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You have made an AMAZING choice by deciding to read this short book, and I’m going to start by
telling you this right away:

z After reading this book, the way you look at online businesses isn’t going to be the

z The way you planned to make money in 2018 isn’t going to be the same.

z The way you approach life isn’t going to be the same.

In fact, those who are smart enough to capitalize on what I’m going to share here, will open up a
notebook and write up a new business plan and goals for 2018 as soon as they finish up reading

Here’s what you’re going to learn TODAY:

z How 826 Students from Our Test Group (Who Had Little to No Experience
Whatsoever) Collectively Generated Over $60,549,112 Using Our 5 Step Machine

z A Tested 3 Step System That You Can Use to Start a Million Dollar Amazon

z Why you’re missing out & losing A LOT of money if you’re not selling on Amazon in
2018! !

z Why only 5% of People Make it While Others Don’t

z And a lot more…

I’m going to share with you the exact same system that our students used, down to the finest

Every crucial step that they’ve used and what caused them to be successful, but 95% of people
actually NEVER pay attention to! )

My goal here is to show you what you need to do in order to build a million-dollar Amazon
business from scratch. Simply put, I want to show you all the missing information I wished I had
when I started this business.

So let’s start! | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 2
There Has Never Been a Better Time in History to
Start an Amazon Business Than Right Now.
Right now is the BEST time to profit on Amazon. Better than any time in history.

To put it bluntly: Traditional retail is dying! Sounds like a stretch? Let’s look at the facts for a

Are you familiar with any of these logos?

What do they all have in common?

All of them have gone BANKRUPT.

Last year, 26 major retailers filed for bankruptcies. This year, in 2018, retail stores are going
bankrupt at a staggering rate and even the big guys are struggling to survive. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 3
And these are just the guys who are throwing in the towel and stepping out of the game

To give you a basic overview of how bad this actually is, and what it means, let’s look at some of
the retail stores that are closing.

Note: In 2018 this number has raised by the hundreds and most of these retailers are continuing
to close down stores. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 4
By the end of 2017 this number had grown to 3726+ stores of MAJOR retailers that closed
downR. That’s 200 percent more than a year ago.

To put this into perspective, retailers closed down more stores in the first 3 months of 2017 than
ALL of 2016.

Can you see how frightening this is, as these stats are just from 2017? And they’re the big
retailers that closed down and couldn’t survive.

These are the guys with massive budgets, manpower, spending billions a year, with a huge customer

…and they couldn’t break even! Most of them filed for bankruptcy while being in huge debt.

And I’m not even talking about the countless small stores that closed down as well. According to
experts and researchers, retails bankruptcy soar to a record high in 2018 and will continue in the
years to come. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 5
Amazon is expanding.

MWPVL international is the leading website on all things Amazon fulfillment.

And if you go there you could see exactly how many fulfillment centers are currently out there in
the US and worldwide and how much future facilities they plan to have.

Let’s take a look at the statistics from June, 2017 and compare it to this year.

In June 2017, Amazon had 258 active facilities in the US and 173 worldwide. With 21 more
planned to open in the future for the rest of the world, and 79 more in the US. A total of 431
facilities. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 6
What about this year, June 2018?

Amazon now has 331 active facilities in the US and 410 international facilities, with a total of 741

That’s 310 more facilities in just a year!

A new facility is opened up almost every single day, and that number just keeps growing and will
increase every single year.

Amazon is Expanding Fulfillment While Other People Are

Closing Stores
44% of the US already lives close enough to a fulfillment center for same day delivery, and in the
very near future 1 hour or less delivery will be a real thing for 40% of people living the us.

There is a misconception that Amazon is so big it can’t grow. While in fact, Amazon is literally just
starting to grow. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 7
What About Amazon Prime?

More Amazon customers in the US have a Prime membership than do not (56% prime
memberships). And the only way you can get to them is by using fulfillment by Amazon (FBA as
the cool kids call it).

Sounds pretty scary so far, right? That’s completely natural. As long as you keep following along,
I will reveal how you can make millions off Amazon.

We’re only just covering the tip of it.

But to quickly sum it up;

How Big Is Amazon Actually?

z 3 out of 4 smart phones have the Amazon app installed – customers can shop on their
phone, use one click purchase and buy items as fast as 30 seconds or less.

z At least 25% of ALL the money spent online flows through Amazon! That means $1 out
of every $4 that’s spent online goes through Amazon. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 8
z Amazon is on its way to become the first trillion-dollar company in existence.

Simply put: Amazon is kind of taking over the world.

So why Amazon?

z Being able to tap into Prime Members – there’s no other way you can do it other than
selling on Amazon. If you’re not selling on Amazon you can say bye bye to the people
that are used to the super-fast shipping offered by Amazon Prime and only buying with

z Fastest shipping in the world. Let’s face it, most people can get same day items without
paying extra.

z Using one click purchasing (Amazon holds the patent to that).

z Ultra mobile-friendly (70% of shopping online is via mobile).

z The deepest level of trust. And who has more trust than Amazon?

It is infinitely harder to make money online without these benefits. You can swim upstream or
downstream and Amazon is definitely downstream.

eThere Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Selling

on Amazon than RIGHT NOW.
And not just for the big guys.

Amazon is big. Big enough for anyone to start a business, literally anyone. And before we get to

I Want to Make Something Very Clear

Everyone is always telling you it’s not your fault that you’re not successful and some say that
things are going to get better and better, and be fantastic and it’s all good.

And if you listen to them then I’m going to be very worried about you because here are the facts:

z 96% of the people who try to start an online business, fail. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 9
Most of these people, fail for either two reasons:

1. Fear

2. No system

These two are almost complete opposites.

Starting an online business? It’s going to be scary and of course you’re going to be a little bit
scared. I’d be a worried if you wouldn’t be a bit scared to start a business.

