Logistics Improve the performance of your warehousing, inventory management and distribution network with DHL Logistics (DHLL

). Headquartered at DHL's Commerce Park, adjacent to our privately owned airport in Wilmington, Ohio, DHLL offers a complete menu of logistics and outsourcing options across the U.S. and around the world. Our experts will provide the solutions you need to solve your business challenges. Network Express Logistics Centers Your Solution for Inventory Management and Worldwide Distribution

The DHL Network of Express Logistics Centers (ELCs) is made up of 8 DHL operated and managed facilities located worldwide. These facilities enable you to centralize, manage and distribute high-impact, high- value parts and products. Globally centralized points of distribution enable quicker time to market, resulting in reduced costs and increased market share. By offering a full complement of value-added services, the DHL ELC Network provides a global integrated logistics solution. Benefits:
y Cost Savings-Centralizing inventory with DHL reduces the number of inventory holding locations, as well as the size and value of the inventory held. y Faster Order Fulfillment - DHL¶s global transportation network and logistics inventory management system gives you the ability to access and dispatch your inventory 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. y Improved Cash Flow - The use of a bonded warehouse for testing and storage provides the option of deferring customs duties and taxes. y Flexibility - Efficiently change distribution patterns for new products, based on changing customer demands. Features: y Eight ELCs in the DHL Worldwide Express Logistics Network - Each is strategically positioned to cover major world markets. (Africa-Johannesburg, Asia-Hong Kong and Singapore, Australia-Brisbane, Europe-Brussels, Latin America-Miami, FL, Northern America-Cincinnati, OH, Middle East-Bahrain) y Value-added logistics services such as inventory management and reporting, storage, packaging and labeling, pick and pack, kitting, consolidatio n/deconsolidation, cross docking and repair and return are available at each of the ELC locations. Combinations of these services provide unique customized logistics solutions. y DHL is a licensed customs broker in 141 countries, resulting in faster and more accurate clearances. y Only DHL¶s ELCs are fully integrated with the global DHL air express network, which serves more countries and cities than any other network.

Neutral Delivery Improve your overall supply chain cycle time DHL¶s Neutral Delivery service allows shippers to send a dutiable shipment directly to an international customer and bill the duties and taxes to an importer of record. The importer of record and the customer must reside in the same country and that country must be approved for inbound Neutral Delivery. The recipient's copy of the waybill is the only documentation on the shipment delivered to the final consignee. Benefits: Neutral Delivery allows shippers to more tightly control inventory and better satisfy their customers through faster delivery and reduced handling/warehousing costs. The importer of record realizes the true benefit of Neutral Delivery, since the importer can import goods at a lower amount than the final resale value, and keep this information confidential from t he buyer.
y The shipper receives improved transit times by shipping directly to the ultimate consignee. y Importers can ship goods directly to their customers and reduce cycle times, while keeping customs values confidential. y By shipping direct to the consignee, the importer eliminates additional destination transportation, handling and warehousing costs. y Customs duties and taxes are based on initial transaction values, not final resale value, which reduces costs for the importer of record.

Field Stock Exchange Put your critical parts inventory within hours or minutes of where it's needed. DHL Logistics Services' Field Stock Exchange program provides instant access to your inventory from strategic locations across North America. Combine it with the Central Stock Exchange to provide a comprehensive logistics solution for all your parts inventory needs. Benefits:
y A network of local Field Stock Exchange sites gives you a presence in locations throughout North America y You can locate time - sensitive parts inventory within hours - even minutes - of where it's needed y Outsourcing warehouse and inventory management gives you maximum control of cost and overhead y You have access to your inventory, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week y DHL can tailor a stocking and distribution program to your specific needs y Customized inventory and distribution reports track every aspect of your Field Stock Exchange program

Case Study OEM

central location. DHL Services Provided: y y y y DHLL Stock Exchange Parts On Time . The DHL network is used for overnight and second day package delivery.and money-saving solution for distribution-intensive companies. By operating from one of our commerce parks. while improving response times to customers. With the responsibility for managing inventory taken from their shoulders. Next Flight Out and ground delivery network Hub Based Warehousing Hub Based Warehousing is a time. and reduce the amount of inventory in the field y Storage of high-value parts in a limited number of locations (two to three locations) to provide same-day response within a six. Ohio to provide next-day delivery. homes.Challenge: A company has approximately 800 field engineers who store parts in trunks. Needs: y Centralized parts inventory for late ordering and replenishment of Field Stock Exchange locations y Multiple Field Stock Exchange locations to respond to customer needs in a two. . The full inventory of parts is warehoused at the DHLL facility in Wilmington. staff and run your own distribution facilities from the heart of DHL's airline and trucking network. Benefits: The client is able to reduce the amount of inventory in the field by over 60%. the field engineers become more productive. offices. which are strategically located in Wilmington and Columbus. The Client uses multiple Field Stock Exchange locations to store parts close to its customers to meet more urgent delivery requirements. you can serve your entire marketplace from a single.to eight-hour window y Ability to ship non-urgent/non-critical parts overnight Solution: DHL provides a single-source solution. etc. You can lease. Ohio.to fourhour timeframe. The company's objective is to maintain a high level of service response while reducing the amount of inventory in the field and improving the field engineers' productivity. and the DHL Same Day network for same-day deliveries.site selection DHL transportation network DHL Same Day.

