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Use the Study Diary to p you have completed . Rec

VeryPDF Demo

4 STUDY DIA R VeryPDF Demo .

Re VeryPDF Demo .Speak Speaking Bank 128 Writing Bank 131 Word Bank 141 Smart answer key 1 Use the Stud y Diary to p you have completed .

Th e more you yo u will be for co m plete t he w train ing in all will cove r all t likel y to encou You can use and in any ord your way th ro 6 INTRODUCTIO VeryPDF Demo .

need to do the Hig But even if yo u may want to tr y co the Higher level. to of view. d the answers right. for exa m p type. In this case. section syste ma tica key to learn wh at y VeryPDF Demo .

8 FA M ILY LIFE VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

breakfa and t he like do i footbal m an ag 10 FAMi lY LI VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .

12 fA MilY lif E VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .sentence diffe fro m the state exercise 3.

14 FAMILY LIF VeryPDF Demo .

This is n children or em on both mum acknow led ged Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .more opportu will continue and many w o work.

Rec maps. 16 FAMILY LIFE VeryPDF Demo . In yo ur paragraph.EXAM TIP W hen wr iting your ideas an the essay.

Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

b Th er rep la c If yo rep la Unless t won 't be 18 PEOPLE AN D VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

et What par 20 PEOPLE AND VeryPDF Demo .7 explore 8 refer What par adverb.

co n cl usio n A I 2 3 4 I h ope tha It was grea Write and I really h o Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

6 Where ._ ? 8 Do you much a 22 PEOPLE AND VeryPDF Demo ._? 7 Do you .

Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

24 PEOPLE AND VeryPDF Demo .

EXAM TIP Make sure you' re main exam to pics meaning of th e re by t he task. Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

' _ _ surp Th ere ' _ _ believe tha valuable th "_ _ all.adven ture. 26 PE OPLE AND VeryPDF Demo . of trust. J with someo reall y we ll.

Smart answ er key o VeryPDF Demo .

5 6 7 8 crac ked da ng ero abso lute noth ing 28 SHOPS AND VeryPDF Demo .

tastes in c learned In tern e d th ink s t from th Gre(/se by Sam jo rdt Glasgow Magaztnes Glasgow Magazines Smart answe r key on VeryPDF Demo .

Remember tha exercise 7 is to sentences matc which are true. agree with. 30 SHOPS AND VeryPDF Demo .

2 _ _ is tru man y thi n good . an d w com m un ic 4 We are livi so it is h ar h appen . 3 Com m u n i days. Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

web sit es deliv ere 32 SHOPS AND VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

impres shrink o f co n nati ona from c _-34 SHOPS AND VeryPDF Demo .

Item orde Colour: Price: £ Free gift Smart answe r key on VeryPDF Demo .

3 The g was v _ _ 4 We co tired . ___ Now m a 36 SHOPS AN VeryPDF Demo .

I a 3 A Sh oppin B I' m no t Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo . B Th at's t 2 A People w on wee k B m p lete the A Th e wee fam ily.

that the extra 38 HOME VeryPDF Demo .Underline the sentence and yo u choose th you have com of the gaps.

Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

40 HOM E VeryPDF Demo .

EXAM TIP When preparing an required relevant in reader of your lette Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

3 There's 4 You fee 42 HOME VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .

con in 1 sep




VeryPDF Demo

6 7 8 9

to let . 0 It is so me times It was used by It was o n ly co n short time ago. The peo ple wh goo d relati ons

Smart answer key on

VeryPDF Demo

threaten of _ _ 5 I love _ being in



VeryPDF Demo

any graph or table y

newspaper or a bus

find one or two gra information in the g

Smart answer key on p

VeryPDF Demo

only one corr 48 NATURE VeryPDF Demo .

1 has the longest 2 can be ob served varieties? D 3 produces their 4 does not h ave s 5 is not protected 6 can be seen in Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

is s _ _ hu curious an tropical fo roam the f di stributed an d insect baby when weigh ' _ adulthood 50 NATURE VeryPDF Demo .

