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Seattle Scream

5 October 2076 Ë Issue 62

US, CAS and PCC begin Body Lottery-Seattle for the Final Debates in the
first joint Exercises week of 28 Sep - 4 Oct, 2076, MetroPlex
In a bid to increase vital the winning number is: As the election approaches,
cooperation and emergency the final major debates between
coordination, the US, CAS and Pueblo 121 Metroplex candidates take place
Corporate Council are conducting Congratulations to the lucky over the coming weeks.
joint rescue and emergency winners! Condolences to the relatives The leading three candidates
preparedness exercises across of the victims. for Metroplex governor will debate
southern California and the PCC for on Saturday night in a ninety minute
the next two weeks.
World Martial Arts town hall style meeting. The other
“It is our hope to rebuilt trust Championship Returns four candidates, none pulling higher
and provide for aid to people when This weekend sees the than 3% in the polls, will have an
disaster strikes,” said Governor North return of the World’s Martial Arts ‘alternate debate’ the Friday before
of California. “We all need to work Championship to Seattle after being with the same town hall structure.
on being better neighbors in these held in Taipei last year. All of the Senatorial and
unsettled times.” The competition runs from House candidates are scheduled to
Rescue, law enforcement and Wednesday to Sunday across debate with the final one, for the
military units will be involved in the multiple venues with the finals in Metroplex’s second Senatorial seat,
exercises which will practice the Professional Class being held in falling on Sunday.
everything from flood rescue to wild the MetroDome on Sunday. The The elections have been a
fire control. Taiwanese national teams are major source of excitement with
Aztlan has called the moves heavily favored going into the weekly rallies and demonstrations
provocative and overly militaristic competition but the Renraku and across Seattle.
while the other NAN have questioned Ares teams have been scoring highly While no one expects
the PCC’s motives. “We all need to in the regional. Governor Uhuru Freeman-Nakagawa
work together for a peaceful world,” For those interested in to lose her position, the contest has
said Anne Owl, PCC spokesperson. martial arts there are demonstrations been full of media maneuvers and
While primarily designed to and beginner classes across the unexpected revelations. So nothing
improve communication and teamwork Metroplex sponsored by various is certain.
between governmental units Ares and groups. The Mayor’s Office will
Horizon have volunteered rescue units to
Weekend of Horror and
host an open Tai Chi class on
assist as well. Saturday morning at Waterfront
Humor in Touristville
FBI Leads in MetroPlex Anti- Trying something new to
Several Corporations have
attract tourists, the Touristville
Corruption Effort district of Redmond is hosting a
The FBI announced the made introductory Martial Arts matrix
classes free for the duration of the weekend of horror and humor
expansion of its Seattle field office
Championship as well. themed events with many crossovers,
adding more than fifty new agents and
Seattle Stress to play such as an open air viewing of the
support staff to a dedicated Anti-
Dreadnaughts at Home Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Corruption Unit that will work with
After a disappointing fourth Music, movies, circus acts
Knight Errant and various MetroPlex
place finish last season, the Stress are off and stand up comedians will rub
to a good start this year with five wins shoulders in a packed weekend of
“For too long, a blind eye has
and two ties. events ranging from family friendly
been turned to certain types of They hope to continue their to risque.
corruption in Seattle, no longer,” said unbeaten streak against Dresden who has A full guide to the activities
MetroPlex Governor Uhuru Freeman- a matching record. The rivalry between
Nakagawa. “The FBI has the full is available on the Matrix as is a free
the two teams is legendary and the AR overlay complete with games
support of the MetroPlex government in match at the MetroDome is already sold
this task.” and discounts.

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