and enjoys a competitive advantage due to decreased response times.Benefits: y y y y y Choose from ready-built or build-to-suit distribution facilities and services Improve your distribution speed and efficiency while cutting costs Reduce inventory and lower overhead costs with a central distribution location Ship as late as 1:30 a. Needs: y Testing facility strategically located to provide the longest possible testing window y Method for receiving test specimens as quickly as possible in secure packaging that is designed to protect the integrity of the specimen and ensure valid test results y Access to a rapid delivery transportation service with late order cutoffs to return test results to customers Solution: The client locates their testing facility in the DHL Commerce Park. Inbound shipments utilize the DHL Lab Pack. and that test results are returned quickly and accurately. providing 48 hour turnaround of test requests. Outbound shipments are sent back to the requesting party via DHL. Eastern Time for same-day delivery International delivery available to more than 200 countries Case Study Health Care Challenge: A medical testing company needs a network that will ensure that specimens reach the testing facility as quickly as possible.m. The Lab Pack provides specialized packaging that ensures more specimens result in valid tests. Benefits: The client is able to provide a more effective method of testing. The Lab Pack protects the contents of the test specimen and ensures a valid sample even in the event of a breakage of the packaging material used by the shipper. taking advantage of the early morning deliveries of inbound shipments and late cutoff for outbound shipments. The expanded window for processing means more tests can be completed each day. a proprietary package designed to ensure that test specimens remain secure throughout the shipping process. DHL Services Provided: y DHL Commerce Park y DHL transportation network y DHL Lab Pack . and a given amount of testing requires less labor. benefits which result from the Commerce Park's location adjacent to the DHL sort hub.

the client has grown more than 50% in its first year of operation at DHLL. . and use these distribution capabilities for competitive advantage. allowing the client to accept orders late in the night for next-day delivery. Needs: y Optimal location for distribution. in the U . both inbound and outbound. This capability for fast response.m. Central Processing Service is a specialized production and distribution service available through DHL Logistics Services (DHLL). The objective is to build the best distribution performance in the industry. You send your data electronically to dedicated printing equipment in a secured area within the Central Processing Center.labor. coupled with low-cost DHL delivery. DHL Services Provided: y DHLL site selection analysis y DHLL Satellite Commerce Park y DHL transportation network Central Processing Services Simplify your business communications to save time and money. the client can receive product from its vendors very early in the morning. y Lowest possible operating expenses . Operating costs are significantly reduced. and ship next-day orders until 11:30 p. low-cost overnight delivery service Solution: DHLL works with the client to assemble a total solution to meet the client's distribution requirements.S. Your data is printed and distributed for next day delivery via DHL. at a price significantly below that of the competition. Benefits: Thanks to a superior distribution location. allows the company to offer superior value and service to its customers. OH as the location for their national distribution center. It's the ideal solution for a wide variety of business communications. The DHLL park provides this client with a midnight Eastern Time order cutoff. As a result of its new ability to offer superior service and lower prices. A DHL transportation program allows the client to provide next-day delivery for all orders. A site selection analysis results in the choice of DHLL Satellite Commerce Park in Columbus. facilities. and operating profits improved. and taxes y High quality. Eastern Time.Case Study Catalogue Challenge: A computer supply cataloguer is scouting for the ideal location for its national distribution center.

for delivery the same morning via DHL. package and prepare all orders received by 1:30 a. the latest processing window in the industry and guaranteed next-morning delivery. reduce internal costs and have access to a reliable nextmorning delivery service. the client is able to focus on selling and supporting its core technology solutions.m. The client transmits information to DHLL daily. Eastern Time for next morning delivery via DHL Hub originated shipments reduce the chance of handling errors or transit delays Lowers costs by consolidating printing and manpower requirements to one central location Serves as a backup facility to support large volume printing operations Case Study Financial Challenge: A mortgage document processing company is seeking a strategic location to print and distribute time-sensitive closing documents. Benefits: By letting DHLL Central Processing Service take care of printing. The objective is to expand the company's document processing window. funding checks and appraisals. fulfillment and distribution of mortgage related documents y Flexibility to support uncertain demand in new and emerging business y Reliable delivery service with nationwide coverage y Quality procedures to insure accurate fulfillment and delivery of confidential documents y Centralized printing operation in secure and environmentally controlled area y Late night cutoff allowing all orders placed by midnight to be printed and distributed for next-morning delivery Solution: The client takes advantage of DHLL Central Processing Service. fulfill. And there is the convenience of a "one source" solution ± our client can call us anytime about any phase of operations.Central Processing benefits: y y y y y Secure printing with fast turnaround. which offers an ideal "hub based" location for centralizing printing and distribution operations. DHLL employees print. Cutoff as late as 1:30 a.m. The client's competitiveness is boosted. fulfillment and distribution. Needs: y Third-party logistics provider to perform printing. DHL Services Provided: y DHL Central Processing Service y DHL Transportation Service . from printing documents to confirming delivery of those documents. since the company can now offer customers a low cost service.

