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LUXO Ce ee ee ee eee Sh) ey Pea cae cd Sao Paulo & Paris ‘AULAS NO BRASIL (Casa Semio & USP) + MODULO INTENSIVO EM PARIS Pee ee en es WELCOME ‘Welcome to ove ofthe best and mest fascination international Lasuty Man English by one ofthe most important edcat onal ns tutions the lov Jement 2ostGraduate seminar ragiar delivered in he Unverstyof Pars ‘This programy has been des gh to provide you exposure 1) the lasury goods and series industyy 2ha indepth understanding of behavior anc psychoiogiea concepts tha affects humans in egands tothe hoary Word ad) present tater cha lenges othe sectarand tends In addition re the 'ect.respariipants aso gain practical experience by gong to the International aFast “tack Trips vith 2 wees Pais, France, aden tothe lectures at home THE PROGRAM T Lectures in Brazil Lectures in France Paripars ae expected core oa Fast Tracked in Erne ‘Adapted to ones professional fe Part of the program in France & part in Brazil tat seni Vocraaconyg— Luxury Seminars Sample Topics nia 2arizMocannugndemara delve @ Darina Sorted ae 902020 Yate atance 20007020 eases 0 Mo @ 7020 Onde sam San nn 7020 Mee sa 099 012070 Gest pets pase oo 20712029 Gesoeptospws one © 7008370 Istana de Pelco 7rnsa70 tse de Peaagan 140872020 8 no LH. 170572020 neaionalaagode Maras det @ ‘0470472020 Newromaketng& Cmunicgbo 05/04/2020" Conunicagioe Neuron para o tune © ‘0370200esign eAitea no Li 140372020" pci speil com pcsionais @ 02/2020 Pesquisa de Matting Qual eQue(un0) @ (0902/2020 Gestiode Fras 20 “OPIS ie SUBUECTTO CHANGE Falltoelligstss aan TE Ht ia Peron teen ar ee - 8-18 OCT 2020/N ARIS PARIS LUXURY WORLD COMPANY VISITS 2. ee ee |S Rae en alge i nal " PTI RL MCR en) LIA vata TALE nN MLE UAT) ThE MARKET OF LUMURY IN BRAZIL Objectives: Ta havea vstan of how the Kaur market works in Brant How the distobution af uty products occursin Beans The geographic achogiaphy ‘foxy ran The am segment che nay racks Conant Concept of ua, Won of re Bes ry Marketin Bac andi raze The very Consumo Poy The erator of the “New rch [eolonce:n Cuntome Sennen: oy 36 bxperonee: Ine awor and te oath sme Cress Disa ronds ana Gnnortnves a Ls segments Uhechnmues cum stnlinsoone Boch dst ontr etary Mavset Bal (CULTURE OF LUXURY: ORION. EVOLUTION AND CONCEPIS: ‘Objectives: fo present and reflect onthe istoneal aspects of unity ands evohiton through vanous cultural ar ternporal content Content Te cng of lanury: The ewotion of Laan, Teconcapt of uuny and vations, mplatons ofthe charactors ony othe dk ‘Objectives tlc and analyse marketing decisions applied to chuactsisies of the hmury make Content: Wis tarket.ngw unuty ferent Hom oir rake? Koa you tag sudince: how to choose: Postoning your ol: competences and Compattive dient, The tangible produc of nary lager then aca prducs; Conmmunieatng nut ako educating, Muticanal the ‘Objectives Understanding the mathe ane compeltion; Kenly Engagernent and Comment othe avy and Une augment; Mesing and importance ‘ofthe term Services Success in Sales and Serves, Conte: Attertnon v. Sale, Reply v=, Oval, leligence Emationa Ovalty standards of serace performance The mporance to know the customer and Wants esl wthihe senate snd cence of s aketpince, Poxesses sot anon go ant sl coe ep Objectives: Io understand the process of seting up an ternational company n Bran Content Cosue ol compares dha sted w Sra Howto ote» company Baal ovis nthe anplantatin a compares constant anprovent Updates to manne sales ofa product or series, hus feat ng the mauiriat of all ha: permeate the anveonmant ol am gana, Objectives no man cbyceth sto proud students wth an