it covers both the filling of new and replacement of previously established posts which fall vacant. Selection, recruitment , appointment of students: inschool of nursing Recruitment and Selection Admission policies: In relation to the Academic Qualifications In relation to personal and social fitness Others Recruitment:After policies for admission have been agreed upon , the next step is to recruit the students. Recruitment is a continuous activity which is carried out both for the profession in general and for the individual schools of nursing. General recruitment for nursing Recruitment for individual institutions At this stage she will be influenced by her parents, teachers or friends or by past experience of nursing care and by the image of nursing she has build up. Some of the ways of general recruitment include Talks and plays in radio Films on nursing By making available in public , school and club libraries biographies and fiction on nursing subjects By publishing articles in the journals Recruitment for individual institutions After the student chooses the nursing profession , the next decision to be made is where to go for necessary preparation, and this is where the individual school will reap the benefit of having an active recruitment programme. Some of the methods which locally used are: Holding open days in the hospital and educational institution

reports and pictures of the institutional activities in the local press Publication of the institutional brochure Selection: The methods used for the selection of the students should be as objective as possible and should have proved themselves to be value and successful in identifying the kind of students wanted. Some suggestions relating to selection procedures are: The institution should have clearly defined selection policies Application form Selection committee Application form: The information contained in the application form and the reports received in connection with them should be systematically tabulated and filed Selection committee The members of the selection committee should include: The head of the nursing institution The senior tutor A representative of the local controlling authority(hospital) Any or all of the following . youth clubs and other community organizations Displaying suitable posters in the institution.Arranging for prize giving and capping ceremonies to which students may invite parents and the issue and receipt of the application form are an administrative responsibility. in the hospital and other appropriate place Publishing articles . notices. friends Arranging talk by the staff of the educational institution in local schools.

if so.these policies need to be carefully formulated and and made known to those concerned with recruitment and selection. Will male candidates be admitted.what will be the educational requirement for an admission 2.A representative from the nursing division of the state( if applicable) A physician A school teacher and possibly An educational psychologist RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION OF STUDENTS in college of nursing Admission policies admission policis are based on the kind of program being offered by the college and the kind of students admitted to the college .As a part of general requirement .so that the students are finally admitted to meet th e requirements of the programme. Do the rules and regulations of the school or of the associated institution expect the candidate to have particular personal qualifications 5.if so has provision be madefor them for planning the programme 4. Will married students be eligible for admission any specific subjects required such as science or english 3.admission policies may differ in different colleges.the policies formulated should be consistent with the objectives of the programme. Other points Points to be included in the recruitment policy are . Is admission subject to satisfactory medical report by the hospital authorities even if the same was submitted on the time of admission/applying 6.what are those circumstances.universities in different states Policy in relation to the academic qualification 1. Is ther a maximum age limit. Policy in relation to personal and social fitness 1.will any of the requirements be relaxed under special circumstances.if so under what circumstances may it be relaxed 2.

What action will be taken regarding students who fail twice in final exam at the end of the year will their admission be discontinued or are they allowed to write the examination as a supplementary examination Recruitment procedure After the preparation of policies for admission.youth clubs.whether a medical certificate is to be produced to show that the student is vaccinatedor immunized against a particular disease 3.arranging talks by staffs of the nursing college in local school.wher e wil they fit into the programme 2.but in either case certain policies or methods are adopted Selection polices 1.publishing articles. conducting functions in which selected members of the public participate 2.notices 5. Will students be admitted on transfer basis from other should be notified through local or national dailies or other media and see that only students with good aptitude and interest towards nursing profession should apply.if so .pulication of college brouchers Selection Selection may be carried out centrally or locally.will there be an aptitude test Application forms . An individual nursing college can attract the students in various ways 1 .Who all are a part of selection committee 4.and other community organizations 4.broadcasting such functions in radio .tv much and what kind of informationwill be obtained from the application form 2.1.will ther be an interview 5.