repair. overhead and cost while improving the consistency and time required to receive return parts from field technicians. Based upon the inspection. these parts are inspected and keypunched to provide credit to the appropriate field technician. warehousing.including telecommunications. Needs: y y y y Centralized location for return of repairable parts Professional inventory management Flexible workforce to meet fluctuating volume Credit provided to field technicians for returned parts Solution: DHLL provides the client with a single-source solution for parts receipt. Benefits: . The objective is to reduce staffing. Parts centers throughout the country send return parts directly to DHLL. placed into stock to be sent back to the field or scrapped. warehousing and transportation . parts are directed to the appropriate repair center. DHL Logistics Services can rapidly coordinate all of the communications. Benefits: y y y y Resolve major customer goodwill and/or public relations problems quickly Improve timeliness and accountability of recovered assets Deliver replacement product to your customers Enhance your customer service reputation by having logistics specialists handle problems that require expertise not available "in house" y Use a single "End-of-Runway" solution . or destroy it. Upon receipt.to speed up and simplify recovery of valuable company assets y Satisfy recall and record-keeping requirements of government regulatory agencies y Receive full transactional reports for your internal records DHL: Case Study OEM Challenge: The Asset Recovery arm of a company seeks to streamline its return parts process. warehousing and transportation functions necessary to recover product from the consumer. return it to the manufacturer or third party. field technicians credit and disposition of returned parts.Asset Recovery Asset Recovery provides logistics support and expertise to manufacturers who need to retrieve or recall a product.

and any mode of DHL transportation Specially designed and tested R3 box.The Client is able to centralize parts return and field technician return credit. repair them at a depot location and return the repaired units to the end users. reducing the labor previously required in each parts center. DHL Logistics Services' R3 Service uses the speed and reliability of DHL to Retrieve. providing a one time $1 million inventory savin gs. Benefits: y y y y y Unique to DHL and the only service of its kind. Needs: y y y y y y Same day pickup of damaged laptops Boxes capable of safely transporting laptops on drivers' trucks Full tracking (inbound & outbound) of laptop unit tied to client's RMA number Overnight delivery of boxes for rapid response Turn-around time of approximately 48 hours from time of pickup EDI transmission of pickup requests from the client to DHL Solution: . from pickup and delivery to your repair center to the return to your customer in 48 hours or less from the time we receive the defective unit. We handle all the logistics. DHLL's flexible workforce allows the client to meet fluctuating volumes without being responsible for dedicated personnel when volume of processing is low. closed-loop system to retrieve damaged laptops from end users. The client also realizes significant overhead savings. Sophisticated tracking and same day pickups are a must. anywhere Use multiple repair sites. Repair and Return notebook computers and other small electronics within 48 hours. carried by DHL drivers Complete shipment preparation including shipping label and waybill Driver wait time of up to 5 minutes while your customer packs the unit Case Study Hi Tech Challenge: A company needs a fast. Moving the return parts to the Stock Exchange for field technician credit eliminates 20 days from the return parts cycle. DHL Services Provided: y DHL Stock Exchange y DHL transportation network y Professional inventory management R3 Service Keep your customers switched on and satisfied.

markets y Withdraw merchandise from the FTZ in partial amounts to enter U. and pay no customs duties until merchandise is released from the FTZ for U. distributors and large resellers include: . all within 48 hours. and return the repaired unit to the end user.DHL introduces the client to our R3 program (Retrieve. Repair and Return). Benefits: Through DHL. duties if goods are exported without being released into the U.S. top quality and reduced costs. DHL Technical Services. but in international commerce.S. convenience. repair. DHL drivers' trucks carry delivery boxes that meet stringent drop test standards in case the end user doesn't have a suitable box for the defective unit. DHL Services Provided: y DHL transportation network y DHL information systems y Laptop box on DHL trucks Foreign Trade Zone The DHL Commerce Park is home to one of the few privately owned Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) in the United States. with the entire tracking process linked to the client's systems for maximum safety and visibility. Benefits: y Store and process imported merchandise in a Foreign Trade Zone. Pickup requests taken by the client are transmitted via EDI to DHL.S. Technical Services Outsource rapid-response upgrades. This prevents delays in the repair cycle. Using R3.S. A Foreign Trade Zone is a site within the United States where foreign and domestic merchandise is considered by the U. refurbishment and custom computer configuration to a skilled force of technical repair professionals. Customs territory. the client is able to offer fast. DHL can deliver the unit to the client's depot facility for repair. a unique alliance between End-of-Runway Technical Services providers and DHL Logistics lets you satisfy your customers' increasing demand for fast turnaround. The services we offer manufacturers. and each unit is tracked on both legs of its journey. distribution y Store imports without formal customs entry. reduce paperwork and other red tape y Pay no personal or inventory taxes while goods are in the FTZ y Improve cash flow because duty is not paid until goods leave the FTZ to enter U. government not to be within U. Waybill number information is tied to client's RMA number and transmitted via EDI to the client. the quickest method of picking up a damaged laptop unit from an end user.S. Customs territory and limit the amount of duty paid to what is actually released y Export from FTZ and pay no U.S. efficient repair of damaged laptops.S.

