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World Speech Day Policy Document: What we stand for.

World Speech Day is a day to celebrate speeches and speech making through live
public events across the globe. We believe in the power of speeches to bring
communities together and spread ideas. We believe in human progress fired by
new ideas. And, that progress is never linear: we need to reach out to unexpected
voices everywhere.
Anyone can host a World Speech Day event and anyone can speak.
Anyone who holds a World Speech Day event does so independently of any
membership of any other organisation or business. Speakers at a WSD event do so
as individuals.
We recognise that organisations can collaborate to hold events on World Speech
Day, without specifically partnering with World Speech Day as an organisation.
Similarly because an organisation holds an event to celebrate World Speech Day,
that does not of itself mean that they are partnering with us.
While we welcome the use of the WSD logo at World Speech Day events, this is not
World Speech Day is set as the 15th March. However organisations may choose to
celebrate World Speech Day on other days of the year, according to local needs
and convenience.

World Speech Day 2020: Transformation