Smar t answer key o n VeryPDF Demo .

' restauran 52 NATURE VeryPDF Demo .nu mber o my st reet this time n u m ber o che m ical insects an Also. is. the food.

Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .

54 NATURE VeryPDF Demo .

8 The Exxan a was one b was the Smart answer key o n p VeryPDF Demo .destroyed m a that ma had not b that 4.8 in oil.

exercise 56 NATURE VeryPDF Demo .

Giv ill ustrate what you w how m uch vocabu la good your commun Smart answe r key on p VeryPDF Demo . try to use w wha t you mean.EXAM TIP If you don't know th English.

for each task. 58 SCHOOL VeryPDF Demo .with a watc h. remembe r to go over the t carefully.

Focus your at in order to be able Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .EXAM TIP Don't try to unders hear.

60 SCHOOl VeryPDF Demo .

17 Ch oose a topic exercise 16 to w • what sport to • what to stu d • whe re to go Smart answ er key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

EXAM TIP If you feel yo the list: that to say. thing in a lis 62 SCHOOL VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

America 's First N ight

Blaney, Current No.6 Maga zines/Scho lasti o f Mary Glasgow M



VeryPDF Demo

Smart answer key on p

VeryPDF Demo

correct g

however o n th e on as far as I in other w in my ow



VeryPDF Demo

Smart answer key on pag

VeryPDF Demo

When doing When you ha d id n't use a f 68 WORK VeryPDF Demo .

H The reason Lon p rofessional is t through a very kn own as 'the k licence n eed ed Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .by government G Ho wever. n ot a nasty ones.

wh at co ur Even as a decided of tell yo u. m boring! I' m di fferen t. 70 W ORK VeryPDF Demo .

and in • saying for stu • exp la in Smart answe r key on VeryPDF Demo .

recep Discuss t o o o o Ask yo Ask w Ask w Make be sui 72 W ORK VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .

74 WORK VeryPDF Demo .

loo kism are e c victims of loo ch ance to cla rights. d there have be related to loo Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .

76 WORK VeryPDF Demo .

inform ation he or required poin ts ca appropriate forma Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .EXAM TIP The most impo rtan application task in w ho th e reader is.

leas • Don A why B it's w C keep 78 HEALTH VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answe r key on VeryPDF Demo .

etc 80 HEALTH VeryPDF Demo .pronouns.

LANGUAGE TIP It's important to wr chatty note to a bu as if th ey we re gove affects everything. Smar t answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

82 HEA LTH VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .

EXAM TIP If you're not su all t he other po know if the wo 84 HEALTH VeryPDF Demo .

co nsisted value of o T his mea Since th e Smart answer key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

this lette • • • • th an k co mm sugges encou Write 20 86 HEALTH VeryPDF Demo .

'I Smart answer key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

the you won't find 88 SPORT VeryPDF Demo .have to do is m each paragrap Remember.

A Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .

C verb first.LANGUAG English has in statem ent q uestions. If might be (c individu al w 90 SPORT VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answ er key on VeryPDF Demo .

the sam 3 I wond exe rcise 4 You can pleased 5 Perh ap n ewspa o f them 92 SPORT VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on VeryPDF Demo .

94 SPORT VeryPDF Demo .

EXAM TIP Read t he text first t wo rd is mi ssing from negative?). Practise Sma rt answ er key on p VeryPDF Demo .

96 SPORT VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answe r key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

celeb a re a re a gain 98 FREE TIME VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answe r key on p VeryPDF Demo .

long A This B perf C Wha D ce rta E alo n lOO FREE TIM VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answ er key on pa VeryPDF Demo .4 Please your p 5 Looking in tQ seein g.

• guide • ga mes visit t spec ia • co nce t rip to 102 FREE TIME VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .

104 FREE TIME VeryPDF Demo .

A B C D E F Th e m ain th I like to do Film s and c I often do m There are lo I usu ally do Smart answer key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

decide which 106 FREE TIM E VeryPDF Demo . y literary essay.OPTIONS In thi s unit.