The objective is to deliver parts to repair sites more quickly by centralizing their inventory.m. Returns are delivered to the facility to allow asset recovery and staging for appropriate parts repair centers. The facility. with pickups as late as 1:30 a. population. Benefits: With a strategically-located facility and faster transportation. adjacent to the DHL sort hub. Eastern Time for delivery the same morning. .y y y y y y y Custom configuration Final assembly and testing Kitting and nontechnical aggregation Light manufacturing Diagnostic full unit repair Refurbishment Product recalls and retrofits Benefits: y Hub based technical services can usually be performed the same day the product is received y Products can often be returned to your customer the next day y Centralized location at DHL's hub helps minimize "touch" costs and shipping costs. located within two hours flying time of 66% of the U. is staffed and run by the client. Needs: y Flexible warehouse facility to be operated by the client and used to centralize inventory of parts for late order processing and asset recovery y Easy access to major population centers y Access to a rapid delivery system Solution: DHLL provides flexible "Class A" warehousing space in the DHL Commerce Park. the client can increase the number of parts that arrive at repair sites the next day. The proximity to the DHL sort operation speeds transportation dramatically. The company also wants to set up a facility for asset recovery and parts repair staging. saving you money CASE STUDY Technical Services Challenge: A computer repair company needs an efficient point of operation and distribution to support its third-party inventory management and computer repair program. This result: improved customer satisfaction.S.

streamlined source for centralized warehousing with a full scope of custom-designed logistics.from manufacturer/supplier to retailer to consumer ± enables you to achieve operational excellence at every stage. Leading edge IT systems ensure seamless integration and guarantee full transparency and control throughout the entire supply chain. you can offer your customers more flexibility and faster delivery than ever before. because the same facility is used for asset recovery.S. DHL Services Provided: y DHL Commerce Park y DHL transportation network International Logistics Customized Warehousing and Distribution Solutions Keeping up with the international marketplace is easy with DHL Logistics (DHLL). contact your local Service Center to find out more details about DHL's Logistics in your country DHL Supply Chain DHL Supply Chain offers customized logistics solutions for your entire supply chain.to two-day delivery to a large number of potential parts repair centers via multiple modes of transportation.Centralizing inventory reduces carrying costs and overhead.. We provide industryspecific expertise and long-term experience that add value to your business. y outside the U. Our complete perspective -. mass-configuration.. Additional Information y within the U. and distribution services. Should inventory get re-exported. Customized solutions include: . Foreign Trade Zone Located at the DHL Commerce Park in the U. the Foreign Trade Zone enables customers worldwide to ship foreign products into the Zone and defer import duties and taxes until actual withdrawal dates. Services range from consulting and design.. International Logistics Services DHL Logistics offers the pan-European market a single. you can avoid duties and taxes altogether. the client can provide one. to management and execution.S. DHL Supply Chain sets the pace in Supply Chain Management with state-of-the-art technologies that deliver customized business solutions.S. In addition. By combining the logistics expertise of DHLL with DHL's global transportation capabilities. call 1-800-637-5502.

Our operations are managed from over 150 countries. Warehousing Engineering. Freight Transportation A logistics partner big enough to deliver freight of any kind. Distribution Industry-specific local and transnational. supply chain solutions .we cover it all. warehousing and distribution. Vendor management. more than twice as much as the second biggest organization. carrying 12% of the total worldwide market. outbound fulfillment. quality control. Welcome to DHL. We help our customers constantly improve their transportation networks and gain a competitive advantage. to any place via air. just in time. Value Added Services Order management. supply chain and after sales DHL Logistics in India Freight transportation. but capable of giving its customers the personal attention they need. road or rail. . Network and fleet planning and optimization. That's why we are the world's largest logistics specialist. providing a personalized service to and from all key markets. reverse and return logistics and other services. Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) and Lead Service Prov ider (LSP) services. back-office. ocean. Outsourcing Take-over and management of in-house logistics including distribution. transport.Supply Chain Management Analysis. design and engineering. by giving them the means to get products to market faster and more efficiently. design and management. Air Freight Services We¶re the global leader in air freight.

and provides an economical alternative to DHL AIR PREMIUM. across the globe. ideal for priority goods  Priority handling through to delivery. To achieve the most competitive price. Options Include:   Door-to-door service. Key Features: Quickest possible transit time for speedy service  Uplift on first available flight. for price advantage  Defined transit time lets you plan ahead  Standard liability  Airport to airport. Day-definite Air Freight When you demand a fast service within a fixed budget. where a slight increase in transit time is acceptable. making us flexible enough to help everyone from first-time shippers to regular importers and exporters of freight. and ensures that it arrives when it¶s needed. Urgent Air Freight When you need your goods moved in the quickest possible transit time. Flexible. at airports in all major trading centers. then DHL AIR PREMIUM is the choice for you. Key Features: Economically routed. Options Include:      Door-to-door pick up and delivery Return of non-deliverables Transport insurance Special security. It is designed for less time-sensitive cargo. DHL AIR FIRST freight is placed on the first flight out and receives a priority service. but your freight must travel by air. DHL AIR FIRST is your best choice. as well as competitive services on our own carrier. DHL AIR PREMIUM consolidates your freight to improve economy.DHL can organize scheduled flights and chartered planes from a wide range of major carriers. through to the destination airport and beyond. Economical Air Freight When your priority is to keep the cost of moving your goods to a minimum. As the name suggests. DHL AIR VALUE ensures cargo is creatively routed via the major gateways. then DHL AIR VALUE is the ideal match. Key Features:   High consolidation frequency for improved economy Scheduled consolidation to ensure a day-definite transit time .