overacw ofa mportnt phenomenon of sa ion contomporany sector Trough he anal of aeetieng smpoigns, hatonical swe and raves hpslagrenreenrch med oncersinng merase Ge, rte ty sens ha the Anepclogy of tie at ne ede ae: Hetero apps Dr he een ay duce and st malts the student, that tough canal concep cl Mropology thay can analyse the world af ary the divers altar context a ‘sic they understand how ces styles can mpact breed meng an carnation sales Content Understand ng the coments ha form te phenomenon of Line, Toon he saeciotios of raallan society undertone the conc conta Toihe rtirapaingy of unary takaineon, ede down aster aural, te todksngich ie mhemneing ementvol the ears of hry bron 0 Aten the states ae ssiovpmen fie pace ol pseu pesestin the lees est econ ogee sates Nelevunccand scope othe tiene ss atlas her spedie conics ali at os (Objectives: Fs propa tens oy the process f ith fhe hay ae nn fom proactive ard makes pocesstal poston ‘apereive products onthe marke How lnuty projects and produce can respect culivate nd guarantee the bath a unary, we the hand of As “Content in this course, we will scuss how anu born, notin form production process, but inthe hand ol gue quality of excellence and hauty ‘othe procuct Woriang cond tans, the exorene and omaoraerctmetanco of inury psicton wil bo aslyed, sam te propa “raha prea he Ne a the cate of Lanny wl be biqhighted om te expentonce of our Ban creative Lirias cmc che! Alex Aa feos t'e DER reson, sone te it went bess by te fesse Manion Londen the designee een aad hoe Capen, Hlesated world or Se woth especilly onal athe Wile Mabie Tae Fatal Ju Nakao, he ly aaa sion les at ead ‘Sslecad vo present her woe among de reset names in story bythe Fara Fashwon Museu, Objectives: To presen’ the sctcul sl ond proskuctis oundatons of arcitectare and de-ign an ts oat to tho concept of aun. Yo present Salesian tecure and denn, absets hunts and aecessones ersied specie audiences. rome tsenon an changes tn ehase? fue though orders ef conte aa he oral soci ctnel reds Pros herbal vero othe devleynent of deny) Sblanguage and terlason io seal. cutual and musa pleducton. eal! on the davlopma of the concept of lau relaii le athe rchtechve and dean, vestigate processes paadgyn aft du to the envronmetal seve, Depay the concepts of fase confor language td cultural dentites, specticaly elated io desgn and atchtecure,Iwesigatethe symbole and pragmatic aspect ol lau in cect and Sesion Content: The dcpne wil i lughtin the form of hoor lectures: The toot, presered below, wl be clsstoom and complementary tle wl fe rade seal eur he specter el wach theme. Soc carl ourdattons of haar eg ad ance Texte, comfort, rogonaliysderiy stereotypes ashen, art nd material ulture The architecture language of Lun Budding, terior uri stehons Te language olay dag TRENDS IN LUXURY CONSUMPTION Objectives: Pvous) nboratory stud so Content luxty consumption nthe coming years How wll consumption nthe dient segments wenext 10 years, awison af the trend af the haury market in Bra uty Baas; Analyse of Marketplace {SPA HTY NTUXURY Objectives: To understand how the Hosoi seinen wok Objectives: To undersiand the whole universe ofthe organisation and Luxe (Contents ening, exparson, leadership and ctrl of knury events, Fol and chinks PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT AND LUXURY SERVICES ‘Objectives: Key concepts in paducts Product nnovatan. Stop for unlung new praduets The product eae, Strategy forthe praduct He ee Product pot anal oduct parttoke management and strategy, Packaging ard abaing Postning sategy Product and brand management Contant The management an prods manager Organsasena