communist terrorist networks in America, we are looking at the Islamic terrorists like they were the prime suspects of any kind of future terrorist attack on America's soil. The ever, by the U.S. media mentioned, Al Qaeda and her terrorist operations against America is in fact successfully managed deception of the Russian espionage as these "sure reports" and "true leaks" of Al Qaeda terrorist attack preparations are spread through already positioned communist moles inside the CIA, FBI, NSA, The Pentagon and the State Department, while we are still watching for dark faced [without the recently shaved long beard] Arabs and Middle East Muslims while our Russian "strategic partners" have meantime all doors open... It is painfully apparent that our FBI is not watching whom should be watched and such people, as they pretend to be honest and law-abiding citizens, have all the space and time they need to follow and fulfill their criminal communist terrorist orders successfully. Facts In 2002 I had a meeting with Seattle FBI chief of counter terrorism task force. During that meeting I have presented what I had for information back then as far as the connection of Soviet-Russian GRU and the involved Czechoslovak ZS military intelligence with the 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta, namely his training in the communist Czechoslovakia in 1988 in a very well known terrorist training camp Zastavka [Station] near city of Brno. During the meeting I came to conclusion that not only this FBI special agent doesn't believe me or perhaps doesn't regard my information as important, he is more interested in me and who I am - which again doesn't mean anything but puts a bad light on the FBI honest approach to these serious questions regarding communism and terrorism. It is not unimportant to mention that this person have greeted me in Russian and told me that he served in Moscow for 2 years... As I have told this FBI man, according to my information Russian merchant marine vessel [name is not important] has the same year [2002] unloaded several boxes at about 2 O'clock at night while docked at Bellingham, WA docks where this vessel was loading a full load of chicken products from the Bellingham based cold storage.

A minivan came through the guard area without any problems and loaded the boxes and left again without the guard even stopping the van and asking questions about the cargo. Now there are things that must be explained: 1) Russians have never allowed anybody not connected, trained and without a military security check on board of these Russian "merchant marine" boats - so these are all highly trained soldiers whose task is not a peaceful commercial one. Therefore these boxes could've contained biological, chemical or even nuclear components and the van that picked these boxes up was surely not driven by ordinary people... 2) The Bellingham, WA occurrence was probably one out of ten thousands that has happened in America's harbors already and these "contraband deliveries" are not only done by Russian vessels but also by the Chinese, Czech, Polish and any other communist and "formerly" communist merchant marine boats. To think otherwise would be highly suicidal. 3) There are witnesses of the unloading of these Russian boxes, there was also a situation with the mentioned boat as the U.S. Customs officer came to the docks and warned the Russians not to step outside the 10 ft line on the docks or otherwise the vessel will be confiscated by the United States Government. I'm sorry to report that such thing has not I am sure that several other "peculiar items" would've been found on board.... But the investigation of such "delivery" was never fully conducted. Another situation was reported by Michelle Malkin: On Oct. 3 [2003], an illegal alien truck driver from Canada was caught hauling a shipment of Humvees into northern Maine. They weren't just any Humvees. They were U.S. military Humvees scheduled for delivery from the Texas Army National Guard in Houston to the Maine National Guard facility in Limestone. The report goes on: One person who did talk openly about lax security measures involving the shipment of motorized U.S. military equipment is Gary Cleaves, general manager of the Maine National Guard maintenance center. The facility refurbishes and ships military Humvees and M109 mobile howitzers. Those howitzers, resembling large tanks, are capable of delivering nerve gas rounds and nuclear munitions. Cleaves told investigators that no identification is required from drivers dropping off shipments at the National Guard site. The trucking company name and truck numbers on government bills of lading often do not match the trucks actually delivering loads.