A so much of o B eating food t en te rta in me C isn't a bigger o m or e popula E a hi gh er figu F ma ybe n ob o G spends an h o Smart answe r key on p VeryPDF Demo .

parts in informa 108 TRAVEL VeryPDF Demo .

F The number o f t o ex pected to grow G Sunbathing at th popular for m of H There is little cha holidays. wi ll be offe T/ F Smart answer key on pa VeryPDF Demo . like adv tours.

110 TRAVEL VeryPDF Demo .

5 A Th e trans B Th e gove Un less Smart answ er key on p VeryPDF Demo .

EXAM TIP Remember th imp ortant th i the 'audience mumble. Mak 112 TRAVEL VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answer key on p VeryPDF Demo .

114 TRAVEL VeryPDF Demo .

A Smart answ er key on p VeryPDF Demo .

e ::r:st L\--ttht.tYL\i--tt L\-ttO b we Yet\~a. (tot 0'11 tv..4 1) A off - B up C up w it 116 TRAVEL VeryPDF Demo .

agenl's crnce Short brea ks Family holiday Smart answe r key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

118 SCIENCE VeryPDF Demo .

Smart answe r key on p VeryPDF Demo .

When who le text aga as well as gram 120 SCIENCE A VeryPDF Demo .EXAM TIP Und erstanding wh en you are that help you wo rd is.

4 I think we co predi cti on s o them ro un d co uld go and Y that's a g es. I don 't think Smart answer key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

differen today's s pictures Wh at situat • How devel 122 SCIENCE VeryPDF Demo .

g uess.answe r. Smart answer key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

EXAM TIP The re are m a w hat yo u hav better prepar 124 SCIENCE VeryPDF Demo .

researcher with the ph robberies i waitingto h overall. mo Smart answer key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

don't real tec hnolog wo rk/ed u com m un everyth in tod ay's w tomorrow ou r ch ildr 126 SCIENCE A VeryPDF Demo .

a b c d e f g nuclear energ cars antibiot ics mapping o f t the Internet space flight planes Are there any o What do you th Smart answer key on pa VeryPDF Demo .

.Sorry.. but . I ca n' t reall y I'm afraid I ca Making sugge Are you doin Would you li Do you fancy Why don't w 128 SPEA KING VeryPDF Demo .

. The vast ma jor ity o Nearl y ha lf / all (o f Less than half of .. VeryPDF Demo ...I think th ey represe Th e image reminds Th e setti ng is . Ta lking about sta t Most . Nea rly a third of .

130 SPEAKING VeryPDF Demo .

• Sign yo ur nam e. VeryPDF Demo . F usually enough.members and clo Best wishes.

132 WRIT ING B VeryPDF Demo .

anythi ng . Y ca ou (= 'please rep ly'.if th ere is a cha have to pay to • Ask peopl e to rep necessary. French repondez s VeryPDF Demo .

Could you pleo I would be ver 134 WRITING VeryPDF Demo .

I want to express my I demand a full refun I expect you to send I would be grateful if VeryPDF Demo .

136 WRITING B VeryPDF Demo .

VeryPDF Demo .

article to ch 138 WRITING VeryPDF Demo .

On the other hand. . VeryPDF Demo . . ...In contrast. .... However.. . In fact. Actu ally.

140 W RITIN G BA VeryPDF Demo .

fiance /fi'n nser/ fiancee /tl'onser/ foster children /Tos foster parents /Tcst girlfrie n d l'g3:lfrend gra ndchildren (PI) gra n d d ad (i nt onnol) grandfath er l 'gr".father I'fa:oo(r)/ father-In-law l 'fo :o . nf gra ndm a (inform al) Words i n blue suggested VeryPDF Demo .

registry office sparklers "sp Thanksgiving wedding I' we wedding recep (b ride 's / bride z'wnncs 142 WORD BA VeryPDF Demo .

nerve In3:v/ n er vous syst em rib In bl sho u lde r bl ade i skeleton I'skelnn sku ll Isk " l/ spine /spatn/ tendon I' tend:m! vein IvemJ Words in blue suggeste VeryPDF Demo .

c30.shorts (1'1) II o shrink II fl Dkl silk ISllkl size IS<'lIzJ sle ev e Isli:vl sleeveless "sl slippers (pi) " smart casual ( ' k. 1I sock Isokl s po tted "spe 144 WORD BA VeryPDF Demo .

