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Teacher: Mme. Rhailyn S. Largo Subject/Grade Level: 10 - English School Year:2019-2020
Vision Educational Philosophy:
We dream of Bosconians • As an Educational Institution, DBTC, INC. believes in the integral development of
- generously contributing to our nation’s progress; young people realized through accompaniment, guidance, and the nurturance of
- making their mark as workers, professionals, entrepreneurs and their full promise as leaders and influencers of the Church and Society.
leaders of society;
- accepting the challenge of holiness and heroism in their • As a Catholic Institution, we believe in the uniqueness of persons, created in the
respective spheres of influence and work places. image and likeness of God, endowed with supernatural and natural gifts that
We dream of our institution’s steady growth with a zealous Educative enable each one to be good Christians, aiming for holiness, living the Gospel
Pastoral Community joyfully journeying with the young in the spirit of St. values and collaborating in the building of His Kingdom in practical and
John Bosco. outstanding ways.

• As a Filipino Institution, we believe in the Filipino birthright and patrimony,

drawing love of country, culture, and heritage to foster in each one to be honest
citizens capable of heroic contributions to society.

• As a Salesian Institution, we believe in St. John Bosco’s pastoral, spiritual and

pedagogical program carried by and Educative Community that lives out his
Family Spirit and Preventive System of Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness.
Mission: Profile of a DBTC Graduate:
We are a Catholic, Filipino, Salesian educational Institution characterized by DBTC-Cebu, Inc., desire Bosconian who is:
a dynamic Educative Pastoral Community, … a GOOD CHRISTIAN.
- competent and committed in sharing the mission of St. John Bosco, • Committed to consistently show love of God and fellowmen.
- deeply dedicated to the integral development of the young, • Confident to firmly witness his/her faith through service and the regular
- delivering quality programs in the basic, tertiary and vocational reception of Catholic Sacraments.
education, and in the youth center; • Competent to genuinely nurture, share and defend his/her beliefs when
called upon.
- undertaking relevant community services responsive to the socio- … an HONEST CITIZEN
political realities of the country. • Committed to strongly manifest love of country and patrimony.
We are intensely devoted to form ourselves and the young as committed • Confident to resolutely obey civil laws and exercise citizenship with
Christians and honest citizens with the heart for the poor. diligence and knowledge.
• Competent to conscientiously contribute to nation-building though
innovation and expertise in his field of work.

Core Values:
EXCELLENCE- “Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”; bringing oneself to higher levels of achievement through initiative, hard work and discipline.
INTEGRITY- Strong sense of honesty, honor, respect, reliability, self-sacrifice, service and hard work.
PIETY-Deep relationship with God beyond ritual practices, expressed though Salesian Spirituality
OPTIMISM-Positive disposition and influential presence; fearless perseverance and patience in the face of hardships (“Ardua non Timeo”)
OPENNNESS-Promotion of dialogue, respect of other’s differences; cultivation of a strong sense of camaraderie and family spirit.
LOYALTY-Steadfast affiliation to the values of the Institution, the Church and the country.
SOCIAL JUSTICE-Having the heart for the poor and marginalized; advocacy for social change.

Learning Area Standard:(based on the CG)

The learner demonstrates communicative competence through his/ her understanding of literature and other texts types for a deeper appreciation of Philippine Culture
and those of other countries.
Grade Level Standard:(based on the CG)
The learner demonstrates communicative competence through his/ her understanding of literature and other text types for a deeper appreciation of World Literature,
including Philippine Literature.

QUARTER: 1st UNIT TOPIC/STRAND: The Greco-Roman Legacy

The learner demonstrates understanding of how world literature and other The learner composes a short but powerful persuasive text using a variety of persuasive
text types serve as ways of expressing and resolving personal conflicts, also techniques and devices.
how to use strategies in linking textual information, repairing, enhancing
communication public speaking, emphasis markers in persuasive texts,
different forms of modals, reflexive and intensive pronouns.
Bosconians manifest openness to achieve a given commitment through
accepting everyone with respect and courtesy regardless of status, ideals, and The students transfer learning by composing a short but powerful persuasive essay text
religious beliefs by nurturing pleasant, healthy, and friendly interpersonal using a variety of techniques and devices.
Students will understand that: a. Are epic heroes really heroic? How are tragic heroes “heroic”?
a. A hero is honed by the ideals of one’s society b. What makes heroism universal and timeless?
b. Concepts of heroism are not universal across time and culture c. How can past events affect what could happen at present and in the future?
c. History is rooted in ever-changing events in one’s daily encounters d. How important is respect when unifying two opposing groups?
d. Despite the inevitable differences, respect bridges understanding


MAJOR TASK – (based on the horizontal integration)


The Greco – 15 meetings A1 Compare new Pair Work A1 a. Share with a partner what you TTW worksheet
Roman insights with previous (Think-Talk- know about Greece
Legacy (the meetings learning Write)
will depend EN10RC-IF-21 A1 b. In pairs, recall the sharing you had
* Greek upon target on your previous knowledge about
Epics LCs) Greece. After reading the selection,
compare your new insights with your
previous knowledge.

