Manager’s Effectiveness (M101

Middle Management cadre is the single most valuable asset to any engineering organization. They are the key to creating value for the clients of the organization. It is well known that the move from senior technical specialist to middle management is one of the hardest career transitions to make. However, little is done to prepare this cadre for this role. This workshop is intended for new as well as experienced Managers, Lead Engineers and Engineering Group Supervisors who lead technical employees and manage project engineering document development. Their role is key in project execution and it’s success. The workshop is also intended for those being promoted or those likely to be promoted to a supervisory or management role. This workshop enhances the general management skills of the participants and enables them to function in more efficient manner for achieving not only project goals but also organizational mission & strategic goals. It would enhance their understanding of their team members, their own role, the project requirements and communication skills so vital to project success. After the workshop, participants are clear about the organization’s expectations from them.

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Preparing Managers for Effectiveness 2 days off-site workshop

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Manage their work more effectively and efficiently Manage their team and the individuals. Understand and appreciate the expectations of the Project Manager. VK was deeply involved in improving Human Performance. He has provided training to many NiMble Clients in diverse subjects. Power Plants and LNG plants. VK also served L&T as an Advisor supporting incorporation of Systems. Processes and Performance Management Tools. he helps organizations Grow using Systems and Developing Balanced Score Cards linking Strategy to Employee Goals. He gained extensive management experience while he served as Director of GEI HAMON Industries a Joint Venture with HAMON of Belgium. engineering and trouble-shooting of equipment used in Refineries. . It is suggested that this be done off-site to enable interruption-free environment which is conducive to training. Early part of his career involved him in design. worked with Public sector. Create environment for Success. Change Management.       Understand their Role and Responsibilities as Managers / Lead engineer. Manage self and lead by example Methodology NiMble adopts a combination of following to make the program participative. Knowledge Management and Continuous Learning while serving Bechtel A Six Sigma Champion and a Yellow Belt.Expected Outcome After this training. Program Outline    Interactive sessions PowerPoint slides Case studies Duration The program is conducted in two days. the participants would Workshop Facilitator Workshop shall be facilitated by Mr. Quality Improvement. he managed training and delivered Technical as well as Behavioral Training for Supervisors and Leaders. Offshore and On-shore Oil & Gas fields. he has developed expertise in developing Process Improvement Projects using Six Sigma Tools. Petrochemical plants. At Bechtel. As CEO of NiMble. VK is a mechanical engineer with a Masters in Mechanical (Thermal) Engineering from IIT Delhi. Vinod Kumar Mehandru (VK) who is CEO of NiMble. Private manufacturing and consulting business as well as in MNC. He has over his 40 years of Industrial and Management experience.