IOS .)V reprt'zent introduce a law l.government (A mE a l ' g A v~ n m .hed House of Commons 'k 0J11Jn7 J House of Lords (UK) 'Io:dzl House of Represent l.) n tl head of state I . Word s In blue suggeste VeryPDF Demo .h.

(black) p epp salad dressin salt ISDItI spices (1'1) sugar I ' J o g tomato sauc vinegar l 'v fruits apple I' « pl apricot I'cl 146 WO RD BAN VeryPDF Demo .

Iougonl Banking and ins (ba n k) accou n t /a' account holder /o app ly (fo r a loa n) ATM (Au tomatic Tel lel ti: 'em/ Wo rds in blue suggest VeryPDF Demo ..p os te r I' pousto(r)1 publicity Ip. b' lIsot slogan 1'.

doorbell I'd doormat I'd front door / Looking after hroom Ibru:ml change a Iighth 'Iau bxlb/ decorate I'dcko DIY (do-it-yours 148 WORD BAN VeryPDF Demo .

)o 'p lea f (p i iea ves) Ili:fl moss Imosl pesticide "pcsttsatd/ petal I' peti! pot plant 1'1'01 1'10:111 Words in blue suggested VeryPDF Demo .fu n g us (pI fungi) I' f" garden I'yo:d nl grass Ig ro :sl greenhouse I'gri:nha grow plants I g r.

IT / Ic r unit / s 'ti: j u:nrt / swi: laboratory (infor "Io'b nrotri/ language lab 1 library "Iarbrar lo cker !'loko(r)1 o ffi ce l' of lSl pla yground "p scie nce lab I'sa spor ts field I'sP 1S0 W ORD BANK VeryPDF Demo .

o d d jobs I' od ,d30b part-time job /pc rt permanent job l,p physical work /Trz profession /prc'fej n professional (110 1111) self-employed /self skilled work IskJid t emporary job I'te un skilled work /e n

Wo rds in blue sugge st

VeryPDF Demo

pilot I ' pa" otl plumber I' pI. police officer politician /p postman I' p~ postwoman psychologist receptionist road sweeper sales represent I'seIlz rcpn.zc


VeryPDF Demo

tabl ets " nc blots/ take (o ne 's) blood pre 'bL J preJ,(r )1 , treat It r i:tl (h av e an ) X-ra y "cksr



blue suggested

VeryPDF Demo

artist " omst/ b a ckground ca n va s " ken v design /dt'z a m draw (in pen /
Id ro:1

(a) d raw ing l' exhibit (verb ) ex h ibi t io n /e fram e Ifremll graphics (sing ll
1 S4


VeryPDF Demo

rap Inep! R & B (rh yt h m a nd 'bi:1 reggae I' rcgcll rec o rd (" 01l1l) I' rc k rel ease (a single I an rhythm In o ml rock l ro kl sing ISIIJI singer I'snp (r)/ so ng rite r I' s o lJ ra l w

Words in blue suggest

VeryPDF Demo

season ticke t icket o ff ice t imet able "ta

At a hotel

accommodatio 11&11 (bed a nd b
'b i:1

(fu ll / ha lf) boa bo ok a ro om



VeryPDF Demo

stop wo r ki ng

I st o p


a lie n "ctlian/ as t ro n a u t l' <c s t r ~n J : co rnet / 'k DIllIII co u n td o w n "kao nt ex t ra tc r rcs t rial I,ck laun ch Ib :ntII la u nc h pad I'b :nlI