It¶s the perfect solution for shipping heavy or bulky goods in a defined transit time. you decide on the freight terms and pay one all-inclusive air freight price. more Economical than Air  When you need a quicker mode of transport than pure ocean freight. With DHL AIRFREIGHT PLUS. We operate two services: DHL AIRFREIGHT PLUS EUROPE and INTERCONTINENTAL. based on your individual requirements . across the world. wherever they may be. DHL SEAIR offers you real-time visibility at every step of the transport process. Options Include:   Door-to-door service Door-to-door Delivery for Bulky Goods DHL AIRFREIGHT PLUS combines the simplicity of express carrier shipping.Standard liability means predictable pricing  Airport to airport service for added convenience. DHL SEAIR is the answer. with the price competitiveness of a freight forwarder. We also clear your shipments through customs. Key Features:    Greater economy than standard air freight Faster than pure ocean freight Flexible transport planning. such as flowers and fruits. for added levels of service *dependent on operational equipment used  Perishable Goods Logistics DHL is the market leader in shipping perishable products from Latin America to the rest of the world. We use specialist tracking technology to help ensure that time -critical items. with no hidden charges. are delivered quickly to their destinations. Key Features: Fast transit and turn around times mean increased efficiency  A broad portfolio of services to meet every client¶s needs  Total visibility of the logistics chain offers improved transparency  Proprietary tracking technology means better information  Prioritized handling and placement ensures your goods are cared for at all times. Key Features: European and Intercontinental services offer broad service  Delivery in a pre-defined number of days  Door-to-door service for added convenience  All-inclusive price means predictable pricing  No weight or size restrictions*  Local customer management. but need a more economical alternative to air freight then DHL¶s multimodal solution. which helps us deliver your expected transit times. Faster than Ocean.

during transit and at destination. our expertise also includes focused and professional handling of all conventional cargo transportation.  DHL¶s predetermined routes and handling locations mean high quality and reliability Tailored quotes for large projects or non standard routings mean added flexibility. across all continents. especially designed for the end-to-end transport needs of the Life Science Industry. . IT tracking systems ensure your shipments are visible and transparent at all times. for oversized cargo and items for new product launches. Need to Charter an Aircraft? Every day. Late cut-off times (and our integrated supply chain network) guarantee minimal time wasting on the tarmac at origin. When your freight requirements don¶t allow for consolidation. Naturally. Life Sciences Air Freight DHL¶s AIRFREIGHT PLUS PHARMA service is a door-to-door overnight service across Europe. Key Features:   Aircraft options mean greater choice Highly flexible service. Procuring global air freight capacity on dedicated aircraft is also ideal when your product launch coincides with seasonal peaks in air freight.7 million TEU¶s and more than 2 million cubic meters of LCL freight annually. *dependent on operational equipment used  Options Include:  24 hr Control Tower. ideal for unpredictable businesses. because of the size or volume of the goods being shipped. DHL charters at least one plane somewhere in the world. Ocean Freight Services As one of the largest Ocean Freight service providers for Full Container Load (FCL) and Lessthan-Container Load (LCL) shipments. then chartering may be the best idea. we currently handle in excess of 2. Key Features: Close attention of Life Sciences experts at all times means reduced risk  Delivery overnight by 12 noon or during next business day to suit your requirements  Dedicated handling of your shipments by experienced staff ensures your goods are cared for at all times  Temperature-controlled facilities ideal for pharmaceutical goods  All-inclusive price ensures easier budgeting  No weight or size restrictions* for your convenience  Dangerous goods shipped with the utmost care  Door-to-door service for added convenience.

Conventional Load Services DHL¶s conventional load services are ideal for the transportation of oversized goods too large to fit into containers.We actively manage our Ocean Freight services through long-standing carrier partnerships. Through our Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC). This simplifies the documentation process and ensures the highest degree of data accuracy and efficiency. Our specialized teams will ensure your cargo is in safe and secure hands by providing tailor-made solutions for you. we can offer a variety of sailing frequencies and transit times on any given route. which allow us to offer faster. but need a more economical alternative to air freight then DHL¶s multimodal solution. notifying custom authorities and contractors of your shipment details. Regardless of the logistical complexity your transportation requirements. we negotiate total volumes with first -class carriers to give you the highest quality. Cargo such as vehicles. to ensure reliable performance and cost optimization. Faster than Ocean. Web-enabled IT solutions enhance our LCL services with features such as track-and-trace and order monitoring to provide you with event data and transparency. we will exceed your demands with all our expert resources at your disposal. We provide both traditional LCL services and multivendor buyers¶ consolidations for shipments sourced from single and multiple countries. updating your in-house IT systems and. DHL SEAIR is the answer. Carrier supported EDI messaging enables us to streamline our process with a paperless environment to provide booking and shipping instructions to the shippi ng lines. DHL SEAIR offers you real-time visibility at every step of the transport process. space allotment and optimum pricing for your FCL freight. all the way through to delivery. We carry over 97% of all LCL freight in-house with direct consolidations through our extensive National Gateway network. Less-than-Container Load (LCL) DHL dedicates substantial resources to developing and maintaining a highly effective consolidation system for the LCL market. more Economical than Air When you need a quicker mode of transport than pure ocean freight. . more cost-efficient and reliable services to enhance your competitiveness. Full Container Loads (FCL) Through our centralized purchasing management. providing complete visibility of freight in transit. We back this up with our Multi National Gateway network by running in-house feeder services in support of our Gateways. All our services are enhanced by a range of web-enabled IT solutions. where required. pipeline sections and turbines often require special vessels and loading equipment. All these services are supported by risk management and sophisticated IT solutions. Danmar Lines.