Stctning a Mararing and produ management tioning and serene aon of Staves Hoch ponniProchct He cycle Poel pst, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION OF LUXURY BUSINESSES Busi plan) ‘Objectives: ie doveiog an ctiopreneutl vin, to der business oppemunies and crcate ane business of evon expand an exsing busines. ‘Content Innovation customer experience ad pect desgy ad serces, Innovation m busness madly, Ihe basso he strategy for enter feu howto takes bus Lv ouviy, Ensue agement ol el aspects clay he obec ol the bsnwss Balt bosmess spparunty Drscion a sifrtwe marketing: Formation el the now busines strategy ta dotnet stages ots eeaton ane develop, ‘Objectives: fo provide knowledge ofthe processes and procedures a the management tough the Market Compound, though Branding concep Content Branding and brand communicanon, The components of he brand: deity, personaly ancl diferentiaton of co Objectives: promote understand ng te llc! pent ad Lusary Make andthe aglation a Tegal tego of he nates haa Popry Laws, dar the Lunuy Make apa, th cial vk Conte elect erty Ly Wark ikea! ro invention ae wncnation, Patent, dtl drat fro Record. Model f iy: Objective: Partajans wil ave achyeee the llowing ebsites Knowledge of an to marks props Ihe development ol your cteaisy peter ‘at Brae loaly ananarss: Concours tecture ad dugeiaty its seperation vs al uy mathe ‘Content Stuy oan enty, Marketing stalegy of New products Trend oa analysts The new produdt Gesag, Te deen ef the packaging ete fprodiet to be launched; Asti prec sets ew usteaton ofthe name of te ped tobe eased Scale ofl ons pred sven ad gree oF sea procuce Sehatoncl tiger usenet Fredct cst utan state: Anal of competitors sc ousting prods Objective: To itn tent in the critical sere of paychoanabis about the the chair of ands conurars, haar enntves antag, ‘acteng ther some ef the frst chica tara that help you dacein between hsuious and creative kmary and he brarded product renowned wth a Tendency obaraty and mpoveushncnt to nlude, crow when ebiand makes decors tet hacker ly cat ead tos dele {Content tayo ho consume of sain What eves consume to purchase kx prot; Sets to erly he consume of Lusty As the laut eoneurer tks How to anesthe consumer! Lssny:Exompios of ny consumers ow ts stat the enrsumer tery ‘Objective: To understand professional ethics inthe inny market os well as understand network strategie Content Suatogy of contacs wih protessonal om dient areas Aa fon anetwork chase Bohadot aed Elves inthe hes ments Norms of ethics Sebastian Santos Possui vesta experiéneia come diretor de grandes mareas de Luxo, tendo stuede por 15 enos no Japao come dirator de renomedas marcas coma: Givenchy, Bulgari, Harry Wineton, Swatch Group ¢ Poreche Designer. Atualmonte Seo: tua come executiva sztratégico para algum: {2 Luxo na Franga eno Japée, alem de lscionar naz incttuigoes: Universite Parie- Dauphine, lestuto Marangon, ESSEC Businecs School, ISC Busines: School, EIML Par’, CREA & graduado em relcjoaria pela Miko 10 of Jevalry, Toxyo, com MBA em Luxury Man gement pale HEC Pari, Santos © fluente em 4 idiomas: Fran 2, Ingles, Japonés # Eepankol Richard Barczinski —Thays Toschi Paulo Roberto Chiele Iniciou 2ua brilhante ¢ hele ia the author of the Wire im @UTNZ-1I 1g CO eee eee ere eee or us Sarre ae ea Boston Consulting Group, presidente da Peco ee cero ere Tene et uneeta NCe ae Crome Cakes eee pores ntn ree ee ieee ieee ea parece es eee se nisi Pe eer cenin ae Ce Ca na ee ane ee Crea es Po oer Conferdncias © Seminérios sobre 0 mercado de Luxe em Pee as Béatrice Bellini ExDiretora de Departaments de Ciencia de Nagecior, Beasrice Bellin: fctera