But here’s my question to you:

Have you ever done anything that you were initially scared to do, and then it was easier than you
anticipated, and it was more fun and rewarding?

What would your life be like if you didn’t do it just because you were scared?

Fear is the number one thing that stops people from succeeding, right from the start . Don’t
shoot yourself in the foot.

No System.
Having no system and trying to make money online is the opposite of fear. And it’s detrimental
to your success just as much as fear!

If you think that you can just roll up your sleeves, start typing and trying out random things and
suddenly the money will appear in your bank account then I encourage you to re-think your

Please don’t lie to yourself. I’ve seen many people do it and it’s heart-breaking seeing them fail

I see this over and over again. People are taking all the wrong steps, then ask for help after they
fail and wonder why they didn’t succeed.

A lot of pain could’ve been avoided and the fact is, they could’ve been successful would they
have taken the right steps from the get go.

I call it blind optimism. Being optimistic is great and very important, but only if you have a | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 10
system in place.

It’s like someone stepping in a boxing ring and

having a professional fight without any previous

The boxer can be as confident as he wants but he’s

probably going to get knocked out in seconds!

Every move he’d make would be the wrong one.

He would have the wrong techniques and he
pretty much lost the fight from the first second
that bell rang.

The same thing here, if you don’t have the right

system and approach to starting a business, every
move you make will be a failure from the get

Good. Now that we have made these 2 things

clear, you are more than ready to start learning
with the right mindset.

So What Happens When You Have the Right System?

I could show you my results, and I will later on.

But before we get to that, I want to show you what happens when
every-day people use the right system.

Some of them had 9-5 jobs, some were in very bad financial
situations, and most knew nothing about Amazon FBA and had
done nothing previous to this!

Alex started from nothing and is already making over 990 GBP a
week. That’s the equivalent of about $1,300 US dollars a week.

Average profit margin for our students is 40-50%. So that’s a

minimum of $520 per week in his first 2 weeks. Not bad, right?

Ryan is only 18 years old and he’s made almost $3k in one day
with his very FIRST PRODUCT ever! | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 11
And Martin was able to make money as fast as ONE WEEK of being live.

Jeff hit $20k in sales in his first 30 days. He literally started a

6 figures business from scratch in profit only 2 months after
starting to learn about the system. That’s the power of the
right system.

You might be thinking these people are outliers. But they all
have started from nothing, these are all different people, with
different situations, in all over the world… Some have even
started in some of the worst situations possible and made it. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 12
Take a Look at Some of These People Who Went From NOTHING to Making Money In Their First
30 Days… | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 13
Is it all about the money?
A lot of people think that it takes money to make money. dBut if that were true I’d still be
delivering pizzas for $12 an hour instead of having a multimillion-dollar company and helping
others do the same.

Capital can help serve you but the beauty of this business is that you don’t need much to start.

For example,

Starting a retail store would cost you a minimum of $100,000 and you already know that starting
a retail store is a bad idea, the big guys can’t even break even and businesses are closing left and

Honestly, even if someone paid me a $100k to start a retail store, I wouldn’t take it . The tedious
work, the slow growth, having to actually be there, instead of chilling at the beach or spending
time with your family?

No thank you! | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 14
I’d rather be working from my laptop, making more money, growing faster, and being able to do
it whenever I want, wherever I want, with who I want.

Wouldn’t you agree?

But there are still people who start retail stores every day. Why?
Most of the time, it’s either for one of these two reasons:

z They don’t believe they could do it in a way that is not the normal way society teaches to
do it (which we’ve seen, doesn’t work, but we’ve been brainwashed).

z Or they are unfortunate and they don’t even know about the online opportunities that
exist, which is the most common reason.)

You are fortunate enough to know about this. And so am I, and I’m grateful for it.

So consider yourself very lucky to be in the place you are at right now. The mindset of not
starting a business because of money; not only is it not actually true - ty as you’ve seen yourself
that almost all of the students I’ve showed you, started from scratch without any large capital,
but also:

It’s just fear, disguised as an excuse.

The Two Keys To Being Financially Free

1. Getting rid of your fear and start.

2. Using the right system based on proven reality.

Those are the keys.

Memorize them. Write them down. Have them printed on the wall.

Whatever floats your boat.

Do this right and you can realize your wildest dreams. And while retail stores can’t even break
even this is exactly what’s happening with Amazon sellers at this time; extreme profits.

It’s all up to you and how much you really want it to be eventually.

We all have different goals and that’s what it’s all about, and if you’re someone who wants to go
far at some point, take a look at how far you can actually take it with Amazon. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 15
From 0 to running a $1.5m per year business.

And if you think that’s crazy, John is already on the path of reaching $500-$600k
profit per year, and this is only his third month of selling on amazon. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 16
And we got some more high achievers in
our group that used this system to get
incredible results. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 17
This is the result of two years of work, not to mention starting this as a side

Results like these are happening every

single day. I can’t even count how many
posts like these I get.

And this is not about us or about

our system being the best or how we
are geniuses (in fact we’re far from
it as you’ll see soon). We have just
developed the right system and were
fortunate enough to be able to teach it. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 18
Keep these two things in mind. I’ll hammer these along the way
because you want this mindset engrained in you, in order to
succeed you need these two simple things.

1. Getting rid of fear – You’ve seen it yourself. People in

all different age groups, from different countries and
different backgrounds are turning Amazon into a 6 figure
income stream for themselves.

The majority of our students started this with no money. As

a matter of fact some even started this as a side hustle and
turned it into a 7 figure business.

Should you be any different? I’ll answer this for you.

Heck no!

So don’t let fear, in the form of excuses, stop you. If they can
do it, so can you.

2. Have the right system! | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 19
This is crucial for your success. Once
you ignore that fear and start taking
action you’re closer to success, but it’s
not the finish line.

What happens when you have the

right system? Well you’ve seen the
results yourself.