all supported by our customs expertise. process improvement. DHL possesses the industry and logistics expertise to enable you to adapt quickly to your changing business needs. DHL has the people and expertise you need. . including:       Ambient Temperature-controlled Bonded Raw Materials Finished Goods Automated Dedicated Operations If the scale. implement. Warehousing and Distribution By understanding your issues and anticipating your business and logistics needs. DHL provides dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations to ensure that you can deliver your service promise to your customers worldwide. operate and improve dedicated warehousing and distribution operations that deliver value to your business. Types of Warehouses We offer every combination of warehousing solution that your supply chain might require. We ensure relia ble and efficient international transportation for customers of all sizes. our teams design. from specifying and sourcing real estate. Road and Rail Freight Services DHL is your flexible partner for overland freight transport. project management. Our expertise covers all areas. Starting with a thorough analysis of your specific business requirements. to recruitment and training.Key Features:      Greater economy than standard air freight Faster than pure ocean freight Flexible transport planning. location or complexity of your business requires a dedicated solution. but also benefit from DHL¶s scale combined with our local knowledge and expertise. solutions design. Whatever industry sector you operate in. based on your individual requirements DHL¶s predetermined routes and handling locations mean high quality and reliability Tailored quotes for large projects or non standard routings mean added flexibility. All our dedicated solutions are bespoke to your individual needs. DHL experts provide robust solutions that will drive value for your business.

controls and management information DePICT project management methodology to reduce risk. From sub-assembly. kitting. labor. we help you reduce costs. and offer comprehensive logistics services on a flexible basis across a number of industry sectors. and consistently excellent operations. DHL¶s shared warehousing and distribution solutions will meet your requirements.to help you improve your bottom line and stay flexible in the face of changing business needs Campus locations offering labor balancing and distribution synergies across sites A range of dedicated and multi-customer transportation solutions to meet your service needs Best practice operational processes. the flexibility and cost advantages of sharing space.retail activities across all industry sectors. or uncertain demand. or both. Shared Operations When you need all the benefits of a bespoke solution. co-packing. Our services include:        Solutions design and analysis . as part of an overall solution that can improve the performance of your supply chain. or where their products have complementary seasonal demand profiles. There are a wide range of additional services that we offer. sharing warehousing and transport between organizations allows you to enjoy big business benefits. cost and time on start ups A strong portfolio of warehouse management systems and interface software to drive productivity and enable faster and more reliable startups DMAIC process improvement methodology to drive continuous improvement and adapt to your changing needs. It¶s particularly effective when sharing across the same industry sector. when businesses employ the same channels to market. postponement. Our shared use campuses and distribution networks are located in strategic locations in both developed and developing countries. customization. If you have low volumes. And by having DHL perform all these activities you receive the same visibility and operational excellence that you've grown to expect from the market leader in contract logistics. .Our solutions are also flexible depending on your specific situation ± the warehousing and distribution infrastructure can either be wholly owned by DHL or we can advise on how to improve and optimize your existing infrastructure. sequencing to pre . and better match supply with demand. The elimination of transportation time to a packaging facility means you can reduce your lead times and decrease your inventory. reduce inventories. Co-locating these services alongside the storage of your products not only saves money but removes steps in the supply chain. Value Added Services DHL¶s dedicated and shared user warehousing solutions are not just about holding stock. equipment and transportation.

our tailored solutions let you concentrate on your visitors and customers. DHL has specialized in transport for trade fairs and events. to the safe transportation of heavy lifts and out-of-gauge cargo. Our specialities cover such areas as feasibility studies and risk management.Industrial Projects Transportation DHL¶s aim is to be the logistics partner of choice to the oil and gas. to help smooth the import/export process. rail. Whether you¶re exhibiting works of art or large processing machines. packaging design. YOUR SUCCESS IS A MATTER OF LOGISTICAL PLANNING AND PERFECTION. Our expertise in cargo scheduling and materials management means we can offer tailored solutions for unique outsize cargoes and heavy lifts. Our complete portfolio of flexible exhibition services ensures a perfect show. You can choose your preferred mode of transport to and from the trade fair site. We can also offer you a complete range of document handling and customs clearance services. multi-lingual staff available 24 hours a day ‡ Extensive range of trade fair services for the planning. mining. stands and promotional materials all over the world. power generation and construction industries. multi-lingual staff has delivered exhibits. VALUE ADDED SERVICES ‡ Expert packaging of your valuable trade fair shipments ‡ Professional transport services for any type of goods ± by road. export and transit formalities ‡ Temporary import clearance and re-export ‡ On-site operations at major venues across Europe with own trained personnel and equipment ‡ Partner network at venues abroad ensure products and services world-wide ‡ On-site. air or sea ‡ Professionals handle import. execution and support of fair-related activities ‡ Status up-dates during transportation . DHL Trade Fairs and Events Transportation  For more than 45 years. DHL¶s industrial projects transportation services provide tailor-made solutions for customers working in industries such as: Oil and gas exploration and production  Petrochemicals  Engineering and construction  Power and energy  Mining  Industrial plants  Infrastructure projects. DHL¶s expert. document process management.

