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Peace Church Council

Joyce Hanson Peace Lutheran Church

PO Box 164
Barrett, MN 56311

October 2019

Gaylene Hanson
PO Box 198
Elbow Lake, MN 56531

Todd Schneeberger We are so excited to have 10 preschoolers, 6 students in grades k-2, and
26875 Oak Point Rd 8 in grades 3-6 enrolled in Sunday School this year! What a great time
Elbow Lake, MN 56531 we’re having!
If we continue to have 16 in our younger class we will be splitting the
group up and therefore will be looking for two more people to share the
Robert Shervey job of teaching them. Let us know if you can help.
18659 220th Street
Barrett, MN 56311 Our first lesson was about Abraham and Sarah and our next one is
218-685-4309 entitled “Jacob Wrestles.” We’ll be learning about the Burning Bush, the
Ten Commandments, Naomi and Ruth, David, Elijah and the Widow, and
Kim Lang Early Believers in October and November. These lessons will follow our
PO Box 223 lectionary readings presented in our church services. We’re hoping our
Barrett, MN 56311 students recognize them!
Coming up in October we’ll be presenting Spark Storybook Bibles to our
younger students and Spark Bibles to our older students during church
Jon Danner
PO Box 152 on Sunday, October 13th. Letters will be going home with parents soon.
Hoffman, MN 56339
320-760-3926 On October 27th we’ll be doing our annual food shelf collection from 9-10
am. We hope to collect items for Thanksgiving dinners. Let us know if
Terry Lien we can stop at your house. Thanks!
606 3rd Street
Barrett, MN 56311 In November we will be serving cake for our Veterans and Service
320-528-2063 persons on November 10th and practice for our Christmas Program
Trenton Gatzlaff begins on the 17th and continues until December 15th when we present
Elbow Lake, Mn 56531 our Christmas Program.
Joyce Hanson, Director
Pastor Eliza Johnson
PO Box 266
Peace Sunday School
Barrett, MN 56311 Phone: 320-424-9726
Peace Church Council Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, August 7th, 2019; 6:30 pm

Present: Todd Schneeberger, Kim Lang, Bob Shervey, Jon Danner, Terry Lien, Trenton Gatzlaff, Pas-
tor Eliza Johnson, Joyce Hanson, and Treasurer Tami Weigel. Absent: Gaylene Hanson.

Pastor Eliza led us in Devotions followed by her report which included:

~Confirmation – looking for 1-2 non-parent adult small group leaders to help on two Wednesdays
a month
~Peace, Messiah, United, and First Lutheran churches will be partnering to host a monthly “Spirit
Lab” for 7th-12th graders and their parents.
~Volunteers to serve on the Family/Youth Table so far are Chelsey Anderson, Lexi Danner, Joyce
Hanson, Jennifer McLaughlin, and Anita Volker, first meeting on 8/26/19.
~Pastoral Acts – Baptism on July 28th of Adalynn Shervey, daughter of Peter & Brittany
~Meet & Greets – 3 more have been held, last one on August 28th at 6 pm, End of Summer Park
~Meeting soon with Mutual Ministry Committee to discuss pastoral goals

A motion was made by Kim, seconded by Jon, to approve the secretary’s report. MCU

A motion was made by Kim, seconded by Joyce, to approve the transaction report. MCU
A motion was made by Bob, seconded by Terry, to approve the treasurer’s report. MCU

Peace Council will be providing supper for VBS on Monday night the 12th of August.

Old Business:
~Todd donated two carbon monoxide detectors, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.
~Eric Risbrudt is checking the defibulator.
~Brittany Wing will be looking into our website in September.
~Pledges were collected to purchase the bus so Todd will make an announcement in church for the
congregation to give the council their opinion of what to do with it. We will make a list of uses and
what needs to be fixed.

New Business:
~Policy Project – Jon will bring a video for volunteers to watch regarding Safe Church practices. We
will be instigating the practices of having two signatures on all checks and more than one person to
count our offerings.
~Our September meeting will include a Vision and Mission session to set goals.
~A request to use the church on August 21st by Immanuel Church fundraising Movie Night in case
of rain was approved.
~A motion by Kim, seconded by Bob, to accept the LP bid of $1.15/gallon from Farmer’s Coop Oil.

Fall Festival was set for Sunday, September 8th at 10:30 am with an outdoors service and a meal to
be served by Peace Council.

Motion made by Kim, seconded by Jon, to adjourn. MCU

Submitted by Joyce Hanson, Secretary

Milestones October 2019
What is a milestone? As humans we celebrate a lot of milestones in life: birthdays, weddings, graduations,
achievements, retirement, births of children and grandchildren, anniversaries, etc. As Christians we celebrate
some milestones too: Baptism, the gift of your first bible, your first communion, Confirmation, or the gift of a
quilt at your graduation. A trusty Google definition search describes milestone as, “an action or event marking a
significant change or stage in development.” A milestone marks a moment when something new is happening. A
new stage of life, a new identity, or a new community.
We are really good at celebrating milestones, but in truth – some events that mark a significant change, don’t feel
very celebratory. Sometimes life serves up a significant change that you never asked for. A job loss, the death of
a loved one, a broken relationship or divorce, the loss of a close friendship. These moments, though hard and
sometimes unwanted, are milestones too. They mark a change, and though it may be painful- they too mark new
As Christians, our faith is based on the death and resurrection of Jesus. In the letter to the Romans we are re-
minded, “Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?
Therefore we have been buried with him by baptism into death, so that just as Christ was raised from the dead by
the glory of the Father; so we too might walk in newness of life” (Romans 6:3-4). In baptism, God drenches all of
our lives – the good and the bad, the exciting and the painful – in God’s promises through the power of Jesus.
The waters of baptism wash us clean when we need forgiveness, they comfort when we need to be comforted,
and they become a giant pool party when it is time to celebrate. God’s promises that take a hold of you in bap-
tism can handle all of life’s milestones and God wants to hold you close during all of them too.

At Peace we are starting a worship practice on non-communion Sundays. After the offering, members of the
congregation will be invited to come to the baptismal font to share about a milestone in their life. This could be a
birthday, an anniversary, a highlight from a school activity, or it could be one of those
things that is a little heavier, remembering someone who has died, acknowledging a sobriety
anniversary, or sharing about an unexpected life change. When you decide to share a mile-
stone, you will be given a glass bead, and after you have shared you will leave that bead in
the font as a reminder that all that you are belongs to and is loved by Jesus. Your congrega-
tion will hold this space with you for challenges and for celebrations. We will end the time
of sharing with these words in song, “In the water and the witness, in the breaking of the bread, in
the waiting arms of Jesus who is risen from the dead, God has made a new beginning from the ashes of our
past; in the losing and the winning we hold fast.” From the ashes come new life. Milestone.
Friday, October 4th, Breakfast Club at 7:10am.

Sunday, October 6th, at 9:15am Bible Study in the Hegne Room.

Sunday, October 6th-5:30pm-7:30pm

Spirit Lab @Peace
(Adults & Students)
Women of the ELCA
Northwestern Minnesota Synodical Women’s Organization
Conference & Fall Gathering
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Messiah Lutheran Church, Hoffman, MN

Altar Guild will meet on Sunday, October 13th, at 9:15am.

October 2019
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October 20th Bob and Irene Shervey

October 27th Kent and Colleen Marshall

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**Please arrive by 10:15am for instructions.

10/6 McKaylyn Stevens

10/13 Simon Moritz

10/20 Trenton Gatzlaff

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October 2019

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