And all of this was accomplished

with the 3 step system I’m about to
teach you here now and on the live
workshop you are invited to.

You’re not guessing anymore, you’re

not in the dark, you are simply
following a formula that’s proven to
work. This applies to everything in life, and especially business. Without having this system I’d
never have been able to make it myself, nor the students that you’ve seen that are crushing it.
So don’t guess your way to failure!

So Who Are We and Why Are We Teaching This?

I am an online entrepreneur who started from nothing and built a $2m/y business in two years.
I was emancipated from my parents as a young teen and had nowhere to go. At a young age I
got into a lot of trouble and at one point hit rock bottom.

I got into a lot of legal problems and found myself in jail, about to be transferred over to country

My life was a complete mess at the time. But right before I was about to be transferred, the
police officer told me “you’re free to go”. I was pretty shocked and asked him “what do you

The police officer said “I have a message for you…”

“Your father said you could come home.”

And that’s something that really hit home for me. At that point I hadn’t talked to my parents for a
really long time, and for them to tell me that meant a lot.

That was my rock bottom moment. And do you know why they call it rock bottom? Because I | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 20
could only go up from there.

I went straight into my parents’ basement and it’s all history from there.

I knew I had to do something, and I knew I had to go out there and change my life. It was a
pivotal moment for me.

I told myself “I don’t want to live like this”. I knew it wasn’t for me and that there was more to life
than what I was living, and that life had more to offer.

I told myself that from then on, I was going to make the most out of this one life that I was given
and decided to get into this business and dive deep.

Fast forward a little bit when I was 19 years old and made my first 6 figures.
And that’s how I got started.

What Am I Doing Now?

That $100k turned into $250k and $250k turned into $500k and by now I have made over
$10,000,000 online.

I built an audience of over 350,000 people on e-mail and a Youtube audience of over 100,000.
And I’m here partnering with Tanner on this because I decided I want to help as many people as
I possibly can do the same, especially if they’re at rock bottom.

Tanner’s story.

Tanner was 20 years old when he first started learning

about all the different ways of making money online.

He wanted to learn how to make money over the summer

and stumbled upon some YouTube videos, which lead him
to start this journey.

He had just graduated from community college and was

going to do a full 4 years in college.
He worked a couple 9-5’s and honestly, he always hated
them. It just wasn’t for him.

He kept switching jobs. He was a personal trainer for a

while, then he delivered pizzas for some time, and this
loop kept going on for a while. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 21
He couldn’t stand working for someone else and being broke all the time with no free time.
He felt enslaved. He was miserable.

He knew he wanted to do something entrepreneurial, but didn’t really know what it was.

Everyone was teaching different things; he wasn’t sure what the right one to choose was. So he
started researching online, and found something called fulfillment by Amazon.

He was stoked and felt this was his calling, this was how he could get the freedom he always
wanted and not have to go to college and just be on a budget everywhere.

At this time, he wasn’t working. He was just going to school and barely had any money in the

So he started learning it for a while and finally decided to jump right in and try to sell something.
He was sure that he was finally going to be able to make money and make it work, so he
launched his very first product ever and;

It failed.

He couldn’t make it work or sell a lot of units, it was not what he expected.

He got a little bit discouraged but decided to try again, “maybe I just got unlucky” he told himself.
So he rolled up his sleeves and decided that it was time to give this another shot! He jumped
into another product, the cheapest one he could afford.

The results?

It sold even worse than the first one.

At this point he had been doing this for about 5 months, had 2 products that failed, wasted 5
months doing all this work and risking all this money. He was confused.

He knew something was wrong this time. So he decided to enroll in a course. And oh boy, that
decision changed his life.

At first, he didn’t really know what he was doing. But, as he started learning more and analyzing
his past mistakes, things started to make sense quickly. Finally, he had some information and
tactics in mind about what he wanted to do. And he decided to give this another shot.

He launched his third product, and the results?

It actually did well! | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 22
And then it turned out it was patented. He didn’t know you have to look for patents on Amazon.

So product number three: failed.

So by then he had 3 failed products and almost all of his money gone to this. Most people
would’ve given up at that point and honestly he was so close to quitting, he was literally about to
do it.

But he noticed that other people were doing it, and it worked. So if it wasn’t working for him,
then he was doing something wrong.

So he decided to give this one more shot. The last shot. He told himself “If it doesn’t work this
time, I’m done”.

He knew something wasn’t right, but he didn’t know what it was.

He decided to spend more time on different things and especially on product research and
figure out what was selling well.

He still had the course he bought, so he made sure to stick with something that worked this

And low and behold, in May of 2016 he started a new product and it took off.

His First Success

On the first day he sold 10.

The second day, he sold 40.

And so on and it jumped all the way up.

That month he made $8,000 in profit.

He couldn’t believe it worked.

He immediately opened up Word and

started writing everything he had done
different this time. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 23
Fast forward 2 months in, and his product went from $8,000 a month to $12,000 a month, to
$15,000 a month and he knew he was on to something.

So he started a second product, this time only focusing on what worked the first time.

That second product got him up to $20,000 a month.

And on July 1st of 2016, he bought a Corvette, which he was really

stoked about because it was his dream car.

He had been doing really well for around three months at that time.
And he wanted to do even better. He was looking for information
on how to take this to the next level.

And then our paths crossed. A meeting that changed our lives.
Together, I helped him as he kept refining and tweaking the formula
over and over again, optimizing it to th best of his abilities, and
always learning more.

The formula just worked, over and over again.

Tanned launched a new product and boom, it got him up to $30k a
month in profits. He worked for about an hour a day at this point
because Amazon is pretty passive, and he kept launching new
products and going up and up.

In 2017 alone he was able to make over $1.8million in profits.

Yes, that is profits, not revenue.

He ended up buying his dream
car, the Lamborghini Hurricane.
Tanner is now living in the
dream house that he bought,
getting his dream cars
and living the exact life he
always wanted to live. His life
completely turned around.