Add international sourcing and final distribution to store or end customer. creating a dedicated fleet or a mix of the two. We do this by bringing continuous improvement and cost reduction. reliability and control over your product movement to your customers. and regional facilities and to distributors. Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) At DHL. being Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) means instigating and managing change across your entire supply chain. Moscow ‡ VVC. Bari ‡ Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition and Convention Centre ‡ Porte de Versailles. Our teams of skilled and dedicated employees throughout the world are familiar with the shipping. Transportation management solutions give you the resources and visibility you need. handling. and we¶ll let you get on with the important business of making the right impression at the right time. References for DHL Freight activities at trade fairs. execution and support of logistics services specific to trade fairs and events. Contact us: let us take care of your logistics. between international. Moscow ‡ The Swedish Exhibition Centre/Svenska Mässan ‡ Norway Trade Fairs / Norges Varemesse Transportation Management Moving products from manufacturing plants to warehouses. introducing lean logistics processes and optimizing logistics networks. and those costs can rocket even higher. ‡ Messe Frankfurt ‡ Leipziger Messe ‡ Koelnmesse ‡ National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham ‡ ExCeL London ‡ GENEVA PALEXPO ‡ Exhibition Center Basel ‡ Messe Wien ‡ VeronaFiere ‡ Fiera del Levante. at a cost you can manage. Whether we're managing your carriers.With half a century¶s experience in this field. import and export requirements associated with exhibitions and trade fairs. DHL TRADE FAIRS & EVENTS is your specialist for the planning. to meet changing business and customer demands. Paris ‡ Crocus Expo ± International Exhibition Center. offering you customised solutions for your logistical needs. we deliver high levels of service. can represent more than half of your total logistics costs. . national.

transport. transactions. procurement and staffing  Your working capital is lowered. Relief & Humanitarian Services  Bringing together the logistics prowess of DHL and the passion of our staff. DHL works with our customers to ensure a range of immediate need supplies are pre-positioned at strategic points around the world and helps them manage global stock. coordinating a wide supplier base across many modes and geographies Inventory planning and management Inbound. DHL is recognized as a leading provider of professional logistics services to the sector. in distribution. increased profitability and greater shareholder value. and encompasses a whole range of skills and experience that we deploy to meet the needs of your business. plus reduced capital investment. These include:         Network analysis and design Consultancy Business planning Change management Project management Control tower and network management services. We take responsibility for assembling and controlling the resources. as your network becomes more flexible and you enjoy higher asset utilization  This means enhanced product quality. availability and customer service performance. We assume accountability for the management.successful LLP is built upon a strong and effective partnership arrangement with our customer to deliver value to their business. Here¶s how making DHL your Lead Logistics Provider adds value to your business: Your operating costs are reduced. Working with a number of high profile agencies. Post Disaster . Aid. many of which will require extensive initial emergency supplies to be on hand within the crucial first hours and days. cost and development of all supply chain functions. Preparation Experience and research tells us that the world will suffer numerous disasters. because your inventory is reduced and your order cycles are shortened  Your fixed capital is reduced. performance. outbound and reverse logistics management. Aid & Relief Services is dedicated to providing professional logistics services to the International Aid. systems and suppliers within an agreed scope. which may change over time. Humanitarian and Development sector. Non Governmental Organizations (NGO¶s) and suppliers to the Humanitarian arena. International Humanitarian Agencies. capabilities and technologies of our own organization with those of complementary service providers.

whether it be pharmaceutical goods needing end-to-end temperature controlled transportation & storage. Customs Brokerage DHL is one of the world's largest customs brokers. such as the WCO (World Customs Organisation) and the European Commission. DHL¶s long-standing relationships with customs authorities mean we can provide a best in class service for our customers. Our highly efficient customs brokerage.Utilizing the global strength of DHL. we understand better than anyone difficulties of cross border trade. We have the expertise to make things happen in the most efficient and practical ways. intra-community and international destination with minimum complication and maximum efficiency. from a complete menu of brokerage services. DHL also works closely with the world¶s regulatory authorities. airport and border crossing point. close at hand. you have a holistic customs partner of unmatched expertise. That¶s why our customs experts see to it that your goods get to their final. even freelycirculating goods have to be reported to the appropriate authorities. With our consultancy and secondment services.no matter what is needed. Brokerage With our unrivalled network of customs brokerage offices. Thanks to our size. As well as moving your goods seamlessly across international borders. Supply Chain Solutions As the world's largest logistics specialist. planning and management of supplies ensures all materials required for regeneration projects post disaster and long term development programs are at the right place at the right time with all the formalities taken care of. And with customs getting more complex these days. filing several million entries every year. . DHL will get it there. we offer a comprehensive suite of services drawing on our global scale and local insight to deliver value across your supply chain. clearance and compliance service is designed to take the complexity out of the customs process. Regeneration & Development Flexibility. we ensure complete security in challenging environments and provide insurance against unforeseen events. The range of goods and equipment required to manage each situation varies . emergency shelters or large mechanical pieces of equipment . We negotiate complex international shipping regulations on your behalf at offices located at every major global port. bringing vital and often time sensitive equipment and supplies to the peoples most in need whatever the local conditions. the network and the dedication of our staff means we understand the immediate needs post disaster.

