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Name of Drugs Classification Presentation Action Indication Contra-indications Side Effects Nsg.


G-Name : Anti- Tablet Inhibits muscarinic Acute GI, biliary & Myasthenia gravis, Xerostomia, 1. check the sensitivity or
Hyoscine N- diarrheals actions of acetyl- genitourinary spasm, megacolon, hypersensitivity. tachycardia, urinary allergic reaction before
butylbromide Parenteral colic on autonomic incl. biliary & renal Parenteral : glaucoma, retention. When admi. administer (skin test).
effectors, inner- colic, parentally also as hyperthrophy of the prostate IV, visual 2. use cautiously in pts.
B-Name: vated by past gun- an in diagnostic & with uri- nary retention, accommodation distur- with autonomic
BUSCOPAN glonic cholinergic therapeutic procedures. mechanical stenosis of GIT, bances, dizziness, neuropathy,
neurons. Also may e.g. gastro- dudenal tachycardia. allergic reactions esp. hyperthyroidism,
effect neural path- endoscopy, radiology. skin reactions. coronary artery.
ways originating in 3. administer with ten
the labyrinth to golden rule.
inhibit nausea &

G-name: Stimulants Tablet A partial agonist or Active management of Pregnancy : 1st & 2nd stage of Abdominal pain, HPN, 1. check the sensitivity or
Methylergomet- Drug antagonist at alpha 3rd stage labor 100-200 labor before crowning of the H/ache, skin eruptions, allergic reaction before
rine Hydrogen Parenteral receptors, as a mcg. Slow IV uterine head hypertension. Pre- dizziness, nausea & administer (skin test).
Maleate result it increases atony/hemorrhage. 200 eclampsia, eclampsia. vomiting, convulsions, 2. Monitor BP, PR, &
the strength, mcg IM or 100-200 mcg Occlusive vascular dse. sweating, chest pain, RR.
duration and slow IV. My be repeates Sepsis, hypersensitivity to hypotension, 3. Administer with 10
B-Name : frequency of every 24 hrs. uterine ergot (colloids), alkaloids. bradycardia, golden rule.
METHERGINE uterine contractions subinvolution, lochio- tachycardia,
metra, puerperal bleeding palpitaions, peripheral
125-250 mcg. tab or 100- vasopastic reaction.
200 mcg SC, IM up to
Name of Classification Presentation Action Indication Contra-indications Side Effects Nsg. Responsibilities

G-Name : Anxiolytics Tablet Act mainly at the Basal sedation before Dependence of other Blurred vision, urinary 1. Assess the level of
Diazepam limbic system & stressful therapeutic substances including alcohol retention (infrequent). consciousness of the pt..
Parenteral reticular formation, measures or interventions except in management of Paradoxical reactions. 2. Administer with 10
B-Name: may act in spinal for pre-op medication of acute w/drawal reactins. Dependence golden rule.
VALIUM cord & at anxious of tense pts. in Severe chronic hypercarpia. withdrawal symptoms.
supraspinal sites to psychiatry, treatment of
produce skeletal excitation states
muscle reaction; associated with acute
potentials the anxiety & panic. Motor
effects of GABA, in rest & delirium
an inhibitory tremens. Status
transmitter, epilepticus & other
sedation, atoxia, convulsives states.
slight effect on Adjunct for relief of
cortical function. reflux muscle spasm due
to local trauma. To
combat spasticity arising
from damage to spinal &
supraspinal interneurons.

G-name: Anesthetics Parenteral To slower the heart Local or anesth, by Hypovelemia, hearth block Restlessness, 1. assess v/s during
Lidocaine Hcl Drus beat infiltratin techniques incl. or other conduction nervousness, dizziness, course of
percutaneous inj. & IV disturbances. tinnitus, blurred vision, theraphy.
regional anesth by GI upset, muscle 2. 2. use cardiac
B-Name : peripheral nerve block twitching, convulsions; monitoring and
LIDOCAINE techniques eg brachial numbness of the use infusion
plexus intercoastal tongue, hypotension, control for IV
blockor other conduction bradycardia, methemo- 3. monitor BP & RR
blocks. globinaemia; fetal 4. administer with
intoxification 10 golden rule

G-Name : 500 mg IVP q6h Penicillins Bactericidal against Treatment of Hypersensitivity to Skin rash and GI 1.check the IV site
Cloxacillin sensitive organisms; infections due to penicillins. upset. carefully for signs of
500 mg/tab, p.o. 1 tab inhibits synthesis of staph resistant to thrombosis & drug reaction.
B-Name per tablet t.i.d. bacterial cell wall benzyl penicillin, 2. take this drug RTC.
Avastoph causing cell death. including infections 3. report for pain or
BOIE Presentation: of the skin and soft discomfort at sites, unusual
Cloxacillinn Vial tissues, boneand bleeding or bruishing,
Biogenerics tablet form joints, resp tract UTI; mouth sores, rash, hives,
Caxin otitis media, fever, itching, severe
endocarditis, diarrhea, DOB.
septicemia, 4. Inform the S.O. for the
meningitis, mixed possible side effects.
streptococcal 5. administer with the (10)
golden rules