And no records are kept on who actually delivers shipments. This is not the first time suspicious foreign nationals have been caught around the Maine National Guard site. In June [2003], according to the Border Patrol, a Humvee was stolen from the Limestone facility. While searching for the missing vehicle, agents apprehended a Russian illegal alien nearby. He had a valid New York State commercial driver's license allowing him to haul hazardous materials and a pass that granted him access to sea ports along the East Coast -- including high-level security bonded customs areas. Also this summer [2003], two other Russian nationals, dressed in military battle dress uniforms [!!!!], were stopped by Canadian authorities as they attempted to enter the U.S. at an unguarded crossing approximately 20 miles south of Limestone. This again is highly critical because that was probably one of the many such incidents and our authorities are again clueless about the significance of it for the Russian military strategy. We simply trust the "former" communists from Russia and Eastern Europe to be our "strategic partners" as they have plenty of help ["perhaps" unintentional] in their deceptive anti-American strategy from our National Security and Diplomatic circles. These U.S. military vehicles will no doubt be used to gain access to our military bases for various sabotage and destruction operations including the use of nuclear "dirty" and full size bombs against such military complexes. Our security measures are very poor and I am a witness of that, as I have visited [due to my work] some of our bases myself. No detection equipment is used for detecting nuclear bombs and nuclear devices, vehicles are only searched but not searched thoroughly. The following report says clearly: Bank of America last week [03-02-2005 .. ed. note] said it lost computer data tapes for 1.2 million federal employees, including U.S. senators. The missing tapes contain customer and account information, including some Social Security numbers, from a federal government program using Visa cards for government travel and procurement. The tapes were lost in late December, during shipment to a backup data center. Federal law-enforcement officials were notified immediately. Such identity theft of several thousand could no doubt be part of these described Russian sabotage and "Islamic terrorism" operations as such ID's are now most likely in hands of the "proper people" who already know very well what to do with them...and their orders are coming soon.....

The culprits were never uncovered and this again suggests the involvement of highly trained KGB, GRU and related communist espionage hackers and identity deft professionals. They had to have help from the inside as well.... There are several American trucking companies run by Russians and other Eastern European nationals who have had the communists supplied money to start their businesses and these people will no doubt be used in transport and movement of various nuclear, biological and chemical warfare devices and bombs on our territory and, as they are themselves trained experts in working with such devices, they'll be the ones who will execute their use against our military and government targets. These people have all good and mostly new equipment so most of the times they are not pulled over for inspection while driving through DOT scales and commercial vehicle port of entries, but as I have learned through my work, there are always easy ways to bypass such scales and their detection devices by using another, usually not patrolled routes. There is also an important possibility that hijacking of various trucks belonging to U.S. respectable companies will be executed by the already stationed Russian Spetsnaz [Special Forces under GRU Russian Military Intelligence command] commandos, which are highly trained and fully capable of taking over several trucks and use them to deliver the already pre-positioned Russian nuclear weapons to their U.S. military [U.S. bases etc.] and also civilian [our cities] targets. It should be understood that such operations will be no doubt coordinated using various U.S. citizens already working inside such trucking companies as dispatchers [anybody is willing to help when monetary incentive is used and accepted and moral principles are beforehand rejected], through which scheme Russian and Chinese [nor any other Eastern European] communist involvement would never be suspected. Simply said, it is easy to murder the driver and load the nuclear, biological or chemical [including nerve gas] weapons onto such hijacked American truck and park it near any U.S. military base, leave to a safe distance and explode the weapon...... By the time such professionally done hijacking is discovered by the company [and again, it wouldn't be possible if Russians have already people inside such targeted companies....], it will no doubt be too late to act....this scheme is one of the more probable and also extremely dangerous ones, because the only visible "culprit" will be U.S. company........and it all can and will be blamed in the early stages of WW3 on the "Islamic terrorists".... It is also necessary to count on the use of Eastern European, Russian and Chinese container transport companies to execute such sabotage and terrorist tasks for the communists, as these companies are in hands of communists or "former" communist agents turned "businessmen".