Our aim is to build long-term partnerships and work closely with our customers ± often shoulder to shoulder with their management teams. Chemical Even industries driven by the strictest safety and environmental regulations are capable of reducing their costs. The know-how of our people combined with our industry ± leading solutions provides them with real competitive advantage. clarify processes. our people work with a huge variety of customers to solve practical problems ± from achieving shorter lead times to delivering temperature-controlled freight ± in the following industry sectors: Aerospace DHL provide transportation and outsourced logistics services across all segments of the aerospace industry's supply chain. and services are geared to finding new ways to reduce cost and inefficiency. to increase your supply chain performance. to providing in -flight catering from kitchen to cabin. The aerospace industry is facing escalating commodity prices. Our solutions improve each phase of the chemical logistics supply chain. We offer proactive solutions to help you work even more closely with your customers. improve predictability and mitigate potential problems before they arise. automotive companies are focusing on the search for competitive advantage. A single logistics supplier provides greater control and is better able to optimize inventories and increase efficiencies across much of the supply chain. we provide customized supply chain solutions across all industry sectors. improve delivery accuracy.From the initial consultancy and design. Automotive With markets facing tougher challenges everywhere. we provide market access more consistently. DHL¶s people. providing the control necessary to respond quickly to changing market conditions. By increasing product velocity. to final mile delivery and reverse logistics. stricter safety regulations and higher value inventories. providing spare parts for aircraft on ground. DHL has a significant infrastructure and operational presence in every global market. Industry Sector Solutions DHL's focus on selected industry sectors means customers benefit from working with specialists ± not just in logistics. increasing competition. Every day. . throughout the world. processes. but also in their particular marketplace. from managing the inbound flow of goods into production plants. as well as simplify the most complex and extended supply chains.

excellent quality and convenient delivery the industry demands. . Our customers include major pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers. health centers. Our services include innovative manufacturing solutions for getting packaged food and beverage products re ady for sale. Our processes improve your speed to market. the solution to increasing material and labor costs is to source from a different country where the costs are lower. DHL has provided the speedy response. Ours is to handle everything else. we've created solutions that help you meet today's challenges and anticipate tomorrow¶s. and strengthen your relationships with the companies you rely on. health authorities. We help our customers manage increasing complexity and shorter product lifecycles within dynamic supply chains. market and sell the best products possible. Through more than 50 years in fashion. Our unmatched worldwide presence means we can deliver optimized supply chains. as manufacturing moves to lower cost countries. access new channels. high quality standards and commitment to zero defects mean reliable. hospital supply companies and other healthcare providers. Together. reduce damage to products.Consumer Your mission is to develop. DHL understands the challenges facing life sciences companies. Life Sciences and Healthcare Providing life-saving products is a big responsibility. Industrial. Engineering & Manufacturing For many industrial producers. We enable our customers to effectively and efficiently meet seasonal demand. whilst effectively controlling and reducing costs. Fashion Fashion is the definition of a fast moving industry. accuracy. DHL has developed specific logistics solutions to meet the demanding needs of this dynamic sector. Lead times. Supply chains are extended and complex. and floor-ready promotional displays that get them noticed. support new product launches and source globally. especially in this era of multiple sales channels and online retailing. drug store groups. That means a more expensive and complex supply chain and a need for more sophisticated solutions and technology. hospitals. one with risks that far outweigh those in a typical supply chain environment. Our disciplined processes. We work with the biggest FMCG manufacturers and retailers in the world. reduced lead times and easy access to new markets. consistent services that ensure compliance with government agencies¶ requirements. so we understand every phase of your supply chain. availability and reliability are all of critical importance. medical device manufacturers.

We let you focus on what you do best: design. electrical and furniture retailers. reduce costs and deliver consistent results. Customer Resource Area Welcome to the client area. install. We have a significant infrastructure and operational presence in most global retail markets. e-retailers to department stores. Here you¶ll find everything you need to keep track of your freight. We work for a wide variety of retailers. optimizing logistics processes at every stage. So we offer a host of integrated services that can improve every phase of your supply chain. We provide a range of services that help align logistics operations with your business strategies. Retail We know that demanding customers. Technology Logistics in the technology industry is all about getting valuable products into the hands of tech hungry consumers and businesses. so that you can focus on growing your business. technology and people drive cost and capital out of your operations. from hypermarkets to convenience stores. construct and manufacture products the world depends on. . your goods will be delivered as safely and efficiently as possible. with a portfolio of services that spans everything from supply chain strategy and network design to instore logistics. and proactive approach to identify alternatives and solutions.DHL understands the unique logistics challenges facing industrial. This is also the place to get in touch with DHL. DIY. DHL has unmatched worldwide presence to support you across your end-to-end global supply chains. engineer. whilst ensuring consistent and predictable service. Whether you need to manage inbound materials to your manufacturing plants. to coffee shops. hyper-competitive markets. Our processes. satisfy your customers and help you optimize your market position. before they become technically or fashionably obsolete. With DHL as a partner. increased customization and other retail challenges all have major implications for logistics. analytical skills. engineering and manufacturing companies. as well as keep up with the latest information in our white papers and guides. DHL gives you the visibility to improve efficiency. with alerts and the latest tracking information. You need a lean and effective supply chain. We can help you by using our global scale. supply chain knowledge. Outsourcing to DHL gives you the supply chain flexibility you need to keep pace with this highly dynamic marketplace. multi-channel retailing. No wonder so many leading retailers around the world choose us as a trusted logistics provider. distribute goods to your customers or service your aftermarket parts network. To accomplish your goal you must partner with a company that continuously provides improvement solutions and leads the race in this changing marketplace.

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