diecutinds © {ture ao Mundo de luxe, come a concepsae: scclogice, Due Diligence = como Intagrar as crescentes damancas por recursos sustentave.2 ppraticas ete. Marcia Verissimo Empresaina, Relacdes Publicas, cancultora fe procutors de Evento: de uno, Marcie & bstual ments uma das prof = requeitadas pare proc marcas de Luho no Brel. Frédéric Parlon Dirator executive da Royal Linea: Incas, fo: presidente por 2 ana: de Comte Colbert, tarsem fo diretor ce exnonasso dda Faberce. Christian Hallot Eneus Trindade SP. Atel emioticists con tit cole de Comunic tos de pesquite, egéncies de publicidede dente 201 62 industria em gorsl. Foi reeponsével cciloira de Pe peles pesquiges em semidtica no Ibop Jean-Noel Kapferer Ele € reconhecide internacionalmente come um dot principals nundiais em gectio d md tégias do Luxe. Ele premoveu novos feccreveu onze livros ros foram tra fundidos = @ aprofurdada e epferer se erigina de sua altamente intermacionats © de um equ! stica, Jeer-Noel sepecialita aie infuentes em ativer entre teoria = omotor d= conceit apferer publ cou extene vane! sadernicas # gerencise tanto nor FLA quarto ra Europa. Ele ¢ um palestrarte muito inferences nternacierais em todo 0 mu: = paises HEC Pars © um PhD da Noch Pascal Portanier E Francde com Ph.D em Luxury Brand Management pela Universidade de Nice. Tabalhou deta com Karl Lagertla Collage of Fashion (Inglatara) lino como: Lager do luxe, tern je atusu em Bale odie ualmante,aléon de lecio ‘ents Medi, 9 ds lune na China, ra alguna presicentes André Cauduro D‘Angelo uror do “Pra dos consumidores @ profizsionais d mercado de iuxo brasileiro, Poscui me Jo lux do MBA de Mar Claudio Diniz CEO da Maizon du Luxe, autor dos livre "ade de Lux il Tandancie ramen, Th runic fessor d 1 2013, arketing Foi conde municipal d Dorn Pedro! de honra eo mérito, Vario: artigos ¢ entrevistes publicados em jornei revites, além de particioego em pro- ‘gremes do rédio 6 TV. Embeixedor do Rio de Janeiro, ttulo © ido pele Fund ‘Ascociacao de de Jono, ‘go Cesgrenrio, Dra. Clotilde Perez Raquel Siqueira Publictria Mareting. Expeciaizou 29 orn worsy, Cambrida ‘edopartamento Rosangela Barchetta 5 Psicopadagogi, orient Gao. MBA om Gest Luiz Claudio Began Presidente da Melson Baccarat no Brasil Gradusdo em Administragéo pelo Makenzie & Histone pela USP, MBA ‘om Gestao do Luxo pele FAAP Diretor da Began Artigu ded indagdo 1908). Represents e Viste Alogre, Lladro, Tsseren Jay Strongwater, Bavorier & Toso, Limes: Piegiorgio Dal Santo Amanicana bazeada ern MilBe ‘comunicagaa e licenciemento para az mente © CEO da PGDS Consulting, a saranda marcas em atwidadles de denen volvimento de negocios internacionais, ‘i rategicamente zeus inte ‘es camereisi,crianda parserias i nacionsie fu Marea ce Luxo @ Marketing ce Mada ro ‘ondon College of Fashion, Polimoda JM Montocarie, Mia 20m su Luxe ep nos EUA. Graduade ern Marketing pola Texas Tech University UA, Dr. Miguel Hemzo olde a SP, MPh |in Marketing by ardor Business School, a master’s degree in marketing from FEAUSP. ar of a SSP anda lecturer in Lusury sting, Marketing Managemert, Mar keting Behavior Consumer, #elationship, sting, Market Research and Marke Slebal Marketing, State demic experience az a Um dos mais respeitados especialistas em poe heats ns pee oe at tet arenes ee ee ed Pree Oe nS ean ea sobre como ele cra material de marketing para eee me ieee ean eens nal errr os Cee ar | ee ier tL Canada where he specialized in Anthropology of fone rearrange een ces Petena eet eer ace in Brazil, he did research on consumer behavior ea eee i uuiee) eee Peers ea eet to hit rei ciee iy Cette aor omens ee ene ier ener eet ites rg Ped LUXO