A1 c. Study the picture provided.

Compare and discuss answers with a
partner whether it is related to Greece or

A1 d. Go back to the reading about

Greece and notice the text in bold prints
and italics. Then, discuss answers to the
questions with a seatmate

A2 Determine the A2 a. Scan the worktext to identify how

effect of textual aids textual aids are used
on the understanding http.//www.poetryintra
of a text. Identification/ A2 b. In small buzz groups, discuss nslation
EN10RC-Ia-2.15.2 group activity answers on questions about textual aids. .com
Then, assign a representative to report
about the group discussion

A3/B1 Listen and read A3/B1

effectively a. On a sheet of paper, draw
- through adjusting sketches/symbols or write words/
one’s reading rate phrases to show knowledge about
- through noting ancient Greece, to be put up on the Prepared worksheet
routines (signals) Illustrations bulletin board inside the classroom
when listening and
reading b. Reread paragraphs 1 and 4 of “Greek
ECAS10LC-1-1/ Art and Literature” and identify the
ECAS10RC-1-2/ routines used
c. Read the text ”The Four Cardinal
Virtues: Four Aspects of a Human Being”
and summarizes its contents in 2-3
sentences using the routines learned.
F2 Use routines
(signals) in writing A3d/B1a./F2a.
ECAS10WC-1-3 Practice listening for information by
identifying and noting routines from an
audio clip played.

B2 Listen for specific B2 b. Scan the code to play an audio clip

details or “Farewell between Hector and
ECAS10LC1-4 Andromache”. Listen carefully and note Worksheet; locally
the specific details to answer the set of available materials e.g.
questions provided. papers, art materials

C1 Evaluate video C1/C2/C3/F1/E1

presentations a. Scan the codes to the video
EN10VC-Id-25 presentations based on “Farewell tch?v....
C2 Determine how between Hector and Andromache.” Then,
connected events compare the presentations on how well
contribute to the they were able to portray the scene
totality of a material between the characters.
viewed Evaluate how well the images and the
Venn Diagram/
EN10VC-Ia-1.4/2.4 song used contribute to a better
C3/F1 Write a Highlighter
understanding of the scene. Venn diagram worksheet
summary from a video
clip E1 b. Research on the character of Helen
ECAS10VC-1-5/ of Troy. Then, write a one-paragraph
ECAS10WC-1-6 description of what she might have
looked like

b. Scan the code to view a cartoon video
clip of one of Odysseus’s adventures.
Based on the clip, write a two-to-three
summary of the story line of this
particular adventure.

E1 Evaluate literature C1/C2/E1

as a way of expressing c. In groups, scan the code to view a
and resolving one’s video clip from the 2004 Troy movie of
Three- the conversation between Priam and
personal conflicts
Summaries Achilles. Discuss and answer the tch?v=....
Strategy questions about the video afterward

C1 d./F3 a.
Watch TV and look for instances of
persuasive speech. Then, report
observations in class Prepared worksheets

D1 Get meaning D1 a. Determine the meaning of the

Group work
through context clues underlined word in the sentences by
ECAS10V-I-I.1 picking out the context clue indicated

D1 b. Scan the selection, “Odysseus and

Polyphemus” for unfamiliar words.
Choose ten words and look up their ICT materials
meaning in the dictionary. Then, choose
five words you will give your own
definitions to.

D1 c. Explain the meaning of the Workbook

following phrases and use each in a

D1 d. Give six words based on the Greek ICT:

root astron meaning star

D2 Distinguish formal Identification/ D2 a. Identify formal definition from

from informal Vocabulary informal definition.
definitions of words. building
EN10V-Ia/Ib-13.9 D2 b. Write a formal definition for each
term using knowledge from the
dictionary as basis. Then, include the
three required parts: term, class and
differentiating characteristics. Then,
beside it write the dictionary word

D3 Predict a D3 Work with a partner to try and predict

character’s speech a character’s actions in a critical Prepared worksheets/
and actions in a situations. Then, describe both his/her workbook
critical situations actions and speech based on given the
ECAS10V-I-1 situation given.

F3 Identify features of Pass It On F3 b. Scan a newspaper article and note

persuasive texts the different features of persuasion used
F3 c. In buzz groups, discuss the
strategies of persuasion are commonly
used in media. Then, discuss and whether Workbook
they are effective or not.