details of education. Orientation should be given by a senior faculty of the college Student welfare programmes Student welfare is an important part of the total educational programme.professor 3.references Selection committee Usually the selection occurs in the college itself . Orientation programme After admission an orientation program is to be conducted to make the students aware of the college rules. It broadly covers their physical .the members of the selection committee include 1. and opportunities for recreation and for cultural and religious activities .the application form should elicit the following information.orientation programme may take three to five days. Such needs of the students will be met partly by the facilities provided in the hostel and partly through an active and adequate student health .hostel and college building and associated parallel education departments. and social well being. guidance and counseling services mental.the head of the college of nursing(institution) of parents or guardians occupation of parent.particular aptitudes or abilities .details of employment.representative of local controlling authority 4..representative of the nursing division of the state 5.The issue and recipt of application forms is the administrative responsibilitythe information contained in the application form and reports received in connection with them should be systematically tabulated and filed as they are useful for evaluating the effectiveness of the formanalysing entrance standards assessing academic achievements with the subsequent performance etc. an educational psychologist The procedure for the selection should consist of a personal interview of the candidateands possibly a separate interview with the parents .

To promote good health habits which will be lasting and which they can apply in the practice of nursing . social and creative past time. The health services include: Medical examination on admission and routine Health records Student health clinic Health room in the hostel Sickroom for the students Counseling To give the students the guidance and counsel in her daily living personal problems . educational programme and her professional responsibilities should be taken into account Each tutor may act as advisor to a certain number of help the students to identify their problem . adjustment to group living . as far as it is compactable with the objectives of the programme. and to give them the required care when they are sick. to identify what need to be done about them and to work out their own solution with such guidance as is indicated Reports should be maintained on the services provided Recreational and cultural activities: To make it possible for them to continue with the leisure time interests they have already acquired .cultural. as well as to guide them in assisting them in developing accordance with their preferences There are so many recreational programmes which can be pursued in the nursing educational .Extra curricular/ co curricular activities/ Student welfare activities Student health services Counseling Recreational and cultural activities Student health services These are designed to permit the students to achieve the maximum benefit from their school experience.

the school and hospital procedures and policies and making . The council. going for picnics and both indoor and outdoor games There should be adequate facilities for recreation like sitting room. The two principal ways by which this can be achieved are through student government and by the formation of a unit of the Student Nurses Association Student government Government by the student usually requires the setting up of a student association of the institution. gardening and social entertainments such as giving parties . needle work photography.institutions such as music . which would be the executive organ of the student association . badminton and tennis courts and space for other out door games Student organization The involvement of the students as an organized group is an important factor in the management of the school and in meeting the objectives of the programme. vice president and secretary and should maintain record for its all meetings The objectives of such student association may include: The promotion of student welfare The development of cooperation and unity To establish and maintain good interpersonal relationship with the staff To the development of a sense of responsibility for the success of the hostel life The development of the ability of organizational technique and committee procedures The promotion of the reputation of the institution The establishment of the line of communication and association with the student group in the community and in the country as a whole The advancement of professional thinking and action These objectives can be met by the student council through the following functions:Initiating and supporting the student s social . should be composed of two or more elected representatives from each class. reading and creative writing . cultural and professional activities Assisting with the orientation of the new students Reviewing and requested . dance and drama. It should have a president . nature study. to function as the officially recognized organization of the students. reading room. and recreation room and lawn.

and has its objectives: To help students to uphold the dignity and ideals of the profession for which they are qualifying To promote a cooperate spirit among students for a common good To furnish nurses in training with advise in their courses of study leading up to professional qualification To encourage leadership ability and help students to gain a wide knowledge of the nursing profession in all its different branches and aspects To increase the students social contact and general knowledge in order to help them take their place in the world when they are finishing their training To encourage both professional and recreational meetings. of school policies Taking disciplinary action when necessary in accordance with measures agreed by the members The objectives of such student association may include: Receiving .recommendations in this respect The interpretation and enforcement . eg: the curriculum and library committees SNA( STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION) The Student Nurses Association is an associate organization of the Trained Nurses Association of India. games and sports To provide a special section in the nursing journal of india for the benefit of student . disposing of complaints relating to the hostel Establishing official channels of communication with the institutional staff in relation to student council matters. games and sports To encourage both professional and recreational meetings. in some instances. and The appointment of representatives to serve on institutional committees. investigating and . where appropriate .