And we want to share the

process that helped us to do all
of that. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 24
Its Finally Your Turn To Reap The Same Rewards That Are Available To Us

Look, Tanner is only 22, and was able to achieve all of his goals. Now if you asked him two years
ago if he would have ever imagined himself at the spot he’s at right now, he would have actually
laughed at you and say no way.

And rightly so because he had no way of making money. He couldn’t even comprehend how he
could get to 6 or 7 figures.

Heck, even 5 months into this and he still wasn’t sure if he was going to make it.

He went through thick and thin just to find something that works and when he did, he
capitalized on it.

Now, we are not geniuses s who developed some kind of system that worked for us right away.
Probably the opposite! When Tanner was in college, most of the time he didn’t really believe in
himself, failed in college and in life, and he was just about to quit.

Yeap, he was about to give up literally right before he found out what works. Imagine what his
life would look like right now if he had done that?

And he was so fortunate he didn’t quit and actually stumbled upon this.

He is super lucky he found this process. Because it opened up the doorway to so many new
things, and we’re especially happy because if he hadn’t found it, over 5,000 people who are now
successful in Amazon wouldn’t have been able to make it.

But if he could have had this system from the get go, oh man, how much effort, blood, sweat
and tears would that have saved him.

Because not everyone can go through what he did, he barely got through it himself . In fact, no
one should have go through this.

We already did the work, we already found the system, you just have to use it and we’ll be
happy to create another success story. Because the more success stories we create, the better
our businesses will thrive. We truly believe that.

So I hope you’re excited to learn this, because in the next pages and in the webinar we’re going
to reveal exactly what worked for us and what we found out. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 25
What Exactly is Amazon FBA?
Before we get started with the steps, you might be wondering what exactly is Amazon FBA and
how it works.

Fulfillment by Amazon, or as we cool kids like to call it: Amazon FBA, is a business model where
you sell private labeled products.

Private labeling is where we basically put our logo and brand into an existing product and call it
our own.

This is NOT drop-shipping. What’s the difference?

In drop-shipping, you need to test many different products until you find the one that actually
works for you, and most of the time you are selling different brands from different suppliers.

Then, once you find a product that’s successful, you keep buying it from a certain supplier who is
usually shipping it from China, to the US.

The Amazon FBA business model is very different, with Amazon FBA, you have your own
branded products inside Amazon’s warehouse where they pack and ship your product to the
customers as fast as a day.

You’re not testing for different products hoping to find a winner, with Amazon FBA you are
taking an already existing product that has demand, and re-branding it, making it your own.

z You can start FBA anywhere around the world. Europe, Asia, America; it doesn’t matter.

Here’s an example of a private labeled product. All of these products sell very well and make a
lot of money, the only different between them? The logo on the actual product. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 26
There are hundreds of thousands of suppliers available to do this for any type of product, all
over the world. Customers buy your brand, and Amazon ships it to them, super fast.

In short, here’s a summary of how the process works:

1. The first step of doing Amazon FBA is finding a profitable product and I’ll show you
exactly how to do that.

2. Once we find our profitable product, the second thing we need to do is to find a
supplier to wholesale the product we found.

3. Then, once the supplier manufactures the product, we send that product to an Amazon
fulfillment center.

Then Amazon will pack, fulfill and ship all our products for us. So you never have to deal with any
of that, and you can utilize Amazon’s fast shipping and all of their Prime customers that would
buy your product.

Once the entire process is done, all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the money roll in.

The 3 Steps System.

Now that you understand what Amazon FBA is, let’s talk about the system myself, and thousands
of my students used to build 6, 7 and even 8 figure Amazon FBA businesses. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 27
But before we get to that, I want to be real. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Starting an
Amazon business does require work and certain strategies that need to be used in order to

Just like any other business, there are steps you need to
take to stand out from everybody else that try to do this
and fail.

Allow me to be real with you for a second. Most people

who start an online business FAIL. Why is that? There are
crucial parts of the system that they miss.

I’ve been there, done that, and almost gave up on this


Luckily for you (and mostly for me) I didn’t. And I built
a blueprint that’s been used over and over again
successfully so people won’t have to go through what I

The 7 figure machine system contains 4 steps and these

4 steps are the most crucial parts to success with any
Amazon business out there.

Miss one of those steps, and you will fail with Amazon.

The reason why so many of our students succeeded so

quickly, and grew so rapidly, is because they had this
system from the get go.

Trying to succeed in Amazon without this formula would be so much harder to the point, that
these days 95% of people who start on their own give up before finding just the basics of the

You either going to have to grind, pay thousands of dollars for mentoring and coaching, try so
many things until you stumble upon this or just take the easy route and follow me.

I’m literally giving you the same process here and in the following workshop for free.

I developed this system for people like you and also for people like me.

I wanted to develop the system I always wanted. The system I never had! | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 28
I wish I had something like this when I started and this is what drove me to create this process
I’m going to share with you.

I asked myself: “If had to start all over again, what exact information would I need to start
an Amazon business from $0 - $1M in the fastest, easiest way possible?”

The answer?

Everything you will see below and in the webinar.

So take every word I’m saying here with great attention because you do not want to go through
what I did only to find this, and take the risk of failing over and over again.

How The System Works.

Let’s dive in to the system and exactly how it works.

Throughout the years selling on Amazon, I have been tracking every little detail that took me to
succeed and I’ve built a system that contains every little step used on the way to go from $0 to
having a new product online making $1,000/d +.

My system wasn’t always perfect, but when I finally got the right details that show exactly what it
takes to profit on amazon, I felt like a chemist figuring out the formula for something big for the
first time in his life.

What I also found out, is that literally ALL of my friends and mentors who are successful with
Amazon running 6, 7 and even 8 figure business are using the exact major components of this
formula. They all have that in common.

Now, I call this process the “7 figure machine”.

