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Workshop Outline

Workshop Title: Formative Assessment with Google Forms

Module # and Name Competency/Outcome

1 Introduction to Google forms & 1 Understand how to access Google
Review of Assessment Strategies forms and its relationship to Google
2 Understand what instructional
purpose Google Forms provides.
Module # and Name Competency/Outcome
2 Setting Up a Google Account 1 Understand the scope of a teacher-
created Google account and its use
with Google Forms.
2 Know the steps necessary for
setting up a Google account.
3 Know how to access the Google
Docs home page.
Module # and Name Competency/Outcome
3 Integrating Google Forms as an 1 Recognize types of assessment
Assessment Tool tools which can be created in Google
2 Analyze the application of Google
Forms as an assessment tool in your
own classroom.
Module # and Name Competency/Outcome
4 Examples of Google Forms 1 Recognize and analyze the
Assessments components of a Google Form to
create the following assessment tools:
1a. Data-gathering Form
1b. Quiz Form
1c. Journal/Reflection Log Form
1d. Reading Log Form
1e. Survey or Polling Form
Module # and Name Competency/Outcome
5 Creating an Assessment 1 Understand how to use the Form
Edit Template to create multiple types
of assessment tools.
2 Recognize and apply the question
type choices to your own assessment
3 Know how to view the live Form.
4 Understand how to change the look
of a Form using the style template
5 Understand how to create logic
branching questions for differentiation.
Module # and Name Competency/Outcome
6 Reviewing, Monitoring, and 1 Know how to access the partner
Managing Form Data spreadsheet from the Google Docs
home page.
2 Understand the functions of the
Google Docs home page.
3 Know how to set up data changes
notifications and why they might be
4 Know how to print assessment
responses/data from the partner
5 Know how to sort data.
6 Understand the functions of the
partner spreadsheet tools and their
application to managing and
monitoring assessment
7 Know how to edit a Form after its
Module # and Name Competency/Outcome
7 Assessing and Sharing 1 Understand the process of creating
Responses & Results a self-grading quiz using spreadsheet
2 Know how to access summary
response results for assessment
review or for instant class feedback.
3 Know how to share partner
spreadsheet assessment
responses/data with another teacher or
Module # and Name Competency/Outcome
8 Show and Tell 1 Apply your knowledge from this
workshop to create and share at least
one example of a Google Form
assessment tool.
2 Apply your knowledge from this
workshop to brainstorm and share
ways to use Google Forms in the
Module # and Name Competency/Outcome
9 Additional Resources

Module # and Name Competency/Outcome

10 Formative Assessment with 1 Provide feedback for the Formative
Google Forms Online Professional Assessment with Google Forms Online
Development Workshop Evaluation PD Workshop.
2 Submit Workshop Form for
completion certificate.