Among them are for example companies like China Shipping and Han Jin, and the last has a terminal for example right near the downtown Seattle, with, till recently, no nuclear gamma radiation detection equipment installed ! The only U.S. port that has such devices is Elizabeth, NJ and other ports are being supplied such detection equipment but the installation process is arriving too late I'm afraid, because it is important to understand that such nuclear bombs and devices are already very well placed and safeguarded on our soil and ready to be used at any time. These facts are supported by statements of various defectors among which is Russian GRU defector colonel Stanislav Lunev who stated to my sources that in his estimate over 100 Russian nuclear "dirty bombs" are already in America. [Full related report]. [Editor's note - In the light of these facts we have to also ask how many Russian and Chinese full size nuclear bombs are already on our soil.....?] In this report we can again read the remarkable deception of the Russian communists and the American naive acceptance of such "true explanations": On Sept. 7, 1997, former Russian National Security Adviser Alexander Lebed created a worldwide sensation when he was interviewed on CBS' "60 Minutes." He claimed that 100 of 250 suitcase-sized nuclear bombs were missing and no longer in the control of the Russian military. The suitcase bombs described by Lebed are small but powerful. Said to measure 24-by16-by-8 inches, each suitcase bomb was capable of killing up to 100,000 people if detonated in a major U.S. city during business hours. The Russians predictably denied that the suitcase nukes existed. But if the suitcase nukes hypothetically existed, the Russians insisted they were all accounted for. [Editor's note: It came to my knowledge that Lebed was later "found dead" in Russia ... Soviet-Russian communists don't tolerate any mistakes and uncontrolled spreading of too much information.....] Then, on Jan. 24, 2000, Rep. Dan Burton, R-IN, brought a mock-up of a suitcase nuclear bomb to a congressional hearing on Russian espionage. Burton displayed the suitcase bomb to the congressional committee and to the press. The startling photos of the prototype suitcase bomb made headlines around the globe. At the hearing, Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., elicited testimony from Stanislav Lunev, an exSoviet colonel who defected to the United States in 1992 after he had worked for more than 10 years in the United States as an intelligence operative. Among many revelations, Lunev reported that Russia’s military – despite the end of the Cold War, continues to prepare for a war with the U.S.

Lunev claimed he had collected information on the U.S. president and senior U.S. political and military leaders so they could be targeted for assassination in the event of war. As part of this mission, Lunev claimed to have obtained from the Soviet Union several suitcase nuclear bombs that were pre-positioned in the United States and stored in hiding places where they could be concealed until needed. Since we know that the collapse of communism has been orchestrated by the communists from Moscow for [also] the purpose to have much better access to America, without sufficient guard and protection system in place, it is also important to assume that these nuclear and other destruction devices have to be serviced and handled by highly trained communist espionage personnel which is already in place and ready to do the work. For example it is a known fact that the number of Czech citizens in Chicago area comes to, or is greater than 10 thousand, all illegally working in various low paying jobs. To recruit people among such illegal aliens is never a problem for already trained communist espionage officers. In case of any setbacks these recruits have no information and have no idea what they're being used for and who is using them to do the "dirty work". It is all being run on need-to-know basis only. That way the whole strategy is protected from being uncovered and recognized by the enemy and of course the rest of the espionage cell is protected as well from being uncovered by U.S. authorities. The number of Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Russian citizens that remain in America illegally is not known but we have to assume that it is also in thousands, if not more. There are known communist agents allegedly living in America, among which for example is one Petr Lukes, born 09-21-1955, STB communist file #'s 26691, 20573 and 2669103, code names HORSKY, RENEE and HORNIK, category agent and secret co-operation. Mr. Lukes is presently [allegedly] living in Florida, according to various Czech newspaper reports, and allegedly has in his possession over $40 million. These money are not originally Mr. Lukes' own, but they came allegedly from Czechoslovak communist bank loans and Lukes used these loans, according to these reports, to buy one of the biggest Czech steel companies, but it is reported that he has never paid these loans back... The Czech Republic government is "trying very hard" to get Mr. Lukes extradited from the United States but in reality this is again a cover up of such operations and of their financial backing. These money could be [allegedly] used to finance various espionage and strategic operation in the region, including those already described.