The staffing function of a manager pertains to recruitment selection. staffing is the largest and most crucial aspect of any organization.and immunizations Maintenance of health records The students health record should be cumulativeand should be designed to contain a summary of students previous medical history and a complete health record of students health while in th e school/college RECRUITMENT OF STAFF The quality of personnel in an organization and their performance has a lot to do with the achievement of the goal of that organization.the number and nature of routine physical health examination for the students health 2.that is on admission(within the first week).the maximum amount of sick leave that can be taken during the course and the action to be taken when this is exceeded 6.To encourage students to compete for prices in the Student Nurses Exhibitions and to attend national Policies and regional conferences The implementation of student welfare services requires a formulation of a number of policies. training development and appraisal of personnel. .it involves medical examination.the scope of functions of health clinic 4.the extend to which provision will be made for recreational and cultural activities& The provision should be made for students to follow their own religious practices Student health services The student health services are designed to permit students to achievethe maximum benefit .routine medical examination annually.the appointment of aphysician responsible for students health 3.The arrangements should be made for student counseling 7.some of which will be in relation to 1.the action to be taken and facilities made available when a student falls sick 5.

interview and aptitude test . Requisits 1.salary and other conditions of service andother details of application.see that the person is able to establish harmonius relationship with others 5. 2.The recruitment procedures may vary in different colleges of nursing depending upon the controlling and state govt should be followed.consider the person s abilities and academic quqlifications 3.emotionally stable.vacancies.written test 4.notification in writing.scrutinising applications 3.Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees stimulating them to apply for the jobs in the organization .shuold be mentally person who can be of immense help in achieving the objectives of the programme 2. PROCESS OF SELECTION AND STEPS 1.see that if he will be able to work with students to lead and guide them and to contribute to their development 4.qualifications.and physically fit Factors considered for selection General education Basic professional education Advanced education Specialization Professional experience Personality trait and character Interest in nursing profession The professional qqualification for each staff prescribed by nursing council.regarding the type of post.

policies. participation in the formulation of philosophy and subsequent planning and evaluation of curriculum 2.the new facualty should be oriented with the philosophies. and policy of the institution.5.consultation with senior employees 7. organizational set up. explain about the duties and responsibilities of teaching staff FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF FACULTY 1.implementation of curriculum which includes Preparation of lesson plans and materials for teaching Preparation of laboratories for demonstration and work period Planned instruction by lectures. and policy of the institution 3.demonstration.and the objectives of the institution 2.medical checkup 6.objectives.discussion and other method of teaching contacting and briefing external lectures and others participating in the programme arranging for clinical experience in the hospital and community assisting with the supervision of students in the clinical area giving and evaluating student assignment supervision of student s study period guidance and counseling of students .planning and evaluation of the subject for which each teacher is responsible 3.introduce her to the other teachers and employees 4.appointment letter and placement Orientation It is concerned with introducing the new employee to the organisationorientation should be given in the following areas 1.

resignations. and frequent request for transfer can often be reduced when ther are clearly defined policies relating to hours of work.participation in extracurricular activities 6.welfare of staff. teaching load.student guidance and counseling. interpretation of aims of college to other staff in the institution and to the would be helpful to have stated policies and some of the factors to be considered in formulating them are.such policies are effective when the staff have been involved in formulating them.conflicts. HOURS OF WORK the policy should be given direction on the maximum number of working hours per week the number of days off per month to which the staff entitled the procedure to be followed regarding public holidays TEACHING LOAD the policy regarding the maximum teaching load to be carried by each tutor should allow time for preparation for classes and laboratory sessions.record keeping and all other .participation in the activities of professional association 7.participation in the work of school committees maintenance of records preparation of such records that required 4.the policies should be written down and made known to everyonethe following are some of the matters in which. The number of teachers will depend on their availability the policy and scope of the programme and the minimum requirements established by the university and nursing council FORMULATION OF POLICIES Conditions under which the teaching staff work has an effect on the implementation of the programmebesides continuing towards the stability of staff frustrations .committee work.and other matters.when they are known to everyone concerned and when they are carefully adhered to.ordering and maintaining supplies and equipment 5.evaluation of student assignments.