F3 d/F4 a.
F4 Write persuasive
Scan the code to view an additional input
text using a variety on writing a composition, then work on
of techniques/ the given exercise
EN10WC-Ii-12 F4 b. Write a short persuasive based on Newspaper and other
Pair Work
the given situations using as many available local materials
Group work
strategies as possible. Then, exchange Sample products
work with a partner and critique each
other’s output.
A1 Determine the Seatwork A1 a. Worksheet
11 days effects of textual aids Study the information map and fill in the
on the understanding blanks with the correct answer.
the meetings of a text
will depend EN10RC-IA-2.15.2
upon target EN10RC-IB-2.15.2
A2 Read closely to get Close reading/ A2 a.
explicitly and vocabulary With a partner, reread the play excerpt, Reference textbook and
implicitly stated building “ Agamemnon: Prologue” and use worksheet
information context clues to work out what each
EN10RC-IIF-13.1 expression means

A2 b/B3 a/G4 a.
* Greek Rewrite the speech of Pericles to suit
Drama and Filipinos as audience. Then, deliver your
Lyric Poetry version of the speech in class employing
techniques in public speaking. Then
group discussion

B1 Show appreciation Song analysis and B1 a./B2 a/G4 b. Prepared song--- ICT
for songs, poems and song presentation Reading poems (for girls) “Hymn for
other listening texts Venus”, and for boys “Old Age”
EN10LC-IH-14.3 Look for a song that relates the same
message as the given above. Compare
B2 Determine the the following.
roles of discourse

B3 Determine the
implicit and explicit
signals (verbal and
nonverbal used by the
speaker to highlight
significant points)
E1 Express E1/E2/F2
appreciation for Paragraph writing Paragraph writing (personal reflection) Worksheet
sensory images about the lasting contribution of Greek
EN10LT-IC-2.2 and Roman literature, culture, art and
language on many areas of one’s life.
E2 Understand poetic

F1 Identify features of Identification F1 A. Worksheet

persuasive texts Complete the information map about the
EN10WC-IB-1.2.1 history of the Peloponnesian War

F2 Compose a Text composition F2 b.

persuasive text With a partner, analyze the given
expressing one’s stand persuasive text
on an issue F2 c.
EN10WC-IE-12.2 Write a three-paragraph persuasive text
based on the given expression. Then,
G1 Identify the factors compare the original meaning.
of public speaking

G2 Describe and G2 A/g4 C.

interpret the ethics of Read Pericles’s speech using proper
public speaking prosodic features
Research evidences
G3 Describe the Scaffold 2 G3/H1
techniques in public Free Style Open a. Use expressions that emphasize to
speaking Debate highlight main insights

G4 Read and deliver a

H2 Use modal Seatwork H2/h3 worksheet
auxiliaries A. Classification of expression
Oral Recitation H3 b. Use context clues to work out the
H3 Use words and given expression
expressions that
emphasize a point H3 c. Producing Greek expressions
15 days A1 Identify characters Seatwork A1 a. Skimming of the given selections Worksheet
the meetings
will depend A2 Read between the A2/A3/G1
upon target lines ( close reading) Oral Recitation a. Read the given story and identify the Available local materials
LCs) EN10RC-IIE-7.3 page and paragraph number. Support
one’s answer
A3. Identify
relationships among

A4 Understand A4/B1/F1/H1
* Early different types of Essay writing a. Write a short narrative on what Worksheet
Roman reading: scanning, happened to Troy using reflexive and
Literature skimming and close intensive pronoun to highlight one’s
reading point in the narrative.

B1 Show appreciation
for songs, poems and
other listening texts

B2 Appreciate and Seat work B2/d1/d2 Worksheet

enjoy the sense of A. Study the archaic meanings of the
melody of poetic given words. Then answer the questions
passages on love that follow.
B3/C1 Seat work B3/C1
Distinguish a. Identify the statements whether it is Worksheet
generalizations from general or specific
specific statements

B4/C2 Map completion B3 b/C1 b/B4 a/C2 a Map Worksheet

Write generalizations Write three specific details and
on a material viewed generalization that stood out the most

D1 Differentiate
nuances in meaning of
D2 Recognize the Map completion b. Making of cluster map Map Worksheet
archaic meanings

F1 Identify the use of Essay writing F1 B. Write a one-to two paragraphs Worksheet
reflexive and intensive personal response to the content of the
pronoun poem using reflexive and intensive
EN10G-IA-27 pronouns
F1 C. Decide on a subject for a persuasive
text to brainstorm. Write a three
paragraph of persuasive essay.

F2 Formulate a Scaffolding Act 3 F2 Complete the Guided Generalization Worksheet

statement of opinion Guided Map
or assertion Generalization
Main Performance Performance Task sheet
G1 Compose a G1 Compose a persuasive essay
persuasive text
expressing one’s stand
on an issue

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Teacher Coordinator Asst. Principal BED Principal