There are many such people living in America, their communist espionage financial support is obvious as they seem to have never any business problems and always manage to survive during any financial cycle recession period, even when their competition is in financial trouble and has to close down. These include people who are owners of restaurants, various food chain services, small trucking companies, repair shops, small manufacturing factories [long-term communist "sleepers"], various other business ventures that can be used as fronts for communist strategic sabotage operations against America's national defense and military and also civilian targets. For example we must include the use in such operations of various mind control drugs Czechoslovak and Russian communists have produced and perfected during their ever continuing research and development, as these dangerous "crowd management" drugs could play a very serious role in communist overtaking of our country without any substantial use of force. These drugs and their testing was done on our American POW's captured namely during the Korea and Vietnam wars, as this is described in detail by Dr. Joseph D. Douglass Jr. in his brilliant book Betrayed. Over thirty thousand Americas were captured alive [by the communists - editor's note] in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War—but never returned at war’s end. They were left behind, abandoned, by top officials at the White House, State, Defense, and the CIA. Betrayed digs deeply into the reasons why. Information gathered from behind the Iron Curtain tells how the American prisoners were used as guinea pigs in gruesome medical experiments – to train doctors, determine the effects of atomic radiation, and test experimental chemical and biological warfare agents. Tens of thousands of Americans were killed in experiments as brutal and horrendous as the atrocities and war crimes of Hitler’s death camps. [Editor's note - See also U.S. Congress testimony of former Czechoslovak Army General Jan Sejna (he was murdered in 1998 by "unknown killers"....)]. These chilling details must be taken into consideration as the already mentioned communist operatives will be very surely used in implementing of such tested operations, namely the biological, chemical and also nuclear ones. Our water and food supplies must be protected with much better care and these Eastern European, Russian and Chinese nationals living in America should be carefully screened and or watched for their movement and contacts with known and or suspected KGB, GRU, STB, ZS and also Chinese espionage officers and agents. Our country's survival depends on such radical approach. Russian still communist motives are clear The communists are committed to their strategic plans and America is the enemy #1, we are the target. To make us believe that they don't have any bad intentions against

us, the Russian intelligence network is using various recruited agents of influence who are very actively promoting "free trade" with Russia and Eastern Europe and of course we all know how much of China's goods we are [foolishly] buying. It is again the price, the cheap communist labor that at the end will be proved very costly for America, as China is not using the acquired U.S. dollars for building better life for her citizens, but to keep the communist tyranny tight and to buy more and more Russian advanced missiles and weaponry for use against the hated American capitalists. There are of course many other aspects of these Russian and Chinese communist war preparations against America, including the already prepared sabotage operations against our strategic targets which include the water supply, the U.S. power grid, our transportation structure including the destruction of our freeways [trapping Americans inside the cities....], sabotage and destruction of our communication and emergency broadcasting structures, setting up wildfires, and many others. We are the sitting ducks who trust the communist criminals, we are the ones who'll pay the price for our naive belief that communism is somehow "curable" by spread of capitalist goods and money to these "newly democratic" countries. The Lenin's New Economical Plan should have warned the West not to engage in any venture and business partnership with the communists, as this important historical precedent has been long forgotten and we have jumped on this China, Russia and "former" Warsaw Pact countries supplied cheap labor, the vision of easy profit [namely in case of companies as Walmart, K-Mart and so forth], is what will ultimately bring America only into trouble. Communism is not dead, we are in this fight for a long time, let us stop these mistakes and learn to sacrifice our life of plenty for the country's survival. Our very freedom depends on such important approach, we simply cannot continue to supply these communists with more and more tools to destroy us and to take away our freedom, which both they are after in the first place. Let us pray in the end that while blind to such dangerous communist strategy we will learn quickly to react and counter it with our own counter-strategy, which must include first of all discontinuing of doing business with China, Russia and the other "former" communist countries, as their intentions for us are truly evil and their objective is not America's prosperity, freedom, free trade and good democratic partnership. If you don't understand this, well, you just have to learn the hard way.... God have mercy on us.

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