G-Name : 300 mg/amp IVP q4h Analgesics & Anti- Inhibits the synthesis For fever & pain due G6PG deficiency: Hematological, skin 1. monitor the body
Paracetamol for fever T-38.5oC pyretic of protaglandins that to common cold, flu, continued used in pts. & other allergic temp.
may serve as measles, teething w/ anemia, cardiac, reactions. 2. watch for allergic
B-Name : 500 mg/tab, p.o. 1 tab mediators of pain and discomfort & post- pulmonary, renal or reactions/side
Acet t.i.d. fever, primarily in vaccination reactions. hepatic disease. effect.
Acetadol CNS. 3. administer w/ ten
Aeknil (10) golden rule.
Alvedon Presentation :
Anaseran Tablet
Baropyrine Capsule
Biogesic Syrup
Biopain Ampule

G-name: 500 mg/cap p.o. 1 cap. NSAID (Nonstreoidal May inhibit Relief of mild to Hypersensitivity to GI disturbances; 1. administer with or
Mefenemic Acid t.i.d. Anti-inflammatory prostaglandin moderate pain, aspirin, chronic skin rashes, after meal.
Drugs) synthesis, to reduce muscular and inflammatory of urticatiria, headache, 2. assess the pain,
Brand Name : Preparation: anti-inflammatory, traumatic pain. upper and lower dizziness, transient using the pain
Ponstant Capsule analgesic and anti- GIT, ulceration, leukopenia. scale ratio.
Dolfenal Ponser Tablet pyretic renal disease 3. report for pain or
Mefenax Syrup any discomfort
4. administer with ten
golden rule

G-name: 500 mg/cap p.o. 1 cap. Anti-infectives Bactericidal; May Trichomoniasis of Active neurological Metallic taste, furry 1. administer with or
Metronidazole t.i.d. inhibit DNA the GUT in males disorders, tongue, dry mouth, after meal.
synthesis, in and females. hypothyrodism, GI disturbances. 2. advise the pt. not
Brand Name : Preparation: specific anaerobes, Amebic dysentery, hypoadrenalism, Occasional flushing to drink alcohol
Mirozol Capsule causing cell death; amebc iver, blood dyscrasias, headache, vertigo, during medication.
Norstene Tablet antiprotozoal- abscess, eradication lactation. dizziness, in 3. inform the pt. that
Metroxid Syrup trichomonacidal, of E. histolytica coordination, ataxia. the urine output
Ampule amebicidal; from pts. Passing will darken than
biochemical MOA cyst. Giardiasis the usual color.
is not known. Vincent infection. 4. administer with ten
Anaerobic golden rule.

G-name : Capsule Anti-infectives Treatment of upper Hypersensitivity to Nausea, vomiting, 1. check and monitor
Cefalexin Syrup & lower resp. tract cephalosporins. diarrhea, abdominal for an any GI
infection, abscess, discomfort, skin disturbances and
B-name : wound infections. rash, pruritus, with
BACILEXIN Bone & joint eosinophilia, +ve Pseudomembranes
infections due to Coomb’s test. .
sensitive organism, 2. administer with or
Bacillary dysentery without meal.
gonorrhea. Infec- 3. administer with 10
tions due to golden rules.
ducing Staph.

G-name: .5mL/amp IM Vaccinnes, Antisera & For tetanus Active Patients with serious Local and mild 1. check the body
Adsorbed Immunologicals immunization. immunization illness, fever, systemic reactions. temp.
Tetanus Vaccine Preparation: against tetanus. hypersensitivity & Anaphylaxis and 2. clean the site of
Ampule systemic reactions to neurological administration.
Brand Name : tetanus toxoid. reactions. 3. advise the pt. to
2 WORLD relax the muscle
TRADERS during injection
ADSORBED 4. inform the s.o. for
TETANUS the possible side
VACCINE effects.
5. administer with ten
golden rules.

Same with the above

G-name: Gloominess or N.R.
Tetanus 4500 “u” IM Vaccines, Antisera U Short term tetanus Prophylaxis against Pregnancy dysphoria, pale or
antitoxin Immunologicals immunization tetanus flush face, chest
Preparation depression or
Brand Name: Ampule asthma, cold sweat,
2 WORLD nausea or abdominal
TRADERS pain, weak & rapid
ADSORBED pulses. Itchiness &
TETANUS edema at vaccination

G-name: Tablet Analgesics To relieve pain Treatment of Severe renal Nausea, vomiting, 1. assess pt. in hx of
Tramadol Hcl moderate to severe impairement constipation, drow- renal and hepatic
Parenteral pain. siness & confusion. impairment.
B-Name : Dry mouth, vertigo, 2. administer with
AMRYLL sweating, facial meal
DOLMAL flushings, headache,
DOLOTRAL bradycardia, tachy-
DOLPAZ cardia, palpitations,
GESIDOL orthostatic hypo-
MICRODOL tension, .hypoether-
MILADOR mia, restlessness,
MOSEPAN mood changes, dec.
PENGESIC libido or potency,
hallucinations &