placement and training of personnel . subordinates 3.a teaching load of 14-16hours per week will permit attention to these functions LEAVE the college should have clear policy about the leaves #how many leaves may be taken at one time #the purpose for whichcasual or special leavemay be granted #the provision for maternity leave SICKNESS in regard to the care which will be given to the staff members who are sick .reimbursement facility etc PROMOTION AND TRANSFER A promotion is the advancement of an employee to a better job better in terms ofgreater responsibilities .greater should not be merely on the basis of years of experience Programmes for inservice education Conferences. professional writings and essay competitions.and especially increased pay or salary.functions expected of a peers 4. 1.or ability of an employee in performing his job.performance appraisal canbe done 1.quality or merit. radio talks.more prestige or status.medical expenses. debates and discussions. news letters.V talks and other programmes are some insevice education programmes PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Performance appraisal means evaluation of worth. T. seminars.ther e should be a promotion poli cy in the college of nursing to motivate the teachers for higher productivity.performance appraisal is a systematic and objective way of judging the relative worth.the college policy should state clearly about sick leave. refresher the immediate superiors 2.they are.PA serves as a means for evaluating the effectiveness of devices for self Appraisal of employees serves useful functions. study groups.

Evaluative reports should be considered as confidential Performance appraisal may fail due to many causes they are.they.faulty assumptions by the manager helps to identify th e strengths and weaknesses of an employee and thus act as a guide for formulating suitable training and development programme inorder to improve quality of performance 3. Assessment should be done based on the observation study of the individual identify and develop potential leaders 4. There should be review of evaluation system to make sure of the efficacy of evaluation system 8. The whole system should be clearly understood by both the managers and serve as a feed back to the employee 5. It should be objective.subjectivity:managers may havenatural liking for some and dislikefor other without any obvious reasons 6. There should be built in incentive:reward should follow successful performance 7.constancy and leniency:some raters habitually rate the subordinates very high and other very low .2. 1.perfomance appraisal acts as a motivation for the employees for better performance 7.central tendency:the rater marks almost all employeesas average 5.lack of clear criteria agaist which each employee is to be rated 3. Evaluation should be done in accordance with the individuals job description and job mutual consultation should decide on the evaluation criteria 2.helps in proper allocation of resources The success of performance appraisal depends upon the following factors 1. it provides a basis for employee counselling 6.educational back ground and experience favouritism should be shown 3.halo effect:the manager is influenced by subordinate s one or two performance and evaluate entire performance accordingly 4. Discuss the results of evaluation with the subordinates for corrective action 9. The system should be valid and reliable 4.

4. B. REFERNCES 1.vikas publishers Sr.DISCIPLINE AND DISCIPLINARY ACTION good discipline is the cause and effect of good employer employee relationships.nnnet.ncbi.fourth edition .au/confwatch. CONCLUSION Personal management is very significant in a nursing educational institution. 3. 3.t .gov/pubmed/16259099 . 5. 8. 4.jaypee publishers http://www.the enquiry officer submits his reports to the punishing authority mentioning clearly whether the charges are established or not.text book of nursing education. nursing practice and pulic halth administration. http://www.the decision taken is conveyed to the worker in writing.because the objectives of the institution can be achieved only with the co operation of people working in the organisationtherfore inorder to build a team of co operative workforce it is essential to manage the employees 7.nancy..htm http://www.jaypee publishers Mary lucita.indiannursingcouncil.preliminary enquiry by the employer.if there is a case for disciplinary action against a worker 2. an educational institution it is a good relationship between student staff and management.nih.vol II.if explanation of the worker found unsatisfactory.accumulation of unresolved grievences greater number of conflicts between the personnel working in the organization disciplinary procedure 1.elseveir publishers J C aggarwal.nlm.threre can be many causes for indiscipline in an organization.basawanthappa.p neeraja.tacher education in a developing society. 2. step is to conduct a domestic enquiry by giving full opportunity to explain the charges against him involving the misconduct.text book of nursing administration. indications of indiscipline inan organization are high rates of absentieesm and turnover.information to the worker concerned in writing of the charges alleged against him for explaining the same.senior nursing procedures and nursing in any other 9.R brothers publishers INC GUIDELINES FOR SCHOOL OF NURSING K .

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