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10-11-15 The Death Penalty, Judge Jacqueline Connor, Secret Corporations of the Los
Angeles Judges, and Corruption of the Los Angeles Courts - Discussion in the Lawsters

Judge Jacqueline Connor _ Former LAPD Rafael Perez

The Two Central Figures of the Rampart scandal (1998-2000)


1) Mon, 15 Nov 2010, Joseph Zernik wrote:

Subject: Re: Los Angeles Superior Court's Judges Slush Funds - and the Death Penalty.

When it is fully documented for over a decade that a judge is corrupt, and yet, she is permitted to
continue to sentence persons to the death penalty, that is no "mistake" any longer. I am no attorney,
but you put the right legal lingo on such conduct, not by the judge - but by all of us who permit it to go
2) On Mon, 15 Nov 2010, Bob wrote:


Try another perspective. Look at the process of death sentences as the pulling of a trigger in a
war. Mistakes unfortunately cause some of the munitions to kill our own troops with "friendly
fire." Other mistakes cause "collateral damage" to cause civilians to lose their lives. And the
"fog of war" takes a similar toll. It seems unavoidable because it has continued to happen for

Criminal Courts constitute an instrument of war of the people of a state or nation against those
who would harm others or put them at serious risk of harm. SOME collateral damage will
happen, for a variety of reasons. That does not mean we should stop the prosecutions or
ameliorate the sentences.

Seems to me the time has come to excise the crooked public employees who wantonly,
whimsically, or negligently cause the collateral damage. Maybe you could start a volunteer
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3) On Mon, 2010-11-15, joseph zernik wrote:

Hi again Bob:

Let me combine the answer to your last comments into one. According to media
reports, Judge JACQUELINE CONNOR, who is a central figure in the LA-JR (alleged
Los Angeles Judiciary Racket), and was a central figure in the Rampart scandal,
which created some 10,000-30,000 Rampart FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons),
which the US DOJ refuses to take action to release, even a decade later, sentenced
an unknown number of Criminal Defendants to death.

Does that change in any way your philosophical perspective?

4) 11/15/2010, Joseph wrote:

The solution, which I advocate is to go back to the Salary Act of 1919, and place the Clerks of the
US courts under the sole authority of the US Attorney General. That was a hundred years ago the
only measure, which seemed to do the job.
5) 11/15/2010, Bob wrote:

So, does that mean the time has come to "lock and load?"

6) On Mon, 2010-11-15 joseph zernik wrote:

Hi Bob:

There is no way to address the matter.

Already in 2008, I have noted the secret corporations held by the Los Angeles Superior Court's judges,
and inexplicable fund movements in and out of them as part of the evidence in request for
Equal Protection of the 10 million residents of Los Angeles County against racketeering by judges.

FBI and US DOJ refused to respond.

In response to Congressional Inquiries by Senator Feinstein and Congresswoman Watson on my

behalf, FBI Assistant Director KENNETH KAISER, and US DOJ Director KENNETH MELSON
provided US Congress with responses that were alleged as Fraud.

Complaints filed with GLENN FINE, US DOJ Inspector General, regarding Fraud by US DOJ on US
Congress were left unanswered, even after repeat Congressional Inquiries by Senator Feinstein.

You should be reminded that already two years ago, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Patrick Leahy
called for Truth and Reconciliation Commission regarding conduct of US DOJ.

The above is also the outline of the evidence that was provided to the United Nations Human Rights
Council, and which led to the statement "Discrimination by law enforcement in California".
Discrimination against a region of the country by the government is a violation of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, in and of itself.

7) At 08:27 AM 11/15/2010, Bob wrote:
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Does anyone have in mind a decent method of eliminating the Judge Slush
funds depicted here?
Judges SLUSH Funds 1
Judges SLUSH Funds 2
8) On AM 11/15/2010, Bob wrote:

Yes, I do "maintain that philosophical position [that the death penalty has validity], also taking into
account the rampant corruption of the courts in the US".

As you have demonstrated in your research reports about the NEF, the courts and their judges and
administrators fall short of perfection. I suspect they always will. Should we then say "Well, Hell, let's
not have judges or courts at all, then?"

I feel pretty philosophic about life.

I figure we (if we wish) live for a while, die, wake up somewhere else, receive a new body, and fuse
with a spirit fragment of our Heavenly Father. It seems sensible that we then continue our spiritual
growth beyond we no longer need a body, and perhaps beyond when we become able to transcend
time and space limitations. It seems likely that we ultimately do so well at all this that we become
indistinguishable from the Father himself.

By contrast with scope of the grand adventure into eternity, we spend a minuscule portion of the
adventure on this planet, and the consequences we suffer here pale into insignificance. We nitpick over
way too many irrelevant worries while we ignore matters of monumental import, or as the Master
expressed it, "strain at a gnat and swallow a camel." Thus, the nature of the consequences does not
matter much in the great scheme of things. We should focus on perfecting our personal ways of living
so as to develop majestic and well-balanced personalities in pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness. I
notice you seem interested in that ambition as you strive to identify the flaws in and improve the court

Meanwhile, regardless of the imperfections of our system, we ought to let consequences of behavior
rain upon the unjust as well as the just, perfecting that process as we go. We shall certainly witness a
similar process in Heaven. We do recall the story of the fall of the spiritual beings Lucifer, Satan,
Caligastia, Daligastia, Beelzebub, and the aliens and one-time spiritual beings Adam, and Eve, right?

We should remember two features of consequences:

1. The consequences of misbehavior have a justice opportunity that truly gratifies

members of society, and perhaps God himself;
2. The possibility of uncomfortable consequences (the "stick") balances the possibility
of comfortable consequences (the "carrot").
Together, these inspire and motivate good behavior, however imperfectly.

Bob Hurt

9) On Sun, 2010-11-14 joseph zernik wrote:

Do you maintain that philosophical position, also taking into account the rampant corruption of the
courts in the US?

10) On 11/14/2010, Bob wrote:

I believe the death penalty has merit and no international organization

should impose its will upon the USA regarding the death penalty.
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Human rights come with human responsibilities, and a human in a society

must behave according to minimum standards established by law.

Unless the law violates the Constitution, society has at all times the
moral right and obligation to excise violent criminals from the
population without the obligation to feed, clothe, and house the

If the criminal becomes too burdensome to incarcerate (such as because

of hostility, destructiveness, uncooperativeness), then the society
ought to have the right to excise the human from the planet.

This right corresponds with a person's right to use lethal force to

protect life liberty and property UNLESS the reason for the threat to
LLP lies in that person's unlawful behavior.

Philosophically, I agree with the death penalty as a means of excising

horrible people from society and from the planet.

You see, in a civilized society, people have the right to remain free of
both the harm by criminals and the need to support criminals so as to
remain free of harm.
Bob Hurt