Because just like a machine, after it is set up there’s not much you need to do. And just like a
machine, it’s repeatable. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 29
$1M Year Process Broken Down into Steps

There are small steps you need to do in each and every one of these big steps that will assure
you get it right.

It’s all about getting each step correctly with the right strategies.

I’ve learned these strategies over the years and broke it down into an exact science, and I’m
going to share that with you in this book and in the following live webinars.

I’m still using this system over and over again till this day too.

So let’s jump in to the first step, which is research. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 30
Step 1: Research

When I first started my Amazon business I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t making any sales. I was stuck
and the crucial thing that lead to my first success was spending more time on research until I
found the right way to actually research.

You see, by doing research the right way, you are making sure that the product you sell, will do
well. It comes down to 1 big question:

Does the product I want to sell with Amazon has enough demand right now to sell and
make me money?

If you launch a product that doesn’t have enough demand, no one would buy your product and
you’d fail. Been there, done that.

And if you sell a product with a lot of demand but also a lot of competition, it could potentially
work but would take a lot of time. Been there, done that too.

Find the sweet spot. If you launch a product that has just the right amount of demand, and the
right amount of competition…

Well, that’s where you start making some money fast. (and of course, been there, done that). Doing
the research correctly is the foundation of your Amazon business.

You could have the perfect listing and advertising and everything else but if the product is not
right, you wouldn’t make it.

That’s why most people actually fail right there, at the beginning. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 31
However, when done correctly, you could start making
money with your very first product ever launched.

And that’s my goal for you.

I don’t want you to go through what I did just to find my

first successful product.

I want you to do it right in the first attempt, and it’s

definitely possible.

Now of course, you can’t always get it right the first time,
and sometimes it takes certain people a second or even
a third attempt.

But if you do it the right way, there’s no reason why your

next product chosen correctly wouldn’t go ahead and
start making you passive income right away just like Max,
Connor and many other people who did the same.

Once you choose the right product, your product pretty

much sells itself.

You could mess up on everything else, if the product is good

you can still do well.

Doing research the right way was a game changer for me so

here’s the breakdown of how I do it.

With Amazon, there are lots of different ways you could

potentially do product research which we will cover later on
and on in the workshop as well so make sure you attend them.

What we need to do first is figure out which products are

selling well with low competition because the whole goal here
is to rank our product on the first page for different keywords
and that way, people can find us organically.

So how do we know if they are selling well, or if they are too

competitive? | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 32
We do this by checking two things;c

1. The product best-selling rank.

2. The product reviews.

So we look at how much they’re selling by their best-selling rank and we’ll look at competition
based on the reviews.

What you want to look for arer items that are getting sales (demand in other words) but have
low reviews (low competition).

How many reviews? As a general rule you want to look for products with under 200 reviews.
Let me show you an example of how it’s done.

Google “Amazon Best Sellers” and

click the first link or click here.

For this example, we’re going to pick

Sports & Outdoors. As you can see,
the products in this category are
pretty competitive and have lots of
reviews. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 33
So what you want to do is go to the sub-categories.

For example, I’m going to click the “outdoor recreation” subcategory and it’s going to show us
less competitive products.

The more sub-categories we go into, the less competitive products are going to be. So far it’s still
pretty competitive so let’s click camping and hiking.

The first couple products are always going to be very competitive because they are getting the
most amount of sales in the category, so what we can do is scroll down and look at the first 100
products in the sub-category.

What you can also do is click another sub-category to get even more specific and find less
specific products.

For this example, I’m going to go and click “camping furniture”, and then one more time and click
“cots & hammocks”. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 34
Usually I like to go down 2-4+ subcategories but this is up to you. As long as there are products
that are less competitive in the sub-category, even in the first 100 pages, then you are good to

Once you went far enough into the sub-categories to your liking, it’s now time to find out how
much the product sells.

Click on any product… For this example, I’m going to pick this one:

What you want to do is look for the item “best seller rank”. Essentially what that means is the
rank of that particular item in the sports and outdoors category.

So if the item sells the most units in sports and outdoors, its best seller rank would be #1, and
that means that it’s selling more units than every other product in sports and outdoors. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 35
Scroll down the page and look for the “Product details” tab and then look at the best seller rank.

Here’s how the best seller rank works:

#50,000 to #70,000 best seller rank means they usually sell 1 unit a day.

#1,000 to #2,000 and they are probably going to be selling about 20-30 units a day.

#1,000 and under is going to be 50 + sales a day.

Below #100 best seller range is selling 250-300 units a day.

The lower the rank the more sales it gets and the number grows exponentially because there
are less and less products to compare to.

When looking for products you want to look for products with a best seller rank below #5,000.
What you want to do now is go through different products and look for ones that have:

1. Low reviews – Usually 100-200 and under is good. That way you know there’s not much

2. Low best seller rank – Usually a rank under #5,000 is good. This way we know the
product has demand and is actually selling.

Now there is some space you can play here, if you feel like you want to go above the numbers
you can do so, but use these as general guidelines.

After finding a product, for example the hammock we just found, what you want to do now is
take the main keyword and search for it in “all departments”.

For this product the main keyword is going to be “camping hammock”. Make sure you search in
all departments. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 36
That way you can see all the products at once. Make sure you are skipping the ones that have
“sponsored” under them. Like these ones:

This way you can see which ones actually rank organically for the keyword and you can see the
product as a whole.

What you want to do now is go to some of the top products there and check out their best seller
rank and the reviews.

Following these steps should give you a very basic idea of the most important thing you are
looking for when doing product research, which is: | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 37
1. The demand the product has (best seller rank)

2. The competition (reviews)

WEBINAR CTA – there are many more ways to do this. Sign up to the webinar. (fill this

Step 1 Conclusion
You can repeat the same process I’ve showed here for any niche, in any category out of the best
seller rank categories.