Words in blue suggeste

VeryPDF Demo

4 1 A psycho log

2 To parents. 3 Five pieces o choose t hese

5 a

The clues that m telephone calls ' alone' (in D), ' h (in H) - which a



VeryPDF Demo

But I'm qui perhaps? Agneta I'm going to t Mar k Yes. VeryPDF Demo . Agne ta 5. )'11 mt'!'t ye Agneta Fant asticl I mu )(' Mar k CQu ld you 1 In d ifficu lt t h is week..Mark QK..uIf.

The phrasa l v 4 fo und The ph rasa l v 5 ca rry Th e ph rasa l v 6 set The ph rasa l v 160 SMART ANS VeryPDF Demo .

VeryPDF Demo .

S fam iliarise The infi nit 6 id en t ify The infinit 7 exp lore The in fin it 8 refere nces This is th e t he prepos context ('so 162 SMART AN VeryPDF Demo .

VeryPDF Demo .

the partly contra 164 SMAR T ANS VeryPDF Demo .This is the ge 7 or The gap is be the sentence about a// of th 8 Although Th e firs t half one way.

2 A an d n Th is is more difficult b C is ve ry sim ilar in me affec ts us whi le the ot 3 A a nd C Sentence B is the on ly VeryPDF Demo .5 The best sum ma ry is 2 O nly o ne sen te nce me about preventing adve 6 1 Band C Sent en ce A uses simila diffe rent.

auxiliary 'do 3 How m uch a Note t he wor th e position -I Whic h sho ps Note th e use S Wh en do es t Note t he use 6 Wh o arc you Not e t he wor 7 Why don 't y Not e t he use quest ion . 166 SM A RT A NS VeryPDF Demo .

a diary or a calcul Man Good cho ice. VeryPDF Demo .Man Fine. we ll. I'll be ge tt ing th e . OK. Now have yo u chose twenty in the cata logue? Woman Oh yes.

3 C We read 'The h disguised) . 4 D We read 'The m 'nest bui lders' r making thei r ho S II We read that D Th e reference to 168 SMART ANS VeryPDF Demo .

crl yo u feel hung Th is st ruct ure is used 6 A d rin k yo u 'll love is ' Drin k' m ust COIll I? af co un table.u.!:.4 A. ou VeryPDF Demo . 15 Y r o w n an swer lnr cr esttng t 'Anothe r' mu st he a b come before the no u th e phrase 'another f S W1..!. "rc u'tllov o f drink it is.

Only three se th e ment ion 2 . Sentences 1. 4 Likely topi cs: M Doctor s are men ch ild ren go ing t from th eir neigh 170 SM A RT AN S VeryPDF Demo .

Vou need a third p 4 suppose You need t he mai 5 sur prising Th ings arc sur prts 6 67 % The inform ation c 7 stranges t You need an adj ec about. H 10 The in format ion c VeryPDF Demo .

whic 172 SMART ANS VeryPDF Demo .S a The mea ning 'wit hout exc What we nee 6 a The ot her pr 7 h When we co 'as '. we don't use [nend for fore 'we igh'. R .

and so on VeryPDF Demo ..' . Use appropriate p 'turning to the q u th at. Use the task and t things and two pi say. .exam task.

Present Perfec Writing 7 c u rren t t hreat s Writing a discu grow ing demand t he rel at io ns hi p busi nesses need a ny act io n t hat dose down pollu 174 SMART ANS VeryPDF Demo .

5 A we read ' Begin wi 6 B We read 'If you've VeryPDF Demo .We read 'decide in 2 F We read 'Always p 3 I We read ' Find a q 4 J) We read 'Snack ...

Writing an info 15 1 e 2 a TIP: Make su grammaticall task to check 176 SM A RT AN VeryPDF Demo . Use ques tions.invitation to Since it is for its style .

but far less showing off.whe n I was at elementar I hated it more than anyt wear uniforms now. and feel much better. Sp e aker B We had to wear uniform to wea r things you fee l c the financial differen ces whatever you 're wea ring VeryPDF Demo .