So if you don’t like the product, simply start the same research process in a different category.
Now I want you to keep this in mind: what I showed you here is merely the foundation of the
research process. It is the fundamental building block you will use to build upon your research

So once you have this down, and you are using this formula, you can add more strategies and
tactics to help you improve your product research, so you can have an edge over everybody else,
just like we’ll show on the live training.

There are many more tools in our arsenal that you can use to do product research, and we are
going to cover more of them in the following weeks, however if you don’t have this foundation
you would never be able to actually use the tools we will share.

Make sure you sign up to our live workshop so you can expand upon this foundation and take
this to the next level!

Knowing these basic important things is key, so now that you know exactly how to find the
perfect product let me show you how to do it better than everyone else at our free online event.

The research process is simpler than you probably thought. Beyond this, it’s just math.

Most people don’t take the time to do proper research…

Most people fail right at the beginning, by not being able to realize which products have high
demand and low competition.

You now know what you need to do what other people aren’t doing.

There are thousands and thousands of products available on Amazon right now that meet the
criteria that I just showed you, that anyone can go and sell. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 38
Due to the fact there are so many products out there that meet this criteria, over 5,000 of our
students have been able to go and start a 6-7 figure business, from scratch, in just a year or two.

To Learn more about 7 Figure Machines, join our love training workshops (we have 3
different times that we are holding them every Thursday for the next month and you
can register for one using the link below):
During our live workshop you will see every single aspect of this business that you can carbon
copy and use yourself with ease no matter where you are in the world. We are also answering
any questions you have on the live call! Make sure you register now, see you there!

Step 2: Source.
Once we got our product, it’s time to talk to some of the suppliers available and to start sourcing

This step is crucial.

It is going to determine your profit margin, how fast you can ship your products to the fulfillment
center, and by doing this correctly you will develop a relationship with a supplier, which can help
in many things.

You might be surprised to see that one of the biggest problems that people encounter is
underestimating how powerful Amazon and the system is and not ordering enough inventory.

This can be a real problem as you can see below: | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 39 | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 40
Yeap, running out of stock is a real problem for our students.

However, do not worry as it’s a good problem, but, a problem that can be managed and solved
easily only if you source correctly and build a relationship with your supplier.

If you have a good relationship with your supplier, you don’t need to worry about this as you’ll
be letting them know from the beginning you will order a lot more units in the future.

I’ll show you how to do this in just a second.

Where to Source Products From.

The two main places most people source products from is the US and China.

You can source from anywhere around the world as long as it makes sense from a demand
and profitability stand point, however, I recommend starting with China or the US for certain

So let’s start with how to contact a supplier.

Contacting a Chinese Supplier.

The biggest and most popular website to source from is and I absolutely
recommend it.

They have virtually almost any product you can think of, and you almost always have multiple
suppliers and choices to pick from for every product, which is great.

So if we head over to and search for “camping hammock”;

Then look through the different suppliers and pick the one that you desire. For this example,
there are over 18,000 listings just for Camping Hammock. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 41
Alibaba is huge and you’re not going to have any problem finding a supplier for a desired

However, it’s important you take the right steps and filter through suppliers until you find the
right one, to assure you get the best deal for your money, as well as to avoid future problems
with a certain supplier.

Now, when you click on “Contact Supplier” it’s going to pull up a screen that lets you send an
email to the supplier you want to talk to. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 42
If you don’t know what to say, don’t even worry. Simply use the following template and it has all
the information you need to send the supplier.

Insert template

Simply introduce yourself with your name, put in your company name as well, (it doesn’t matter
if you don’t have a company yet, you can put the future name there too).

There are a few questions you want to make sure to ask:

1. Can they provide custom packaging?

2. Can they shorten the production time?

3. What’s the turnaround time? Which means, how long it’d take for the products to be
made from start to finish.

4. How long the shipping will take when they send it to Amazon?

5. What’s the minimum order quantity, and what are the tiers for pricing (the more you
order, the more of a discount you can get per unit)?

Keep in mind, you only want to buy the minimum quantity possible. Ideally you want to start off
with 100-200 units.

And that’s it. Usually you’ll get responses back from the suppliers in 24-48 hours.

Because there is such an abundance of suppliers out there, you want to compare and find the
best one. To do this, you want to look at:

1. The cost per unit.

2. Minimum order quantity.

3. Turnaround and shipping time.

You see, almost all regular consumer products right now, like the millions sold on Amazon as
well, come from China.

It’s where much of where the world’s manufacturing happens today including high end products
like Microsoft products and Apple devices as well.

However, if you sell a product that goes into your body or is consumable like a nutritional | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 43
supplement or a beauty product, many of those products are likely to be manufactured in the

You can either choose to buy from a manufacturer in the US or China, that’s completely up to

How to Source a Product from The US.

Sourcing a product from the USA is very simple thing to do.

There’s a misconception that sourcing a product from the USA is harder to do, and that the
product cost is outrageous. Let’s break this misconception quickly.

Let’s take this example from Amazon:

This product costs $19.48.

So how can you find a supplier in the USA, for the same product?

Your best friend in this case, is Google.

What you want to look for on Google is: the product name and private label. In our case the
product name is mineral powder. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 44
There are tens of results for each product and after going to different websites you wouldn’t
have a problem finding the right supplier.

For example, after scrolling to the 2nd page I found a site called and they
offer a verity of different products that you can private label.

If we click the catalog button, we can see they have an entire line of products you can actually
source and an entire catalog you can look through. They also have the mineral powder we were
looking for. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 45
This is just the beginning with cosmetics, there’s hundreds of thousands of different products in
all kinds of different categories.

You can find ones in different niches too. I just looked up fitness + private label and there’s
literally millions of results in Google for it. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 46
Usually when the product is heavier, working with Private Label in USA suppliers can be cheaper
because of the shipping cost. So make sure you compare between suppliers.

Generally speaking, you’ll be using Chinese suppliers more often than not but when it comes
to something that needs to be very high quality, and very legitimate because it’s going onto
someone’s skin or into someone’s body, then US suppliers are still viable and you can use them.

Get Some Samples.

Once you found one or more
suppliers for the Amazon product,
the next step is to order a few
samples to make sure the products
are good.

You want to make sure the

products you’re going to sell are
actually good quality and they fit
and work directly into your new

Make sure that you’re getting the highest quality product possible because it’s going to be a
reflection of the brand that you’re building.

This is something a lot of people overlook. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 47
If you invest the extra time and effort into a higher quality product, from the start, which by no
means is hard to do at all, you’ll be able to sell your brand anywhere from 2-8 times your annual

Here is an example of a sample I got for a drone I’m selling on Amazon.

Next time your friends or family ask you what online business you do, just show them.

This way they don’t think you’re doing anything sketchy like scamming just because you can’t
explain to them what your business is.

It’s something you can be proud to do, and you’ll be proud to wake up in the morning to this

It’s a satisfying feeling.

Step 2 Conclusion
By now we have finished our research process and found a product that has high demand and
low competition.

Then, we looked for the best suppliers either in China or in the US.

Below, you can see an example of one of our students who sourced one product locally and his
next one internationally, so you can always do a combination | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 48
Keep in mind that you can add as much customization as you want into your own packaging and
your supplier will give you different packaging options too.

That’s how simple it is to create your own brand, using an existing opportunity and just have it
selling on Amazon.

Step 3: Launching
Launching is my favorite part of the process because this is where you actually make money.

And let’s face it, that’s what this business is all about.

However, before launching there are few important things that you want to keep in mind and
those are the logistics of the business.

You see, finding the right supplier is one thing, but shipping it to Amazon’s warehouse and
having it ready for sale is another.

Usually people over-complicate the process more than they should. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 49
I’m going to show you how you can send your products to the US, either from the US or China in
the easiest way possible.

By now, you evaluated the samples and picked the best ones from the supplier. Now it’s time to
place your very first inventory order.

We recommend ordering anywhere between 100-300 units to get started for your very first

This lets you do a launch of your first product, learn, and then scale and keep repeating the

So you’ll be able to start generating sales and get a good chunk of reviews for your new product
as well.

Now let’s look at the numbers.

Your initial inventory investment is likely to be between $700 - $2,500 including the shipping.

Once you place your order you’re likely going to put 70% down and pay the remainder 30%
when the product is ready for shipment from the supplier.

And that’s typically how it works with the supplier.

What we want to do now is get our products all the way from our suppliers to Amazon, so they
can have it up and running and selling it for us.

Shipping Your Products to Amazon.

How exactly does it work?

There are two factors.

1. If your product is being made in the same country you’re selling in.

2. Or if your product is made overseas.

Let’s start with the first option.

If your product is being made in the same country you’re selling in, then it’s incredibly simple to
send it to Amazon. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 50
Simply login to your Amazon Sellers Central, enter the product details such as quantity, weight,
and the number of boxes and then you enter the address of your supplier and Amazon would
automatically generate shipping labels for you, you then proceed to send them to your supplier.

They would print them out and place labels on your product cartons, and then have UPS or
whatever delivery service Amazon selected pick them up and deliver them straight to Amazon’s
warehouse. It’s as simple as that.

Now for the second option:

If you are importing from another country, don’t worry and don’t be afraid that the process
seems overwhelming; in reality it’s not.

While it’s true that there’s a lot that needs to be done when importing internationally, like the
logistics of getting your product loaded on a transpiration boat or a cargo plane, all the rules and
regulations that must be followed when it comes to customs and products crossing the border,
and let’s not forget the duties and fees that have to be calculated and paid.

Fortunately, this entire process can be turned over to companies that are professionals at this
and do this for a living so it can be taken off your hands.

So you don’t have to worry about any of those things!

These companies are called freight forwarders and they offer the service at an incredibly
affordable rate. They give you a set price that covers the tnshipping charges.

Once you place your order for your product all you need to do is contact a freight-forwarder
either near you or anywhere and give them the basic details of your order.

All you have to do is give them the basic information like the type of product you’re shipping,
how many units, and then your supplier’s contact details.

You can get all those details from your suppliers and simply copy and send it to the freight-

Once you give that to your freight-forwarder they handle everything else, all the customs, duties
and fees that have to be paid any time you import a product would all be included in one simple | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 51
final shipping bill that would come from your freight-forwarder.

They do all the hard work for you with all the nitty gritty details handled for you.

And besides that this process can be completely automated and outsourced later on so you
can have a completely hands free business. The cool part is, that once you get your product to
Amazon, they take care of everything else for you. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 52
With Amazon FBA you get to use tons of different global warehouses that Amazon provides you
and the coolest part is Amazon will take care of all your packing and shipping and even most of
your customer service just for using FBA.

And since you’re sending your package to Amazon warehouses all Amazon prime members get
free two days shipping and in some cases one-day shipping.

How much extra does it cost you? Nothing!

And that’s it, you are done. Your product is ready to launch and start selling on Amazon!

Step 3 Conclusion
In step 1 you found an Amazon product you can launch yourself with high demand and low
competition for the highest chances of succeeding.

In step 2 you found the best supplier for that product.

In step 3 you sent the product to Amazon and handled all the logistics, having the product ready
to sell and make money once it arrives.

You could repeat this process over and over again for literally any niche, and build actual brands
that are worth a lot of money and can be sold for millions of dollars.

But I do want to clarify something very important about this system, so pay attention.

While it is true that if the product has the right amount of demand and competition, it’s going to
pretty much sell itself, it’s only one way of doing things.

There’s much more you can do to increase the chances of actually making money, increase
the amount of money youl make, and increase the speed that you’re going to do it at.

This system is powerful, but don’t think we are done yet.