' During thi s tra in ing peri 2 E Sentence E in speaker goes . 4 A The ' tip' is m sen te nces aft that th e miss 178 SMAR T ANS VeryPDF Demo .. C The lin king w keep their pr allowed to .

3 o rganised Completes the P 4 clear The ph rase is 'h 5 wor king Th e -illg for m co Th is is a freq ue n 6 prefe r We use 'prefer' t 7 Tell Completes th e i VeryPDF Demo .

On the other ha end s me et. a nd that kids and also created se parate d. and we're 180 SMART ANS VeryPDF Demo .full of energy when t job as a manage r to expec te d. a nd it was a nd we're back toget Janlce Pepper Having my first child dau ghters. Y beco m ou when you start losing you.

4 T We rea d in q ues tio Stn clat r 'was yo ung 5 F 6 T Qu estio n 5 tells us Que stio n 6 te lls us 7 T Qu estio n 7 me ntio TIP: Not ice that yo questions before yo focus on specific inf VeryPDF Demo .

14 I Exercise regu l 2 Dress sensibly :l Get e nough sl 182 SMART A NS VeryPDF Demo .

but I couldn't eve n swimming. so it was co worst thing. John At least you've never br Davld Y I'm glad about tha es. yes. Agn eta But on the othe r hand y John Oh. There VeryPDF Demo . yes. your amazi ng Davld last month.Yes.

13 I d This is th e first recommendatio 2 I ' Fluo ride in you 3 a 'Should ' is for c mo nths' wo rks • b The first co nd it outco mes of eat 184 SMART ANS W VeryPDF Demo .

play It's a good idea t 'do' and which w S does See the note for VeryPDF Demo .Use of English 1 watch We norma lly say 2 com pete Completes th e p 3 score You can w in ma ..

for ex this with 'be is correct. You can see t Correctly com (someone/som feeling . in some other la is co rrect.2 3 4 5 your injury w symbol of a m her martial sk All four o f t h Remember. 186 SMART ANS VeryPDF Demo .

qualify d isqualify qua q q d isq u suffice co m pete (su f (ins u co m co m comp inco (spcctate) sp sp VeryPDF Demo .

sa me 'Turn o ut' me 2 same If you're 'hun 188 SMART ANS VeryPDF Demo .Listening 4 I t he 2 DC :l 10 4 w it h 5 abo ut 6 6 7 8 9 10 5 Your o wn ideas.

m 9 writt en about. mor e po 7 a rch ttec turalty stg most arc h itectu ra 8 photogra phed. m VeryPDF Demo .6 po pul ar.

3 READING EXA I F There is a con fact that 'd ur i 2 11 The sentence 'vision ary pow Gra mmaticall the descriptio 190 SMART A NS VeryPDF Demo .6 b ' It' can only r annually' .

4 descripti on S interruption VeryPDF Demo .

when l' to the fridge th flood'.We hear 'we d days '. we usua TIP: Read th ro incorrect answe answers are in the statements 192 SM ART AN SW VeryPDF Demo .

we Wh ere are you go 'Nex t' as an adj ec th e possessive ad togeth er. some sort. What preparat ion The -il/X form alw Alterna tive ly. Had you been 'To' isn't ne cessar is co rrect. *' VeryPDF Demo .2 3 4 5 'The' is needed to countab le noun.

194 SMART ANS VeryPDF Demo .

decide (but reme of view outweighs Your success in th persuaded your p how well you com re sponded to wha VeryPDF Demo .

196 SMART A VeryPDF Demo .

'The o nes' refers VeryPDF Demo .

198 SMART AN S VeryPDF Demo .

VeryPDF Demo .

200 VeryPDF Demo .

comjelt VeryPDF Demo .OXFORD UNIVERS ITY PRESS www.oup .

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