What we’ve done so far is very important and the information you got is absolutely crucial to
your future.

So eefar we are setting up the building blocks for your Amazon FBA business and these are the
fundamentals, the building blocks, and they’re crucial.

You see once you have strong fundamentals, you can build a 5 story building, and then upgrade
it to a 10 story building, and then easily to a 100 story building. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 53
Why? Because you have the right fundament from the get go.

However, if you have bad fundamentals in the beginning, you would only be able to build a few
story building and never expand further.

The truth is, there’s much more when it comes creating your Amazon business. And I wish I
could cover everything here, but I’d have to write a much longer book to do so.

Now that you have the fundamentals I want you to do something very important.

I want you to start building stories. The more stories, the more money you’ll make and the
higher chances you’ll have at profiting faster.

Or in other words:

What can you do next to take this to the next level?

There’s many important things you can do now, after setting up these basics. These are all small
steps WITHIN the existing steps of the system.

Listing your product.

Listing a product is where we REALLY start to win.

Because selecting and sourcing the product, there are tips and tricks you can do to get
advantage over somebody else, and that’s one thing we’re going to share at the event.

However, listing the product is where we really distance ourselves from the rest of the field.
This is where it can make or break your success between thousands, tens of thousands, or
hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Why is that?

Simply put the most important question that you need to answer and deliver on is:

“How does Amazon determine which products show up for each and every search performed on
Amazon and how can my product show up as high as possible for the best keywords?”

The better you can answer this question, the more money you’ll make.

Because at the end of the day, it all comes down to how many people actually see your product. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 54
That’s why the first few products in any given category are always the ones that are the most
competitive, because they make the most amount of money.

Let’s say you’re selling Bluetooth speakers. The higher rank your product shows up on the first
few pages for the keyword “Bluetooth speakers” (and similar keywords) the more you are going
to sell.

There are many keywords for one product that you can use, and the higher your product shows
up; the more people see your product, and then, the more people buy.

Simply put, the faster and higher your product gets ranked, the more money you are going to
make and the faster you’ll make it.

This is why it is so critical you will answer the question of how you can rank your product to the
highest results and find out the best ways to do it.

Let’s say you got 2 people. Jimmy and Tommy.

They both have found the exact same product. They are both using the exact same supplier.

But Jimmy makes $10k a month and Tommy makes only $1,000 a month. Why’s that?

What’s the difference between them?

Jimmy has a better listing, allowing other people to find his product with more keywords, his
products ranks higher and therefore – his product is getting more traffic, and more sales.

We have perfected a formula for this, down to a science and a step-by-step blueprint and this is
where our system really stands out from others.

I want to show you how to rank your product higher than your competition LIVE!

To Learn more about 7 Figure Machines, join our love training workshops (we have 3
different times that we are holding them every Thursday for the next month and you
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During our live workshop you will see every single aspect of this business that you can carbon
copy and use yourself with ease no matter where you are in the world. We are also answering
any questions you have on the live call! Make sure you register now, see you there! | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 55
Launching your product.

Another way to make money faster and ensure that you succeed is by utilizing different ways of
launching your product.

You see, the name of the game is traffic.

There are multiple ways of getting traffic, like: ranking for keywords, deep discounts, Amazon
sponsored ads, matching, combos and more.

The more the better in this case.

And these are just some of the tools that we’ve built in our system that help making the 7 figure
machine system 10 times more effective.

I want you to be equipped with all these tools and more.

It only makes sense to have as many tools as possible in your arsenal when launching your
product. I want to show you how to do all of this live too. And I want your next message to me,
to be like this one:

And if you like what you’ve seen so far, then I can’t wait till you see what’s going to be on the live

I want tell you something. It’s something most people don’t admit, but I can definitely say this | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 56
about myself.

The reason I succeeded was not because who I am, but because of the information I had.
Who I am had very little to do with it. I wasn’t confident, I didn’t have a lot of money and I
definitely wasn’t in the right mindset.

I’m sure it could have helped me succeed faster if I was one of those things, but what really
helped me is this information that you’re about to learn.

That’s why I want you to remember the two keys, getting rid of fear and using the right
system. I didn’t have this system when I started, and I almost gave up (luckily I didn’t).

And that is why I am on a mission to get this information to as many hands as I possibly

Let’s Crush It in 2018!

There’s no better time than right now to start an Amazon business.

Especially in the following months because Christmas is coming, and you can literally make 3 to
10 times more in the holiday seasons, as well as it’s so much easier to do so.

When I first started I was afraid, I was alone and I was stressed out of my mind, not knowing
what the future holds.

Why? Because I didn’t have a process to trust. I was shooting in the dark, hoping something
might work.

There are 3 things you absolutely need in order to succeed:

1. No fear - Fear is the enemy of success. No progress can be made if you are afraid and if
there’s no progress then there’s no results. That’s why you have to take action right now
and start a new journey progressing.

2. The right system – Just like it’s impossible to build a computer without previous training
and planning that show you exactly how to do it, it’s impossible to build a business
without the right system that works.

3. The right guidance – You need someone to show you the system. Then you need him
to show you how the system works and how to use it. It’s going to be infinitely harder
without this. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 57
To Learn more about 7 Figure Machines, join our love training workshops (we have 3
different times that we are holding them every Thursday for the next month and you
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During our live workshop you will see every single aspect of this business that you can carbon
copy and use yourself with ease no matter where you are in the world. We are also answering
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And that’s why I’m putting a cap limit of 1,000 people who can be live on the training with me on
a first come first to serve basis. | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 58
Real action takers will sign up, put 10 reminders if needed, make sure that they have nothing
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On behalf of my partner Tanner, we are both super excited to see you on the live event.
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Tanner J Fox Dan Dasilva

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- 7 Figure Machines Team | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 59 | How to Build a Million Dollar Amazon Business Even If You Are a Complete Beginner 60